Well, a new campaign is about to start, Aston Villa emerging (we hope) from perhaps the bleakest period in the club’s history. During last season we actually wondered whether any of the players actually cared about the club and its long-suffering fans, but here we are, mentally refreshed and buoyed-up a tad by the arrival of a new owner and a new manager.

But the question to me is – for the time being at least – do these present-day players care enough? It made me think.

I recently took my mind back to the days following the Second World War, and though I didn’t see a match before 1950, I recall comments made by my father who was one of that huge crowd that watched a magnificent cup-tie against the first Busby Man U side in 1948 when Villa took the lead but had to come roaring back to 4-5 from being 1-5 down at half-time. Villa’s Trevor Ford then hit the crossbar. A very late Man U goal sealed the win to them at 4-6; a match that was vividly remembered by all who were there.

However, 1945 to 1955 was a pretty bleak time in some respects. Villa didn’t win a bean, and some of the players who played in WW2 friendlies and the wartime league were only just coming up to their retirement in the latter part of that decade. But though they didn’t win trophies, the players were such characters in those days that the crowd loved ’em! In those days the entertainment was often more important than winning!

Just as now, there was some frustration in those times that Villa didn’t make progress. Bought-in high-class stars decided to leave because of their disillusionment: Trevor Ford (1950), Danny Blanchflower (1954) and Tommy Thompson (1955). And those that didn’t leave (like Johnny Dixon) stayed to renew the great days. In Johnny’s case his stay was fully justified that day in 1957 when he led Villa to winning a (then) record 7th FA Cup win.

So, who were the main post-war players who shone (in character and ability) on the Villa Park turf between 1945 and 1955, yet didn’t come close to any trophy? Here’s my list for what it’s worth (in order of joining Villa):

    George Cummings (1936-49). A Scottish international left-back built like a tank. Captain of Villa from 1945 to 1949. He famously got the better of wingers like Stan Matthews and Tom Finney, usually forcing them to move infield to avoid his rigorous attention. If they didn’t, their reward would sometimes be to find themselves shoulder-charged over the perimeter railings!

    George Edwards (1938-51). A mesmerising winger or centre-forward who, in the last season of wartime football, was beaten to the national scoring record only by Trevor Ford (then of Swansea). Wartime badly interfered with his career; doubtless he would otherwise have been a full international. Some said that he was a great player. He had to give up football in the end due to a severe illness, but was still highly regarded as a player when in his 30s. He helped to campaign for the ousting of the Villa board in 1968.

    Frank Moss jnr. (1938-56). A Brummie and a centre-half or wing-half of great reputation (Tommy Lawton was just one great striker who talked him up) who happens to have been a second cousin of mine. His father played for Villa as well and captained England. Frank jnr. had two footballing brothers: Amos (who also played for Villa), and Dennis, the best of the three (it is said), who gave up senior football as a youngster to enter business. There could have been a Villa Moss Bros. half-back line of Moss, Moss and Moss! When Frank retired he took up pig farming in Cornwall. A bit of a toughie was Frank, who was sometimes heard to shout obscenities to any colleague who wasn’t performing properly.

    Harry Parkes (ca. 1942-1955). A Brummie and a fine all-round player who missed being capped for England only by injury. Eventually settled down at full-back, but is the only known Villa player to have played in every position, including once taking over as an emergency keeper. Was well known for his sports shops in Birmingham, and also very well known as the team joker! He was a Villa director for awhile in the early 1970s and vehemently opposed Doug Ellis. Parkes was believed to be leading a consortium to take over Villa in 1982, just as Doug Ellis performed a conjuring trick in share acquisition.

    Johnny Dixon (1946-1961). Captain of Villa’s cup-winning team in 1957. Had the distinction of breaking his nose in the first match he played for Villa, and also in the last (in 1961) when he made a goal and scored one in a 4-1 win, at the age of 37. Close to being an England international, he had his best scoring season in 1951-52 with 26 goals. Villa skipper 1955-58 and a trainer until 1967. A tea-totaller, he played his last game for the Villa Old Stars when about 70 years-of-age!

    Dickie Dorsett (1946-55). A tough all-round player with a thumping shot and Villa’s penalty taker. Opposing keepers were advised to stand out of the way! An occasional Villa skipper. On retirement he became a reserve team trainer for awhile before becoming a coach at Liverpool. Scored for Wolves in the 1939 FA Cup Final. In 1951 he came close to death when involved in a motor car accident.

    Les Smith (1946-52). A smart and reliable left-winger: a wartime England international when with Brentford. He was an electrician by trade and ran a shop before restarting the Villa Old Stars’ teams in 1961 to raise money for charity. Not to be confused with another Villa winger named Les Smith who played at Wembley in 1957.

    Trevor Ford (1946-50). This Welsh international centre-forward of fiery temperament was a prolific goalscorer, and left for the then great Sunderland side in order to win trophies – but didn’t achieve his ambition. A highly controversial player throughout his career.

    Eddie Lowe (1946-50). A local boy who rose from Villa’s ‘nursery’ teams to become a member of the 1947 England team which annihilated Portugal 10-0. A very cultured wing-half, but once manager Alex Massie left (1949) he was considered a luxury: they said his defensive abilities were minimal. He was sold to Fulham where he regained his form and went on to play for them 511 times and where he retired from playing in 1963. He played in the company of Johnny Haynes, Jimmy Hill, Bobby Robson, Jim Langley and other Fulham stars of the 1950s when Fulham’s team was very good. It is extraordinary that Villa sold him as it was only a year later Villa paid a then large sum of money for Danny Blanchflower, whose defensive inclinations were none too strong!

    Ivor Powell (1948-51). This Welsh international wing-half’s career ended through injury, but in that short time he was a force to be reckoned with. Even though a small player he could get to high balls. Captain 1949-51. A friend of Stanley Matthews, he finally retired from football coaching at the age of 93 (!) after receiving an MBE for services to football.

    Con Martin (1948-56). This tall Irish international was amazing – he occasionally played for club and country as a goalkeeper even though his main position was as a defender, usually at centre-half.

    Tommy Thompson (1950-55). A regular scorer and worked in close harmony with Johnny Dixon, both of whom came from the north-east. Nicknamed ‘Toucher’ on account of the style of his play. In 1955 he signed for Preston where he partnered Tom Finney in attack; together they scored 200 goals in 4 seasons. Twice played for England.

    Stan Lynn (1950-1961). A full-back in the George Cummings mould, he took over from Dickie Dorsett as the player with a thumping shot and Villa’s penalty taker. The only Villa full-back to score a hat-trick (in 1958) and holds the full-back club scoring record for one season (9, 1957-58). He finished his working life in the stores at Joseph Lucas under the supervision of an old schoolmate and Villa friend of mine.

    Danny Blanchflower (1951-54). Out of ambition, this fine NI international wing-half moved to Spurs in late 1954 and became their captain in winning the League and FA Cup double in 1961, the FA Cup in 1962 and then the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963. Managed Northern Ireland for a time. Always controversial in his views on football and wrote quite a bit for the press.

    Peter Aldis (1951-59). A Brummie from Kings Heath who was the artist of the pair of Villa full-backs that graced Wembley’s turf in 1957, Lynn being the other full-back. Close to becoming an England international. He only ever scored one goal for Villa. It was in 1952, and he scored it with a header that still stands as Villa’s record for the furthest headed goal – 35 yards! Villa’s skipper in the 1958-59 season. As he lived fairly local to me I saw him out running in our local streets: he inspired me to start my own keep-fit routine.

There were other players that made a significant contribution during that period including the very long-serving and tricky winger Billy Goffin and another winger, Colin Gibson. Also to mention the later headteacher John Martin and pre-war international Ronnie Starling, both fine ball-playing inside-forwards whose playing careers had been interrupted by war, but who continued to provide valuable support until 1948.

With players of character such as those described above, most of whom had an unswerving love for the club, the inevitable question is just how come they didn’t win anything? But they didn’t even come close to a trophy from 1945 to 1955 and, as in recent years, they were often in relegation battles but without actually getting relegated. In two such seasons when relegation threatened its head at Christmas time, the Villa summoned great reserves of determination (and money to buy in some playing help) to recover, and each time finished sixth in the league. Such is the mystery of football!

The end of the 1953-54 season is one vivid example of Villa’s trials and tribulations in that decade. Villa experienced a tough season, but Peter McParland and several other youngsters made their mark later in the season to the extent that Cup Winners and League Runner-up West Bromwich Albion were trounced 6-1! Villa also put five past a high-placed Burnley to recover and finish in 13th place.

The year 1955 was a year of almost complete change at Villa Park. Fred Normansell, the Villa chairman, died, Billy Smith the club secretary (who had taken over from George Ramsay in 1926) had to retire through ill-health, and a whole host of very experienced players left. Danny Blanchflower had left before the preceding Christmas, Tommy Thompson moved in the summer of 1955, and long-time stalwarts Harry Parkes, Frank Moss and Dicky Dorsett all retired. Con Martin, Amos Moss and Colin Gibson would soon follow them into retirement. Villa sorely missed them, but the management had not planned a solution for this glaringly obvious exodus and relegation was only escaped by the narrowest of margins in 1955-56. The start of that season saw Villa signing Dave Hickson, the highly thought of striker from Merseyside (he played for Everton, Liverpool and Tranmere as well as Huddersfield). He clearly did not settle in the Midlands and was discharged from his duties having only scored one goal in 12 matches (and that in a pulsating 4-4 home draw with Man U).

In 1955-56 a new generation of fine players were to be seen at Villa Park, including later Welsh international, skipper and then manager Vic Crowe and Ireland international Pat Saward, but some of them were emergency buys to keep relegation at bay: keeper Nigel Sims, centre-half Jimmy Dugdale, former record sale Jackie Sewell and winger (the new) Les Smith arrived. Also, by that time Peter McParland had made himself a feared entity on Villa’s left-wing after trials as an inside-forward. Peter actually joined Villa as a left-half! It so happens that a winger named Norman Lockhart appeared at Villa about this time, and for a season was competing with Peter McParland for the left-wing slot in the Northern Ireland team. A young Ron Atkinson was on Villa’s books but did not make the first team: he went on to star for Oxford United. Young centre-forward Derek ‘Doc’ Pace was another for whom there were hopes, but he was sold to pave the way for Gerry Hitchens in 1958 and subsequently gave Villa continual reminders of his scoring ability whenever he returned to Villa Park in an opposition shirt.

Villa was plagued with the loss of several very promising players in the early/mid 1950s: the interestingly-named young Herefordshire centre-forward Miller Craddock was thought of as a replacement for Trevor Ford and a future ‘great’, but was soon diagnosed with heart disease. He had to retire from football and died, still at a young age, in 1960. Injuries ended the hopes of the fine young forwards K. O. Roberts and Ken Roberts, and (later in the 50s) the young and brilliant Brummie keeper Arthur Sabin actually died of a disease shortly after making two highly-acclaimed first-team appearances. Bill Baxter, a useful wing-half, also had to retire through injury but continued for some years as a trainer.

So, that was the 1945 to 1955 era in a nutshell. A period in which the trophy cupboard remained bare, but was nevertheless a time of great enjoyment watching players who played as though the club’s motto was stamped on their hearts and at times seeming to indicate that great days were just around the corner. And in 1957 we briefly thought that time had finally come.

The players loved playing for the Villa, and loved the old tradition of the club. But the training sessions were a laughing stock until former player Eric Houghton arrived as manager in 1953 and not long after brought in Bill Moore to provide discipline and method in training. This fine trainer was treated abysmally by the Villa board after the 1957 Cup win, and he soon left the club to manage Walsall, much to Houghton’s chagrin. Houghton himself was sacked only 18 months after that Cup win but he left a fine legacy of young players that had been fostered by the great coach Jimmy Hogan, another Houghton appointee. Houghton eventually returned as a member of the Villa board in the 1970s and remained involved with the club as an ambassador for nearly the rest of his life. His death was the last tangible link with pre-war Aston Villa and, as a winger, he was the last player to have been coached on the field of play by his inside-forward partner, Billy Walker.

The great days, however, didn’t really return until nearly 20 years after the FA Cup success. In fact, to add salt to the wound, my father (who had seen the Villa greats of the early 1930s, like Billy Walker, Pongo Waring and Jimmy Gibson) made his last visit to Villa Park in 1962 to see Villa beat Liverpool and to witness a fine youngster by the name of George Graham, who scored in that match. George was soon after sold by Villa to Chelsea for a pittance and immediately proceeded to make a big name for himself. He later became a bigger name with Arsenal and then Man U. Meanwhile, despite a remarkably high-scoring end to the 1961-62 season and then the arrival of Tony Hateley, Villa sank to new low levels before their phoenix revival started. And that is but another great story in this club’s history told remarkably well in the book “Children of the Revolution” by the Times journalist, Richard Whitehead.

Do the present players care? Well, probably not as much; and of course many now have the lure of the kind of money that 60 and 70 years ago – and even 30 years ago – footballers could only dream about. The priorities of players and the way football is conducted have profoundly changed.

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  1. JL
    Great post, your historical knowledge of all things AVFC is second to none. However this current crop have shown week in week out they don’t care to s**ts about the club or its fans, it’s all about ££££ and the next shiny new car/watch/house or dolly bird.
    I see NUFC have made a move for Ciaran Clark, who a couple of days ago was going nowhere and here to stay as he is a villa las and lives the club, according to RDM. I think he will go, why not, fresh start, championship hot favourites, and bigger crowds. Gana is supposedly at Finch Farm tying up a move to EFC( will WHU steal in with more money?). Scum like Bacuna and Gabby who are lazy work shy s**ts are being given yet another chance as are Lescott /Richards etc. how can the fanbase go from despising these wankers and their lack of effort in the worst season in our history, to cheering them on and believing they can steer us to glory. My early top 6 spot prediction for the championship is as follows
    1) NUFC
    2) NCFC
    3) DCFC
    4) Sheff Weds
    5) Brighton & Hove Albion
    6) Ipswich
    We will be mid table with the likes of Wolves, Blues, Leeds and Forest unless we completely implode

  2. Really nice piece John and I suspect the current lot would even want to meet fans let alone site down and chat with them over a pint! As a child I liked in Sheldon (darkest Blue nose country) and went to Lyndon Green Juniors at the same time as Stan LynnLynn’s son. At that time early 60s he was playing for the blues and living (in one of a number of other houses owned by BCFC & rented out to players including Lynn & at one time Gil Merrick) in Bray’s Rd near the school. I spent many an hour after school kick a ball around their back garden with Stan! I remember living off the story that I had saved a “Stan the slam” penalty I also once scored a goal past Gil!
    They were very different days when players were both hero’s & neighbours! These days they are only neighbours to the very rich and only then through gated estates!

    The village I now live in was once home to a premier player who no one ever saw! It was also home to Frank Bruno, who it was hard to miss being the only Black guy in the village & he often stood around next to his Bentley happy to talk to anyone!

    Incidentally I only became a Villa fan because Billy Garraty (Grealish’s great grand dad) lived just down the road and was happy to stand at his gate and recall memories of great games!

  3. Herts,

    Well, I was brought up in the Kings Heath area and was virtually the only Villa supporter at my school! πŸ™‚

    Agreed about players once wanting to know the fans … there is the famous story of course about Eric Houghton in his playing days who showed a supporter how to get to St Andrews to watch the derby in which he (Houghton) was playing, but the fan didn’t realise who he was!

    That bit about Billy Garraty is rather fascinating … do you have interesting bits about the old days that he told you?

  4. Not really John! He was very old then (or at least he seemed it) most of his story’s were about the size of the. Crowds And being carried the ground after a major victory, mainly against the blues. I do recall he story about playing at St Andrews and that as the steam trains went past just behind one of the blues goal, steam was so thick that they couldn’t tell if they had scored till the steam had cleared!

    I remember a similar story from an old West Ham fan who told me that during one game the fog was so thick that the fans behind the West Ham goal could just about see the goalie! After 20 mins or so of not seeing any action & not even the sound of action they sent the goalie up field to see what was happening ! After a few minutes he came running back shouting “the buggers have all gone off and not told me”!

  5. That was a fantastic read from start to finish, thanks a lot John.
    Also very interesting anecdotes from Villa@herts, good to hear about the origins of our fans support.
    Twitter reckons McCormick is signing for Villa now, panics seems to have set in after Saturday.
    I don’t think Xia is all he’s cracked up to be, if he’s not prepared to spend now then whats he going to do IF we reach the EPL again ? 40/50m spent now will ensure three times that next season, so why the reluctance to spend ? Earlier i cast doubts on RdM being boss next season, unless we have a good start then i can’t see him lasting till Crimbo.

  6. If Xia hasn’t got the money then why hasn’t RdM gone down the loan route, everyone knows about his Chelsea links, if the Doc can’t afford the extra wages then the club really is in s**te street.

  7. Thanks for the marvelous history lesson — you always do it so well! I wish I could have been there during those days to watch players who lived and died for the colors on their badge.

  8. I enjoyed reading about those characters from the past. Thanks again, John.
    Character is missing as well as sincerity. There’s too many overpaid parasites like GA. Have the massive wages killed off character development? Who are the real characters playing footy in England these days? Where are they?
    I hope Gary Gardener does well, wouldn’t depend on him though. They need to bring in a proven player in his position.

  9. John,

    Another fascinating read and your knowledge of all things Aston Villa knows no bounds, some great names and I mean great in there and as you rightly point out players who felt proud to play for the Villa.
    Firstly when was the last time we had players at the club who had genuine pride and affection for Aston Villa, ones that would run through brick walls to pull on the shirt, not many that I can think of in recent times, you would need to go back to Laursen and Mellberg and before them McGrath, Little and a few others and include the European cup winners.

    And then we come onto the current crop of dare I call them players who treat the club with utter contempt, who take their Β£50k plus a week salaries and could not give a toss if we play in the conference, they are a disease that needs getting rid of if the club is to move forward, I never want to see any of them wearing the colours again and it will be a dark day for us if Agbonlahor ever plays again for this club, I know people like Richards are as bad but this bloke is supposed to be a life long Villa fan so we should expect a little more from the KFC chomping idiot not what he served up when he could be bothered to lace up his boots.

    I also feel the attitude of the supporters has changed over the years although I do not include all of todays fan base, but I think most of the new support tend to believe they are watching a product instead of having a real affection for the club, when we followed the club home and away in the old third division days the lads who travelled with us would have done anything for the club, they worked Monday to Friday with only one purpose in mind and that was to watch Aston Villa on Saturday afternoon.

    The game has changed dramatically because of certain aspects but mostly the money is obscene and with it the attitude of players and fans alike which is why the game from 20 years plus ago is so far removed from what we witness today, which is why it is so easy for us older lot to fall out of love with game that shaped our youth.


  10. Glad you enjoyed the article fellers. I always love writing about the old players as I feel their spirit writing through me.

    SWV – totally agreed with your p.o.v. I find it hard to accept the general way it’s going.

    In fact there’s part of me that’s grateful that Sam Allardyce is now manager of England as his approach to the game is the old British style – which I’m not afraid to say I prefer. Memories of Johnny Dixon, Gerry Hitchens, Peter Mac and Stan Lynn are still greatly cherished – even above the likes of the 1982 team, though I’d love to see Morley, Shaw, Withe and Cowans back in all their glory. Also Little from a slightly earlier time and a couple from the early/mid-90s, particularly McGrath and Ian Taylor.

  11. Herts,

    Thanks for those tales! It reminds me of a foggy night at Villa Park in the late 50s when Villa scored after the ball had gone over the byline (unseen by all the officials).

    I also remember the train smoke at St. Andrews. You can’t sniff ’em like that anymore! πŸ˜‰

  12. So RdM reckons we’re going to build on what we have ( which is virtually nothing ), what makes him think he can do what every manager over the last seven years couldn’t ? deluded and out of his depth. This is the mug who said he’d get the new signings in early and integrate them. VP has been a holiday camp since MON left.
    Hernandez probably going to Leeds.
    Doormats on VB saying that the fat parasite should play on Sunday, mind boggling.

  13. I have decided to wait until the window closes to judge. I hope and pray we will come good and its just a matter of waiting.

    Got a feeling we want prem league players who are waiting until there clubs sign others to let them leave.

    I want to belive as on paper I like the set up of wyness, rdm, Clarke and bond. If we can get 4 or 5 new players and intergarte rushden murphy and green it could be decent!

  14. Thank JL- a great read but that character shown exists only in the military these days the general public have more in common with sheep bleating at so called stars who barely deserve to be called that in all corners of the arts. We still see it in rugby where money is more limited but commitment 100% always, to put it in old parlance modern footballers are pansies compared to their forebears

    I’m still patiently waiting for the revolution to start as its all there is at this point. Clearly the wage bill is overloaded and the cost of paying off so many players prohibitive. Logically they will have to wait until the end of the transfer window with 4-5 games until then to drop players, who knows some mug may buy them. I still think a few more will come in they have to by then. The situation we are in is a fluid one unlike Newcastle who have sold players easily for good money, cleared space on the wage bill and reinvested, we are not in that league.

  15. would any one blame clark for leaving,last season the genius of a manager black picked lescott look at my car and richards ahead of him
    the players must be feeling as deflated as the fans [the ones that care] thinking we are starting season with same team that relegated us,so the minute we fall behind villa park will become a cauldron of hate aimed at players and new manager
    has no one sat down with rdm plus the doc and told them that gabby lescott bacuna have no role at villa along with hutton westwood richards cissko we have failed miserably in cup competitions v lower league teams since lambert took over 5 years ago, and it still most his players that are playing he either signed or gave contract exstensions
    GOLLINA hutton cissko okore ELPHIK westwood sinclair bacuna TISH grealish AYEW amazing to think we are on 3 full time manager yet it still his cr*p that are first choice

  16. awesome information JL – written to your usual high standard

    Well 5ml for Clark — yes please – and to think we almost sold micah for the same price – guted big sam left before completing the deal

    Well the next few weeks are massive for the club — we need goals and could have a good season of we get a couple of scorers of the required quality

    if we don’t then it’s surely more doom and gloom

    There are a lot of players that will move clubs that havent yet and the market is fairly slow so far . but i am sure we will be working on improving the areas that we need too

  17. Had the pleasure of Con Martin’s company, he’d been a forgotten man by the official club for some time when a previous incarnation of the Irish Supporters club made him president, this led to an invite from the club in which he was guest of honour, the smile on his face as he stepped out onto VP, it could be seen from the back of the Holte. We got the stories about Ireland beating England for the first time in the 40s, about his transfers and playing in goal.

    He was an old school gentleman, may he rest in peace.

    A lot of very understandably frustrated Villans on here and elsewhere, RDM has had to take the cautious approach to players leaving, i’m quite ok with it even though i never want to see Lescott wear the shirt again.

    I think as we find ourselves outside the prem and having disgraced ourselves in the last 5 years, it’s probably proving very difficult to attract players who see the club as broken but also I expect that RDM is playing a waiting game with PL teams such that we may get some marquee signings in the form of top quality loans.

    Our Titanic has hit the ice and is sinking, the lifeboats should contain the likes of Bacuna, Gabby and Lescott but not at the expense of having secured their replacements first.

    Sit tight Villans, it will be a long road back but let’s enjoy the journey before it eats us up.


  18. DO’R,

    That’s a nice revelation about you meeting Con Martin. Yes, I always got the impression he was great in spirit.

    Extraordinary that he played six times for Northern Ireland *and* also made 30 appearances for the Republic.

  19. They ought to hold a meeting with the fans to find out the obvious, we’re crepe from top to bottom and most of the players are useless knobs, di Matteo and Clarke probably never saw how bad we were last season but think they have a magic wand that will transform this garbage into a superior form of mediocrity. Well Rubbertoe, what we need is a complete clear out otherwise these slackers will condemn you and Clark to another lengthy spell on the dole. Nice to see the possibility of 4 goals in 70 games striker Ricky Lamebert signing, he has a good future behind him.

  20. Read that article before, he was a very accomplished Gaelic football player, shame the closed minds at the time banned non-Irish sport participation even though this didn’t cover the upper class games of cricket and rugby, it was heavily focussed on the working class because FA rules football was a direct rival to the GAA in terms of participation but sold as a patriotism thing. Growing up in Dublin your family were split as either in terms of club support.

    You had to play soccer secretly and there were spies ready to grass you up for playing it.

  21. we are now favs to sign McCormack! massive swing in last 24 hours. Pat murphy says we are sniffing around him too also bamford.

    Id take lambert as a back up reswerve st if it means gabby is gone.

  22. My Disquiet…

    I am a bit shocked at the news that Clark may well be gone by the end of the week. Just a few days ago we were told that he wouldn’t be going .. “he’s a Villa boy”.

    We were also told early last week by Dr. Tonix that 4 (four) unwanted players would be going that week. I believe it turned out to be just one … Guzan.

  23. DOR,
    Used to collect programmes as a kid and someone gave me a few Drumcondra editions and suuported them , typically they disappeared ( club & progs )

  24. John

    I think micah was one but fell through with big sam going, vertout and sanzhex fell through too.

    lescott and Richards are going to be deadline dayers I reckon…the greedy scumbags will wait to the last min.

  25. Andrew,

    I was really trying to say that I get the impression that Dr. Tonix is a bit quick in making comments … he might do better to slow down a bit. Randy Lerner’s communications were non-existent, but this guy seems to be polar-reverse! πŸ˜‰

  26. I’m in two minds on Tony and Twitter, on the one hand, it’s great to see an owner actively engaging with fans, on the other hand he doesn’t actually say that much beyond, stay patient, trust mgmt and Holloway is a dick

  27. Seems any player of any use, will be sold, then the cr*p that is left, will all have relegation clauses in their contracts now, so that when we drop another division we can pay them peanuts, or get rid of them.

    After this plan B will kick with all the top young Chinese and Indian players becoming our new team that will take on the world.

    Excellent article once again JL. Always love reading your historical articles.

  28. Must admit to not being impressed with ANYTHING about the new AVFC under Xia, only the fact that Lerners gone cheers me up. Thinking that Hollis got Lerner the first buyer to show interest never mind “leaving the club in good hands.”

  29. Nice piece John. It’s funny how the mighty dollar has changed footballers over the last couple of decades. I got caught smoking by Mom when 8 or 9yrs old, and never got a penny pocket money after that. So i got a job helping the local milkman, and on his route were a couple of baggies players Johnny Osborne the goalie, Talbut and Kaye, also John’s if i recall. They always had time to natter, also Terry some thing, smashing guy was the official Villa photographer at the time liver round the corner from my high school (Dartmouth) but we used to get offered a cup of tea all the time off these guys, not to stuck up in their own fame to have time for the milkman and his kid runner. In later years i quit my job with British Rail and went to see one of the old milkmen who was now running the depot on Chester Road, and got a job on the milk until i finally got to emigrate. While out of the Chester Road depot i got to various rounds as i was the relief, very first Sunday pull up at house in Sutton and a voice shouted want a cuppa milkey, and of course i didn’t say no, but boy was i surprised when Alex Cropley was the guy asking me if i wanted milk and sugar. Met a couple of other Villa players around those few years, the only with an attitude if you call it that was John Gidman, he was ok most of the time but every now and then would give you the cold shoulder. These fellas these days wouldn’t even give you the time of day spoilt brats most of ’em. Even tossers like Luke Moore, wouldn’t even speak to my mate at a TFC game last year and he’s a never been let alone has been.

  30. Canada,

    Lovely reminiscences there!

    The photographer’s name? Terry Weir. I organised his photo collection at Villa Park – took months. His collection is marvellous – another lost breed.

  31. That’s it thanks John, now i have the name the address came back, it was Sycamore Road, off Wilderness Lane in Great Barr, forty something but i wont give out the exact number, great chap and his wife was terrific too, they had a son at the time who was either pre-school or just started infants, he would run up the hall and shout up the villa through the letter box as the John the milkman i was helping was a Blue Nose, i think Terry passed away but if the little guy reads this page maybe he’ll remember those days too!!!

  32. Seems that no-one wants to sign for the vermin, can’t understand why players wouldn’t want to play at Sty Andrews ……..oh yes its a shithole, in front of those huge crowds of loyal fans, 15th highest gates in the Championship and took 38 to Blackburn, after all they are the biggest club in Birmingham aren’t they ? two league cups in 141 years, even Bury have won the FA Cup.

  33. JL,
    In the 70’s we hired a mini bus to go to Blackburn, as we drove up the motorway someone spotted Terry Weir thumbing a lift, his car had broken down so we loaded him and his gear and made certain he got to Ewood, decent chap.

  34. Canada: ” i think Terry passed away but if the little guy reads this page maybe he’ll remember those days too!!!”

    Yes, he passed away around 2005 time.

  35. Idressa Gana gone, Clark as good as gone, Sinclair looks like the Celtic deal is still on, Guzan gone, Gil gone on loan, Sanchez and Veretout also look likely be loaned out, Nzogbia finally gone that’s a fair amount of wages freed up and some revenue in, I think there will be more exits, but I’m starting to get more concerned at who is coming in!! If the reports are true a Β£12m bid for MCormack has been submitted, I hope this is true, we will need to go higher as this figure has already been bid by Norwich and rejected. It shouldn’t end there as our squad is deficient in so many areas, what about Jon Flanagan for RB? Kodjia as a second striker , our midfield is lacking . Time is running out, the squad needs shaping especially the starting 11. Time for Dr T and Wyness and co to put up or shut up.

  36. Blimey Steamer, we must have crossed paths many times you know. Was at that Blackburn game, and used to be at Perry Barr for all Brummie matches, remember getting up at 4am on the Queens Jubilee for a double header away at Exeter and a return at Perry Barr same evening. Me and the missus and the rest of our lot used to sit in the middle tear of the bar right behind the starting gate, that was right until they moved to that crappy little place over by s**te Andrews where all the car thieves and other vermin would serve there probation. Never liked it over there and quit going after that.

  37. Used to go to Wolverhampton on a Fri, Cradley on Saturday and Brummies on a Monday, loved it, Penhall, Carter, Gunderson, Neilson et al. The smell of the fuel combined with the burgers mmm.
    When they moved to BG it just killed it, dear game now. As you said, great watching from the bar.

  38. John that email post is very worrying

    a lot of player movement outwards which is good . a few bits of better quality in should hopefully happy to lift the gloom a bit

    strap yourselves in it is the villa

  39. Used to similar but more often than not would go to Coventry on Saturday nights, i think i was a closet Bees fan. I was there the horrid night John Harrhy and Les Owen had that wicked crash that left Les paralysed down one side. I used to have Free cranked on the tape deck all the while back then, first in a Simca 1100 then an old gray mini, if you ever heard free cranking out at a speedway or villa match, it was me for sure. I used to love Ipswich coming in to town, be it Monmore, Perrybarr where ever, i wouldn’t miss them in the days of Tiger John Lewis, there was something about that guys riding style that was just phenomenal.

  40. Getting very excited about mccormack. Fits us like a glove. 29 is a good age for us. We are a fairyly young forward line and he is experienced and the captain for fulham. Completes our spine well. He also takes free kicks.
    Rb. Cb. Elphick. Amavi
    Tisc. Cdm
    Grealish. Mccormack. Ayew
    4 more needed after mccormack and reports we want mcinairr cb from utd. Mail says we want a cdm and cam so could happen! Think we are stuck with hutton though

  41. I expect RdM will utilize Mccormack as a full-on no. 9 striker with Ayew playing off his shoulder as second striker. I think it’d set us up nicely for a 4-Diamond-2, with a midfield of Grealish as the spearhead, Tshib & Gardener as CM’s, backed up with a new DM. That’s what it looks like to me anyway, at least on the initial think-through.

  42. By-the-by, if Sanchez is still in the fold come matchday, I wonder if RdM will use him? As of now, we really don’t have anyone else to turn to as a DM, and he’s been picked for the matchday squad at least for a couple of the pre-season games.

  43. Great article, John.

    Seems to me that it isn’t really about the badge/club anymore, but it’s understandable. Of course there’s the money, which makes mercenaries.

    I think the greater effect is sort of indirect, in that the money attracts players from all over. And there’s just no way they’re going to care about any particular club the way supporters do. They’ve no ties. It’s a job. Doesn’t mean they necessarily lack character, though many do.

    However, I do think team spirit still exists, and that’s the thing you have to try and build. You’ve got to have players with character, and then have them knit into a team that plays for each other. If they’ve got character, they want to win, whatever shirt they’re wearing. If they respect each other, they don’t want to let each other down. If they win together, they might (might) want to stay together, all things being equal.

    I have no idea what’s going on with recruitment at the moment…A lot of the thinking I’m seeing on here seems sound enough. But if I’m a manager, I’d really be looking be looking at character. Overachievers. The guys who run themselves into the ground and hate losing.

    And of course at least one natural goal-scorer. So I’m glad we spent the money on McCormack. If Dr. Tony is indeed rich, you have to make that kind of move.

    It may be garbage, but I liked seeing the link to Jedinak earlier.

  44. Oh, and the other thing…You have to create a club the players want to be at. Doesn’t mean big money isn’t going to tempt them. It always will. Careers are short. But if you’ve got character and a place where you really feel at home and wanted (by club and fans alike), you might even end up loving the club.

  45. JC
    Certainly agree about the need for respect and the want to play for each other.
    It sounds like McCormack is a hard worker. Maybe, he’ll inspire Steamer to say something nice about Scots:)
    I still hope Gabby gets the shift. That fooling around lat year, while club captain and on 55K is so unprofessional. He’s not worthy of the shirt. The pr**k earns more in a week than I do in a year, but if I’d done what he did and didn’t do (his job), I’d have been sacked.

  46. Texas…

    I know he comes in for abuse, some of well deserved, but there’s a good player in Sanchez. The biggest problem is his tendency to make one or two really boneheaded plays every match. But he does cover ground, is strong, good with the ball and competes.

    It’s just a really puzzling tendency to seem too relaxed at times, underplay the pass, etc. Stuff he doesn’t need to do, stuff that isn’t really reflective of his overall ability. If he stays, I’d hope someone could raise his game, get him to play with full focus for 90mins. But maybe that’s just who he is and there’s no fixing it.

  47. Canadian,
    Paul Rodgers is easily the best rock vocalist imo, followed by Ian Gillan and Nick Gravenites.
    used to love beating Coventry Bees, didn’t do it too often though.
    Texas & John,
    Looks like we’re the only three who rate Sanchez mate, perhaps the British game doesn’t suit his style, dunno.
    The mindset has definitely changed, look how the 1980’s players used to visit VP even when they’d left the club, i bet most of the modern shower won’t even watch football when they retire.
    I honestly think Scotland produces a lot of quality people for a small nation, comedians, novelists, bands, singers everything bar footballers and football managers.

  48. Just to clarify about Kodija, the lad did well to score 20 goals in his first season in English football in a struggling side plus he had the added handicap of not speaking a word of English but I have watched him and if we have real ambitions of going straight back up we need better players than he currently is, Bristol paid just over Β£2m for him but he is not worth the Β£8-10m being quoted, if we could get him for Β£5m it might be worth a gamble.

    As for McCormack he is probably the best player at this level I saw last season excepting Tom Huddleston of Hull who looked class, if we can get him then that would be a show of real intent that we are going to give it a go.

    Thought we missed a trick with the Gana deal we should have asked for Gareth Barry in exchange because I think he would have done a brilliant job at this level and I think he may well have came back for a couple of seasons.


  49. Steamer,

    We had some great nights watching the Heathens, blimey out first thing in the morning in town having breakfast straight in the hole in the wall then on to watch the Villa then straight to Cradley and we still got up next morning to play football, happy days Bruce Penhall was my favourite rider although I loved the Grahame brothers for their grit and hard work.


  50. Is the Commercial Department running this club – maybe AVL could be the official supporters’ blog

    Under Armour partnership announced ahead of 2016/17 kit unveil
    Mondogoal named as new Official Fantasy Football Partner

    Greene King announced as Official Ale Partner

    Aston University announced as Official UK University Partner

    HEINEKEN announced as official beer partner

    A N OTHER announced as Official Defensive Midfielder
    ASTON VILLA LIFE announced as Official Supporters’ Blog

    Meanwhile at Bodymoor Heath zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  51. Not a big twitter user but i went on there last night to check out Dr X’s tweets

    I must say the guy doesn’t shirk away from the tough questions and really seems like he has submerged himself in all things aston villa

    great shout for avl official Clive

  52. matey on twitter who is fair reliable says in for a replacement for Gana straight away.

    So Outgoings so far

    Im sure sanchez, vertout, lescott and Richards are gonners too.

    Not sure about gabby, bacuna, cissokho,
    a new cdm

    Biggest concern now is def and mid

    A new cam and cdm cb and ill be over the bloody moon.

    We will prob be neutral net spend too whilst having a pretty good transfer window.

  53. McCormack in, the balls rolling folks, lots of links surfacing so I think the 2 more players is wide of the mark by a long way as is the departure lounge which is quickly filling up πŸ˜‰

  54. wages are prob all good with the outgoings now.

    McCormack medical…looks nailed on. Massive thing for me is he is aleader. been captain at leeds and Fulham. we are fixing one of out biggest weaknesses. no leadership and spine. elphick barking out in defence and McCormack up top.


    28 days left of the window….this could get fun πŸ™‚

  55. steamer
    seen lambert s comments yesterday had to laugh,coming from a man who replaced bent with bowery signed tony moon helnius gave hutton and flabby longer contracts,amazing lambert never got a job in germany with all his badges

  56. Clive- I think the wage bill will be addressed by the windows end even if it means binning them or loans, at this point some mug may buy a few of them

  57. dr been on twitter saying squad numbers not announced yet as more ins and outs!

    Linked to Taore of Chelsea…would be amaaaazing if we got him. Would like a bit of pace in final 3rd

  58. i see chris sutton defending the villa on twitter – like Nilis i think he was going to have a very good season for us before being forced into retirement

    well think are becoming more exciting by the hour – loving the players we are linked with

  59. Clarke gone – all this love for the villa talk was obviously rubbish

    i am one that is glad to move on from clark all the same – hope he plays against us – i will be putting money on him to score for us again if he does play

  60. Steamer
    yes Rodgers is brilliant, was surprised Queen didn’t carry on with him after that very successful concert. Gillan was over here with Deep Purple February before last with Purple, went to see them in Hamilton, our own local band Monster Truck opened for them, if you get the chance listen to them, they are a great modern rock band, there motto on the T-shirts is ” Don’t F**K with the Truck”.
    I’ve often had luck like that with new bands, once went to Wolverhampton Civic to see Argent, rubbish would be a compliment, but a new band back then opened for him, Golden Earing, they were out of this world.
    Yes, the Grahame brothers were good, have fond memories of the captain back then Big Arfa’s antics were outrageous at times. Also remember Suzie Quatro getting a ride round the track on the back of an Aussies bike, Carl something i think, but she played a solo for us not quite Jimmy but not bad.

  61. Steamer: I completely agree with you about Paul Rodgers’ voice — the soulfulness of it gets me every time. Another male British singer that is pretty soulful is also a Paul … as in Paul Carrack.

  62. hey steamer i have probably mentioned this to you before but in my young days i did merchandising for the late great Robert Calvert’s Test tube conceived tour

    He actually asked me to play percussion on his next tour but unfortunately he passed away a little after the tour – was a real lovely guy with a huge personality

    i remember having huge hells angels coming up asking me about obscure albums i knew absolutely nothing about — great times πŸ™‚

  63. Although we’d all LOVE to see a new RB brought in via purchase or loan, in the meantime — should we try replacing Hutton with Micah? Is Richards better, or is he even worse?

  64. Afternoon everyone..

    Very happy with Ross Mcormack coming in.. he is just what we needed..

    Reports about trying to hijack the Diame deal if true show we have the funds there and willing to pay the wages..

    I wouldn’t mind Jedinak from Palace.. good player and a leader too..

  65. Texas,
    Came across this little gem about a year ago, Carrack doing a concert in a Jeermans front room, i think he won a competition or something. Great version of Whats Going On. Great voice.
    I’ll look up Truck tonight.
    Ditto, you ought to write a book mate some of the weird things like your kidknapping.
    Jedinak would be perfect for our MF in my opinion.
    Trying to escape RayK on here are you ? blokes a plank.

  66. Don’t know what to think about Clarks departure, i always thought he had great potential but he still makes the same basic errors. He’s also chirping about Newkie being “a massive club” and “moving in the right direction,” strange that, i though they were relegated last season. Still, can’t wish him ill he always gave 100%.

  67. Have I missed something whilst at work regards Ross McCormack ?? He hasn’t signed yet , just that we have had a bid accepted( as have Norwich I think). I see we looked foolish in trying vey late on to hijack the Diame deal, NUFC fans giving out pellters about that and signing Clark. The best analogy I swa re Diame was, If you get to the Disco just before closing, you shouldn’t expect to leave with a stunner!! I’d still like us to get a few more deals over the line ASAP

  68. Lionheart

    Good shout on jedink be great alongside tisch. No idea why we left it so late on diame but onto the next one!

    B62. Ross pic at bodmore and fitness test today, should be all ok.


    Rb. Cb elphick. Amavi
    Cdm. Tisc
    Grealush. Mccormack ayew

    4 more signings to go!!

  69. Texas

    Id go richards over hutton even though hutton can def better than micah. Just hate hutton.

    We got 5 mill for clark and off thevwage bill…..he was at the start of a new 5 year deal for us. Brilliant work. Anytime he was on the ball id be panicking waiting for the mistske. Never saw anyone panic so much

  70. I am also guessing we won’t see more than 5 more before the window shuts , if we can create an effective first team them maybe we will be relying on the younger players to back up at this level

    Doubt we will shift all of the unwanted seniors so they will also be used as required

  71. Andrew: then, until a new RB comes in, perhaps Micah to start the game for offensive purposes, to be replaced with Hutton to close up shop if we’ve the lead (or hard-earned draw away)?

  72. for me richards and hutton have strength with hutton always giving a lot of effort but they both have no positional sense which gets the team caught out far too often

  73. As far as the loss of Clarke goes, I’m ambivalent: on the one hand I always admired how he put in a workingman’s shift every time he was on the pitch, however he was always picking up a lot of silly cards because he was none too swift of foot, and I would dearly love to know Clarke’s ratio of goals scored for us against own goals scored for our opponents (I’ve a feeling that the ratio would be something he wouldn’t be too proud to see documented).

  74. Texas,
    Excellent, another who died early, saw him with Vinegar Joe with Elkie Brooks on OGWT. Where have all the good singers gone ? Michael McDonald, Gerry Rafferty ?

  75. Steamer: “great singers like Michael McDonald and Gerry Rafferty”

    Wow, we must have the same musical tastes. Every singer that you’ve mentioned is represented in my MP3 player.

  76. Possibly the recent dissent about lack of signings may have spurred the club into action, i feel more confident now we have a goalscorer and it should be a help to Rudi, Rudi, Rudi.
    Thought that musically Monster sounded like Budgie but with a vocalist with a deeper voice, liked them a lot.

  77. Squad taking shape, spine has been addressed with a keeper, CB, Mid and Striker coming in. No talk of us being finished in terms of ins or outs. Feeling more and more confident.

    Issues, the potential for Amavi and Ayew to be still poached and covering for that, as above the RB position, Hutton shades it for me as the desire and effort was there if the lack of skill is there for all to see. Richards was one of those who took no pride in wearing the shirt imo.

    Also probably look for another midfield and CB option if i’m being greedy because Sanchez and Veretout will probably leave at some point and Lescott just has to be shown the door.

  78. Will be interesting re the resolve of the club to hold on to Ayew
    would like to see him stay unless he really wants to leave – which i guess is a strong possibility
    if he does go i hope we play hardball on the price – he has got to be worth at least 15mil in today’s market

    welcome Ross

  79. Darren delighted with the spine being addressed. been banging on about it for years. Midfield is a big worry for me not much protection for def or creativity for attack. Gardner and tisch the only ones id play at the mo.

    IMO we will get a cb cdm cam and a st happy days

  80. Does seem likely Ayew is going to WHU. Dr.X say he ain’t going anywhere. Maybe he says too much. We’ll see.
    Good to see Ross McCormack in-needs to lose a bit of weight. More players needed in, more needed out.

  81. will be interesting re ayew both rdm and dr said he is going no where. bye bye lescott.


    micah, sanchez vertout will go.

    I want gabby, hutton, bacuna and westy out then ill be happy.

  82. I think that the stories re Jordan Ayew going to West Spam are nonsence given they all say Villa would accept Β£8m for him! I think these stories are based on one blogger putting 2 & 2 together (one Ayew is going there so the other one will also go) and other lazy bloggers & journos repeating it! Although we all know that the Dr was wrong to say Ayew was not going & was down to his naivety! But, he doesn’t have a buy out clause, seeing want him to go and don’t need the money + he is a much better prospect than his brother who has gone for Β£20+m who got him on a fee. All of that adds up to him being worth at least Β£25m which I doubt West Spam could afford under FFP!

    On West Spam I’m surprised that UEFA haven’t investigated the fact there new ground is being subsidised by you and me the tax payer! Many other European clubs have been fined for being subsidised by national or local government. I think even Barca were given a hefty fine for such activity!

    Finally, am I the only one who is surprised, given the weeks it took for Dr X and the board to get through the FA’s fit & fair owner (or what ever it’s called now) investigation, how the new Wolves owner seems to have gone through in hours or on the nod!

  83. I hate predictive text! But don’t know how to turn it off!! “Seeing wanting to go” should read seeing the club dont want him to go…

    Swansea got Ayew on a free not a “fee”

  84. Herts don’t worry about the spelling thing – they have put up with my shocking posts for years so reading yours will be like reading Shakespeare in comparison

    Yeah Dr X has tweeted again saying Ayew going nowhere — good stuff

  85. the dr has also said we want 3-4 new players and the technical director in πŸ™‚


    rb cb elphick amavi
    Tishiba cdm
    cam Grealish Ayew
    Is it the 4231 formation we have been playing?

  86. I just cannot see how we can take the ‘news’ of West Ham’s interest in Ayew – or even any other so-called news – until you actually see the story developing to new levels that indicate movement on the theme.

    However, having said that I initially dismissed comments on Clark’s transfer and was actually caught by surprise when it happened.

    But I stand by what I say on the news generator. It’s not worth taking it seriously until it’s gone beyond the initial talk.

  87. Would love to see new players brought in to replace Westie and Hutton, but wouldn’t be unhappy if they stayed as backups to their replacements. Both are decent squad players, especially at this level.

  88. Problem being that they have lengthy contracts awarded by the idiot Fox. I don’t see Wastewood being too prominent this season …… hopefully.

  89. Its going to be an interesting few weeks for us 3-4 players can change the face of this team totally, another striker a DM (experienced) AM and a RB. The second striker thing gets bandied about and I hope he’s pacey. that means one of Rudy Kosak or Gabby have to go though for me.

  90. Kozac and gabby are done for. Mccormac gestede ayew new st and rushden will be in the mix.

    Def going to be a st cam and cdm. Next spot cb i reckon.

    Telegraph saying stll in for hernandez the hull one

  91. Ravel Morrison, is dropping a lot of hints about joining us, all the skill but none of the application seems to be the general assessment, would he be a welcome addition or a problem an already (previously) problematic dressing room doesn’t need?

    Have to say I was going to be quite accepting of the two year plan and mid table obscurity but there’s something about the intention by getting McCormack which has ignited my hopes for a promotion season. Can’t wait for Sunday.

    If we were still in the Prem and Fox was patting himself on the back, i’d be dreading the return of football as nothing would have changed.


  92. Hi All Back off hols and not seen any trouble in Turkey , hope all well ,

    Steamer / SWV
    real sad news lads . l heard last night “Our leader Melv” passed away, going to be a Steamers meet up for the Rotherham game ,

    Have a good weekend all
    Jenny enjoy your hols see you soon xxxxxx

  93. st75 condolences to family and friends

    Good press conference from RDM who says we have 3 different bids in for new players which is very encouraging
    Apparently we have sold all tickets for the 1st 3 games

    could this be the rebirth of the great Aston villa —- very much looking forward to the season for a change

  94. Andrew – agree Ravel is a risk but i think he could possibly be very good in this lge

    the thing is we don’t have goals from midfield so if RDM speaks with him and thinks he can get something out of him he may well help fire us back to the prem — hopefully

  95. ST75 sorry to hear about your pal my condolences, glad you had a good holiday.
    Great to see Villa getting Ross MCormack, we still need more quality in , as this squad is bang average overall. I hope the Geordies have a rude awakening tonight, as I’m already fed up of them being crowned champions by every fan, pundit, bookie and the entire media, before a ball is even kicked!! I understand why they are favourites, best manager, best squad, money to spend, packed 52k every home game, but they have to be the most deluded fans since blues and Albion spawned off spring.
    I’d still like a RB, CB, CAM,ST whilst offloading the dross. Seems like Sinclair, Lescott and Sanchez are off let’s hope some more s**te follows them.
    Anyone else p*ssed off that everyone is tipping us to really struggle??? I’m allowed I’m a fan, the likes of cascarino who never watch us can f**k right off

  96. B62: “Seems like Sinclair, Lescott and Sanchez are off “

    That’s what they’re saying, but all three have still got jersey numbers allocated to them.

    I see that McCormack has kept his number 44! I wonder what’s the significance of that number!

  97. Yeah John I saw that they had numbers, however Sinclair is having a medical in Glasgow, Fiorentina have bid for sanchez( loan) and RDM has told Lescott he can go on a free, with Leeds looking at him. My team against Wednesday would be something like
    Richards. Okores. Elphick. Bennett
    Gardner. Tishibola
    Ayew. Grealish. Veretout
    Subs- Bunn Baker Hutton Gestede Gabby Westwood

  98. Maybe even have Green and change Gabby for RHM on the bench. However it shows out lack of depth and overall quality in the squad. Just looked at Newcastle as they are on Sky, they have some real talent, Matt Ritchie is a great buy as is Diame, up front they have Gayle and they have strength in depth all over the pitch, let’s hope agent Clark can come up trumps with a Penno or OG. πŸ˜‰

  99. Go on have a gloat might be our last chance πŸ˜‰

    Tony Xia has been on twitter again

    “So, really need to ignore someone’s kinda predicts. Trust in ourselves! UTV!”

    Got to love the docs confidence πŸ™‚

  100. The Newcastle result, whilst great to see only serves as a warning and a wake up call on how tough and competitive this league is going to be. No one thinks we will get promoted this season, well none of the so called experts anyway, most are predicting mid table or lower, with both blues and Wolves finishing above us!!!
    I would have liked a couple more in so we could hit the deck running, let’s hope we can get off to a great start.

  101. I think the layed back approach of RDM has more to do with reality than Rafa’s we have to get promotion. Newcastle were wound up like a spring long may it continue. If we had Ritchie I would be rejoicing now, why is he in the Champs? also best we get back to Fulham and take the lad that was all over the place for them he was fantastic, can’t remember his name must be the wine.

  102. Sinclair gone, and at a profit…Β£3.5million or more. Lescott probably now signing for Leeds, and we may be in for Jedinak, as Palace are now willing to release him.

  103. Has TFSW been sacked yet ? it happens at least once a season because he’s the most overrated tw@ in football, he’s well suited to Newkie because they’re delusional too.

  104. PP,
    Did they include his heart when they negotiated the fee ? did they find one ? saw no sign of one when he wore our shirt. He’ll rip into the Jocks and our customers will rue selling him forgetting his pathetic no effort performances in the burgundy and blue.

  105. I get the feeling, even if he stays at Villa JL, his wages will be less from what RDM is inferring, so there must have been a relegation clause in his contract.

  106. Steamer . where are you mate . been ringing you all day yesterday and today . anyway got a new doorbell now as lm going to go in the back garden jungle and cut the grass . hedges and anything in the f**king way . if you drop over use the garage door . will leave it open , f**k the bell.
    have a good saturday all . l know its early days but its nice to know the geordies weekend started with a whimper ))))

    B62 , Runtins ,Andrew , cheers mateys , shocked the lot of us . he’s be 60 next week , you dont know whats round the corner

  107. St75 feel for you mate, just learnt a school friend of mine is on his last legs at 53 and a chap I work with whose about the same age has attended 5 funerals in about 4 months all sudden deaths.

  108. Steamers75, sorry to hear about Melv mate, there’s too many going early these days.
    How is Hickey these days? He was struggling a while ago wasn’t he?
    Hoping for something positive from tomorrow’s game, still get the buzz when a new season starts and remember some good days at Hillsborough especially the promotion game where we won 4-1 I think. Villa everywhere and up their end.
    Gotta try and find a live stream for the game so that I can watch it over here in sunny Switzerland ……..
    Keep the faith, oldvilla

  109. James G
    yes mate looks like we are going about business the right way at last, I can see Green being important for us this season and in years to come. We have a few more Kids out on loan now and if we make the return next season or the next I think we will have a fair few home grown players to be proud of.

  110. What about this one –
    Gabby pls stay u are a villa legend u are the one who can put us back in the prem

    This knob is walking the streets, frightening.

  111. Villa@herts
    You laugh, but there are already blue noses texting the league with them above us, even though we haven’t played, you couldn’t make it up, bellends.
    Judging by the speed our away tickets are selling out, I may have to use my back up plan for Bristol City away using a friend of my dads ST in the home end

  112. I think everyone is crediting Gabby with too higher intelligence by thinking he capable of hinting at anything! I think he is not in the squad going to Sheffield and is just wishing them well!

  113. Oldvilla
    Hiya mate. Hicky has just gone to the Bahamas for 25th wed anni .and he took my diving gear . Yeah hes fine .the Melv death has shook us all . He was here not long ago at coogs 60th. Have a good sunday all and be safe .

  114. Mornin’ to all,

    After seeing the Championship matches’ highlights on the box last night I’ve suddenly become aware that there is quite a good standard of football in this league and that Villa look to have their work cut out.

    The most poignant pic was of Nigel Clough returning to Nottm Forest with his Burton team and he standing and looking at the title of the Forest’s main stand – “The Brian Clough Stand”.

    What a good match that proved to be (Forest v Burton).

  115. It’s back !!!!!

    And today has to be the start of us fighting to win the league . That should be the target, nothing less. We are the biggest club in this league by a long way.

    I hope today we play Jack, Ayew and McCormack as a front 3. Great quality at this level


  116. Clive,

    Well, perhaps there’s room for some optimism but clearly we can’t let it be over the top!

    I don’t think our signings have ended yet so it could be that it will be a couple of months before we have much to really shout about.

    Anyhow, today is the first taster so we’ll soon have a better idea of what the current lot can do – Wednesday will be quite a good test.

  117. JL I think you better have a word with Tony Xia about over the top πŸ˜‰

    “I cannot choose the best. The best chooses me. UTV!@AVFCOfficial”

    Morning all, looking forward with a little optimism to our first champs game, I like RDM’s understated approach vs Rafa’s bullish one. Considering both sets of players need confidence rebuilding Rafa’s statements and comparing the Spanish second div to the champs says he is looking to carry them by force of will, where as Rdm is more subtle, based in reality and about building a camaraderie and resolve IMO. He even said if we don’t make it he will applaud those that do and move on, classic pressure relief on our team Vs The media hype surrounding Newcastle now.

  118. Chaps, as you may know I am now livingin Switzerland – is there any FREE live streaming site that you know of that I can use? I do not want to give my credit card details out even if they say it is just for verification …….
    Thanks, oldvilla

  119. the sooner the new players land the better. hutton westwood and bacuna please just disappear, not even capeable of playing at this level, no point playing rudi if nobody can cross the ball, need amavi fit, gardner looking very average too
    need some speed in both midfield and attack, and what is mccormack doing taking free kicks out that far for

  120. So there you have it, same players, same result…how surprising.

    Hutton, Baker, Westwood, Bacuna, Cissoko, Gardner (will never be a footballer as long as he has a hole in his arse), Gestede….why were these useless players not booted out of the club in the summer. Xia is not serious – let’s see his sarcy words tonight on Twatter.

    Gollini…is his first name Brad?

    McCormack will not score goals in that formation

    Looks well setup for a successful season

    Have a nice evening πŸ™‚

  121. keeper bar his late slip looks a lot better than guzan
    elphick looks good real good first decent captain for a while now
    mccormack ok but need a deadball specialist
    tish need to see more of
    need to see no more
    hutton cissko baker bacuna wastewood
    and if west ham want to give anything over 15m for ayew i ll drive him their myself
    rudi unless rdm can find someone that can cross the ball to him he may go because contributes nothing to a team who signed him paddy riley ,riley still employed by villa?

  122. Thanks for the link, Clive. Worked well in NZ.
    Disappointing to lose. Can’t blame Gollini, Villa wasted good ball. Be better when new players come in. Looked like a fine day in Sheffield.

  123. Crepe in all departments, poor starting line up, poor subs, nothings changed at all. If thats an example of how we’re going to play then another struggle is imminent.

  124. Jesus that was horrific.

    For starters the set up was wrong 442?!! West and gardner in the middle say no more. Gested utter rubbish. Full backs like westy and gardner utter s**t.

    Need these 5 new players in now and never play 442 again

  125. Well ….. still a major amount of players needed …. I think RDM will have realized today that some of the player that he thought would be good enough for this level are not

    decent performance overall but not enough quality and we are some way behind the likes of Wednesday

  126. It seemed to me that the major problem is that our finishing was powder-puff.

    Aside from that (and the fatal error) it was OK second half.

    I said earlier that I thought it will take a couple of months and more signings before we’d have much to chortle about. I think we just have to see what gives.

  127. Runtings,

    Sorry, I don’t think we’re behind Wednesday at all. We contained ’em by and large and had enough quality of our own to peg ’em back second half.

    But we’ve got to be sharper in attack and finishing.

  128. Jl – I don’t mean behind in terms of effort , just in quality – today for me shows that we won’t turn a corner as a club without a major turn around of players

    the good thing is we seem to be constantly active were that is concerned

  129. Evening each
    Had time to reflect on the game. I thought they gave us their best in the first half. Second half we competed and were good for a draw at least. An error cost us a point but on a positive view we more than competed against a side used to winning.
    Do we need more experience in the side? obviously yes, no football squad is the finished article, there’s always a weakness, there’s always a player who becomes available who can add something.
    Not sure if we’re good enough, maybe, but I am confident.
    By the way, if my memeory serves me well , Graham Taylor’s side took four attempts to win a game in the old Division 2 1987, lost a couple drew a couple, including a defeat to the old enemy down the road whose name we never mention.
    So, early days….bring it on

  130. Looks like they don’t do rules in this division, biggest worry no fullbacks worth calling and a slow midfield. Why do our players seem to take forever when they get the ball? its like they have to remember where they are onwards and upwards

  131. Have to confess that I stopped watching at half time as it was awful! Although there are a lot saying we improved second half, however we failed to score and lost! As soon as I saw the team I knew we would lose. Just can’t understand – Hutton, Cissokho, Bacuna, Westwood!! Grelish & Green on the bench and only brought on with mins to go! Can’t really see why they got rid of Black! I’ve got a ticket for the Luton game but not sure I can face it! Why is it that, no matter what happens who manages the team or even who owns it, I support such a s**t team I thought nothing could get worse than last season! Wake me up when we’re in the 3rd division!

  132. Enjoyed a lot of the second half, and if Ayew played as a member of the team, instead of being greedy, we may have had a goal or two, and how the linesman did not see the penalty against Baker, while the referee was afraid to make decisions which would have resulted in at least one sending-off.
    GG, Wastewood,Bacuna were so poor, and full backs not much better, but Gollini and Elphick, apart from the goal, had very good debuts.

    Should be a different looking team next week, with more players fully fit, and another week of working together.

  133. All said and done they have worked on tactics for 2 weeks according to Elphick and had no real playing time together, some still lack basic quality but I hope RDM addresses that with his loans and purchases. Should still have won and the ref and linesman need a pay reduction

  134. If we get a new striker, I’d be happy to sell Ayew and use those proceeds to buy a very high quality cross-producing winger — as our Frem has famously been demanding for years. Ross will score like he always has, I trust.

    Elphick seems the real deal, and his partnership with Baker looks fruitful. Gollini, other than his frightful clearance, appeared solid.

    Amavi’s return will thankfully return the woeful Sissy to oblivion … Bennett simply has to be a better backup (I hope!) than Aly — at least he generates some decent crosses. Hutton is obviously due for a much needed replacement.

    The midfield, just as last year, manages to keep getting overrun — too slow in response,too timid in tackling, too tentative in attack. Tshibola might be adequate but too soon to tell.

    Grealish must be given all the matchday opportunity necessary to prove whether or not he’s ever going to be the sort of player worthy of his evident gifts.

  135. I thought Grealish and green looked sharp at least, thought they should of been on earlier, looking forward to seeing Grealish link up with RM

  136. Calmed down and had to time to review and reflect. The simple truth is , a lot of those players aren’t good enough, even for this league. That midfield is as weak as anything I’ve seen, Westwood offers nothing, doesn’t go forwards and doesn’t protect the defence, Gardner was very average next to him and the Wendy players walked through us. Our full backs are disasters waiting to happen, the sooner Amavi is fully fit the better, controversially I’d play Richards at RB, if he refuses I’d stop paying him, until we can get a new RB in. Bacuna was a waste of a shirt, I’m shocked to see him here, I thought he was off to play champions league football πŸ˜‰
    Gestede doesn’t work in the formation as we have no width or anyone who can cross the ball, like Frem I’d prefer to see RM and JA as a front 2 with JG playing just behind them. I agree Ayew could be sold to finance more deals, the owner was at the game to see first hand just how far off the pace we are. RDM needs to realise fast that the cr*p that dragged us down aren’t suddenly world beaters and will romp the league, as unlike Newcastle and to some degree Norwich , who were unlucky to go down we deserved it, and there was a reason they finished with more than double our points total.
    Elphick looked good and showed why he is captain, Gollini looked Ok but error prone, Tishibola looked ok but wasn’t really on long enough to judge, RM will score goals but I think Gestede hampered him in this set up.
    We aren’t going up with this squad, we need 4/5 players or we can forget about even the play offs until next season. I’m genuinely worried how poor we looked in the first half, and how far behind the other promotion hopefuls we are. Luton in the cup then Rotherham at home sat before Huddersfield tues, mean the games come thick and fast, we have to win both our home games against two sides who aren’t expected to challenge the top half, anything less and the new season optimism will rapidly disappear.

  137. Teaxs: “If we get a new striker, I’d be happy to sell Ayew “

    You know, that’s exactly how I feel. Despite his obvious talent, his runs often end in nothing and he gives the impression of being too casual. There were times yesterday when he could have won the game on his own but passed up then opportunities.

    I think Grealish can supply the kind of skills he has and if Jack has a good enough striker in front of him we could achieve a lot more i.m.o.

    Overall, I’m more in tune with Archie on his view on yesterday. Nothing to worry about – yet. I expect RdiM and Tonix to get it sorted.

  138. JL
    I’d like us to get the deals done earlier rather than later, only 3 weeks until the window closes, but we could easily be a fair few points behind the leading pack by then. With a bit of a juggle we may have enough to tide us over and win a couple but ideally we still need a RB, CB, 2 MF and a striker.
    I doubt we will get all these this window, but it’s going to be a long roller coaster of a season, with many ups and downs without adding quality I fear the downs will outnumber the ups.

  139. B-62 I think we all know which player need to go unfortunately doing so is a tough ask in one window, I think RDM is well aware of this and its damage limitation unless Xia says feck it and really gets the wallet out. Elphick said they have only worked on tactics for 2 weeks and knowing how quick these lot are at grasping anything it won’t come overnight. Ayew and RM have barley met yet but if they can gel will be a handful especially if Ayew can begin to see his runs or pass even.

    The next few players in are crucial, we have used players in DM that are not and never will be DM’s IMO. Sanchez and Gana were but look like both are off. I’m not even bothered if we don’t have a DM two box to box centre mids would do just as long as we become more alive in that area, we are to slow. we could do worse than play green and Bennet as our wide men too.

  140. Pretty much the same opinion as everyone on here, first half dire, played by two nervous sides who didn’t trouble either keeper. One team suffering from fear of playing a ‘prem team’, the other team suffering from ‘being s**t’.

    Too many of the players that brought us down were in the first 11, there was no energy in the performance until after the break, I don’t think we should accommodate Ayew in the team if he isn’t prepared to work up and down the wing.

    Keeper, Elphick, Baker look decent as a unit, need Amavi back and a more accomplished RB, midfield – our biggest problem because it neither offers enough protection for the back four or enough attacking impetus for McCormack and Gestede who in my opinion can’t be rated as they didn’t get any service and Gestede isn’t the type of player that hunts for the ball to create something himself.

    Bacuna, Westwood and Gardner did nothing to impose themselves on the game, only Gardner should be continued with in order to rule himself out or in for good as we’ve never seen enough of him playing for us.

    But a further step down the road to the mgmt realisation where the problems lie and it’s mainly in midfield.

    Anyway onwards to Luton, too early to panic Captain Mannering


  141. As I said I stopped watching at half-time as it was so dire so maybe, as many have said, there were signs of improvement but we lost and currently sit 16th!

    I only hope that I see this improvement against Luton I certainly want to hear RDM saying that it was their cup final and they played out of their skins etc!! I want to see the game taken serious and to come away with confidence going into the Rotherham game!

  142. I would play Bennett at LB until Amavi is fit, especially at Luton to see how he goes. That midfield is a serious concern tho, I’d start Tishibola and go and get Jedinak from palace today!!! Yes he is 30/31 but he is a warrior and that’s we we need now, I’m all for involving Green, RHM, Lyden, Toner etc in the first team squad as they could be the future, but we also have to address the present and do our best to get out of this league, history shows bouncing back is extremely difficult and most end up down here for years on end, as each passing season it becomes a harder task.
    Go and get Jedanik, De Laet, Hernandez and some width as I doubt we will ever see Adama play, he simply isn’t fit enough due to too much Body building, it will take at least a season to get him into the right physical shape and fitness for football, he looks like what he is a 100m sprinter.

  143. I bet Ian Holloway is pissing himself, he predicted we would finish 16th, he may be right after all. I wonder if he met up with our owner as both. We’re at Hillsborough yesterday

  144. Yep go with most of the above comments, keeper still is young and has a lot to learn and will definitely learn from that mistake you do not get a lot of time on the ball in this division.
    Full backs were awful the sooner Amavi gets back the better Hutton is just terrible gave them far too much room I still cannot believe he is an international defender.
    Elphick looks like a real leader and will do us a decent job whereas Baker is going to get caught out he still dives into challenges without thinking he is going to rack up a load of cards if he does not get some composure.
    The midfield was shocking and I am beginning to see why Gardner has never made the first team before on a regular basis, the central two are just not up to the job and such an important part of the team we need quality in there and really quickly.
    I thought the wide two Bacuna and Ayew who are supposed to be top players let the team down again, I just do not trust these one bit and RDM needs to get rid ASAP.
    Gestede looks a championship player but if you cannot give him the service then don”t play him, his hold up play is truly disturbing for a big lad.
    McCormack looked bright and will score goals for us as long as we play the right formation.

    Not many positives for RDM to take out of the game if we were to be honest and teams will be looking forward to playing us early on before we can get a settled side together, this is going to be a long hard road back to the premier be ready for a bumpy ride.


  145. B62,

    Most away fans drink in a place called Hotwells on the opposite side of the river, most of the pubs over there are normally ok places like the mardyke, merchants arms, nova scotia, pump house and the rose of Denmark.
    If you walk further round along the river there is a place called the cottage that will be ok for a drink, all these places are a 10 minute walk to the ground, google these to find out exactly where they are.
    If you drink closer to the ground there is a place called the tobacco factory that is a 5 minute walk to the ground and is normally ok.
    Places to avoid are the rising sun, the masonic, the hen and chicken and the coopers arms.
    Let me know if you need any more info.


  146. Paul – blatant penalty – ref unsighted but the assistant on that side should have seen it as it was prolonged. Seems a lot goes on in this league that is passed by, although the ref did spot the dive by Ward(?)

    Trinity – glad that link worked in Kiwi-land – it’s not a bad site for any sport even the Olympics but you need to find the best stream amongst a few offered. If you register and select English language plus your time zone you will get the right times for you – Rugby League also there!

    Re the match – boring first half and we clung on until half-time; team talk must have been good as we pressed further up the field and defended well. As commented above Ayew needs to look for the lay-offs as McCormack will make a space in the box.

    I know a lot comment made about playing the old trash but until we get some new players, what has RDM got? Let’s face it some of the new ones have hardly had time to gel with the rest; I’m optimistic but not banking on getting up this season

  147. Westwood

    I note criticism of this player.

    Whereas Gardner i.m.o. contributed little in this match, Westwood (in comparison) at least played a good second half. He’s not that good in defensive mode I agree, but he put in one lovely through and had two attempts on goal, one of which was a fine half-volley which just squirmed wide. In fact it was our best effort of the match.

    He gets through far more than I think most of us appreciate. But Bacuna and Gardner did little of note, and Ayew is too casual.


    It seems he’s been told he’s unlikely to play for Villa again.

  148. Thanks for the update chaps, watched a poor first half which i might ponder over a couple of replays on my DVR box, but didn’t we get a power outage just as the second half kicked of, so didn’t get to see it, and even though i have a DVR with no power you cant record sh*te, and apparently that’s what it would have recorded anyway. It may be a good thing that we started so badly, it will leave owner and manager in doubt now of how much work is needed and how cr*p we are down that right side. Lets hope for a couple more in over the next couple of days. UTV

  149. Hutton , Westwood , gardener , bacuna , gerstede are not good enough for the Aston Villa 1st team if at all – if they are not out of the team by the close of the window my money is on another shocking season

  150. runtings

    to go into the season with hutton and bacuna on the right hand side just beggers belief. I cant get my head around it.

    To start yesterday with 8 players of the same last season is a disgrace. If I hadn’t got my Rotherham ticket all ready I wouldn’t be going on sat.

    And if by the close of window there isn’t at least 8 new faces in our starting 11 im done for.

    Im sorry I just cant get fully behind it watching cissoko, hutton, bacuna, westy gestede in the starting 11.

  151. Runtings/Andrew,

    Well it’s all a matter of opinion isn’t it?

    As has been said yesterday’s second half wasn’t bad except the silly error and not being sharp enough in attack. In which case it wasn’t Westy that was at fault as he was in the centre of some useful build-ups.

    Bacuna and Gardner look short of the midfield necessaries to me though.

  152. Andrew to be fair i think we will need every minute of this window to allow RDM and Dr X to be able to get enough changes in and out to allow the team to be fit for purpose
    I love what Tony is doing and think we look a well drilled side and i reckon they will improve the quality of the side

    JL football is all about opinions for sure and as far as mine goes Westwood is a very average player – in fact it was the new midfielser who came on with not long to go that hit the best forward pass from that area imo

    westy is as honest as they come but is not very good – but thats just my opinion

  153. Runtings: “it was the new midfielser who came on with not long to go that hit the best forward pass from that area imo”

    Then clearly you missed the Westy through ball down the right in the second half! πŸ˜‰

    Westy has in fact improved a lot since March, including the time when he scored a couple in one match. But I accept he’s not a world-beater!

    Yes, I agree that Tshibola looks a better proposition than Gardner.

  154. Afternoon Gents..

    STEAMER.. lol.. ray is ok.. does get under the skin of a fair few esp SJH.. Don’t you comment on there..

    As for yesterday.. i was gutted with the loss.. having had the 2016 we have had so far we deserved to have some luck go our way.. instead it went Sheff Wed way..

    Overall i am still optimistic.. a DM like Jedinak.. another striker.. winger and maybe a RB.. with Amavi and Tishbola to come in and i think we will do well.. RM and Ayew should score a hat full in this league..

    As for the ref.. he was a joke.. Rm pullback was a foul.. then one of there players should’ve been sent of for a second booking.. not forgetting the pull on Baker in the box..

    All in all.. Rotherham and Huddersfield and both games we need to win..

  155. its almost criminal that our players take a wage hutton on his 6th season and cr*p for all of them, lad played for fulham looked class on friday night.
    rdm and the doc have to realise we need wholesale change because dropping a division our players are still out of their depth hutton westwood gardner bacuna. rudi needs the ball to be crossed in for him and we don t have one player capable of that, shocking that is ross mc cormack was taking deadballs yesterday we need him in the box,
    rdm also needs to understand champion ship level,to me it is 442 use your widemen to get ball into box

  156. Blimey, reading some of the comments it would appear that we can all give up this season already as we are cr*p, still need 8 players, played terribly and basically have no chance of ever winning again …… Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration but can’t we take a breath and look logically at things?
    My view for what it worth – first half neither side looked comfortable and were nervous. Sheffield Weds should have had at least player sent off and we could have had a penalty. Second half we played well and took the game to them without having that cutting edge to convert possession into goals. Just before they scored I was thinking how solid we looked and the positives of the keeper, our new captain and McCormack all looking pretty good. Then a miskick from the keeper and the ball bounced around and fell kindly for them to score.
    Yes we know that there are areas that need strengthening and yes we know that the good Dr and RMD et al are looking to do something about it. But it cannot happen overnight and if we get another three quality players in before the end of the window I think we will have done well.
    I agree with JL on Westwood – not the greatest player but keeps running, can play some excellent long passes, links up play with other players and gets his foot in. Reminds me of the way petrov used to be viewed – doing a lot of work that isn’t flashy but does a job.
    So I think there is is still work to be done but that there were positives that we should recognize coming out of yesterday’s game. Judge again after a month or two when we have all the newcomers that we are going to get at the moment, RDM has had time at BH with them all and we should be showing our true colours – which will hopefully be winning and progressive colours.

  157. In a properly constituted side, Westy would have his ideal usage: parking the bus while nursing a lead after the 70th-minute mark. The lad almost never turns the ball over, is highly accurate with his passes, and can hit a decent long ball over the top for a counter-attack; however, I do agree of course that his normal array of passes aren’t usually the most aggressively attacking type, anyway. However, since he’s not great in the tackle he would have to be paired with a very solid DM.

    If Westwood was being utilized in a well disciplined and well-ordered side that was trying to close up shop, he could well be just the ticket.

  158. quick point
    few on about sheff wed should had red cards,well gardner and baker both booked made couple hairy tackles each after been booked as per usual

  159. Andrew, as to your point wanting to see eight new players in by the close of this window, after Amavi’s return we will have six new players in the side already: Gollini, Elphick, Tshibola, McCormack are brand new, plus Amavi and Baker are functionally new players since neither played much at all last year. Add in Green as a winger — or Adama who was injured all last season — and now we’re up to seven new or functionally new players.

    Replace Hutton with someone new … and Bob’s yer uncle!!

  160. Just watched pep on tele. The biggest thing he did when taking over barca was not signings it was getting rid of the bad apples. Rdm needs to do this.

    Ive calmed down a bit now i guess.

    Just despondant seeing usual dross playing.

    Suppose we have to wait till transfer window shuts and hope.

    Waite and hope on villa is all i fecking do

  161. Listening to yet another pundit/expert last night, who was reviewing the weekends championship action and again he was another that doesn’t think Villa will challenge for even the play offs, he went as far to say if we finish in the top 10 we have had a good season, which he said is a travesty for a club like AVFC. He stated its not so much the new signings, as he expects RM to score goals, it’s the fact we are so reliant on such poor players from last season and the deadwood we are carrying. He is right unfortunately, whilst we are playing Hutton, Cisshoko, Bacuna, Westwood etc we will not progress as they aren’t even good enough for this level. Add to that the losing mentality that is rife in the squad and we are really up against, compared to Newcastle, Norwich, Sheff Weds , Derby, Brighton and outsiders like Ipswich all of which have settled squads with a mix of quality( Newcastle) and championship nous.
    If we can get in Jedanik, Hernandez, de Laet and a couple of others( I believe we are in for pantillimon) whilst continuing to offload we could be there or thereabouts for a play off place, then who knows its a lottery, but the head start we are giving others simply down to the amount of work needed to do with squad means automatic promotion seems an unlikely dream.

  162. Looks like Joe Bennett is about to join Wednesday on a permanent deal, leaving us stuck with Cisshoko as first choice LB until Amavi is fit!!!!!’ FFS

  163. Agree b62

    It was always going to be a tough ask with the amount changes required and the dire mental state of the playing staff due to so many losses — anyone who cared more about winning as much as there pay would be heavily effected by last season

    Still i would like to think with fund available we should be able to make the improvements that are so desperately required

    i won’t be giving up hope that we will have pretty much a new side by close of transfer window

  164. glad to her Bennett is leaving – he was awful in the prem so there is no future in keeping him —
    gabby and lescott are as good as gone too so its looking pretty much nailed on that they will be replaced or a promising youngster get an opportunity to shine

  165. 50m for a CD who couldn’t even get in the Engurland team !!!

    Can see Luton beating us and Rotherham giving us some bovver. Park the bus and wait for the blunder.

    Must say that if Sheffield Wednesday are one of the better teams in the Champs then the others must be dire and that says a lot about us.

  166. SWV said, “Did I hear that GA can leave on a free transfer, if so that is totally unfair of AVFC basically they are pricing him out of a move away.”

    Hahaha, that’s a great one … and so true!!

  167. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love it swv

    i think stones will end up as one of the best defenders in the world under pep – he can already play – pep will drill him on his defending — be interesting to see if he develops there as i am expecting — next stop barca mr stones

  168. Hope so, we need a game changer. Saw a pic of him yesterday, built like a cruiser weight, you wouldn’t want to mark him problem is getting him on the pitch.

  169. With Sanchez leaving and Veretout expected to go we certainly need a couple of midfielders, Jedanik and ledley mentioned on Twitter , not sure how concrete the links are tho, would love to see them both come off. Ayew again being linked to WHU and WBA, Hernadez rumours still alive, we still need a RB and now Bennett has gone I’d like Cisshoko sold and a LB brought in to challenge Amavi( who seems to have become a far better player whilst injured all these months πŸ˜‰ ) 4/5players isn’t an unreasonable expect ion given the exits and the fact we have a net spend of Β£8.5m

  170. the dr doing a question and answer on twitter this afternoon, could be fun!

    Agree b62 with the wages down after a clear out and net spend not much we should be looking at at least 2 big signings.

  171. With a possible one in – one out policy then Ayew may be sold and replaced by Hernandez and any extra cash goes towards a MF. Ayew is hardly prolific or even versatile in his role so may be considered a bit of a problem however good he is.

    The ‘big club’ in Birmingham showed just how big their support is again last night, take the away support from the figures and they didn’t cover 29,000 for their two home games.

  172. steamer thats high for Walsall, I’m beginning to think the Ayew move may be on, hard to say with the lip he always has on if he’s happy or not

  173. Well, well, Bunn couldn’t catch a cold, missed everything he’s gone for, and Richards isn’t the answer at right back, never seen such a donkey since the last time I placed a bet in the bookies shop. Greene looks like he might come on with some games though, and Gardener looks a bit more up for it tonight.

  174. Well another disappointing start. Will we rue Joe Bennett going. Maybe we should have sold Amavi and Cissokho, finding a new left back and right back.

  175. oh dear, even worse than sunday, what a shambles, if rdm thinks that playing hutton and richards in the same b4 with okore and a semi fit amavi is a good idea then he’s doolally. i think he’ll be gone by crimbo.

  176. its humiliation every time these useless f**kers set foot on a football pitch, you can change the owner, manager, kit etc but with dummies like richards playing you’re stuffed. no excuses get these idiots out of vp.

  177. RDM looks like a rabbit in headlights. Two great subs at half time. f**king s**te . 2 leagues lower. Any neutral watching this would think luton are the higher league club. There was a saying .when we lost a game the noses would go one further. Well it looks like a turnaround here. f**k saturday steamer we’ll paint my fence. Good Dr
    Give the tweets a break and get these players you reckon are coming signed . Bollox and double bollox

  178. Well feck me what a shambles, fine until the equalisers goes in and the bottle goes, not one decent partnership on the pitch bar grealish and Amavi in parts, sell the lot and give up, how much are you paid? wankers.

  179. Sanchez would do a far better job in MF than any we’ve seen up to now, even Bennett in MF, i don’t think RdM has a scooby how to put a team together, source a system and motivate them.

  180. shocking pathetic again
    bunn couldnt really fault him for goals
    richards never want to see him in villa shirt again,bad as fullback non existant as centrehalf and captain to boot woeful
    baker injury prone again no point can t stay fit
    okore first half ok turned to jelly when partnered by richards and flanked by hutton
    amavi caught for first goal but otherwise not bad
    gardner shocking again showing why no villa manager rates him a redcard in waiting
    tish not fair to put young lad into that team
    green same as above
    grealish hid never looked like doing anything looks to be another waste of talent
    ayew too greedy no great shake if sold won t be missed
    mccormack where are his goals
    hutton a 3 legged donkey couldnt be worse just watch his first 15 mins on field gormless face
    rudi felt sorry for him not one cross to him

    manager shocking thinking richards can play centre half,thinking hutton can play anywhere
    we are in big trouble holloway will be smiling tonight and if we don t sign a rb cb 2 cm w and a striker 6 players we will be fighting relegation

  181. Its amazing some of these get paid steamer, they have no nuts. I cannot believe a team, any team can be as bad as this lot, I have seen Sunday sides with more composure half cut

  182. did say –
    Can see Luton beating us and Rotherham giving us some bovver. Park the bus and wait for the blunder.

    Must say that if Sheffield Wednesday are one of the better teams in the Champs then the others must be dire and that says a lot about us.

  183. Got to say I think we are heading in the wrong direction, we look even worse at the back if that is possible. Okores is still cr*p, Hutton still cr*p, Richards was awful yet again and Amavi whilst not fully fir still gets caught out of position too often. The midfield was like the Red Sea and Gards isn’t good enough , I can now see why he hasn’t broken thru. Tonight we were out played, out fought, out thought RDM got it wrong yet again. This was supposed to be a strong team, a win to build confidence as we haven’t won a game in SIX months. Rotherham and Huddersfield are now massive, lose one or both of those and it is a disaster. We aren’t going up, not with this squad, but we will be in another relegation battle. Dr T, RDM and SC all looked she’ll shocked when the cameras cut to them. All those bell ends laughing at blues and rubbing in their loss last night must feel like cocks tonight, we got mullered and embarrassed by a lg2 side. Still at least we continue to break records, tonight was the first time in our history we have gone out in the 1st round of the league cup. I think steamer is right, RDM will be gone by Crimbo , I even saw a tweet saying is it too early to phone Steve Bruce. The Holte will turn quicker than milk in the sun if we don’t batter Rotherham Saturday .
    The club is a shambles, I think Ian Holloway will be proper pissing himself tonight Dr T we need at least 5 new players( preferably more) and all with quality. This is why I wanted to get players in early, players won’t want to come now they see a sinking ship, we have let a fair few go but haven’t replaced them properly or upgraded.

  184. Any morale built up in pre season has evaporated, 4 days in and 2 defeats whilst looking completely shambolic means the pressure is well and truly on. Whilst the bulk of last seasons players are still here coupled with inexperience, youth and a lack of quality we are only going in one direction, down.

  185. The problem now is that decent players won’t come to Villa. McCormack…Β£12m for a player that only Norwich were bidding for…utterly desperate.

    Delighted to see people now realise that Gardner is s**te…always was and will be.

  186. We are actually getting worse. I thought this may be our level to make a fist of things but sadly we aint hit rock bottom yet. f**k

    We havent played a bloody home game yet and all hope has been killed.

  187. records breakers this shower
    richards has to go just look at the disaster of 2nd half everyone nervous wreck
    rdm looked like lambert sherwood garde and black totally clueless, and when he looked at rest of the bench apart from elphik where was the leader to come on wastewood bacuna cissko where was the options
    dr tony 6 players needed now ,not next month year now

  188. I have not watched it, but judging by AVL, RDM, Dr X and everyone else, it was a poor and disappointing effort. The fact that Richards was captain highlights just how poor Villa is personal wise. Gardner and Okore are average. Richards is a poor defender. Pointless having Grealish on the wing. There’s too much mediocrity at Villa. More to go still. I’d rather we had Bannan and Ireland back when it comes to creativity in the midfield.

  189. Villa keep on giving the impression they’re playing some kind of exhibition match. Some “exhibition”!! πŸ™

    BUT … I honestly got the impression last night that he was using the match as a platform to give him a view on how Richards and Amavi can play … and other things.

    If that was the case then he must think the whole thing needs throwing away and starting all over again. Buying the entire Luton team might produce an improvement!

    Grealish – against a 4th tier opponent – still disappoints me. Ayew exasperates. Both have talent but don’t use it properly. Gardner just did one thing in the last 2 matches that was of any real worth – and gave a goal chance to them for the equaliser. And then nearly gave them another.

    I need a hanky!

  190. Two games in and any enthusiasm i had has evaporated, I just don’t see any difference from when Lerner was the owner.
    Okores og showed just how mentally slow he is, free transfer please.
    Hutton as in ‘yer having a Hutton’ says it all, free please.
    Richards, complete amateur, no concept of basic defending, 80k a week !!! another free.
    Westwood, not good enough even for this level, sums up how far we’ve fallen, Free.
    Gardner, really hoped he could do it, can’t, Free.
    Rudi, Rudi, Rudi, none of the three can survive without wingers, so free him.
    RdM, ask 50,000 Villans who they wanted as manager and i doubt if he’d have got a single vote.

  191. John/AVL,

    The god awful truth is most of the players just do not want to be at our club and playing is becoming a chore, you go to places like Luton and are not prepared to scrap and fight and you get turned over, we cannot use the excuse of new players gelling Luton signed 9 new players and they seemed to cope ok.
    We sink to new lows with every game we play, we have players who know they are on their way out of the club so why should they put the effort in, we also have players who are trying to work their exit back to the premier and add to that too many players who are not even good enough for this level, Gardner has promised so much but the bottom line is he is not good enough.
    RDM will need to completely build a new team and try to stay in this division all this talk about promotion is comical, not only the problem of building a team but we have to change the mentality of the whole club, this is going to be a massive job and it cannot be done in one season.

    I prefer to hear from the good doctor a lot less and I think he should concentrate on the job ahead of him, less talk about dominating the world of football and a bit more emphasis on staying in the championship, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words, lets start crowing once we have won a few games and break our 100% record of 2 out of 2.


  192. Steamer,

    This lot are a utter disgrace and are not fit to wear the shirt, RDM is so far coming up short and needs to turn this lot round and quick just to stave off a relegation fight.
    How the mighty have fallen, I cannot remember it ever being this bad yes we had a poor team and cr*p players but we used to see a bit of fight but this lot are useless and gutless a combination that tells you we are in big trouble.


  193. So last night, Bunn again showed he isn’t good enough, Richards and Okores showed the same frailties as last season and why they are not good enough , Baker is still rash and injury prone and should be challenging but not first choice CB, Hutton is just awful and I can’t be,I’ve he is still playing for us, Amavi isn’t fit and gets caught out of position far too often leaving space for the opposition. In midfield JG flatters to deceive, Tishibola ( early days but didn’t impose himself on lower league opposition), Gards is showing why he never broke through before he has been shocking in both games, McCormack isn’t up to speed yet, Ayew is very average and overrated wastes far more ball than he should, Gestede is a statue,.
    Add to this Gollini has shown he could struggle at this level and has a rickett in him, Wastewood is still here unfortunately.
    We have released/loaned or sold Sanchez, Clark, Gil, Clark , Gana and Veretout looks like he is off. As poor as these were last season they aren’t worse than say Richards at CB, Gana is better than Tishibola, Westy and Gards, without Sinclair or Gil we have zero width or creativity. And we still have Paddy Reilly scouting, given the awful disjointed , unbalanced squad lacking in quality this is a major worry.
    Forget promotion, this squad has shown that is a pipe dream, we need to sort survival first then kick on from that.
    The fans have been saying how many new player we need, it is now not a case of it would be nice to have them it’s now essential. In reality we need 7/8 unlit you additions that will go straight into the starting 11, realistically 4/5 at most could arrive, anything less than that and we can write this season off as nothing more than avoiding the drop.
    RDM is worrying me with the faith he is showing in some of the dross and his tactics and subs are again baffling, along with his coaching staff he was a statue last night when it all turned to s**t, he simply didn’t know what to do.
    I think the reality has hit home, Dr Tony hasn’t exactly flashed the cash and his statements of being at the top table of europes elite in 5 years and having Β£50m to spend etc are making him look stupid whilst being completely turned over by the likes of Luton. I think he and many others owe Holloway an apology, seems he was spot on.
    Groundhog Day at VP

  194. We lose every game, we lose every game, we’re Aston Villa, we lose every game.

    Sorry it’s the new trend in Villa songs.

    Joke team, every single player responsible for our relegation and the last 5 years has to be replaced. They have no balls, they have no pride in the shirt.

    Right now the team looks like this (4-4-2 for easiness)

    Vacant ,Elphick, Vacant, Amavi
    Vacant, Vacant, Tishbola, Grealish
    Vacant, McCormack

    Players who should never wear the shirt again, Lescott, Agbonlahor, Richards, Hutton, Ayew, Bacuna, Gestede, Gardner, Okore, Westwood

    Funnily enough when I went to the OS squad page to make sure i han’t missed any of the arseholes, I got Page Not Found both true and very appropriate.

    I don’t think our season will start until the transfer window is closed

  195. The media are like Sharks to Chum, reports slagging us off everywhere and some claiming RDM won’t make Xmas . It’s a horror show that shows no sign of ending. I think the original Fight Like Lions was used by Brigada 1874, however the club have taken it and turned it into a joke.
    I didn’t think it could possibly get worse after last season, but it has . RM and TE must be regretting their decision to come to this shambles.
    On the Q&A with the fans yesterday , the owner claimed they only had one goal and that was promotion, no back up plan everything is being done to go straight back up. Well if this is the reality of the plan, the lot of them are deluded, the only way these c**ts are getting out of this league is relegation.

  196. Well Dr x and his management team will be left in no doubt after last night of just what a poor squad he has brought into

    the few decent youngsters we will also go backwards by playing amongst our current seniors

    i think we are currently the worse team in all the pro leagues in England

    As i said a few days ago on here our players are not fit for purpose

    Dr X you have your work cut out to make this club into something you and the fans can be proud of

  197. Runtings
    Far too many people at the club and some fans have under estimated this league and over estimated the ability of our squad. Amavi has been built up to be the next Phillip Lahm whilst out injured, others like Gards have been built up, as has Okores. The simple fact bar 3-4 players this entire squad isn’t good enough for this level of football. I agree we are one of the worst teams in the division and possibly in all 4.
    If you were Jedinak, Ledley, De Laet etc would you want to join the sinking ship??? I wouldn’t its career suicide. Only £££ will attract the players we need. Today we are linked to Kyle Laffery FFS another tall immobile donkey, we already have 2 of those, yet we aren’t buying any wingers to cross the ball for these guys!! I don’t get the thinking it’s so disjointed.

  198. My team for Saturday

    Bella (the lion). Elphick. Baker. Amavi
    Green. Tishibola Westwood/Veretout Grealish
    Ayew. McCormack

    I truly despair at the lack of options especially at RB and the midfield
    My prediction Villa 1-2 Rotherham
    Some are already calling sat a must win along with Tuesday’s game at home to Huddersfield. I predicted we would be too far behind the pack by the close of the window, unfortunately we have left it too late to rebuild yet again.

  199. I think Hutton and Micah really do spread panic and for me are our worst two performers and thats saying something

    I am hoping the club has realised we can’t wing it through to the next window with those two players being involved

  200. Im not shocked about the performance, we have seen it all before! We know the players are crepe.

    My massive worry is the management team. How do they want us to play, whats our formation? counter, pressing? We don’t seem to have decided on anything, whats the plan?

    Don’t they know- cant they see hutton micha are s**te? Why give micah the armband?

    None of this is rocket science, just basic.

    I wanted someone to come in and say right this is the formation say 4231 front 4 press and close down, one full back goes the other stays, mid 2 sit and recycle the ball. We have rdm Clarke and bond….surly they have enough between them to see this s**t?

  201. Andrew i think the current management team are discovering what the last 4 managers quickly found out and that is the players at the club are mostly of a very low standard and morale is rock bottom

    The only slight ray of hope which wasn’t there before is that we have a owner now that does seem to care a lot
    He also looks keen to spend money on getting better players
    i felt a bit sorry for Dr X last night – i bet he didn’t realise how poor the club actually is

  202. B62,

    I am sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but Bella has put in a transfer request this morning.

    Some Bristol lads watched our game last night and are having a good laugh at our expense which is probably what the rest of the country are doing, they are so confident of beating us they are not even classing it as a big game anymore, they are looking forward to Newcastle the week before.


  203. Runtings: “i felt a bit sorry for Dr X last night – i bet he didn’t realise how poor the club actually is”

    Yep. And Tonics then tweeted to vent his own frustration – he seems to recognise that some players shouldn’t be there. At least we know he’s noticed … πŸ˜‰

    I think Tshibola looks a very good prospect and without the unnecessary fouls that Ghana used to give away. Tish is not at all the finished article yet but there were a couple of times last night when he shone a bit. he Ayew and Grealish do offer the club promise … but it that alone does not give wins, does it?

    Well, maybe McCormack and Co can deliver on Saturday. Eh, what did I say? Oh, well, my glass is always half-full!

  204. brian little who was one om favourite managers watched this last night, would he have picked mutton as full back,richards as captain don t think so,if we haven t a young lad to play right back time to stop all youth coaching sack the lot,remember this squad has been built by mcleish lambert and sherwood and lerner say so
    another note paddyriley wouldnt let garde sign sunderland lad mane is it for 4/5 m now they are selling him for 18m the way money ball is supposed to work

  205. chester would be good, him and elphick could form a solid partnership.

    very impressed with him for wales at the euros but unsure of him any other time. Pulis never plays him and he is master of defence?!


    agree on tishbola I think he could be very good.

  206. John mostly agree with you except for Ayew, who until last night I thought we should hold on to at all cost. However, I watched him closely last night and realised that for most of the game he does nothing except aimlessly running (but mainly walk) around with a face like a slapped arse bad mouthing the others! And when he gets the ball he only passes when he runs into trouble. I can’t see him forming a partnership with any of our other strikers. I now think we should sell him if we can get more than we paid for him.

  207. Hello Lifers,

    Well done to all of you who keep this site active, sorry for the absence but although I watched all the games last season I couldn’t bare to discuss them! I have a question for John as to whether there has ever been a worst centre half than Micah Richards in Aston Villas’s history?

    Fingers crossed for a new right back soon, as I can’t take Hutton much longer!

  208. Herts re: Ayew

    Yes, I somewhat agree with you. In fact I’ve said before that he tends to be casual about what he does with the ball.

    However, to me he needs to be taken aside and shown the errors of his ways and got to improve on his weak areas. Surely he’s capable of taking advice? If not then he’s just a dumpling! πŸ˜‰

  209. Rags: “I have a question for John as to whether there has ever been a worst centre half than Micah Richards in Aston Villas’s history?”

    Hah! Yes, a good question!

    In fact Villa have a history of above average centre-halves but there have been one or two duds. The name of Sims back in the 1980s comes to mind, and Mountfield never quite gelled with me.

    Going back a long way in history, the centre-half was once a midfield player *as well* as being a defender. The great Jimmy Gibson of the 1920s/30s was one such. When Villa brought in their first pure-defensive c-h (Jimmy Allen) he was barracked by the fans as he wouldn’t attack!

  210. Well anyone connected to the club can’t have any doubt now that new plugs and a tune up is not going to work. We need a new engine, transmission and a bunch of body work to get this shambles road worthy.

  211. It’s being reported a fee has been agreed for Chester( although Boro also reportedly having a bid accepted). If he is here before sat he has to play, Baker on the bench as cover for CB and LB( I hate Cisshoko) if fit, I’d also be trying my hardest to get Jedanik from palace for sat game, we will need more in and as soon as possible

  212. Runtings: I hope the move has been blocked to use him and not simply to stop him going to Wednesday! We could have done with him last night not least for his free kicks!

    Canadian Villan: your motor analogy reminded me where I had Seen Dr Tony before! He’s on those “we by any team ads”!

  213. Having just looked at more stories about the blocking of Bennett’s move it looks like this was down to Dr X against RDMs wishes, this could be really serious! It’s one think Dr X giving forth on Twitter it another undermining the manager! If anyone has a twitter account please let’s bombard him with tweets asking him to let RDM manage and to keep off twitter!

  214. Could be a better manager than RdM.
    Think thats a bit petty to block Bennetts move if RdM isn;t going to play him, hope he doesn’t block Agoalayears move.
    Could be a 1968 situation when we were relegated and everyone said we’d walk the league and we struggled, then Tommy Doc took over and saved us, we were then favourites to win the league and were relegated. we had a better team then than we have now.

  215. If he gets De Laat, Jedinek and Chester it’ll introduce fresh heart to the team and may kickstart the season for a few others then in January another five so we can rid ourselves of our current crepe.
    Fair do’s to the doc, he’s certainly determined.
    Learner, Faulkner and Fox have nearly destroyed this club between them, its a huge job.

  216. Herts,

    Whoa! All Tonics has done is to stop the move to fellow challengers (?) The Wednesday.

    I think all he’s saying is that it’s OK if some small fry (or big fry in the Prem) come in for him, but not one of the teams likely to be pressing for promotion.

  217. I cant grumble with the signings and potential signings so far. It would be great to have more captain types across the park. Tommy, chester, jedinack and mccormack wont take no s**t.

  218. Two of Tones posts no big deal folks, like the look of Chester for Β£7m

    “No. I and RDM and others have been working together very well. We communicate well. Don’t be fooled by agents&others”

    “Don’t make story with me&RDM. RDM chose the team&board made decisions not giving out for free especially to a rival! No more silly deals !”

  219. I wouldn’t worry about Dr,X on Twitter. What counts is that he makes the promised changes to the team. I’m sure he’s working well with who he needs to. Mark’s post confirms it.
    I wouldn’t mind if Ayew is sold to bring in another striker.

  220. Initially I thought we could salvage a few of the team from last season but it becoming clearer that is not going to happen. We could start September with virtually a new 1st 11, I agree with Trin that no-one is of the for sale list as that have not shown the required grit. Ayew continues to look decent but plays on his own and we cannot have that at this point we are not good enough. If our best assets Ayew, Amavi and Westwood can bring in Β£30 odd mil that can go a long way within FFP to get us to a better place. If we buy a 1st 11 there is virtually nothing left in the squad worth playing, its going to be tough but the youth have to be used and brought on.

  221. Thank the good lord for the start of the premier tomorrow because once that kicks off the championship becomes a forgotten league, after 3.00 tomorrow not many outside of Birmingham will give a monkeys if Villa implodes and VP is turned to dust by Alien space rays, we have only been headline news because they have had nothing else football wise to occupy the sport red tops.

    To be fair the fans might just enjoy life in this division having gone to the same old places season after season it might come as a breath of fresh air to go somewhere different, and in all honesty to be away from the craziness that is the premier league might be a good thing I mean how can Paul Pogba be worth more than Aston Villa FC, the world has gone mad.


  222. Ayew is getting on my tits…talented like you say mark but reminds me of the one solo artist in the playground….I think he feels he is bigger and better than us.

    I want to keep Ayew and grealish. the rest can go to hell )not new signings).

    I think grealish and amavi can form a dangerous partnership down the left hand side.

    Hope rdm keeps with the 4231 Id go

    Bacuna Elphick Baker Amavi
    Tish gardner
    ayew mccormack Grealish

  223. i think we need a no.9 badly — rumours of Banford coming in have gone very quite but i don’t think we will be a fully functional team without a proper sticker

    Ross is a good player but he doesn’t spend time in the box and was in midfield half the time vs Luton


  224. i think we need a no.9 badly — rumours of Banford coming in have gone very quite but i don’t think we will be a fully functional team without a proper sticker

    Ross is a good player but he doesn’t spend time in the box and was in midfield half the time vs Luton

    Dr x went up further in my estimation when i heard that he told the players too many of them have been stealing from Aston Villa for too long and it stops here —– love him

  225. well lm happy . bought a load of singles off the net , checked a Bluebeat one l have, and its worthΒ£100 alone .
    l think your right about the premiership starting (just cuz l agree doesnt mean l like you , you arse )
    B62 has made some good observations about this team and club,
    l havent bought a season ticket as lm already p*ssed off with the games being changed , was looking forward to Fulham away and saw its changed to monday, dont mind the brighton one on a friday as it seems were going down for the weekend , away games for me this season methinks , well the sun is out enjoy it and have a good weekend all , ( i hate the sun )

  226. welcome chester

    Could be a half decent partnership with him and elphic.

    Remember thinking when at hull good player but not seen him since wales in the euros. whilst looking out for gunter the rb we were linked to chester stood out massively for them…he was bloody good.

    The baggies fans are p*ssed he has gone so that’s a bonus

  227. Boggies fans choking on their groaty pudding because we’ve signed Chester, definitely not happy although has anyone seen a happy boggie.
    Apparently Bamford next on loan. These signings will completely change the mindset at the club, we’ve settled into a losing mentality, 1 draw and 14 defeats out of the last 15 games is a disgrace.

  228. Been watching the Olympic footy, read that the 8th seeded women’s team, Australia, were beaten 7-0 by Newcastle Jets u15’s in a pre-olympic friendly. How bad is that ?

  229. Steamer you will be very pleased to know that your hero gabby will now be staying at the club

    he was a disgrace last season but to be fair if he can get fit and focused he should be able to fill his boots in this league

  230. as much as I hate gabby I think id have him over gestede!! Hopefully we wont have either of them though.

    Steamer if we end up with a team like that then least its a team I can get behind and like! Make a change from detesting most of the side

  231. Had a feeling that our crooked justice system would support the establishment lackeys in denying the Labour newbies a vote despite the regulations stating they were entitled. As soon as Jezza is confirmed as leader again he should root out the traitors among the NEC.

  232. The day that fat fraud plays in our first team will be the day i stand on the Holte and sing Keep Right On. Sorry but anyone who condones this is a knob, what more can he do to insult AVFC, if he’s not going to feck orf we should stop him playing, he broke his contract several times last season so feck the fat baynard, make his life a misery just like he made ours a misery.

  233. Chester can play 2morrow beat the deadline by 1 minute.

    I must say if Villans accept Agoalayear then i have lost all respect for them, they rave about his long gone pace, but that was all the tw@ ever had, now thats gone he must be the worst player in our history.
    Whens the Doc going to rename the Witton Lane stand ?
    That kit is vomit inducing its like a babies jumpsuit in pink, effing awful.

  234. Steamer: “I must say if Villans accept Agoalayear then i have lost all respect for them”

    The latest report indicates that Gabby asked to meet Tonix & RdiM and they came to a conclusion that Gabby best be loaned out to see whether he has anything that he can still offer Villa playing for another outfit.

    In other words we’re unlikely to see Gabby in a Villa shirt this season, but the future is in the balance depending on what he achieves elsewhere and (I suppose) whether he can still fit in after that period.

  235. come doc we still need 6 to put out a team without stink of last years squad,nice work to getting flabby out the door,the doc ain t taking no prisoners he gave a few of them rope v luton and they hung themselves,only problem our mid field still stinks and 3into 4 defenders if baker unfit means one off the donkies mutton richards and okore will have to play tomorrow
    my team for tomorrow
    bacuna baker chester elphick amavi
    tish leyden
    grealish mccormack ayew

  236. Sounds like RDM needs our Jen in the dressing room to sort out the mindset of the players and build some PMA..(positive mental Attitude).

    Hopefully Chester coming in and hopefully Bamford will all help…

    Looking forward to a great time with old mates tomorrow on the Holte and hopefully raising the roof..!!

  237. If Gabby is loaned out, will the the other club pay his 75k a week salary? I doubt it. Maybe just send him to China, or even Saudi Arabia. He’d have to behave there.
    Villa needs leaders in. Elphick needs help on the pitch.

  238. Remember Rotherham winning at VP in Div 3 and David Bentley giving it the forks to the Holte at the final whistle, same result today, don’t think Bentley will play though.

  239. Lifers,

    My good friends who are in a local band called ‘Paper Buoys’ are having their latest track played at half time today, you can check it out here to get in the mood! They’re all big villans (except the drummer but all drummers are mad) so it’s a really big deal for them. A word of warning the video may not be looked upon too kindly by Tory voters , so watch out Droyd πŸ˜‰


  240. Rags,
    So let me get this right, you’re friends with a cartoon band ? and people call me weird, if you have any imaginary world class footballers as friends feel free to introduce them to DrX. Seriously, very impressed with the band and the vid was brill hope they do well (except the drummer).

  241. Good calibre of people coming into VP, Tommy Elphick dropping in to choose the entrance music and the Doc making himself available for questions, what a difference from the last bunch of cowboys, you can’t help but like Tone can you ?
    According to Dennis Wyness THREE more signings wrapped up.

  242. Apparently if we don’t sign Jedinek the Aron Gunnarsson is second choice, Rudi, Rudi, Rudi could cause havoc on the end of those long throws.

  243. still can’t believe we are facing a shower of s**te team like this in a cr*p league like this. I can’t ever accept this fate. how you can even get your heads around discussing these games is beyond me. the shame of this situation. the embarrassment. I’m disgusted with our plight. this is not my villa. I will not accept this team. spit in it all

  244. Korean Villa,
    Surreal isn’t it ? although we were crepe for five years it still seems to have crept up on us, i never thought it would happen. Like the Labour Party though Villa never listens to its followers …..McKnob !!! what was that all about ?

  245. mcknob indeed. useless bloated fecker who won a 2 horse league a few times. but at least we were still a premier team then. never thought I’d see us in this pitiful position now. why bother. feels like a poor waste of 24 of my 36 years on this earth.

  246. Apparently 3 more deals done be in by tues, we will be fine mate once we have a midfield general and a bit more pace up top. Gabby really does think he’s still mr AV, sad

  247. Good heavens, what a relief!!

    How long has it been, my friends? With not just a win, but a thoroughly comprehensive victory, having played the opponents off the pitch? And with a clean sheet to boot?

    I know it was just Rotherham, but I don’t care … after the suffering we suporters have endured, we’re entitled to afterrnoon of hearty joy!

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