Can Villa Add to Bruce’s Misery?

After a few days’ research into an offside rule no one quite seems to understand, much less agree with, Villa will pick themselves up from the 0-2 defeat to City in their first post-Covid match, and look for a better return against struggling Newcastle and once-again-under-fire manager Steve Bruce.

Can We Have Our Game Back, Please?

Unfortunately, over the years and decades of football in almost every country, the innocence and spontaneity of the game is slowly being whittled away. Strict adherence to a manager’s tactics make the game more stilted. The biggest detriment? VAR.

Villa’s Youth Shine

After the FA Cup exploits of Villa’s youth, the senior side’s Covid crisis has taken center stage. Spurs is obviously postponed (sorry Fulham), and we’ll see what we’ve got to work with against the Toffees on Sunday. Maybe. So let’s talk about the kids some more.