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Happy Boxing Day, all. Hope everyone’s in fine spirits. We’ve almost got this ludicrous year behind us.

But, before we can bid adieu to 2020, we’ve got Crystal Palace visiting before we face Chelsea, United, Spurs and Everton. Tough matches every one. We’ve also got a bit of a jinx running at Villa Park we’d do well to put right.

Anyway, I guess the main news coming in is no Ross Barkley on the bench. For those who get angry with the club for not telling us much, I’ll say there’s no reason they should. We know hamstrings can be notoriously fickle and that he’s trying to get back. We just aren’t necessarily going to get announcements every time he feels good and then gets a twinge. And there’s no point putting him on the bench if there’s any doubt, or if they’re not going to risk him

Dean’s got a winning side to put back out on the pitch, and Barkley can’t play in the next one anyway. Let’s just hope there’s an abundance of caution being employed so that he gets it as sorted as possible for the rest of the season.

When it comes to the Eagles, they’ve got that Liverpool drubbing in their minds. Inspiration? You never know, but I’m betting they’re going to want to acquit themselves a bit better. So, could be a very difficult match. Or they could be bereft of confidence. And they are missing some players. Certainly a match where the first goal might be even more important than usual.

So, given the late hour, that’s all the brilliant insight I have to offer. Oh…I hope Ollie can keep his nose hair onside today.



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  1. Got to wonder if Barkley is going to be worth a permanent transfer with his chronic injury record. Our new owners would seem prepared to shell out for a more reliable option and we do have Ramsey coming through.

  2. Thanks JC- Have we got many game changing Options on the Bench? probably not compared to the Umpteen attacking options we have on the pitch that would be a fucking Miracle.

  3. Frem- yes of course but some are better than others eh

    Right decision after mings let himself down, Traore no use in a defence, shame for him but thats the truth.

  4. We had a chance to go 2 up and ne comfortable and finally win at home

    Now we are right in the shit because of mings and also shit finishing

    January we need to add the quality

  5. Don’t know how we get out now because Palace will just pin our wingers back.

    So i dont know how we affect the game now. Watkins needs a blinder

  6. Mings showing some of his old colours from his Bournemouth days, and letting the red mist take over. He has been close before and been lucky. He needs to learn to stay calm again.
    He had no need to get involved with Zaha and McGinn. McGinn can look after himself.
    Great goal from Traore, and a great loss for the second half, but Villa still not taking their chances. Twice now Watkins has been placed perfectly, but both Jack and AEG took the shot on themselves when Ollie could have just slotted it home.

  7. MK,

    All I can figure was the ‘stamping’ motion. I didn’t see much in it at the time, he was coming over SJM, and that was a hefty shove in the first place. I thing Mings’ studs maybe brushed Zaha’s thigh on the way down.

    Anyway, it is what it is.

  8. I think it’ll be 4-4-1, Frem.

    I wouldn’t count us out getting a second on the break. But Palace’s front line is a handful. We’ll have a work cut out for us keeping them out if we’re under the cosh.

    Getting Zaha sent off might be the way to go.

  9. I’m sure we all wondered initially why our Traore was sacrificed but once you realise that we need 11 hard working players who are capable of defending and prepared to do it you can see why

  10. Zaha is a mouthy bugger isn’t he. . . . . and dammit it worked for them with Mings first booking.
    Having said that, Mings should have known better for the second booking.
    He was already on 5 bookings. . . how many games will he miss now?

  11. john thank you for the nod. it’s been a while alright since my last post.Korean tv only shows the games with korean players free to view so still wishing villa bought a korean wonder so all our games are shown on tv over here. relying on the streams til then!

  12. No Watkins can’t buy a goal at present but do you know what he’s a right pain in the arse and those chances will start to go in then look out. You don’t take a player off who needs a goal especially your star striker.

  13. He’s done fine. But he’s a striker who can’t score at the moment

    So just bring him off and rest a bit

    You can tell he’s trying to hard

    He should have scored

  14. MK,

    Yeah…It’s not going to be automatic. Just fantastic how Traoré has come on, Ghazi, too.

    Hard to believe you could see Hause and Konsa together for the first time and play so well together.

    Cash, Targett…Everyone. That made me proud.

  15. Frem mate, we have won 3-0 with ten man and your whinging because olly didn’t score? well at least your not whingeing about us losing at home thankful for small mercies 🙂

  16. Mark l. It’s his job to score and he isn’t. I like him but there is nothing wrong bringing him off.

    Hause hss kept Mings out

    If we buy in January we can get European football

  17. JC its also amazing that the teams so young, really beginning to manage games. Great to see that Smiths coaching is paying dividends. Shearer just said we had a good window this season but in reality it would have been impossible without the previous one, on reflection it was a pretty good one too just incomplete and fresh.

  18. Guilbert. Hourihane definitely out in January.

    Trezeguet isn’t getting anywhere near this starting 11 anymore with Ghaizi snd Traore actually contributing to attacking

  19. Another clean sheet. Martinez makes everything look comfortable.

    Targett has come on so much. If he gets injured we sre in trouble because it’s Taylor coming in.

    Konsa is so calm and composed. O think he’s better than Mings

  20. Frem- its his job to lead the line, start the press, create chances, hold the ball up, pull the defence about, score goals, defend from the front. If he just stood there waiting for the ball to land at his feet we would not be 6th right now, do you not get that?

  21. Frem,

    You really are missing the point. Davis would contributed so much less.

    You let strikers keep playing. In all the right places, forcing saves, splitting defenders, tracking back. He was outstanding.

    Strikers have to do much more than just score goals in Dean’s system and in the modern game in general.

  22. I mean, it finished 3-0, the save he forced early led to the opener, and he assisted Ghazi for the third.

    If only for that, he was full value. Never mind everything else he did.

  23. Frem- your just not seeing Watkins function in the team. You keep calling for Davis who generally only gives us similar without the goal threat Watkins has and without his eye for runs??

  24. John – absolutely

    Watkins was fantastic today

    Involved in all 3 goals

    Runs all day

    We were brilliant today

    We create so many chances

    Jack is a master class

    What a goal from AEG

    He looks like Ronaldo

    We are going to finish in the top 4

  25. Watkins man of the match, and totally earned it. His work up front earned us our win today. I really wonder about Frem’s football knowledge…
    If it wasn’t for VAR, today would be the first game that Ollie hadn’t scored in, out of the last three!

    I am over the moon with this team and the fight it has. This is a very special team being built with real workers, working for each other, and reminds me of the famous Joe Mercer team “Mercers Minors” and the legends that were put together by Ron Saunders, “The Messiah”.
    Truly, Dean Saunders and his team are almost already there!!!
    Today there were 11 MOTM on the pitch. Targett definitely had his best game ever, Martinez in goal superb, both his handling and his distribution. Cash, Hause and Konsa did not put a foot wrong.. Jack is a dream, McGinn and Luiz so solid and Anwar El Ghazi what a strike!

  26. The pass grealish did for Watkins at the end was just unbelievable.

    He must get frustrated that people miss alot off his could be assists

  27. We should also give praise today for Anthony Taylor’s refereeing, who was spot on with every decision, including Ming’s sending off.
    The bigger call could have been the penalty which he refused to give, and stayed with his original decision.
    Mings he had no choice, but Zaha was very lucky, and unfortunately, will not retrospective action taken against him.

  28. PP,

    Spot on. That’s a team with belief, and the drilling and system is starting to really show.

    And like I said earlier, this is why Smith leaves his players out there. The running and work-rate today was fabulous.

    But the players slotting in shows that not starting or getting subbed on isn’t affecting their development. Every player in this team has improved under Smith.

  29. Frem How can I look foolish mate? Trez has done his job well and been involved in Villas great start and wins against top team lol. Trez will come back and he will play a part again as competition, maybe even win his place back. What about Barkley will Traore and ElGhazi keep their places? I want all our players to come good and they all have merit, You ? no idea mate.

  30. The management team have shown they know when to recruit and who to recruit so we really should let them get on with it . . . . . unless of course any one of us is arrogant (or ignorant) enough to think that we know better.

  31. Mark

    Trezeguet is a forward who managed 1 assist

    Traore has hardly played this season or Gahzi and got more goals and assists.

    So we sre much much better without trezeguet

  32. Frem. Two things I can agree with you on. Martinez is absolute quality. He must be a dream to play in front of.
    I also think that Konsa is playing better than Mings at the moment and Mings should have to fight for the right to come back in.
    Prior to having Martinez then we needed Mings’ presence and hectoring at the back. . . . Martinez provides that solidity and co disenchanted to hold the back line together.

  33. Just spotted my dementia error…..

    Of course I meant Dean smith…..not the Welsh wizard, Dean Saunders….

    I put it all down to the excitement of today’s win and an eager anticipation now for the Chelsea game. It was well worth Dean making the players work on Christmas Day. I expect Palace had the day off!!!

  34. What a battering. It should have been 6-0. Another clean sheet with 10 men. Everyone was excellent but Tyro fouled up. Zaha is a piece of schitt.

    Watkins work rate killed them. Jack’s guile killed them and El Gassy delivered the coup de gras. Martinez top quality too. Targett’s best game for Villa that I have seen. Hodgson looked completely pissed off. Zaha is a piece of schitt.

    Thought we looked in complete control during the second half. I’m well stoked. Zaha is a piece of schitt.

  35. Frem would have a problem with Aguero, Messi and Lewandowski, what chance do Watkins and Trez have?

    I dont think I have seen such a positive mindset in a Villa team, the way we started the second half was as if CP were a man down. We could have had 5-6 today, Ollie has been so unlucky. Definitley MoM for me, what a hardworking player. I hope he doesnt get discouraged with his bad fortune, the goals will come. Other teams will definitely be taking notice.

    Super performance from all the players, 6th with two games in hand. Unbelievable.

  36. Where do you even start. We have a villa team who are coached like no other. Our recruitment has been outstanding, player improvement outstanding. We are fit as butchers dogs….who have we said that about a villa team! We are smart tactically and always want to play and attack. To deliverer that second half in the pen is something I thought I’d never see us do again

  37. Villalore,

    That was absolutely the key. I couldn’t believe the commitment, don’t think Palace could, either. Watching players sprint 60-70 one way, then turn and come back. Cash, McGinn, etc., getting right up tight. Excellent mentality.

  38. H&V,

    Reminded me of the Rotherham game!

    I really though, shite. Here’s 45mins penned in our half, maybe getting a couple breaks, and Hause and Konsa not having played together.

    No sweat. Roy should be making his players watch that tape. Nowhere near the same heart.

  39. Frem- lets use your logic mate, Today Traore put Palace in on goal in about 2 mins of the start, his Pressing and defensive work is zero and thats why he went off and not ElGhazi. He took a shot and it hit the post , according to you that makes him poor or tired, he also scored an absolute sitter which makes him the best player on the field to you, how am I doing?

    Traore hasn’t played against top opposition yet and he’s done very well attacking wise but he went off 1st half and we put two more past Palace without him and with ten men, he was obviously holding us back and stopping us from scoring more, a ten man Villa were better without Traore on the pitch, sell him in Jan and buy Zaha that did naff all. Cleary he won’t play once Barkley is back, someone’s got to drop and we have all the top sides. Hows that?

  40. Frem

    Amen. Please tell me you’ve realised it takes time for players. Matty target a prime example. Has been absolutely superb. Also how exciting is it to see Toure becoming very decent…..grealish Barkley troure behind olly. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  41. We are okay on the right

    We need a left winger in January. Grealish is better in the middle

    That pass he made to Watkins was one of the best passes I’ve ever seen. Jes going away from goal, surrounded by Palace players and he’s reversed it to Watkins who should score. Ifnhe scores that’s getting assist of the season.

  42. The improvement by el ghazi is superb. These players just needed time to bed in and get prem experience. El ghazi is a fantastic super sub. He has that knack of making something happen. You know he will be involved In something. Fair play as I had washed my hands of him end of last season! No doubt in future can upgrade but off the bench he can prove a great asset.

  43. It was Obvious H&V that he would not suit the disciplined game we needed to use second half, no offence to the lad he looks very good at times. Interesting that ElGhazi looked very decent out right for me with Jack left. Traore will play the next game but when Barkley is back, jack will be out left again I would think.

  44. Mark. He scored a sitter?

    But you refused to say trezeguet missed those 2 sitters in those two games?

    You think anyone really cares about Traore pressing game when hes getting us goals and assists?

    The only thing Trez lovers say is he works hard because he’s absolutely shit at football otherwise

  45. If we sign a striker. Left winger and centre mid in January we can do something

    Get a better bench player than Hourihane. Someone more mobile.

  46. Frem- Ha thats bollocks it came to him at a nice height with the keeper on the floor, fair play he put it in with his peg leg but later he took a shot with his right Nasa are tracking.

  47. Would love us to get Zaha

    Imagine grealish CAM and Zaha left wing

    Or Hudson oddi who isn’t playing much

    Gray is a free transfer in January I think. A very good winger who would improve our sqaud

  48. Hahaha but at least he has one good foot

    But you can’t tell me that was easier to score than Trezeguets chances.. The one against West ham was unbelievable

  49. Who’s this arsenal player with his socks down thinking he’s Grealish

    I notice alot of flair players now especially lower leagues modelling grealish look

  50. Traore could destroy Chidwell on Monday

    Ghazi and Jack can have James. Championship full back.

    Mcginn amd Luiz better than Mount who ever they play

  51. I really wouldn’t want us to be in the Wuropa league next year.
    Let’s see if we can compete in our own league cup or FA cup first.
    However . . . . . if after the next 4 or 5 games we were still in with a shout of champion’s league, should we want to go for it?

  52. 1st half of Watford vs Norwich finished. Sarr got tap in. It’s the 1st time I’ve really been watching Sarr, Cantwell, and Buendia.

    Buendia – wow, wow, wow. Unreal class. Reminds me a lot of Jack with his clever passes, quick pass without looking. Everything from Norwich going thru him. I heard him mouthing and for an Argi that just turned 24 years his English is good. He’s playing #10 though, so not sure if that’s an issue. Other problem is he’s sooo good, must be in 30M bracket

  53. How’s cantwell playing? Yeah buendia is a little magician. Would love him. Can play anywhere in that front 3. Frem I used to be jack at number 10 but not a chance now. So much better hogging the final third especially with his mate Barkley who should be ok for fri,

  54. Buendia is someone we should have signed

    Do we need him now?

    We need another centre mid, maybe he can fill that void

    I’d like us to sign Sarr from Watford

    If not King and Gray will do

    Brooks would be brilliant to

  55. H and V

    I think grealish prefers this current role he’s even better than Barkley in it

    Watch grealish for our 3rd. His reaction when Watkins loses control of the ball. He wants his assist stats up

  56. RoBbO……”if after the next 4 or 5 games we were still in with a shout of champion’s league, should we want to go for it?”

    We’re already in with a shout of Champions League qualification. Win one game in hand and we’re 2nd. Today, our second half short handed performance was one of the best I’ve seen. I say sod 8th to 12th now, shoot for the top and see where it takes us.

  57. We can get champions league this season. It’s one of thosemad ones

    I hope we add the quality in January to make us better snd have more depth because at the minute we don’t have any attacking depth

    I hope for a striker, winger and centre mid

    Wed be crazy not to spend money and take advantage

  58. Plug, the reason I added the qualification of “after the next 4 or 5 games” is because they are tough ones. If we happened to lose them all then we’d be back in mid table and appear to be still just off the pace of the top teams.
    Gain 5 or 6 points and we’ll still be in contention AND have proven that we really can compete with the top teams.

  59. Frem, I know you don’t rate Trez or Wesley but apart from them we still have Davies and Barkley to come back.
    That’s better back up than many (most?) teams in the Premiership.
    Again, when you are “we’d be crazy not to spend money” it all depends on our owners’ financial and footballing targets from this season.
    You could just as easily say that we’d be crazy to invest in January because you have to pay way over the odds and can’t get the sort of quality of player that you want.
    You don’t seem to have any perception of the importance of finances or to care about the long term stability of the club.
    It’s that sort of attitude that brought 10 years of misery to the club . . . . Do you fancy going back there?

  60. H&V, I thought both Cantwell and Sarr were poor today for Watford vs Norwich. Deeney missed a sitter from 6 yards.

    Buendia was a step above. Commentators said Buendia’s main issue is team-mates are not at the same level, so he has to slow his passes.

    Chelsea, Man U, Spurs and Everton – Villa’s next 4 league games with Liverpool in FA Cup also. Bring it on! If we get 6 points, then it would be worth a major signing in Jan

  61. Covid getting bad again

    Will football be stopped again?

    Robbo. They aren’t good enough. Trezeguet certainly isn’t. Look how much better we are without him and Traore getting goals and assists

    Wesley might get better but he won’t be fit for months

    So we need get a striker in

  62. Frem, right now ElGhazi and Traore are full of confidence and scoring goals so Trez is rightfully going to have to fight to win his place back. That’s how we’d ideally like it in all positions on the pitch.
    Don’t forget though that we won our first 4 Premiership games of the season (for the first time in many years) with Trez playing, with one of those being the 7-2 defeat of Liverpool and the defeat of Leicester the following game.
    Our last 4 games have been against opposition that you have said we ought to be beating, must beat etc etc so it just isn’t reasonable to draw the conclusion that we are now so much better just because Trez isn’t playing.
    You’ve also said that Davies should be getting playing time and wanted Ollie substituted for him today.
    Are you now saying that we shouldn’t bother with Davies after all, but bring in another striker instead?
    Would this striker be as back up for Ollie or a new number 1 striker?
    A half season loan or outright purchase?
    How much should we be prepared to spend on such a striker?

  63. R0bbo,

    As you wrote a while back – we need to wait until the next 4 league games are played through Jan 16. If we win all 4 or lose all 4, or go in-between …that can give different perspectives to fans.

    I don’t think our owners are as reactive and panicky as some fans like Frem. Of course we can speculate, but I believe our owners have a short term plan in place and also a strategic 3-5-10 year plan.

    So my advice – enjoy these wins. Enjoy the moments. Don’t even look at the league table. As a Villa fan for over 40 years I feel like we’re going back to the great Aston Villa

  64. We really are a good side all of a sudden
    boys making most fans very proud
    Watkins is a special player he is going to have a great career at the villa , his work rate , runs and first touch are all exceptional and does the work of 2 up top

    no need to change much in jan things are developing nicely and there is a nice balance to the sqaud as we really onty have the lge to worry about i am sure deano will not upset the brilliant vibe he has created

    Mings may now find that he is 3rd choice and the two young lads have now grown into there roles and coiuld prove to be our best current parring
    chuffed to bits UTV

  65. Robbo

    But Trezeguet doesn’t even produce anything against the worser sides

    He contributes absolutely zero to us going forward. Look at all our goals we scored when he plays. He basically has no involvement in any any of them

    If he plays against WBA we don’t score 2 goals.

    If he didn’t play against Brighton and west ham we’d have two more points on the board because those misses he did were absolutely shambolic. Traore scores both with ease

    We haven’t missed him. He stats for someone who’s played over 50 games are absolutely shocking.

    I know he works hard but he just isn’t very good amd I’d hope in January we would be looking to shift him on

  66. frem AEG didnt produce anything until recently Trez going knowhere and while he ain t pele he aint rubbish either and is a valued member of the villa current set up

    this is why i stay away from twitter it seems to be full of negitive comments about people doing a lot more positive things with them selfs than the people slating them in there comments

  67. There could be some movement this January and I’m thinking it will be Tom Heaton moving on. He isn’t getting younger, his chances of unseating Martinez is slim, he wants to play for England and Jed is no slouch between the sticks. So sad as it will be ol’ Tom just might be on his way.

  68. Ian I agree mate Heaton has landed in the same situation as his last club, if he’s fit then I think they will let him go, Kalanic has already gone out on loan though.

  69. Frem- By stats you are talking about Goals and assists. That is not what Smith would look at, its part for sure but the rest of it may tell a different story. Take Watkins yesterday, he was accredited with 3 assists, they were not his only contributions to the game by a mile and in reality two were a spill by the keeper, a rebound off the bar and short pass that ElGhazi had to pull off a ridiculous finish with. On paper that looks outstanding but it was his work on the pitch that won Villa that game.

    Take Traore, he has some good moments, has gotten on the score sheet and assisted which is great, his work without the ball? that needs a lot of work, if you are getting subbed because ElGhazi works harder than you defensively you have a problem.

    You can have a player that scores/assists regular but the team loses because in defence they have ten men all game.

    If you take your blinkers off you will see that Trez has played in games against teams with much more attacking threat than Traore, and we have needed his tireless work and pressing.

    Thats a good situation because we can unlock stubborn defences with Traore which then opens the game up. Against better sides he may pose little to no threat and is poor defensively we will see.

    The reality with Trez is with luck like Watkins he could actually have anywhere from 6-10 goals, you do not get chances if you don’t put yourself in good positions.

    You say he lost us those games?? Two headed goals by west ham against the run of play and very early in each half trez’z fault?? Three goals from free kicks and thirty yard screamer against saints?? Mings goes to sleep against Brighton?? jack misses a sitter against Leeds before they score??

    All those games had players not putting the ball in the net other than Trez including Jack. To say it was all down to Trez is a crock of shit.

  70. I am still buzzing from the performance yesterday. I am going to watch the game again this morning.

    We dismantled West Brom and Humiliated Crystal Palace.

    We have turned into a superb football team – the rhythm of our play is exceptional.

    And what can you say about Jack Grealish? We should all be extremely grateful that Smith convinced him to sign a new contract.

    He is the new messiah. One of the best players in world football.

    His reverse pass to Watkins yesterday was unbelievable.

    I am looking forward to smashing Chelsea. The pressure will be on them to take the game to us and we will destroy them on the counter attack.

    Expect another comprehensive victory.

    Happy days


  71. Mark

    Are you serious?

    How many minutes has Trezeguet played compared to Ghaizi and Traore

    Traore has hardly played and has 1 more assist and 2 more goals than Trezeguet

    Ghaizi has hardly played and has 3 more goals.

    So stats are pretty clear

    Trezeguet is useless as a forward

  72. If you include the cup games Ghazi has 4 more goals and Traore has 3 more goals than Trezeguet

    They are doing what forwards should

    Trezeguet jas 2 assists in 51 games.

    Traore has 2 assists in about 5 games

    So ye. Stats are clear

  73. And Mark

    We don’t miss Trezeguet defensively do we. Not one bit

    We are much worse going forward when he plays so really Trezeguet adds absolutely nothing

  74. Runtings
    . I think Lange will find a cheap clever buy for a striker

    We need one because Wesley won’t be ready this season.

    Lange can find a talent so sign someone to back up Watkins

  75. MK,
    You are wasting your breath. Like many so called fans, Frem only sees the glory boys, and does not see the work horses like Trez. Many had the same attitude towards Westwood, who has became an excellent player at Burnley because Sean Dyche and the fans gave him his confidence back.
    The great teams of the past like Liverpool, Spurs and Man Utd, were about team players and work horses who put in the hard graft to win games week in and week out, and if Villa are to emulate them, then we need our work horses. We had them in the Championship during our last season to put together our final run in to win our play off spot. The Hutton’s, Whelan’s of this world have their place.
    Trezeguet is still young and still has a lot more to give, and he will play his part this season. I have seen so many players slated over the years at Villa, but one day they become great players .

  76. Troare is our best attacker apart from jack which is clear as day in my view

    there is very little between trez and AEG imo Frem you was slating AEG now you like him and have nothing positive to say about Trez which is easy to do but a little short sighted .. my money is trez ramming the words down any haters throut the same way AEG has … he had to come of social media so the haters are rife out there
    I can see davies going on loan and another striker with more experience coming in … i think a loan would suit us more atm

  77. Runtings

    Ghaizi is a better player. He is just better. He can beat a man. Better control.. He hasn’t been great since he joined but he’s getting better now

    Trezeguet doesn’t have the potential to improve

    He can’t dribble. He can’t beat a man. He can’t cross. He can’t pass.

  78. PP

    But we don’t miss Trezeguet work rate do we? Not one bit

    People just mention that he runs. Hes a footballer. He’s going to tun

    He just isn’t good at the actual football part

    We don’t miss what he does his work rate

  79. Frem as I pointed out, extra games mean nothing as you are rated on every aspect. Hause and ElGhazi have a better rating than Trez or traore. You cannot nail Trez on stats unless you cherry pick them like you are.

  80. Frem its simply not true re trez no more so than your assesement that AEG was the worst footballer ever that should never be allowed to put on a villa shirt again

  81. Also not missing Trez? Traore has played well but don’t forget who he has looked good against, WBA and Palace.

    He has come on and played in most games, and not once made a telling difference, started against Southampton. 1/2 hour against Leeds, came on very early for Barkley against Brighton and got subbed off, started against Burnley where we had 27 shots, came on for 20 against west ham and ??

    So this incredible player made zero difference except against poor opposition and has a lower rating than Trez despite getting 2 goals and two assists.

    By the way folks I like Traore and will back him like all the Villa players its just in this instance he’s frems new stick to bash trez with.

    Trez- 2.5 shots per game Traore 1.8

  82. RichardS…..I admire confidence….but steady on. Mind you, we are in with a shout at the Bridge.

    I’m still humming too. The shredding of Palace’s excellent close control in tight spaces, was a joy to behold.

    Just hope we’ve got some legs left for tomorrow as it’s a 48 hour turn around.


    Frem mate – you seriously need to get laid. Invest in a COVID secure mask and go and bang an escort girl

    You SERIOUSLY need to get over this Sexual Fascination with Trez.

    Your constant squabbling with Mark i becoming SERIOUSLY BORING

    You are RUINING the content on this site


    You CONSTANTLY BERATE Trez even when he is out injured

    Mark- you are old enough to know better than to engage with the moronic views of Frem

    Please guys – the New Years Resolution is to MOVE THE FUCK ON

    Rant over

  84. Plug – we will beat Chelsea – they have lost their last 3 games

    When you are winning games you do not feel tiredness- fact

    The boys will be well up for the game

    And they are fit as Fuck

  85. Watching Leeds v Burnley l. Christ it was criminal not beating them. They are so shit

    The game is awful quality.. Pitch is a disaster snf the football is just getting hoofed. Shocking game

  86. But people trying to defend trezeguet when his stats show he’s shit anf Traore and Ghazi show he’s shit and people trying to blag it that’s he’s good drives me mad

    He’s absolutely shit

    I won’t say anymore

  87. One final thing

    The same site your looking at the one that says his passing is very weak, his dribbling is week and crossing is shit?

    I think so

  88. Frem – yet miraculously it says Traore is strong defensively lol, also has Trez’s pass accuracy percentage as about 78% Traore 82% and recently he has put in some quite stunning cross field passes. Spec savers have a sale on mate.

  89. One day some will realise how damaging the cheque book has been to Villa in the past, buying players that were unsuitable, past their best, or not a good fit for the team.
    Collymore cost us £7 million from Liverpool, and we sold him for £1million, McCormack £12million, and so many more.
    Our best teams have come from very wise buys and the development of our own youngsters over the years, and not from throwing money about.

  90. Frem, it’s perfecyly reasonable for you to comment that in your opinion Trezeguet isn’t good enough and we should replace him but what is so clearly wrong and frankly silly is to say things like “he’s absolutely shit”
    Do you really think that our owners would have bought him or Dean Smith would have played him if he was.
    You just go too far. Your comments might be taken seriously if they were less emotionally overstated.

    Quite apart from that you should remember that he is a person. You don’t seem to relate to the feelings of others which is a shame.

  91. Well said r0bb0,

    Those sort of comments show no real understanding of the game either. every player has something to offer, or they would not be on the books, ley alone in the squad.

    Big, big game tomorrow, which will really test our players resolve once more. Lampard will be wanting to bounce back after the Arsenal defeat, and if we can get another good result, it will make such a difference to what is going to be a hugely testing run of games.
    Now have to be nice to my daughter and her partner (Chelsea fan), as she has Amazon Prime tv!!

  92. H&V,

    Was saying just that to the missus yesterday while watching Arse and Chelski.

    Like you say, it’s really just been constant worry and dread since MON had us up in these spots.

    She can’t quite understand why I keep banging on about this season until I go down the list and remind her how little ‘comfort’ there’s been.

  93. Hi guys,

    Yeah, it’s nice not having to worry. What’s even better is the football we’re playing is so beautiful and attacking, full of energy with every player giving 200%. This must be a dream . All of my buddies that support the top teams want to watch Villa and cheer for us because we’re quality entertainment.

    On 5 Live they were talking about DS being the best current English manager in the World. Hard to argue

  94. Liverpool drawing

    We win tomorrow we close the gap at the top

    Can we do it?

    I don’t know if tomorrow might be a game that has come to quick for us. Chelsea have some very giid quick attacking players that worry me

    I don’t know if Watkins and Jack will be to leggy to affect the game as well as they can

    But we win tomorrow and what a huge statement that is

  95. Thing is Chelsea have a squad, we dont. They can play a new 11 and it would still be good. We can’t change 1 player without it being a worry.

    You know, Wesley coming back but he isn’t even a Smith striker. It was a Suso buy.

    Look at Watkins he’s quick and mobile and puts him self about and makes good runs in behind

    Wesley was none of these. He didn’t like physical contact l. He was always moaning l. He wasn’t quick or get in behind

    So I’d be amazed if we didn’t sign another striker

  96. Couple of things, Chelsea played the same day as us and they haven’t changed their team much either. They have a young side too, villa will do little training and will have massage, cryotherapy and dean smith read them a bedtime story before bed.

  97. To qualify my last statement, Chelsea haven’t been great lately, they would have changed their team after losing to a pretty poor Arsenal side showing little energy anyway.

    From what I have read Frank may even change formation, both of those factors will make them not as well drilled, defo not in a two day turnaround. Yeah it could make them unpredictable.

    We on the other hand have changed a fair bit lately and have not missed a step, we don’t change our system much but it appears to matter little to the amount of chances we have created. I would think the team is buzzing, you would probably have to tie them down to stop them playing.

    Rather than being worried about depth right now I am thinking what would the side look like if Jack had a rest. He is our key player but in Barkely I think we could have a replacement and play pretty much at the same level with him at ten. I also think The likes of McGinn would step up. Its not something I want to see but It doesn’t worry me as it would of last season.

  98. I am rally looking forward to the game this evening. Many of my friends are Chelsea fans and their team is inconsistent. They blow hot and cold – Fat Frank does not know what his best team or format is. They almost have too many players and this causes disruption and disconnection in the team.

    I have know concerns regarding fatigue. They will all be eager to keep their place in the team.

    Our counter attacking speed and capability will cause Chelsea a real problem tonight. They were dreadful against Arsenal.

    I am predicting a Villa win this eve 1-3.

    Jack will demonstrate that he is the best player in this league and Ollie will get back in the goals.


  99. Mark. Yes. But if Wesley plays it completely changes our game. That’s why I can’t see him being here to long of even playing because he just doesn’t work hard.

    I hope we win today because i the Chelsea if the best chance we have of winning. We have Spurs l, Everton and Tottenham after so we might go on a run without 3 points.

    If we go the next 3/4 games without a win we will unfortunately slide down so hopefully get the result tonight

  100. Frem- I don’t think you can judge wesley on half a season in a struggling side. The last few games should of taught you something, that a rise in quality and time together brings players performances up. Just because Wes is different to Ollie doesn’t mean he won’t do well for us. Trez, Traore, ElGhazi, Barkley all bring different elements yet we have won with and without them.

    I will be amazed if we don’t win a few of the next 4-5 games. Leeds is the only game I think we didn’t deserve to win, maybe wolves.

  101. I fear no other team in the Premier League

    We have one of the most settled /balanced teams.

    Every player knows their role and responsibility

    Confidence could not be higher

    There is also a great camaraderie between the players

    And we have momentum

    Are attacking play is exceptional

    We have a great back 5

    And a midfield that works – with tenacity and drive

    We have already beaten Liverpool – Arsenal – Wolves

    We will beat Chelsea

    Bring on Man UTD

    And then Liverpool in the Cup

    A huge week for Villa

    We are up for the challenge

    We have a great manager and management team


  102. Tonight and the next 3 games after will truly show of ee can go get European football

    If we come out with a good points total why not

    I have no doubt that’s the clubs ambition now this season is Europe after this start

    Hopefully January we help our self’s to because the bench os just so bad.

    We shall see but I’m pretty sure people at the club will be wanting European football now

  103. I know 6 months is short but in that time you can tell he’s nothing like Watkins.

    He hated physical contact snd centre backs bullied him

    I remember fernanido playing centre back and he controlled Wesley and that’s worrying

  104. Mark

    Probably not sack him but there is mo way the club haven’t mentioned European football now. Its a mad season that we have to go take advantage off

    The next few games and January transfer window will show what we can do

  105. Chelsea and Villa asked for this game to be delayed , but they were refused, as it does not fit in with the power of the TV companies wishes….
    Both teams will struggle to produce the level of a normal game, but I feel that Dean Smith’s preparation will have been better and give Villa the edge, but nothing is certain in theses times.

    Decided to sign up for Amazon Prime so that I can watch it on my own tv, whilst also not breaking covid rules and visiting family at the moment.

  106. Frem- If the aim every game is to win that can take you far, if the aim at the start of the season was to nail the top 4, win the fa cup and score 100 goals the pressure is on.

    The point about last season is we played very differently, mostly games were on the back foot and we conceded goals for fun. Wesley was an isolated figure in new league asked to hold the ball up with no support. Watkins as good as he is has a great side around him and knows English football.

    We will not know how Wesley will fit until he plays with this team, in this form. To write him off at this point would be like writing Targett off.

  107. First game of the day is Palace v Leicester. Hodgson has made 5 changes from the game 2 days ago. Rodgers has made 7.

    These guys understand the need to do this. If Deano goes the same again, we are going to be very leggy.

  108. Leicester new training ground looks amazing

    That should be a club we should be competing with

    We have more money to than them. In fact most teams

    So there is no excuse for us to challenge for European football this season or next season

    Definitely the clubs ambition. Definitely next season for sure

  109. Plug. We won’t make changes. We haven’t got the squad to. It’s a very thin squad where after the first 11 the quality drops massively

    It will be the same 11

    January we need add better squad players

    We need another centre mid good enough to start games and come on. Smithy doesn’t rate hourihane or marvelous enough.
    Same goes for another striker to rotate with Watkins.
    A left back probably needed to and winger

    January is very very important

  110. I guess us having the youngest squad helps recover from games?

    I guess our first 11 can recover quicker than most teams players could?

    Like Vardy today is out

  111. On fitness, Frem, a couple things.

    The age does help. As does the fact Deano usually leaves his starters out for the full 90. It’ll also be down to the sports science team’s approach to recovery.

  112. Frem,

    I agree with you that the next 4 games can help set our ambition for the season. Whilst it seems most unlikely that European football was a target at the start of the season, if we’re still close to the top 4 then I’m sure you’re right that the management and players will be thinking that it can be an objective after all. Leicester managed it after their premiership winning season but then struggled to finish 12th the following season, showing what a drain the extra games can be.
    I can’t agree with you that “our bench is so bad” though.
    Ranieri used 20 players in their Premiership wining season and we’ve used 19 so far with Wesley, Heaton, Guilbert, Engels plus some youth players all capable of stepping in if needed.
    Of course our bench quality is well short of that of the Manchester clubs or Chelsea or Liverpool but we are steadily improving . . . . .it will take a bit of time but unlike previous owners and mangers I believe that we’ll only bring players in if we intend to use them. The finances of the club MUST be taken into consideration too. This isn’t supermarket sweep and we don’t want the club to suffer in the way it has in the past.
    Remember the excitement when Lerner came in because we finally had a wealthy owner . . . . .well his circumstances changed and the club was thrown into turmoil. We should all be grateful that we seem to be in the privileged position of having owners who are willing and capable of extricating ourselves much more successfully than the owners of many other clubs have been.

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