Have to say, the fixture looks a little more familiar than seeing Arsenal up there.

So Deano will go with the Burnley side:

Heaton, Guilbert, Engels, Mings, Targett, Hourihane, McGinn, Grealish, El Ghazi, Wesley.

Cant say I blame him.

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  1. He’s been very good (sorry, my daughter called, so I’ve been talking and watching)….

    0-4. Finally got the goals, Jack off the Mark. Quite pleased. Should well have been at least 6.

  2. Nice performance overall. A bit helter-skelter, obviously Norwich all over the shop at the back, but we did what we needed to do against the side put out. Shows how important depth is, which we can improve a bit in January.

    Helped the goal differential nicely, as well.

  3. That was a pretty game where everything went Villa’s way (for a change). Loved the way Nakamba glued together everyone’s brilliance. Credit Norwich for keeping on playing without cheating or getting narcy. Finally a chilled out Saturday!

  4. jbd656,

    Yeah, it did go our way, and it’s nice to see, finally. You want players taking their chances, and what I really liked was that Villa were there to win the ball, force mistakes, we did, and profited. And kept coming at them.

  5. Confidence will now be sky high. So pleased for the travelling army. Naarwich is a long way up the A11. Our away support will find it a breeze coming home.

    Up to 14th. And a positive goal difference. As I’m utterly stoked, I’m off for several beers. Come on you Villa boys.

  6. 43 scoring opportunties……a record..!!!!

    and best away win in years…

    Well done the boys…. and Dean…..!!!!!

    Looking forward to the next one now…!!

    Even Hogan scored the winner for Stoke….!!!

  7. It was coming. I was strangely positive for this game but didn’t expect this. Only thing is twice Mings has cost us a goal with his clearance, something to sort out

  8. Frem,

    I was surprised by that, too. I think it’s also a function of how quickly we’re trying to play. We’re not really trying to camp out and pass it around, always looking to create a chance in as few passes as possible. Dean wants goals, wants to get on top. He really is an attacking manager.

    When it works? You get today (along with excellent pressure high up the pitch).

  9. Ahh! The breakout game we’ve been waiting for. It could just have easily happened several games ago. The best part of it was the confidence Villa carried into their previous games and then kept That confidence despite things going against them resulting in a tie or loss.
    I think they are much better team than the points suggest.
    3 strikes at range and good ones to boot were a joy to watch. Wesley with 2–nice. Mings all over the pitch. With the amount of touches he gets a few bad ones are going to crop up.
    Heaton’s a big man and I would like to see him be a bit more aggressive on corners and free kicks. I think he can count on his back four to help him out when he steps up. Get your elbows up and opposing players will soon take notice.
    And yeah, the possession seemed low.

  10. Aston Villa are the sport of kings. HRH and his family have now witnessed AVFC in full flight and the AVFC away support in full voice. There is no better footie experience. And so it happens. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are now Villans until they die. Passed down by their father like the rest of us.

  11. The movement of the ball yesterday is what pleases me the most. Targett playing is a huge reason to this, hugging the left because he can actually attack unlike Taylor, who is absolutely awful and shouldn’t even be in the squad.

    One thing before our last couple of games we were always predictable with the wingers never moving.

    Now, look at Grealish, ghazi, Mcginn, Hourihane. Knowome had a set position, it’s so hard for teams to play against

  12. Well I missed the 1st half as I was in wales, my sister kept texting so I had to see the second.

    Few things, having Conor on the pitch with Jack and Mcginn makes huge difference, Nakamba makes an even bigger difference.

    Wesley looked surprised both times he scored bless him and not surprised he missed the pen, looks nervy, hopefully thats settled him.

    Hard to gauge Targetts impact when so much has changed in the last two games in front of him. Fans are trying to point to Taylors absence as the reason why we are now world beaters but DS was quick to squash any idea of turned corners just yet. For me playing a team with a defence like open barn door helps.

    Very pleased for Dean though as the silly talk of only having October to save himself had started to grow.

    Not surprised by the possession stats we have been counter attacking most of the season bar the Burnely game. Norwich are an attacking team and set up to open for the counter, surprised they beat City but then again so Did Wolves today who also play on the counter, hope for us yet. Nakamba for me is the main reason the counter now looks much slicker.

    Brighton will not be easy but I fancy another win.

  13. For me the difference is Conor, Targett, and a vastly improved Nakamba. These 3 have made a huge difference and allow Jack more freedom. I wish we would stop the short corner cr*p when we have 2 strapping CB’s and a great corner taker in Conor.

    I don’t think Trezeguet has settled yet, as I though he was a very average sub. Kodger should be well fired up to make a mark after the break

  14. Targett has made an instant impression. Been banging on for years about full backs being so important in the modern game and we have had bad ones! Gilbert and target are both mobile and attacking. Makes a hell of a difference. Look at conors goal started by target pressing in the final 3rd and getting possession back. the subtle switch of jack to left side and conor coming in along with nakamaba who was absoulotly outstanging has given us a lovely looking balance. I fear no one

  15. what makes jacks switch to the left so good is it looked like the wings was one of our weak areas. Now we have jota and trez challenging el ghazi.

    It was a huge win but one we have to now follow up by doing brighton at home,

  16. H&V
    Apparently Jack had a free role, & yes he did wonder over to the left occasionally.
    Yes a win against Brighton would be nice.

  17. A great weekend of football, with so many surprise results, on top of Villa’s fantastic performance at Norwich, which saw the team really gel and put on the performance they are capable of.

    It will be fascinating to see now how many of the other teams who shattered the beliefs of the big boys, are able to maintain the impetus, starting with Brighton against us, and then Newcastle and their newly found brothers in arms, the longstaffs, Wolves with Traore now blossoming into a star.

    It is all about mid field players, or so it seems. The failure at Spurs, Man UTD and Man City , is their lack of a strong mid field, whereas the afore mentioned teams were all about them discovering a fresh mid field, including ourselves. It certainly is exciting times with so many of the big boys struggling to find the right combinations. It certainly makes the Premier League an exciting place to be right now.

    Hope everyone has voted for John McGinn in the POTM draw.

  18. What a game, said last week we weren’t far away, but that was brilliant. Had to be at a wedding for 1pm our time and the game going into injury time got me in trouble with the missus as it didn’t finish until 11.57 and it’s an hours drive. Worth the sour face all the way though, and I pulled in just before the bridesmaids so no harm done.
    I can’t still stop thinking what might have been had they waited a little longer to pull the trigger on RDM as back then I felt the same we were just a couple of good calls and one good win from turning the corner. Anyway, hope that shuts up the Nay Sayers for awhile and Dean’o can continue to build his club.

  19. iang

    With conor coming into jacks its allowed jack to roam. great suff from deano. But also having Targett down the left hand side allows jack to drift too.

    I watched full highlights last night and my god the difference guilbert and target make to the team as a attacking force is incredible. Jack and el ghazi can cut in and we still have width. Modern day mobile attacking full backs at villa at last!!!

  20. H&V
    That’s what I said, in fact that’s what a free role is.
    The set up is always part of a style of playing.
    Other than that, I watched the highlights & saw what you did.

    Will you applaud & support when it fucks up?
    DS sorts a team structure for the opposition, not just out of habit, or out of favouritism, in fact he already has done so, injuries permitting, most of this season.

    There’s no point harping on about, this player should be playing [often when they’re injured], & character assassinating the players that you don’t like, when they’re doing their best for Villa.
    Constructive criticism is something different.

  21. Canadian,

    Everything has worked out for the better. Had RDM been given longer and he succeeded, we probably wouldn’t have got Compass.

    They have been exceptional. It was a masterstroke hanging on to Spud for a few months after their takeover. He signed SJM for us and I guess that has been his finest signing in all the years he’s managed. Every move Compass have made has been top drawer. AVFC has cost them a lot, but their investment is now valued so much higher. I see Europe on the horizon, within a couple of seasons.

  22. Ian g

    Yes deffo…like most of the 30 odd years of pain i’ve been following villa! Ive said before even if we go down it is what it is. Happy with the set up manager and players. Far cry from when we went down and I hated everyone! Lambert, guzan, lescott…yuuuk!

  23. It’s midweek and I’m still stoked from our 1-5 battering of Naarwich. Shows the effects of a big result like that. Think Ian nailed it, calling the result our breakout game. If we can cull the Seagulls, things will look very rosy.

  24. Nice article that.

    It annoying about the int break after such a good win. Its lovely being out the bottom 3 but the Brighton game is so big. first need to start winning at vp, and second we have pool and man city after so the table could look bad again. Its a must win which would probably put us 12th 13th and then give us wiggle room losing to those two

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