The Potters came visiting, the weather was terrible, and Aston Villa looked out of sorts as they clawed their way to a 2-2 draw with Stoke. It probably goes down as the side’s worst performance so far under Dean Smith, but there were still some positives.

The Good
Resilience, mainly, and Kodjia coming to the rescue off the bench by earning a penalty and then scoring the equalizer. Can’t say there was really much else, though Nyland did have a good reaction save in the first half. Wait. Smith’s decision to bring on Kodjia. That obviously paid dividends. I don’t think we’d have come away with anything otherwise. And I wasn’t at all convinced it was the right move when he came on. I also liked the decision to bring on Hogan and go for the win. It’s a consistent philosophy, and it very nearly worked.

The Bad
A fair amount. Bolasie got the assist on Kodjia’s goal, but otherwise both he and El Ghazi just didn’t have their customary control on the ball and were largely ineffective. Wayward passes all over the place, and Hourihane had his fair share of them. Lack of pressure. Some terrible defending from Ahmed Elmohamady to allow his man to easily get inside him and then foul him in the box. Never really got Tammy Abraham involved. Hogan had a couple half-chances at the death, but it just didn’t come off. Overall, the service into the box was poor, as were the longer passing attempts, and the players actually looked a bit tired. They didn’t have the quickness and relentlessness we’ve started getting used to. We had a couple good breaks where we didn’t make the right decisions.

The Ugly
Let’s go with the weather, though the overall performance might do just as well. Deano will not be happy with that one.

Final Verdict
Coming into the game, I wondered what effect Grealish’s absence might have. And this is what I was seeing as I watched. So maybe I’m going to overemphasize this. I’m also going to qualify that by saying no one really played all that well (apart from Kodjia’s cameo) and the conditions were awful.

In recent weeks, as Smith has emphasized a much more team-oriented approach, it may have seemed that Grealish’s contributions, and significance, had shrunk. Instead of putting everything on his shoulders, the side are now trying to distribute responsibility and not depend on one man. So, some might wonder exactly what he’s doing now, and whether we’d be just fine with McGinn taking on his role.

Without Grealish, Villa seemed to lack confidence and cohesion. Having Whelan as your only viable alternative in midfield doesn’t help. One might well argue that O’Hare would’ve been a better choice, leaving Hourihane to continue playing deep. Perhaps Smith thought Stoke were a little too big and burly for him, or that he just isn’t ready to claim a starting spot. Maybe Smith blinked a little there.

What Villa needed, to my mind, was someone to carry the ball, take men on, pull teams out of shape, and open things up in the middle. I think overall Grealish settles the side and gives the players around him confidence. McGinn didn’t really fill that role today, and the game passed him by for stretches even though he put in his customary graft. What I see is that Grealish and McGinn are very complementary players. They each allow the other to do what they do best. In his post-match presser, Smith talked about lumping in crosses rather than getting in behind the CBs. I think Jack helps us play better in the middle of the park and doesn’t leave McGinn so much to do, as he was essentially trying to play two parts. Bolasie and El Ghazi were tightly marked, and quite often double-teamed without having to worry about Grealish and McGinn in the middle working together. With those two out there, it’s less of an issue that Hourihane doesn’t impose himself on games so much as allow Grealish and McGinn to do what they do best.

Of course it’s just one game, so you can’t draw too many conclusions. If Jack were out longer, players would have to get used to doing things differently, and they probably would. If someone like Birkir Bjarnason had been available, that would’ve helped the midfield balance.

And I’ll say it again, the weather did not help anything. But it was the same for both teams, and Stoke dealt with it better. They were also more industrious and organized, and perhaps surprisingly dangerous on the break. Villa looked very much at sea on more than one occasion. Stoke, and Joe Allen, were able to pull our wide men inside, and Deano pointed out the net result, which is that there was a lot of room for the Potters’ to work with out on the flanks in our third.

So, there’s that. A rather poor day at the office, and Villa will be kicking themselves that they couldn’t find a way to three points. That gap is starting to widen now with the Albion and Forest draws that should’ve been wins and today’s disappointing effort. Smith will be seeing those as six points dropped.

I’m guessing it will be an intense week for the players. Smith will have plenty to focus on. That said, there are always days like this, and at least we got something out of a game where it really looked like we wouldn’t. Whereas once we couldn’t really seem to cope with falling behind, today we fell behind twice and it would’ve been easy to buckle after their second. But there was always a sense Villa had another goal in them, and they went out and got it. And we even ended up being a half-step away from potentially snatching a win at the death.

Next week’s match against Leeds is going to be important at this stage of the season, if only for the sake of psychology. We’ve done well in a tough run, and bouncing back after an underwhelming outing is something good teams do. And Smith is getting the team to feel like they’re the ones making runs tough for others, as witnessed by remaining undefeated. In other words, his line that Villa fear no one is a simple statement that ‘tough runs’ are just a series of games that we should always be expecting to win.

In the end, though, this is simply one to forget about. What’s more important is that we have our best midfield combination available for Leeds.

Over to you.

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  1. JC,

    While in general agreement with your review, I think we have to accept that the defensive set up is fragile as goals tend to be given away more than anything. Three draws in the last four, and conceding 9 in those 3 draws, seems to be testimony to that.

    Hence I’m rather relieved about Purslow’s comments as I do feel Smith has some building to do, despite his pretty good start.

  2. JL,

    There are definitely defensive frailties, which is where the press upfield comes in. Wasn’t really there yesterday, not sure if that was on the players or by instruction. But, yes, as many have noted for weeks and months, we’re weak at FB.

  3. Thanks for the writeup JC.
    I think everything that could not go well all happened on the day.
    Also the weather was atrocious, but agree that we Stoke adapted to the conditions better than us & passed the ball better.
    There was also a sense of the team being a little off balance without Jack, & I hope the Viking is able to come back in.
    If not, Hourihane would be better in DS as he has more influence.
    If not O’Hare in Jacks position, maybe EG with Codger on the right side.
    Lastly I hope it’s not snowing next weekend.

  4. On promotion…Compass came in talking about building, doing it right, etc., so Purslow’s comments seem to reflect that. I take it as a vote of confidence in Smith, ie that he’s here doing what they want, and that it’s more important to approach things with a long-term view than put pressure on everyone that the owners don’t necessarily feel. Which is good. But I don’t think anyone in the dressing room is necessarily thinking they shouldn’t be getting promoted.

  5. Mark
    Yes FB.
    It can’t be as bad twice running, surely?
    Also I think at time Elmo was a little bit short of backup from EG.
    Hutton? Well as JC said the press & defending at the back wasn’t there, which showed up our deficiences at FB.

  6. I’m starting to rate Purselow a little.
    I just hope he doesn’t morph into some of the last 10 years worth of so called CEO’s.
    From the article he seems to be talking about a rebuild being necessary, even if we don’t get promoted .
    So no panic buys then, but compass have definitely put their money where their mouth is.

  7. JC: “I don’t think anyone in the dressing room is necessarily thinking they shouldn’t be getting promoted.”

    I’m sure you’re right – they all, surely, have ambition.

    But the team doesn’t look quite well enough equipped to achieve it in style as I see it, so what some/all might be hoping to achieve may be beyond them.

    It could be one or two more in during January may make the difference, but by then it might just be a tad late to catch the top 2, though the play-offs might be ‘on’.

  8. Excellent leader again JC,
    Once again sharing similar thoughts to my own. I do hope that we have sufficient players fit to give Leeds a bloody nose next Sunday, as I shall be chomping at the bit, having missed a trip to the Stoke game this week.
    Not only are Leeds on great form, but they have Patrick Bamford back now, who scored a hat trick for their under 23’s before playing this weekend and scoring an excellent winner for them. We will need to be at our absolute best to get the right result, and start clawing our way further up the table.
    Thanks for bits on Purslow JL, and yes , we have defensive frailties, which have been added to with the loss of players like Birkhir Bjarnason, who would have made a better stand in than Whelan, who has done his best, but lacks the speed and drive of the younger man. We are just so thin on the ground, with so many players loaned out.

  9. Wow!!!

    I don’t believe it….. What would the odds have been if I placed a bet on ‘Arry winning in the Jungle, Stacey winning “Strictly” , and now Geraint Thomas winning Sports Personality of the Year!!!

    I voted for them all…!!

  10. JL,

    There’s more than enough money and talent in the side to expect promotion. With Abraham, Bolasie, El Ghazi, Kodjia and Hogan (with qualifications) up top, Jack, McGinn, Hourihane, Bjarnason, and Lansbury in midfield…That should be enough for anyone. The question is whether they can make up the ground ceded earlier. The playoffs certainly have to be on…We’re getting it done against the teams above us in terms of performances. To finish outside the top 6 would really be underachieving, and I think Smith would be the first to tell you that off the record. This year, though, I would very much like Villa’s chances of winning through.

    At the back, Tuanzebe and Chester are good enough, so for me, CBs aren’t really the weak link now that Jedinak isn’t there and Axel is finding his feet. The issue there is depth. As far as defensive qualities, it’s the two FB spots where we could be much better. And we could use a better keeper. Nyland might be one for the future, and I remember Johnstone taking a while to get confident, but in a ‘right-now’ scenario, a veteran there would certainly help. I could also see Smith perhaps wanting a different swing man in front of the back line, someone more along the lines of McGinn bringing a touch more steel without giving up pace or passing. Which isn’t to say I’m displeased with Hourihane at all.

  11. JC,

    Don’t disagree with your thoughts, But think that we will be back in for McKenna, as we need a young centre back, and would not be surprised if we brought in Cahill too. Oh! for a goalkeeper of Tim Krull’s ability what a difference it would make.

    I do think he will also look at fullbacks, but not sure who.

  12. JC: “There’s more than enough money and talent in the side to expect promotion.”

    We disagree somewhat. There *seems* to be enough talent, as can be seen through the scoring performance and the usual quality of football.

    However, I feel that El Ghazi – though having skill – has shortcomings, and Hourihane often disappoints, while Lansbury is an iffy at this point and the Icelander tends to do better when coming on as a supersub..

    While the attacking potential is pretty good – and if that’s what it was all about then no problem – but we’re getting stuck with the odd bad error in defence (from all quarters) and I often feel that with the Jedi not appearing we’re lacking an enforcer in front of defence. And the depth issue, as you’ve said.

    Why has the Jedi been rejected, I wonder?

    But – as I said before – the January window may solve those issues and then it’s a question as to whether we can achieve the catch-up. Every chance of the play-offs of course.

    So, no, I don’t altogether agree with you but am not at all ruling out a chance for promotion.

  13. Oh, and although we’re scoring pretty well, the attack is prone to profligacy and has been all season. Big example those Abraham misses against Albion which (plus a hand) rather cost us the match.

  14. Thanks JC can’t comment much as I only listened and saw the Highlights in which Stoke looked the better team. The two goals were mistakes though with Hutton losing the ball in a poor position and Elmo losing his head when there was a player covering him anyway. Otherwise we were not terrible at the back as far as I could make out, just two individual errors. A better keeper will improve the CB’s lives and the Defences.

    As for our credentials for top two? we have 24 games to go and we are coming up to an easier run of games, Norwich and Leeds are about to do the opposite. Lets see where we are toward the end of Feb as we then go back into playing the top sides for 6-7 games, a slight lull for 5-6 then leeds away and Norwich at home for our last game, looks set up for a grand stand finish.

    I don’t think Smith is under pressure to go up, I think this is just the nature of the man, he wants to win and expects to win but with this squad at least he looks unlikely to have much room to switch tactics, in fact I don’t think he wants to as far as attacking intent goes. Definitely think Romaine sawyers of Brentford would make a world of difference to the team in that DM playmaker role.

    The big takeaway I got from Mr Purslows chat was this:

    “He has a reputation of playing incredibly attractive football, and that is important. Our owners made it crystal clear – we can’t control results, but we can control performances, so let’s.”

    That to me is why Steve Bruce lost his Job, Not just the results but just our general play.

  15. JL- Its tempting to think a Jedinak at DM would solve all our ills but that is not the way Smiths teams play. That spot is occupied by a playmaker which makes the team tick, sometimes even two. Doesn’t mean they cannot tackle etc they are just way more capable of springing the attack into life.That is the way most top teams play now, one or two very skilful players in that position.

    Wheelan in that position slows our game down and adds little to preventing the goals we have conceded so is a double whammy. When Hourihane plays there it changes the dynamic of the team.

  16. MK,

    I didn’t say the Jedi will solve all – again, assumptions being taken!

    But in front of defence he did a useful job with his size and heading ability.

    If Smith can produce the solution to that issue all well and good, but I am a bit surprised he’s dumped the Hedi so quickly, unless there’s a fitness issue.

    Hourihane may change the dynamics but we’re conceding quite a few still and dropping points in the process … and Conor has not shown to me that he’s consistent enough.

  17. MK: “That to me is why Steve Bruce lost his Job, Not just the results but just our general play.”

    Dragging the conversation back that way, eh?

    The issue is not quite as simple as you state, but I said I’m not going to go into that matter again and I (for my part) will keep to that promise.

  18. Thanks for the script JC. I can’t add much to it. We are scoring goals so that makes us dangerous. I expect Leeds to try and attack us at pace and put us under the cosh if possible. We will be trying to do the same to them so it could be an open game. If we get the win, it will be a huge statement.

    McGinn picked up another booking. His next suspension will be longer because he’s clocking up the yellow cards. And he will be a miss.

  19. JL- Read again my friend I said “a Jedinak” not Jedinak, he has been injured anyway.

    As for dragging it up?? I mentioned about Bruces intent when he 1st mentioned it and whether he could deliver, I had my doubts. As more pieces of the puzzle come to light what else is supposed to happen amnesia? Bruce said when the new owners came in that he would be playing attacking football and it was mentioned by several players after he left.
    Even you must see we went about things in a most un-bruce like manner, ultimately he could not deliver what Smith can/has in that department, horses for courses. If promotion isn’t so urgent why ditch Bruce?

    Ironically I made a statement and you took it that way 😉

  20. MK: “Read again my friend I said “a Jedinak” not Jedinak, he has been injured anyway.”

    Well, it doesn’t change my answer anyway! 🙂

    As for him being “injured”, that seems not quite right – Smith has said that Jedi is being released in January, hence my question.

  21. JL- it is right he has been injured smith said he was on the bench last week even though he wasn’t recovered properly yet from injury, as to him leaving its no surprise he is not a smith type player, never say never but seems that way.

  22. On the environment, pretty much seems doomed as there are to many people all wanting a western level of comfort. We will get nowhere until honest talks take place without prejudice to one ideology or another.

    All living things produce CO2, plants like it, so population reduction is a must at our level of technology, if CO2 is the demon portrayed (I don’t think it is, Pollution seems far greater threat and green technology is polluting) I cannot see world wide agreement on population reduction nor a reduction in living standards, That may just happen anyway as its unsustainable.

    “Inhaled air is by volume 78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen and small amounts include argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, and hydrogen. The gas exhaled is 4% to 5% by volume of carbon dioxide, about a 100 fold increase over the inhaled amount.”

    If we exterminate life no CO2 problem.

  23. Well Derby versus Forest 0-0, and mainly a tale of two defences, and two first class goalkeepers, Pantilimon and Carson.

    Joe lolly putting in another performance….should we be making a cheeky bid for a Brummie and die hard Villa fan..!!!

    Good result for us, but both still above us.


    Jedinak has been injured for weeks now, and is only just fit.

  24. MK,

    Well, while the article speaks about use of chemicals (and their dangerous ramifications) I think these are the main priorities for sustainability in the West:

    1. Reduction of all our wants – food and all manufactured products;
    2. Less dependency on meats – which is beginning to significantly happen.
    3. Seeking natural methods for life, including medicines.

    But to make that happen properly, governments need to engage in far better planning to make these priorities work. That means not servicing the needs of business, particularly conglomerates. At this time this looks most unlikely, but when the catastrophes around the world begin to take on mammoth proportions, governments (belatedly) will have to change tack.

  25. JL- I assume you haven’t watched the video then by your comment? its not about just getting rid of chemicals, but mono and annual crops, Grains, soya, soil erosion,modern farming and making use of nature as it was intended. It also talks about planning it all and promoting community.

    Don’t agree on Less meat its completely the wrong way to go, animals are part of the cycle, if you try to produce enough calories by planting Grains etc you will worsen things immeasurably along with the already downward trend in health we are seeing by consuming them.

    As for governments changing tack I think we are stuffed there. Small communities showing the way would help but quite honestly all to little to late, there will probably be war 1st.

  26. IanG- yeah I saw that, not the biggest surprise, he is the opposite of manures ethos over its recent history so was never going to work for me and he’s never looked happy there even though he wanted the Job, shame they will probably become good again when they come and take smith 🙂

  27. MK: “I assume you haven’t watched the video then by your comment?”

    You have this penchant for making assumptions that are groundless! 🙂 I didn’t say the article/video was about chemicals – I just said they were mentioned.

    What I stated in response are the only issues that we should concentrate on in my view. Your article – as I see it – is by someone who has a vested interest in selling what he thinks is right for his business.

  28. MK: “Don’t agree on Less meat its completely the wrong way to go, animals are part of the cycle”

    Who told you that myth?

    The fact is that eating red meat is the worst thing for humans, especially if regularly consumed.

    Less of everything is the way forward. And vive les chickpeas!

  29. JL-

    so what about all the other things mentioned? you appear to have missed the point thats why I asked had you watched it, can’t please some people, its much broader than that. If you had watched it you would see that it covers all your points bar getting rid of meat.

    “The fact is that eating red meat is the worst thing for humans, especially if regularly consumed.”

    Fact?? who’s fact JL? Bad for you in what context? when eaten in conjunction with high carbs and other junk people call food along with alcohol,drugs and fags, I can show you studies of people that eat nothing but meat and are in exceptional health, Vegans however cannot say the same, over time it throws up multiple deficiencies, what animal looks at its meal and says I must combine my beans and rice to get protean or even cooks it so it doesn’t poison you? Nothing natural about mans diet.

  30. I see Clark has been back at Villa with a hamstring injury for a month but played for the U23’s last night in front of Smith before going back out. wonder if he’ll get recalled

  31. Mark,

    I don’t miss any point. The fact is you disregard spiritual principles so therefore you think I’m missing the point.

    Spirituality in its true form is more scientific than science, I assure you.

  32. What about new report about organic farming causing more harm,taking more land to grow same amount crops,stick to football lads at least no one is any more an expert than any one else

  33. To tell you the truth, I think we’re all fooked already. The money doesn’t want to believe anything’s wrong, and humans’ ability to stick their heads in the sand knows no bounds. It’s gonna take some riots. Some really big ones.

  34. MK,

    I appreciate your sincere interest in the matter – as all of us should be – but until man re-adopts his ancient holistic approach to living and recognise the fact that planet Earth is a living entity in its own right then the matter will never be addressed fully and there could be a lot of unnecessary suffering on account of that.

    Holistic means understanding without reliance on the brain alone.

    Getting rid of fracking would at least be a starters. That’s almost a no-brainer.

  35. JL- A good start would be to look at “all” the evidence without prejudice surely?

    As for holistic that is exactly what the 1st video was about, keeping the soil intact to sequester carbon while producing more food per acre that also produces fuel in one packet, hold water on the land too and breaks the monopoly of big agra. No ploughing etc is needed and all vehicles are run on bio diesel they grow.

  36. JC- I have no doubt it will lead to violence, what people have to weigh up is which side is misguiding the public? probably both at the top in truth for their own reasons but it is not black and white, racist vs non-racist etc, I fear we are being mislead and it appears well orchestrated.

  37. Back to footy, should we be looking at loans or shrewd buys? Loans with an option to buy maybe? all depends on whether promotion is or isn’t this seasons aim for me, this window might give some hint.

  38. MK,

    I’m sure your videos do state pertinent things, but all that is laid down thousands of years ago and now man thinks he’s clever because he thinks he’s found something new.

    And all this has been said by “experts” for the past 50 years, but not a lot gets done because most are so conditioned by materialistic thinking.

  39. JL- unfortunately you appear to be the only one reading these things from thousands of years ago that I know personally, if a childs born today and reads the same as you its new to him, does it make what he has learned not useful?

  40. MK: “unfortunately you appear to be the only one reading these things”

    That, of course, is patently untrue. I think many people just read what’s put out by the western press and ignore what’s going on in places like India, hence why western people are not so au fait and presume that western thinking is ‘better’.

    India is pushing ahead, my friend, and it won’t be long before we hear a lot more from there.

  41. JL- I think there are more spiritually aware scientists than you give credit for JL, I listened to a chap on climate science yesterday that thought that Darwinism was wrong and that DNA could not of developed in the time scale, Therefore there is a creator. One of the practices thats spreading among successful people is meditation, not beyond reason that a new way is emerging.

    Many scientists get their ideas after sleeping on a problem thats well documented, to discount it as mans arrogance? I’m not sure your right. I’m sure the people who wrote down what you read didn’t do it in 5 mins, why expect instant wisdom from men now?

    You talked once of a golden part of a cycle about to happen, what if Global warming is a part of it? maybe essential? who knows.certainly a warmer greener planet fits that in my mind.

  42. BY the way I am not talking of just western people here but they are included, there are entrepreneurs from all over doing fantastic things in the science realm that have spiritual aims to help the planet.

  43. MK: “I think there are more spiritually aware scientists than you give credit for JL”

    Sir, I’ve had plenty of what I’ve found to be very good advice over the last 40 years in particular on where wisdom is to be found.

    While I don’t doubt for one moment what you say about the spiritual leanings of *some* in the scientific community, the advice I’ve always been given from those who know is “go to the original” on where to find direction. That means doing just that. For me nothing else is to be trusted even though some of the current generation may seem to make sense and – indeed – may be in the right direction to finding the right path.

  44. JL- There are an awful lot preaching gratitude etc, as to whether they go to the original I have no idea and no idea if that is necessary, If you don’t know of its existence why would you go to it? sounds like a very closed club if you live on an island firing arrows at people for instance.

    If you don’t trust science as is I don’t get why you back Global warming?

    Sadly I saw that Google released an Islamic app in Indonesia recently so you can report people for breaking Sharia law and other offences against Islam.

  45. MK,

    I think you and I will never see eye-to-eye as we look at matters from quite different perspectives.

    As I said some time ago, we are in reality 3-brained beings and that’s where we need to get to rather than looking at matters through one organ.

  46. MK: “Sadly I saw that Google released an Islamic app in Indonesia recently so you can report people for breaking Sharia law and other offences against Islam.”

    What that has to do with the topic of conversation I haven’t the foggiest!!!

  47. JL- nothing to do with it I just wondered if you had seen it? what do you think about it is more to the point? An app for dobbing people in? dead handy that, why are Google anywhere near it? probably on par with their search engine for China.

    On getting to 3 brained, If we have 3 then surely we are using them, whether we know it or not. If we are never going to see eye to eye not much hope for me I assume 😉

  48. Apparently, at the moment the Chinse have detained over 1,000,000 Moslems and are holding them indefinitely in Xinjiang, in detention camps. Source: Amnesty International.

    This world is facing a myriad of problems due to technological advance and globalization, which it has not adapted to, or planned for, and yet the problems where being spelled out in the 1970’s about providing shorter working times, more realistic payment systems for workers, and the development of leisure time.

    Unfortunately, the most powerful position in the world is occupied by a child.

  49. I am sure there were great reports some time ago on how we had missed out on Kalinic, and that he had developed into a first class keeper.

    Too late I fear JL,

    The time is now and the mood of the people throughout Europe and many other places, is for revolution, and that governments have failed them for far too long. It is not the lowest levels that are ready to revolt, but those in the middle, whose lot has not improved in the last 20 years.

  50. PP: “Too late I fear JL,”

    You’re right about challenging times ahead, but that’s not to say there won’t be a peaceful resolution after everyone has been brought back to their senses – when they realise the sheer futility of living the way we’ve been.

  51. Meanwhile, JL

    Putin and the child Trump may well have advanced the world into a nuclear war, as Trump just could not resist pressing the button to see if it works….


    I am sure Bree will be featuring, but I believe Dean will still bring in another defender who can play LB, and Makoudi, the French CB, McKenna, and Cahill seem to on the radar for a CB.

  52. PP,

    Ah, but perhaps other events will come along that we don’t know about…

    That’s always been the experience in my life – always the unexpected takes place.

    Live in hope, not fear.

  53. reports on kelinic is decent.

    Overall very good for the championship and more than ok for prem.

    Good leader, massive (dominates his area) and very good reflexes.

    The only negative bit is not good at all with his feet.

  54. JL- Sorry didn’t get back to you, I’m certainly don’t think spirituality has anything much to do with Islams darker side . I am surprised that Google who have great trust placed in them have produced such an app, Shouldn’t be though as there is plenty of Arab money in the tech world.

    Had a watch of the Video and I think I understand where you are coming from a bit better at least, although it does require a lot of faith that whats being said is true.Who knows what someone else is actually experiencing ? Sacred Geometry is very interesting stuff although at one point it did remind me of Technical Drawing in college 🙂 I have seen a lot of Gregg Bradens stuff over the years too.

  55. Andrew- Seems so long ago that Remi Garde tried to sign kelinic, many of his picks for Villa that ended up elsewhere did ok so fingers crossed we are not adding to the second 11 of keepers we have.

  56. PP- I feel The EU, governments etc have forgotten whom they serve, Great having new visions for the world etc if its actually what people want, the answer to that is ask them regularly.

  57. MK: “Had a watch of the Video and I think I understand where you are coming from a bit better at least, although it does require a lot of faith that whats being said is true.”

    Drunvalo has the capacity to create images of what spiritual science is all about, and it’s the underlying truth of the sciences being pursued in academia. But whereas science used to be pursued holistically it became a series of separate topics, although Quantum Physics and Unified Field Theory tends to pull it all back to the holistic approach, though a gap remains.

    However, that’s all trying to explain things in one set of terms. Another is through the various teachings of certain people who are evolved and whose job it is to try to purify the habits of man so that he can understand better the way to live in harmony with this planet and to progress spiritually. I don’t follow Drunvalo specifically though I see sense in what he’s been doing.

    This video/article is a grim reminder of what activities are taking place in the name of ‘progress’:

  58. JL- Stupidity, Nature will bounce back, sadly I think it will be without us. That said the earth will always change, saw that there are 9 volcano’s underneath Antarctica one is very active at the moment .

  59. Mark
    It may be serious , but right now it looks like a mini wimp’s ‘Me Too’ movement, still not owning up to their own part in a situation 25 years ago, & just blaming someone else for not being able to hack it, in the current controlling revisionism.
    Jesus, I don’t know many people from when I grew up that weren’t treated worse, like they were in the army, with ACTUAL assault.
    It takes 2 mostly.

  60. Mark
    It would not be accceptable in more recent times, as there are more professionally useful methods of dealing with under achievers.
    But there is a modern tendency to use the rest of the planet for therapy.

  61. IanG- I have no idea me old mate, I just hope that its a fair trial, that seems less likely these days, Kmac better hope one of the alleged victims is not a minority of some sort or taken to calling himself mavis.

  62. Heres an interesting take on Global warming, obviously there is about 6 billion more of us than a century ago, with cities, roads and concrete built to cope, minus trees etc, it will have an effect But the chap in this video makes the point that if Global warming and sea rises were as predicted no bank would be handing out mortgages for land that would be underwater in 40-50 years, and thats a lot of land.

    I also see May signing the UN’s Immigration paper, no conflict with Brexit at all there 🙂

    “BRITAIN will sign a controversial new legislation proposal put forward by the United Nations (UN) which could see people who criticise EU migration policies jailed and makes immigration a universal human right.”

  63. DOR – Should be McGinn for me. Smacking one in from that distance with a moving ball in the air……

    I see Cafu has got the Championship goal of the month award. Any goal that sinks small heath is goal of the month.

  64. Mark, you linked to. YouTube video of someone suggesting that banks wouldn’t be offering mortgages on ‘at risk’ properties if they believed in climate change.
    I don’t know if he has commercial motivations for being a climate change denier but he fails to recognise two things:
    1) commercial organisations tend to be slower to adapt than they should be. In the case of mortgage lenders there tends to be far too much focus on the short term. Humans have an enduring tendency for burying heads in the sand.
    There were warnings about the last financial crash but individuals and companies were getting rich (or appearing to) by lending to increasing numbers of people who were progressively less able to service the debt.
    Basically . Companies have a ‘tendency’ to target short term profit over long term planning.

    2) climate change is changing flood risk so fast now that it is forcing insurance companies to confront the increasing numbers of flooding claims and withdraw cover from ‘at risk’ properties. In other words, climate change is reducing short term company profits so they are starting to address these increasing risks in order to maintain profits. A few years ago, our government recognised the danger of too many people losing cover (they were coming under media pressure as a result of too many individuals being denied cover by insurance companies) so they introduced a new

  65. As climate change accelerates governments will Increasingly have to step in to take on risks that commercial organisations will run away from.
    This isn’t fanciful greenie scare mongering. . . . it’s real it’s happening today and even the older ones of us here are starting to feel the effects in increasing premiums and taxes.

  66. My brother was the UK government’s senior environmental director of law and has written definitive books on European environment law.
    He finally decided to move into a new area of law and emigrate to NZ (where he’s a senior legal advisor to the government) because, in his role, he was seeing the most recent scientific evidence and. He was finding it so depressing that it was affecting his day to day mental state and life and he realised that he needed to take a break from it.

  67. Robbo- nobody disputes there is change, there always is, its what is causing the change thats disputed. History is full of floods and completely devoid of the .8 rise in the earths temp that man has supposed to have caused.

    “Grote Mandrenke, a destructive southwesterly Atlantic gale, swept across the British Isles, the Netherlands and Germany on the 16 January 1362. The immense storm swept far inland, wiping out entire towns and districts.”

    As for people making money? I find it odd you seem to think there is only one side making money. Al gore now has £118m vs the £800,000 he started with pre-global warming.

    My ask is to get all the cards on the table not just the ones that suit one viewpoint. There are many things happening in the world and it seems weird to me if Global warming is the threat why the rush to introduce the third world to our life style by opening boarders and enlarging already over populated areas with more consumers? something stinks.

  68. MK: “…if Global warming is the threat why the rush to introduce the third world to our life style by opening boarders and enlarging already over populated areas with more consumers? something stinks.”

    Of course. It’s the influence of the Cabal – the Government behind the governments; essentially the major bankers.

    By right action they can be defeated in their intent … as India is beginning to show.

  69. Mark
    Yes there has always been climate change
    The only time there has been such rapid change previously is down to catastrophic events such as huge eruptions or (probably) large meteor strikes.
    Current rate of change is otherwise unprecedented.

    There is no evidence of it having ever previously happened without a dramatic external intervention.

    The evidence of man being the cause of the current change is overwhelming. There isn’t a single piece of reputable evidence of any factor other than man

  70. JC-Thanks for the fine summary of the game. I was literally in the wilderness, so haven’t seen it, yet. I look forward to the Leeds game.
    Does anybody remember the ghastly 80s mini series “V”? These aliens were heating up Earth’s atmosphere to make it easier to colonise us.
    Robbo-Your brother would be an interesting man to speak with. He’d get less grief from NZ’s current government. It is a partnership of Labour, Greens and NZ First. About 18 months into their term, they’ve done pretty well.
    Speaking of the unexpected, I was at my cousins place today. We heard a big crash sound and ran out to see a bus taking off. He’d just backed into and written my car off which was parked on the pavement. He didn’t even stop, just fled the scene. We saw the number of the bus and laid a complaint with the police. I will be out of a car for a few weeks. Life is full of the unexpected.

  71. Iana,
    He has a place on the coast near wellington but is building a new house a few hundred metres up the hill . . . . hedging his bets for the future!

  72. Robbo- Might be cold up that hill 🙂

    Global warming caused by man, you have to ask by what means? loss of trees (halved) by mans expansion? huge amount of roads and construction? 6 billion extra people breathing out CO2? 7 Billion creatures producing more heat in there homes ? Green energy cannot replace the energy we use quick enough simple as if predictions are accurate, it isn’t even particularly environment friendly. Massive dams destroying more forest and causing extinctions? solar farms use loads of water, batteries are very polluting.

    We could use Nuclear that is the only real short term solution if CO2 is the only concern. If as they say we are near tipping point merely implementing Green energy will require dirty energy to produce by which point?

    Whats the answer other than utter panic? your guess is as good as mine, At this point the change in Earth’s global mean surface temperature has been close to zero since 2000 the CO2 has still risen. We are assured it will start going up soon apparently. If we get more volcanic activity during this solar minimum we will be getting colder CO2 or not also apparently.

    My conclusion is if its us we will have to reduce our numbers, whats certain is it will be costing a lot of money that at this point in time the world doesn’t appear to have.

  73. Mark
    Global warming has not slowed down. 16 of the warmest years on record have been in the last 17 years. The warmest was 2016
    There is still time to make a difference in many different ways
    Yes, nuclear could be one. . . . I had to leave my branch of friends of the earth back in the 70’s because I advocated exactly that . . . . I was in a minority of 1

  74. Robbo- It has slowed a lot mate otherwise the scientists would not be arguing about how much for the last 2-3 years, hottest this and that are always going to start from a baseline. It was actually hotter in 1100BC apparently by 1-2 degrees with oceans 7-8m higher, amazing when there are cities 400 feet below the ocean all over the world.

    It will take a massive effort in farming to make a difference and I think it can be achieved faster that way than reduction alone, CO2 and sunshine make plants grow and sequester Carbon, I hope we sort it but as I said logically it means goodbye to some of us.

    In the meantime its nuclear unfortunately.

  75. Robbo-Sounds like your brother lives on the Kapiti coast. I live on the coast of Island Bay, Wellington.
    Typical that Elphick would score elsewhere. Anyway, looking forward to the Leeds match, less fear these days.

  76. Iana, he’s on Karaka Bays . . . . not so far away from you
    He’s deputy chief parliamentary council . . . so not specifically involved in environmental law any more

  77. With so little information about Jacks injury I’ve been thinking of joining the conspiracy club and assuming that he’s actually not playing because he’ll be helping fund the new January signings when he moves to Spurs.

  78. Been traveling for the holidays…interesting stuff, as per. Couple of thoughts .

    1) Climate change is real. Talk all you want, but if 100% of non-fossil fuel-funded scientists agree, then let’s do something. Not gonna kill us if they’re wrong. Just gonna cost some assholes some money, assholes who have made a lot from fossil fuels.

    2) Money (and I think a “global banking cabal” has at least some anti-Semitic overtones) almost never likes risk. In other words, money keeps flowing where it’s always found a return. Money is short term. It’s the private-school payments, the mortgage, etc. The vast majority of humans aren’t capable of grasping what’s happening because they don’t want to. And until the s**t hits the fan, it will be business as usual. Show me where we’ve ever behaved differently.

    3) Haven’t seen anything about Jack being out for “weeks.” Entirely possible, but I’ve not seen it said. Thinking either a deep bone bruise or a stress fracture. Duration of absence based on pain/risk of worsening.

    4) Because of the holidays, will have a very brief post up tomorrow for the game. Right before kick-off. Not much else as i’m traveling.

    5) Merry/Happy Christmas/Happy Holidays to all.

  79. Well, no Tuanzebe, & codger swapped instead of EG.
    Bree in & Revan on the bench for the defence
    And Davis & the viking on the bench, along with Albert

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