Norwich 1-5 Aston Villa: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

“It’s been coming” has been verdict, and, it’s true. That’s Dean Smith football, and it’s now Aston Villa football. We’ve taken a lot of leads, and we finally got the second Smith’s been pointing to. Create, convert, and force the opponent to open up and give us the room to create more opportunities. We’re here to play, and here to offer up positive, exciting performances.

Match Day: Aston Villa vs. Norwich City

Eleven games back, I don’t know that anyone would’ve said we’d be playing this last fixture, never mind the one before, safely ensconced in the playoff spots. But we’re back where we were last May, and what looked an intimidating way to finish the season has instead turned into a management exercise for Dean Smith. Expectations. Momentum. Sharpness. Albion. These will be the things on Smith’s mind, and no doubt the players’.

Match Day: Norwich City vs. Aston Villa

Following Villa’s 1-0 win over visiting Swansea Saturday, there was much talk from Dean Smith about tactics, training, game plans, and what he was trying to do. Most everyone found the insights refreshing and indicative of a new approach at Villa that’s been long overdue. Will we see any progression against Norwich on the quick turn, or is that asking too much?