How Good Has Villa’s Business Been So Far?

So far, I think Villa have done good business. From what I’m reading, we’re out around £74m–£82m for El Ghazi, Jota, Wesley, Hause, Mings, Targett, and Konsa, then whatever we paid for Guilbert. So, seven new signings in this window so far for around £7.5m–£12m a pop. Pretty reasonable. And all fitting Dean’s and Purslow’s criteria.

Match Day: Brentford vs. Aston Villa

Another week, another draw. I liked Deano’s appraisal, that he was angry but might see it differently with a bit of perspective. He liked the fightback, but thought the team, with a little help from the officials, had not done what was required. Me, l liked the fight. I also disliked its necessity. Good and bad things to say about the team and/or performance.

Match Day: Wigan vs. Aston Villa

It’s off to the DW Stadium today as Aston Villa visit Wigan and look to start turning draws into wins. As everyone’s been talking about, it’s one of those weekends where Villa could make up some ground and finish the day seventh if everything turns out right. That, of course, includes getting all three points.