Villa Silly Season Thoughts

Target areas? It’s all about priorities, how to stretch your money the furthest while getting better and deeper. I would think wide right, another striker, and a midfielder or two. Clearly, there’s no way Ramsey, McGinn, Luiz, and Kamara can play every match. Can’t see not having another striker option besides Duran, likewise a better backup keeper.

Liverpool vs. Aston Villa: A Big Ask?

Big games are all about mentality and belief. Liverpool may well view the match as a valedictory lap on their way to an inevitable Champions League spot. But if Villa internalize the positive elements the game holds for them, they can turn it into just another match, rather than a celebration. And that’s how you get a result.

Wolves vs. Aston Villa: Europe on the Line

Wolves and Europe, yes. But perhaps the even bigger talking point is that Villa look set to land Mateu Alemany from Barcelona, and the press is wild with links to all sorts of players and lavish spending. No one in this side is safe even if they already speak Spanish. They should have something to prove today.