Interviewing Fred Rinder

The following is a transcript of an interview of the then Villa chairman Fred Rinder, in the week preceding the 1924 Cup Final, by a senior member of the Athletic News, a foremost journal of that time which existed until 1930. The interview is preceded by the interviewer’s comments on the achievements of Aston Villa […]

William McGregor On The Need To Practise

The following is a substantial extract from an article written in 1902 by William McGregor, the ‘Father of the League’: the founder of league football. A businessman, he became connected to Aston Villa in 1877 and was greatly appreciated for his avuncular presence and calming influence at the Club. In 1886 he was elected chairman […]

Howard Spencer on Method (Part Two)

The following is the second and final part of an article written around 1905 to 1907 by Howard Spencer, who was the Villa captain between 1902 and 1907, in-between John Devey and Joe Bache. Spencer also captained England on a few occasions. He became a director on the Villa board in 1909, where he remained […]