Steamer’s Final Event

Quite incredible. The number of mourners present went into overflow mode, lining all the walls of the service hall apart from filling all the pews. In fact I arrived half-an-hour early and it was just as well as I doubt otherwise I’d have been able to find a parking spot. I arrived as a snow […]

All Shoulders To The Pump, Now…

Well, this has been a 10-day period of transfer action … and some action at that. There must be some doubt as to whether Steve Bruce reads Aston Villa Life to determine what we thought/think of the squad’s weaknesses, but the signings seem to me to indicate that he’s on a similar wavelength to a […]

The Season’s Over Then?

The end of the world has come it would seem: gloom, gloom, yet more gloom! Yet any gloom usually turns to light, so I am assuming we are going to see light – and plenty of it – when matters sort themselves out. Promotion? Probably not this season, but, hey, we were getting used to […]