Takeovers and FFP…Could There Be a Villa Miracle?

The most interesting tidbit of the last few days has been Milan Mandaric who, instead of leading a takeover bid, appears to be advising a potential bidder. Whether or not this has anything to do with Xia returning to England at long last is anyone’s guess. I’ve seen speculation that Tony is maybe wrapping his head around the fact he can’t retain control of the club. True? Who knows. But I hope it is.

Get Yourself Sorted, Tony

I don’t know what’s best for the club at the moment. But I ask Dr. Xia to be honest with himself and honest with the supporters. He cannot dally. He needs to come out acting as decisively as he can at each juncture if he’s to remain in charge. And if he can’t do that, he has to admit that he’s not the man to clean up after himself.

Thank You, Steve, but It’s Time for a Change

The players took to Steve Bruce, and he had a not-too-bad record in the Championship this year. He has four promotions to his name. Then this year he tanked in the ultimate game. And it was a game-changer for me. His entire career culminating in one game and it slipped away. Reason enough to thank him for his efforts and hand him the box of personal items from his office.