West Brom An Ideal Fixture After Saints Defeat, Massive Cup Win

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How quickly my mood can change.

Whilst tucking into my lunch last Saturday afternoon watching Football Focus I was thinking to myself just how much I was looking forward to watching the Villa boys—albeit via some dodgy live stream—in action against a side that I genuinely believed we’d outplay and outfox. I was confident of all three points, so much so I even bet on a Villa away win, something that I very rarely do seeing as we’ve won just six of our last 41 away matches dating back to the start of the 2010/11 season.

I regret it now.

Despite being in front at the interval through a typical poacher’s goal by Darren Bent in the 36th minute, at half-time I scratched my head and thought that this isn’t the flamboyant Villa performance I was expecting to see. But then the sensible, niggly side of my brain fought back and shouted, “Hey we’re still 1-0 up!” Within half-an-hour we found ourselves 3-1 down and being comprehensively bettered by (formerly) pointless Southampton.

What the bleedin’ heck just happened?

Although I like to think I’m somewhat of a purist, I must admit I’m not usually a massive fan of talking tactics and dissecting a game of football. However Matt’s “Talk Tactics” article on Monday was a fascinating read in which he highlighted Barry Bannan’s poor long passing, Ciaran Clark’s inability to land a tackle and how Matthew Lowton was far too exposed on that right flank.

Rather than re-visit this carefully analysed, well-written synopsis I’ve decided to have a good old-fashioned moan about one player in particular, and that player is Stephen Ireland. And not for the first time either.

At the start of the season I said that this campaign is make-or-break for him, the jury is still out, and that despite being awarded ‘Supporters Player of the Year’ last season. And let’s face it, that meant very little in what was a woeful nine months for the Villa.

His performances thus far this season have not been good enough, and for a player that earns in excess of £3.3 million per year we have to see a lot more from him. He surrenders possession far too easily, often in dangerous areas in the middle of the park or on the edge of the opposition penalty box, when we have players committed forward. This enables our opponents to launch a swift counterattack. He really needs to start pulling his finger out.

Interestingly, the other day when I was in a tweeting discussion about this with a fellow Villan he seemed to think it was due to the lack of movement in front of Ireland, particularly from Darren Bent. He has a point, but at the same time I’d happily see the ball moved out wide to our advancing fullbacks, or perhaps an interchange with one of his midfield colleagues. Anything bar giving up possession.

This week Paul Lambert and I just aren’t on the same wavelength. After the Southampton defeat he came out and said, “Losing Stephen (at half-time with a potential broken arm) was a blow because I thought he was playing really well.” To be brutally honest I thought the whole team was poor throughout, including the first half—and that despite leading.

Anyhow, onwards and upwards. It’s only the small matter of a home local derby against our noisy West Bromwich neighbours this Sunday afternoon. I reckon it’s about time we showed them which team really is the boss of the Midlands. This match couldn’t come at a better time for us as the lads should be looking to make amends for the shambles at St Mary’s. I expect them to be chomping at the bit.

I think the key to this game will be our right-sided attack. I’m expecting Liam Ridgewell to start the match at left-back for the Baggies and we all know the former Villa man is not a natural left-sided defender, and he won’t be comfortable with someone who has pace forcing him backwards. Perhaps Lambert should allow N’Zogbia an opportunity to show what he is capable of doing, see if he’s hungry for it. Alternatively, start Gabby on the right wing.

I’d like to see Weimann start alongside Benteke. With Jonas Olsson and Gareth McAuley likely to be Albion’s centre-back pairing you certainly need someone like Benteke to unsettle them two giants. McAuley isn’t very mobile, neither is Olsson, and I feel that Weimann has that nippiness to get in between the two.

That’s just me though, I don’t get paid for picking the team. I am however a Football Manager addict and so I guess that’s where the above talk comes from!

Moving on. Unfortunately this article was written prior to our Capital One second round match at Manchester City, and so I can only pray that we’re toasting a win as you read this [Editor's note: Too right!]. I’m hoping that Lambert used this tie to field some of the fringe players such as: Joe Bennett, Nathan Baker, Ashley Westwood, Samir Carruthers, Charles N’Zogbia, Jordan Bowery, Andreas Weimann and the returning Gabby Agbonlahor. As much as I’d welcome a cup run, getting further points on the board in the Premier League is of course the priority.

Until next week. Up the Villa!

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  1. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    Hello Ryan,
    It’s a waste of time attempting to predict a PL team isn’t it ? As you pointed out the Olbyun team looks a bit ropey at the back, as we do, so i think the same tactics will be seen as last night. Although the entertainment value of our team is excellent we seem to be in the habit of giving away ( very ) cheap goals, admittedly the midfield is set up more to attack than defend but some of the errors are basic.
    Very pleased that Fabian Delph appears to have had a good game, PL obviously rates him and i certainly do, i think he’s a far better all round player than BB and Herd and if he can stay clear of injuries i believe that he will become a candidate for an England slot over the next two years.
    Also pleased that Zoggy’s finally got his arse into gear and broken sweat, January may be the time to sell him while he’s finally got a decent game under his belt and we can get £3 – 4m for him.
    Given apparently showed why Guzan is now number one.

  2. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    Just watched the goals, Gabby’s were excellent, looks as though he’s got a new trick when cutting in from the right.
    Wasn’t Mario offside ? if not Lowton was ball watching.
    If Bennett’s going to dive in and tackle with his wrong foot he’ll pick up a few bookings and worse.

  3. DeadlydougDeadlydoug26-09-2012

    Nice write up Ryan and along with you some things i simply do not understand?

    Starting off on the good foot a whopping 8-1 was missed by me last night on winning at the ETHIHAD!! Could of done with that! But well done boys as described by the media a spirited win,and well done Gabby i think that has given PL food for thought as to his best combination up front?

    But first i have to applaud any manager who makes a sweeping 6 changes to a team, i know personally from my own experience that it would have been to radical for me! But what it does suggest is that PL will not be intimated by stature or creed has to who starts his team. ( i like that)

    Just had a quick peep at Norwich city stats last season and they went to Anfield and Emirates and pinched a point but on the returning fixture at home lost both?

    But this morning is all about Villa and in particular PL
    because while we are talking stats last season Norwich leaked an amazing 11 goals to Man City over the 2 fixtures. So well done PL.

    Lets reap the hay while the sun shines, i still think its going to be a ROLLER COASTER!

  4. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    Deadly Doug, what happened to Villa should have been shopping at Selfridges for their new manager and if you pay peanuts you get monkeys? There will be setbacks while Lambert imposes himself on the team and gets to know the abilities and limitations of our squad, but last night was proof, if it was needed, that Villa appointed the best manager they possibly could have got.

  5. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara26-09-2012

    Want to see Gabby and Benteke play up front together, I know many of you will agree Gabby is a striker or nothing!… He s no winger.

    I think Gabby and Benteke would work teams over in attack… obviously we wouldn’t have Bent’s “Prolific goal poaching” or “One in Four goal hanging” as i prefer to call it… in the team but I think is would suit what Lambert is trying to instil through out the team.

    Personally I think now we’ll see…

    Lichaj Vlaar Clark Bennett
    …….Karim Holman……..

  6. bibulusbibulus26-09-2012

    Delph had 103 passes with 92% accuracy (source – avfc stats) (sorry no pretty pictures) – has to be above BB in pecking order now surely.
    Great to see some players step it up – we have all been crying out for players to step up to the plate and it seems some are capable of doing so whilst others will be eyeing a move to the championship or back to sweatyland.
    Yes agree – Weimann and Benteke for Sunday please.
    Shame for those who did not have a tickle at 10-1 – beer tokens for Saturday and Sunday are taken care of – thanks to our monkey of a manager insisting any football match is winnable!!

  7. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    Bibulus, that 10/1 was to win the match outright and not on the result at 90 minutes then? Nice touch.

  8. FremFrem26-09-2012

    It would be wrong if that the guys who started last night do not start on Sunday

    we should play the same formation, we had more possession and created chances

    No way should Holman walk straight back into the side, hes works hard yes, but is very poor on the ball

    delph had a 92 % sucses last night, he has to start along side El, it will give more fight and energy to the midfield

  9. FremFrem26-09-2012

    oh and, what are the chances we get Man U away tonight ??

  10. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    Frem, 29/1 I think.

  11. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    Assuming United get through.

  12. FremFrem26-09-2012

    Just watched the highlights on AVTV. There was a lovely move down the left between Bennet and Zoggy, who then when round a couple of players

    Benteke Flicked on the ball for our 3rd goal, and our 4th goal. Albri and Gabby passed to together and it was a really nice run from gabby from the touch line into the box

  13. bibulusbibulus26-09-2012

    Dont see Ireland as the master criminal – for me he has done a lot of the simple football tasks very well again this year and we need that – that said have little doubt he plays better when money is on the table – best performances came last year during the jan window – what a waste of talent!
    Even though Lambert is obviously rubbish and we should’ve got a better manager from selfridges (??) lets see what he can do with him to get more consistency before we condemn him.
    Andrew – yes finally learnt to back to qualify in cup competitions – hit me hard a couple of times in euros, still don’t see betfair loss adjusters quaking in their boots when i place a bet !

  14. Johnie MJohnie M26-09-2012

    What a result

    Didn’t see it coming but full credit to PL & the whole team after the capitulation against Soton

    My first chance to see them live on Sunday v the Baggies so hoping for same sort of commitment & the shrine rocking from start to finish which hasn’t been the case for last 2 seasons

    My starting team ( which is probably not the same as PL ) would be:

    Lichaj Vlaar Baker Bennett
    K E A Delph
    Gabby Benteke

    Come on you caged Tigers !!!

  15. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Morning All

    A lovely win last night.So pleased for Delph,always been a fan,his career seems to be stop start with injuries and lack of form.Let`s hope this time he really has turned the corner.A left peg too which provides great balance.
    Delighted for Gabby.Ups and downs are to be expected this season,just hope sunday is an up.

    Well written Ryan,I too share your frustration with S.Ireand esq.Living off his one good season about 3/4 years ago.
    Zog,let`s see some consistency now.
    Surely BB won`t start on sunday?Albion are very fluid in the centre,and move the ball around quickly,Delph must be there to break up the flow IMO,just hope he stays on his feet and avoids,silly tacles.

  16. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Very quiet on here today,is evryone in a state of shock after our splendid win?

  17. DeadlydougDeadlydoug26-09-2012

    Andrew P;

    Well remembered sir!

    The point i was trying to make was, (selfridges) after 2 -3 years in the wilderness the least villa supporters deserved was a high profile manager ie’ Benitez, Hiddink a proven manager a high profile manager as opposed to an apprentice manager.

    With proven managers they tend to stick to proven players and we hit the road running so to speak. So its not a matter of catch up or bridging the void between us and them?

    B6 and Bibulus i’m a great fan of Delph and its been unfortunate the way his career has gone at villa.Lets hope he can stay clear of injuries and have a proper go! His stats do not surprise me last night.

  18. B62 VillaB62 Villa26-09-2012

    Howdy folks,
    Just back from sunny Crete , a stress free week of all inclusive in soaring temperatures, was just what the doctor ordered, so imagine my horror at seeing the full time score flash up ( having seen us 1-0 up) against the Scummers, WTF 4-1, so on flying home last night I didn’t see the Man City game/score til the early hours, a brilliant result against a team packed with stars and a couple of youth players, well done all round.
    Very worried about our league form tho, we are throwing points and games away with consummate ease, 3 losses from the opening 5 games and only 1 win is pretty poor, with a game against the baggies(who hate us and would love to beat us again) on Saturday, this needs to be addressed. The Albion have started on fire and won 3/5 and drawn 1 lost 1. We simply cannot loose against the baggies, it is a matter of pride and this should be drummed into every team member. After last night Gabby has to start up front. Our midfield worries me and the defence leaks like a sieve, I dunno if a Clark/Vlaar partnership will work either short or long term. But here’s to a win Sunday and a great day out starting at brekkie in the Rose Villa Tavern in the Jewellery Qtr.

  19. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    Hello B62, I think we’re going to have a few weeks of this before things settle down. It’ll be 2 steps forward and 1 step back until Lambert gets his team playing his way. Patience is the key.

    Deadly, I think you’re wrong on a number of levels. Villa didn’t need a ‘big name’ manager. We needed to appoint the best manager we could and Lerner has done exactly that. Any ‘big name’ manager who would have touched us after last season would have wanted huge money to rebuild the squad. I’m guessing Benitez would have demanded top wages and I doubt if he would have taken it in on with a £20 miliion war chest.

    I think we’ve got a gem in Paul Lambert who will improve as a manager beyond any of the established managers who we could realistically have expected to appoint.

    Deadly, sometimes you can pay Selfridges prices and still be sold a pup.

  20. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Agree Andrew

    I think we have some crazy up and down results on the menu this season.We will veer from the spectacular- langoustine served on a bed of wild rice washed down with Bollinger-to the plain old egg and bacon sarnie with a mug of tea.
    When we expect the sarnie we`ll get the langoustine(Man City)when we expect the Bollinger-we`ll get the mug of tea(Southampton)
    All good nutrious fare though,patience is the key,so enjoy the grub.
    Pretty hungry now so I`m off to prepare lunch.Problem shall I have caviar or tripe?

  21. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Agree Steamer

    Who can predict PL`s selections.?
    Having said that I would be suprised if Gabby doesn`t start and BB does.Isn`t it great to have options now?

    Maybe we`ll see Hutton at centre mid and Randy on the left wing,with Chubby (wedged)in goal?

  22. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Mind you I think Randy might prefer to be on the right considering his politics.

  23. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    B6, I’m sure part of the unpredictability is down to Lambert trying different players and different combinations. He’s signed 8 players, and of the players he inherited, I doubt if he’d have known that much about players like Chris Herd and Nathan Baker. So there’s going to be a certain amount of trial and error, more so than if he’d taken over a team with a settled first 11 full of better known players.

    BTW B6, I’m glad your bacon and egg sandwich was cheese-free.

  24. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey26-09-2012

    Sorry for the delay getting on.

    A great win and something to help us kick on with a big game on Sunday.

    With some predicting a loss against Swansea, a win against Southampton, and a loss against City, will we dare have people predict a win against the Baggies?

  25. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Cheese in a B&E sarnie?Sir,you are a scoudrel to mention such a thing.
    Taking of cheese,try cheese with jam,and a cheese sarnie with mustard,bloomin marvellous.

  26. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    I can see the Baggies game being a cracking game of association football.3-2 to us.

  27. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey26-09-2012

    Also have to say that I don’t see the logic of a big name manager and how they would have done betters

    A) we had a tight wage bill and B) how far is £20m going to go if you are spending on players who are big names? One player? Two tops? Which, essentially is far from what we needed so I have to disagree that the club needed a so called “big” manager (a term I think is nonsensical anyway – nobody truly big would have touched us with a barge pole unless we had a fortune), and say that Lambert is the kind of guy we should have in charge.

    Or are those wanting a “big” manager and his associated “big” spending totally oblivious to the recent financial crises that nearly put us in the Championship due to spiralling costs and a thinning, largely overpriced and overpaid squad.

    Me thinks said comment was just to start an argument personally, past form and all that.

  28. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey26-09-2012


    Cheese and mustard? Off to try that now…

  29. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    Good to see Delph supporters here, with some of the things iv’e seen written about him you would think he was a completely untalented idiot like Mutton. There’s a very good footballer in the lad IMO, i just hope he can avoid injuries.

    Andrew P,
    Exactly mate, and in my opinion PL has handled the situation brilliantly.

    B62 strange you should be talking of brekkie, the crucial AVL debate this week has been flan or
    quiche ?
    Glad you made it back for your favourite opponents.

  30. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Big name managers my ar*e.
    Benitez?Huge salary with his excuses already lined up?No thank you.Delighted with PL,win lose or draw sunday I`ll still be delighted with him.Think long term,long term long term.

    I got a feeling we`ll get Sunderland next.

  31. Ian GibsonIan Gibson26-09-2012

    I can see a tale of two managers shaping up here and there are two games to go this year.

    One of the defining moments of the game at Etihad for me was the spat between Lambert and Mancini. A lot can be read into the verbal altercation.

    Mancini complained to the linesman regarding a tackle by Bennett making his invisible card waving in hopes of drawing the referee’s attention and thus a yellow card for Bennett. Lambert showed his anger. Although it looked like two men having an argument, looking a little deeper, one can see Lambert protecting and standing up for the Villa player. This would not be lost on Villa players. They appreciate a manager who has their back. Lambert was not going to surrender to Mancini’s whining. The Villa manager is winning over the Villa team, making it a more solid, resilient entity. Has anyone seen Lambert complain about anything? Pass the blame? Not me. Like the tune I suggested two days ago–”I won’t back down.”

    Now, take Mancini, he complains that several managers from other teams take the mickey out of him and doesn’t know why. Well, to the other managers his complaints look weak and lame and I don’t think for a minute their actions are directed at Mancini. They are directed at the players he has under his helm. They try to undermine his authority which, has to be tenuous with all the egos and children he has to deal with. It makes his job that much harder when his players might see him as weak and short tempered. Remember, he lost his temper and shoved Balotelli during the Arsenal game. To me pure frustration. Does he have his players back? Perhaps, but I see a lot of bickering in MC’s world.

    To the Villa players who might read this, thanks for the marvelous time you gave us yesterday. Bravo.

    Love a cheddar and strawberry jam sandwich.

  32. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    Could have sworn B6 wrote cheese and custard, bloody nice.

  33. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Yes Ian great comments and analysis there.
    The contrast i the textures of the jam and the cheese do it for me,just like PL it achieves a great balance,which is an essentail ingredient in both sporting and culinary exploits.
    Concret is the bread,Dutch is the cheese and Gabby the jam.

  34. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    PL’s man management seems to be top draw, to be honest, i wouldn’t swap him for any other British boss and i say that after having doubts about his appointment.

  35. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    At least Mancini didn`t cry about it only being his reserve team(yet).
    Look at the value of their starting 11 and bench,whilst we gave a debut to JB.
    How good must JB feel today?A manager that trusts him to start away to the current champions?
    Last night makes Barry equal to Dutch as our highest scoring midfielder.

  36. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    OB, I think that pandering to players like Balotelli and Tevez could be Mancini’s undoing. Definitely 2 wrong ‘uns. Ferguson, for all his faults, would have had them out on their arses months ago.

  37. The DroydThe Droyd26-09-2012

    What a great result. Can’t wait for the Baggies game.

    Some of my closest mates are Baggies fans. Gobby f**king b*****ds they have become.

    I have gone from not minding West Brom to all out hatred now. I hope they go down.

    What are you guys going on about with these disgusting sandwich combinations? Are you all pregnant?

    Cheddar and strawberry jam? Cheese and mustard?


  38. Ian GibsonIan Gibson26-09-2012

    Andrew, remember last the year all the trouble Tevez created by not playing in a Champions game in Germany? He made Mancini look a fool and then went and sulked in Argentina. How can a manager have respect after that? Tevez should have been out on his butt IMO. But they let him back in. What a hollow team.

  39. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    OB, exactly that and Man City of all teams could have afforded to write off their investment and left Tevez hanging. He even got a winners medal in the end. Better than a decent footballer but a prize knob.

    Droyd, John Clark started it last week. I don’t have a problem with the mustard thing – anything savoury is fair game. These sweet and savoury combinations are just a bit too American for me.

  40. Ian GibsonIan Gibson26-09-2012

    I use Canadian cheddar dammit

  41. southwestvillansouthwestvillan26-09-2012

    Media doing their best to take the credit away from AVFC for a fantastic win, typical circling of the wagons for the Sky4, Man City made 11 changes, yeh well they still had £190m worth of footballer on view, omitted to say the Villa made 6 changes of their own, tosspots.

    Brilliant result and i hope the players can push on from here and start getting results in the league, some players i would not drop, CNZ and Gabby for instance while they have some confidence and are scoring keep them in the side, nothing better for players than getting a well deserved win against a top team on their manor.
    Onwards and Upwards PL.


  42. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    The whole Man City project/thing or whatever seems so hollow(if I may pinch your word Ian/OB.
    No I am not jealous,or taking the moral high ground re their money,it`s the system not the clubs that have allowed this.It`s just they type of people the ££ attracts,they queue up on a weekly basis to say “I could have ,should have gone to Barca.Man U,PSG” etc line that they churn out.They don`t seem to want to be there.Why are they there?Of course it`s for the cheese and mustard sarnies in the players lounge.

  43. The DroydThe Droyd26-09-2012

    Toasted cheese with Dijon mustard is fine.

    But grated cheese with mustard? *Fetches the puke bucket*

  44. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    Yes totally predictable response from the meedjah.
    Lazy journos the eternal parasites of the game.
    Their beloved Lpol have less points than us,but it`s the refs,unfair red cards,Hillsborough on their minds.

    Mancini made changes,as it is implied he did not
    care.I beg to differ he made changes because he thought it would be a stroll,judging from his blood pressure last night he wanted the win.
    PL made changes for the right reasons,to win the match and to drop(some)poor performers from saturday.Expect changes on sunday toO.Horses for courses,he`l pick a team to beat Albion,not to pander to the egos.Please leave your egos at home with PL in cHarge.VTID.

  45. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Droyd and members of the culinary jury,please do not put words or cheese in my mouth¬Consider the evidence,I have never suggested Grated cheese sir.

  46. DeadlydougDeadlydoug26-09-2012

    Spot on i think we will be on for a real white knuckle from the bizarre to the unexpected regarding results?

    Good afternoon Matt i seem to falling into a sort of wind merchant in your eyes? No not really, its a football forum open aired debate, where i hope we all look at the same projection and usually come out with different opinions?

    Thats the wondement of football. For instance i know you like the statistical side or science of football.Last night Man city had 56% of possesion as apposed to our 44% .Dose ‘nt mean a jot to me! like everyone else i look at the scoreline and scorers! Corners have never won a game of football?

    Forgive my ignorance i’m just old fashioned 2 goals and a size 5 mitre

    With regards to top drawer managers it was only personnel preference! Martin O’neil was high profile
    Ron Atkinson was high Profile and that is where i was hoping we were pitching at!

    Something i have noticed about your observations in that you always relate back to finance? Thats ok as highlighted before, but when i buy my season ticket every year in this multi million pound industry, i never ask the question are we going to get relegated this year that would be obscure and unrealistic. What i would like to see is investment in future growth and hopefully the odd piece of silverware?

    again i’m just old fashioned?

    But who knows where PL is going to take us maybe another Brian little,John Gregory they were really untried at top flight,if that is the case whoooooopeeeee and 3 cheers for randy lerner?

  47. bibulusbibulus26-09-2012

    Thats right B6 as my old nan used to say “egotism is the anaesthetic that deadens the pain of stupidity”

    Cheese (irish cheddar) marmite and cucumber for me.

  48. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    I believe you should not be apologising for anything you write unless it`s slanderous or ridiculous(e.g.Turvey and his band if writers are half decent and competent-they are to writing what a monk is to promiscuity).Just go with what you feel,the best writing usually comes from the heart.
    Nowt wrong with being old fashioned I probably fall into that category too.
    Finance is mentioned so oft because it`s relevant to where we are as a club right now and is such a prominent factor in modern pro sport old chap.

  49. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    No you`ve crossed the line there mate with marmite.
    Mind you don`t knock it until you`ve tried it as George Michael said to the lavatory attendant

  50. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    Bibulus that sounds like something Janet Street Porter would say. She’s not your nan is she?

    I can’t make my mind up about DeadlyDoug. One minute I think he’s on a wind-up and I’m usually the one who bites and the next minute I think he might have just retired and treated himself to a computer. On balance I think Matt may is probably right and he’s taking the p*ss.

  51. bibulusbibulus26-09-2012

    Glad to say Janet is not my Nan

    Good old Nan runs with the likes of Mittens these days she did make 101 before her innings was out and was a big footy fan, she thought Ryan “jiggs” was better than George Best bless her.

    RIP Mittens #neverforget

  52. The DroydThe Droyd26-09-2012

    B6 – Exactly how do you prepare the cheese and mustard sarnie?

    Unless it is toasted, you are an animal. :-)

  53. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    Don’t wish to sound cheesy but i’m surprised that no-one has said last nights performance was mustard. Personally i would suggest you savour the moment.

  54. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    Could only be bettered if Chris Coleman was the gaffer.


    Get your bread as per usual,spread your marge or butter,ditto the mustard,then your cheese to a required thickness that agrees with you.Viola- there it is.Sarnie in your left tea in your right shove both in your pie hole at some point,and there you have sarnie heaven
    Blues fans reading this I know you don`t understand left or right,just throw it in the trough as normal and put your snout in.

  55. DeadlydougDeadlydoug26-09-2012


    thanx for that, freedom of speech and all that!

    Andrew what i normally do is look at things from different perspectives and sometimes people can’t see it or understand. But usually it all amounts to the same thing AVFC winning and being the best !!!!

    Anyway who plays in goal now?

  56. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    If you grill it,under the Trades Descriptions Act,said article is a toastie and not a sandwich.


    I bet Mancini really grilled the players in the dressing room,complaing how Gabby went through them like a hot knife through butter.He left the defence in a right pickle.

  57. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    Intersting point,if Guzan comes back Given will be cheeesed off.
    Personally make your mind up and stick with it.How was Given last night,glued to the line as usual?

  58. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    Flantastic, i believe Mancini is now in a pickle and has approached Richard Branston for advice. Apparently Branston told him to get Tevez to hit the onion bag.

  59. steamersteamer26-09-2012

    Heard a rumour that since he was dropped Given has had a cob on.

  60. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Well Steamer we`re back to the League on sunday………don`t knock it.After all it is our bread and butter.We peppered their goal with shot after shot,and well,the fans who travelled north are just the salt of the earth.
    Seriously as someone who didn`t see the highlights even, did Gabby play as an out and out striker last night?

  61. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    That PL fella he really knows his onions doesn`t he?

  62. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012

    Anyone at the match last night,how did JB play on his debut?

  63. DeadlydougDeadlydoug26-09-2012

    Have you seen the picture of the villa fans doing the poznan last night? classic

  64. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    Where is the picture on line?

  65. Ryan PitcherRyan Pitcher26-09-2012

    Sorry guys, been meaning to comment all day but have been major busy today.

    What a fantastic result last night, a huge boost ahead of Sunday’s derby. I’m genuinely looking forward to that one so much!

    Gabby has come back (podgier) all guns blazing. In my write-up I said how I’d like to wee Weimann & Benteke start up top – scrap that it’s all about Gabby and Benteke. As I say, McAuley and Olsson don’t cover ground quickly, whereas Gabby eats it. It’s certainly the way to go.

    That opens up the talk about Darren Bent’s future at the club. He definitely won’t want to be warming the bench. I just hope that it makes him hungrier to prove his critics wrong rather that sulk.

  66. DeadlydougDeadlydoug26-09-2012


    you’ll find it on the AVFC facebook page and to see the goals check out footytube

  67. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson26-09-2012

    if bent come back into that side, it proves its in his contract to start every league game.

    he shouldnt start.

  68. Ballyd100Ballyd10026-09-2012

    Evening all

    A great result last night…just the reaction that was needed from saturday, a spirited perfromance and well earned win. hopefully the whole squad gets a lift in confidence from it.

    I expect Gabby will start on Sunday but thats as far as my team prediction will go.


  69. chiefychiefy26-09-2012

    LOL who seen that coming ?

    Brilliant result and I will get carried away this time that was a great result, brilliant

    Seems the wheels are wobbling over in the wastelands few of their forums beginning to raise questions over mr Mancini lol its nice when its someone else

    UTV lets carry the momentum forward now and reclaim our crown against the baggies

  70. FremFrem26-09-2012

    swindon away then.

    we can the cup this year

  71. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    Very winnable tie. I haven’t been to Swindon for years.

  72. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil26-09-2012


    Went there when we got promoted with GT.Keown was playing for us.
    Got a forged ticket from the Crown and Cushion Perry Barr,happy days.

  73. Andrew PAndrew P26-09-2012

    B6, I used to drink in the Crown and Cush on match days around that time. I didn’t go to Swindon that year although I did get to most of the away games. I went there the season they were in the Prem. Early 90s-ish?

  74. TrinityTrinity27-09-2012

    I’m a Gabby fan and also, like many, think he should play up front with Benteke on Sunday.

    However, as well as Gabby played against Citeh, I wouldn’t be ready to write-off DB just yet.

    One of Gabby’s biggest problems in recent years has been consistency. Sure, he deserves his chance, but he still needs to make the most of that chance and prove that he can perform consistently at PL level without injurying himself.

    Gabby works harder than DB and I want Gabby up front, but DB can still be useful this year. However, if it’s true that there’s a clause in his contract that stipulates he must start every match, and he won’t have it any other way, I’d start him alright, but if he’s not performing withing 30 minutes, he’s off.