There are all sorts of streaks going for both sides as Spurs visit Villa Park, which makes things confusing. Because once you start talking about streaks, the one thing you know is that they all end. And who knows which one(s) it will be today.

More to the point, a top-10 finish is on the cards for Villa this afternoon. That alone ought be enough motivation for a result, never mind the Europe business.

The last two matches have seen the script flipped on Villa, and Emery obviously will be wanting to turn that back around. Especially since Spurs are such a basket case. Could be goals all over the place. Could look out of sight for either side and ultimately not be. Villa will certainly want that first goal, though, and I’m sure Unai’s been emphasizing a quick start. And a clean sheet.

As far as team news, Emery will be easing players back in. Bouba had only just come back last time, and reaggravated his ankle within 45mins. He got through his cameo last week, as did Carlos. There’s obviously only Liverpool and Brighton left after today, and you know Emery will want all hands in hopes of a strong finish, never mind an effective summer. So Kamara, Diego Carlos, and the freshly returned Matty Cash all start on the bench.

I think over the week we’ve all sort of been coming to terms with expectations and reality. While Emery has worked wonders and the team are playing much better, smarter football, we may be seeing our ceiling. We might also be seeing the effects of a small squad at the end of a season. Probably a bit of both.

The losses weren’t bad in terms of performances. Bit of luck or a better finish on one of several chances would have yielded points. In the psychology of it all, they might not be bad in terms of final placings by putting Villa back in an ‘underdog’ role, easing the pressure of streaks. Then again, you always want points. So, who knows.

And you never know what all the transfer talk does. Everyone will say they ignore it, but I’m sure they mostly can’t (if for no other reason than that their agents may be presenting them options and scenarios) and it will affect players differently. Will make some dig in, might make some think their days are numbered whatever they do. Hard to know.

So, we’ll come into this one knowing we can get a result and keep the European dream alive. We can maybe pull for United to make things harder for Liverpool, but that probably backfires since we play them next. We can hope Brighton are fizzling out.

The only thing we do know is that we need something today for more than one reason, and frustrating Spurs always feels good, regardless.

Over to you.

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  1. Saw Kane change direction just to drop his knee on Martinez. Just like he did to Cash a few years back. What a cheating KNOB! Why do the refs fall for it?

  2. I do find that when you pick on a player a bit they go and do something. Bailey to Ramsey, a clear example.

    But I’d have liked Bailey to do better with the chance that fell to him. Sort of tailor-made.

    Good win in the end. The peno made it a lot more interesting than it really was. Was a good gritty game from us, no help from the official.

  3. Buendia did some sharp tricky stuff while he was on. Luiz scored THAT free kick. SJM gets my motm for duffing over which ever spurs player got in his way. Game crapped on by all the slow offsides. The ref and VAR are a bunch of fatherless children for letting kane getting away for his slimy tricks.

  4. On the offsides….very disciplined from the back line. I enjoyed Spurs’ frustration only being able to go that route and continually being caught out.

    But the way they handle those calls is really atrocious. I get it, but it’s completely unnecessary.

  5. Happy with the win but that penalty wasn’t a penalty. Martinez definitely touched the ball before Kane stumbled over.
    The offsides that Villa generate, for me, are wonderful. Should have been 2-0 IMO

  6. We keep hearing about Martinez going and we also keep hearing how much he likes Villa. What’s up with that?
    I like martinez but he’s not the only goalie on the planet with huge credentials. Does anyone know more that what I’ve read?

  7. My father was born in 42 York Road Erdington
    I grew up in 42 Ayre Road Erdington
    My favourite book for a while was Hitchhikers guide. . .
    So 42 has always been my lucky number. . .
    So when we were shown to table 42 this afternoon I knew it was going to be a good day!

  8. Was whatsapping my elder brother and he told me that our Dad used to coach the Villa youth when they used to play at Orchard Road in Erdington. . . . and that when he was 3, Dad had him sitting on the bench at games
    How come he’s never told me that before?

  9. As for the game
    We looked so controlled for 90% of the game. Can’t think where spurs 5 shots came from?
    Do the BBC include those that were flagged offside, 5 minutes after the offence?

  10. Martinez was looking quite emotional at the end. . . always makes me nervous when players look emotional towards the end of the season.
    Ian . . . You’re right that he’s not the only goal keeper out there but I do think he’s an important part of the team spirit that is clearly there amongst the players

  11. Apparently Dad refereed an amateur league cup final at Villa Park too.
    I am confident he wouldn’t have given a penalty today 🙂

  12. Get in. Another fabulous result over a chosen Laaandaan club. Gonna fill my boots in the coming week.

    Win fully deserved. The final score flattered Spurs. Three more points. Happy days. Great weekend assured.

  13. Ref was completely shit. Kane has his cheating routine finely honed. He leaves his feet in to rake them over the keeper/tackler. Clear free kick to Villa for kicking our keeper.

  14. Dougie, not for the first time, screwed up a pass out from Martinez. We got away with that one. Otherwise they were back in the game. But his free kick was sublime.

    Three more points. Crack, fizz, glug, glug.

  15. R0Bbo will float back to Devon on cloud nine. When VP is like it was today, there is nothing to touch it. Let’s get after the bindippers next.

  16. Hey rObbO, 42 Ayer Rd is only 1.5 miles away from my first home on Marsh Lane. We lived there for a couple years then off to Metlin Grove close to St Andrews.
    Depending on how old/young you are we were quite possibly neighbours somewhat.

  17. Ian and Robbo

    42 was the key to my life as well. Lived at 42 Wheelwright Road in Erdington between 1951 and 1971. Started another life at 42 Gainsborough Drive in Rochdale between 1988 and 1996. That was almost (but not quite) a Villa free period of my life.

    4+2 = 6. My service last 3 were 656. Not terribly far away from 666. I’ve finally had to give up my season ticket this year and the tide seems to have turned for Villa. Perhaps I was the jinx!

  18. I will never forget Erdington 2 Chelsea 0, 2 Sept 2007. Gabby and Zat Knight scored.

    Villa were 1 nil up with minutes to go when Ashley Young (the promising winger from down south) ignored instructions to hold the ball and went for a reckless gallop up the wing and crossed for Gabby to score. Hope Young is a bit more responsible these days.

  19. James, from my seat I couldn’t tell whether Kane was offside or not and knew it was a penalty the moment that useless ref went to the monitor. Nor could I tell for sure if Watkins had been chopped in the area.

    You just know that, had those instances occurred the other way round, the ref would have been sent to the monitor for Watkins’ incident and the lines would have been out for the Kane offside and the replays I later saw, Emi defo gets a touch on the ball first. And as Ian says, that goal could prove critical in a couple of weeks time.

    For now though, I’m glowing in another great win.

  20. Jbd and Ian, those road names are obviously very familiar. Maybe time for a a villa rebrand to ‘Erdington Rovers’ (who were managed by my grandfather) 🙂

  21. Great performance yesterday.

    Although Ollie didn’t score, thought he was great. Bailey had best game in a long time. Back 5 are quality. Young at 37, amazing. SJM back to his best.

    Also decent subs came on to close out the game. No way was that a Spuds peno.

    Martinez distribution is now so good. Not sure what happened

  22. superb result….the double over Spurs 🙂

    such amazing times and the vp crowd are now starting to understand unai ball. getting right behind the team and the atmosphere is amazing now.

    everyone getting onboard with it

  23. i am just so so happy we have a manager with a clear plan and style of how to play. i have to pinch myself its finally happened….and the players all coached in a inch of there lives. its beautiful to see.

    i mean 2-1 spurs just got back in it with 5mins to play…..every villa team ive seen would of sat 10 men in our own box defending for there lives and inviting pressure..

    not any more still the really highline and till the end and resulted with son offside.

    its genius

  24. Excellent result against Spurs.
    If I’m right the pass by Martinez to Luis,who was dispossed by Kane and nearly led to a goal;I believe Martinez did the same against either Arsenal or Leicester and that did lead to a goal.

    Why is Martinez passing up the middle near goal,when I was taught you passed towards the touchline. If Emery wants to play out from the back,then what Martinez has now done a couple of times needs to be watched. All I can add Martinez atone for the mix up between him and Luis. I think it was Kamara who got caught the other time. Just an observation.

    I would love Villa to put one over Liverpool. Then it could boil up for a nerve tingling finale.


  25. I’m one who didn’t think we’d be anywhere near Europe by the end of this season. But results change things eh?

    Now that the title race is done and dusted, the media are turning to the transfer window with all manner of outrageous claims. We’ll get some new players in for sure, but not Smith-Rowe from the Arse please. He’s another Dele Alli, highly paid and fading.

  26. Apparently Alemany didn’t like the works canteen. What a bummer he would of been superb. I’m hoping that wasn’t the only iron in the fire as times ticking on.

  27. Try as I might I can’t see at win at Anfield, draw is the most likely result on the positive side I think, that said you never know.

  28. Liked the idea of us employing someone who worked at Barcelona, but not altogether bothered it hasn’t worked out,Barcelona transfer records are shocking
    We need to get to end of season with Europe we need at least 6 players without itemery can work at slower pace getting right players in

  29. Mundo Deportivo are reporting that Mateu Alemany’s U turn had nothing to do with the departure of Jordi Cruyff. He had changed his mind and decided to complete his contract with Barca with runs until 2024. This despite both Barca and Alemany announcing they were parting ways on May 2nd. Seems Laporte has OK’d his continuation with Barca at the same salary and conditions as previous.

    Only Alemony knows why he really changed his mind. Have we been used by him? It matters not now, Unai will identify his playing staff requirements and Villa need to deliver on it.

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