We’ve all seen Spurs’ recent run of form in the League, and it hasn’t been good. Villa, on the other hand, have been looking more like a side finally hitting their stride.

Which means anything could happen, just like any other week. Villa will be feeling very good, Spurs will be wanting to steady the ship.

For his part, Smith has understandably named the same side that won at Old Trafford last week. Not sure what Nuno’s been doing behind the scenes, but we know it comes down to whether Kane and Son can make up for Spurs’ defensive woes.

Starting XI
Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Hause, Mings, Targett, Luiz, McGinn, Ramsey, Ings, Watkins

Young, Traoré, Archer, Nakamba, Buendia, Tuanzebe, Steer, Philogene-Bidace, El Ghazi

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  1. Looking forward to a good game, if we can maintain the intensity against yet another good side then things are on the up but by no means complete. We have hard work and tactics but have yet to add guile in Bailey, Traore, Buendia.

  2. Not quite at the races, losing the loose the loose balls, etc.

    Credit to Spurs for finding some intensity, but need to up our game and perhaps switch things round a little.

  3. It’s displays like this half that just happen to often.

    We are so passive, clueless on the ball and create absolutely nothing. It happens to much.

    Watkins and Ings don’t work together. Luiz still offers nothing jn my opinion.

    Id change formation.. I said a few weeks ago Smith won’t change formation now for a while.

    Take a striker off and Ramsey, get Buendia and Traore on

    Smith needs to change something

    Spurs have so many defensive players on to we should be controlling the ball

  4. Yes mate the races are a few miles away by the look of it, Konsa should or could of closed the goal scorer down I think rather than hit a Yoga pose but other than that both teams look like they are cancelling each other out. Doesn’t help that most of our creative players are not playing but you can’t fault Smith for sticking with the team after manure, it does look like a hangover is there though which was always a possibility.

  5. All bloody game Son has made that run.

    Smith just doesn’t react to anything. Such a stubborn manager.

    Change things in games

  6. If we changed to a flat back four we stop that son danger.

    Playing 3 centre backs just opens up for Son all the time.

    It’s shambolic management

  7. Smith also going to have to address the fact Ings and Watkins are absolutely useless in this formation and have absolutely zero link to together and have basically nothing created for them

  8. 80 minutes to change formation. Today shouldn’t have been 5 at the back with them playing son and mora.

    Smith is just so predictable

  9. I don’t see any better options out there frem and considering this is supposed to be a period where we get no points it’s not all bad , not been so good today but shit happens

  10. Just a very sloppy, subpar day from most everyone.

    Figured Spurs had to be better after losing three straight, and they showed more urgency.

    Villa, well, shot themselves in the foot time and again.

  11. Yep it was a case of to much belief in the hype. Not sure about Ings and Ollie together and we need to bed Beundia in and get Bailey into the mix, that’s unlikely with this formation so I think we will change.

  12. Well that’s disappointing i doubt any of us ‘expected’ to win, but after recent performances I’m sure we’d all hoped we might.

    Let’s face it, the pessimists in our ranks were confident we’d achieve zero points from our last 4 games so I’m sure they’re very pleased with the 6 we’ve achieved.

    The next run of games will start to give us some indication of our real competitiveness this season . . . fasten your seat belts.

  13. Mark. I’d decided not to engage with you as during the last thread you were not reading what I’d written and attributing comments that I hadn’t made

    However on the last thread you said that vaccinations do not reduce infections which is untrue and you really should stop making such comments on such an I portent subject when all you have to do is type I to Google “do vaccinations reduce covid infections” and you’ll find plenty of reliable information that confirms they do.

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  14. No need to apologize, r0bb0…the evidence is overwhelming and very clear.

    As far as football and sport in general, I also support players being vaxxed. Simple, safe, quick and best for the player and the team. So I understand the comment in context.

    And I understand you replying, MK.

    But, the disinformation and arguments are just so inescapable everywhere else, I’d like this spot to be free of it.

  15. Back to the football, I’d imagine changes will be coming.

    Traoré, Bailey, and Buendia will feature more, and that will mean different set-ups.

    I don’t fault the formation for today’s performance, was just poor from everyone, very much a hangover-type display.

    But, I do think Deano could’ve changed it quicker.

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  17. Bummer. Poor performance. A case of after the Lord Mayor’s Show. We are very slow in using our subs and/or changing something that is not working. Not happy but will wear this one on the gob.

  18. Midfield 3 were very sloppy. Their 1st touch was so bad so often. Luiz had worst game in a long time. I agree with Frem that the 2 strikers are not working. We need to drop one and play Buendia. It’s hard on Buendia only getting 15mins and expecting him to change the game.

    On the bright side it’s not a disaster taking 3 points from Man Ure and Spurs away.

    On tactical changes, with Cash getting a roasting from Son, maybe DS should have brought on Tuenzebe and asked him to do man to man marking . DS does look lost if plan A doesn’t work.

  19. JC, Villa fans seem to be in agreement that it was a poor performance from us. Funny how Spurs fans are delighted with a win against a “very good Villa side”

    It is good to see that Dean Smith has difficult team selection decisions to make these days and I’d be nervous of predicting what our final preferred starting 11 will be.
    It seems that Pep is having some difficulties too and is having to try and find new ways of shoehorning Joe into his side to justify the £100m outlay. I’m sure his original idea was to have him out on the left, but Foden looks to be ahead of Joe for that slot now.

    Southgate has come up with yet another new reason for including him in his England set up now. . . . . . because he won’t be playing as much and should be fitter to play for England! I’ll bet that’s not the reason he gave to him when trying to persuade him to move from Villa.

  20. It’s crazy that Cameron Archer’s contract expires in the Summer. Hopefully he signs a 4 year contract over the international window.

    Great win for U21’s. That seems an interesting competition for our B team.

  21. r0bb0,

    Yeah, I’m back to wondering that as well, now that, fingers crossed, we’re looking at Bailey being in contention again soon.

    3-5-2 has suited well enough with players absent, and gotten Ings and Watkins on the pitch at the same time, but no one’s sure whether that combination will work. And it’s doubtful we’d leave Bailey, Traoré and Buendia all coming off the bench.

  22. VillaMD,

    I’d think re-signing Archer will be a priority…kid has seemingly come out of nowhere. He may not have been as front of mind as he’s forced himself into being.

  23. Plug,

    I’ve really stopped paying attention, but it’s hard to avoid. Seeing all the reaction to how it’s going at City for Joe, and for the team, then you throw in Southgate and England….All a bit of a head-scratcher (to be kind).

    I’m sure Jack will adapt, and sounds like he has to some degree (I’ve refused to watch City so far), but everyone wondering why City needed him rather than a striker are louder than ever.

  24. Clickbait media muppet press (esp Birmingham Mail cnuts) flogging off Watson to Arse, SJM to manure and Konsa to manshitty. They want to flog off Martinez to some as yet unimagined world class team.

  25. Well Newcastle have just become another club we won’t be able to compete with.

    They are going to be absolutely massive whislt we plod along with Dean Smith.

    Newcastle getting Conte. Someone we should have gone all out for

  26. Few years time Newcastle will be the new city.

    They already have a phenomenal stadium and will expand now. Liverpool still expanding, Everton getting a new stae

    I’m gutted

    We are just standing still playing hoof ball under a manager who’s tactically horrific

  27. jbd, you’re so right about clickbait sites, and The Birmingham Mail is sadly one of the worst. They have become a parody of the respectable news outlet that they used to be and regularly link two topics in a headline to suggest something completely fictitious. I only click on them now when I’m sure it’s a genuine story but generally avoid them . . . . . it’s just gone too far

  28. I don’t mind Toon takeover as I’m fed up with top 4 dominance. More competition to these 4 will help avoid a break away Euro League. I wouldn’t change Villa owners for anyone, and feel we will challenge for top 4 starting next year or year after. I’ll take that all day long. I think we’ve all had enough of the dark days.

    As for Birmingham Mail paper, yeah their links and pop-ups are a bit dodge

  29. I wouldn’t tear up the pages of the Birmingham Mail and lace the corners with string for hanging in the toilet. They are now part of the Mirror Group and have to tow the line. Complete loss of credibility. The various Villa blog sites are far more informative.

  30. Yep, the Wai Ayes will now become a major player. I’m actually happy to see the likes of Barca in deep poo financially whilst new teams emerge to ruffle some feathers.

  31. Toon will get into Europe before us

    They will fast track it, appoint a top manager and sign top players straight away.

    We decided in the slower route which will now back fire as there is another club we just won’t be able to finish above.

    Smith has done an ok job. He got lucky he had a world class player and money.

    I think he has to many short fallings.

    But again so far this season we are devoid if ideas, how hoofing it long from Mings or full backs. He doesn’t change the game when needed.. His subs are shocking. His ability to see a game needs changing is shocking. His ability to coach a team to retain possession is horrific. He’s to predictable in formations. Hw will never ever change a winning side or formation the next week which again just makes us so predictable.

    He’s been here 3 years. He’s done ok, but at some point like Newcastle will now, we need a Conte

  32. I see the 19 other premiership clubs are unhappy about the Newcastle takeover, but does anyone know on what grounds? They’d have a very good case if it was morally based, but could that really hold water? Where did Abramovich get all his money from. . . .was it all above board? The FA and most football clubs seem to be very aware of their Corporate and Social Responsibility and do some very good work and this does risk being compromised if seriously morally dubious individuals are able to run football clubs.

    The next question will be just how quickly they are able to invest without breaking FFP rules.

    As it’s a vanity project rather than a business venture it seems likely that they will want to buy success as quickly as possible. As we’ve seen with Man City though, even that approach doesn’t guarantee European trophies, and it needs sound football management skills behind the scenes.

    It does seem likely that City bought Grealish because they could afford him and it prevented him strengthening another club. . . . . .they certainly didn’t ‘need’ him for their own team.

    I’ve told myself that I much prefer our business model and would feel very uncomfortable if we’d been taken over by the Newcastle lot. I’d like to hope that I’m being honest with myself.

  33. Compass are still the owners for me. 100%. They have been magnificent. The Wai Aye fans don’t care about dodgy arabs, just a new team without Ashley and Spud. Well the first bit is accomplished but they will find things less than straightforward. Their location is an outpost and their training ground is a shack which will take several years to replace before they start thinking about attracting top talent.

    PP’s reservations about Villa unable to attract the best due to location will prove to be unfounded though. Money talks, and the best players follow it.

  34. Just seen Declan Rice sitting between Tyrone and Ollie on the subs bench. He is obviously on the way to Villa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. The stroll against Andorra last night was a total mismatch. These kind of games should not be part of the qualifying fixtures. Instead, the lower nations should be competing together beforehand in their own qualifying games against each other, before the few who finish in the top bracket progress to play the heavyweights. The number of qualifying games needs reducing.

  36. I’ve read it all now. Beaky is reported as saying English managers need to “up their act, if they wish to keep their jobs in the EPL”.

    Ripe eh? Coming from someone who ignored his best attacking players for yonks, chose a defensive line up for the Euro final and continued to select Dire well after his sell by date, not to mention the ongoing selection of Trippier.

  37. Amazing what new owners do to folks. During the previous international break, Spud took a holiday in Portugal. This international break he’s in taking training. Got to protect the big payoff.

  38. Have to say that Beaky has managed to make us limp towards World Cup qualification in one of the easiest groups ever.

    His substitution of Grealish was shocking. The Hungarian coach couldn’t stop laughing. Only Beaky knows what goes on inside his head. Kane was rubbish. So was Sterling. But he hooks his one man who could prise open the door. I’m lost for words. He has his favourites and the points drain away. Pass square along the back line is back with a vengeance.

  39. Beaky quote……

    “We did not play at the level we need to play, simple as that. It’s difficult to pinpoint and we will go away and look at the balance of the team”.

    If he finds it difficult to pinpoint and needs to go away and think about the team balance, what chance has he got of solving a problem on the pitch during a game so that he can influence the result?

  40. Unfortunately Newcastle mean business snd will storm past us in the next 18 months or so.

    I think our owners will be a pissed and could force them to change the model and move from the slower route with Smith.

    Newcastle want Rodgers and Conte. That’s the level we should be trying to pull.

    I don’t think our owners will accept a mid table season finsih again. It was pretty poor onky getting 11th last season. If that happens again which we could easily finsih below then Smith is gone

  41. Also please don’t play 5 at the back at home against Wolves

    I said a few weeks ago Smith will just stick with something if it worked for a game or two and won’t ever move from it again for 12 months.

    A good manager will change formation to games to suit.

    It didn’t suit playing against spurs and it certainly isn’t needed against Wolves at home who play one up front

  42. Frem,

    Against Wolves, may well come down to who’s available.

    Don’t think with the players he has that he’ll stick with 3-5-2 forever. My only question there is whether he’s insistent on trying to always play Ings and Watkins. Doesn’t mean it has to be a 3-5-2, but that was easiest, and made up for the wide players struggling with injuries, etc.

  43. Mark, i’m surprised at you. when i was last here you woz the only sensible one here.
    frem, this season will be better overall than last season, learn patience, i did thats why my missus is still talking.lol. newcastle brown will not steam past us. maybe past the manc/scouse/cockerkee twats.
    plug — wtf is a beaky?

  44. Muff, keep up buddy…..

    Some time back when Southgate kept ignoring Jack’s selection, some “not too kind” remarks were made about the size of Southgate’s nose. Seem to recall descriptions at the time ranged from Big Snozz to Ski Slope and various ones in between. Fans seem to have settled on calling him Beaky.

    Really looking forward to getting back to the action today. Hate these international breaks. COYVB.

  45. Don’t play 532 today Smith at home against bloody wolves.

    We need width and wr have absolutely zero in this formation

    Stop being predictable Smith. Change things around

    This formation just crowds the middle with the 3 and then Watkins and Ings.

    Do something different

  46. The fact Watkins and Ings simply haven’t done anything in this system should be enough to change it around

    Adama will be chaos if he plays against our back 3. He will just sit in between Mings and Targett and Do what son did


    I said weeks ago Smith will just stick with it how ever shit we are like last season he refused to play anything than 433.

  48. It is indeed five at the back, Frem. Traoré and Bailey probably have a little to do with that.

    Anyway, fresh sheet up in a few for the match.

    Good to see you, roger.

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