Plodders and Puppet Masters

Like most players, managers are motivated by their own interests. For example, does anyone think that Bruce, Warnock, or Big Sam Allardyce will ever manage a top six team in the Premiership? Didn’t think so. What is their motive then?

Thank You, Steve, but It’s Time for a Change

The players took to Steve Bruce, and he had a not-too-bad record in the Championship this year. He has four promotions to his name. Then this year he tanked in the ultimate game. And it was a game-changer for me. His entire career culminating in one game and it slipped away. Reason enough to thank him for his efforts and hand him the box of personal items from his office.

C’mon the Midlands!

Do Aston Villa need Birmingham City Football Club? Do they need Wolves? Or how about West Brom? Of course they do. What is it going to take for all four West Midlands sides to be in the Premiership at the same time?