Time Is A Killer

One of the reasons why we needed a win on Saturday was to restore some confidence ahead of the international break. Instead, we again lost and have to face 2 weeks before the next challenge, at Hull. And what a sad defeat at Bolton it was, with the Icelander not appearing to be too happy […]

The Bounce-back Starts … Now!

Whoops! Well, this is the Villa isn’t it? We were lured into a sense of us becoming ready for automatic promotion but, clearly, the Wolves triumph must have launched the Villa players into such a state of well-being that they could not come down to reality by Tuesday. And Bruce has admitted that he was […]

Onwards We Go … And Upwards?

Well, what a week-end, and what a match that was. I’ve already put it up on my website as one of the best matches seen at Villa Park, and I believe it was, as a spectacle and not just for the outcome of it. When I last posted an article a couple of weeks ago, […]

An Old Villan’s Midweek View (5)

Last weekend Villa gained what looked like an unlikely win at Wednesday’s ground and thereby got some suitable payback. It seems an age since Wednesday came to Villa Park and gave us some pre-bonfire night fireworks with their early and explosive goal. That and Barry Bannan’s smooth display and the enforced retirement of John Terry […]

An Old Villan’s Midweek View (4)

It’s at the Tesco supermarket in a no-mans-land area of Brum that you’ll find the wisdom source of how things are in this city. One of our favourite check-out ladies at the local store is an indifferent follower of football but is married to a Small Heath supporter. Well, ‘indifferent’ or not, just before the […]