A Mid-Week Review (1)

We hoped for a Happy New year, and that’s what’s been delivered – so far at least. Yes, there’s nothing like a defeat or two for the gnashing of teeth to re-commence, but when a win or two materialises either all goes quiet or some other reason for dissatisfaction is often found by the fans. […]

Match Day: Nottingham Forest vs. Aston Villa

Our magnificent FA Cup run is over, but I don’t think Steve Bruce was wrong to stay focused on the league. The Forest match is more important than extra games in a competition we’re not going to win. If we’ve weathered a bit of a storm and found ourselves coming out stronger on the other side, Villa are in a good spot to make a run at it over the final 20. And that’s all that counts.

Match Day: Aston Villa vs. Bristol City

Villa picked up a vital three points at the Riverside on Saturday to keep us in touch, and Steve Bruce, who has been upset with some of us lately, was glad for the opportunity to shut up supporters who’ve been questioning his stewardship. Tonight, it’s Bristol, and we’ll see how everyone’s feeling after that shortly.