The window has started dragging on a bit, and frustration and anxiety are mounting among the Villa faithful. I think many expected us to hit the ground running when the window opened, but that was probably always a bit optimistic following Suso’s departure and Lange’s arrival.

While I’m sure Smith has his targets, and I wouldn’t doubt they’re among the names mentioned most often, there’s a lot going on, which most everyone has acknowledged.

We’ve just survived relegation by the skin of our teeth. There are other clubs in the PL, some offering European football, or the prospect of it next year. Brentford are playing hardball, and I’m sure deep dives are being done on all sorts of players. Valuations seem to be rather high, and Villa are known to have money to spend. Clubs are struggling with losses in revenue.

At the moment, we’re hearing more and more about Callum Wilson. It seems a bit underwhelming to me as I’m sure it does to most everyone else. But, given who we’ve got looking at things, I feel good about the diligence that will go into the decision. It could be no more than a backup plan.

With Watkins, I’m a bit surprised Brentford keep raising the price. I mean, I get holding onto players, but I’m finding it a bit hard to believe that Watkins is really all that keen to remain at Brentford and the Championship with so much PL interest. He doesn’t seem to be willing to force a move at the moment, but he’s being left out of warm-up matches.

On this one, I’m sure Villa aren’t wanting to be held to ransom just yet. Whether they’re still working a package price for Watkins or Benrahma, or figuring that they will pay, but don’t want to show their cards and willingness yet…anyone’s guess. Could be the brass think Brentford are taking the p*ss. Especially if Villa can offer Watkins much better personal terms. May well be the case that Villa have a “we’ll go better than the best offer you receive up to £25m” kind of tender in place. Again, anyone’s guess.

We know Deano wants to improve, and I don’t think Edens is lying. Not his style. What I do think is that Villa are trying to maximize their spend and make the smartest moves they can. They know that to hold on to Jack, the moves they make will either be going a long way toward convincing him or not. And we don’t know whether there’s things ticking there that are making the other dealings more complicated. Everyone at the club is well aware this is a crucial season. Jack’s comments from the England camp suggest he’s keen to keep improving and realize his potential. Can’t blame him for that.

On the plus side, looks like Matty Cash will be joining, and I’m guessing he’s slated to start for the reported fee. For all those moaning about a RB being our first signing, I’ll remind everyone of our defensive failings for the vast majority of the season, fullback criticism in general, and Leicester’s purported interest in Targett. One assumes either Elmo or Guilbert probably will be departing.

So, that’s the state of play today. By the time you read this we could have all our business done, or none at all.

May the fretting continue. Over to you.

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  1. Unfortunately, it looks like the fretting will continue, and we have yet to make a successful first team signing, meanwhile in other areas of the club we go from strength to strength with the ladies and the youth team manager making great signings, and all looking well for the future.

    Now maybe the concentration will be on the first team squad, both with incomings and outgoings.

  2. Thanks JC, it’s a thankless task.

    PP Am in agreement
    Fretting isn’t so bad, unless it starts the frothing at the mouth of course.
    We will know when we know.

  3. Thanks John. I know my contributions is basically nothing but still always read and have done for years. I am really not that bothered with the lack of players in. At the end of the day we have another 5 weeks until the window closes and teams who don’t depend on the Sky money will eventually fold in regards to their expectations on what they think their players are worth. It is not as if it is like last year and we don’t have a team to compete for the first few games. Stay calm and support the Villa.

  4. JC, Your perceptions of the current status are spot on.

    On Watkins and Benrahma, Brentford have obviously received communications of interest as they’ve left both players out of pre season friendlies. They don’t want them injured. Which means they need the money. Are they being greedy and trying to get their new stadium paid for by these two players? In which case, they will still have them on their books at the start of the season and a desperate bank balance with big commitments. So, they have to sell. That in turn means the price dropping to acceptable levels as time passes. Maybe our interest in Wilson is a bluff. Hope so.

  5. Plug – Brentford’s stadium has been paid for with the many players sold while smith was there and may pay last season. Obviously lack of crowd is a problem for wages .

  6. So we’ve finally signed a player

    In a position we absolutely didn’t need. Our strongest position actually.

    When wr need a left back. 2 wingers. 2 strikers. 1 Centre mid, probably 2. A GK

    We sign a right back

  7. Its only highlights , Matty appears to be good going forward and defending . Lots of good balls into the box (Cant believe how few of them Forrest converted)

    Guilbert will drop to 2 and will be rotated, Konsa can concentrate on center back and we may see an offer for Elmo. Good signing overall .

  8. Now we know why we have signed Cash. Guilbert is not happy here, and wants to return to France, but this has been kept very quiet until now.
    Expect Villa to make a profit on him, and then be looking to sign Rico Henry, or similar for a left back, and then onto Watkins, Benramha, or whoever!

  9. Welcome Matty Cash. DS saying he’s one of the best young players in England is good enough for me.

    You only have to look at Liverpool to see the importance of 2 quality FB’s. Guilbert is decent, but he wouldn’t start for any of the top 8 in EPL.

    I guess the old saying is build from the back!

  10. Cheers, IanG.

    It’s not *entirely* thankless, but I’ll admit it’s a bit of a slog when we’re not doing well. I don’t mind the breathing space of transfer windows and not fretting about where we are in the table.

  11. Cash is an interesting one…exactly the sort of player Lange & Co would be looking to go after.

    I didn’t see any of him last season, appears to have settled at FB, quoted saying it’s where he wants to play. Maybe Deano is thinking about moving him further up, but the kid appears to have the right attitude, and attacking fullbacks either side, like VillaMD is saying, is pretty much required in the PL.

  12. Frem,

    I think you look to upgrade whenever you can if the right player is available, especially at the back. If Guilbert is homesick or whatever, he will have some sell-on value. If he wants to stay, it’s good competition. But maybe we’ll look to make a profit and offset a little of the spend on Cash.

    Matty should settle very quickly like Smith says. And I think people see a lot of upside in Targett, still. I think he only had 16 starts for Southampton, so last year was really his first, week-in, week-out. He combines really well, looks to shoot, understands the pattern of play. May well be a bit more aggressive without the ball this year.

    Very tough position. I think it’s about the last one I’d want to be in these days.

  13. jbd656,

    Yep, they could. The versatility is a big plus, almost two players in one, should it come to that.

    And I swear I haven’t made Frem up. No way I could keep that going.

  14. We have now switched our interest to Grady Diagana, and intend to snatch him from under the Baggies nose, because he is English and cheaper than Benramha. I would be happy with that, as I was impressed with his displays that I saw when he was playing for them.

    I have the feeling that we are now going back to the days when we looked to recruit young English players capable of becoming internationals. When we had the likes of Platt, Cowans, Shaw, Morley, Mortimer and Withe , plus many more over the years.

  15. Frem is one of the longest here, and entertains us well. Still not quite worked out his picture, got a feeling it is his sister! I think he is trying to replace Steamer, as the main complainant!!

    However, I do realise there was no-one quite like Steamer and his humour. Not sure who has possession of that £20 note that was always floating about, and probably last seen in the Aston Social Club!

  16. If Fred is home sick and leaves then ok. But if not its a strange buy. Its the one position we are absolutely fine in. Others we are God awful

  17. Maybe he’s a squad player with Jota going. At least hes quick. Good assist record

    But none of these are convincing Jack to stay are they
    We need some big names

  18. Shame the Swift rumours have gone. Seems like it was all BS. I actually like him

    Niclas Eliasson is definitely a Lange buy. Based on stats. He has decent stats for someone whos mainly used as a sub

  19. That £20 note was mine. Steamer traded it on horse called “Sure Winner”. The nag came in last. He tried the same trick on me some months later. The horse was called “Lame Trotter” so I wasn’t having anything to do with that one. The damn thing broke the track record.

  20. We sre seriously struggling to attract proven quality

    I’m sorry, but Smtih is reason for this and Purslow having a stake in the club doesn’t help. He’s so tight

  21. Frem- “actor”? is the term not actress? each to his own 🙂

    There are definitely likely to be a few on the way out bolstering the coffers further, Fred was a pittance so £8-10m or in that ball park.

  22. Yes. Actress. My bad.

    Fred is a good full back though. Worth keeping

    West Brom are signing the winger we wanted tomorrow. That’s worrying

    West Ham will get Benrama

    It’s very, very worrying. The lack of quality in this team is scary and it’s not getting better

  23. Frem- Wanted? I didn’t know who he was until today and he was already signing for WBA, very unlikely.

    Heres a thought, everybody is concentrating on Lange as the man to bring in players, However another new recruit McKenzie the ex Leicester scout is our head of recruitment.

    Oh and thanks JC 🙂

  24. Yes, can’t forget Mackenzie. I think between him and Lange we’re seeing Villa try to get value for money with young players, experienced in England, ticking certain boxes.

    None of these moves seem to rule out other, bigger deals.

  25. Frem

    Yeah mate thought exactly the same. Ellison deffo Lange buy. Looks very good on YouTube 🙂 two great feet and quick and great flat crosses like ash young. Superb bench player but not as our only winger signing!!

  26. I’ve all but given up on the so called star marquee signings. It just appears too soon for us. Eduardo, rashica just ain’t happening. But I’m cool with young and up coming potential signings as long as we cover what we need.

  27. Any way I think we can be guilty well I am of being sucked into the social media thirst for transfers. Imagine Twitter was around when we signed Yorke for 50k from tabago. Platt from Crewe. Super Ian Taylor from port vale?? All for cheap from lower leagues or standard and turned out amazing. Christ Paul McGrath old and has his demons would of caused a meltdown on Twitter if we signed him then!

  28. Yeah, H&V…Might just be too soon for certain players. Will need to be midtable to say, “We can get there next year with you.”

    But I’m still thinking a couple of good moves will happen.

  29. I get excited about transfers but I know really that any transfer is just a gamble. Could be a great name for big money and could be cr*p. Collymore stands out to me. Perfect signing it seems and was such a let done, I’ve never been as excited about signing someone as him either. And Tommy Johnson who I adore I was underwhelmed when we got him from Derby, so just shows you never bloody know

  30. Exactly, H&V.

    Melting down over a player who spam don’t want and was out on loan last year in the Championship doesn’t make much sense. Not saying he isn’t good, but that’s the kind of shopping we’re trying to do. Some clubs will just have certain edges, even if it’s being in London.

    However, I wouldn’t discount Smith’s relationship with Watkins and Benrahma. If we’re addressing needs in the meantime (like depth) without breaking the bank, that’s fine.

  31. Edouard, for example. Yes, might want out of SPL, doesn’t mean he wants to come to us, give up Europe, etc. Doesn’t matter if we meet Celtic’s valuation.

  32. Wilson is my only concern or surprise just doesn’t seem to fit. Unless we are thinking this season is just about mid table safety and the odd signing that has prem experience and goals is ok. Think I read he does average 15 goals a season since been in prem.

  33. Yeah John

    Eduardo let’s face it will have a fair few clubs after him! We just don’t have that pulling power as of yet. If we can have a season playing good footy, keeping around mid table perception will soon change. Especially with a young team.

  34. Apparently we didn’t get the West ham winger because our priority was cash


    We failed to sign a wi, because we wanted a right back, who we didn’t even need

    And are they saying we can’t work on more than one deal at a time?

    This club is worrying. The judgement from Smith and the scout staff and who ever is terrifying. To sacrifice a winger for a full back. It’s suicidal

    Smith thinks we are OK with Ghazi and trez again

  35. It’s very positive when you think Shakespeare on board. A superb number 2. New dof in Lange proven at finding hidden gems. Mckenzie too like mark said. And we still have luiz, jack, mcguinn and mings.

    Also think cash could be a very very good signing. Willing to bet he will be a fans fav. Runs all day, pace, technique, battles. Never seen a reaction like it from the forest fans, they adore him which tells you a lot

  36. Frem
    I doubt if smith thinks they’re the bee’s knees, but he has to persuade them that they are.
    Whoever we buy, lets hope that this next season calms down a bit everywhere.

  37. We’ll be okay…We can work on more than one deal at a time.

    I’m seeing a couple sources saying £24m agreed for Watkins with Brentford and we’re discussing personal terms with him.

  38. Maybe it’s a good thing to be holding out.

    24-28m for an unproven Championship player is a huge risk. Add to than 30m for the Celtic lad – please no.

    Maybe it’s best to wait. Clubs are not willing to sell yet unless a player puts in a request

  39. Yeah the bees are being s**ts.

    Apparently we had agreed 22 gong to 25 then Fulham, blades made interest and they upped it. Benrahama and Watkins deffo going but it’s who blinks first.

    Think we will deffo get Watkins but not sure about benrahama

  40. Frem

    Hammers only have that striker really. Anderson was a one season wonder and moyes doesn’t fancy lanzini who I wouldn’t mind putting a bid in tbf. Bowen is decent though.

    Anyway hammers are fuming. Selling that lad to baggies and apparently out of race for benrahama as costs too much. They don’t have much money and need defenders apparently

  41. If we could get benrahama Watkins Ellison a number 8 and a cf would be great business.

    Buendia, Sarr talk in general gone very quite, 2 great players. Really think the last week of this window will go crazy. Read the prem have lost the China money for prem games. Massive hole and a lot of clubs will be forced to sell. Just a waiting game. Good job we are minted 🙂

  42. What worries me is report’s saying we want one winger

    That won’t change anything because it will mean Ghaiz or trez are still paying on the other wing and they are both absolutely useless

    We need to overhaul our winher. We need to be ruthless

  43. 15 million for willson makes absolutely no sense. Panicking already are we?

    He always misses 50% of seasons. Terrible injuries. Getting old. No chance of getting better, really


  44. They have rejected 15 million up front

    He’s worth no more. Move on

    And if wr get mugged off and pay more, he better not be our only striker. Get another one because Wilson will only play 10 games then we are left with the useless Wesley and Sammata

  45. Wilson, it’s not something I’m in favour of. But we are in real danger of not being close to those at top of list, and those further down going elsewhere. I think they are having a real ball-ache this summe. I think it’s as bad as last summer, getting playwrs bottom of the list ir not even on it

  46. In the meantime looks like Colin Adutayo, who I was very impressed with, will sign for Newcastle or Sheffield Wednesday, after being released by us.

    Meanwhile, we are chasing for wingers who can cross a ball, move quickly and beat their man. This lad is 19, but never given a chance to show what he could do. At the time they were raving about Ramsey. It was this lad that made Ramsey look good, providing the balls for him and interchanging passes with him. Bruce is no fool, and that is why he is being looked at by the Magpies.

  47. Frem

    It’s just not easy! To get quality strikers in at a club in our position is just difficult. Look at toon and West Ham. Haller 40 mill joelinton 45. Wilson and Watkins for that amount may not be bad business at all. Was a bit meh at first but now think Wilson a no brainer. Has pace too!

  48. Wilson appears to have a poor injury record but actually plays about 83% of games a season I saw somewhere, average of 15 goals a season. Danny Ings injury records pretty bad as well 🙂

  49. Well I remember saying who is this Scottish kid we’ve signed from Dundee, named Andy Gray, that worked out not bad as I recall. I don’t think Frem would be happy if we blew the next 5 years budget on Messi TBF. We are the Villa, had a few years of very poor investing and management, so I think we sure do need to be careful on what and on whom we spend. I’d take Wilson at that price, but to be honest, I haven’t given up on Wez yet either. I think he’ll come good, look at how many of the bomb squad went on after they left. To me it proved money ball for want of a better term, does work with patience, I just think we threw too many of them in that first season and didn’t give them chance to settle. Any way, I welcome Cash and any one else we bring in.

  50. Don’t know how anyone at Villa, fans or coaching staff, can think Ghaizi and Trez sre good enough to keep

    Ghaizi was useless in the championship, so no surprise he was s**te last season

    Trez scored 3 goals in 2 big wins, yes. But that’s it. 2 games. Villa fans remember that and think he’s good. He’s absolutely useless

  51. Frem

    Kind of agree re el ghazi. He just doesn’t turn up or even try. Not be upset if he left.

    But trez I’m more than willing to bet you’ll change your tune on. He runs his socks off. Work rate incredible and is going to be one of those foreign players that need a year to settle. Our super sub this season

  52. Frem- Trez had the best stats for closing the opposition down and tackles as well as scoring important goals. You obviously think players just stay the same all season every season with nothing affecting them at all.

  53. Also we are refusing to pay 25 million for Benrama and Watkins

    Benrama is probably worth it

    But Purslow is a tight twat. He needs to leave

  54. We could sign Benramha and Watkins for £20 million each, but we are quibbling still.
    It is what Villa do, and have done for years. It is why Cresswell went to Wet Spam, and Sissoko went to Newcastle, and both went on to do well. Cresswell still with the Hammers, and Sissoko now at Spurs. instead we bought the likes of Bennett and Sanchez.

    Love the idea of Messi…. I don’t think… release clause of £624 million. He is staying at Barcelona!
    Villa lock , stock and barrel is not worth that much….!!!!!

    Colin Adutayo could prove another huge mistake by Villa. I was aware of how good he was when we were in the Championship. Last season in a bang average under 23 side, at the age of 18, he scored 11 goals and provided 9 assists. He will be another like Albrighton, Traore, Bannan and Callum Robinson, only his potential is possibly greater.

  55. Another thought is Louie Barry was 17 years in June. I know it’s still super young, but if he’s that good he can play a super-sub role in last 20mins of games as a winger.

    Let’s assume Jack has agreed to stay. If U was him, I’d have asked for 2 major signings to keep me, like Watkins and Sarr from Watford

  56. Villam. Well as it looks like we aren’t signing any wingers, yes I’d take him

    We have arsenal today. A week before the season. And our front 3 is Sammata Trez and Ghazi. I’m sorry. But that’s absolutely disgusting from this ckub. We finished on 35 points christ sake and done absolutely nothing to improve us

    I’d like to see some youngsters today. Bsrry. Rsmsey. We must have a winger in the youth.

    I honestly believe we won’t sign a single winger this summer.

  57. Fraser to Newcastle. A free. The lad is a very good winger. Why haven’t we done anything?

    Nufc seem confident of getting Willson also. Fraser and Willson had rhe most combined play to each other for goals in 208 2019

    I really don’t know what this club are doing

  58. And this morning apparently Newcastle have matched what Bournemouth want for willson

    We are penny pinching. We are tight. We are once again missing out on so many targets because we refuse to pay what clubs want

    We are becoming a joke

  59. I thought we would spend 100 million easily. I thought we’d have deep pockets and learn from last season transfer f**king around
    But we aren’t.

    We won’t get anywhere near 100 million pound mark

    I don’t know what’s going on

  60. Mark. Even you have to start worrying now

    It’s been a joke so far this window

    Only signed one championship player in a pose we don’t even need and refuse to pay what people want

  61. West brom beat us to the winger. Newcastle beating us to wilson l, who even though not sure, he’s still better than the s**te we have up front

    As someone said on twitter, Purslow having a small stake in the club is a problem because he’s to tight over deals

  62. Newcastle have had £13.5m bid accepted for Norwich left back Jamal Lewis.

    We have to be all over that

    Bargain. We need a left back and he’s very good. We’ve wasted money on a right back

    If Smith thinks Taylor and Targett are giod enough, but Fred and Elmo aren’t then that’s worrying

  63. Newcastle, with worst owner in PL, a man who has no interest of being there and is sucking the life out of the club, is doing so much more business that us. If that doesn’t make you worried then i don’t know what does. Lewis. Fraser and Willson are better than what we have. Something is very worng at us.

    We have ti go and get Lewis. We are desperate dira left back.

    We should ho get Buendia also. Norwich selling players on the cheap

  64. I do feel like we’ve missed out on all our top targets because we’re not willing to pay the money, Aarons, Edouard were the top striker and right back options, McKennie for CM. Wilson is third/fourth choice on the striker list

  65. Frem- As I have said you can only be certain of one thing, You don’t know. How long were we linked with cash before we bought him?

    Why worry about something you have no control over? If those clubs want those players and have bid more than us then we clearly are not that bothered, they may not even be our 1st choices, we will have enquired and suggested a fee, if you can get the player for the price you want you have a choice to make.

    If Villa had bought all of the players linked we would of spent £300m by now.

  66. Newcastle have bid 20 million

    We bid 15.

    Not improving our left position when Targett is always injured and Taylor is back up will cost us.. We should have been in for Robbinson, abd now lewis

    Everton signed Allan. Good player. Levels. Big manager pull

  67. Mark. But when are we actually going to get a move on?

    Newcastle doing bits with 20 mill for willson today and Lewis for 13.

    Both improve us.

    We have signed one player. In a position we didn’t need

  68. We are going to start the season with the same forwards and nyland in goal

    Come on guys. That’s disgusting.

    What happened to getting players in early to settle?

  69. Frem- 4 more weeks at least of the transfer window. We have a team right now that took 8 points from Palace, Everton, west ham and Arsenal in the last 4 games.

    Bringing players in early is the best thing obviously but having a team already that has had a pre-season and is fit is a massive bonus. Last season half the squad had no pre-season at all.

    If the rest of the team is absolute cr*p then Buying 4 quality players will make no difference.

    We are playing Arsenal today without Jack, Mings, McGinn, and maybe Hourihane, don’t know if any others are involved in pointless friendlys. Then again how many of there are?

  70. Apparently Wilson wants to join a Newcastle even though we’ve bjd 21 million

    We are unbelievable. It’s becoming a joke

    We must be on our 5th choice striker

  71. Funny how injuries change perceptions of a player from fans because I remember Wesley struggling with absolute basic ball control and was borderline horrific in 80% of his games

  72. Wd havant shown any ambition

    Before the window spent everyone was expecting us to make statements and spend bjg
    . But lurwis tight and Smith can’t attract players

  73. I’d take Watkins over Wilson. Wilson is such an injury risk, and that tends to get worse as you age. Last year he played 35 games and scored only 8 goals. Is that a sign of all the injuries catching up?

    I’d also take Batshuayi from Chelsea over both of them…assuming that he wants to play football

  74. Great interview on ‘Claret & Blue’ podcast with journalist from Nottingham. He said Cash is amazing, never stops running. Can play RB, winger or CM. For energy, he said think of a SJM type of player.

    Frem – maybe Cash is the equivalent to 3 signings?

  75. Let me understand this. We are willing to spend £21m on a player in Wilson who’ll be 29 in February, had 2 ACL injuries in the last 4 years, scored an average of 8 goals per season and doesn’t fancy it.

    Yet £20m for Benrhama and £25m for Watkins is too much?

  76. Frem – if there are better players in Europe for £20m why are you not naming them ? Let villa know who they are 🙂

    Smith wants quality and some knowledge of the game here , not sure he wants to risk a no speaky the lingo for big money at this point.

  77. Wolves are set to smash their club transfer record to sign Porto forward Fabio Silva for £35million. Massive statement of intent. Teenager is rated very highly and it’s seen as a huge coup. Should be announced later today


  78. This Wilson thing does not add up at all. I’m calling bs. Why would we bid 21 when they accept 20?! It’s some cherry info leaking to put the price up.

    Apparently Wilson is cov and hates us. Was meh when linked to him so don’t care

  79. I didn’t realise but the window for prem and elf clubs go on 2 weeks longer! There’s so much cat and mouse going on. One of our most important Windows and it’s a messed up covid window! I don’t think clubs are sure so are waiting.

  80. And if we let Fred go we haven’t gkta clue what we sre doing

    Wd just make transfer targets up as we go a long

    Steve Bruce has more pull than Dean Smith

  81. Frem- No club makes targets up as they go along, they are constantly looking, most have a list 5 deep at least in case. If a player they like comes up for sale or if they enquire and get a positive its game on.

  82. Difference with Wolves is they will have a list of 4 players and will and get them, pay what it takes abd get number 1 targets

    We just have a list of loads, and end up being tight, working our way further and further down the list

    Purslow is a problem. As is Smith

  83. Frem,

    I know I said “may the fretting continue,” but it was tongue in cheek. Relax, bud. We’re still working the deals we want.

    I’d much rather have Watkins than Wilson, for example. Far more upside and versatility.

  84. Very interesting at Wolves. It’s all a bit dodgy. Read the connections behind the Doherty deal to Spurs was all a slap on the back to each other to make some money via Mendes. Wouldn’t trust it but if your still attracting players and doing well you ain’t complaining

  85. Beaky’s team of world beaters excelled tonight. Our magnificent midfield of Rice, Foden and Ward-Prowse were just full of ideas on how to break down 2 rows of 4 across the field. They were so impressive, the ref decided to help them by giving England an injury time penalty. Then Benny of all people skied his penalty a minute later over the bar.

    How we could have used Jack tonight to get some free kicks around their box. However, Beaky prefers his teams to run down the clock from the 1st minute by passing side to side across the back. Dier was dire.

  86. If Freddie Guilbert leaves to return to France, I will be gutted. He’s got pace and effort. My type of player.

    Seems our bid price for Wilson has been accepted by the Cherries. I would have much preferred Watkins work rate.

  87. Ramsey scored 2 in a 3-2 win. Kjdsa baller

    Shock our strikers or wingers didn’t score. They are gid awful

    Go and spend big on 2 wingers and 2 strikers Villa or else wr are down

  88. Smith won’t play Ramsey though. He didn’t put youth in since at Villa but yhe kid has serious talent. Rather him come on yhen Hourihane. He has the ability to be in first team and add that flair and pace and agility in the centre mid area

  89. Plenty of talk about arsenal using about 13 1st team regulars including ozil, no mention of villa being without their midfield and jack and mings . Encouraging stuff.

    Luis and nakamba played from the pictures and Fred I think, not sure if cash featured. We know the scores but not the manner of the goals or who assists for them

  90. Seriously I hope the Wilson link is just press talk it doesn’t fit in with what the club have said they are about under our owners and we certainly haven’t brought any 29 year old so far under them .. it also fits with a Bruce buy i remember him buying a hole bunch of older gentleman in his villa spell .. gosh so glad those days are over and most of his buys gone
    Its looking good in terms of all the realistic targets at the right age that are linked and would improve us are still up for grabs so i am figuring its only a matter of time before the are part of villa’s bright future… hold on to your hats exciting times ahead .

  91. Runtings I agree mate despite Frems best efforts things are looking up 🙂

    Over at Newcastle Steve Bruce got tonked by Middleborough 5-1. Called the return match off as they have 7 injuries and then lost to Stoke 1-0 yesterday. I’ll take beating a strong Arsenal side 3-2 any day of the week.

  92. Daily Mail reporting that Bournemouth have accepted a 20 million bid for Wilson from the Wai Ayes after Villa withdrew their 21 million accepted bid when the player decided he preferred Spud.

    Happy and relieved. Think we dodged a bullet there. Watkins at 25 mill or Wilson at 21 mill? It’s a no brainer. Give me Watkins work rate any day.

  93. Beaky must have been watching a different game to me. He blames the red card, the Gomez penalty concession and any number of rubbish mumblings. He made no mention of how fortunate we were to be given a penalty. No mention of playing Dier at centre back with Gomez when he had Mings in the squad. No mention of his clueless midfield with no idea of penetrating 2 banks of 4. No mention of Sterling’s lack of work rate. He seriously needs to shape up and start using the tools at his disposal.

  94. We’ve waited so long in the Watkins deal now Spurs are coming in

    I’m sorry but its a joke

    We are 1 week away. We’ve signed ine player we didn’t need. We still have a tiny, weak squad. We haven’t improved in areas we are desperate

    Fans becoming very annoyed and worried about it now on twitter. Purslow needs to go or sownd the money because as it stands we will go down

  95. It was a disgrace that wr didn’t sign a top winger last summer. And now it looks like the same thing will happen

    And I don’t care what people say about Smith. He’s a massive problem why we can’t sign players. Wilson would rather play for Bruce than Smith. That’s worrying

    We should have been ruthless

  96. Mark. If you can’t get a deal done in 5 weeks. It’s bad

    Smith has no pull. Leeds, Wolves and Everton all have big name mangers. We need to get one

    And we have the tightest CEO in football

  97. I didn’t particularly want Wilson but we’re meant to have some of the richest owners in the league with big ambitions and yet he’s chosen a club with a dinosaur as a manager and an owner who doesn’t want to be there. Slightly concerning

  98. 2 weeks until the season starts and we need :
    A goalkeeper
    A left back
    A centre midfielder
    2 wingers
    2 strikers

    And probably a defensive mid

  99. Frem

    We spent 140 last season and have 100 this season without major outgoings!!

    But I agree on 1 thing a lot of negative vibes now after publicly being done over by Wilson. Are others 3rd and 4th choice now? Are we going to panic? I feel we need to pull are fingers out this week and get deals done. Have had long enough to set them up now.

  100. H and V. Yes we have publicly rejected.

    Do we have 100 million? I don’t think we do.

    Smith simply can’t sign players that Nuno, Belisa or Carlo can. So let’s go snd get Potch

  101. Frem- So man utd are bad for not getting Sancho over the line? How many shares does Purslow have? not a lot would be my guess.

    There is no written law that says there is a time limit on transfers, there is very likley a set amount of money available to get those 3-4 quality players. If you think we are going to buy 7 for big money I think you will be disappointed.

  102. H and V. Why only one winger and striker?

    One winger still means Ghazi or Trez will be playing and they are absolutely shocking. Wd need two new good wingers

    And one striker? Same thing. Wes, Sammata and Davis aren’t good enough

  103. Frem- Ever considered we may not want the players they have Bought nor their high wages? the club is going down the Coach route, those are managers who want full control, they won’t get it in Villa’s model.

  104. Mark. Then it needs to change

    We won’t attract good players with smith.

    Go and spend moeny on manager and players instead of coaching model, and finishing 17th on a dismal 35 points

    And if the transfer window stays like this, we won’t get many more points

    To get turned down by willson for a club that has Bruce and Ashley is beyond worrying

    Its brutal but Smith won’t take us much further because he simply won’t attract the players to

  105. We refuse to pay and extra 5 mill for Watkins and now Spurs will get him

    Brilliant model Villa

    Wanted to spend 21 million on a 28 year old

    Now what do we do?

    We must be 5th choice striker down the list now, like Wesley was

  106. Frem- you might not have noticed but we have only just changed to that model, the other model nearly sank the club.

    Anyway this model got us promoted and kept us up from an impossible position.

    This season it will add a few players and we will improve. In two seasons time we will be f**king awesome with incredible youth players coming through and the whole world will want to do it the Villa way and porch will be begging to coach us.

    Or we could waste loads of money and be like Everton

  107. Frem I get what you are saying about getting players in yesterday but I don’t get how you can slag off a club that brought practically a whole squad in a 7 week period with limited money which took some serious juggling .. amazing fete yet you claim that they are not fit for purpose and that our staff and a lot of are players are cr*p ? ? we all have our views we will see which ones a closer to reality

  108. Runtings. But who were good buys last summer?

    Wesley looked god awful in most 90% of games. Trez was dire all season. Marvellous looked lost. Targett isn’t worth what we paid. Bottle job, injury prone and slow. Jota. Smith wanted him, he never played.

    Luiz was and Konsa were good

    Wd didn’t exactly pull tress down last summer. And we aren’t this one signed a player we don’t need and missing out on our main targets again

    It’s a mixture of Smith not having the pull and us being so slow and tight

  109. Frem- No thats life, as the stones said you can’t always get what you want but you just might get what you need.

    You really don’t seem to have a handle on players coming good and development. Just the adjustment to the prems pace physically can take a season. You develop the stamina to cope over time not 5 mins. Look at Jack compared to where he was physically, Luis is now bullying players. Then there is language and communication between players and Staff. How do you teach someone who can’t speak your language?

    Trez, Luis, Konsa, Hause, Targett all improved in last ten games. Targett one of the best for chances created from FB.

  110. We have billionaire owners who won’t pay an extra few million. Or it’s simply Purslow who won’t because of his stake

    We have a low wage budget. We simply don’t pay the wages even Newcastle will

    And we have a manager who simply isn’t attractive enough for good players. Wr can’t even attempt Willson and maybe not even Watkins

    3 big issues which hold us back

  111. Mark. Well if he was just a cheap punt then its even more worrying Smith took the risk and thought we’d be ok with Ghazi and Trez as our only wingers. The fact he thought and still thinks those 2 are good enough is pretty terrifying. They simply aren’t

  112. Frem mate, what f**king choice does he have? last season was a one off situation and not perfect but worked. Can you not see where we are at? If we want the right players then that might mean at the right price too. There is no one player for the team written on a list, only when they land on your doorstep can you judge if they fit.

  113. We are going to end up with the second coming of Baston because we are so slow and tight

    Apparently spurs in talks with Watkins now

    We deserve that for being so s**t and slow

  114. Frem credit were it is due as far as the villa buys are concerned we got 14 players at 140 mil with most of them young and developing we either have a profit or potentially a good premier league player in the making .. personally I take my hat of to the crew at villa for what they have done so far

  115. And our club is no longer tight either we were one of the biggest spenders in Europe last season so realistically i see no reason to panic or slate avfc

  116. I did worry when we still had Suso and there was talk of change. Big upheaval in short space in such a critical window.

    I’m trying not to panic. There’s a month left of the window and our targets are still available.

    But Christ I’ll sleep better when a new front 3 in place!!

  117. That font of all knowledge, Gobbie Cabbage has given his verdict on the coming season’s placings. Yep, you’ve guessed it, he’s gone for Villa, Fulham and the yam yams to be relegated. Although he also said if we keep Jack, we stay up. So he guesses we are not going to be able to keep him.

    Dion, you are a top man.

  118. Mark

    Yeah I don’t actually think Suso did a bad job. Had to spread the cash out. The Jan window didn’t help but there nightmare Windows to deal in when desperate. Fingers crossed Lange can get up to speed and get us through this window.

  119. Apparently wages are a problem and wr can’t spend big. Probably because the likes of lansbury are on 40 grand a week.

    Ryan Frazer gone to Newcastle. He’s better than any winger we have. It’s a position every fan knows we are s**t in, apart from Smith by the looks of it

    He would have been a simple deal and we sre just sitting here with Ghazi and trez who will get about 2 assists between them all season

  120. Both Ryan Fraser and Callum Wilson both set to have

    Two prem proven players better than anything we have in there positions joining Newcastle


  121. Frem – Ryan Fraser Got 1goal and 4 assists in 28 outings last season, season before last he got 7 goals 14 assists in 38 . Previous to that averaged 4-5 of both a season merrrrh

  122. 14 assists.

    Going by what Trez did last season, it would take him 14 years to get that many

    Fraser is a good player.

    Lewis also going to Newcastle. A better left back than Taylor

  123. I don’t know if this is Smith not wanting these or whatx but if he thinks Taylor, Ghazi and Trez are up to standard then it’s worrying

  124. Wasn’t last season mate, both trez and elghazi di better than him in their debut seasons. Trez 6 and 1 elghazi 4 and 4 .

    Might be why we are still in the prem and Bournemouth are not eh .

  125. And if our players are not up to prem standard why are we still in it? It’s a miracle.

    Meanwhile three teams that you claim have better players and probably managers are in the champs bit ironic really

  126. Willson and fraser from 2 seasons ago had the most combined goals together

    They have pace an energy, as well as Lewis

    Pace and energy is everything we need.

    Well done Villa

  127. Fraser basically tried to force a move and when the club said no he refused to play for Bournemouth and Scotland , he was linked to Liverpool and a few others but they won’t put up with that kind of s**t so now he’s stuck with Newcastle. On top of that by his own admission he is not fit having not played for ages. Might look like a bargain might also be McCormack mk2

  128. Peg your lugholes back all those moaning minis out there, outsole has addressed the hold ups and problems we have. Basically our ffp is based over two years champs and 1 year prem. very different to clubs with 3 years prem. It basically means we cannot pay the wages other clubs can offer players. So let’s get behind the club, team and coach and stop bitching .

  129. I can’t see Wilson doing much this season, nor Fraser come to that. Spud sets up his teams defensively and attacking options become limited. It was my biggest moan of him at VP. Explains why Codger, McCormack, Hogan struggled under him. Also explains Joelinton’s failure.

  130. The fact we are struggling to do a deal for a Brentford player says it all really. We’ll end up with the same garbage as before while the other teams around us strengthen

  131. I think we dodged a bullet not getting Wilson. I think we’d be worried of him getting injured every game and who knows if he is the same player as before acl injuries. He was very average last season, defo not a 20M player.

    Shane Long is ok as a squad player. He’d be great for helping Watkins.

    I’m optimistic that we’ll get 2 EPL/Championship player + one European in this week. That would be an excellent window.

  132. The sun saying we want Brewster now for 20 million

    After missing out on Tammy, Edouard, Watkins and Wilson

    So 5th choice now. Going further and further down the list

    Our recruitment is shocking

  133. Looking like the front 3 could be Grealish, Brewster, Trezaguet.

    Desperate. One isn’t a winger. One is a shocking footballer and the other hsd never done anything in prem football

  134. MK,
    Cash was probably a leftover from last season….so probably near the bottom…. LOL…
    We haven’t bid for Joe Lolly yet, and Daniel Johnson could be there somewhere.
    Frem start to worry we buy Albrighton, Bannan and Che Adams. Although, who knows, they could still be alright . Some fans are even suggesting Deeney, but I wouldn’t go that far!!

  135. Deeney is probably a secret guilty pleasure for a lot of Villa fans. Suspect he would want to do that bit extra if he played for us just to spite us. (I know it would never happen).

    Would love to know how the fans would rate him against Agbonlahor. Wish he had been the Villa fan!

  136. Anyone know why the club don’t mention anything about friendly games?

    Also, why is the covetand communication so bad? Hardly any interviews with players or coaches

    No interview with Lange

  137. MK,
    I hear what Purslow is saying about FFP and average wages, but we were paying huge wages by Championship standard at one time. He also refers to one year of Premiership coupled with two years of Championship wages, yet refers to a four year average, which then means it should be two years of Premiership with two years of Championship surely??

    McCormack, Terry, Richards and others were on huge wages. So were others in the last year of the Premiership.

  138. Frem

    There’s no way Sarr will choice villa over the host of clubs after him, same with buendia. Josh King is 29 so don’t want him.

    Dealfeu is still injured after a nasty injury. Not a great list!

  139. PP- I suppose we had that big loss £69m last april and we are spending a lot on players. I suppose to it depends what he menas by average prem wages? is that all the players averaged out? some are on £350k a week.

  140. Everton sign James Rodriguez. Depressing how far off we are.

    We’ve bid 20 million for Martinez.

    A rb and GK our first 2 signings.?!?!

    Panic bidding for Wilson

    We need wingers snd strikers

    Really don’t think this club know what they are doing

    Newcastle showing us up and now Sheffield.

    Smith, Purslow aren’t good enough and Lange hasn’t covered him self in glory

    Wilder and Bruce showing Smith how it’s done

  141. Teams adding quality and depth.

    Whilst we do f**k all. Newcastle aren’t struggling, Shedfield aren’t, Everton aren’t

    We are absolutely desperate for players to walk into our first 11, but also to add players to improve bench. We need a lot of work

    But we just aren’t doing it

  142. We should have been in for Eze ar Palace. Quality and depth. The first worrying sign was letting Palace get him. As someone said on twitter

    Transfer window has been nothing short of embarrassing so far
    See-no-evil monkey! Haven’t learned our lessons from last season, recruitment team are letting us down again.. so much for big investment #avfc

  143. Pretty sure Martinez doesn’t want to leave arsenal either. Chasing players we won’t get

    We have no plan. Its make it up as you go along

  144. Well here we go again another shocking transfer window…..apparently chasing everybody and getting nobody…..Our club has two amazing owners but sadly below them we seem to be lacking…Purslow only seems to care about Purslow and our head of recruitment Johan Lange who arrived from that hotbed of football F C Copenhagan doesnt appear to have any ideas and Deano doesnt seem to want anybody unless theyve played for Brentford …..We fluked staying up thanks to Hawkeye and Var and without serious strenghening we wont be so lucky again….if you stand still in football you go backwards and i really fear for our club this coming season

  145. For those fretting…I think Purselow’s comments on wages are worth considering. Think about what we need to offer Jack, for instance.

    Between Brewster, Watkins, King (now), all likely better deals than Wilson. Our bid, knowing it would be rejected, was probably a signal to Brentford and others: we’ll pursue other targets.

    Not about being tight. It’s about getting the most player for the money. The focus on GK, if real, tells us they’re not convinced by Heaton. Or his backups.

    For a team shipping goals for fun the majority of the season, strengthening the back five may not be sexy, but could yield an instant 5-10pt increase.

    Big picture.

  146. Iang- spot on fear is in the air 🙂

    I am utterly amazed at people choosing to see us as dead ducks.

    We are not the team that started last season. Our form in the last ten games especially the last 4 say we are not the same. The emergence of Luis as a massive influence for us says we are not as does a refreshed McGinn.

    Already Samatta is being talked down without a game played but now with a pre-season behind him he will likely be improved, god knows we might of been working with him to do just that as we did in lockdown with the defence.

    I have seen teams add players and flop badly and ones that worked and others that cause barely a blip . Liverpool will likely do very little in the market at all unless it’s someone they really want.

    We have added cash and if he upgrades our system by making the wingback part work then things will move forward.

    Have some faith in the club

  147. Now it’s Josh King. Working our way down the list

    It’s gone from Tammy and Eduard for 40 to King to 16

    I wonder who’s after king

  148. Well ffp really does supress any ambitious clubs as you are not allowed to spend your own cash to allow you club to compete with clubs who currently have a higher turnover … I think its very unfair and means the clubs already ahead are pretty much nailed on to stay ahead due to these restrictive rules

  149. Apparently we want 5 million for Fred. If that’s true everyone needs sacking. He’s a good player

    Apparently bid 13 million for Wilson also. The useless winger from Liverpool

  150. Mark, beware the 4 game purple patch. Lambert got a new contract out of one such patch and we still ended up in a relegation dog fight.

    Replay, stand still in football and get left behind indeed, like Watford and Bournemouth last season.

    Runtings, FFP goes against the requirements of every company around the world. Owners can put as much money in as they wish to risk. Football is no different. If it goes tits up, clubs start again at the bottom like Rangers in Scotland.

  151. Frem, Fred is worth far more than 5 million. Give him a salary increase and play Cash in front of him. Our right side should improve no end.

  152. If we pay 20 million for Wilson I’ve really had it with smith and the club. He’s cr*p. Another hourihane. Set play merchant

    Say it again Smith won’t take us anywhere. He can’t attract players

  153. Frem/Plug, JC makes some great comments above. May relieve some stress to have a quick read 🙂

    MK – I’m optimistic like you. My feeling is with 3 more players we could be mid table. With all of the back room changes and investment in youth – we’re being run by owners that have done this at a Milwaukee Bucks basketball and other franchises (sorry to call Villa at franchise)

    I hope Heaton is ok. If we sign Martinez then he’ll Heaton will only play cups.

    Frem – I also hope we don’t sign Wilson, not even of a free

  154. Plug- Watford and Bournemouth stood still? the former signed 6 players including Sarr for £27m and Welbeck, the latter signed Billing who we seem to want and harry Wilson plus had most the players Frem seems to rate.

    I have told this story before, My fathers village side put out a very young side for a season or so and got slaughtered, couple of seasons later they won everything in the county. Sometimes the recipe requires small tweaks not changing to a different recipe.

  155. Brentford have had our pants down

    Purslow is one s**t negotiator. Could have got Watkins for 10 million last summer but he was tight. Bid 10 mill for cash, ended up paying 16

    I’m sorry but for 33 million in Europe we could have done some serious business

  156. I can’t believe we only want one winger. Means Trez or Ghaizi will be starting. They are absolutely awful

    Desperate for another centre mid to so hourihane isn’t the only option off the bench. To slow

  157. Frem- go on just one little sign of happiness for me. we have broken the club record fee na paid £16m for a RB (so not tight) surely to god you have to like something the club does at some point 🙂

  158. Scchhiiiiittttt. 28 million for Watkins rising to 33 million with add ons. I agree with Frem, they’ve had our pants down.

    How many goals this season constitutes a fair return on that amount? But I am looking forward to his work rate. Like Tammy, he’ll press. If he gets 15 goals, I’ll be happy.

  159. Plug mate that is mental, You only have to look at Joe linton 2 goals two assists and Haller with 7 and one to know that £40m doesn’t guarantee any thing let alone £30m , Christ Wesley got 5 in the league and an assist in half a season, what I want is more points and if he plays his part then 5,10,15,20 I’ll be happy.

  160. It’s funny stuff. From “Splash the cash!” to “We’re being robbed!”

    That’s the deal we’re willing to work. There’s at least three very smart people behind the decision, and Smith knows what’s riding on it. Don’t think any of them spend other people’s money just to spend it (unlike MON).

    We probably could’ve signed Messi as an 8yo.

  161. Boooom

    At last! Looks like a done deal. Massive to get Deanos first choice. Cash and Watkins. Nice. Legs, work rate, pace, energy.

    I want King now. Especially for 16. Then 1 more to complete the front 3 and I’ll relax

  162. Frem if we can get Watkins and King there’s your pace and energy. 2 big athletic guys too. Both press both high energy and quick.

    Is Watkins signed as a cf and we want a winger type or another st? On paper it would look King lw Watkins st? Take it benrahama is dead, God knows how much they want for him!!!

  163. Watkins, King, and Wesley…that gives you some options. Youth, experience, strength and pace.

    Things hotting up a bit. Looks like Harry Wilson is still a possibility.

  164. Leeds have submitted a new bid to sign Josko Gvardiol: €22m + 20% percentage on future sale. Dinamo Zagreb asked for €25m as price tag. Also RB Leipzig are in the race but made a lower bid [around

    Leeds and Belisa once again showing us how businesses is done. Smith has zero pull and we have zero ambition

  165. Beaky is quite rightly copping flak this morning for his ultra defensive set up last night and ignoring the creative talents of Jack until the last 14 minutes.

    Mark, they will learn much more from an 8-1 shellacking than a creditable draw. I’d like to know the respective ages of the players from both teams.

  166. Jack should of started, Sancho has been poor (amongst others) and we know what he has so why not give Jack a go, 14 mins is a cop out, here you go jack save the day, a joke.

    England set up like we were playing the best team ever.

  167. I can’t believe how relaxed Smtih is over getting wingers

    We’ve signed a right back we don’t need and now moving for Martinez

    He does remember how s**t Ghaizi and Trez were right? And that they won’t get better

    We need two wingers

  168. But won’t lie if we get King and Watkins ill be happy with that. Those 2 plus Davis I’m happy with. Sell Sammata. Wes won’t be playing till January

  169. Looking like the Watkins deal is now almost over the line at £28 million, with add -ons up to 333million. The main thing being that Watkins wages treble from £15,000 to £45,000 per week, well within Villa’s wage budget for this season.
    Josh King is looking good at v£16million too, and again his wages will be within budget.

    We are now seeing how things are working, and we will have done our best business before our first match on Wednesday, next week.

  170. I am sure for this season that we are keen to sign English players who will fit in more easily to the game, and not struggle like our foreign imports last season, and the season we got relegated.

    What an amazing team Villa would have had if they had managed to survive that last Premier season, with the likes of Ayew, Amavi, Gana, Traore and Veretout.

    If only Sherwood had managed to speak the language and get some results, what a different scenario there could have been.

  171. Might be why we bought Cash, He’s fred +

    “But what about his defensive duties? How do they compare to his attacking threat? Well in truth he has excelled as a right-back. Cash made 59 interceptions last season for the Reds. He also made 84 successful tackles, which is more than any other player in England’s Second Division.

    Matty Cash was also part of a back four which conceded 50 goals last season, the fifth-lowest in the division. This includes 14 clean sheets in the Championship.”

  172. Welcome to VP Ollie Watkins. The Villa fans just love an active striker and I’m sure they won’t be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you in action.

  173. I wonder if we are going to sign only English players who are up to speed with English football


    But it’s a lot of money for Watkins. A lot

    Like Wesley we spent about 12 million to much on

  174. Welcome Watkins

    Brilliant signing for Aston Villa and good value at the price we paid. His value will only increase when he starts scoring goals for Villa.

    I am looking forward to a few more quality signings.


  175. We still haven’t added depth in quality thoe

    Behind Watkins is Sammata and Davis still on the bench who aren’t good enough. We need King for depth.

    Same goes for wings and central mid. We have no depth in quality.

    It needs to change

    Apparently team in Turkey want Sammata.. Sell. Please

  176. I’m hoping we get a couple of loan signings as well. If we sell Samatta, maybe Brewster from Liverpool (dont see us having the cash to buy him now). Wouldnt mind another midfielder, we need the cover (a chance on Ruben Loftus-Cheek, dont see him getting time with Chelsea with all their new signings)

    Also, when is the goalkeeper fire sale happening? Unless Kalanic is going to be playing up front this season.

  177. We need a left footed, right winger to. I’d love Brooks.

    Sessegon on loan to play left mid

    We can’t have Grealish on the wing again. He hates it and we miss him in midfield

    Our wingers were so bad that grealish moved wide. That’s how bad they were we moved our best playerx out of position

    That’s how desperate we are for 2 more wingers

  178. How can you guys only think wr need one winger. It means one still plays

    Loftus cheek would be great. One of those statement signings I’d like.. I’d like Billing to. Get marvelous out

    It’s strange, we’ve spent 30 million but still so so excited about Watkins.

  179. Aston Villa will listen to offers for Mbwana Samatta, Scott Hogan, Marvelous Nakamba, Bjorn Engels, Frederic Guilbert, Orjan Nyland & Lovre Kalinic

    I wouldn’t want Engles to go unless we have another centre back. I like Engles. If wd let Fred go people need sacking. He’s a very decent player

    But why aren’t Taylor, lansbury and Jota for sale? Awful players

  180. Also we have 50 million left. 20 of that going on Martinez

    So 30 left to spend on another striker, 2 wingers and a centre mid isn’t enough

    We are going to leave our self’s short of quality and depth again which is unacceptable

  181. Frem- where did you get that list from? if true thats half our squad going 🙂

    Grealish scores and assists when he’s on the wing, he was played there as he was getting nowhere near the penalty box, mostly as he was hacked down at the halfway. He doesn’t even play on the wing anyway, Conor overlaps and jack has a free role. 10 goals and 91 chances created say he’s better off in that position than midfield.

  182. Mark. He’s also good center mid of what ever position it’s called.. Number 8. That’s what he likes.

    He can still get close to goal, but Smith was so defensive we didn’t

    It’s from a reliable guy on twitter.

    I see why Sammata and hogan will go, if we get King.
    The two keepers also aren’t needed.
    But Fred abd Engles i want.. Marvellous I’d sell if we get another dm

    But as it stands we sre still 7 players short.

  183. I’m still worried about us. If we go into the season now we will go dow

    We will have the same issue as last season l.. No quilaity, and no depth. A cr*p bench

  184. Milik and Reguilon would be 50m for both

    Things like this are mad. We’ve just spent 30 on a championship player

    No value for money here

    I ssid before if ee hsd Potch with the money we have we’d get some brilliant players

  185. Frem

    I’d say jack back in the number 8 role. I’d be sure he’d want that too to get into eng team. All summer th links have been 2 st and a winger. Heavily in for King so you’d think King lw Watkins st and the winger will be for rw? Could be wrong and could be Watkins rw new st and jack lw?! My head hurts!

  186. Samatta is a weird one. Before lock down he looked pretty decent! We were all happy with him. After lockdown not so good. I do have a great belief in giving the new guys a second season especially under Deano.

  187. Frem
    This is only Deanos second summer window and the first was madness. After the 3rd summer one if still in prem we will be well settled.

    If we get a gk, st, winger, mid next it will be insanely good

  188. Frem- with jack what he likes and where he is best played are two different things, Played on the left of a front 3 he can play across the front and drop into midfield, more like a 10. Also Watkins tends to come out left like wesley did so he’s not really a winger the way we play. And until the last ten games Smith didn’t play defensively, losing heaton, wes and McGinn stopped us more than anything.

  189. I don’t think Watkins will be bought as a winger.

    Hes an absolute poacher and that is why we got him. Get on the end of crosses.

    I don’t want us to sign players to play multiple positions. That means your squad isn’t good enough.

    I want 4 wingers amd at least 3 strikers.

    Rashica we might pay the few. Absolute quality player. 20 million. But Purslow will probably get taken to tbe cleaners

    Rashica, King plus a another good winger would be fine. Make it happen.

  190. I just hope we don’t leave our self’s short again and have no fire power. If a player struggles or just isn’t good enough, like Wesley, then wd had no other striker to bring on or start the next game. Same went for the wingers

    So lets not be in November knowing Sammata, trez, Ghaizi aren’t good enough but have no other choice. If Watkins gets injured or struggles let’s have King backing up, not Wes, or Sammata or Davis. We know trezand Ghazi aren’t good enough and what did we have this season to compete with them? Know one. With Rashica and another good winger they might improve

    Dont be shy on getting fire power. Same goes fir midfield. Wd can’t have lansbury and hourihane on the bench as only attacking centre mid options. Go get Swift

  191. Really amazes me Villa fans on Trez. Just because he scored a few big goals at the end of the season it doesn’t make him good enough, but Villa fans have a wierd thing where they judge player on affection more than ability. Its all insee on twitter

    Just Because he works hard and west’s his training gear on holiday it doesn’t mean he’s giod

    I think fans forget about ability.. In terms of ability, he’s a very, very poor player at this level l.. His technical ability is shocking. The way he shoots. Crosses. Passes. It’s poor. His visias well is dire.. He can’t spot a oass or a cross. He’s a winger. Same goes for Ghazi

    I hate our wingers. Itsa huge reason we were such a poor side. It’s why wd canty keep a ball. It’s why we can’t create or don’t score many. Itsy why we are so slow. Ws are so easy to play against

    Good wingers are everything. And a striker.

    But we don’t seem bothered about wingers and it will haunt us again

  192. Frem,

    Don’t think we’re not looking at wingers. Wilson is apparently still ongoing, rags are saying Rashica may be having a change of heart, if only to put himself in the window for CL teams.

    So, let’s just see. Watkins was definitely the priority, and rightly so. I think Cash is just too good and too perfect in terms of the template to pass up.

    With GK, there may be concerns about Heaton’s recovery, and what’s behind him is a bit dodgy, long-term, and none of them dominant.

    But now we know what we’ve got left in our budget, we’ll see what deals come next.

  193. Interesting how long a deal takes.

    Watkins said finally! When he saw Deano. Just shows villa wanted him he wanted us but still took weeks!

    Frem we will get a winger but make no mistake how much our fullbacks will create for Watkins too. Targets crosses and left peg is to die for. His first season in prem and had injuries but was only behind Trent and Robbo in creating. And cash on the right bombing forward. Watkins will hit 15 goals

  194. We are getting round to prediction time albeit that things may still change by the time the transfer window closes. I detect Lifers seem mainly optimistic with a few pessimistic.

    The bottom line. The bookies have us relegated. Most of the “media experts” have us relegated. On the face of it, we are in trouble. Anybody wish to challenge it?

  195. Plug,
    As it stands, and ruling out key exceptional injuries, surprising transfers and most importantly some of the resident hysterics on here , that team is firmly mid-table by any rational analysis.

  196. On Trezeguets shooting ability – the two goals on the back post that he scored to save Villa from relegation are technically as good as any goals I’ve seen this season. Arriving on to unpredictable crosses with pinpoint accuracy into a small target !! Wtf more do you want ?? Watch again his strike against arsenal.Outside of the foot with perfect contact.
    Do me a favor Frem!

  197. My two cents Plug – Barring the Man City and Leicester games, I dont remember any games where we were terrible. It took time for our new players to gel and they will only get better. Plus we didnt have the stamina to last 70 minutes which appeared to be better after the break. It’s lazy for commentators to say we will be exactly the same as last season which is why I’m optimistic. If things dont work out, Compass will definitely move fast to change things.

    On our wingers, to slag off a player saying they are not PL material based on a single season even when they did contribute is just unfair. Are there better players, yes. Will they join us, a big question mark. If we buy outside of the PL, they will need the same time that our players last season took to adjust. Shouldn’t we at least give our existing players a fair chance before writing them off?

  198. Plug,

    I disagree with the experts and see us mid table.

    DS learned a lot, will be much better tactically and now also has Shakespeare.

    Konsa is like a new 20M CB. Targett will be better after his 1st full season.

    SJM is back and Luiz is now amazing. We finally have a striker.

    Add to this Cash and hopefully Trez can be more consistent. Maybe Ramsey or Barry can break through – we’re due a young lad again,

  199. Plug- As has been said its a lazy assumption, The odds on favourites last season to drop were, Southampton, Burnley and Norwich with Villa 17th I suppose two out of 4 ain’t bad. Watford were expected to be about 10th.

  200. For anyone thats interested

    “Dean Smith’s side host Manchester United at Villa Park on Saturday afternoon in their final pre-season friendly.

    And we’re giving supporters the chance to watch a re-run of the full 90 minutes on VillaTV.

    It will be available from 10pm on Saturday for a one-off payment of £5.”

  201. I’ll expect 12th to 14th finish on around 46 points ish. We started a very decent team. Injuries took our toll and general experience too, we were struggling big time up until the window. But we dropped a great deal of points from wining positions. Now that’s a massive positive to work from. Not a lot to fix. And after lockdown we showed we can adapt. If we can get our signings done we may well surprise a few people

  202. Apparently our 16 million bid for King has been rejected and they went 20

    Please just pay it Villa and now. We still need more fire power. Can’t rely on just Watkins because he gets injured or needs rest we can’t rely on Sammata wes and Davis.

    Fulham want King to. Don’t get beat to him by then. Please. Fulham will go and pay it probably whilst we fanny about

    Go get Josh King

  203. Frem I am willing to take bets from anyone who reckons villa are done in the market

    Things getting busier for us I have a feeling we will do some late deals with some last minute ins and outs
    If we improve the quality with the standard of players in other areas like i suspect we will we will be top half .I have seen from his track record that once smith gets the right components for his system it becomes very effective and pleasing to watch .

    PP great shout never really look at it like that but we really would have had a top class base of young players if we hadn’t been relegated .. just shows what happens when players with potential are given the platform to develop there talent

  204. We’d be stupid not to go and get King. Why not have as much quality and depth as possible. We can’t go through another season where we juts have no strikers and wingers

  205. Frem it depends personally I think Martinez Benrahma and Buendia would be both key and amazing for Smiths system .. Wes to come back .. Samagoal I would be happy to have as third choice for now however if a deal to do and out an in falls into place all good but not one to sweat about at this stage

  206. Villa will spend their budget, and everyone is working to get Dean the players he wants. This is the first time since O’neill, that the club have let the manager do things his way.
    We are also still recruiting very talented young players to fit the system.
    We are now looking at an amazing young lad from Northampton, Caleb Chukwuemeka, whose brother already plays for Villa, after being signed from the same club four years ago!
    Rashica is now being Touted again, and we are about to pay £22.8million for his services!

    we are also looking at a 6′ 6” Venezuelan centre back who won 2.4 of his aerial duels, and would be an animal along side Mings, Jhon Chancellor and is available for around £5 million, and also a young goalkeeper Jesse Joronen for around £7/8 million. Both from the Italian league.
    Two potentially good players for under £15 million, could make a lot of sense, with the rest being spent on Josh King.

    We could have an amazing line-up by Monday 26 September for the game against Fulham. 6pm on Sky Sports.

  207. runtings. He’s kind of similar to Jack. Centre mid but plays more like a winger. Tall. Athletic. Good ball player and dribbling ability.. Got 16 assists last season

    Percy saying we want King or Eduard to.

    Good. But also get wingers because even though our starting 11 will be better the bench os cr*p

  208. I can’t see us being in for Eduardo now surly. Would mean Watkins out on wing? King makes more sense on left and st cover. But who knows Percy knows his stuff? Imagine King Eduardo Watkins!!! We may not sign any wingers frem!!!

  209. H&V,

    Would be nice to get Rashica.

    + Martinez and King would be amazing. Gooners fans don’t want Martinez to leave, saying his distribution and catching high balls is much better than Leno.

    Anyone know Watkins number? Time to get a New Jersey 🙂

  210. Really want King and Rashica. Both add the pace we need. Plus cash and Watkins aren’t slow.

    King really appeals because he can play on the wing to. Good technical ability. Athletic. Tall.

    Apparently Leeds want Rashica though which isn’t good. Belisa is special

    Even with Rashica and King we still need another winger

    People showing are depth and the likes of hourihane, Ghaizi, Trez and Taylor are still to close to the starting 11. We can’t ve only one injury away for mcginn or jack for hourihane ti play. Needs to be a better player like Swift. Eze should have been
    Same with striker. We can’t have Sammata coming in if Watkins gets injured. Has timo be king. You don’t want Taylor ay left back because we lose everything going forward. We can’t have Trez and Ghazi playing much. Ghazi I think will go anyway. He’s awful

    So a lot of work to do still. We still are short. We need a CM, 2 wingers and King

  211. Pleased that it looks like Martinez could happen. Could be our keeper for 10 years.

    On outgoings, i don’t want Engles to go. I like him.

  212. Can’t wait ti watch the game tomorrow night

    Hope it’s our strongest side but disappointing ghat Trez and Ghaizi will probably play. As you know, i really don’t like them

  213. I can’t wait to see everyone ti be honest

    I hope the likes of Marvelous have improved on the ball. I hope cash plays.

    Maybe even Trez and Ghazi have improved there technical ability and ball retention but i doubt it

  214. Brighton apparently agreed personal terms with Martinez as well… Oh dear

    Apparently they want 20 million and we haven’t met it yet. Don’t fanny around

  215. Mark
    The most relaxing video, nearly sent me to sleep.
    He’s [like most of them] used a minority of one type of statistic only, & come to conclusions for all of them, for the whole picture, & he’s himself doing what he accuses others.
    Obviously this is also partisan, & leaves holes that nullify his very simplistic conclusions, which don’t cut it across the board.
    But if you had that voice as a priest you’d believe every word.
    I’m not saying that this data is wrong, just one part of the data, that’s too incomplete to make a conclusive assessment, & it doesn’t hold water.
    This is one of the blind spots in science, as it depends on the person’s grasp of reality & their own projections.

    But by all means panic if you wish.

  216. Iang- Panicking no, pig sick of following ropey science yes despite indicators being to the contrary. Also doctors on the frontline with successful treatments they have repeated successfully by the 100’s also Ignored. Epidemiology, the most guessy science out there.

  217. Frem, I reckon Martinez is close. We have a fetish for goalkeepers. Over the last 4 years we’ve had Guzan, Gollini, Johnson, Nyland, Kalinic, Heaton and Reina. Not to mention Bunn, Sarkic and Jed Steer who was largely responsible for where we are today given his heroics in the penalty shoot out at the yam yams.

    A transfer window wouldn’t be the same without our obligatory keeper signing. Tells me we are all over the place when trying to spot a good keeper.

  218. I know we’re not playing this weekend, but I’m pretty excited. Looking forward to friendly on VillaTV.

    Can’t help myself, I feel this is our best team since the Paul McGrath era. UTV

  219. Martinez not in squad. So he’s off to someone.

    Plug. I wish we’d have signed as many wingers and left backs as we have goalkeepers

    I don’t know what it it with managers at this club but they seem blind or just ignore our issues at left back snd both wings, and sign every other position

    Bruce never replaced Taylor in his time at Villa or sorted the wingers out. Adomah was poor snd wd only hsd him and snodgrass to get through a whole championship season.
    Smith never sorted the wingers out either.. Last season we were s**t on the wing and left back was an issue. The summer gone we didn’t improve the wings signing Trez or Jota.. And so far this window we haven’t done anything again to improve wings or left back. Taylor can not be back up.. Snd Trez and Ghazi aren’t Premier league players

    It drives me msd how Smith seems blind to how poor Taylor, Ghazi and Trez are.

  220. Frem- you seem obsessed with the wings mate, we play 433, liverpool play essentially three forwards call them what you will but I would not call Mane and Salah wingers.

  221. People on twitter doing their preferred line up with Hourihane in midfield and Grealish wide drive me mad

    How can you put grealish wide and play hourihane who’s a set play merchant. Slow as f**k.

    We need 2 wingers, move Jack in tbe middle and sign another CM so hourihane is not back up.

  222. Cash Konsa Mings Targett
    Luiz McGinn Hourihane
    Watkins Grealish

    That eas our line up

    Having hourihane, Trez starting games isn’t good enough. Grealish on the left because Ghaizi is s**t isn’t good enough

    Wide players and centre mid needs desperately adding quality and depth to

    And Josh King

  223. Frem- well as Trez upset your day by assisting for Watkins for a diving header to beat a man utd side I’ll say no more and leave you to gnash your teeth, maybe after a few more goals and assists the penny will drop 🙂

  224. Mark. Hes s**t. He eas absolutely awful last season. 1 assist. 1. If he hasn’t scored a couple of tap ins against Palace villa fans would be desperate for him to leave. Our fans are very strange. They get attached to easily to a player doing one or two things a season. Hw played thousands if minutes and was cr*p in most of them

    Apparently Tarore is a thing. So rashica and Tarore on the wings hopefully

  225. Mark. There is a reason we’ve bid for Rashica and Taore. Hopefully we want both. We need both. Jack can move in the middle then

    I hope we get King as well. Would be unbelievable

  226. Mark. That technique from Trez is what I want to see from him and any winger. How he got it out hjs feet and absolutely fizzed that ball in with the side of his foot with pace. For defenders that technique is so hard to defend

    I didnt see that from him last season. Normally he floats theball in, slow and high and our strikers can’t generate any power with headers

    But yes, if Trez can cross like that all the time then he would be ok and get assists

    But i still want Rashica and another winger.

  227. Mark
    Anyone with a mind is sick of being fed nefarious agendas, lies, BS & scientists who appear to be really 12 years old.
    Don’t start me on the politician tribe, especially those football members.
    I’d rather listen to Frem

  228. IanG- ha yes mate the thin veil of authority is melting away, I truly don’t know how people swallow this guff.

    Looks like we signed Martinez and the lad from Lyon whom I know naff all about.

  229. Mark. Maybe. Big maybe

    Interesting from united

    Elmo came on and Guilbert didn’t.
    Sammata came on and Davis didn’t.
    Jota came on and Ghazi didn’t

    Doesn’t look good for those 3. I imagine those 3 are off

  230. Really hope we aren’t getting Tarore snd not Rashica. Need both to push Ghazi and Trez

    Or Jota if Ghazi is on the way out

    Marvelous didn’t get on either. Probably off as well

  231. Jed Steer best player on the pitch yesterday. Why do we need a goalie again?

    I read Traore scored only 1 in 23 games last year and is very unpredictable. Not sure why we need him either.

    Rashica and King for me. Forget the others

  232. Oh my days after weeks of nothing madness is happening. Traore for me is a dream. I loved him at Chelsea, like a lot! Wouldn’t of dreamt we would have a opportunity to get him. At Lyon in the end suffered, played rwb! But dear god should suit us like a glove. Pace, strength and aggression. Everything we are crying out for. Think dalian Atkinson or prime Kodgia in the champ. Sure he can be frustrating but just his presence will give jack especially more space.

  233. And I can’t still believe rashica Is on!! adding the pace and unpredictable fire of rashica and Toure to the technique of luiz jack and mcguinn is something that’s going to keep me awake! Unbeliabe it’s happening really

  234. Traoré played left wing back last season. Not a position you’d play him

    His stats at lille were very decent. And he had a spell at lyon of like 10 games where he played centre forward and scored a few goals in that spell. I think it was 6 or something.

    I’d rather have him on the wing or off the bench than Trez ir Ghazi that’s for sure

  235. Also Traoré is a left footed, right winger which we need. Rashica is a right footed left winger so both naturally cut inside which is what we need for our system

    Get King and a centre mid. Happy days

  236. im not going to get excited about rashica until I see him in a shirt. its one of those transfer sagas that could break your heart! so many mixed reports.

    yeah don’t worry about stats re troare, he is chaos which we need. 6’2 strong, bags of tricks and quick.

    even in a poor game will just be a hassle to there defence

  237. Gabby is over the moon with the signing of Traore, and says he will be great for Villa, as does Bent about Martinez.
    Could still be more to come, but rumours on Jack leaving for Man Utd, are still thriving.
    Thanks for the highlights MK, and may watch the full game later.
    Was impressed with the goal from Watkins, but the rest of the highlights seemed to show us very poor defensively with some very lucky escapes, with Steer being outstanding for us in goal.
    We seemed to have a total lack of ability in closing people down.

  238. Rashica deal apparently not close, but we have made contact.. Mmm. Get it done

    Apparently we’ve offered Davis a new deal. I hope so. His hold up play is great. He just needs a goal. He always gets chances. Sell Sammata. He’s useless. Sign King

  239. I read from tony Daley that we looked fit and had great energy which is encouraging.


    We pray to the gods to Get rashica and troure done. And a new mid. At the moment we have only signed Watkins and cash! We got carried away Friday with the rashica news.

  240. Paul

    Yeah I have a really good feeling about Toure. Just see him as a great fit for us. Never interested too much about stats and what other fans say. It’s all about if the player fits your team and works for you. No transfer whoever they are or cost is a guarantee.

  241. PP- I only manged to watch the 1st half so far, we had a fair bit of look with crosses going across the face of goal a lot. I honesty I don’t think they were trying to hard and manure are a good passing team. Cash got a baptism of fire.

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