All Shoulders To The Pump, Now…

Well, this has been a 10-day period of transfer action … and some action at that. There must be some doubt as to whether Steve Bruce reads Aston Villa Life to determine what we thought/think of the squad’s weaknesses, but the signings seem to me to indicate that he’s on a similar wavelength to a […]

Graham Taylor, R.I.P – Twice Villa Manager

While he was associated with Aston Villa (and, indeed, with Watford) I shall always remember the jovial face and well-meaning demeanour. It wasn’t always like that in his career, though, as his time as England manager was a fairly hard time for him; nothing seemed to quite go right and the media were quick to […]

Many Reasons Not To Cry Wolf!

It is closing in on 2 years since we last set eyes on Paul Lambert at Villa Park, but here we are about to face him and his latest charges, the Wolves. And he looks more relaxed in his new surroundings, I have to say. It appears to me that Lambert’s new project is a […]