West Ham vs Aston Villa: Will This Meeting Be Different?

The philosophy equals the points. The philosophy, the club mentality is the pathway. That’s Emery’s pre-match message: You establish the philosophy, and good things follow. That means he’s less concerned with Europe than he is with foundations. It’s also true that Unai will be looking at the run-in and thinking we should be in with a shout in all of them.

Midweek Villa Grab-bag

For Villa, so much of what we admire in other sides is the range of passing, control, decision-making, and awareness. Villa just don’t have enough of it. We also don’t have enough aggression, pace, and perhaps stamina.

May sound like a lot, but after some clear-outs that set the stage for the summer, I can see us getting four, maybe five players that could transform the squad.

Aston Villa vs Chelsea: The Owners Fly In To Witness…What?

Here we are largely talking about Steven Gerrard, as one of the game’s bright managerial talents comes to Villa Park running Chelsea rather than Brighton. We’ve a good record against Potter, but that’s largely down to Brighton’s inability to score for fun. Now he’s got a better squad all-round and it’s Villa that have this certain inability to score for fun.