Just like that, here we are, final match of what’s seemed a very long season. I think most everyone is fairly happy to see the back of it. The fact that Villa will either play a part in City’s coronation or collapse on the last day…Something I wasn’t really expecting, to be honest.

Me, I think the petty side wins out, and even if I have no love for Liverpool, at least they were a proper team before all the money. And of course to see Joe leave and come up empty handed, I wouldn’t mind that. It wouldn’t be bad for the game overall, either.

Beyond playing spoiler or trying not to get embarrassed, seems like most Villans are ready for the close season. Understandable since this one has ultimately been rather forgettable on the pitch. The big doings have been seeing Dean go, Gerrard arrive, and Philippe Coutinho pledge what remains of his future to us. For now, anyway. Looking forward, it’s about how much of a makeover we’re in for.

I’m imagining SG’s feeling just a little bit of pressure. Maybe not from above, yet, but certainly from taking over and not seeing the side push on. Whether they should’ve or could’ve, who knows. It’s led to a lot of debate and comparisons, and I don’t doubt Deano looks at it and thinks he wouldn’t have done any worse.

I think probably the biggest upside for Villa fans is that turning the page will firmly put the focus on Gerrard and the future, and relieve us of questions for which there are no answers. Now’s Steven’s chance to really put his stamp on the team, and he’ll have to get it right. Villa will need to progress.

So will it be an exciting summer? I’d imagine we’d all be excited if Villa finally sign a dominating midfielder. As to where else we see incomings and outgoings, it’ll be interesting. I’m sure we’ll see something happen in the CB department, but after that it gets a lot less clear, with a number of potential directions Villa might go.

Anyway, we’ll get to all that in very short order. For now it’s all about whether we can piss on Pep’s chips and whether it’s Leeds or Burnley who depart the top flight. There’s not been a lot to really cheer about beyond getting to safety, so a spirited display to close out this chapter would be alright by me.

Over to you.

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  1. Thanks for all the articles JC. Seems like this last one was hard work after the last couple of underwhelming and frustrating games.

    Quite bluntly don’t give a toss about our game. We will be screwed with obscure and dubious offsides and/or VAR decisions. The only curiosity for me will be if the ref can resist the temptation to send off one of our players if we get uppity enough to score a goal. The script will be for us to be plucky enough to make shitty sweat until the 10th minute before the floodgates open.

    More interested to see whose players we can steal when leeds go down. I know we don’t like him but Tarkowsi could just be the physical type who could seal our big pansy defence.

  2. Last game of the season and I’m second in my brothers FPL league with a nice cash prize up for grabs so my focus is totally on every game my players are in 🙂 Villa unfortunately would do me a favour by either letting cities defenders score or by getting a 0-0.

  3. KAMARA close to signing a apparently

    Absolutely fantastic DM. Mobile, athletic and great passing

    Gerrard has huge pull. Dinge, phill and now Kamara who we’ve took of atlético Madrid

  4. jbd,

    Has been a bit of a slog. Also my busiest season at work, so I’ve not been as focused as I’d like.

    That said, we have been playing out the string, and it’s been hard to get too excited knowing everything is probably up in the air.

  5. Holy mother of god. Kamara looks a goer

    I ain’t believing it until I see him in a villa shirt.

    It’s bigger then Phil and digne put together.

    Utterly scenes if we pull it off

  6. Like to thank JC for all his hard work all season,best blog going pity we couldn’t say the same for villa
    On link with marseille lad ,we haven’t signed a player from French league that has been successful going back to the glorious named dider six

  7. No more Luiz DM!!!

    We actually getting Kamara who can run and tackle

    Now get Biusoma to play with him

    Then sign a top striker

  8. All this SG has more pull is another bag of Shite, Ok he knows Phil, all players and managers have players and friends they like in football. What is very clear is we would not of signed a 29 year old under Smith as the remit was young with potential. So we really don’t know what we would of got under Smith if we’d tried. Bailey was a big surprise after the season he had in Germany for instance, Martinez another. The whole world of football is not itching to play for Gerrard, I suspect they know they will be playing and getting big wonga.

  9. Buendia and PC? Hat trick for Watkins then. Luiz will be able to be a footballing CDM today. None of that rough physical stuff today. Referee aside, perhaps we will be a cat in hell.

  10. There is absolutely no point going long to Watkins he holds absolutely nothing up

    Davis would be better suited to this system

  11. I’ll repeat myself. Luca digne for 25 mill is insane.

    I said it boogled my mind there’s people out there who thinks it was a pointless signing and no better then targett. Stiltti

  12. I’ll add my thanks to JC for keeping this site going.
    Love your articles and balanced approach to keeping this place sensible

  13. Pleased that SG has found a way of bringing g both Coutinho and Buendia into the side. Ramsey is having a quiet game so far though

  14. Frem

    Yep sg ball in full force. Fullbacks

    Superb 1st half. Everything you want. Shape, organisation tactics spot on.

    They’ll chuck everyone at us and will win 3-1 but no much you can do! As per though our ball retention needs to be better. Can’t give it away so cheap

  15. I am massively surprised Kamara has signed but also wonder why there are not more in for him than us and Atletico? he’s on a free from what I’ve seen, you’d think there would be a pile in.

  16. I logged on at halftime and saw there were quite a few comments to catch up on but most of them were frem’s diarrhoea so I was able to skip to the end.

  17. Yes well done jc. Grant leaders and much appreciated all you do.

    The summer won’t be dead by any means. It could be utterly bonkers.

    If we get Kamara he has been promised the earth….

    I can’t focus on the game. Years of needing a cdm and we could be pulling off 22 year old tall quick, elite. Free and wanted buy lots of champions league clubs.

    Not believing it!!

  18. Yep he’s signed done deal.

    Man I wish we had a good striker we would be much higher

    Watkins misses so many good chances like that every game

    He’s useless

    He’s just like gabby

  19. MK, I get your point about Dean Smith having a different brief so we can’t be sure who he may or may not have been able to sign, but I do suspect that there will be players who are lured by the appeal of working with a midfielder with a reputation like Gerrard.

  20. Robbo

    Looks like it.

    Was going Utd in Jan and athletico and psg in. Amongst others.

    I just won’t believe until I see that shirt on him.

    Purely in terms of what we need as well its the best signing I’d of ever seen us make.

  21. H&V, you’ve also seen the stat that the last time villa went 1-0 up against City at their ground (John Carew in 2010) we went on to lose 3-1?

  22. To be honest. . . I’ve enjoyed just seeing the city fans going through some anxiety. They’ve developed this sense of entitlement and its nice for them to have to go through some of the normal pain of a football fan

  23. Surprised that Grealish didn’t get a look in. You’d have thought it was the perfect scenario for him. Was it a punishment from Guardiola, or was he saving him from split loyalties

  24. At least we made it hard for city,different story if ref haddened bottled it with Watkins challenge in first half,better news dirty Burnley are relegated

  25. Bollocks.

    Agree about Luiz on the third, not a good move bringing Marv on.

    But, that’s the difference in depth. Just really hate blowing a 2-0 lead. Was set up to be a memorable victory. Instead, just more Villa.

    Credit to City, though, and at least we gave them a scare, though we gave them a heroic finish, as well.

  26. Grateful that we were plucky losers only from the 80th minute instead of the 10th minute. Shame a certain individual had to defecate on this site in the the last game of the season.

  27. It all goes full circle. We can’t keep the ball or possession for 5 mins. Ok on the counter to score a few. But without the ball against a team like city they’ll get you in the end. We was physically dead.

    Can’t chase the ball for 90. Soft

  28. H&V As I keep telling you they have completely changed tack on who they will now buy and the wages have gone through the roof, I will agree on one thing I don’t think they would have done the same under DS, not to this level, SG has either persuaded them or they are accelerating the plans. Trouble is 1-2 seasons and many will be past the sell by and out the door along with SG , its quite a short term view they are taking.

  29. Mark

    Nah man nothing wrong with signing elite. It’s progress. We will have a happy medium. Ie Tim, Ramsey, Archer. We are just building to me. It was always the plan. Stay in prem a few seasons then we an attack it!

    Don’t worry…Kamara is 22!!

  30. Kamara swayed by sg and Gary Mac in person putting to his agent there plans.

    Buckle the fuck up. We could be in for madness. We we are in the middle of it! Digne, Phil, Kamara. It’s beyond anything I dreamt of

  31. H+V
    Yep real softness to villa,never seen any other side collapse as often ,pool done it to us under little ,arsenal utd spurs how many times 2 up and either drew or lost,now city
    Beundi showed for me today he is not up to it always a yard of the pace,knocked off the ball to easily,also seen Phil giving out to Watkins in first half,and then mcginn great guy around the club but not top half midfielder, lastly what a loss martinez was ,hope we don’t ha e to turn Olson deal permanently

  32. Its certainly a gamble paying top dollar for end of career players and paying them £100k a week plus, call them elite if you like but they would not be at Villa if that were true, they would be where Jack is winning shit.

  33. We won’t see many of these players next season

    Gerrard said just now we will see in the next few days t
    Players have signed

    Mings Watkins Luiz mcgin won’t be starting next season.

    We will sign another right ghtback to push to cash who was at fault for 2 goals today.

    We will sign someone to replace Mings

    Kamara in and another cm will be starting next season

    Watkins we might sell to a league 1 side where his finishing belongs

  34. SG has stated Watkins is going nowhere, What’s a little worrying is last season we beat top sides and saw the games out, this season nada, and that’s with a better manager and some of his elite players.

  35. Yep, many thanks JC for providing the best Villa blog site. We have grown up debates.

    Thought SG got his set up perfect today. 4-3-2-1. Made a great team look like a bag of nails. We so nearly robbed the UAE sovereign wealth fund. But his hooking of Couts for Naka was a disaster. Control went and 9 minutes later were losing.

  36. Gutted those moneybags got out of jail. Don’t really care about the bindippers or Leeds great escape. Just gutted at the result. The boys were magnificent today and just 3 days after another tough game.

  37. But this is how you play the best sides in the world. Repeats required next season. Then cream a few of the also rans and things should look up. Let’s see who arrives and departs.

  38. Mings and Luiz as usual were pathetic for the 3rd goal

    They can’t be starting next season

    McGinn also isn’t good enough to playing every game

    I can see them all being sold

    Spurs will get mcginn I think.

    Ramsey to is to sloppy on the ball

    None of that midfield 3 that started today can be starting week in week in week out. Nor can Mings or Watkins

    Huge summer

  39. Man City say that the fan who attacked Olsen will be handed an indefinite ban.
    Why ‘indefinite’. . . . Surely they mean lifetime, permanent?

  40. If Kamara has signed (or is going to) let’s hope that Digne, has set the scene and we’re finally finding French players that really click for us. Let’s face it, before Digne we’ve not had a lot of luck with French players in recent times.

  41. James

    I don’t know, but the telegraph ( very good source) have said spurs want him

    He can be ok. Sometimes his left foot is very good, sometimes it’s not.

    Also his problem is he he’s useless off the ball ayAje tracking runners.

    How good is chambers though. What a free transfer that was.

    Kamara to

    And another free coming in apparently

    Random point on Mings, anyone else think he’s to tall? He doesn’t sort his feet out quick enough in around the box. It’s a big problem

  42. For example konsa very quick and moving his feet to defend crosses, as is chambers l.

    Mings just isn’t

    I think he will be replaced

    And hopefully Luiz standing still for man city’s 3rd will be the final nail in his coffin

    And Watkins missing two great chances ( again) will hopefully see he moved down behind Davis archer and suraez

  43. You have to wonder at so many players available on frees? Could be many reasons like they are looking for a pay out?are not fancied and are on low wages for the level? Or they are an utter pain in the arse? I refuse to believe SG is the only manager to look at the list of frees??

  44. Watkins probably should of hit 20 this season despite the low chance count. He would have to be clinical though and that’s rare, even Kane needs efforts to score. He will defo be our striker this season and I think SG is more concerned with his work rate than goal potential, there just are not many out and out 20 goal strikers in the modern game. What we need is better chances and getting back to more goals from others.

  45. Mark, I’ve been thinking the same about players on free transfers. Whatever we may think of Jack, him signing a new contract retained his high value and was good for the club. We know he’d been angling to move on for a while but keeping a long contract in place enabled the club to maximise value. If a player is looking out for himself rather than the club, then he’ll run his contract down. There do therefore seem to be commercial risks in filling your club with ‘free’ players as sell on values may well be reduced.

  46. There’s a danger that we will bring in better players and get worse, it could help raise others or it could amplify the gaps we will see. The art is in making the whole work together and more players with real footballing IQ should help, let’s hope we find them

  47. Biusoma next please

    An absolutely phenomenal player

    None of our midfield are good enough

    Need to overhaul

    Kamara Ramsey and Biusoma

    Behind a top striker, Phil and a new attacker

    Time to be ruthless

    Move Watkins on. Mcginn. Mings.. Luiz

    Get rid

  48. We’ve got at least one player who is aiming to become a free. Chuk.

    The obvious advantage is that a player can then negotiate a hefty signing on fee as the club hasn’t had to pay millions to obtain their services.

    It may be a trend that’s on the increase. Especially as clubs get a lower than rated value when one year is left on a player’s contract so they reason it’s worth keeping the player until the end of the contract period. Players don’t always move clubs though. Look at Mbappe. Huge signing on fee again at the end of his contract with the Qatar sovereign wealth fund.

  49. frem

    yeah kamara is insane…i wont be able to bring myself to belive a we have finally fixed our number 6 issue and b its kamara…on a free!

    chambers, digne, coutinho, kamara in the door at 42mill.

    its insanely good businness and i cant belive my club are doing it

  50. The only major issue now we have is up front.

    If we went into the new season with our defense and midfield options now camara is here, it wouldn’t be to bad.

    But up front we are shocking.

    There is absolutely no point having any ambition of getting top half let alone Europe with Watkins as your main striker.

    He just can’t finsih.

    Sign a top striker and get Biouama in

  51. Gerrard wants winners and hates a weak mentality, which unfortunately this group of players have, installed by Smith.

    We won’t get anywhere with the mentality these players have

    Watkins, mcginn, Luiz, Mings

    They aren’t use to winning

    We haven’t won football games since we got promoted

    We to replace them with winners.

    They all collapse way to easily

  52. patience my man, winds of change are coming.

    tarkowsi next on a free. a complete shithouse. get him in

    watkins id like to keep unless someone offer mad money.

    its going to be a crazy summmer

  53. Haven’t been on lately, but have read some of the comments, and been at the games, but lacked time to read and then comment on everything.
    Watched the game yesterday, and wouldn’t you know that Villa would surprise everyone with Digne’s cross and Matty’s superb header to score the opening goal, and then if Ollie could have just managed to score one of his chances, wow! what could have been. Then old Phil then pops up with an amazing goal, and should have stayed on, as Citeh were struggling with him and Buendia.
    Anyway we were not going to be allowed to spoil the party, and we gave the odd gift. Citeh will I am sure thank Mings for his.
    Sounds like he is off to join Targett at the Toons.

    Just like to thank you JC for all your sterling work, in keeping this site running for us all.
    Looks like we are making a good start in the transfer market, and the final line-up for the new season could be very interesting.

  54. frem

    imagine sg yesterday. the team he loves liverpool denied by his own team who collapse.

    he will be utterly fuming and imo may wield the axe a bit more than planned after that!

  55. It’s funny I don’t rate beundi or mcginn yet some think they are the bees knees, yet I like mings and traore and they get awful think ,everyone’s allowed different views

  56. Not sure on the Burnley center back.

    We need players use to winning.

    We can get better

    James.. Mcginn I’m not bothered about. He’s actually getting worse.

    Buendia will get one more season

    His stats are ok

  57. Thanks JC for all your work this season and putting up with me.

    Now lads it appears there is more than a little mentality on here since the morning. Some absolute beuts, Smith wasn’t involved in recruitment like SG is?? even SG has said just as Smith said they all are involved, Manager , Purslow and Lange being the main people.

    Smith installed a losing mentality? not as much as SG did this season though and not as much as 9 other managers last season. JT also must of been involved in this mind warping event and of course being really young and inexperienced at this level could not possibly effect anything could it, I mean no reason for SG to go out and buy experienced players at the top level and smash the wage bill time and again.

    And the winner today being the answer to every teams problems……… just buy winners, how we stayed up at all while never winning a game is shocking.

    H&V be honest did you wet yourself today with the excitement 😉

  58. I really like the fact we are picking up free players, I do wonder how it works wage wise? we will have paid him a sweetener at least.

  59. I’ve had a look at boo boo, for one this video says he’s only 5’10”? But the bit that made me listen was that he has a decent passing range and can receive the ball under pressure and keep possession, he actually sounds like the type of Player Smith likes to have there. I don’t think we are abandoning the counter attack stuff just yet.


  60. Hey all, long time no see. It took me forever to remember my password and it wouldn’t let me make a new account. It kept erroring. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up at all with The Villa beyond what @Frem shares (love you). Hope you’re all doing well & sending some Yank love to you guys.

  61. oh my days Monty how lovely to hear from you hope you are well
    JC I also would like to thank you for keeping the long standing and slightly alternative avl going much appreciated
    fabulous signing and links to Bassey who is going to be a superstar of the game we are heavily linked as I hoped we would be

    exciting times ahead

  62. Hi Monty good to hear from you, I wonder how many other of the old gang are out there?

    Runtings- yeah like Bassey, Both he and Kamara can play multiple positions, both have played at FB, CB. Kamara is not a outright 6 apparently but a 6-8 hybrid type, I like that in a player shows an ability to read the game. Ajax used to play all players at youth level in all positions to gain an appreciation of their team mates job, something Brentford have done for a good while.

  63. I’ve been looking forward to the day when we have a player to match the great Eric Cantona and now we have him!

    Kamara’s recent posting to Marseille fans criticising his move: “when the lie takes the elevator, the truth takes the stairs.”
    Don’t you love it?!

  64. On our summer rebuild,for me our keeper and defence first
    Would like another experienced keeper and let steer go so
    martinez Olson plus another
    Cash digne mings Chambers konsa,loan out kessler chrisnee ,sell Freddie hause target hopefully get about 30m for them sign 2 backup fullbacks take tarowski on a free even at 90 thousand a week and if we get a bargain centre half from Europe it would be great

  65. I asked my French football mad friend what he thought of Kamara and he was less complimentary than I’d expected. I do aim off to some extent because he’s a Chelsea fan who’s not happy with life at the moment:
    “Not too bad but he sometimes doesn’t understand things”
    “He is an ordinary player for me and you know I am always right . . . I told you Pogba would fail at United”
    “Yes he has good passing statistics but that’s because he passes to his centre backs so much”

    Yes, I’m taking it with several pinches of salt, but it’s worth keeping in mind that we do tend to get carried away with new players and put them on pedestals, when it might be better for them and us to keep expectations slightly in check. . . particularly with young players who are still developing and will have to adapt to the Premier league.

  66. Right Its the end of the season and time to put some stuff to bed.

    1st off my supposed love in with Dean Smith, for me it was always about could he have turned the season around and probably done better than SG? and the answer to that is yes for me. One thing he proved at Villa time and again was when the chips were down he could find a way. SG so far spent the season expecting more from a squad ultimately not capable of it without better tactics and motivation. Maybe it was an audition, it was but for both him and the players. No way we should be where we are season end. SG had a far deeper squad plus three players he wanted. We now see that the players we have and mainly the spine are not of the required mentality, to many have to get angry to play, Mings is typical of this. Dean Smith’s mantra was to stay neutral, not to get over excited or down whatever the score, carry on doing what your asked to do. Jacks greatest attribute was he believed he was the best and with JT that rubbed off, Phil needs love 1st and whilst SG demands high standards like many top players you can’t make a player in your own likeness, the will and game IQ are difficult to teach, for some it comes after 10+ years or not at all.

    So both managers were let down and ultimately SG didn’t manage to raise things that much, 3 points won by Smith against the top sides say that with all our points coming from the also rans we lost something in our approach in top those games. That points to Smith being the better tactician with this squad, not to say SG won’t improve things just that he didn’t have enough with the level of player even with Phil etc. That squad was put together with as much care as possible under tough circumstances but you can only hope the mentality can improve along with experience if you are buying from that level. For Villa to compete at the top table then eventually the players have to step up or out. Was Smith capable of the next step? we will never know, is SG a bigger pull probably but Phil isn’t much of an example he’s a friend after all. I’d be surprised if the younger players know very much about SG with youth being what it is.

    Its clear that Villa have gone up a gear in wages each season, Digne is on £100k a week for instance, I doubt he would of got that elsewhere and he came from a nearly relegated Everton side with £600m spent recently and umpteen top managers involved. I can remember the comments when they signed Dacoure etc and how well they were doing. Where we are going requires money these days though but its not without Danger.

    I am liking the look of the players we are involved with and they are at least not all ancient, I would however not expect a massive amount straight away as the prem is Ruthless. I suspect the management took the opportunity to sack DS knowing full well the position the squad was in at the time, partly in the hope SG could improve it short term and partly for a bit of media coverage and at least one part has worked. Will SG ultimately get there? don’t know yet but I hope he does even though if really successful it will set the club back if he turns out to be Shankly.

    So lets quit all the rubbish about how SG is somehow tougher than Smith was, I’d say they are similar people with one having the physical attributes the other never did. A blind man could see where our problems lay and a course correction was due, to have built a whole squad with an incredible Spine in 2/3 seasons would have been a miracle, having added the baubles we are now building a better tree which I hope that’s where our money goes this season.

    Onwards and upwards and lets hope the club don’t have to “act” to soon eh 🙂

  67. Something nobody has brought up is the very troubling times we are living in. 10 years of printing money hand over fist and low interest rates, the green agenda and decimation of fuel sources, plus the self inflicted Covid lockdown farce and now the war that’s rumbling. Seems like an odd time to be splashing out and raising prices as people will be forced to rein in spending. This is not going to end well (the economy etc) for the average person.

  68. Following me pushing my French friend for a positive comment about Kamara, he said:
    “He is a fighter, which can help in the Premier league”
    That would at least fit with one of the attributes that Gerrard seems to looking for more of in his players.

  69. Following me pushing my French friend for a positive comment about Kamara, he said:
    “He is a fighter, which can help in the Premier league”
    That would at least fit with one of the attributes that Gerrard seems to looking for more of in his players.

  70. Mark. . . .I’m pretty much aligned with what you’ve said in your ‘end of year report’

    As for your more general point about money becoming tighter, I fear that is the very least of our worries. Having watched the chickens very closely for many years I’m afraid we are now starting to see them coming home to roost. (Taking Kamara’s lead and talking in riddles now)

  71. Robbo- we haven’t had much luck with the French at Villa, the couple that were good when we dropped we had to sell as they were better than the team, Sanson? who knows and Digne seems settled.

  72. Robbo- If you lend an ear to our friends in the world economic forum they state that they are actively pursuing their aims and have many of their converts in high positions. Indeed you can see their aims being acted out as we speak. The west is being dismantled in every way and those that we look to for leadership are sparing with the truth to the little man. You can see the mechanisms they are using to reach their 8 aims/predictions. The Science? not much real science allowed with some of what’s promoted as truth being not the full picture nor indeed true.

    I don’t know what the end game is nor who is behind it all but it does appear to be orchestrated to some degree.

    Can’t find their video which they took down after the backlash but this chap has it.


  73. Morning

    It real we have actually signed a 6! Kamara!!

    Its insane


    Sg not tougher than smith…deano literally let the players come into training when they wanted so they could stay up late playing the computer (going out more) the murmorings after that are all true. give footballers an inch they take a mile. nice bloke deano but no where near as tough as sg. different galaxy in mentality

  74. H&V not all players respond with the stick, Nobody ever told the players not to come in and very likely they were in the Gym etc before training. I doubt SG is spying through their windows to see if they are tucked up. I’d rather know the players had some sleep than to little, sometimes radical ideas work sometimes not but it has no reflection on Deans character.

    Just to give you a bit more to think about traditionally players trained in the morning then had the rest of the day to do what? play golf, gamble, get pissed. You have to have some trust and I very much doubt dean did much without reason. City have sleeping rooms for a kip between their training sessions the lazy bastards that peps a soft un.

    You might be surprised to find that with a heavy schedule some players will do precisely f all.


  75. Hi Runtings, Mark, Heroes & JC! All is well here in NYC, thank you! Hope all is well for you, too. I promise to not continue being a stranger. Always wishing you all and The Villa well. If any of the old gang is around… come out, come out, wherever you are!

  76. H&V sleeps important but only when you say you can sleep lol 🙂 I doubt very much if that swung anything whatsoever, certainly SG’s approach produced worse than Smiths previous efforts with a better squad, maybe they need to start training at 5am?

  77. The part I am looking forward to is seeing what funds we can pull in for some of our players. Clearly we are on a bit of clever fee free splurge at present which either says we are actually being smart or we don’t have as much money/wiggle room as thought. The fees we can attract for our players will show whether the approach has worked. The whole getting a bargain thing may be more Lange than we know, renowned for sniffing out bargains then selling on for x10 was his thing. I get the feeling that whomever replaced Smith would be going down a similar route. Maybe the club haven’t entirely abandoned the clubs control/strategy and Lange is driving things? the whole its all about SG does not ring true to me.


  78. mark yeah man

    purslow said before a ball was kicked back in the prem we obv have to build a whole squad as we didnt have one! newly promoted so wont be attracting big names so went for alot of promising players. he said it takes a few years back in the prem to start forking out big wages and we need to stick around mid table then attack!

    plans going to utter perfection. where sg comes in is getting the likes of digne, phil, kamara. they simply dont come under smith.

    nswe know exactly what there doing

  79. bissouma

    would be ideal next

    think we will get suarez but would prefer a proper 9 to play all the time.

    if we got suarez hed be like a ash young role. great for archer to learn off of though

  80. First off, can anyone fill me in on why Emi wasn’t in goal? Signed on to DAZN about 5 mins into game so missed the pre-game amble and can’t find anything in the blogs. Nice to see us sign a “6” just hope he isn’t a bubble car LOL. Like many others I would like to say thanks to JC for keeping the site going, can’t be easy finding time when working full time. Seems every one wants more out of us now we are back and not working from home. Enjoy the summer boys, a couple more of this sort of quality (on paper anyway) and we could be up for a hell of season coming!!!

  81. H&V- I don’t agree, Phil yes as he was SG’s team mate, he has taken a massive pay cut so whatever the club were selling him he bought it and he trusts SG. As for Digne and Kamara we have no idea, we do know Lange has been watching Kamara for a long time, and Digne in a window others didn’t buy in, we however paid a lot. We also know we have had several attempts at buying top Mids and baulked at the price understandably but its been down to money. There are some massive names out there in football as managers at more successful clubs so whatever they are telling these players its working, maybe its guaranteed start and money who knows. All down to SG’s charm and rep? highly unlikely, Digne and Sanson told Kamara that brums like paradise so lets see 🙂

  82. Canadian Villan – he had a hamstring tweak I think and asked not to play as a precaution, didn’t want to spend his hols on the treatment table.

  83. Here’s a thought, last season we bought 5 players and two loanees all played a fair bit Chambers maybe played the least. SG has said he is bringing in 6 players and they will not be bit part players, some may rotate but most will likely be starters as SG wanted them. We have seen what that did this season, anyone else think there may be teething issues?

  84. Mk
    With 5 subs being allowed from next season we need a bigger squad especially when Gérard has said he wants cup runs,this is a funny summer no world Cup,euros time for new stars to shine,good time gor Gérard to get proper pre season
    For me matinez olsen cash digne mings Chambers konsa kamala mcginn ramsay coutinho beundi Watkins Bailey traore are definite stayers,that’s q6 allowing at least another 7/8 squad members including a couple starters along with a few
    young lads
    Lange has to be busy shipping out Freddie hause target marv Luis sanson trez elgazi ings davies

  85. JG- We had 5 subs last season and we didn’t have an increase in the squad size, squad quality always helps and I assume that more of the squad will be on the bench than present. You have to assume that if your in the squad someone rates you at least a bit?

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