Turns out 5-0 wasn’t meant to be. Shame, that. And even more so since the inevitable first defeat was a bit resounding. Bielsa won the first PL round with Smith, and Leeds ran away clear and deserved winners. However, it wasn’t inevitable on the night.

The Good
Villa weathered the initial wave and settled into the match. Created opportunities that could’ve seen us up and changed the game. A couple moments of Grealish magic that sadly came to naught. That’s about it, really.

The Bad
Most of it, if we’re being honest. After getting to grips with the game, Villa couldn’t keep it up in the second half. We looked slow and then leggy. Leeds just kept coming. Which is what they do, and virtually every pass was on the money for them. They played about as well as a team could play. Heads dropped after the first goal, and Villa were usually late arriving, slow anticipating, and slow reacting. We were just slower.

The Ugly
Bamford surrounded by four players in the box, and somehow afforded the time and space to get off a shot that really had no business being on. Game over.

Final Verdict
I said in the preview that I expected Villa to be the more cautious side. To play Leeds like Wolves did. Sit back, take away the space and pace, and pick their moments. We didn’t do that. And we just didn’t play all that well in the second. Some of that was down to Leeds’ pressure, some of that just down to us and failing to adapt to what was clearly happening.

And to be honest, I’ve gone a bit back and forth on this. At first, my reaction was that Villa were simply too expansive and didn’t approach the game the way we should’ve. But as I’ve thought about the way it played it out, I’ve become a bit more conflicted, and I’m ending up changing my initial draft on this.

Villa could well have been in front from Jack’s effort cleared off the line after Villa had weathered a strong start from the visitors. Goals change games, but we didn’t get that one. Nor did we get one either from Jack’s run (yeah, he probably should’ve shot earlier) or Konsa’s header tipped onto the bar.

After that, Leeds scored, and Villa just couldn’t keep themselves from giving Leeds the space in which they thrive as we chased an equalizer. Smith says Villa got away from their game, lost their way after falling behind. The danger signs were there from the start, and while we were perhaps playing straight into their hands by playing our way, we still did enough to get in front while Leeds weren’t taking their chances. Which was probably the bet: We’ll trade blows, we’ve got more quality up front, we’ll go get the first one. And I’m sure we expended a lot of energy that we could’ve used later by trying to match them in a wide-open match from the start. Perhaps it was a bit too much self-belief, arrogance, or complacency, as it might be called. But that confidence wouldn’t have been entirely misplaced had we gotten on the board first.

As far as the onslaught, Leeds’ patterns of play weren’t that hard to spot, and their relentless attacking is no surprise to anyone. We weren’t pinching up on the places they were going and were late arriving to the next ball: expending the energy without getting a benefit and getting pulled around. Barkley didn’t look to be fully at the races, Luiz was left covering far too much ground, and Matty Cash was under constant assault. If we’ve seen a flaw in Mings’ game, it’s that he often hesitates in the box, and it cost us on more than one occasion.

Now, that’s not to say he was at fault, because Leeds fashioned plenty of other chances that didn’t have much to do with him. Those were just ones they missed. And it was clear Leeds were well up for this one: Gabby’s big mouth didn’t help at all given his comments were mentioned after the match. Once they were in front it was going to be difficult if we weren’t smart and adaptive. And I think Leeds played about as well as they possibly could have. Almost every pass was spot on.

So to me, this could be about being outcoached, or it could be about being a bit stubborn, and having a bit too much pride/confidence in the goals we have in the side. Bottom line, without going ahead, we ultimately left ourselves far too open too long, dallied a bit too much in the face of Leeds’ constant gang-tackling, and gave ourselves far too much chasing to do. Leeds executed brilliantly and took full advantage. Full credit. They can run all day, and get waves forward, but also get back and close down really quickly.

Down the stretch, I think the most telling difference was in Barkely’s and McGinn’s relative lack of pace and energy. Leeds got the ball wide behind Jack and Trez, and quickly played into the attackers and midfielders swarming forward. You could argue Traoré should’ve been introduced earlier, or maybe even Nakamba for McGinn, fresh legs, if nothing else.

All I can say is lesson learned. And while in retrospect I liked the confidence in trying, it was simply the case that if we fell behind it was going to look naive, in the end. That said, had the early aggressiveness paid off, I’d likely be writing a somewhat different summary. Hence the conflicting ways I’m seeing this.

Big picture, the setback doesn’t mean we aren’t improved. Doesn’t mean we’re going to go and lose the next 10. What we were trying nearly came off, but nearly wasn’t enough in the end, and without the cushion and psychological edge of a lead, we simply couldn’t cope with the fitness and pace down the stretch when trying to get back on level terms. Hesitancy and mistakes crept in that kept setting them up and gave them room to run wild when we’d tired and lost any initiative. That’s when we needed to make the game ugly and scrappy, and we didn’t.

So yes, Bielsa has a system and the players to execute it. Nothing surprising, no 11th-dimensional chess, or anything insurmountable. It just means conventional wisdom would say you accept those strengths and play to nullify them. If you don’t and instead go wide open and play for an early lead, you’re very much be hoping you get it. Villa didn’t, fell behind, and that was it.

Over to you.

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  1. Problem with smith is we never have a plan B in games. If plan A doesn’t work l, we won’t ever change it.

    I wish he was tactically more flexible in games.

    Also he’s absolutely shocking at making substitutions

  2. What worries me most was it was last seasons villa that turned up last night. Defensively all over. Slow at moving the ball. Second to every ball.

    It’s time Traore starts. Trezeguet just doesn’t do enough attacking wise

  3. Frem,

    We might see Traoré sooner rather than later. I’m thinking it’s a question of getting him up to speed, and again, not changing a winning side. While Trez does work hard, the lack of consistent danger from him allows teams to gang up down our right side.

    As far as the Villa of last season, you’re playing a unique team in Leeds. Like I wrote, there’s a system, yes, but it really is all about energy and running. They go forward in numbers, but they also get back in numbers. So, agreed, we needed to move it quicker. A number of players looked like they thought they’d have just a bit more time.

    But I also think it’ll look different next time we play them.

  4. On system, there are changes in games, as we’ve all talked about before. I’m too invested to watch it neutrally, and on TV it’s hard to see the full shape, etc.

    Smith will stick with 4-3-3, but after I posted this, I was wondering about a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 for Leeds, getting Nakamba in, perhaps, alongside Luiz, then leaving Jack up top with Ollie. You sacrifice width obviously, but would’ve changed the midfield dynamic.

  5. For me it would of made sense to not let Jack get isolated, they had 3-4 at him when he had the ball. He in turn needed to move the ball once they come to him. That said they do it at such a pace its easier said than done.

    Thought Trez was at least trying to press but was on his own a lot. Leeds play that diagonal ball to the wings a lot on the break and it put him in no mans land and Cash facing a man running at him all night.

  6. Bielsa took his DM off before he got a red after twenty, he has faith in the fact all his players can slot into the style of play, all the Leeds players bar Bamford seemed of a likeness physically.

  7. The main thing not mentioned about Leeds style, is their execution of one touch football, which we used to teach young kids in football teams back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. One touch will beat skilful players time after time, if well executed by fit young players.
    I have not seen much of this from Villa in recent times, and it can make such a difference in getting the ball forward to beat the opposition, which is exactly what was happening with the balls to Harrison.
    We seem to be spending too much time on the ball, and how many times did I see players doing turning circles, which really just did not come off against a quick team like Leeds, who are on the case in moments.

  8. We’ve never moved the ball quickly under Smith. We never play 1/2 touch football in the final 3rd. Its never quick pass and move. Wasn’t in the championship. Wasn’t last season.

    All our players like to run with the ball or take more touches than needed

    Yes Belisa has his sides so drilled they put a winger on DM. They all know there roles, and every role in tbe team. Belisa doesn’t rely on one player like us. He’s a phenomenal manager. I’d love him

  9. Leeds have so many players than can play multiple roles. Ayling isn’t a centre back but played there. Dallas has played on the wing and left back alot for leeds, but played right back. They bought Allisoki in a left back which shows trezeguet is absolutely no threat. The guy is a centre attack mid and he played left back

    It’s a good point with Trezeguet. He’s so poor teams don’t worry about the right side and can move body’s over to Grealish

    We f**ked up massively not improving our wingers

  10. Look at Leeds sqaud. It’s absolutely bang average championship quality

    It’s Belisa tactics and coaching which is absolutely brilliant. Smith needs to take a leaf from Belisas book how quick they move

  11. Well done Leeds. I’m gutted, but will rise above the disappointment and cheap abuse from Leeds fans… That was a hell of a hat-trick from Bamford, wether I like him or not… The Prem is all the more interesting with Leeds about. Probably the reality check Villa needed…

  12. Frem,

    There’s more than one style of play. If Leeds are so unstoppable, they wouldn’t have lost two and drawn one before playing us. We’ll see how it goes for them over 38. Sheffield did pretty well themselves first year up, struggling now.

    Watching Manure and Chelski, much slower game, players taking touches, all the rest. Obviously far better talent. Bottom line, no one way to play football. Everyone thought Villa had it all figured out dismantling the scousers.

  13. On Bielsa’s system, I think we will see this season teams that match up and those that don’t. Hard to match that level of fitness if you just don’t have it, Even Liverpool don’t.

    Next season when all have played them I think there will be more teams work them out, thats the nature of this league. Sheffield have suffered from this so far, even City and Liverpool. We on the other hand are not the relegation strugglers they expected and it will be up to us to make hay while the sun shines.

    As far as tactics go the difference between you being a tactical genius and not is whether you win more than you lose. You can be as tactical as you like but if the team lose it was the wrong tactic or that appears to be the logic.

  14. Frem- I would like to see us move the ball quicker and I am sure Smith does too. Don’t knock having ball carriers though because against a lot of teams they open up space. We are not playing Leeds 38 times a season. In my experience a good player can play anywhere, only centre back and Goalie either requires the ability size and bravery (goalie) or a really good handle on reading the game, I think all players should play CB for a while its an eye opener.

  15. JC I don’t know if Bamford chose to play near Mings or thats how he always plays. In all the other games the close attention to the CF has been from Konsa who is superb at marking them as is much quicker than Mings to react. It also seems to be Konsa’s job.

    Maybe a ploy maybe not but thats what I would of done. That way if Konsa follows it leaves Cash isolated. Mings could of just come across to the right and left him to it but these are just thoughts.

  16. I would be interested to see what the XG rating was on the goals Bamford scored, Keeper got nowhere near the 2nd and third and the 1st was shot stop that could of been cleared or normally held by Martinez. Most of Leeds efforts were nowhere near target.

  17. Interesting point MK. Bamford always had potential, but Bielsa has had faith in him, and Bamfortd has spent hours learning and doing extra training, which is what players who want to be the best do. I did not particularly like him because of his injury feigning tactics, trying to get fouls and players sent off, but you cannot deny his ability.

    I was fascinated reading Ollie Watkins story of how he became a star at Exeter, and their belief that players should learn to play in every position, which is why Ollie is so good at winning the ball and tackling back, as well as defending in the box. He can actually play left back!!
    This means that plays can cover much more easily if someone is injured, or if one player takes the ball forward, others can drop in to cover.

    Yes we have ball carriers in Jack, Ross and John McGinn, but the secret is knowing when to release the ball. I still keep seeing Jack making a wonderful job of carrying the ball through on Friday night, but at the the precise moment he should have released it to Watkins, he chose to go for glory and go that step too far. What an impact that goal would have been. No doubt that Jack will learn from that, and we will win many more games this season.

  18. Interesting seeing the various stats claims now, with Jack Grealish having the worst working out at 5.6 with an awful 19 misplaced passes. The worst of any player on the pitch. Trezeguet also was next , only managing 7 succesful passes.
    Sometimes in real times we do not always see how good or bad some players are when they are involved in a lot of action. It is not until you watch back and can analyse every move that you see a much truer picture.

  19. No surprise trezeguet had 7 missed places. That’s standard for him. He is simply no use to us.

    We made a big mistake not improving our bench. Smith wouldn’t have looked at it and saw Marvelous, hourihane abd Davis. Let’s be honest none of them are premier league quality. There is a he bought none of them on.

    Ramsey would be better on our bench than Hourihane. He’s quik. Mobile.. More the Mcginn and Grealish role more than CH.

    We need to get to January and wd have to replace Hourihane and marvelous and Davis on our bench. Plus we need Ghaiz and Trezeguet gone and replaced. Its not hard to find better players than them

    It’s pointless us having a bench if Smith doesn’t even think the ones on it are good enough to come on. Which he doesn’t

  20. It would have definitely been a plan off Belisa to get Bamford on Mings. Belisa doesn’t miss anything and as you say, Mings not good at tracking runners.

    Should we be worried Martinez didn’t get anywhere near Bamfords last 2?

  21. Frem don’t think anyone would of got to them.

    Thats rubbish about trez, lately his stats for pretty much in every aspect have been top notch. Its the way Leeds play not giving you time, Jack is usually in the 80’s for passing but I notice your not slagging him off 🙂

    As far as improving our bench we opted for substantially improving the 1st 11. We could not afford to do both and by doing the 1st the second has improved somewhat whether you like the players or not.

    This article pretty much nails what we are and where we are, also the opportunity we have to get safe early. I don’t think we can start talking about much more than that until Xmas.


  22. Mark. We could probably spend 10 million on 3 players altogether who are better than Davis, hourihane and Marvelous. If we scouted Europe.

    No because Grealish is normally special. Trezeguet gives the ball away most the time in every game

  23. Frem- clearly you are in the wrong job if you can do that, you should be an agent. Easy to talk about it mate, surprised all the teams in the prem haven’t bought these mystery quality players for next to nothing your on about, not..

  24. Frem- I am sure he does but when you have to balance the wage bill with out goings its not always possible, and especially all in one go as we were looking to avoid what happened last season. I suspect Lange went with what had pretty much already been looked at and rubber stamped it. We will likely see much more from him in coming years. Whether getting someone for £1-2 m is applicable to the prem as it is to the Danish league we will see.

  25. I am very interested in tactics and believe they are the most powerful tool in the modern game

    For me if you have a truely progressive manager the players already at the club will improve and start looking like stars because of the system of play

    Ancholotti has won the champs lge 3 times but there is no way i would have him over the southhampton guy who has spent way way less but produces the more exciting eye catching fotball … he woud make an everton a powerhouse imo

    As for our manager i am a fan though disappointed he hasnt brought a clear football phylosophy to the club i can see he is learning about things at this level and improving what he does … also he is the best manager we have had ina very long time

  26. Ah reality bites! Didn’t see it but heard a few reports firsts half was a very decent game. No disgrace in losing to Leeds Biesla team especially when you catch them on form. Not many teams will live with them. They gave pool and man city hell of a game.

  27. But not going to play Leeds every week but funnily enough got saints next which are similar. It’s a very big game for me that. How will we respond and I think it will be a marker if we will compete for 10th.

  28. And finally that result hasn’t effected me at all! 4 wins out of 5 and a run of fixtures against pool, foxes and Leeds is pretty tough. I’d never believe we would be sat 3rd with a game in hand! The start has given us massive wriggle room from the bottom 4. For them to make 11 points up on us is massive

  29. This is going to be a fascinating season with no mugs, no guarantees, but a lot of hard and interesting games. Lots of teams being brought down to earth this weekend. Once again a single decision can change a game.
    We are still looking good, so lets hope that we can give Southampton a game to remember!

  30. Paul

    Yep this season is going to be tough. Just looked at the table and despite our 4 wins we are still 3 points from 10th. Lots of teams have picked up points.

    Our aim hasn’t changed. Don’t get sucked into a relegation battle and have a more positive improved season.

  31. I think from this week onwards managers should be sacked if they don’t win, don’t make substitutions when the fans think they should and are not considered an iconic figure in the game.

    f**k me peoples expectations are getting worse than the rules being used for hand ball etc

  32. Well said MK!
    Some people’s expectations are crazy. If we lived by their rules, we would never have had Wenger, Ferguson and a few others, who al had very difficult times.
    Just been reading the Guardian’s summary of the weekend games and the effects of players who are now becoming instrumental in their teams success.
    Two prime examples are Che Adams and Patrick Bamford. Adams struggled last season, but has developed an excellent partnership with Danny Ings, which is one of the major differences for Southampton. He would have been a much better buy for Villa maybe, rather than Jota, but would he have been given the time. The same is true of Bamford, where Bielsa has given him time to develop.
    This is one of the major criticisms I have, not just of Villa fans, but the club also, that we have not given players time to develop and reach their potential. We have this demand for instant success, and it just does not happen overnight, if it is to survive the test of time, it has to be built over seasons. This is the reason that I have become much more comfortable with Smith. He has been fortunate to achieve what he has in his time so far, but you can see he is not in a rush, and wants to build a step at a time. He doesn’t get wildly excited when we win, nor does lose his cool when we lose. He takes everything in his stride, and is far more a man of steel than his demeanour suggests. He is the boss, and his management team and the players know it.
    I am sure we will be an effective team in the Premiership, but we may not rise to the dizzy heights just yet, so just enjoy what has been a great start to the season.

  33. exactly guys

    social media is a massive part of it. Its changed the game. people want everything now and theres a meltdown when we loose! We are going to loose matches! I saw the highlights last night and thought the 1st half was great! How we didn’t take the lead I don’t know. Jacks run was out of this world

  34. We have had a bad time if it JC manager wise , deano has done wonders in the short time he has been with us .. we are unrecognizable to the shambles of a squad he inherited
    its would be stupid to call for deano’s head atm for sure

    My point re tactics I do stand by though and will even throw in that if we had a simular system of play to southampton we would have a lot more success developing and bringing youngsters through

  35. Runtings- I think the we are far from Smiths style of play yet, we are certainly nothing like Brentford for keeping the ball. I think basically Smith has inherited a side and has added and subtracted from it, all the while trying get either promotion or avoid relegation.

    I don’t think there is a mad rush for top 6 at the club, another season and another dollop of cash and a few more ins and outs will be the course for the next 2 maybe three seasons. That said Smith has surprised us over the last two so maybe progress will be quicker.

    I love watching jack play but I do wonder what we would look like without him over the last few years. we might be in div one or we might look completely different. Its hard not to build a team around him but unless you can reproduce a Jack every ten years it doesn’t help the teams style of play, we have Jack plus 10 others style of play at times.

  36. Jack and systems:

    This really requires an essay, but a couple of thoughts.

    I think Jack can do whatever you ask of him. So, if City were talking to him and Pep says, “Hey, I want quick, one- or two-touch play in this pattern, are you willing to adapt?” etc., Jack would say, “You bet.” And be able to do it.

    If Jack had grown up at Villa being tasked with that sort of game, that’s what we’d see from him, assuming that were still Villa’s identity. Instead, he’s been asked to be the messiah and carry the team because there simply hasn’t been any equivalent quality and creativity.

    Have to remember that Ross and Ollie are only new (three and five games apiece), Traoré has yet to be introduced in the main set-up. McGinn is only just back to his former form (ie, holding his own), and Luiz is 14 games into being a different player.

    In that short time, we have seen quicker passing, more one-twos, etc. I don’t think Jack is a glory hound. He’s just supremely confidant, majestic on the ball, and feels a lot of weight on his shoulders. He knows he has to carry it, win fouls, be the pivot since no one else has been able to hold onto the ball, and it hasn’t been a squad of one-touch players. The first touch for many has been atrocious over the years, never mind all the rest.

    Not rocket surgery, but it’s pegs and holes. If you come in, have a Grealish and not much else, you build a team around him.

  37. JC- I know that jack has played the way he has since joining villa from a lad that has played with him and now trains him and lives with him. He’s always dribbled , always moaned at being kicked. I can’t imagine that he’s never been taught to pass quickly etc, villa are not exactly Stone Age . I get what your saying but 🙂

  38. the trouble is jacks soooo good its just impossible not to have him as our main player!

    I just hope barkley and also bringing in troare will help take the pressure off. We don’t wont to be soley reliant on jack going forward.

    Sure that’s something we will fix in further transfer windows though.

  39. Good comments from everyone, and most I agree with. especially the confidence that Jack now has when he is carrying the ball. However, that may be part of the problem.
    When he made his amazing run and burst through the Leeds ranks, Ollie Watkins expression said it all. A certain goal was missed because Jack chose to take the ball that one step too far when Ollie was perfectly placed to complete the move and put Villa in front.
    I feel that he is more and more trying to model himself on Raheem Stirling, and wants to score more, as Raheem is doing at Man City, which is probably where Jack may well be in the end.
    He needs to be in a situation where he is not the talisman, which is why Villa have introduced Ollie and Ross Barkley, and it worked well against Liverpool, but did not quite happen against Leeds as the game wore on.
    I am sure that compass are looking for at least a top ten finish this season, as they want to be looking at European football in two years, in order to achieve their five year target.
    This is probably Jack’s last season to prove he can captain the team and take it to the top level. Next season the board will be looking to bring in payers who will be ready to make an impact. Ollie is the first, but only a promising youngster at present.
    Southampton is going to be a huge test of this team to see if they can bounce back and maintain their position. Going to be one hell of a scrap. Ings and Adams will be on song!!

  40. PP,

    Yep, we’ve heard on more than one occasion that Smith wants Jack scoring more. So it’s a funny one where sometimes you think “Shoot!” and he passes, then shoots when you think he should pass. I’d expect them to find a balance there as they go over film.

    On his future, I think it’s several things: where we end up, anyone coming in for him, whether Barkley impresses and stays, Luiz. The number of players and wages we shift.

    If we have to pay big money to replace Barkley and Luiz, that takes away from elsewhere, obviously.

  41. Toney has scored 8 goals in 6 games for Brentford.

    He will be worth 20 million in the summer.

    I’m surprised a premier league team didn’t get him. He has all the attributes to be a prem striker

  42. really is a big game for us against saints. Massive marker for me of where we can compete. The start of the prem has been bonkers but you have to think it will settle down and the usual suspects will be jostling for the usual positions. Can we get mid table prem safety with the likes of palace, saints, west ham. We don’t want to be losing 2 home games on the bounce that’s for sure

  43. Saints always cause us problems but they do keep a fairly high line at the back I have read. Time to see if we have any bottle. I reckon Traore will start if only because Trez didn’t have his best game and he was always going to get the shove if he was even marginally below fantastic 🙂 If Traore plays like he did against Leeds he will be off on 30mins in a Bielsa like substitution for the beast from the east.

  44. Guys

    Random question

    Do any of you have any idea of jobs you can do remotely online, any where in the world?

    I want to earn enough money to just travel the world in a camper van i plan on constructing the inside.

    I don’t want to spend all my life working 9 to 5 paying for a house for 40 years

  45. Frem,
    Get yourself a tidy old camper van and head to France initially, and dependant on what you do, you can always find some work.
    What is your normal work?
    I have had several friends who have worked their way around the world.
    There are also several good books/ guides on how to do it.

  46. Personally I would stay away from bitcoin. I am sure it is basically a scam, and don’t know anyone who has done any good out of it.

    The adverts with members of the Dragons Den in it are scams.

  47. Frem,

    I’d echo the Bitcoin caution. Can’t say I know a lot, so maybe there’s a way to work it, but I’ve seen a lot of horror stories.

    I’d ask PP’s question, what’s your line? Did you end up following the electrician route?

    Me, I can work from anywhere, anytime. That’s publishing. You don’t get rich, but it’s flexible and I’ve always loved it.

    There are loads of other things you can do remotely, even more so now. The most obvious obstacle is having access to hi-speed internet at all times, land-line style. In my world, I can get away with WiFi the majority of the time, but there are large graphics files, etc., that aren’t going to happen from a van on the road. But there’s all kinds of variables pro and con.

    If you like, message me through the site and I’ll be happy to talk/share/help any way I can.

  48. We should be happy, fellow Villans… 3rd in the Prem having just been bashed by Leeds… with a game in hand… The game in hand thing is not something Villa usually deal with… but I recon the next game will give us a clue as to where we’re at… Southampton?

  49. Hi Frem- Depends what money you have, the above are all good ideas. Busking could work if you can play and sing. Get hold of a book called the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, he did all sorts by setting up online automated business/shops. These days if you can find the right product you can get Amazon to store pack and deliver anything. Best bet is to have more than one income stream though, do a bit of everything.

    Plenty do travel vlogs , you could do the Covid guide to travelling and isolating around the world 🙂 seriously though you will have to factor the panicdemic in unless you wait until it settles (which appears to be never with this s**t show)

    My mates son sold Cat jewellery online (girls love it ) while at uni, another made £100,000 mining bitcoin with his mates when it 1st turned up and is now teaching Yoga in Budapest so anything is possible.


  50. I agree with JW. We should be extremely satisfied with our current status but the Saints will be a test and the game will be a better marker of where our development has reached.

  51. Frem, Bitcoin is like any other currency, it goes up and down in value but unlike hard currencies, the movements are large. Right now at $13,000 each, it’s expensive and if I owned any, I would be selling. Not long ago it was $2,000 each which is the rate I would consider buying.

    You can’t easily use it to pay for a restaurant meal or a few ales. Best stay with a credit or debit card for those transactions. If you own Bitcoin, it is kept in a wallet on the server of whichever company is trading it. You wouldn’t want your wallet emptied by a scammer but I guess the same thing applies to bank accounts.

  52. johnny

    completely. best villa team in a decade and 3rd in the league. Still cant get over the 7-2. hasn’t sunk in yet!! The game in hand is man city so could be a disadvantage and ruin our gd!!

  53. Hi guys. Thanks for your replies.

    So, ye I still do the electrical work. I work on machinery in a factory ( what ever ones I’ve been on) doing breakdowns and modifications. Electrical, mechanical work.

    I know someone who is on bitcoin. Says it won’t hurt to even invest a little bit now? And just wait years to see what happens? I cojyadd a little bit each month? Can’t hurt?

    What about Forex guys?

    Mark l. I’ll have a look

    John. I’ll send you a message

  54. Frem- I think the art of these new trends is getting in early (cheap) no it doesn’t hurt but like all investing you need to know what your at, if its not your life savings and you know someone you trust with an inside view then up to you bud.

  55. Just repeating this for all lifers and their loved ones.

    “Vitamin D has now been shown in study after study to cut Covid mortality in the elderly by a massive amount – up to an 89% reduction in deaths.”

    And thats all causes by the way but particularly Covid, add Zinc (anti viral and essential for your viral immunity) and Quecertin and a dash of vit C if you want.


  56. Mark
    To be more specific, high strength not top up dose. Vitamin D is most effective when you first have it or before, but not so much when it’s advanced. At that point keeping the immune system high is counterproductive because it encourages the virus to get stronger to overcome it.

  57. Frem, if you’re thinking of going travelling then you must do it. Two reasons: 1) if you do my do it then it’ll eat away at you and you’ll always be wondering ‘what if’. 2) odds are, if you really embrace it you’ll gain some of the most intense and memorable experiences of your life.

  58. I can understand the appeal of a camper van as it gives you a secure place to go back to, but personally, I’d opt for finding hostels or other cheap accommodation wherever you land up each night.
    Much of the travel experience comes not just from what you see but from who you meet and you get to meet other travellers in the hostels. You also have a better chance of hearing where there may be work.

  59. Iang- giving patients high doses when they 1st get to hospital is indeed the way to go, but keeping your levels high before you get it is obviously the way to go. Zinc is vital to your anti viral system and copper to your microbial immune system and the two require balance. Quecertin helps get zinc in the cell where it prevents the virus entering, that’s all viruses. This has been known for a long time and is very cheap to administer and therein lies the problem.

  60. Just listened to DS presser and he has basically said that after the goal the players went away from the game plan and were to eager to score. He said we should of regrouped and hoped that they tired in the last 15- 20. Clearly players do not always listen or stick to the plan whether its A, B or C .

  61. robbo. Ye. I want to do it

    I went to America for 3 weeks with my brother in 2017, and 2018 I went to Canada for weeks

    They were the greatest 6 weeks of my life

  62. As well as going to America as a kid with my family, for 5 weeks to the water parks and theme parks in Florida. Absolutely great memories

  63. Wesley back training with first team. Hopefully comes back a better player because I wasn’t remotely impressed with what I saw of him

  64. Frem- yes a big part of our lives in this country but 90 years old is a good bloody innings, One reason he fared so well is he always kept fit. In his younger years he did bodybuilding and always lifted weights. One thing that always seems to keep people young is staying strong. You might not live any longer but you can still get out of your chair. When I was 16 I started to lift weights and people used to say you’ll get fat when you stop, I said why the f**k would I stop 🙂

  65. RIP Sean Connery.

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully Davis and Ramsey on the bench. Will be interesting to see Wesley in a much better team. I can’t imagine how hard it is to come back after a year out. Let’s try and be patient when he returns as it could take 10+ games to see the best of him. It’s great that he is so young, turning 24 in November 26.


  66. Here we go again, 4 week lock down because King Canute failed to turn back the tide, what next are we going to hide in the cupboard because there could be some unknown disease turning up at a unknown point in the future? apparently the BBC told Boris that he had to start his speech by 6.30pm because they refused to move Strictly a f**king dance program, National emergency my arse.

  67. One of my customers last week turned out to work for Glaxo smith Kline, He said we haven’t found a vaccine that works for sars yet in about 15-18 years, the fastest its ever been done is two for any vaccine . yet we are set to roll out an untested tweak on the sars vaccine that doesn’t work.

    He said there is little risk for those who are of advanced age with illnesses as they are unlikely to have long anyway. The rest of us face a potential ticking time bomb that could raise its head in years to come stretching out 15 years.

    Who’s up 1st for a vaccine for a disease that doesn’t effect 99% of us badly? 🙂

  68. Oh and the reason we are shutting down is because out of all the sets of data showing the rate of doubling we have the Government have decided that the worst one of cases doubling every 9 days is correct, a complete outlier. the reality is more like every 6 weeks at present, and after all it is the fecking flu season.

  69. Well I don’t where I’ve been

    But I thought we were away to Southampton with an 8pm kick off all weekend…

    Turns out we are at home at 12

    Not sure how confident I am about today. Southampton can be good

    We certainly have to improve from the Leeds game

    I’d like Traore to start

  70. 2 hours to kick off, hopefully it will be more a pool performances than a leeds one
    Seen one stat that has to change Smith use of subs,one lowest in league,the use of subs v leeds mighten have changed result but by not changing it certainly didnt

  71. Trezeguet not starting. Good.

    Our bench is so so bad though. Why do we need Hourihane l, Engles, marvelous and Elmo? Get Ramsey on there. Barry

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