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No time for insights, kickoff approaches. But we’ll see how many minutes Jack has in him, and what frame of mind Spurs are in now that Harry wants to leave.

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  1. One of the commentators said that the spurs players are looking nervy
    Maybe because their fans are back in the ground and have read Frem’s “how to be a supporter” book

  2. Mark, you’re right about Traore. He can be brilliant, but when Ollie is on the ball you expect a shot or a pass to a team mate. . . .with Traore you expect a shot or for him to run into a dead end and lose it.

  3. Nice win, glad to see a couple of kids get a few minutes, will keep them interested. I said a few weeks back that I would take anything over 50 points so job done.

  4. Woohoo.
    No Bitchin’. That’s the best league result in over 10 years! Over 50 points. That my friends is about average for the last 50 odd years in the prem and First Division. When they won the Champions League they were 11th in the standing. Nothing but blue sky ahead.

  5. Neither of the U-23’s looked out of place. It would have been nice but I’m sure he excited as hell. So should Dean, they looked good.

  6. So it’s 11th what ever happens now, we’d have bought that before the season started if it had been offered. I was looking at this EPL hall of fame and can’t believe Gareth Barry wasn’t a choice as the longest performer by a mile.

  7. Totally agreed with Chuk and Bidace coming on. Guaranteed to run the legs off those old tired Spurs players. Wouldn’t want to be the next manager under Levy. They look well grumpy now that ‘Arry wants away.

  8. I’ve missed Sweet Caroline soooo much. And once again, VAR ignores AVFC. You just know it would be a clear penalty at the other end. They should drag Kevin Fraud onto the TV to explain himself over that. Even the half time chat ignored it, except Redknapp who did mention we should have had a penalty. The other end……it would be played over and over again.

  9. Chuck is just special. You can see it plain as day. Not phased at all. Appreciate the sentiment giving them there debuts this season but won’t lie. Think it should of come earlier

  10. Yes Heroes. We need replacements for Traore and El Gassy. Perhaps we have them already but it is too soon for them. Chuk was so unlucky.

  11. Plug

    El ghazi. This is the problem. Scores 10 goals but that’s masks what holds us back. Lacks any ability to keep the ball or make pick a nice simple pass. Could see jack wanting to throttle him at one point. But he will be upgraded. And it’s not that I don’t appreciate him. But if you can wangle 15 mill for him on back of him scoring these goals this season I take it

  12. An amazing result. The most bizzare of the season, with a team that MK would have cringed over!!
    Ollie should have had a hat trick, and Nakamba outstanding.

    Jack did what Jack does, and hopefully enough to secure his place in the Euros.

    Why has Dean not used this formation before, with Konsa so good going forward a full back and Hause showing how good he and Mings can be as centre backs.

    Carney and Bidace showing that they would not be rabbits in the headlights if we had played them, and surely the cup tie against Liverpool proved that our youngsters are not afraid,

    All in all a great result, but maybe Dean is having thoughts about whether he could have done things differently sooner.

    We have a lot to look forward to, so let us all enjoy this night, with such an amazing result!!
    However bizzare!!

    Chelsea game will need to match this now for Villa fans!!

  13. Look at Spurs with a off form Harry, not the same. I am not sure I know another player that can bring what jack does to a team, Chuck just might be one though, oh and Barry and ……..

  14. Harry Kane walking round the pitch on his own applauding the fans reminds me of end of season games when there’d be rumours of players leaving and you’d hope that they wouldn’t stand on the pitch on their own applauding the fans because that was a sure sign that they were off and it was their last chance to say goodbye.

  15. ‘Arry hasn’t gone yet r0bBo, Levy will demand Micky Mouse money and I don’t think that kind of dosh is around.

  16. McGinn and Nakamba outstanding in the midfield, which is just what we have been missing.

    Jack inspiring the team once more!!

    Martinez another great display. The future is bright.

  17. I would say we now have SJM back. Mings was immense, Naka was superb (1 error, 1 goal) but his cross got the equalizer. House very solid as was Targett and Konsa. Ollie as usual. How Beaky can select ‘Arry over Ollie, I don’t know. And Emi…what can you say. This 5th glass of ale tastes brilliant.

  18. And in case people are thinking I need certifying, this performance was down to Jack’s return. Beaky has to take him. Has to.

  19. Plug, yes Levy will want top dollar for Kane but as he ages and his contract runs down, his value will reduce, and Levy won’t want to watch his prime asset steadily depreciating.

  20. Apparently the referee said it wasn’t a penalty because the ball was already out. If that was really his reason he could have easily checked on var and found that wasn’t the case so what really went on?
    Did he ask Kevin Friend to check and he lied?

  21. r0bb0,

    We didn’t need a dubious penalty, after Spurs gift goal! I felt the reason was that by the1 time the tackle was made the ball had gone.

    Anyway, a great, great win over Spurs. So delicious when I remember so many games where we were cheated, like the penalty Helenius should have had, when he had his shorts pulled down!!
    Guy was never the same again.

    Mings and the boys made sure that Dean has achieved his target, and also made the fans happy once more. WE can now really push on next season.

  22. I’m still smirking this morning after last night’s result.

    PP, there was nothing dubious about the penalty. As Heroes says, it was stone wall. The Laws do not say that a trip inside the penalty area is not a penalty if the ball is unlikely to be reached before becoming dead.

    Pawson and Fraud have done us. Like Helenius. Like Kane at VP this season. Like Fernandes when he jumped backwards at Konsa and flattened him. The list is as long as the M1. VAR is corrupt. Despite all this, we battered them. Six points from Narf Laandan this season. Larvely Jubbly.

  23. Good to see Chris Coleman pointing out how good Traore is, and maybe we forget that this is his first season n the Premier league, but he has come up with 7 goals and 6 assists, and should be a much improved player next season.

    He also had an excellent game last night, and I am sure MK will give some really good stats for all our players.
    looks like we are capturing more youngsters, as another 16 ear old is going to probably sign for us.

  24. Heroes, Jack simply must be played in the middle. Deano is wrong in my book playing him down the left.

    Then again, I’d like 3 at the back. Tyro, Konsa, House. A diamond midfield of 4 with Jack at the head of it. SJM on the left, Naka/Dougie at the base and ?? on the right. Diamond flanked both sides with Cash and Targett. Ollie up top.

  25. I don’t think jack playing at left is a preference, it came about because jack was getting fouled away from the oppositions box and stopped him threatening their goal as much . The truth is we need to take the work load off of jack a bit and hopefully that’s what we will do this summer, where he plays then becomes irrelevant as he tends to have free role .

  26. PP. If Ollie was taken out of the game anywhere else on the pitch the way Lloris took him out we’d all agree it should be a free kick. You suggest that it wasn’t given because the ball was out of play and it seems that was Pawson’s excuse for not giving it, but that’s not what the laws of the game demand.
    If. . . . we accepted that as the reason then it would have been easy to check on VAR if the ball really was out of play at the time of the infringement (it wasn’t).
    Now the moment has passed. . . we won despite it so maybe it doesn’t matter . . . except, as Plug points out, this isn’t a one off. Last night the Var check was so quick that it didn’t even attempt to be thorough.
    So is Kevin Friend (and some other referees) incompetent or corrupt? Those seem to be the only two options.

  27. Plug

    when I saw the team sheet last night I hoped it was a 3 at the back.

    massive credit needs to be said for house and nakamba. whenever they’ve been draughted in haven’t let us down at all and been more than good enough. fantastic

  28. Nothing like a good penalty argument.

    Say the ball’s just gone into touch along the sideline and someone comes clattering in. Foul, yellow or red card. Should be the same concept. Never heard anyone say, “Well, that’s a red, but the ball had gone out, so you can’t give it.” Throw a punch when the ball’s dead. Trip someone 50yds from the play. Seems like the only way the ball’s relevant here is that Lloris never touched it—making it a foul. Could definitely have resulted in an injury.

    I haven’t had a chance to watch again, so I will. Not sure how that changes my mind, though.

    I will say that Reguilon’s equalizer was definitely an example of the football gods making amends.

  29. Hause and Nakamba combined to Give Spurs the lead and there were several hairy moments on the passing front, Nakamba particularly will pass as soon as he has the ball whether the pass is on or not and always the direction he is facing, Can’t turn for toffee. That said his defending and positioning to defend are top notch on the whole. Hause seems to play better with Mings and on the right.

  30. bit harsh on nakamba for the goal. clear shout of time when clearly not and not up to speed. I let him off that. I thought it was one of his better games. both not perfect but when stepping in as squad players done very well. especially house over chrimbo with mings out, harsh to be dropped

  31. I am not getting the obsession with Leeds by some of our fans as some indication that Smiths taking his time?? For one Bielsa has had three full years and two seasons in the champs to form his Squad, not five minutes to ring around for a team a month before the season starts.

  32. H&V- To be honest thats not to far wrong, I was happy to see he is not to far off Physically, maybe 6 months to a year but mature as hell in his understanding and skill level, it will be the defensive side that he will have to work on at this level. Thankfully Spurs were very obliging last night, at one point Watkins took the ball on from a punt with 5 spurs players around him and kept and set off for goal, right then I thought they are not up for it.

  33. We did catch Spurs at the right time. The news of ‘Arry wanting out broke a few days earlier and it seemed to affect them. But they still had to be dismantled.

  34. Bild are making 2 + 2 = 5. Because Dortmund were able to collect Bellingham for 20 million from Birmingham (who needed the money because they ain’t got a pot to piss in), they think the other side of the city will take 15 million for Chuk.

    Laughing so much, my sides hurt.

  35. Mark, with all due respect to Deano, he doesn’t yet carry the same aura as Bielsa. When Pep starts singing the praises of Deano like he does of Bielsa, we’ll know that’s changed.

    But you can never tell. Ron Saunders wasn’t a popular appointment at the time, everybody wanted Clough. But he turned out to be the best appointment in my lifetime.

  36. Plug- No I am no comparing Smith With Bielsa either, Bielsa’s a legend and been at it 35 years to Deans 12. He has won bog all to write home about though apart from an Olympic medal. Bielsa has had 56 players through Leeds doors and Smith has had 49 (mostly going out. Bielsa has used 59 players Smith 78 (which include all the youth on benches and the FA cup and players inherited and since left). So comparing the two is pointless as the two clubs circumstances are poles apart.

    It would be interesting had the roles been reversed and Bielsa inherited Spuds Squad.

  37. The stats from last night? Spurs scored from an extremely low XG chance, Villa scored from a half decent one and Martinez saved the best chance of the match, all of the other XG chances were extremely low probability ones (even the own goal) so no surprise scored only 1.


  38. Loving the stats thanks Mark . . . .really interesting. . . .I do love a good graph!

    Getting back to the penalty (sorry guys)

    There’s general consensus that it should have been a penalty. There have been plenty of other equally clear cases that Var has got wrong. . . .so why is that??

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Var and think it has already helped the game hugely. It’s cut out loads of the post match ‘we was robbed’ whinges, but still leaves us with some inexplicably poor decisions which are obvious even to the layman and should be meat and drink to professional referees.

    So why are they getting it wrong too often?

    There have been criticisms about the Var decision making taking too long. . . . are the adjudicators (Kevin Friend last night) rushing the decisions and not quite ‘instinctively’ good enough, or is there something more sinister at play?

    I hope that it isn’t because referees like Kevin Friend are taking bribes, although it isn’t impossible. You can imagine how tough it is to be abused week in and week out by young footballers earning 100 x what you are on for example.

    I think it’s more likely to be innate bias. This doesn’t necessarily have to be conscious bias, it may be that a referee in front of a crowd is likely to subconsciously favour one of the greedy six clubs with the bigger reputations.

    Whatever the reason though, the authorities need to find ways of improving how VAR . . . .and more importantly the people using it on the day, work.

  39. What was different about last night? Spurs weren’t at the races and the Kane situation could have been part of it although they started strongly so it doesn’t feel as if that was the real reason.

    It did feel as if the Villa players were playing with an energy and sense of freedom that has been missing in quite a few of the last dozen games, but does seem to have been returning in the last 3 or 4 games.

    John McGinn typified that. He was right back to his absolute best and playing almost arrogantly at times. Is it that Jack was back and that lifted everyone else or is that the post covid blues are finally lifting and they’re all feeling up for it again?

    I guess we’ll never know, nut it was great to watch!

  40. I think the problem with VAR is it’s not 3 dimensional. You can see plenty of close calls on VAR and it comes down to someone’s interpretation of what the video is showing. There needs to be more camera angles, enough camera angles so the play can be triangulated and perhaps an algorithm designed to give the most possible conclusion. If this fails, then it’s the original decision by the referee on the pitch.
    On penalties like the one Konza received aren’t fair play. Playing by the rule book is fine until someone is taking advantage of the rule book. By the book isn’t always the best solution to an apparent infraction.
    All the different sports leagues have similar problems that need a human result from an infraction not one that is written in the rule book. I think it would be to the advantage of different sports to exchange ideas and thoughts as I’m sure there are overlapping problems.

  41. If an attacking player’s leading foot is onside then the player should be onside. Being offside due to a knobby knee shouldn’t be used.

  42. Definitely agree on offside, Ian. Leading foot, all that matters.

    VAR in general. Oh boy. What I really don’t understand is how so many people watching can come to one conclusion, and the officials another. I’ve seen it in the NFL, too, though they are getting better. But that’s a stop-start game to begin with, so all the scrutiny, while it does stretch things out, isn’t as disruptive.

  43. JC,
    There will never be a conclusive answer to the question. Groups of pundits look at all the angles, re-run video, and still cant agree on what is a right decision.
    I have a wonderful book which proves the point, “The Fingerpost” by Ian Pears, which tells the story of a family , and is split into three books. Each book tells the story from a different member of the family and gives a fascinating insight into how each person views the events that occur within the family. Of course the are different, but contain the same events!!
    My view of the video was that the ball had gone from Watkins, and he would not reach it at the time he was fouled by the keeper, but I have seen penalties given before in similar situations.

    Latest gossip coming in today is about our interest in signing Ajani Burchall, an amazing 16yr old with Bournemouth, and would be the sort of young player we want, and we are also looking at David Turnbull for £7million from Celtic, a future Grealish prospect.
    We are also interested in Adam Armstrong , a 24 year old centre forward with 28 goals to his name with Blackburn Rovers, and at £25million , definitely in Villa’s price range.
    Would we take Benteke, now he is finding his form, and on a free, wages £120,000 per week, could be a great signing for cover next season while Wesley goes out on loan.

    Odsonne Edouard from Celtic still gets mentioned, but I think if he goes anywhere, then the logical move for him, would be to re-join Brendan Rogers at Leicester and for round £15-£20million.

    Carla Ward, the Birmingham City manager is about to join Villa, and take on the role with our girls, could be another astute move.

  44. Medical declaration complete!
    All ready for Villa Park on Sunday, could almost be tempted to stay at a Premier for a couple of days and take in the Youth Cup Final on Monday night!!!

  45. PP, my view of the penalty was that it was precisely the same as ‘Arry’s penalty at VP. The ball was gone. The only difference being that he pushed his right leg out to get the contact with Cash. Ollie didn’t do that.

    At VP. it went straight to VAR and straight to the penalty spot no messing. At Spurs, precisely the same situation received sweet FA.

    The logical conclusion being that the playing field is certainly not level and therefore a form of corruption exists. Are they taking bungs, or is it just bias? Don’t care, it’s corruption either way. I don’t believe for one second it’s incompetence.

    RobBO likes VAR and I’m sure others do too. Me, I detest it. It’s just another opportunity to bend the rules in favour of the priviledged teams.

  46. Plug I understand your feelings, but I think the criteria being used, is that unless the review shows an error that the referee, should look at again, then they allow his decision to stand, so not so many decisions get overturned now, as did before.
    One day VAR will get it close to where it should be, but to me, two things need to change. One should be that the referee should be audible, then no-one is in doubt about his decision, as it is in rugby. The second one, is that every yellow card should be accompanied by ten minutes in the sin bin, then collective fouling would stop, as is again the case in rugby.
    Finally, like rugby, players should not be allowed to challenge the referee. He should be totally respected, and only the captain should approach him.

    Some of the exhibitions of players surrounding the referee are disgraceful.

    Carla Ward has been announced, and she is the Manager of the Year for the Women’s Super League!

  47. That was a good performance from our boys , impressed with marv , mings was brilliant on the night hause very good yet again and konsa is very good at right back ,, SJM was sick the turn he did in the middle of the park had me off my seat

    had my first full look at chuck in the youth cup and its the most excited I have been about a villa player since Jack … what a talent

    I am a little surprised at the stick our Traoré. gets by the regulars on here considering he is our most gifted attacker after Jack and he has both contributed to our best results and improved massively already defensively and has only been with us a few months …criticisms will subside in due course.
    Beilsa is the best coach in the worlds imo and steamer , pep and the likes are absolutely right about him … I wouldn’t want too many players from his squad at villa and he has beaten the top 4 in his first season … they will be a real force next season

    with all the developing talent at villa its going to be an interesting transfer market as we cant buy too many and most we do get will really have to be better than what is in the first team now …

    on VAR I think which ever way its done is fair as long as its consistent but one thing is apparent which is you will never fully remove controversy from football

  48. Wow!!

    What is happening???
    Nuno Espirito Santos leaving Wolves after four years, and where is he heading…….??

    Is the rumour going to come true with regard to his agent being in talks with Villa not so long ago.

  49. I agree with Ian on VAR until the computer arrives that can allow them to instantly freeze the play and rotates the players involved you not going to see every angle. What we have done is take the decision making from the ref who very likely was using experience in the moment doesn’t get many wrong in the scheme of things. It then hands it over to someone that has way better chance of seeing something the Ref Missed and way more pressure to get it right because of that.

    What he is not is in close proximity to the players and get the full sight, sound and maybe instinct that the players taking the piss or not. Its supposed to reduce Human error but instead removes some essentials and brings it down to sight but keeps the human error aspect.

    What’s happening slowly is after complicating things more they are now looking at rules and simplifying them, Off side has to change, its the worst offender.

    Talking about rules what happened to throw ins form where it went out, Keepers having 6 seconds and having to bounce the ball and every kick from hands they make is near enough with both feet outside the box? Also the moving the fee kick ten yards id they moan or don’t move? we are back to standing an inch from the ball.

  50. H&V,

    Was a bit shocked to see that about Nuno. And yeah, Spurs do make sense.

    Jack at 10 could indeed be pivotal. I haven’t minded him on the left, given his largely free role, but flanked by two goal-scorers and Ollie up top, with options…? That would be a bit of a nightmare for opponents.

  51. I don’t mind where Jack ends up as long as he is not continually kicked in our half not theirs.

    Robbo- I would say looking at Newcastle’s turnaround and now our own there has to be some legs to the effects of the Covid Break if not Covid itself. They had it a month before us, go figure.

  52. MK,

    A lot’s changed. I’m still struggling with the way obstruction disappeared.

    With penos, my guess is that the ref’s union isn’t really keen on overruling their members unless it is one of those things that’s almost impossible to see in real time. I get the intention behind the “clear and obvious” standard, but I dunno.

    I don’t really want to give credence to corruption, can’t rule it out, though. I think it’s more likely inherent bias. I’ve seen it in more than one sport. Certain players and teams just get calls that others don’t. Harry is going to get things Ollie doesn’t, for example, until Ollie really establishes himself.

    I think the assumption in officials’ minds is that the big players at the big clubs are getting fouled because they’re better. Sort of like the situation with Jack. But I have noticed that after Souness shot his mouth off that Jack’s been getting fewer calls his way.

  53. JC- if Jack has a great Euro’s the I expect him to get carried around the pitches by the refs, some defo seem too pally with the stars.

  54. Runtings- Traore, For me he’s a bit lightweight and not a great record against the better sides but I could forgive that if he was not so one footed, the amount of opportunities that go by because of that is Criminal at times. I’m always cheering him on but he is frustrating, we will see who comes in and whether this season moves him forward for next, I hope so.

    Marv is similar in that he is also one footed but also tends to pass the ball at inappropriate times to players in tight positions.

    I hope they both have a future at Villa but I fear that the way Chuck showed his worth it puts them into perspective.

  55. runtings,

    Yeah, Traoré has improved and does have an eye for goal. I think for him it’s still about adapting his game. He’s got to realize he isn’t going to dribble past three players every time: the standard, organization and work-rate are too high in the PL. Once he cops to that, and I’ve seen him produce some fine, quick interplay, he should end up winning over more fans and probably getting more goals. He is dangerous.

    I think MK’s right about favoring his left too much, though. Maybe it’s too late, but he should work on driving to the touchline more, like Jack, and giving defenders more to think about. They know Jack wants to drift right across the top, but they also know he’ll sell you on that and go round the other way.

    Similar story with Ghazi…He’s much better when he isn’t trying to take on too many men. I like the confidence, but I don’t like seeing him run into cul-de-sacs and just turn it over.

  56. Hey Mark I obviously strongly disagree wit your opinion on Bertrand and man u are a pretty big club , I also don’t expect to see the best of him in his first season , correct me if I am wrong but only Jack and Ollie have better goal involvement … its funny a number of non villains have said to me how impressed they are with him and that he has scary ability and I agree with them despite him not being brilliant in all aspects there are far more positives about the player than negatives imo and I am very confident he will prove his doubters wrong
    marv does not have supreme tekkers but he could still become a top holder and also has improved so i won’t be writing him off just yet

  57. Deano on meeting the owners recently.

    “They were really happy in January but, obviously, disappointed like all of us that we’ve dropped off,” he said. “They were understanding of why that’s happened and what we have to do to move forward again.

    “To move forward we have to be a better team, a better football club, improve tactically, improve individually and as a team. That is progression.

    “The objectives are obviously league positions and we’ve gone from 13th in the Championship to 17th in the Premier League and now to 11th and the objective now is to improve next season as well.

    “But I think finishing 11th is where we would be. If we’d have had an extremely good season then maybe we could have broken into the top eight. But, if we had a season where we expected then it would have been between 9th and 12th which is where we’ve been.”

  58. fair to say that villa were flying before covid , but that coupled with the ware and tare of a season has exposed were we need to improve , I think we need more goals in the team and just one consistent goal scoring addition along with current players improving could make a big difference

    cover or better for cash and targett also

  59. JC,
    The logic with referees is simple. Each club, as far as I am aware still do reports on the match officials, and if they keep getting poor reports, then they drop down the pecking order, so they have to balance their decisions over the season, and try to avoid getting a poor report score.

    Traore is a natural left footer, as is Mings, and both could do with improving the use of the right foot, but it is probably hard to achieve at their age. He is a very skilful player, and I am sure he has a lot more to offer, as do most of our players. I am sure we will be seeing a vast improvement across the board with a normal pre-season. We will of course improve the squad, but I wish so called fans would stop writing off players before they have had the chance to fully develop in a normal situation.

    Don’t see many changes at Villa, unless John Terry decides he is ready for his first management role.

  60. Plug probably no relation but the Covid can bring on depression in those susceptible to it in the 1st place.

    “New research reveals that viral infections can trigger brain endothelial and epithelial cells to produce a cytokine that impairs neuronal firing in the hippocampus, leading to depressive-like behaviour and cognitive impairments”

  61. PP- So Fans can’t critique a player but the Managers fair game? he is after all developing just as much as they are 🙂

    We will see by the incoming transfers what the future holds for a fair few. Judging by the remarks about a need for more creative players ElGhazi and Traore are not at the level we need without Jack, same for Ramsey. Chuk definitely is at that level but maybe immature just yet. Lots of permutations to come I suspect, changes to the midfield could promote SJM and Luis further forward or the other way.

    You defo can improve the other foot did it myself by forcing myself to use it more at around age 30. I remember Brentford had a kicking Coach.


  62. Wolves sacked Nuno Apparently because of a poor season, now there is a strange one considering the injuries to their top players and the small squad he prefers. Even he has said he needs to increase numbers for cover.

  63. Mark, Nah. Barks can’t be named for the final game as it’s his parent club Chelsea. So he probably said his goodbyes and stayed behind in the Smoke after the Spurs game. He knew Villa were not going to take him so he probably decided a good piss up with his mates was in order.

    But the sacking of Nuno may have some legs. I think there was more friction between him and Fosun over player sales than came out in public. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear the new Portuguese coach named next week.

  64. Plug- I agree on Barkley don’t blame him, Years ago that was considered normal, remember that? but , his demeanour since the covid malarkey suggests not a happy bunny generally, Smith backed him again said he trained and was at least trying, who knows what the reasons are. Mine are usually because its the weekend.

  65. On Barkley, I think it was a case of knowing that he had lost his chance of proving himself, getting in the England squad, and Villa managing to beat Spurs without him, and not needing to return to Birmingham, so time for a Gasgoine, and go on a bender….Can’t really blame him…

    I agree that there must have been some friction at Wolves for Nuno, when his best players were being sold from under him. They were also prepared to sell Traore at the end of this season.

  66. Congratulations to Brentford on making it to Wembley!

    Will it be a Swansea v Brentford Final?

    Can Bournemouth hang on to Brooks and Billing, both good enough for the Premier league.

  67. PP- I kind of agree with him on corners especially the lack of quality balls in but the lack of quality when we do get to the ball with a head is also poor, we really should of had a lot more from corners and set pieces, 6th best in the league though is not awful. We also cross more than most teams do.

    I think the lack of momentum when we score comes from the midfield mostly, if McGinn does not provide it when Jacks out nobody does. Apart from his skill Jack just does not do sit back, he drives us forward both physically and mentally.

  68. PP,

    Yeah, nice to see Brentford win especially with Bournemouth time wasting after 20 mins. Can’t understand why teams time waste so early in games. I’ve never seen Brooks play a good game, so not sure why the hype. He’s not in the same class as Buendia

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