Brighton vs Aston Villa: Briefly Back to League Business

At the moment, I’m probably the least reliable opinion on Unai Emery as I’ve not yet seen either match in which he’s been in charge. So, today will be interesting for me. And it’s certainly yet another big game for Villa as the world’s leagues pause for the World Cup. Three points here would be a nice way to finish off the season’s first half.

Welcome, Unai Emery: Here’s To Vindication

Emery is viewed by almost everyone as a statement signing, as it’s hard to disagree. Probably the most experienced and successful manager Villa could’ve brought in at this point in time. And you probably couldn’t pick two managers more different than Gerrard and Emery. One inexperienced and arrogant, the other very experienced, tactically astute, and an actual coach on the training ground. Emery also seems likable and self aware.

Gerrard: Should He Stay or Should He Go Now?

With Sawiris and Edens in town to watch, Villa battled against Chelsea, and on another day would’ve had a goal or two for their troubles. Perhaps they wouldn’t have either made or been punished for the two decisive errors. Could’ve had a result. Alas, ’twas not be. But losing to Chelsea was never the marker by which Gerrard’s body of work is going to be judged.