Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Despite Roy Keane’s sour-as-usual point of view, Villa’s post-match mood lined up pretty well with supporters’. We didn’t win anything, but we did show fight, determination, a bit more nous, and regained a bit of self-respect in putting in a strong finishing run to stave off relegation and remain in the promised land of Premier League money for another season.

No small accomplishment.

Villa looked dead and buried. Chances had gone begging. Goals were few and far between. Restart rules and scheduling seemed stacked against us. The run-in included three eventual Champions League teams, along with Jekyll-and-Hyde Arsenal. Rivals notched important, unlikely victories. The supporters were largely resigned to a return to Tuesday nights at Huddersfield and the departure of any player we’d come to like.

Bournemouth and Hawk-Eye? That was ten games back, and let’s talk about Konsa being stepped on: Villa can rightly say, “We’d have both been on 34 points, same goal differential, and we stay up on goals for.” You just can’t go back and play with the past. There’s a whole time-travel paradox thing there to consider.

So Villa were to ultimately snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, God might have had a hand in it, and Dean Smith was ultimately to squash talk that he didn’t know what he was doing.

And I get the talk. Following the 0-4 defeat to Leicester, Villa looked to be in free-fall. The Christmas period fixtures we’d hoped would springboard us to relative safety went completely wrong. Late goals and bad decisions were costing us vital points. There were games where we just didn’t show up. Injuries had ravaged a very thin squad. Whatever Deano tried didn’t seem to work. There wasn’t much hope in sight.

As we all know now, though, Villa used the break to maximum advantage. They shored up weaknesses and got stingier. They learned a bit more English. They hunkered down in a World Cup-style camp and did some bonding. Jack got caught being a bit naughty and popping round to friends’. But otherwise, it was what we’d hoped: a time-out that ultimately worked to Villa’s advantage because Smith got a chance to prove he is a coach after all.

Of all the lockdown revelations, what I found most interesting was Smith saying there just isn’t time in the season to do the sort of detailed, player-by-analysis, review, and coaching that took place during the suspension. Which is to say, it’s easy to say it should happen, but it may well be that, as a matter of practicality, it just can’t. Not that way, anyhow.

So, the £140 million gamble paid off. Villa retooled on the fly and just managed to get over the line. Lessons were learned, and I’m sure Smith would raise his hand and say he learned more than anyone. But he kept an even keel, never panicked, didn’t start pointing fingers, or sit in the dugout looking ill. He shielded the players, deflected attention, kept the mood positive. In short, he didn’t burn bridges, and had goodwill to work with when given an unexpected chance to halt the slide.

Anyway, I’m not going to get into a lot more right now. We’re all exhausted and relieved, and jubilant about being the 17th-best team in the league. I’ve said it many times: This season was just about what I expected. I’m quite happy with where we finished. Didn’t need to be quite so hard, but in the end, it all came good. Or good enough. Get up, stay up, consolidate.

There’s a lot of work to do in that consolidation. Negotiations to be had. Players to keep, players to sign, and players to let go. Smith has indicated as much, and said quite plainly that Compass have billions, Jack’s under contract, and they’ll not want to see him leave. John McGinn had similar thoughts.

“I think everyone is aware we need quality added. We obviously spent a lot of money last summer and we may need to go and do it again.

“We can’t get complacent and think everything is alright now. It was a poor season overall, we know that, both us as players and I am sure everyone upstairs is fully aware of that. There will be changes, I am sure of that.”

So, fair play, Super John. That’s about the size of it. And I’m glad he and others feel the season was poor. While surviving was what we needed, Villa also need to reflect the owners’ ambitions and start climbing the table. But however nervy it was, Villa have ticked off step one. Well, one and two, now that Suso is gone.

Next, we’ll either hold on to our best players or make a lot of money, bring in some new ones, and go again.

Over to you.

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  1. We certainly need quality added

    We need to spend big on 2 quick wingers and a top striker. And better depth as well. Jotax Trez and Ghaizi simply aren’t good enough to even be squad players

    Other areas, Hourihane shouldn’t be a starter

  2. First things first JC. Many thanks for keeping this site going. It’s completely essential. It captures the moods of the real fans and provides a fabulous discussion board for all matters AVFC. Everyone who contributes their comments gives their snapshot of the current health of our team.

    Frem, keep the posts coming, they make for a lively debate. Me? I’m far too measured except when it comes to small heath. Having said that, I did lose it after Leicester stuffed 4 past us and shifted my supportive stance for Deano to one of questioning his set ups. And as recently as 2 weeks ago I was suggesting we were screwed.

    I still don’t know how we survived. But now it’s rebuilding time. We watch what Compass does with interest. I wouldn’t mind Cantwell from Naarwich. We need a couple of flying wingers plus a thoroughbred goal scorer. Reina and Drinkie to leave. One or two of the current squad will likely join them.

  3. Frem I think the problem with judging young players coming into a new league in there first season means you end up doing what Chelsea did with Salah and KDB if you are not too careful

    looking forward to see the ins and outs in the coming weeks and as we now have a base for a squad we can and will go quality over quantity for sure

  4. Thanks JC and may I echo Plugs sentiments for keeping it going, especially in these trying times.

    Bournemouth can do one as we were supposed to get two more points without VAR they can have the Hawkeye one with Pleasure, they still go down.

    I don’t think anyone can call this season good other than in outcome but it had it all including the quickly forgotten cup final.

    Sounds a bit like he said she said down at Villa.

    DD by the way wasn’t ever a DM replacement but a replacement for McGinn. DD’s biggest talent is his long passing and through balls, I presume Smith was hoping to release the forwards quicker Leicester style but it never happened.

    I expect if we now sign DD we will know its all Smiths fault 🙂

  5. Mk
    I thought drinky best talents were boxing or boozing,his days as a footballer are numbered ,and as long as we aren’t stupid enough to give him another chance

  6. Just hope our plans aren’t hindered. Said we would be mad getting rid of Suso now with only 6 weeks to do one of our most important signings. The fall out is a bit expected Suso is sticking up for himself but I’m not sure we should trust purslow completely. Pool and Chelsea don’t say good things about him. I’ll judge him on what he does at villa though.

  7. Frem

    There’s been glimmers of what Wesley is about. Norwich, Burnley, Everton games he was superb. Not just a lump. Good 2 feet, pace and strength. Vision, nice lay offs. And his great stat is when he shoots he gets it on target. Just like luiz I think he’ll come very good.

  8. A lot of guessing that the ex Chelsea director emuelida??!! Will get it. Links with purslow, terry and out of work.

    Bit of a rumour we are after ampadou to buy, which may be a sign too. Chelsea links their.

  9. MK,

    Yes, I do believe Smith was looking for the quality deep passes from DD. Positionally, hard to tell if he expected DD to be further up the pitch. Became pretty clear early on he wasn’t going to be able to. I’d seen him more as a partner in the two deep-lying mids Dean was playing with.

  10. JC- yes thats how DD played at Leicester nate in a two but he was the creative side to Kantes defensive ability. Possible to get Marv and Louis could do similar in time.

  11. Grealish £80m+ so I think it unlikely he will go, Dean Smith will be a massive part in him staying, Jack likes him and thats big.

    Strikers? I think we buy a Callum Wilson and go with the other three if Wes recovers. I think Barry will not be far off at some point this season.

  12. Lets face it, to be fair Deano did want a couple of his old Brentford lads there is no doubt about that. They wouldn’t put out that much after signing Tyrone so he had to work with what was put in front of him. At least he didn’t throw his dummy and sippy cup out the pram like MON a few days before the season started. He rolled up his sleeves got on with job at hand and in the end got the job done. With parachute payments for three years we now four years of prem money or fall out money to play with, so I do believe we wont be replacing players with much the same, we will only replace if the convinced the one we are getting is improving the squad as a whole. I really do hope we hang on to Wez and Luiz, I also think there is a place for Trez as a squad player. Marvelous I’m still not convinced, we need on top of all the striker and winger talk a good back up for Targett or a new LB with Matty as backup, Taylor is done in my opinion. Right back we can get away with I thing with Elmo and Freddie as the center halves can cover there. Anyway, who ever comes in this summer you can’t now blame Suso now he’s out the picture. Anyway, roll on Sept 12th, as the future King say’s you get that roller coaster ride as a Villa Fan!!!!!!

  13. Funny isn’t it that farke was the genius last season with Norwich. They spent nothing on players and played open football and fair play to him it was a tough ask . Makes criticising our effort a pointless in my opinion, yet we are looking for scapegoats.

  14. JC – I also want to appreciate your efforts in keeping the site running, maybe we can create a team to help you out with pre and post match write ups for the new season . You’ve been doing a fabulous job and I’m sure it must be taking a lot of your time.

  15. There’s always room for constructive criticism Mark. What some people consider destructive criticism are valid observations in the eyes of those who make it.

    Most folks I spoke to ahead of the start of the season thought that Naarwich would be Farked as they’d spent no money strengthening. That result duly happened.

    Yep, there is a fire sale coming up at Bournemouth who are in deep do do. You know, just like we were 2 years ago.

  16. Leeds already linked with two big transfers in attacking areas Why can’t we do this?

    We need to spend big on quality

    No way will Leeds to anywhere near the bottom

  17. It would be great if we get a top class scout or what ever they are called, like the former Chelsea guy. He’s have great links

    No like Suso

  18. Yeah Wilson seems like a no brainer really. In his prime, prem experience and could get 15 goals.

    Frem Suso didn’t do too bad at athletico rebuilding them and considering we had to spend 140 thinly in one window I like most of ours. Every single club will get signings wrong. Look at some of the dross fergie got at Utd and there man Utd!!

  19. First of all, I would like to add my thanks to JC for keeping this blog going…….

    would still like to sort out out an avatar!!

    Yo do a sterling job and we do all appreciate it.

    Great to see you are getting involved more, even if you are a little excitable over your feelings!

    I still think that Trez is a player in the making, as are a number of the Villa players, and Dean is making the difference. I have to say that I am now fully back on board with him for the new season, even though I know I was a big critic for a while, but that is what opinion is about.

    If we want to understand what our owners are about, then perhaps it is time we took on board what they have achieved at Villa Park with the girls who won the Championship in style and with a record number of wins. Gemma Davies was the Manager of the season, with her goalkeeper getting the golden gloves award. No mean feat for the girls.
    They are also signing top players from Germany and elsewhere to ensure that when the season starts on 6th September, we have a team to challenge at the very highest level.

    It may be with spectator restrictions at Villa Park, we can also follow our girls and give them the support they need.

    In the meantime, I think that Dean is going to have more say now in recruitment, and that we will be buying players that he identifies and wants.

    In the meantime there is a very important match to watch tonight between Swansea and Brentford. The result could have major importance on who we can buy of players that Dean may want.

  20. Villalore, PP: Thank you.

    And Villalore, yes…this site is open to any and all to write something up, anytime. We get some great post-matches from Paul, for example, in the comments.

    But anyone who wants to take a turn writing a leader, please just send along via messages or to john@astonvillalife.com, and I’ll get it up.

    If it’s time-sensitive, just give me a heads-up that it’s coming so I’ll be looking for it.

    If there’s any organization needed or wanted, happy to help. I know IanG and MK are, too. 😉

  21. Plug- I like constructive criticism its just rarely happens or is backed up with anything but anger. Take Smiths use of subs, Should of subbed earlier , made the wrong sub etc, these comments usually happen when we lose but they don’t take into account that our bench is cr*p, same as this whole season really, like bashing a one legged man for being bad at sprinting.

    H&V- His stats out left are much better than his stats centrally, I would prefer to get a decent CM in and let Jack have a free role.

  22. I do agree about a free role for Jack.

    You may have seen Merse talking about this and how it plays into why he wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay instead of going into a one-touch quick-pass set-up where he’d see far less of the ball (never mind not being the lynch pin).

  23. JC- Yes I saw that and I agree and so do his stats, all might change is we get some pacey strikers/wingers but he always does damage from there.

  24. Go and Brentfords front 3. Better than what we have

    Certainly the wingers

    Then go sign another couple cheaper wingers and sell Ghaiz and Trez

  25. Yeah hear you frem. After last season though I don’t think we should be quantity over quality. Prioritise and just get class in.

    So important to get this right the prem is going to be tight next season I reckon.

  26. Just to chuck a few more names in the hat.

    Watkins looked smokey tonight. Very hard working and knows where the goal is. Benrahma skillful but missed his chances. Availability of both depends on Brentford’s outcome at Wembley.

    Gerard Deulofeu at Watford would be great. He’s recovering from a ruptured ACL so would carry a risk. It’s no coincidence that Watford struggles have followed his absence. Sarr is quick also.

    Callum Wilson from Bournemouth possibly and Cantwell from Naarwich.

    Three or four of those names would have an impact. I’d leave the defence alone for now. Likewise the keepers, assuming Heaton is recovering as expected. I’m also assuming we keep our current best players.

  27. Plug – there are rich pickings from Bournemouth – Watford and Norwich

    Ake- Wilson – Brooks and I like Billings

    I think Ibe is out of contract and he used to be decent at Liverpool

    Dacourie – Capoue are both solid midfield players

    Sarr would also be a great buy if we can afford him

    Benrhama would be an upgrade

    There will be competition to buy these players

    I would try and sell Marvellous and Samatta

    And use the funds to invest in Premier League Players

    I heard Man UTD wanted Jack at 50M – so if we hang on for 80M it could be a stale mate situation

  28. Already looks like we are getting left behind

    West Ham look like getting Eze, and want Brooks. Newcastle to

    That’s 2 type of players we desperately need. The attacking quality in this team is awful. We need Wingers, strikers and a CAM, 2 if Grealish goes

    Kelechi Iheanacho linked. He’d be good. Prem experience, hold all round striker. Brooks has prem ability to. No more s**t transfers like Trez. We need tk get prem experience and quality

    Wonder if we are unprepared with Suso leaving

  29. Plug-Willson, Billing and Brooks would improve us no end

    Agree. Sell Marvelous and Sammata. Taylor, Trez, Ghaiz, jota all need to to

    I’d love Kelechi Iheanacho and Willson

    Our strikers aren’t good enough. Sammata, Davis and Wesley aren’t good enough

  30. I think we will spend another 100 million, at least

    We can’t risk being cr*p again like we were this season. The club have tk make sure we aren’t in another relegation battle and the only way to that is sign quaily players, not like the cheap cr*p we bought in the summer.

    We need to be a quicker team. We are unbelievably slow, mainly because our wingers are as quick as my gran.

  31. We have appointed Johan Lange as sports director . To me he looks a far more tech savvy appointment than Suso who was all about player acquisition. So fret no more frem they are moving as fast as possible.

  32. “We will not be satisfied until we achieve our goal of bringing sustainable success to Aston Villa at the top tier of European football.”

  33. Lange looks a great appointment.

    Frem – you can sack Dean Smith after what he has achieved in less than 2 years. It’s a dream the success he has achieved since taking over.

    How about Fraser from Bournemouth on a free transfer? Wages would be high though

  34. Apparently we want a right back. Wtf. Not this again

    It’s a left back we need. Taylor is dire and Targett is nothing better than a squad player

  35. The appointment of Lange shows that we are in a build mode, the goal is identifying good but cheap talent that we can work with. Definitely cannot afford the budgets that Poch expects nor will his ambitions accept a club where Villa are at. We will strengthen but I dont see another 100 mill outlay unless we sell JG.

    Will players want to join a team who just came off a relegation battle? Depends on where we are buying them from. The players from the relegated teams will look for more settled teams but Championship and continental teams may appreciate the chance of PL football (and wages). Definitely going to be a battle, but hopefully Lange will come in with some options we can build off.

  36. Very sad that not one single person on this blog wished to acknowledge my comments on the massive achievements of our girls and their manager last season, and the determination of the club to build a team fit for the Women’s Super League title challenge. Considering a few years ago they were not much more than an amateur side, easily outshone by our neighbours across the city.
    Perhaps we are entrenched in chauvinist ways still, and worried that the women are taking over so many roles in the sport now from commentating, presentation and playing.

    Good to see the appointment of Johan Lange from FC Copenhagen, who did have some experience with Wolves in 2012/13, but nothing significant. However, in his role with Copenhagen, they won three Danish titles. They have similar policies to Bronby, where Thomas Franks was so successful.

    I am sure that we are looking at Jack Grealish staying another season, with some strong recruitment coming in. Personally I would love to see Eze from QPR join us, and then a first class centre forward, Ollie Watkins would be great, but difficult to prise away from Brentford, Iheanacho is ok, but is not a big scorer, scoring a maximum of 12 in his 46 appearances for Man City, and 9 for Leicester, we need a Danny Ings this season, someone who is a proven scorer and a worker.

    I believe we are looking for a back up for RB, but are looking for a proven LB, and also a mid fielder, in addition to a winger and a centre forward.

  37. Our status is a funny one: If we’re buying you, you’re probably a dead cert to start. But uncertainty around the ‘plan’ will cause hesitancy.

    So I think Jack’s the biggest part. If he goes, we get lots of money, but have to replace him. We have to envision a team that works with and without him until that’s sorted. Signings that show a statement of intent and help ease Jack’s burden will help in convincing him to stay. Him staying convinces other targets.

    Chicken-and-egg situation.

    Best case is that Jack is on board with what the team is saying and stays, and can make his decision quickly.

  38. Frem- Thanks for that article Frem didn’t realise the success his old club had.

    I’m afraid Poch has done his building on scraps at Spurs mate, he’s waiting for a big opportunity to arise, I don’t think being spanked by Bayern helped his CV.

    I don’t care what price they come in at as long as they are good enough.

  39. Villa lore. We can certainly match what Potch would want tk spend. We have extremely rich owners.

    And I’m sure we wjll spend another 100 million at least l.

    We simply have to just on our front 3 alone, because the current forwards we have are useless

  40. PP,

    Fair point on the women. tbh, I’ve not paid much attention because I’ve been so preoccupied with the men’s team. May be a bit chauvinistic, but that’s the big show. The women have done very well, and it contributes to the club’s overall success.

    Think you’re not far off on positions of need. If we could add another midfielder, in a 4-3-3, who’s experienced, aggressive, covers ground and is comfortable on the ball, basically complements Luiz, then we’d be a lot more solid overnight.

    If Jack stays top left, then a CF and winger, obviously. Keep the players who are now blooded as backups, and now we’ve got a little depth. Keeping the list small means we have a chance to sign instant-impact players. Course, the more money you pour into one option, the higher the risk.

    From what we’re seeing, CF is the biggest area of focus, along with a winger. No surprise.

    Competition for Targett, Taylor being put out to pasture. Instant starter, there? Great, but less focus money-wise. Likewise if we’re building, backup/competition to Guilbert.

    From what I’ve seen, looks like Jota, Taylor, Davis, Elmo, Lansbury, Nyland, and Bree all have one year left on their contracts.

  41. PP- yes they have done very well in a short time buying loads of good women players But as I said to a lady on another blog I have no interest in womens football, Didn’t watch the world cup either, happy that it raises the clubs profile but other than that not fussed, would rather watch the Under 16’s as they are more relevant to The mens team.

  42. JC- yes it all hinges on Jack it seems but if it was me I would assume he’s off and prepare because A: he might be, and B: he could get injured again. Besides it would light a fire under his arse.

    Heard something on the radio that Loans and swaps could be big this season due to the uncertainty.

  43. Now if Villa started a beach volleyball team?? 🙂

    This I assume is why Suso was maybe used for one season, I don’t think he had enough of a grasp on what the manager required maybe? Also like Watford he knows the South American market.

    “The partnership between myself, the manager and the scouts is crucial. We take time at the start of the process to establish exactly what we are looking for. Then we can set the parameters with the data. It is only after that stage that it becomes about live scouting.

    “It helps that everyone knows their job and that Stale Solbakken has a clear style of play. It is difficult for the scouts if the style is changing from season to season. Our scouts know that their job is to find players who have the potential to play European football for Solbakken’s Copenhagen with the capacity to be sold on to a top-five league within a few years.

  44. PP, it was Sept 2018 that Man Ure’s women beat our girls 0-12. I think Compass decided that we can’t have that kind of embarrassment again. So they have been building the women’s team to make them competitive. Signing current young internationals from Europe will certainly do that. So I expect good things from the ladies next season after promotion to the top tier.

    But…how will Lange go? Time will be the judge of that. Like everyone else, I watch the transfer chatter each day with interest. JC, we still have Hogan for another year.

  45. Frem- Yes I had a chuckle at that 🙂

    Lange was once an assistant coach at Wolves apparently so he knows the game. I don’t think he is here just to buy cheap and make a profit though, its the structure Villa want . Lange won’t have to look to far into the bargain bin but it can but help. Would of been nice to have done last season at half the price.

  46. We are deffo getting wingers and a striker frem. Also says prem experience which I’m not fussed about. Your narrowing down your search, if your good your good. Jimenez aguero and millions of others did they have prem experience?!

  47. Not sure I’m fussed about Abraham tbh. I’m just not convinced about him. Misses so many. But he is young and lots of energy and gets in the right places.

    I’d love a statement signing. Really think we need one. Like when city got Robinho. Would convince others to join and help jack stay

  48. Plug – I arfed till I arfed.
    PP – I’m with you on the club’s women’s team, it looks like some good
    quality incoming, it should be interesting.
    Mark – we can multitask as well mate.

    I’ve a feeling that there will be some left field transfer activity with this Lange guy.
    Lower level EPL players are unlikely to be the complete answer as in the last few seasons most of ours tend to stay at lower level, which is not much improvement.
    It needs at least 3 players who will change the dynamic upward, & of course someone who will score goals.
    They wouldn’t let Jack go unless they have a replacement set up.
    So many potential possibilities, now our horizon seems to have widened now Lange has come in.

  49. H & V
    ‘thinking’ That’s a start.
    Let’s hope they’re thinking with the same agenda, which was doubtful with Suso, who was a breath of fresh air compered to some of his precedents, which shows how far we’ve come.

  50. Nice comments guys. I love the transfer window. I would agree that we need one high profile signing, ideally a striker, Tammy does miss a lot, but he looked better at the start of the season. I would take Troy Parrott from Spurs on loan

    Snooker also starting today

  51. Villa next season





    Wingers – 2 new + Tres/ El G

    Luiz/Jack/SJM/Marvelous/Conor/Louis Barry/ Jake D-H

    Wesley (let’s pray he has settled), Davis (let’s hope he learns to score)/Vassilev/Established 20 goal striker

  52. IanG- Sacrilege you’ll get ostracised .

    VillaMD- not sure doyle hayes is still with us but hope so. Biggest problem with wesley is will he be able to run , hate injuries.

  53. We must be the only club to stay up in Premier league history who stay up despite the forwards at the club not scoring in the last 15 ish games

    That is unbelievable.

    The absolute priority has to be a quality established Premier League striker

    Danny Ings – Callum Wilson, Tammy Abraham. And let’s be honest the best we are going to get is a 12 – 13 goals a season player.

    Villa don’t have the wage structure for top quality. I believe Benteke was on 120k per week at Palace.

    I would try and sell Samatta, Marvellous and Trez. And use the money to buy from Buennia Benraham/Brooks/Billings/Axel/Doucorie/Capoue

    We need proven quality.

    The new guy can buy a few prospects but the majority needs to be spent on first team players

  54. I keep hearing quality being bandied about but surely we all know there are no guarantees? For a start everyone appears to want to buy players from three teams that couldn’t hack it this season. We on the other hand want some guaranteed starters that will have to play with a bunch we don’t rate. Myself I think there is more to come from last years buys when all fit.

    I hope our new DOF does what most incoming employee’s would do and outbid his ex-employers on all those gems he’s been working on 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong I want quality but I am unsure how nailed on that is to acquire.

  55. Brooks being linked to clubs apart from us.

    West ham went him. If we let west ham get Bowen and Brooks we deserve the s**t we get

    We should have gone and got Bowen in January. And we need to go and get Brooks now. Don’t let Wet Spam get another quaily winger whislt we sit here with the worst wingers in professional football

  56. I certainly hope we aren’t shy in adding the the forward line

    This seaswe had no quality, but also had no depth

    This summer we need tongo and sign 5 or 6 attackers ( wingers and strikers) so we have quaily and depth.

    Our bench this season was an absolute joke

  57. Mark, the gems available from the relegated teams are just that. They got relegated because they didn’t have enough of them. Had we dropped, Mings, Jack and Dougie would have been acquired by others in the Prem. Doesn’t make them not good enough, we just needed more of their ilk.

  58. Sheff Weds have been clobbered with a 12 point deduction next season for selling their ground to the owner to raise funds. OK, they fudged it and claimed the sale in the wrong tax year. But….it is now clear to everyone, there is one law for the super rich like Man Citeh and another for the wannabees. s**t stinks and the football authorities have more s**t than most.

  59. Sarr and Emi Buendia both scored and assisted less than our two and have the same prem experience. Would I take them? yes especially the argie but he’s up for £30m. If we got him and Benrahma we would have 4 very hard to handle players in Jack, Mcginn and those two but would it also be more of what we have with Jack already? like a team of Dribblers


  60. MK – 30M for Buendia is crazy. We should convince Kai Havertz to join, guarantee 1st team football and playing with Jacj, SJM, and Douglas. Pay the 40M Leverkusen are asking.

    That is what I call the owners making a statement

  61. And now Eddie Howe has left Bournemouth.
    While I feel for Eddie Howe & his club, I think it was ours to lose, with us in upward building phase & Bournemouth coming down off their pinnacle.
    I hope Brentford join us rather than dirty Fulham, although Fulham would be a nailed on certainty to go straight back down.

  62. James McCarthy from Palace/Everton rumored to be joining for 5M. He’d be quality at that price. Would be perfect cover for Luiz and at 29 year has ideal experience

  63. Mccarthy. No thanks

    Origi linked. He would be good

    We need two big name strikers. We can’t go through the season again having no quaily up front or on the wings

    Spend big of 2 proven prem strikers ( Tammy/ Origi) and sign 3 good wingers

    Splash the cash

  64. Ian G
    Hope you are fully Fifa 20 and Football Manager 2020 qualified before outrageously slagging off Frem the Orifice! Where’s your respect?

  65. We apparently want another centre back. Jesus

    We need forwards. Don’t waste money on another central half. We bought enough last summer

    And apparently we only want 1 winger!!!! Madness. Jota, Trez and Ghazi are absolutely shocking players. We need 3 in

  66. I hear you frem but a dose of reality is needed. Last season was about staying up…job done. Now the task is to be mid table, a solid prem team.

    Sounds like jack will be on the left if we can keep him! Mccarthur would be a solid signing. Tidy player, great experience and a up grade on Lansbury and drink from the bench.

    100 mill on 4 players apparently

  67. Heaton

    Guilbert konsa mings targett
    Buendia Mcguinn
    Sarr Tammy. Grealish

    I’d be well happy with that and I’m not Tammys biggest fan but think he could get close to 15 goals

  68. I want filter coffee (preferably Java Lava), milk (blue top purefiltre – not that weedy green or red top muck), ibuprofen, icecream and prawns. I want them in that order and I want them now. If my fantasy woman of choice hasn’t got enough sense to know that I know what I’m talking about, I will sack her, go on another adult website and find another lucky woman to play with myself to. I am a very knowledge important true claret and blue digital fan who knows what I want and will ram it in all your faces until you all p*ss off and leave this website to me alone.

  69. H&V
    Hope you’re right, 100 mil would be nice.
    A pleasant surprise or two would be good.
    I don’t see many potential players to be enthused about so far, early days I suppose.
    Better an old patient than a new Doctor.

  70. HRH says he was also put through the mangle last weekend just like all of us. Says he frightened his kids when he started jumping up and down on the sofa when Jack scored. Also says his nerves were shredded. He’s born to suffer like all of us.

    A week has passed already and nothing has yet materialized on the signing front. I’m with Frem, we don’t need more defenders or keepers. Get the midfield sorted. Control that and we control the game. Plus a lethal striker.

  71. Thank you Ian G for inspiring me how to express what has been burning for months.
    Thank you John Clark for running this website and allowing me to vent with an uncharacteristic (?) sarcastic stab. Pantomime villans are more disturbing than cinema klowns to me.

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