After the game last night, if you’d been on Twitter, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Pierluigi Gollini should be dropped, Jordan Ayew should be sold to the next team who offered more than £5 and a packet of pork scratchings and that Roberto di Matteo should be sacked and replaced by another manager.

Ignore the hyperbole for a moment though, and the result was probably fair on the balance of things. Whether Huddersfield Town got their equaliser from a rebound off a goalkeeper’s kick, or from a 50 yard wonder goal is largely irrelevant. Yes, Aston Villa could have managed to secure all three points had Gollini not caught the forward with his kick, but that fails to recognise how he denied four attempts earlier on in the game.

I get it. As a society that generally thrives on focusing on the negative (admittedly for a logical reason), every issue is magnified to a ridiculous level, especially in the heat of the moment. It goes to show that expectations can become inflated very quickly. Why? This is a Villa side who have been utterly diabolical for years, and following a win against Rotherham United (a team who were effectively doomed before Neil Warnock took over last season), the expectation is that a win would be necessary against Huddersfield.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong per se with having high hopes for games, or for wanting Villa to win more games than they don’t. After all, the club have dropped down a level and expecting the same tepid and largely awful performances that fans have been “treated” to over the past few years would be bordering on the depressive.

Huddersfield came into the game off the back of two wins and were clearly high on confidence. Villa, on the other hand, are only in the early stages of trying to build confidence although the signs are there. Given that Villa have gone to pieces over and over in recent years via miscommunication, Guzan kicking/flapping at balls (remember Manchester City – THAT was a blunder) and the amazing capabilities of Alan Hutton to let players in down his side, a move to try and build confidence is thoroughly welcomed.

If you were a 21 year old keeper who has just suffered a bizarre rebound off a player, what would you want from your manager? Would you want them to reassure you it was a fluke that nobody could legislate for or would you want them to drop you and start another player?

Even if you do think the latter (as is your entitlement), who would you play? Mark Bunn? Jed Steer? Would they be any better long term and what would that change communicate to them – that the first time you’re on the wrong end of a fluke goal, you’re dropped. If you want to talk about how not to build confidence, there’s in it a nutshell.

Would I have been happy with three points? Obviously. However, on the balance of play, Villa got what they deserved. This is a new team and, after years of utterly tedious watch-whilst-we-lose-repeatedly football, I’m optimistic. Not optimistic to the level that I think we’ll walk the league (or even necessarily go up at the first time of asking) but optimistic nonetheless that something is changing.

Now’s the time to have faith. We’ve seen how things go when we have in-fighting, confidence collapsing and a hostile atmosphere for all the wrong reasons. For the sake of sanity, call last night what it was – an unlucky fluke goal that cost us a few points – and not, as it would appear to be from the response of some last night, the harbinger of the apocalypse.

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  1. Good post. Can now get behind the boys and support them. The idiots like lescott, Richards, hutton guzan gabby are being binned…could not stand to see them in a villa shirt.

    Getting a team together that I can be proud of anfd get behind. Jedi in the midfield will change this team a great deal. Add bamford and a attckind mid it will be a team worth supporting.

  2. Yes Matt the rebuild continues, Jedinak in midfield will be the enforcer we have needed for a while plus he is a leader, as is McCormack, Elphick and Chester, last season we were desperate for leaders on the pitch and now we have them things can only improve.
    We can argue all day who was at fault for the goal , should Elphick have dealt with it or should Gollini done better with his clearance, but the truth is the Italians do not need their keepers to be good with their feet because their defenders play a different type of game, in England the keeper is the sweeper and he gets to see the ball played back to him on lots of occasions and he needs to add this to his game, Lloris is a prime example at Spurs very good with both feet, Manuel Neuer is so good he could play outfield.
    Having said that I remember De Gea at manure when he first arrived he took a season to adjust so we must be patient, although football is a very unforgiving game and you cannot keep making errors not with big Tony around.


  3. want to see a rb winger and a striker,plus we can only start with 3 out of grealish ayew mccormak and rudi ,hopefully we can put out team like this soon. the bench last night was shocking
    new rb
    sissko /amavi
    new wideman

  4. Well said, Matt.

    Had to listen to the game on the radio via AVTV…during work. Had a conference call, got back just in time to hear about a bizarre goal. Wasn’t until watching a highlight later that I could see how ridiculous it was.

    As you say, Gollini did well with the shot-stopping part. He’s now had two clangers for clearances. It did take de Gea a while to adapt. Stick with Gollini. He’ll learn.

    Overall, I think the more important takeaway is that Villa should have been further ahead in the first half. They started quickly and brightly, and could’ve put the game to bed had others taken their chances.

    They’ll learn to hold onto a 1-0 lead and see it out with the sorts of players being brought in. When it’s necessary. But score more, and one mistake will not undo you and keep the other team in the game.

  5. any ideas why adama was not on the bench? strange one.

    Want Amavi in the side. can create so much and great crosses.

    To be fair the 3 behind the 1 striker is decent! Need another cam for depth though..Morrison?

  6. Hi all,

    Last night was bizarre. Watch a hundred games and you’d fail to find another goal as weird as that. Ultimately I felt Gollini made the right call – stay back and you give the striker a bigger target to aim for, if you try and turn you likely end up silly & dispossessed for a tap-in, and he’s out the area so he can’t handle the ball with his hands.

    Andrew – re: Adama, I’ve not seen anything to suggest that he can fit into the team that RdM is building. He’s very much an individual – capable of brilliant runs and the like but doesn’t seem to fit into the team’s structure. After years of watching disjointed performances, I’m glad that RdM is thinking about more than just “pick the best players”. Losing some of the old squad is important – you can see that Chester/Elphick plus Jedinak & McCormack is the start of a solid centre to the team. Gollini will come good too as whilst he conceded a fluke effort, his saves before that kept Villa in the game during a difficult second half.

  7. Matt

    Considering Adama was on bench last game and also the lack of options on the bench it was a weird one to me. Didn’t do a lot wrong when come on sat? Willing to give goalini time but all he had to do was kick it high or put it to the side. Why kick it hard at the oncoming players! Bad decision but all make mistakes.

  8. Hi Matt and the AV fam – am over in Spain for the Rottotom reggae festival and i have to say i have met more people from different countries in the one space than anywhere else i have every been — nothing like good people in this world

    I saw the highlights of the draw today and was a little concerned to see our new keeper do a similar blunder to his last one — hope he can gain better judgement in these situations very soon


    As some of you know he grew up in my home town and are families like most first settlers from the w indies grew up together — the Atkinson’s are known as the very least aggressive family so its a real shock that this happened to one of them especially Dalian

    I also heard that they tasered him — kicked him up then tasered him twice more , with his recent medical issues he didn’t stand a chance

    Angry and disgusted

    Running on about 3 hours sleep a day here – for i am off to jump up to some more natural peace n love vibes


  9. Matt: “capable of brilliant runs and the like but doesn’t seem to fit into the team’s structure.”

    But who can forget that goal at Sunderland last season?

    Who else would persevere from deep within his own half to travel down the wing with gusto, and then to swing over a beautiful cross that Gil put home in such style that perhaps it should have been MOTD goal of the season! I’ve rarely seen a better goal, made by a player whose determination was there for all to see.

    I doubt that Villa can afford to ignore such players.

  10. hello folks
    As far as I can see we are better than I thought we would be and better than last season without a doubt. The best thing about Villa at the moment Tony Xia, if anyone can carry us on his back to victory it will be this fella, better than having Messi 😉

  11. Said the exact same thing on FB to some fan who also suggested Gollini should be dropped, how does that build confidence. Also there’s a new FB group called AVFC : Live from the stands, if you can’t get to a game but have wifi

  12. After being gutted over dropping two points, at home, at the end of the match … well, I decided that it was emotionally healthier just to have a laugh at the bizarre freakishness of the Huddersfield goal.

    So from now on, anytime a Villa goalkeeper makes a gaffe like last night’s — or the many that our previous GK was infamous for committing — I’ll be referring to it as a “Guzanollini”!

  13. Oh, and by the way, I’m not suggesting that Gollini be dropped or anything. I still believe that he’s going to come out very well for us, as he showed in the three or four fine stops he had made in the game beforehand.

    Just having a bit of a linguistic lark to help ease the pain from last night.

  14. Well Jedi’s signed but we have history regarding failed visas. I think its a massive signing for Villa, another who will be good enough to play EPL next season.
    Agree with Tex about Goalini, he could be our keeper for another 15 years.

  15. Texas: ” I’ll be referring to it as a “Guzanollini”!”

    Actually, the keeper’s name might persuade some that he has a permanent flaw!

    His name can be spelt as “Goal-in-i”!! 😉

    But given (Given?!) that Gollini can make saves I’d rather be +ve about his future.

  16. Welcome Jedi, as pointed out already captains in every part of the field, won’t allow us to be complacent

    We’re building a decent side that could work in the premium too imo

  17. SWV wrote: “… the Italians do not need their keepers to be good with their feet because their defenders play a different type of game, in England the keeper is the sweeper and he gets to see the ball played back to him on lots of occasions and he needs to add this to his game, Lloris is a prime example at Spurs very good with both feet, Manuel Neuer is so good he could play outfield.”

    See, that’s just one of the things that I love so much about this blog — I constantly learn so many new things from you guys that have been so fanatical about your football for so long!

    For instance, I didn’t know about the stylistic differences inherent in Italian keepers. How interesting!

  18. Facebook
    if your on it
    AVFC. Live from the stands .

    met Dalian and as said by JL a gentle giant , sad sad way to go .
    Runtins hope your having a great time , bring some tunes back mate . ))

    Jenny XXXXXXX

  19. Steamer/SWV
    remember Ronnie Green going to Wimbledon and getting fucked off back to Walsal because he couldnt play the sweeper Goalie . )) , coud he drink though , many an afternoon after training in the broadway . 3pints to your one , days l went home a 3pm and didnt even know where l was (

  20. Jedi is the final bone in the spine for me just need a few arms and legs throwing in and the odd back up and we will begin to look like a, Wait for it, Team!!!???

  21. Yesterday I watched a fascinating BT Sports documentary on YouTube about Wimbledon’s “Crazy Gang” and their FA Cup title win over the Bindippers. Fascinating, really!

    Do any of you guys have any memories to share of the Crazy Gang or their interactions with the Villa?

  22. Yes mate, they usually beat us.
    Probably the dirtiest team to play in the EPL, the cockenneees hold them up as an example of what a minnow could do ignoring their disgraceful tactics, violence and cheating.

  23. Hi Matt,
    I hope you are keeping well. I do not blame the goalie at all. the game should have been won in the first half, with Westwood, Ayew and Gestede all having easily convertible opportunities. My own view is that for the final 15 minutes we were hanging on by our fingernails and Huddersfield probably feel they should have taken the points, and would now be top of the league.

    Good news about Jedinak – the MF needs some steel; we were overrun in the second half. The disappointing thing was RdM had no-one on the bench that could change the game. However a reasonable team is taking shape. This was the most entertaining, indeed exciting game I have seen at VP for many years and if Jedinak is registered in time, I fancy ourselves to beat Derby.
    Encouraging times!

  24. Texas: “Do any of you guys have any memories to share of the Crazy Gang or their interactions with the Villa?”

    As I was living near The Wombles old tin-shack ground (Plough Lane) in around 1990 – the David Platty days – we went down there to see Villa play ’em. As Steamer says they played using a lot of different methods in those days. Villa lost 1-0 to a muscular second-half Fashanu header.

    About 3 years later I went to see ’em after they moved to share the Crystal Palace ground, and it was a storming match, with Yorkie showing his tricks! The game swung to and fro but finished 3-3.

    I think I went down a couple of other times too, but nothing much to say about those matches.

  25. The documentary makes it clear that although they bullied their opponents on the pitch it was almost nothing compared to the bullying that they did to each other in the locker room and on the training ground, especially to any new boys in the side. Several players confirmed that during that time Big John Fashanu and one of his victims would literally be locked alone in the locker room together, whereupon Fashanu would then use his martial arts ability to beat the crap out of his own teammate. To this day John Scales and Lawrie Sanchez pretty much despise Fashunu, and have little good to say about Wally Downes or Vinnue Jones either.

    Speaking of Fashanu, although he’s entertaining as can be … what a raging egotist the man is!

  26. Tex,
    He smashed Gary Mabbutts cheekbone with a snide elbow, still got the plate in. Sanchez was the only one i had time for and when Big Ron signed Fashanu i cracked, thankfully he only lasted a few games.

  27. Very good article Matt, once more.

    Disappointed with the result last night, but not the effort, and again, I felt that Bacuna had a very good game again at rb. I could not believe the freak goal that Huddersfield scored, and yes, Gollini was unlucky, as he did not just hit the guy, the guy moved into the path of the ball, and it hit his hands, from the view that I had, but have not been able to confirm anything, as I have not seen a reply, but apart from that he made several excellent saves, and was outstanding otherwise.

    Adama probably was not on the bench, as he wants out.

  28. Agree 100%.
    We should support Gollini. I believe he’ll be an excellent goalie. Hopefully, the supporters at the games support him. He needs encouragement at this time. Yesterday was just hard luck.

  29. I’m not worried about Adama leaving, either. He’s fast and powerful, but also consistently injured and hasn’t contributed much to Villa. Good luck to him.

  30. With you Trinity not worried about Adama leaving, only played a handful of games, i suppose the problem was/is the potential in that we never really got to see what he could do, clearly good enough to make it thru the Barcelona academy so there was something. A wasted opportunity for the club and for Adama.

    On a positive note that will free up 60k a week so a few more possible to join or additional money in the pot to convince other players to come to us.

  31. As I said earlier, we *have* seen his potential… At Sunderland last season, his first game (as sub at Crystal Palace) and in another match.

    In my opinion he could have been a great asset to Villa, and one to get the crowd on their feet.

    But c’est la vie … ordinariness usually wins in a game that is crying out for entertainment.

  32. ST75,

    Big Ron Green jesus there was a character we used to go to Fellows Park and watch him play in the night games when the Villa didn’t play, we used to stand behind his goal and take the piss out of him then meet in him in the bar after.
    Played a few games for the Broadway but not in goal because he was not allowed so he played up front he fancied himself as a centre forward but to be fair he was crepe, he was down in Bristol for a while coaching at the Rovers.


  33. Shame about Adama but one of those players we prob hype way too much before seeing him play…I still haven’t seen enough of him to judge. Was thinking he would be great to come on off the bench last 20 but for 70k a week that’s a bit extravagant. If he wants out then so be it, not too fussed.

    By all accounts def 2 more in could be 3

  34. Apparently, Adama turned up late for Tuesday’s match, which is why he was left out of the squad.

    Correct decision for me, by di Matteo, and that is why he has thrown his toys out of the pram. We must have discipline at VP, as it has been missing for far too long.

  35. Out
    Banished (soon to be gone)


    Now I don’t want to get too carried away but is that not what we have been dreaming of for ages now!


  36. Goalini
    New RB Elphick Chester Amavi
    Tishiba Jedinak
    Ayew McCormack Grealish
    Sign a cam to put pressure on front 3 and we have ourselves a decent team to support.


  37. JL- “But I wish those forwards can remember more about where the net is!”

    totally we would have 9 points now, shame about adama he was one for a future that never turned up

  38. I think we will def get there. In 2 months time we could be flying.

    1ST half against sheff wed I thought was bad 2nd half better.

    Ist half Rotherham even though 2 up I thought was not great but 2nd half decent.

    Hudd game apparently good 1st but bad 2nd. We are going to click soon, at the mo all trademarks of a new side geling.

    We could smash someone soon.

  39. Firts half at sheff wed they took there defensive duties a bit to literally so were solid second half they came out and should of won, especially as they should have gone to ten men and we should of had a pen. Tuesday the ran themselves out and Huddersfield changed it up, we couldn’t with our bench but Jedinak will prove a better game manager than any we have had since Barry

  40. Adama handing in a transfer request isn’t the end of the world, he has shown glimpses of potential but is very injury prone, on massive wages( which will mean he is unlikely to be bought without showing a bit more worth) and RDM seems to prefer Andre Green on the right.
    Heard we are linked to Trippier , very decent FB so it shows RDM has seen and is rectifying our limitations and lack of quality at RB. With Jedinak adding steel and leadership to the centre, we could do with another striker , Ings/Bamford on loan could be effective, we could and should challenge for the top 6. If we added further we could even challenge the crying topless Geordies ( who looked very good last night and showed an ominous sign to the other challengers)

  41. Swv
    nice touch off the city fans ,
    yeah remember going to watch him on the night games and him leaving the tickets in stupid names that took ages to work out , Steamer only went for the chippie over the road .

    B62 , lol . Topless Geordies .

    jenny xxxxx

  42. ST75,

    Yeah the Bristol City lot have a good deal of respect for the Villa but that’s not to say there could still be a bit of dancing before and after the game.
    Let me know if you are coming down and I can arrange to meet up, get Steamer to get his arse in gear and I will treat him to a cider.


  43. think we are still light in few positions yet
    rightback then we can see the back of hutton richards
    centreback could do with 1 possibly if we can shift richards
    cmid with vertout not part of plans and maybe wastwood can go
    winger seeing as adama wants out
    strikers ayew rudi both away in jan for african cup no point waiting,gabby on out list,kozak mystery man always injured,
    agree with andrews team earlier but think bench is very light ,plus injuries and bans will kick in

  44. OV,

    We had some great days out in Bristol, went there in the late 70s we took our normal coach from the Hole, we was driving to the ground along the main road with all the Bristol lot giving us the Vs and loads of abuse, so Foxy opens the door while we are in traffic and shouts ” Get back down the cider mines”.
    We parks up and set out looking for a boozer and came across a mob of Bristol City lads carrying hammers, not a friendly place to go it went off after in the park just across from the ground.


  45. swv – I think that was the time that I was thinking about. We had parked up the other side of the park down a side road so we were in the thick of it after the game. Think it went off at the back of the stand as well. Five of us drove there in a maroon Avenger (it was nearest he could get to claret) and after we had got back to car, we drove round Bristol centre trying to get it on with the Brizzle lads ….. in the end the police caught up with us and got a bit stroppy but we said we had got lost and were just asking directions from the Brizzle lads lol.
    At the services up the motorway on the way back there were planty of casualties amongst the Villa lads ….
    Strange how both City and Rovers used to be ‘interesting’ places to go in those days …..
    3-1 to the Villa at Derby tomorrow 🙂

  46. I was worried with the new tv deal prem clubs would leave us for dust but to be honest not a lot has happened so far. Think we have built a better team than most prem clubs!

    No Jedi tomoz…very hard to predict tomoz game…anything could happen! Ill go for a score draw

  47. SWV
    wizza opening the Con Club up for us to go watch the game , but he aint letting no- one else in till 7-30 , Result , no nose twats .
    remember the battle in the park at Bristol after the game ,” our Leader “and Sean o sullivan . standing behind them giving it the thumbs up . and all hell broke out as they( Bristol) tried to get out the other side of the park , l can see Seans face now with that silly grin he had , lol happy days

    well looks like we have had our summer , enjoy the weekend all…….and you SWV

  48. Andrew,
    Score draw for me too, i don’t think theirs much difference between an 8m player and a 20m player its when you go to 25/30m it kicks in, Benteke is a bargain imo, clipperty should look at the crepe service he had rather than blame CB, after all he score a load for Villa even with that tripe in MF.

  49. Jedinak awesome signing. Not great on the ball but his awareness of it is top class. A proper defensive mid finally. Him and Tshib- Solid !!!! Another leader to go with Elphick

    Talk of Bamford or wells. Wells hands down. I don’t like Bamford for some reason. Wells has awesome pace. Imagine McCormack playing him in behind ?!?!?

    Talk of a right back to. So glad we want one. Hutton is awful. The worst full back I’ve ever seen. Bacuna does a job when played there but he’s not mastered it. Shoukd only be a back up right back. Yedlin would be solid.

    I’m going to Derby tomorrow so can’t wait. Only been there before in pre season. I’ll start missing a few games after though because of the shift but nice to get to see a win at VP. Tuesday was annoying. Should have won

  50. Remember taking the wife and kids to the Baseball ground in 1976, back in my old Villa heydays…

    Sendeross now in line for Rangers, as he is free, younger, fitter, more committed, and wants much less money….what a wonderful management team we had a Villa Park…

    One of our best pairings at centre back, until he was injured, and then just never re-appeared.

  51. As I said to Matt earlier today, think Lescott is being a tit. I

    f it was a problem to move the family (which I can understand in the abstract), then how did talks get to such an advanced stage? Seems like the move was never on the cards. You want people to think that you’re a standup guy, that you want to play, but just can’t…because you’re really a great guy who is all about family. Bollocks.

    We have a guy who is a supposed Villa fan but also was an integral component of a completely failed side, childishly “butt-tweeted” his fancy car in response to criticism, lied about it, is drawing a huge wage, yet knows what the club need to do. And he’s refusing to take a wage Villa are subsidizing to ply his trade elsewhere after embarrassing his club and himself.

    He’d rather sit on his arse and bank £50k a week, at the expense of the club and fans, than show any desire to play or make amends. It might be business as usual in these times, but it’s still disgraceful.

    And yes, Jolene, I’d tell you that to your face. Just pay my airfare…it’s a pittance to you.

    (Sorry for the rant…might have had a couple cocktails.)

  52. JC,

    Completely agree about Lescott, there is no way talks would have got that far if you had no intention of uprooting your family.
    The guy is a leech who takes the pee out of the club and its supporters, calls himself a Villa fan? a blue nose comes to mind.
    He shouldn’t be given the satisfaction, but, the club should pay his contract up and get rid of the stench he has created within the club, if not he will just sit tight until his contract is up, so the club are in a no win situation anyhow.

  53. Fantastic days JL, and also remember his apprentice, Harry Burrows, a very under rated left winger, with one of the hardest shots in football. gabby would not have been fit to polish his boots.

    Stan Lynn was another with a very powerful shot, who took most of the penalties in his day, and I believe he broke the crossbar with at Bournemouth once.

    Lescott is just a total arse, would have preferred Sendeross over him any day.

  54. Agree with JC 100%.
    That old Baseball Ground was a real tip wasn’t it and the pitch was even worse.
    Read somewhere that a Villa bumped into Harry in a pub in Rugeley a couple of years ago. Apparently he wanted an extra tenner a week and the board refused, he used to destroy us when he played for Stork.
    Think if Jedi plays today we’ll win, if not then 2-2. Have a nasty feeling about DB39.

  55. You are spot on about the extra tenner Steamer, as JL has confirmed it before.

    Shame we did not get Bamford or Walsh in , in time for today, but agree, if Jedinak plays, we have the chance of a win, but the boys are getting better.

  56. seeing as lescott wont go,can villa not pay him off full contract but leave it that he goes on gardening leave not allowed to play for anyone else ,this time next year with a year out not many clubs will chance signing him

  57. I thought he was supposed to go to LA last season, won’t even go to Glasgow now. The worst type o player, in it for the dough, never mind the loyalty or glory.

  58. Steamer: “Apparently he wanted an extra tenner a week and the board refused”

    years ago I heard it was a fiver! 😉 Maybe inflation set in!

    Paul re: Stan Lynn

    I read an account of a match vs Spurs of yonks ago at WHL when both Alf Ramsay and Stan Lynn missed penalties in the match.

  59. Harry Burrows

    Saw him score a screamer against Gordon Banks at Leicester in ’62. Villa led 3-1 at one stage with a team also including Dougan and Woosnam but the Foxes (with Davie Gibson) fought back – it finished 3-3.

  60. Went to the baseball ground a few times, it was the second ground I went to without adult supervision( the first being loftus rd), never been to pride park tho. I think a draw again today, both teams have had indifferent starts and are aiming to be in the promotion mix up.
    I’m behind enemy lines for the Bristol City game, as I’m in the home end with my old man ,having got tickets via ST holder who works for a mate at Bakers Dolphin coaches. I’m in W-S-M for the weekend at my parents in Worle. Attending a charity day at my dads local boozer for our mates son, who recently had a brain tumour removed( surprisingly still a wolves fan like his dad;) ) to raise money for the hospital in Bristol he underwent treatment. Should be a good weekend with plenty of tots

  61. Oh dear,our weakest area just got weaker.GG plays,I wish him well,but I’m not a fan.We need another MF player,decent starting 11,but weak bench IMO.Hope GG rams-pun intended- these words down my throat.Desmond today.COYVB.

  62. Having seen our line up I think we will struggle today, without Tishibola(injured) and Jedinak(ineligible ) that midfield looks weak, the bench also looks a bit ropey , we definitely need some more quality in the team, hopefully some more additions will come in this week. We are a bit of danger of falling off the early pace, so a win would definitely change that. It’s still early days but we don’t want to fall too far behind and let teams get away from us.

  63. don t like the look of centre mid,wastewood is useless,gardner is a red card waiting,then look at the bench a 3 legged donkey would be better than hutton,3 other defenders on bench
    careless from the board not to have gedi deal sorted in time for this match,plus what has happened to leicster full back plus strikers ,rdm has lost adama vertout as well as moving out 7 and flabby and lescott numbers are light

  64. Not a bad half…Derby were poor. Unlucky for both McCormack and Gardner. But no real clear chances created in the box. Grealish is tracking back and defending well, Gardner and Westwood have done enough, Bacuna is doing a credible job. Ayew’s influence faded as the half wore on.

  65. Have to say, Villa unlucky. Hit the woodwork twice, had one cleared off the line. Kozak missed a great opportunity, heading wide.

    With Kozak coming on for Gestede, took away some options. Just not a good hold-up player, imo. Course he’s rusty, but I’d like to think we’d have scored had Rudy’s hamstring not forced him off. Hope it’s not a long-term one.

  66. after last saturday thought we had turned corner,but? plenty players need to go and come in,4 defenders on the bench says it all
    gollina nothing to do ,looked comfortable
    bacuna better than hutton but can t cross the ball fullback needed urgent
    cissko lucky with penalty will do till amavi is fully fit
    elphik chester look the part
    gardner apart from shot ,never in the game not even good enough for a squad player
    wastewood normal crap performance his give away led to cissko booking needs to go please
    grealish ok 1st half disappeared 2nd maybe with a strong midfield will be ok
    ayew if any club wants to offer over 10m for him sell too greedy not a team player
    rudyback to normal shocking feet keep him for sub thats it
    mccormack let some one else hit corners get in the box
    make you cry
    hutton richards baker all not good enough please go
    green looks ok
    amavi get fit please
    kozak sorry please go too bad miss
    we need 5/6 players doc

  67. Sorry, Villa looked over-cautious today despite those 2 woodwork events and a clearance off the line.

    They seem to be unsure of something … but I suspect that next week, with a full squad to choose from, including Jedi, then we might start to show better purpose. We need to actually.

  68. “This team will do better”…err, I don’t think so. Bacuna, Cissoko, Westwood, Gardner, Gestede, Kosak…all started today, and all will never be footballers as long a they have holes in their arses.

    The standard of teams in this division is shocking and Villa have beaten only one of them so far….go figure

  69. James,

    Westy made one mistake … but I agree it could have led to disaster.

    But otherwise he played a reasonable game, including a smart interception first half which should have led to a better result.

    Kozak looked still unfit *and* rusty to me.

  70. “Westy made one mistake”…he turns slower than milk, he continually gets caught in possession, never gets forward of the ball. His one mistake was to turn up.

    Give me strength

  71. JC I agree mate could of easily won without being spectacular in any way and derby are supposed to be in the promotion mix. The loss of Tshbola meant the midfield lacked any dynamism or punch. still need a RB a fit amavi a quick forward and a couple of mids if poss. I think RDM thought without his first choice side to err on caution but so did Derby.

  72. It was a game that had ‘caution’ written all over it. And I think Villa approached it the right way. Great save from Carson on McCormack’s effort to push it onto the crossbar, but could easily have been 3-0.

    That said, strikes that don’t go in don’t count. But what I saw was the Villa didn’t give Derby much, had the best chances by far, and were unlucky at least one of them didn’t go in. Suggests the right approach. Gestede’s departure was significant as Kozak was effectively useless in the role.

    Agree that something is still missing, which Dr. Tony and RDM have acknowledged or else they still wouldn’t be shopping. Even so, Villa weren’t particularly troubled without three players—Tshibola, Jedinak, and Gestede—that add a lot more to the team.

    My concern going forward will be depth…I think we’ll have a starting XI good enough to do the job, but as RDM has said, we need to have the personnel to change things up. A RB and another striker might well fill the holes. Especially if Cissokho, who I don’t necessarily rate highly, could hold down the LB spot and allow Amavi to play as a winger. That would be interesting.

    Most encouraging for me today was seeing Ayew and Grealish tracking back and defending. Things are changing in the team mentality, players seem to be taking things on board, and we are picking up points. With a touch more luck, and one or more opportunities taken, Villa could well be sitting right near the top. While that might seem underwhelming given our expectations, it’s not bad given the team is still being assembled and it’s very much a work in progress.

    Last year’s team would have contrived to lose all three games.

  73. Indeed, Mark.

    Nothing exciting about our play today, but I’ve got an emerging sense of competence, players building understandings, and the team growing in confidence. I’ve not seen anything from the competition so far that has been troubling. More a case of Villa needing to grow into it rather than feeling like we’re struggling.

  74. I get the sense that Villa is getting their act together. Derby at their home were a good test and there’s still a bit of rebuilding to do. So, I’n satisfied with the away draw at this time. The biggest thing will be to win most games and not lose games at Villa Park.

  75. JC: “what I saw was the Villa didn’t give Derby much, had the best chances by far, and were unlucky at least one of them didn’t go in. Suggests the right approach. “

    John, Derby were there for the taking first half. They were poor going forward and we should have capitalised on that.

    It just needed one or two Villa players to ‘up’ their game a bit and we’d have been 2 -up at h-t.

    But I’m not losing hope … I feel it will all get better and that (as I’ve previously said) it’ll be September before we should expect much to crow about once the team starts to settle with the new signings in midfield etc.

  76. That game showed that even with a weakened team we have nothing to fear, the standard is appalling.
    The CM was totally lacking in creativity and also gives away free kicks in dangerous areas because they lack pace. We’re not far away from a team that could dominate this division imo,
    Elphick and Chester really do look reliable and Goalini maintains his confidence, RdM has bought really well, however the opposition seem to sense our weakness at FB, too many missed tackles.
    Still, its more points dropped to an inferior team, i’d like to weaken them further by signing Hughes who i thought was mom.

  77. Steamer,

    Yep, I’ll go with your summary!

    I’m just scared that Villa are too complacent … hopefully the new midfield signings will give them the boost needed.

  78. Matt’s article was about the team gaining confidence and results then improving.
    I’ve seen one statistically illiterate article on another blog inferring that it’s already time to panic . . . . after 4 games ffs!
    That sort of article is corrosive and builds unnecessary pressure on the team and contributes to the negativity around the club.
    This negative atmosphere (which some, perversely seem to revel in) must be one of the reasons for our player’s tentative performances at home which have contributed to our desperately poor home record in recent seasons.
    There has also been gratuitously ‘over the top’ criticism of some of our players, including Gary Gardner.
    Let’s not forget how popular he was at Nottingham Forest. Yesterday he turned over more Derby attacks than any other player on the pitch and was desperately unlucky not to score.
    We’re just 4 games into the season. . . It’d be nice to just ‘support’ for a while at least and give our players half a chance to prove themselves!

  79. Robbo,

    I think most of us on this blog do take a half-glass-full approach to the state of things, but there will always be those who perhaps don’t what to see any positivity at all.

    As It happens I am with those who think that we need more force in midfield, but now we have Tish and Jedi then they may well be the difference in that area. Going by RdiM’s signings so far, I’ve got faith in him he’s going for the right type.

    As for Gardner, I am one of those who very much wanted him to succeed, but sorry to say that if he did shine against Derby yesterday it was mostly first-half I think when they were just rank poor going forward, and I have not seen anything of Gardner so far this season that impresses me too much – apart from that shot of his yesterday.

    I do think that he and, sadly, Westy, do need to be replaced by more powerful players if Villa are to truly threaten a promotion this season, though individually they are very useful subs.

    Up to now we’ve been carrying ‘nice guys’ in the middle and up front but they don’t have enough skill to make up for their lack of force. But I was pleasantly surprised by Ayew yesterday – he put in a lot of work and the others didn’t seem to be quite on to his wave-length.

  80. I think its a good point away but could of been 3. Reminds me of when we finished 2nd under ron in 1992. Drew our first 3 or 4 games and ron came on the pitch with a microphone saying we will get a st in. And got deano and never looked back! The signings we have made and the coaching staff reasure me we will be ok just like i knew under old regime we were fucked. Its a massive massive overhaul in short space of time but we will be fine.

    Dr says def 2 in whick i think is a number 9 and rb. Get them in wevwill be top 6 but to challenge top 2 need another cam cm too

  81. John L,

    They were there for the taking, agreed. And an inch on either ball would’ve seen us capitalize as we should’ve. One of those goes in, it likely would have gone on to be a very different game.

    Any team always ‘should’ capitalize when they’re the better team (on the day, at least). But it often doesn’t work out that way. Which is where the saying “That’s why they play the game” comes from.

  82. John,

    Sorry, I’m afraid we have to agree to disagree. 😉

    Despite those two woodwork matters, Villa showed little *penetrating* invention – and literally no service to speak of from the wings. Those two attempts were from well outside the penalty area. In short, if they had gone ahead it would have been just out of one piece of individual inventiveness, *not* much by way of teamwork.

    Yes, taking the lead might have changed Villa’s play and the direction of the game, but I do think the team has not been showing enough inventiveness. Rotherham can be seen to be weak but Wednesday Hudders and Derby should be thought of as tougher opposition and opposition that we really have to do better against to stand a chance of promotion.

    In the first half against Wednesday and Derby we faced nervous teams that we could have put away before half-time, and failed.

    And I thought that in professional football “That’s why they play the game” only applies to winning! 🙂

    But there is still plenty of time.

  83. John

    We are re building. You start from the back and build the spine. Spine done now and def ok….only 2 conceded…both mistakes. Final 3rd is last thing but its coming. By november we will be putting teams to bed

  84. Andrew,

    Yep, I tend to agree with you. I think I’ve been saying about the same thing but with less succinct language! 😉 … and not wanting to sound too +ve as well!

  85. The owner has said we are not in for Ravel Morrison, which for me is a good thing due to attitude and ability to cause too much drama in the dressing room. We have also been linked to Jordan Rhodes which is a little bit of a strange one given he only went to Borough in Jan . Still need 3 more in to challenge for the top 2 IMO , let’s see what this week brings us. Any news on Gestede injury???

  86. John
    Agreed, and Jedinak should give the extra bite that we need. The fact remains that Gardner was very well thought of at Forest so some of the insults thrown in his direction are distasteful, wrong and way over the top, particularly when you consider that (unlike his brother), he is a genuine villa fan.

  87. John L,

    For a while now, and in particular under Sherwood, if Villa start brightly and don’t get the goals, the team struggles later on. This is why, and I think we’d both agree, it’s as vital for us as anyone else to take our chances. It’s a sporting cliché that failing to capitalize on a period of dominance often comes back to haunt you.

    Goals obviously change games. Maybe it wakes Derby up. Maybe it opens the game up to Villa’s advantage.

    Kozak coming on for Gestede was a big problem. We were essentially playing with 10 men at that point, and there really isn’t a great Plan B. All your best available players are already on the pitch.

    So, the incisiveness from someone else is defo something I’m sure RDM would like to address. He’s spoken of not having the personnel to change things up.

    “That’s why they play the game” means that if the better team always won, there’d be no point playing. 🙂

  88. we defo need a RB two teams have came back into the game after half time by targeting Bakuna now, only took their manager until half time to work us out. didn’t think GG was that bad but he’s no DM neither is Westwood its not a great combo. I’d like to see GG ghosting into the box as he used to do, can’t fault his effort but like most of our players needs a bit more pace about what we do.

  89. Agree about GG Mark, further forward was always his game and he has goals in his locker too.
    Don’t know about anyone else but i think McCormack plays a little too deep, dunno.

  90. JC: ” It’s a sporting cliché that failing to capitalize on a period of dominance often comes back to haunt you.”

    Whether it is or not, JC, the point is that Villa have not done enough in the 3 matches against *mid-table* and higher opposition.

    Villa let Wednesday sneak a late win, and then Hudders a late draw. And yesterday Villa just didn’t play well enough up front, period, even before Kozak came on (after nearly 30 minutes), being dependent on the enterprise of a couple of players.

    This is not the form of a promotion-chasing team.

    BUT … I do think things will get better, and I think a lot of us probably agree on that. 😉

  91. JL- harsh mate thought we were done by the ref at Sheffield while on top to lose to an error and the goal for Huddersfield would not happen 99 times out of a 100. we should have more points while being unspectacular.

    Steamer- yes RM, grealish and ayew seem to a want to play in the same area, needs one to drop out and someone with pace to slot in IMO. at the moment we are playing with two non attacking FB’s that doesn’t help either. Oh and a slow midfield, amazing we still look half decent all considered.

  92. Mark,

    Not “harsh” at all i.m.o.

    The point is that we failed to make a finishing impression against Wednesday and then did not capitalise on a lead against Huddersfield and let them back into it.

    So, in view of what happened against Huddersfield, there is no real reason to think that if we had taken the lead against Derby we would have carried the game. If we had scored 2 or more by h-t we might have done, but a one-goal lead seems too frail for this lot to hang onto!

    But – as I keep saying – I think it will improve and at least what we have seen so far does give better indications that what we’ve endured these last few seasons. 🙂

  93. Mark,

    To add … Villa have spent a lot of money on the players on display, and the two that couldn’t play this w/e. The amount spent – and being spent – rather demands something better in my view, but I’m hopeful it will come.

  94. It is going to take a while to build this team from scratch, so far the signings have been good solid players who look as if they know what it takes to get out of this division, which to be fair is all you need as long as you can get promotion then the re-build starts again in the premier.
    It looks as if Tony X and RDM know exactly what is required if we believe everything we read, nine days left in the window lets see if we can get rid of some although Lescott seems happy to sit and get his pay check every month, they have the damned cheek to call themselves footballers.


    Sent you email.


  95. After a dire Olympics, a dire Euro’s, dire Wimbledon and several dire WC’s is it time to knock the major sporting events on the head ? The cost off staging one of these events is staggering and most of the stadia are left rotting afterwards or given to state sponsored clubs with political connections (WHU), how TF can Rio with its poverty afford to stage a games never mind two in four years ? The Olympics is just too political ban Russian drug cheats but allow Western drug cheats to participate and boost their medal tally.

  96. Athletes were ordering 20 plus burgers at McDonalds because they were free. Meanwhile, kids outside the village cruely suffer malnutrition. McDonalds had to put a limit on the orders.

  97. SWV,

    Quite agreed with you. But, even so, what we’ve been seeing so far does not add up to the amount spent on the team.

    Having said that, transfusing real blood into a side that lost its red blood cells in the last few seasons does take time, and I’m ready to accept that.


    Yes, we’ve experienced a great deal of elation because of our success in the Olympics – and well done the athletes – but it’s been at great expense and the expenditure stands exposed against the hardship of the poor in Brazil.


    Agreed with your comments.

  98. john l
    have to agree on money spent on players just take keepers since mon left
    friedel we wouldnt give him a new contract after not missing a game for 4 years
    guzan released on free lambert resigned
    given cost 4.5m wages over 15m yet didnt manage 40 games still playing in pl for stoke
    steer out on loan most of time
    gollina 4.5m
    lambert signed another 3rd choice never played a game
    a lot of players for 1 first team place and 1 sub place

  99. JL- I’m very happy we have stemmed the tide of goals from last season, that was always going to be the main priority, that gives us platform to go and attack. a real RB and fit Amavi should improve this further. we have only conceded two goals and both were avoidable if you like or not created by the good play of the opposition. Burnley had 15 draws last season when winning the league, the finishing has been the one factor to let us down when we have created the better chances. from the Benteke years its obvious someone finding the net regularly is a must and thats on its way if not here already. I said if we get 7-8 points from august I’d accept that with the team being reorganised and we are on course for that with a win on sat.

  100. Mark: “I’m very happy we have stemmed the tide of goals from last season, that was always going to be the main priority, that gives us platform to go and attack”

    Excepting that this is one division lower, of course, so if the goal-letting had continued we really would have been in dire straights!

    But yes, I agree with your point. I think I’ve said that the signings made are very beneficial, but to win games you have to score, and in that department we’re not quite there yet.

    As Steamer observed, McCormack often plays deep (and wide) and takes corners, so he’s turned out to be not quite the player I thought we were signing. In my view his contribution is too similar to Ayew and Grealish, and while all three are more than useful players at this level, we are crying out for something more.

    In view of the fact that the backs don’t seem to be offering many worthwhile centres, I’m wondering whether we actually need one or two of the Traore type – IF they can be found! Acquiring a top notch striker (as seems to be indicated) isn’t necessarily going to plug the gap if he’s not going to get the right service.

  101. Andrew: “If we sign Yedlin and Hernandez I will stick some pants on my head and shove a pencil up my nose and run around my street shouting I love Birmingham city.”

    You will?! 🙂

  102. JL- Are you kidding me? 😉 we saw what last years defence can be like against Luton of div2, tell me seriously do you not think that Elphick and Chester are not the best we have had since mons time? The fullbacks remain the weakness but Jedinak will enable them to push on while he forms a three with the other CB’s in the set up we have used 4231. And new RB on the way and hopefully an improved fit Amavi with a decent CB/Dm behind him will do wonders for the attack crossing wise

    McCormack score 60 goals in 3 seasons for Fulham while taking the set pieces, at the moment all three forward are more no 10’s than 9’s imo grealish, ayew and RM are quite similar in where they want to play .

  103. Sorry JL, 2nd para I was just pointing out set piece duties have always been part of RM’s game and hasn’t stopped him scoring before so as you say ther is something amiss.

    1st Para: on The defence you were hinting its because the opposition is worse that we look better not the change in personnel which going by the Luton game is not true IMO. I would go as far to say I wish we had that pairing last season vs Richards and lescott. Elphicks team and game management is right up there, we did not have anyone with his skill set imo.

    JD is slating anything in Claret and blue bar jack, another day same old.

  104. Mark,

    I have no argument with the assertion that the current c-bs are a big improvement. I think I’ve said that RdiM’s signings have so far been of sound quality, those 2 particularly.

    I’m primarily concerned that going forward there’s something missing, and I’m not certain that buying another midfielder and striker is the total answer, though a good striker is called for. To make a true difference i.m.o. would be to do something about the wing service – particularly to offer more variation on the current play.

    Sadly, though Grealish has got nice touches, I still don’t think he offers enough to offer more than an option from the bench, to replace Ayew or McCormack when needed. A bloomin’ good winger maybe more what Villa need rather than Jack. But that’s just my view, and those wingers don’t grow on trees. Sadly! 🙂

  105. john l
    agree about grealish, but if we have jedi in midfield he might get some protection derby fouled him numerous times on saturday
    we need at least 3 new additions ,rb winger and striker, for now
    new rightback
    heburn murphy

  106. it just shows how far lerner has dropped us when we are signing players not good enough for leicster or baggies
    saying that its best right back since before mon discounting walker on loan

  107. please god don’t let it be Balotelli, we’re building a team of leaders hungry for success and judging by his Liverpool time, he’s no leader and more of a disruption.

    Welcome De Laet, he’s bought into the project, dropping down a division, he comes with a winning mentality and no shortage of skill, great addition to the fight back and still more to come.

    Doesn’t the loan window extend beyond the transfer deadline day for us ‘lower’ clubs that we could still expand the squad so the bench is stronger, we are weak/inexperienced beyond the first 11.

  108. JG- not good enough for Leicester the prem champs 🙂

    won the champs with Middlesbrough last season too, 2 for 1
    He cannot possibly be worse could he than hutton or Bacuna?

  109. on the other hand pat murphy says no way

    Pat Murphy @patmurphybbc
    Hearing that Diawara,Wells,Bamford & Hernandez are all non-starters for @AVFCOfficial for various reasons. The search continues.Meter ticks!

  110. what makes da laet a very good signing is no more hutton which is bloody fantastic.

    By all accounts de laet is very quick and hard worker. good going forward but can be caught out at the back but pace gets him out of trouble. More than enough quality for the championship so all good. Start playing Amavi lb and ill be delighted.

    Reports that its def hernandez…if we get hernandez it will be one of the best signings in ages

  111. hmmm that’s interesting (gutting) on hernandez. Pat says no but the other journo says yes! We need to tweet the dr!!

    Must be someone close to signing from what dr said sunday….its someone quick who plays for there country is all we know!!

  112. mark k
    did you read my second line best rb since before mon
    plus on leicster only for sherwoods subs and a cheating ref we would done double last season

  113. Talking of which, Chester seems to have moved onto a different level due to the confidence gained by his performances at the Euro’s, seems a bargain at Olbyons expence.

  114. Steamer hello mate, The Leicester lot were bemoaning lack of cover and one or two prefers him. Middlesbrough lot were pleased too, obviously no world beater but thats the street we are on if its about an instant return, can’t have to many maybe buys. what do you think overall? looking fairly balanced just that striker and maybe a couple of late presents

  115. Today’s BIG joke…

    Dr. Xia has twitted…

    “I was told by RL the squad was good enough before takeover. Now it’s close to good enough with one more [further] week’s work!”

  116. I know JL got a sense of humour are owner, nice to see, he also doesn’t take prisoners.

    have you got around to talking about the museum? he’s certainly an open book on twitter?

  117. Mark,

    No … I’m not making any approach to the club on that matter. I was supposed to have moved house down south next month but that’s fallen through because of my wife’s health issues until next year, so it would not be practical for me to try to work at the club.

    As for sending him a book … I would have done but I’ve no copies left! 🙁

  118. JL- Sorry to hear she’s not well John hope she recovers soon so you can both get on with your plans. shame about the book I have the feeling he would of received it gratefully.

    Lerner is on this planet but I’m not sure from which dimension he hails, unbelievable if those were his true thoughts 😉

  119. So RL really thought the squad was good enough???

    Stupid, ignorant, lazy, incompetent, daft as a loon!!

    Because of Lerner, Ryan Lochte, and Trump …

    I think I’m going to start telling foreigners that every map they’ve ever seen is in error, and that Texas is actually a province of Canada and not one of the fifty states of America!

  120. Love the De Laet signing!

    And it’s interesting that some sites are still saying that we’re in with a 5 million quid bid for Yedlin as well. If that were to be true, it makes me wonder if the gaffer is thinking of converting Ritchie into a true winger, because everyone attests to his burning pace and his lovely crosses.

    Doubtful I know, but it is interesting to contemplate.

  121. Steamer: hey mate, I remember you saying a few weeks ago that you were very unhappy with the shade of blue in our current kit. Now to me, it seems that it is entirely too pale and light to be the blue that I normally associate with the Claret and Blue Army. Is that your take as well?

  122. Whats a winger ?
    Definitely mate, nothing like claret, Tom bleedin’ Fox’s work, he said we played in BURGUNDY and Blue, the knob, put him above Trump on your list.

    Must admit i’m happy with events at VP except the refusal of the players who did the most to relegate us to sod off. I think RdM is very smart and DrX is just what we need after Lerner. It shows what can be done with a bit of enthusiasm and energy, Lerner was obviously a disaster but he didn’t make an effort over the last five seasons.

  123. A year of the squad together, building a winning mentality and gaining promotion at the first attempt would be a massive boost in confidence for the team and us fans.

    Can you imagine Dr.T in the premier league not only with the additional income but being able to spend more money on better players, judging by how active he is on twitter regarding player arrivals, he seems to enjoy this aspect the most.

    Sorry getting ahead of myself but for once in what feels like a long time, we’ve a very good/experienced first 11, a bit more gelling time and we’ll be there or thereabouts come May. Really happy with the work Dr.T is doing and pleased with the developing passing game that RDM has brought in because we have the players to do it.

  124. DO’R,

    In principle I totally agree with you, but in my view there are the extra couple of players still needed to make this season worthwhile.

    As you suggest, Dr. Tonix seems to be on top of it all (with a touch of help from RdiM!!) so I expect it to all start to come together over the next month or two.

  125. Hello Tex, sorry i didn’t reply last night. Our shirts were always a dark red wine colour, really dark which emphasised the blue, Herbert began the move to other colours when he had VP painted pink in the 70’s and other non-villa supporting officials/owner who have no idea of our glorious history have just continued to dilute our past.

  126. Steamer,

    But perhaps you’ve overlooked the fact that between about 1900 and 1908, Villa often played in a kind of pink shirt!! To such an extent that McGregor himself wondered whether Villa were going to permanently change their colours.

  127. Texas
    The claret steamer is going on about is the colour of his wine he gets from aldi’s , he said the other day about the shirt colours and to show me what colour he meant , he pointed to the stains he had on his white T-shirt where he had somehow missed his gob and spilt it down himself , l did wonder why there was a lot of salt all around his Favourite chair ! he tried the old wives tale of putting salt on a wine spillage, only things he forgot were 1. take the bloody shirt off first,
    2. it only works on carpets !!!!

    got your E-mail mate . also read a rumour off a villa lad down there saying a group of brizzy fans dressed in all black will be running round taking on any villa fans they find ?
    have a good day saturday mate , im off to get steamer some Vanish for his T-shirt ,

  128. As far as the game is concerned on Saturday a brief overview of their team:

    Keeper is ok nothing fancy.
    RB Mark Little is awful and L1 player at best he is filling in for Matthews who is injured.
    LB Joe Bryan is good going forward but not great at defending.
    CBs Flint and Magnusson are both comfortable on the ball and in the air but lack pace, last week Dwight Gayle cut them open so attack them with a bit of speed.
    MF is so so very steady but nothing to write home about so we should win that battle.
    Up top they have Tomlin who plays just in behind and to be fair is a poor mans McCormack although he is a bit of a maverick and can do something special so will need to be watched.
    Kodija scored 20 goals last season but is being played a bit wider to accommodate Abrahams so he is less of a threat out wide, Abrahams the 18 year old on loan from Chelsea looks a prospect and has scored 4 in 6 games so could be a danger but I expect the experience of Elphick and Chester to cope with him.


  129. The reason I was asking about claret was that from year to year our “claret” sometimes changes from a dark red to a purple (or at least what I’d call purple). Remember our “quartered” away jerseys from 3-4 seasons back? To me, I’d definitely call that a purple, not a claret.

    In any event, our club’s definition of what the color of claret is seems to vary a surprising amount sometimes!

  130. Great to get the assessment of Bristol, thanks SWV, wouldn’t know too much about them beyond Kodija because of previous links.

    Hi JL

    Agree we aren’t the finished article but as a first 11 of the below, this is a sea-change from the crap we’ve had to endure previously, plus there will be further arrivals

    De Laet, Elpick, Chester, Amavi
    Ayew, Jedinak, Tsihbola, Grealish
    McCormack, Gestede

  131. Bristol City have just re-opened their new Upper Lansdowne Stand areas 6 & 7 in time for the match, and if you are a “Bristol City” fan, you can buy tickets ringing their direct line 0117 963 0600.

    This information may be of use to those who wish to see the game incognito.

  132. Paul,

    It may not be as easy as people think you may need to register with the club with a Southwest postcode and your email address, you can have your e-ticket then sent direct to your inbox and print and scan the barcode at the turnstile on match day, there was Newcastle fans in the new south stand ( behind the goal) last week and when they scored they unwisely decided to celebrate that got them some attention.


  133. DO’R,

    Signing de Laet fills one of the vacancies I had in mind, and if we now sign a good enough striker I think we should expect to see points now being accumulated pretty fast – after a bedding-in period.

    Not sure about Amavi (defensively), but perhaps he and de Laet are to be used more for their forward propensities, which is certainly a need.

    Interesting that RdiM has gone for English c-bs, taking Chelsea’s policy as a cue I imagine. I’ve long said that was Arsenal’s downfall – since they brought in non-Brits into those positions the club has tended to flounder.

  134. SWV

    I totally agree that they will be careful who they sell to, but if you can provide enough info and not make yourself obvious, it is one way of getting a ticket.

  135. Just reading Andre Green’s comments on the OS, he seems a sensible lad, his comments about TomE indicate a change in the dressing room mindset, no longer dominated by wasters just a set of good pro’s.

  136. Steamer,

    Well, Green’s comments reflect Dr. Tonix’s commitment, and the Chinese man’s ethic does indeed seem to be getting through. And as the Doc is the owner, that should not be too surprising. 😉

    But while Dr. Tonix is (rightfully) seen as a breath of fresh air, it’s alarming that so many Chinese are moving in to take over some of the most famous clubs in Europe.

  137. JL,

    It may seem alarming, but hardly surprising when the Chinese government is behind it. The president and his love of football, is just the tip of the iceberg, as businessmen see the spin offs, and a huge audience in China and Asia with money to spend. At the same, it will help to improve China’s image in the world with ordinary people. The growth in popularity in both the men’s game and the women’s will be huge over the next ten years, and China wants to be in the forefront.

    Villa are apparently advertising a job which may suit our Jenny, so I hope she has seen it.

  138. Valencia has ability, no doubt. But can he can lead the line for us? He would still be one of the better players in this league but to similar to Ayew for me. Apparently we would pay up to 17 million for him !!!

    Hernandez- Hull want 14 million which apparently we aren’t happy about. He’s 26, a good all round striker, scored 22 last season and 2 this time. He’s worth it

    I worry big time we won’t be signing a winger though which could single handily stuff up our promotion

  139. Frem- lets see what Amavi and de laet provide as service, can’t be worse than Cissoko’s one cross aseason and huttons rubbish. With Jedinak covering we should be less vulnerable if one pushes up.
    De laet if very quick too so massive boost if we can hit him quick

  140. I think as MK has posted Amavi and Jack can provide the sort of quality ball required. I thought against Derby both were guilty of cutting inside and going for goal when the ball into the six yard box could have been more productive.
    We do need the fox in the box to get us twenty league goals this season, and that will cost, but it will be a display of ambition and get our team promoted.
    I don’t see Hernandez coming this window. The Hull City squad is very small in any case. They need to recruit rather than sell, so don’t see it happening. Maybe Jordan Rhodes.

  141. Paul,

    Well that is of course the m.o. of China, as it is in all manner of things. It is “alarming” to me in the context of what has happened and is happening in the South China Sea and the general expansion of China’s interests world-wide, having already made such a huge influence in Africa and in the process encouraging the acquisition of ivory. People talk in horror of the Chinese consumption of what we regard as domesticated animals, but the slaughter of wildlife in Africa is arguably more horrific.

  142. Archie- I would get the lad from Germany bas dost if poss for a tall lad he’s lightening quick in the 6 yard box he’s lanky but like a snake, no slouch either.

  143. Yes its very bad JL, I wonder whether Xia thinks the same, I’d think it likely. I will say its strange for us to be on the receiving end of a huge empire expanding.

  144. Bookies have slashed the odds on Jordan Rhodes coming to Villa.
    Apparently the good DR did not want sell Bennett to Shef Wed, as they are in direct competition to Villa, and he would rather offload our players to non rivals.

    We have until tomorrow to sign Hernandez, but we have not yet put in a formal bid.

    JL, I see China as the lesser of the many evils in the world today. Russia and Putin would rather continue conquest by war and slaughter, which is what the Yanks have been doing since the second world war, but hiding behind other nations and causes, which will continue certainly under Trump, and to a lesser extent under Clinton.

  145. PP- yes mutton off hopefully, there’s more to the Bennett thing than rivalry

    Dr. Tony Xia ‏@Dr_TonyXia 2h
    Dr. Tony Xia Retweeted TVZ
    Simple&fair.We won’t pay4him 2play 4others.Either cutting wages 2play 4others or getting full pay by club 2watch.Dr. Tony Xia added,

    TVZ @TheVillaZone
    Bennet has been told he won’t feature this season [B’Ham Mail]. Don’t understand why we didn’t let him leave? #AVFC

  146. Dr X should just send Gabby and co to Inner Mongolia or Tibet on a long term vegetarian temple stay. That should give them a new perspective on life:)
    Wish they’d get another striker pronto, know they’ve been trying.

  147. Great approach from Dr.T on Bennett, yes it doesn’t help Bennett’s career but in terms of managing our finances and not supporting the promotion prospects of our rivals, this makes perfect sense.

    In other news, I got a letter published on Football365 today, it’s about Arsenal more than anything just throwing my two cents in on why Wenger must go if they are to change from nearly men to winners. I’m quite happy about being published but I don’t expect it to be a lasting legacy 🙂

  148. The Chinese are all about business and i was surprised when i went to Jamaica in jan at how many Chinese are now living there and how many businesses they run there
    They are on a global business drive which is a good way of going about things compared to how many other established global powers got there wealth

    well done DOR – i have a gooner mate that constantly whine to be about his club – i have to remind him that i support villa

  149. Paul,

    There are of course all kinds of matters that are of concern and that China is just part of that.

    Forgetting about war per se, I was talking more of the cultural effect on the rest of the world that China is imposing and which we’ll probably see evidence of more fully as time moves on. Yes, the USA have also affected the culture of the world to a big extent, but China’s is potentially more invasive I feel.

  150. JL,

    I do not see the devastation of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya in any of the areas that China has become involved. I do see them influencing people, and the use of Phillipino’s as virtual slaves, but not the death and destruction of the Americans and the Russians…

  151. Looking forward to the weekend( just not the M5 on Friday evening), I’m in the new stand with the home fans, not sure what the stand is called, I presume they are named after different ciders ???? So I’ll call it the Thatchers Gold stand 😉 SWV how far from Stapleton rd station is Ashton Gate on foot?? Gonna have a few tots in the away boozers pre match before entering last minute in the home end to avoid having to speak to too many Brizzle, and not getting in despite our tickets( bought off ST holders). It will be close, but I hope we edge it, we really need to start picking up some wins, draws don’t get you promoted. The side looks more balanced but is still lacking creativity and a striker.
    What is going on with Joe Bennett??????

  152. B62,

    If it is the new stand, I think it is the Lansdowne Road stand, I mentioned earlier in this post.


    No worries. I just have less time for the Americans, and the devastation they have caused in this world, going back as far as Vietnam, in our life time.

  153. Can’t say the west has covered itself in glory theses past 500 years, there’s good in all peoples that’s they way it is and inevitably bad to.

    Rdm has said we have two target men so Kosak must be staying and will probably start Saturday? hope he’s been for a jog this time

  154. Paul/Mark,

    Well, that’s it … the western nations in total embarked on a world domination crusade 500 years ago (as you say Mark) and the Americans are just another and more powerful expression of all that. The American method certainly appears to have been more damaging but that’s probably just the fact that technology has developed so greatly they just appear more damaging than their earlier counterparts. Within their system is a similar mentality to earlier factions … the ego to want to stamp their authority and even to cause people to come over to their way of life … as did the Brits … thinking their way is superior.

    The Chinese takeover is what I might describe as a more insidious process … a more clever one.

  155. B62,

    Apologies for the late reply, hopefully its Parson Street because you can walk to the ground in about 10 to 15 minutes, certainly not Stapleton that is on the other side of the city, let me know where you are landing and I will try to advise on friendly boozers but unfortunately there are not many that side of the ground.
    They have built two new stands the South Stand behind the goal and the West stand now called the Lansdown Stand along one side which holds 11k, I am in the Lansdown upper on my own purely because I need to keep my head down as I know quite a lot of the BC lads.
    Some Newcastle were in the new stand behind the goal and celebrated when they scored last week and got moved by the stewards for their own safety.
    So let me know where you are going to be or drop me your number.


  156. Anyone seen the AVFC Mr & Mrs on Twitter ? hilarious.
    Talking of hilarity did you see Ballbagface’s comments about WHU becoming the biggest club in England ? this is a moron who employs his dog as his accountant and the media falls on his every word.

  157. Steamer,

    I am meeting JB and Rosco tomorrow, jesus who is running the coaches now they are landing on the other side of Bristol in rovers country so will not get any trouble, rovers are similar to the vermin play in blue and white and are gutless gypos.
    Shame you and ST75 are not down I could have abused you face to face, anyway I will be up for the away leg.


  158. JL They are known for planning across several generations, the Hong kong loan was a classic, let us develop it into a world wide trade centre and reel it in. They have so many people they can afford to lose some while the likes of us and Japan nibble away at them until we fade, even the Mongols were conquered by time.
    Here we are though judging their approach vs our more blatant expansion and resource grabbing. The west though has to be careful not to lose itself in the latest round of expansion by Islam and the east. We really have lost our way and don’t stand for much in the way of high Ideals, makes us easy to control though and thats good for business. 😉

  159. Fair comments, Mark, and it’s the fact that our principles in the name of business have gone awry that is cause for some concern. Particularly the arms trade (e.g. Saudi use of British arms in the Yemen).

  160. SWV
    got dates all mixed up mate , got a wedding , steamer is washing his wig , looks like Barnsley and ipswich , and l hate ipswich , keep eye on JB , he’s got his second youth phase at the moment ,
    yeah see you at the home tie with brizzle , B62 taking a chance going in late as you will have to ask people to move to let you in , jeez theres an old thing , the times at old games you got asked the time so they could hear your accent , lol ,
    well have a good bank hols all , hope the weather holds out , dont bank on it ,
    daughters taking me clubbing it !! sunday ))

  161. ST75,

    Spoke to JB I thought he had just had a heart op silly old fucker I am going over to the shitty boozer where they are having a gargle and might go to the ground with them going to speak to John in the morning.
    A wedding is a pitiful excuse mind you it’s about time you made an honest woman of that girl.


  162. Good luck to Joe Bennett as he’s off on a free permanent transfer to Cardiff, where at least they’ll pay his entire wage and not demand the good Doctor subsidize some of it like the Owls tried to do.

    While he was never good enough for us, he appeared to at least give an honest effort … which is certainly much more than can be said for some of the wretched dross that needed to go! Besides which, he was one of the very few Villa players of recent vintage that could, on occasion, put in a lovely cross — and perhaps the only one who could do it left-footed (other than by accident!).

    Anyway, best of luck to you, Joe B.

  163. Tex,
    Never rated JB but hope he gets his career back on the rails.
    Supposed to be some sort of announcement on Sunday, dunno what its about but if its a Sunday then it must be fairly important.

  164. Dr. Tony Xia ‏@Dr_TonyXia 3h3 hours ago
    Dr. Tony Xia Retweeted Mark Hughes
    By this Sunday evening we’ll know basically what’s the situation on the ST and AM.Dr. Tony Xia added,
    Mark Hughes @markhughes38
    @Dr_TonyXia any incoming transfers close Tony?

    Might be this steamer 😉

  165. Dr Tone says Winger coming soon. Great news as I started to get the feeling we didn’t want one.

    Not so confident we will get the striker now though

    Have to get 3 points today don’t we ? Jedinak to start

  166. Looks like we`re down to 3 CBs now though Frem… unless Toner can be recalled from his loan but the new rules seem to indicate otherwise!??!?! Doesn’t look like great squad mgmt unless that Vulcan stays but noone wants more pics of his flash car.

    Check back in next week LIfers.


  167. Ronnie Biggs: Yeah, I’m a bit puzzled by the departure of Okore as well! One, because you always need at least two backups at CB; also, though he was young and therefore made some serious mistakes at times, I thought that overall he was one of the better CB’s that we’ve had recently and that he showed enough potential to be well worth keeping.

    Management has made it abundantly clear that they want to be rid of both Richards and Lescott, so what are we going to do — buy or loan in another CB?

  168. They seem to like Toner, decent 4th choice.
    1-1 today, definitely 2 points dropped vs Derby.
    According to Grealish the striker is def Hernandez, whether they get him is another thing. I’d go for Peter Crouch, still got a few goals in him.

  169. It’s hard not to ponder the motivations of the author of TVB.
    Having spent years denouncing the ‘spin’ of Lerner he now denounces the openess of Xia,
    He’s now trying to spread discontent by suggesting that we’re already falling behind where we need to be and have gained too few points.
    He also says that 6th (play offs) would be worse than mid table.
    He hasn’t criticised RDM but has started sowing the seeds of discontent about some of his decisions.
    Strange behaviour indeed for someone who is more concerned with Aston Villa than traffic to his own site.

  170. Robbo- Its hard to ponder a few of the poster views mate, I guess you can’t please eveyone 😉

    Okore, I think he wanted to be 1st choice and knows he won’t get it it so he’s off home to champs league, strange world football, someone who won’t fight for his position and learn off Elphick gets to play top level. We have de laet to fill in on the right for now so what chance a loan RB or CB coming in?

  171. 15 out 7 in
    lescott flabby not wanted brilliant
    adama wants out
    richards hutton please go as well
    the doc has been busy
    now for a few loans
    centre half baker too injury prone to depend on
    centre mid gg and wastewood are not good enough even at this level
    winger adama wants out
    strikers need options,plus suspensions african cup

  172. Steamer
    Be great if they keep their words about the one min applause for the young Villan , such a shame when you hear of a youngster passing away , l find it hard to take ,
    lv had a call off an old mate and its kicking off now , the shits are on the streets picking villans off , makes me sick when l hear of that , just like the noses who have been doing that since the 80s.

    lm going for 2-1 villa and 4-1 Norwich to beat the shite ,
    Glad were helping out walsall ( my moms team ) should loan them more of our kids ,

    also you knob , we never put that unit and big picture back up yesterday , l did wonder why you screeched off my drive ,
    Have a good weekend all
    Jenny need to set a date for coffee xxxxxxxx

  173. the way its going we’re going to have to go on a long run of wins to get promotion because the way we’re giving points away we aint gonna even get to the play offs, i know its early but were dropping points to crepe teams, i haven’t seen one capable of staying in the epl yet and that league is garbage.

  174. new season same story one good half then fall apart,has any other team conceded as many goals in a few minutes apart as us,same at luton,their is 7 new players plus amavi on pitch so can tblame last season players

  175. Steamer .the dr needs to forget tweeting and get this supa dupa stricker sorted out hes been on about all fucking week . Fuck the wedding .its gonna be full of fucking noses .

  176. What a pitiful 2nd half, Ayew booked again and still hasn’t scored, Westwood mentioned twice and one of them was when he was subbed, bollox to this lot, dunno what it is but we’re in a downward spiral, taking a few weeks off before a heart attack gets me. And those fuckers won too, embarrassing and shameful, pay them half their wages if they’re only gonna play half a game.

  177. What did I see? A result of 7-1 !!! Oh, foolish me, that’s the yellow card tally, innit!

    Well, whoever said earlier this week that “at least we’re 3 games undefeated” will perhaps agree that he needs to re-assess!

    Today we see a total number of Villa shots on goal of two. Both of them from Jack, and one of them a goal. But there were another 8 attempts from Villa that went awry … and who was the primary contributor in that department? Mr. Ayew … again. Or should I call him “Mr. Profligate”?

    There’s so much work to do. Maybe a couple more signings and 2 weeks before the next match will help in getting it sorted, but if the last 2 or 3 matches are anything to go by we have a long way to go, and yet with what’s becoming the most expensive team in the Championship.

  178. That team is not good enough for top 10 championship and not are RDM tactics, thank god Brizzle are Fannie’s because o would have had my head kicked on the way I was shouting for Villa . The team that just keeps fucking you over AVFC !!! And what a ficking walk back to the train station thru bellendsville

  179. Jl yes I’m afraid Ayew does not score from 6 yards and he certainly won’t pass it to someone else to, Sad to say he is becoming a liability, he has had all the best chances in all the matches near enough but scored 0. He should of squared to RM when we were 1 up for an easy goal, if that had been rhodes or any other half decent forward we would be top 4 with the leagues top scorer. If they don’t sort a forward worth having then it could be season of frustration watching Ayew. RM must be fuming hope he knocks RDM’s door in on monday and gives him his opinion of mr sulky

  180. Disappointing.MF still our weakness IMO.We burn out after an hour and collapse.No need for panic yet,but need a few wins asap.One nil is never enough,and I was half expecting to concede the longer we held on to 1 nil.
    I expected a hit and miss start,RDM only in charge since 2nd June,The Doc 14th June,sit tight,but today was still v.disappointing.It is tough,but we will make the play offs.COYB.

  181. I agree Ayew is a liability, he is lazy and unaware of what is around him, today Westwood again hit new lows, Jefinsk over hit a lot of balls but at least looked like he cared and had a clue. The bench is shocking, Kozak is terrible we are desperate for a striker there just aren’t enough goals or creativity in this side and the left side was open all game which invited Brizzle to keep attacking it getting loads of space. Ashton Gate is the epitome of modern football, I sat in a stand where it seemed I was watching cricket or rugger, the bars see open and you vould go outdoors and have a beer or latte with live bands playing. #AMF

  182. Disappointing result, but not really surprised. This side is good enough, the addition of a striker will complete it.
    Its hard enough with the introduction of one or two new players into a starting eleven, we’ve got, what, four, five. This in addition to the serial losers from last season. It’ll get better, but not overnight. Enjoy the journey. Its like the early seventies, us alone. When we’re successful again, everyone will be in on the act.

  183. Archie,

    Taking into account that Amavi had not played enough games last season for anyone to say he had “settled”, then we were today playing most of the match with an entirely new defence (vs. last season) and a new midfielder making his debut as well.

    So we need to make allowances for all that, but it’s Ayew and the general lacklustre approach up front that is v. worrying.

    I feel we’ll get there, but only if we win some of our next few matches.

  184. watched the goals
    not blaming gollina he pushed out to side as they are told,still no luck for him
    other goals no midfield wastewood is getting pelters on all sites tonight along with bacuna and ayew,who didn t even celebrate when grealish scored ,do a straight swap with west ham for valencia,ayew is a disgrace no effort at all

  185. Well said Archie, agree totally with you. This is one of the many rollercoasters that we as ‘veteran’ villa fans will have to put up with. Again! As opposed to the last few seasons I genuinely feel that things are moving in the right direction. But it isn’t going to happen overnight, we can’t get rid of five or so years of crap in a few weeks which is all it is since RDM and the good dr have been fully in place ……… I think we all agree that we have the spine of a good team in place now – but with another two newbies today, we can’t expect it to gel immediately. Hopefully it will gel in time for us to push for promotion this year.
    Hope all Villans got back safely today, there was a lots of bullying back in the seventies, sounds like not much has changed ……

  186. How disheartening!!!

    Just when we feel that our side is beginning to turn a corner … BOOM — a sucker punch lands right on our chin!

    It isn’t just losing the match, it isn’t just losing by multiple goals, it isn’t just giving up three goals … no, it’s the caving in yet again, it’s the looking lost at sea yet again, it’s the picking up of rash and unnecessary cards yet again, it’s yet another keeper who looks scared and unsure of himself, it’s the self-induced humiliation yet again.

    And if our luck wasn’t bad enough, the very day after we sell Bennett, Cissokho goes down with an injury that may mean we’re to be thin at LB for a while.

    Gentlemen (and Jenny) — we don’t need a revamp, we need an exorcism!

  187. when are we going to drop westwood.drop him for a couple of games and watch us perform better he offers nowt.and as for ayew good player but greedy bas t ard

  188. Reflecting on the comments made rearding Jordan Ayew, the display against Derby and what was reported today, this is a young man who doesn’t want to be at the club. Give him the move he wants, get someone in who wants to contribute to a team performance.
    I still think we can perform but we’re not quite the finished product yet, not far off though.
    On another subject, I love this time of year, just had a big fat juicy fig of the tree in the back garden, lovely, loads more. Too many figs….oo…er ….dash to small room….

  189. Looking at the statistics and RdM post match comments, the number of bookings, the nature in which we submitted to defeat. It seems to me, we have to learn how to win in this division. we have the talent, we still require a striker, but thats all. We have to learn, simple as that. when we do the wins will happen.
    Big time confident Archie.

  190. Archie: haha — I have the same issue with figs! And I think you’re right about Ayew … obvious talent, but neither his head nor his heart are with us at the moment.

  191. We are not anywhere near the “finished product”…FFS! This league is utter shite and Villa have 5 points…whatever some of you are smoking must be frazzling your brains.

  192. Couldn’t watch nor see the match but the 2nd half collapse is predictable. Two like for like players at holding mid; one old and rusty, the other questionable.

    Lose cissokho and we have two attacking fullbacks supported by two attacking midfielders. That’s 6 players not up to snuff defensively and in the 2nd half we got found out in alarming fashion!

    When our Jedi sharpens up and is partnered with Tidh we’re suddenly a better team. Are we so dependent on Cissikho at fullback? I guess in this era old fashioned defend first fullbacks are like solid gold. Our midfielders at this level have never learned to track back. Very worrying indeed!

    Will somebody at Villa Park pls figure this out, fast!


  193. Mark,

    Well, no, the Toon didn’t lose, and though they won against 10 men in the end, there’s something about them that swaggers “promotion”.

    What’s interesting to me is that there’s more than one team (Toon included) that have been re-built this season yet the others seem better prepared already. We’re left with some catching up to do and the danger of further loss of confidence if we don’t start winning a few more games.

  194. Still too pissed off to talk about the game I was sat in the upper surrounded by their lot I never jumped around when JG scored and obviously didn’t move when they scored but got twigged when they scored the third bloke tapped me on the shoulder and laughed and said you are not having a very good day are you brummie boy, to be fair I didn’t have a smart arse answer.

  195. I couldn’t watch the game, either.
    Agree they’ll need to start winning soon and consistently. TBH, who knows what will happen this season? The chairman, manager and fans seem to be doing their bit.

  196. Well the day after is no better, Iv sobered up and calmed down, but the manner of the defeat against a very poor Bristol City side worries me. Inthefurst half u would say Bristol looked the worst side we had faced and were there for the taking, especially after an early goal in which we opened them
    Up with ease . Second half was the polar opposite we looked as bad as anything last season and still showed no fight or passion. The bench is weak, Kozak is utter shite and shows the lack of a striker, Ayew is as Iv always said very over rated, I said last season we bought the wrong brother and was hoping we would have sold him and used the money to buy a proper striker. Despite an overhaul the defence looked shaky and gave away far too many silly fouls in dangerous areas, the keeper isn’t commanding and has a ticket in him. My worst fears are being realised, when Newcastle and everyone started rejuvenating their squads and we weren’t , I said we could be out of the race for promotion before the window shuts, and we are already way off the pace. 5 points from Wednesday, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Derby, Bristol city is pretty pathetic add the heavy defeat to Luton in the cup and it’s been a crap start to the season. I’m well and truly fucked off we aren’t even competing in the championship, blues and Wolves will turn us over with ease and Newcastle will come to VP top of the league and take the piss. We need 3 more players( won’t happen) or we can forget about the play offs.
    SWV I was in the lansdown lower and yes I started off quiet but the worse we got in the second half the less I could contain myself I left when their third went in!!!

  197. The general mood a cross the boards and fansites is that we aren’t getting promoted this season. Realistically that team isn’t going to win another 25 games, they can’t kill teams off and as soon the opposition score we collapse. We are on roughly the same amount of points after this many games as last season, only in an inferior league! Worryingly we are only 1 point off the relegation spots and are already way off the pace for promotion. We need a dominant keeper who has experience, this kid is making the back 4 nervous and he has cost us some important already. We need a LB, Creative midfielder , striker and a keeper. I can’t believe I’m even typing this, but if Gabby is fit and in shape I’d rather he came off the bench than Kozak( that’s how poor our bench/squad is ) We are making this league tougher than it actually is, yes it’s tough and attritional but we are making it harder with all our gifts to the opposition. I’m starting to get the same sinking feeling I had last season, yet all I was told was there was plenty of time to turn it round( we were relegated by Xmas ), whilst I don’t think we will go down I also don’t think we will trouble the top 10

  198. on the keeper think been a bit harsh the 1st two goals he concede were very unlucky no rub of the greenyet, and 1st yesterday he pushed the ball out to side,what was defence at,we could have peter schimel at his best but put wastewood bacuna in front of him and see how he would cope
    we need players another cm gardner wastwood are not up to it again even at this level,bacuna can fill in at right back maybe never in midfield, ayew didnt even celebrate grealisg goal 1 goal in 5 at this level and rudi gets stick,we need a winger adama threw his dummy out
    derby selling hendrick he was very good for ireland in euros 7m snip

  199. Trin,
    What that toerag has done in the last five years can’t be redeemed, i’d rather play 10 genuine Villans than give that tw@ yet another chance, he’s still picking up his 60k per week for doing F-all.
    IMO RdM has bought well, if overpriced, my grouse is his team selection and tactics, Ashley Westwood is NOT good enough to play in professional football, he has nothing to offer, NOTHING,no creativity, no aggression, no goals, he’s just not a threat to the opposition, they don’t have to worry about him, if my memory serves me right he’s been at VP nearly five years and we’ve probably won thirty games with him in the team.
    I think we’re still in with a chance because every team in the league is crepe, they’ll all beat one another. When we were promoted under Saunders we were useless and in the lower regions until we hit a patch of form and were the best team in the division during the new year, Saunders was a poor but lucky manager, dunno what RdM is yet but he needs to do something about the teams fitness which is dire.

  200. Yes, I would not like to blame the keeper for those goals. On the other hand the question is has he the character to ride these events?

    And I also think that Gabby must surely be brought out of pseudo-retirement.

    I did read that Dr. Tonix has alluded to the team policies being in answer to the wants of the fans, but I’m wondering if they’re doing a tad too much listening! 🙁

  201. Steamer,

    I know you don’t like Westy – and others agree with you – but I don’t feel he deserves the amount of hype being thrown at him. As for yesterday I’m wondering that he’s lost confidence knowing that he’s not going to be selected once Tish is fit.

  202. JL
    Westwood constantly under hit passes and gave the ball away yesterday, Jedinak put himself about and is a big physical presence but was being left exposed by those around him. Big gaps in the middle and left which Bristol easily exposed

  203. JL
    come on mate , westwood wondering once Tish is fit Im out , if thats the case then he’s no team player , you go out and give it your best and give the manager a headache . or try and play and get yourself noticed by another team , mind you lv never rated him , l dont think he would get in The Greenman stiffs ,
    same with Ayew , lm with B62 here , he’s no team player , so who is the big name striker we get today ??

    off to a fucking wedding do with noses all about , might be in the mail if the baldheaded twat says anything today .

  204. JL When I made that comment about the 3 favourites Brighton were in third, what it does go to show is stitch together a 10 game winning streak and promotion spots are open, so all is not lost yet.

    we are supposed to be bringing in a AM/winger when I think we need a playmaker to run the game with Jedinak. We seem to be two halfs of a team, attack and defence with no middle ground. Grealish is doing much better but Bacuna on our right was as bad as he is at RB in the defence department. Teams seem to work us out by the half and pour down that side, the two mids are then are overrun trying to cover one side of the pitch to the other.

    RDM needs to stop putting the best players out and put the right players out, no Gestede has upset his plans I think until the new striker arrives and allows us to change tack a bit.

    RM is getting no service bar his own and Ayew generally is greedy, I think RM has told him and sure enough its bottom lip time. He has now missed the majority of our chances and unfortunately he is not the answer, it says something if I think Gestede would of made a huge difference if only to push Ayew out wide were at least he tracks back.

  205. Mark,

    I did not say – or infer! – that “all is lost”. I was simply pointing out that other teams have had to restructure as well yet we seem to be making a meal out of it! 😉


    I hear what you say about Westy, but totally disagree he’s not a team player. But we’ll leave it at that.

  206. JL- I don’t want to be seen to be making excuses but our starting point compared to say Toons was at rock bottom just by performances last season and mentality and the sale of the club. By the time we have finished we will of shipped out an entire 1st 11 and probably close to two thirds of a squad. we have had to create not replace a spine we had none IMO. Most teams have at least had something to work with and a longer time scale by far to assess and regenerate.

  207. To add to that the aim is immediate return to the prem, to build a team capable is a big ask off the cuff and they are going for players with experience of that rather than players to create an effective team from extensive scouting. That in itself shuts down the amount of available players within that remit. We have also had to bring in experience and leadership, so many parts missing that this truly is a new team.

  208. Why so much babble on here about attitudes when the players being discussed are simply incompetent? Wastewood, Buffoona, Getrid, Ayspew…they can’t help the fact they shouldn’t be on the books of a pro football team…just don’t pick them unless you want to keep losing matches. It really is that simple. They give 100% but they’re cr@p players.

    “Go on a 10 match winning streak”…please, this team can’t get a 2 match streak together. They are relegation battle candidates again.

  209. Mark,

    I agree to some extent with what you’re saying – in fact it’s the sort of stuff I would normally utter for goodness sake! 😉 But to collapse as we did yesterday *and* to get 7 yellows is beyond the pale. Further, Bristol City are also restructuring their squad but they are supposed to be a weaker club!

    I am not saying that Villa can’t recover from all this, so please argue with the defeatists on this blog – not me! 😉

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