Is Lambert Feeling The Heat? And Wouldn’t We Swap Places With Norwich?

Clarks Call

I think most Villa supporters will expect us to take our League Cup quarterfinal against the Canaries seriously, if for no other reason than Paul Lambert will be taking it seriously. There’s also the minor fact that ever since since the The Crusha in Russia, a Villa manager doesn’t dare take a cup-tie of any sort lightly.

Whatever he might say, I can’t imagine the game isn’t important to Lambert. Facing his former side, the side he shaped and brought up, then left for supposedly bigger, if not yet greener pastures, well, there’s a lot of emotion all round. One imagines Norwich will want to show him he’s not missed.

But as some fret about Villa’s form and league position in comparison to Norwich’s at the moment, there’s actually a lot from which to take comfort. Norwich’s success shows that Paul Lambert does know a thing or two about football.

And by implication, it addresses the notion that lower-league players are almost by default not good enough for the Premier League just because they’ve started out somewhere else and haven’t caught the attention of managers spending massive amounts on more proven talents.

When a Swansea or Norwich comes up into the big time and passes us by, it proves there are intelligent, quality footballers to be found outside the EPL.

Whether they can keep it all ticking over as players and managers get cherry-picked and budgets are strained over several seasons…Well, even Villa are finding out it’s not easy staying up, whatever your pedigree and expectations.

Yet we see that teams built on tight budgets without big names can come in, punch their weight or above and leave Villans looking on in envy.

For a team like Villa, this should be welcome news. Because while Lambert doesn’t have the luxury of building things up from the lower levels with commensurately lower expectations, he does know how to spot players and build a side that can mix it up at this level. Whether he’s buying according to a plan, or adapting based on what he can get in, he’s shown, and Norwich are continuing to show, that he gets it.

Can he do it again? And on the fly? That’s obviously the question.

Feeling The Heat?
Lambert’s “negative book” presser might indeed show some pressure. Or simple frustration. Or a testing of patience. Is there anyone more acutely aware than Lambert that Villa aren’t scoring much?

The reason it’s frustrating is that there’s not always something to be done. Some will say, “Start Darren Bent!” And we’ve gone round and round on why Lambert isn’t playing him. Did the Saturday cameo signal a change? I guess we’ll find out, even though I didn’t see anything to suggest he’s a changed man.

Beyond that, Lambert’s done about as much as he can. Benteke continues to be a huge influence, even if he’s not being as clinical as we’d hope and like. Gabby and the rest…well, they’re all playing to form, really. But it was telling at the weekend was how much Benteke’s influence diminished when Bent came on for Gabby.

When it comes to Stephen Ireland and Charles N’Zogbia, I confess to being a bit puzzled. One assumes CNZ still isn’t fit. And we’ve heard bits and pieces about Ireland and something lingering.

Yet, when he came on Saturday, he had much more energy and impact than Bent. It’s clear that he’s got something to offer. But he’s continuing to be a puzzle wrapped in an enigma, and whatever his talents, if Lambert can’t get what he wants, he’ll be the third disappointed manager. It could simply be that he’s missing out for not offering as much graft and physical presence as Gabby.

Anyway. There’s still loads to talk about, and I’ve gone on enough.

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So, begging done, and back to business. Give us your team, the tactics and the result. I would love a win against EPL competition to keep the unbeaten streak alive, never mind keep us chasing silverware. Is it on the cards?

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  1. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    Good morning John ( or evening where you are ). Is there something I’m missing, you with no profanity and Frem yesterday not being irate.

    Excuse me for my thickness but as I am allegedly at work and might not display it, where is the AVL support button.

    Tonight we will go all out for a win and I expect it to be a very entertaining game. Does anyone know if it is being televised or on a stream somewhere.

  2. TrinityTrinity11-12-2012

    Hello all.
    Thoughtful leader. John. You’ve got your finger on Villa’s pulse, for sure.
    I can’t see the support button, either, have seen it on previousr nights.
    Have to agree, I also noticed Benteke played better with Gabby on than with Benty.

    The team? PL will need to field his strongest team. I’d expect it to be similar to Saturday’s team.

  3. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    Hello John,
    I don’t think anyone underestimates Naarwich or Swansee now, they’re two solid clubs who have built in a solid manner, i’m not saying we have anything to fear though, we have good players blending nicely and i have to say that i fancy a 2-1 win.

  4. Gav MerrimanGav Merriman11-12-2012

    Great post, looking forward to seeing Lambert shape a team that will really make us proud.

    Total faith and support is what the team and manager deserve, not short sighted panic.

    Don’t expect us to beat Norwich, great if we do, but think we could beat Liverpool and at 10 to 1 at some bookies it’s well worth a punt

  5. The DroydThe Droyd11-12-2012

    The reason we aren’t playing Bent is simple. It’s not a reflection of Bent’s abilities. It’s obvious that he is a top poacher.

    The footballing reason Bent isn’t playing is because we, as a team, lack the quality to create chances for him. Bent offers little other than goals, so in the absence of any creativity, Lambert is right to start with a striker that has a good all round game; even if his finishing is nowhere near as good as Bent’s.

    The non footballing reason can only be a guess. I reckon Lerner has instructed Lambert to get rid of the high earners. The most obvious way is to alienate them – by starving them of plying their trade.

    We shall see if the likes of Given, Bent and Ireland are more interested in their pay packets or in playing football. January will tell us that.

  6. bibulusbibulus11-12-2012

    Gavin – last time we were 10-1 to win at Analfield we won 3-1 at odds of 120-1 (my finest hour!)
    Looking forward to the match tonight – its going to be entertaining.

  7. B62 VillaB62 Villa11-12-2012

    Morning all,
    Nice leader John and as others state I think Swansea and Norwich have been a breath of fresh air to the Premier league. I don’t fancy us to beat Norwich tonight, they have really kicked on in recent weeks, Chris Hughton has taken a solid base and really moved them on, there playing alot better than last season and aren’t as reliant on grant holt, there playing really nice stuff. We won’t win because we create very little and don’t score goals. Benteke all round game is solid, but he needs to find a way of scoring more goals, because if he doesn’t score it’s hard to see where one will come from. Bent is a better goalscorer , but has less to offer outside the box, the dilema for Lambert is who to bring in to address this, do we bring in supply lines and utilise both bent and Benteke or do we get rid( easier said than done, as no one is interested they have other targets ), and bring in someone else. Either way we also need a creative spark or some width, we’re far to predictable and easy to defend against. If we don’t bring in some quality in January it will be another hard long season, and the third relegation battle in a row, the fans are patient but judging by the gates it is running out, as alot want to see more from our football club, and are getting a bit p*ssed off with hoping other teams implode just to ensure our safety. We need Randy to back PL in jan, no matter who leaves the club.

  8. B62 VillaB62 Villa11-12-2012

    The added pressure on Lambert, is we are percieved as a bigger club than the likes of Fulham, Albion, Norwich, Swansea etc and if they can do it why can’t we, it’s hard for fans to see us fall behind these other teams. Football has moved on since we were last relegated and if you drop these days you drop hard, it’s a real struggle to to return to the top flight, and not something we should gamble with.

  9. AlanAlan11-12-2012

    Very good article john.dont think lambert is feeling the heat yet he has always enjoyed an fractious relationship with the media and often at Norwich he had run ins with reporters .Will be a difficult game tonight but its cup football and anything could happen think we are due a game when it all comes together for villa been getting close in recent weeks and maybe tonight’s the night it will happen

  10. FremFrem11-12-2012

    looking forward tonight and really hope we win simply for PL.
    it wont be easy though as norwich are a very good side.

    do you think we will play 5 at the back again ?? if we do, i think norwich will dominate the ball. its solid in defence but not very adventurers going forwards.

    i think we will start with the same line up against stoke but with KEA in for BB.

    1-0 to villa. benteke to score

    oh and zoggy should play instead of gabby

  11. FremFrem11-12-2012

    i really think we should play 4 at the back tonight and stick another CM in because norwich do pack the midfield.

    its all good and well against stoke because there s**t but not against norwich

  12. B62 VillaB62 Villa11-12-2012

    One things for sure, if it’s as cold as last night, the players will have to run around just to keep warm, so it should be a high tempo game. It was -4 last night night, which in comparison to Ian in Canada is positively balmy, he’d prob be in his shorts!
    I’m at work til 2300 so will have to rely on the radio/BBC sport website

  13. The DroydThe Droyd11-12-2012

    Frem – We can’t play with the same team as Westwood is cup-tied.

    It’s a cup tie, anything can happen. Two cr*p teams battling it out. Norwich have home advantage but I wouldn’t be surprised with any result tonight.

    I expect Lambert to keep it tight with 3 centre backs playing. A low scoring game looks to be on the cards again.

  14. Gav MerrimanGav Merriman11-12-2012

    As its a cup game I’d have a major change around.

    Given in goal with a 4-4-2. Holman & Zoggy out wide with KEA and Delph central then AW and Bent up front.

    Rest the others, take the pressure off and see if they can’t sneak a win with what is still a very decent group of players.

  15. FremFrem11-12-2012

    he wont start bent. benteke and AW played all the other cup games

  16. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil11-12-2012

    Morning Lifers

    I think we should play our strongest tea.What puzzles me is that Given looks like being selected?
    Anyway we have a decent chance as Norwich do concede regularly.

    You are correct John.after an orgy of spending and waste people are realising that there is quality outside of the £19m bracket,and some of it in lower divisions.It can be hit and miss but then so can the big money signings be too.COYVB.

  17. Johnie MJohnie M11-12-2012

    Hi John & all

    Interesting leader & questions – for me Yes & Yes

    PL must be feeling the heat unless he’s from the planet Zarg but he’s always been tetchy with the press, a bit like “ex” King Kenny, a dour Scot who protects his team so fair play to him. He’s well tough enough to handle it & some great one liners to boot !
    Norwich – short term I’d rather we were them ATM because, disagreeing with Droyd, they are a good team & will stay up this season. We are an average team who may or may not hang on depending on the January policy pursued by our “hierarchy” & manager. If they get it right then long term Villa have far more potential as a Club than Norwich.

    So tonight’s game for me is not make or break – I’d send out 3 or 4 players who’ve been sitting on the bench, including Given & Bent, to rest players like Guzan & Benteke for the survival slog ahead
    But I’ve been to lots of finals & many of the younger bloggers on here won’t have so I understand their desire to keep the cup run going. However we’re too short on quality just now to win it anyway

  18. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Is Lambert going to want to win? Obviously, and for a number of reasons.

    He’s shown recently that he is frustrated with Norwich continuing their focus on him following his exit but, if the information provided is correct, he was entitled to speak to us, was denied the chance, and subsequently quit in protest.

    As for the game, he’ll want to win whether it is Norwich or any other team because Lambert is a winner. Beyond that, it will give fans something to cheer about and prove we are going in the right direction.

    Well, so long as we don’t do what McLeish did with Blues when they went down but I doubt that is going to happen.

  19. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    PS Welcome to the site Alan – hope you enjoy your time here.

  20. Steve WSteve W11-12-2012

    I was at the League Cup Quarter Final at Norwich in 1984 – where does the time go? We won 2-0 in some comfort – same again tonight please.

    That was the last dying breath of our great early 80′s side. Ellis and Graham Turner dismantled it ruthlessly and foolishly.

    Lambert will be up for this one big time. I happened to be at the game where he came back to former club Colchester with Norwich. The atmosphere was poisonous, he loved it, gave more stick back than he received and his team won 5-0, completing a Lambert 12 Norwich/Colchester 1 double that season.

    Credit to Hughton, he’s doing a great job with what looks like a mediocre squad. But we can win this and, for a change, I think we will.

  21. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    B62 hit the nail on the head when he said how frustrating it was to see far smaller clubs than us in a stable situation, some of these clubs have a fraction of our turnover yet seem to not only hold their own but improve every year.
    I think PL wants to win this game, we’ve played to win in all our cup games so far and IMO were good enough to win tonight.

  22. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Haggis, Trinity…once you’ve logged in, you should see a big box in the right-hand column up toward the top.

    I’ve got a link that usually works if anything is being televised… (which comes up as Looks like they’ve got the Villa game scheduled, 50-50 on the stream quality being good.

  23. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


    That almost sounds optimistic. But I’m with you.

  24. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


    I’d take that, too.

  25. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


    While I do think that money has something to do with almost everything at the end of the day, I wouldn’t necessarily bet it was coming from Lerner. Let’s say Lambert likes Bent, what he offers, etc. Then I don’t think keeping him is an issue.

    But, whether it’s because we’re just not set up right, or because of how Bent plays regardless, I think it’s mainly how Lambert wants “his” money spent. Likewise Given, makes no sense to have that much sitting in reserve.

    Ireland and CNZ…This, obviously, is the pair I’m having trouble understanding. I’d have thought they had a future, that everyone was getting on the same page. I’m not getting that feeling, though.

  26. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    I use the first row stream too and find the #4 link works the best.
    B62 at -4 we break out the lawn chairs and BBq. We have winds here called Chinooks and when they start the temperature can go from -30 to +10 in a couple of hours. The Natives call it the snow eater.
    Our defence has been good as of late and have played well against some good teams. Low score with Villa on top. These guys are young, want to win, and go non stop. Some pride is at stake and both Lambert and Hughs will take great pleasure if they win. It should be a good game.

  27. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    John Thanks.

    I have used Firstrow recently since Villastreams went off the air having taken my 3 month subscription first. You do spend half an hour trying to close down all the adverts to get to put the full screen on, then finding there is another 100 or so in the background once finished. Better that than not watching though.

  28. The DroydThe Droyd11-12-2012

    John – Yes I’m sure Lerner and Lambert have both bought into a plan wherby costs are cut dramatically. In the overall picture, Lambert probably would like the money attributed to Bent’s wages to be better spent.

    I feel a bit sorry for Bent. (Obviously not that much due to the enormous wage he “earns”)

    We all knew the type of player he was before he arrived at Villa Park. Unless he is getting a lot of service he is next to useless but given regular service he is an absolute gem.

    We are incapable as a footballing team in getting the best out of him which is a sad waste of his abilities and Villa’s money.

    The only realistic option I fear, is that he is sold in January. It’s the only solution to this problem unless RL wants to spend a lot of money on midfielders and wingers.

    It’s a shame O’Neill didn’t sign Bent from Spurs. I believe we would have qualified for The Champions League had he been signed a couple of years earlier than we did. When we had players like Barry, Young, Milner and Downing, Bent would have really thrived.

    He is truly wasted at our club and the sooner he goes the better. And good luck to him.

  29. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


    Yes, indeed…Better than nothing, but boy.

  30. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


    Yeah, it might well have worked if O’Neill had brought him in. We did have the right sort of set-up then.

  31. steamers75steamers7511-12-2012

    the wife said you will be having your next chinese meal thru a straw , your own fault , lm out tonight could’nt stand the wife cr*p if they win (she a norwich fan) , cant go the green man as l will probably end up getting my ticket (noses in there) ,
    the cats looking worried as well , he knows he will get launched ,

  32. steamers75steamers7511-12-2012


    good comments there matey totally agree ,

  33. The DroydThe Droyd11-12-2012

    Thanks. Do we have 2 Steamers now?

    Thankfully there’s only 1 Frem.

  34. steamers75steamers7511-12-2012

    The Droyd

    That would seem to be a yes , altho l have heard another one has registered as Dougel steamer , the Dougel was the 1st mob we were in, Happy Happy days , there are still about 35 left and we all still meet up at the social ,

    We need a Frem to keep the argument , if we all agreed the site would be pointless , IMO,

  35. FremFrem11-12-2012

    apparently PL doesn’t have much involvement in training sessions but comes alive on match day.

    hope thats not true. doesn’t send a great message to the players. i thought he would be very involved. hes still young and wasn’t a bad player either

  36. FremFrem11-12-2012

    hope zoggy starts and hope we dont play 5 at the back. there play us of the park if we do

  37. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    DB9 starts upfront with CB! Interesting.
    Also CNZ is back and on the bench

  38. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    A mate of mine who lives out that way told me that Culverhouse ran virtually everything in midweek at Naarwich, it was the same with MON, Juninho said that the Celtic players never saw him until an hour before kick off and rarely in midweek, different managers, different methods.
    Nice to see that the door may possibly be open to DB, after his lay off its going to be hard to get up to speed but he only needs half a chance.

  39. The DroydThe Droyd11-12-2012

    A solid team. Not sure where the supply to DB will come from. Benteke will probably have to play deeper than normal.

    If we play this system regularly then I would prefer to see Lichaj on the right and Bennett on the left. We need wing backs with attacking capability. Obviously injury is preventing this from happening.

  40. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Seems a very poor line up. No balance or creativity what so ever, seems to much like an AM line up

    Still think we will win but AW and zoggy should have started tonight

    We are desperate in jan

  41. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Looks like 532 to me
    midfield of KEA Delph and Holman is one of the poorest midfields ever to represent AVFC in recent years

  42. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Who is going to create things in that line up ?? We have a goal hanger with no creativity whst so ever

    It seems a very defensive boring line up. Thought we passed that with mcliesh

  43. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Hope I’m wrong but can only see one result with that line up and if we go behind early I fear another hiding

    Also Sunderland 1-0 up already puts us level with Wigan :-/

  44. FremFrem11-12-2012

    And sunderland winning

    Looks like reading are all but down sunderland have to Much quality to go down. Qpr have ages to get out if it. Wigan and saints are going fine. I fear for us

  45. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    And now we are 1-0 down :-(

  46. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Get in there

  47. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    1-1 :-)

  48. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Can anybody tell me how DB9 and CB are doing together up top?

  49. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    Finally found a station ( Radio ) on Sky with live coverage 0144 BBC R5SX.

    I take it there are no streams.

  50. FremFrem11-12-2012

    f**k. Sunderland 2 up

  51. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    no streams. Watching play by play on Commentators like the game and Villa pushing with two more good chances.

  52. B62 VillaB62 Villa11-12-2012

    Sunderland 2-0 now, I was hoping for 0-0 here, we are now only out of the bottom 3 on GD.
    Onto the Cup and a win would be a great lift for the club, and the possibility of a Wemberlee appearance would be great for the fans, and maybe even assist us in the transfer window.

  53. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Holmans goal apparently a 20 yard belter

  54. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Bradford in the semi would be ideal :-)

  55. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    Bent off injured

  56. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Bent hamstring. He aint goin anywhere in Jan

    Out the bottom 3 on gd with 3 games coming up where we will probably get nothing from meaning qpr and reading will close the gap. We are in real trouble

  57. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    8 shots – 7 on target for Villa
    1 for Naarwich

  58. B62 VillaB62 Villa11-12-2012

    Bent Off already, Hamstring Injury, lets hope its not too serious or he wont be leaving in Jan, a tear is usually 6-8 weeks

  59. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    Bent is definitely damaged goods now. That’s 3 injuries inside a year. Don’t wish that on anyone. The speed of Weimann should change the game a bit. Run Norwich ragged.
    What is it with Holman, gets slagged a lot but has potted two and has been sniffing around for several games now. I hope he gets another for all the running he does.

  60. woodzy66woodzy6611-12-2012

    Holmans goal was a rocket, just goes to show if you have bit of confidence and you take a chance from mid field you will score .

  61. FremFrem11-12-2012

    How much posesion we had had ??

    Norwich 1 shot one goal, us 8 shots 1 goal. Wr have to be more clinical

  62. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    There’s that word again–confidence. And I think Villa has load of it right now. Reading the commentators’ remarks it looks like Villa has the upper hand although Norich have had their chances.

  63. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    I always compare Aussie athletes to Americans, they usually give 100% ( Except Harry Kewell ) and are winners, you have to admire Holman’s willingness to try things, i’d sooner have a moderate player running his knackers off than someone who lives off 1 good game in 10. Could be a win here chaps.

  64. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    It will come. A couple of months ago you were on about the lack of shots on goal. They are getting closer.

    Off topic: Proxopera and Frem, Canada is changing the rules for immigration to fast track skilled and professional people into the work force.

  65. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    I couldn’t agree more regarding effort. Makes me smile.

  66. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    AVTV stats at the half:

    Possession: 52%-48 Villa
    Shots on Target: 8-2 Villa

  67. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Frem – 52%

  68. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    And then John beats me to the stats punch. Gutted.

  69. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Bent looked impressive before going off which is a shame
    Not totally convinced on Holman yet but he’s certainly not afraid to shoot when he gets the ball anywhere near the penalty area
    Delph I don’t think is gonna make it and we won’t get anything near what we paid for him, KEA not overly impressed with seems like a poor lightweight Stan to me.

    Could defiantly do with a big ball winner in the middle of the park but easier said than done lets hope Henke can pick us up Tiote type player

  70. FremFrem11-12-2012

    That’s fairly decent.

  71. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    Where is everyone listening/watching ?

    If you have Sky it is on channel 0144 BBC R5SX

  72. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Just listening on AVTV, Haggis.

  73. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Juanmanband, do you have a stream?

  74. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    5live sports extra via the phone

    Norwich started well second half, COYVB

  75. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    looks like we have a bit of a beating at the moment. I am hearing Given is awful

    off side thank fudge

  76. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Linesman has just saved our bacon!!

  77. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Yeah, lucky not to have conceded just there…

  78. FremFrem11-12-2012

    It’s a shame about kea, thought he would be a real good player. Agree delph won’t make it, holman won’t either. He works hard but very limmited

    As u say, we better Hope henke has a few gems lined up or we are down in ky eyes. Sundeand are in a false posistion, are as qpr and saints are getting better. We need to start winning and stop relying on other teams cus unlike last season, there are arent any worse sides than us apart from reading who have money and wil get a new manager

  79. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Benteke puts it in, offside. FFS.

  80. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    benteke disallowed goal

  81. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Benteke disallowed goal now!!

  82. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    This game could go either way, sounds like a decent game.

  83. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Did norwich have a goal disowlowed ??

  84. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Yeah we need 2 or 3 decent signings in Jan depending on anyone leaving

    Hopefully CNZ will be like a new signing now he’s back, tonight’s game should be right up his street if he comes on

  85. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Yeah both teams had a goal disallowed in the space of a minute for offside

  86. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Cracking game. Shame these are so rarely televised.

  87. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Dunno if it’s been mentioned on here yet tonight but Clark is captain :-)

  88. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Sounds like given is having a poor game

  89. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Jaun Ye we neef two creative players and a break up cm and maybe another striker like benteke.

  90. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    All I can here is our lads singing. ” Holt end is in the sky”

  91. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    Take a look at City’s team, how many would get in Villa’s X1 ? most of them have had at least 2 years together, basically were a team of strangers and novices at the moment, we’ll be OK.

  92. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Villa supporters sound amazing!

    Yeah agrees Frem although like I said I’m hoping CNZ could turn out to be a creative player for us, we need something to spark us to life going forward and a powerhouse in the middle of the park

  93. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Apparently the away fans have great, they always are. Was gunna tonight but will try and go in the prem instead

    Would be great if we could win and get bradford at vp

  94. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    N’zogbia on Hollman off

  95. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    Show us how it is done Charlie. AVLer’s want you to do well

  96. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Sounds like a proper cup tie end to end stuff and next goal will win it

    Great save by Shay.

  97. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


  98. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    Get in there 2-1

  99. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    I’m five minutes behind in the play

  100. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012


  101. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Weimann – take a bow son.

  102. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Lichaj to Weimann, Ian. Something to look forward to. :-)

  103. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Gotta a lot of love for Weimann he could be a big player for Villa he’s had a really good start to the season

  104. FremFrem11-12-2012


    Our youngsters rule. AW is a very good striker

    Come on boys

  105. woodzy66woodzy6611-12-2012


  106. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    If we get through here, I hope we get Bradford if it stays the same against Arsenal.

  107. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    15 shots, that was a seasons worth with McKnob in charge.
    Sounds like Herd and Grant are having a ding dong.

  108. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Yeah, I’d written Weimann off, Frem, but he’s shown a lot so far. He might be turning a corner. It’s happening more than once for him.

  109. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012


  110. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


  111. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    3-1 Weiman again

  112. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    The nucleus of a really good young hard working side is there

    2 or 3 decent players and its all good

    GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLL WEIMANN you f**king beauty!!!

  113. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Ye bradford at our place. We will probably get chelsea though

  114. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    We’re going through now lads – 3-1.

    Great stuff.

  115. woodzy66woodzy6611-12-2012

    arsenal losing to bradford happy days

  116. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    Come on Bradford

  117. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Think the semi’s are two legged are they not?
    I’d be happy with Bradford over 2 games

  118. FremFrem11-12-2012

    He’s a f**king leg AW

    f**king arsenal scored

  119. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Arsenal 1-1 now

  120. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    They are indeed two legged (the semis)

  121. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    A favourite of mine–Weimann..CONFIDENCE GROWING. Am I ever happy.

  122. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    When I have a semi it gives me 3 legs :)

  123. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012


    So if it goes up all the way, do we call you peg leg or dibber?

  124. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Benteke!!!!! 4-1!!!!!

  125. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    4-1 Benteke

  126. woodzy66woodzy6611-12-2012

    there is that confidence word again

  127. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Goodbye bent

    Shame this game wasn’t for 3 points. If only wr did this against qpr and stoke

    Really happy for AW though. We killed the kid out wide, he’s great alongside benteke

  128. Gav MerrimanGav Merriman11-12-2012

    Great result! Arsenal just equalised

  129. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Easy easy


    Delighted for Lambert

  130. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Hahaha listening to the Ole’s from the villa fans and then the beast smashes one in 1-4

    A huge win and hopefully a springboard for the season, Norwich unbeaten in 8 or 9 before tonight and Villa now unbeaten in 5 I think

    Didn’t hold much hope before ko when I saw the line up


  131. woodzy66woodzy6611-12-2012

    good one haggis 3 legs

  132. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    We were due to give someone a hiding given our efforts.

    Nice one Lambert, and vindication for leaving as we smash his former team with four.

  133. FremFrem11-12-2012

    And I thought this was a defensive line up

    4 goals. Brilliant

  134. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    I told you it was coming.

  135. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012


    I had to look up dipper which proves how little gardening I do.

  136. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    Weimann has shown glimpses over the last season or so but this year he looks the real deal

  137. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    I had a chubby at 2 and now it’s so hard a cat can’t climb it :-)

  138. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Dipper Haggis?

    Did you end up on a Liverpool website? ;)

  139. JuanmanbandJuanmanband11-12-2012

    In answer to your question JC
    Lambert might be feeling the heat but tonight he doesn’t care
    Would I swap places with Norwich, not tonight no :-)

  140. steamersteamer11-12-2012

    Very happy for everyone, PL, the team but most of all for those fans who went, superb.

  141. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Yeah, five unbeaten on the trot. Can’t score in the league, 14 in the cup. More against Norwich and City than Swindon and Tranmere. Go figure.

  142. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Juanmanband….Too right ;-)

  143. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Let’s just hope the cat doesn’t try, Ian.

  144. Gav MerrimanGav Merriman11-12-2012

    Take this form into the Liverpool and Chelsea games where the are only expected to take 0-1 points, against the odds but I really wouldn’t be surprised if we took 4-6 points and lifted ourselves into the mid table

  145. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Im just so happy for Lambert. He can stick two fingers up at there board when he fire down the tunnel. He’s just shown why he left for us

  146. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012


    Not even had a drink. All these goals have turned me dyslexic.
    Well done Lads, shame Bradford couldn’t hold on for a few minutes more.

  147. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    The cat has but that’s a story for later.

  148. HaggisHaggis11-12-2012

    Well off to watch the “last tango in Halix”

    What a rebel I am.

  149. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    Those goals at the end of the game are kill shots. Shots that will be remembered by both teams next time they play. I love them. When the opposition is down, bury them. No respite. It’s that finish that creates the killer instinct.

  150. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Who got the assists ??

    Joint 18th tonight. Not nice

  151. woodzy66woodzy6611-12-2012

    we just won frem why giving out

  152. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Lichaj and Benteke got them for nos. 2 & 3, frem. not sure about the others.

  153. FremFrem11-12-2012

    They Just shown the league table on ssn, thats all

    Wonder if reading will sack there manager now ??

  154. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Agreed, Ian. We showed something tonight. We’ve got to carry it over, unlike what we did after the City result. They’ve got to be feeling better about themselves.

  155. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012


    Killer instinct when an opponent is down? Spoken like a true student of pugilism.

    Did you box when you were younger?

  156. SuperBoxSuperBox11-12-2012

    Nice result tonight. Will give the team the C word which is all good. Let’s hope it is all coming together and we can move up the league a bit.

  157. FremFrem11-12-2012

    U see what happens when gabby doesn’t play and a real striker plays ??

    His time is up, as is bents. Get them out

  158. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Well done bradford. Hope we get them at vp

  159. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012

    Haha…well done Bradford, indeed.

  160. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Well whoever we get will be at Villa Park as it is two legs anyway Frem.

  161. B62 VillaB62 Villa11-12-2012

    WTF do I know, I said we would lose as we create very little and cant score goals!!!!
    Lets hope we can really take this into our league form, as we could really do with a win and some league points, the table doesnt make great reading.

  162. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    Heaven’s no Matt,
    I played chess and jacks when I was a kid. Actually I always liked it that way. Tended to play that way too. I think it started when I bet my grade 7 teacher 50 cents on the first Clay/Liston fight. I picked Ali and was hooked ever since.

  163. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Well boxing certainly offers the same mentality Ian – I know from my time doing muay thai.

    Big fan of boxing and MMA though – it is a real art form in my opinion.

  164. John ClarkJohn Clark11-12-2012


    I was going to go for 2-1 Villa, being the optimistic sort, but I thought I’d just keep my mouth shut, and I’m glad I did.

    Keep on predicting the losses if that’s what it takes.

  165. Gav MerrimanGav Merriman11-12-2012

    Totally agree Matt, boxing is the true art.

    Mind you, really don’t like going to the big fights with loads of meat-head suited and booted knob heads that think they’re rocky even though they’re never actually boxed, but at grass roots and ABA level it’s 2nd only to football. Never been brave enough for Muay Thai, plus I get confused when asked to use knee’s and elbows.

    Love watching MMA, typically far more entertaining and miles harder, but it doesn’t have the same magic as great boxing match.

    What a great result! I’m more positive about our future now than I ever was with MON. It will take a fair while, but this time there is a philosophy that I 100% believe in.

  166. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Ha I agree Gav – there can be some clowns out there who think that merely having a skinhead means you are hard by default.

    Know what you mean about the elbows and knees thing as seen many people mix them up, especially when going for high knees as they assume an elbow strike is going to be what is suggested due to the height of strike.

    Big fan of a lot of martial arts to be fair – love BJJ as well.

    But boxing is, as you say, a real art form for those who have trained and/or know the sport well – there is a lot of strategy to it and discipline.

    My Dad always told me that martial arts of some form are key in reinforcing discipline for any young man and he felt it helped him when he learned kung fu to the level that he did as a teenager, same as it did my uncle Mark (who went on to do bodybuilding after learning kung fu to black belt level but got frustrated once he was too bulky to train in muay thai after all the bodybuilding)

  167. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    PS getting back to the football, I too am delighted with the result and, like you, have more faith in foundations laid now than before.

  168. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Lambert paying tribute to the away fans. Always nice to hear. Away games are brilliant. Trying to Ho to wba away, now that will be fun

  169. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey11-12-2012

    Hopefully we can shut the Baggies up there Frem.

  170. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    Something in common, I always liked a good scrap.

  171. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Ye hopefully they will fall a bit and we will rise a bit by the time we play them. We are the pride of brum, not the Tesco boys

  172. Ian GibsonIan Gibson11-12-2012

    Did you catch the web page I sent you?

  173. FremFrem11-12-2012

    No sorry ian

  174. FremFrem11-12-2012

    Where did u send it Ian

  175. FremFrem12-12-2012

    Think I found it ian. It says you need at least two years experience in you trade. I’ve done two years at college but not on site yet

    Any really want to join the royal marines now after my college course

  176. FremFrem12-12-2012

    Thanks any way though Ian

  177. @RonnieBiggs@RonnieBiggs12-12-2012

    Amazing what happens when you start players who actually make runs into the box; they score goals. That hadn’t been happening til tonight with Weimann. Great to see someone from our academy showing some real quality; a breath of fresh air. Now will lambert play his lions strategy or revert back to the lamb plan in the league. Bent awaits the silence of the lambert! Utv!