Well that’s that then. Game, set, match demotion to The Championship.

Come May next year that famous pub quiz question where you’re asked to name the seven clubs never to have been relegated from the Premier League since its inception will become six. Villa will no longer be among that proud statistic that stretches back 23 years.

Monday’s game against Norwich City for me – as it were for many – was the final nail in the coffin. A win would have given us much romanticised (yet probably blind) hope and left us just six points from that 17th place. This defeat means we have a seemingly unassailable mountain to climb with a margin of 11 points to make up.

The game at Carrow Road was lost an hour before a ball was even kicked and the team sheets were made public. A line-up featuring Kieran Richardson is never a good start but, yet again, he lay faith in a team that distinctly lacked any real creative force within it.

Back towards the end of Sherwood’s tenure I came out on national radio and suggested that seeing as we’re wholly incompetent when it comes to defending and sneak the occasional 1-0 then we should just simply lay down our arms and go for it – expect the odd pasting but it can’t be any worse than what we were seeing. Over two months later and we’re still endeavouring with this keep it tight philosophy featuring one up top, more than one holding midfielder and, on this occasion, a full-back playing out on the wing. You needn’t be the Special One to figure out that it might be time to try something new sooner rather than later. We’ve just left it far too long.

Prior to typing up this article I made a promise to myself not to beat the same drum. There’s only so much me, as a writer, the media, various pundits and football experts and supporters of the Villa can drone on about The Establishment. Lerner, Fox, Reilly and summer recruit Almstadt are held in contempt by us all. Add previous CEO Faulkner to make it The Infamous Five. From high up in their perch these pirates are destroying our football club.

All said it shouldn’t be forgotten that it’s Garde and his staff that have a responsibility to pick the right team and tactics in order to get us at least some points on the board. Some of us may well have an ounce of sympathy for him in terms of what he has to work with both from above and a playing personnel perspective. But this emotion is very quickly approaching its best before. Recently I stated that ousting managers willy-nilly is not the way to go and stability of sorts, in one aspect at least, is what the club is crying out for. But we’re in a results run business and so far his record reads zero wins in eight and – by all means call me impatient – we don’t look much better than we were under Sherwood if truth be told.

The 2-0 loss at Norwich saw social media erupt with many season ticket holders tweeting that they are going to stay away from Villa Park until the club is under new stewardship. Apart from missing the dross that this side serve up match-after-match I’m not sure what the point of doing this is – you’ll only be missing out on a depressant that you’ve already splashed out on. A few empty seats won’t leave a dent in Lerner’s pocket. The support groups really do need to think of something quick; an innovative protest that will leave its mark. Forcing Lerner into unearthing himself and breaking his cowardly silence.

January brings with it the winter transfer window. Whilst watching Sky Sports News the other day there was a suggestion that Villa fans will not be happy should the club not spend a fair chunk in the window whereas in reality I couldn’t think of a greater insignificance. This transfer window should be about getting rid, one way or another, of those that are milking us – Senderos, N’Zog and Gabby for a start. I really could reel off most of the squad here but realism grinds me to a halt.

A new goalkeeper is a bare necessity. Guzan’s time is at an end. Unless you’re Ross Turnbull a goalie’s life is never an easy one but some of the goals we’ve conceded I’ve looked at and thought to myself that he should be looking to get a hand on it at least. His distribution is poor and whenever he comes for the ball or footwork is required I become feverish.

We’re best off hitting the loan market quite hard – for a goal scorer especially. No reputable Premier League player will want to come to Villa full-time given our predicament. It might be worth sounding out a few younger players that may play out their skin between now and the end of the season with Championship football in mind from August. We might as well start building the foundations for the upcoming slog.

Usually I’d close with a preview of the next match; Sunderland away on Saturday. Apologies for the lack of closure and perhaps professionalism in not doing so this time around. Until these players turn out and wear that shirt with pride it just all seems a little bit irrelevant. That pretty much sums the mood.

Up the Villa!

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  1. Great article Ryan albeit depressing 🙂

    I’m still holding on by my bare fingers to the possibility that we can survive while it remains mathematically possible. Blind hope.

    If I look at our situation practically, then our position, the points gap, the lack of wins and the lack of winners in the team then the writing is on the wall.

    I’d agree therefore that the January window process has to be about getting rid of high earning, low contributing players and getting in some proven Championship/Prem players that are fighters, we don’t need flair we need a solid spine, GK, CB (to replace the aging/slow Lescott), a true ball-winning CM and a proven forward.

    Years ago Lerner made reference to a 5 year project as with all things Lerner touches he couldn’t even get us relegated in 5 years, the silly sod took 10 years.

    The fear is not of being a championship team, we’ve done it before, the fear is that Lerner can’t find a buyer, sticks around and justifies in his own mind that he can invest even less again because we aren’t in the prem. Equally fearful of Fox remaining CEO, his handling of the Lions clubs put pay to any respect I had for him to get us commercially successful. It clearly shows the client is the corporate and not the fan.

    I’d suggest not playing the youngsters until such time as relegation is confirmed and with no weight of expectation we can blood them for the coming season.


  2. Thanks Ryan

    Well on saturday we will be without ayew, sanchez, Westwood. Okore back in training. Lots of people have wanted a gunho approach and they just might get it although the result for me is far from certain. Will it put mre pressure on sunderland or split the team in 2 and leave us wide open I’d guess the latter.

    Hope lyden gets a run and is there a possibility of sissoko at left back? It is the 2nd of jan.

    Im with dor and hoping for a miracle never has a window been so criticle

  3. Another great write up Ryan
    Can t forgive remi for tam sheet v Norwich when do players get dropped
    Guzan think half decent keeper would have kept out half goals we concede westham was like slow motion the way he went down and if you go through all goals prob same time for anyone else
    Hutton 16 goals not saying any more that stat alone frightening
    Bacuna whatever chance at right back completely useless at leftback
    Richardson shut your mouth and start putting shift in
    Clark mark player space never scored my old coach told me
    Richardson after Everton thought remi had seen how cr*p he is going now for how many delegations wba Fulham Sunderland us makes me sick watching him wear our shirt
    Westwood showed his true colours in injury time getting booked with cowardly tackle we will still be playing above his level next year
    If remi is going to perform miracle don’t come on TV saying deadly style we want to sign this player and that get them on pitch for palace game minimum of5/6 new players with team like
    New keeper
    New right back cissko
    Okore plus one from other 3 at club
    New midfield vertout
    Ayew traore new number 10
    New centre forward
    Guzan Hutton Richardson Westwood zog Gabby do one for starters

  4. excellent as per Ryan

    Well i refuse to give up just yet
    yes we are 10 points behind and have the most shocking owner perhaps in the clubs history (sure JL can confirm if there has been worse)

    But – we are not yet relegated and we now have a opportunity to address at least the key parts of our many failings

    With this in mind a signing like Remy would go a long way to helping our main issue of not being a goal threat

    of course we can improve in all areas and i am hoping Garde knows of a better keeper he can bring in also as we could do with a keeper that can actually win us some point rather than the opposite

    10 points is a lot but lets see how good/bad Garde actually is — as he can put a bit of a stamp on the team he has taken on and i expect us to be a much more competent side before the end of this window

    VTID no retreat no surrender

  5. One huge regret I have is we didnt have remi in to access the talent we have let slip through our fingers. All those players ignored for grealish who while a standout could only be so through the work of others. Daniel Johnson sold to pne for 50k!!! Has scored 8 last season and 7 this from midfield, jordan graham getting rave reviews on the wing , marc albrighton enough said. There are many more that the previous managers have waisted through not having an eye for talent or team structure. Oh how we could do with those players plus ayew and vertout and amavi what potential we’d have at villa park.
    I really could cry thinking about it.

  6. Excellent account Of our sorry state of affairs Ryan. I agree signing a top new keeper would be a breath of fresh air and would stop us conceding these soft goals. Like everybody else I’m not giving up. With only half the season gone we can’t concede our place.

  7. Another excellent article Ryan, giving a well balanced view of our situation.

    In response to the tail end of the last article, I am in agreement generally with B62’s comments but still felt that in addition to the more sensible points that he referred to, there were a lot more nonsensical points that Collymore made.

    I can also accept the final comment by JL and give my support to what he said.

    Maybe there can still be a miracle under Remi, but it is looking increasingly doubtful, and the time comes with reality when we have to look to the Championship for our future, where once again we will be taught many lessons by the up and coming Karanka’s of this world.

  8. Get in pearson now and build for the championship. Stop wasting money and time. Remi on loan for rest of season, completely pointless and waste of cash.

    Stanly is a bit of an idiot but at least he is out there makiNg his voice heard and getting the headlines, whatever his reason for doing it.

    Its time the fans hit back hard against the board. We have nothing to loose, protests, marches, banners

  9. Nicely said, Ryan…

    I guess we are still mathematically alive, and a goalscorer coming in could just change our fortunes. But I guess I viewed the Norwich and Sunderland games as the two must-wins in this span, and with the Norwich loss, I’m finally wrapping my head around relegation.

    Which will be doubly sad, as I won’t get to see Villa play until they regain promotion.

  10. It is a shocking state of affairs at Villa Park. We all know the problems lie with Randy, Tom et al.

    However, I expected more from Remi. His win ratio is 0%

    The team he selected against Norwich was unbelievable. How can you select Richardson and Sinclair over Gil and Grealish? Bacuna and Hutton are the worst full backs in the league. Why drop Lescott when he was starting to play well? Guzan is a calamity. Clarke and Hutton give a goal away every time they play.

    I would sack Remi Garde and go and strike a deal with Moyes. He knows what is required to get us out of this hole. He also knows the demands of the Championship.

  11. Richards
    Well said that’s why don’t t understand this great faith hope in him,has he not see mistake after mistake from these players
    The effort versus Norwich was a disgrace even worse than spurs arsenal and Everton where is new managers lift
    I would take Pearson in a heartbeat that’s his team at Leicester look at way they played even v city 2 up front for last 10 mins remind didn’t even try v Newcastle when they where rattled no prefer to give Adams 5 mins then say he not ready well the white he putting out will never be ready

  12. Guys i think the main problem garde has is the quality he is working with
    I get that we have split opinions one weather Garde is a crock of shyte or not but##

    we call for hutton to be dropped but who can say we have anything better at this point
    the likes of hutton , richardson along with about 15 other players should never had been bought by the club in the first place

    again i am not saying Garde is a don but i personally like what he has done ,especially with the pre Madonna’s , which all the other managers just pandered to and the way we are knocking the ball about

    we are not losing because of Garde imo but because we have continually brought a pile of poo – maybe a bit harsh but not good enough buys

    Tim Sherwood is no fool – he got out because he would rather someone else take the flack rather than himself as he knows villa are a near hopeless task

  13. Runtings – I don’t think anyone can defend the last team selection that Remi made – in a must win game his starting formation was f**king shambolic.

    After encouraging signs in spells of the game against West Ham the performance against Norwich was a disgrace.

    I don’t understand how talented players like Grealish – Gil and Traore can start on the bench. WTF is that all about?

    And how can our defending be so bad. We should ask Melberg and Laursen back to the club to help out with the defensive duties.

    If we manage to convince any quality players to come to Villa Park in Jan it will be a miracle.

    Remy would be a step in the right direction. We need a new right back (unless we can get Richards to play there)

    A midfield general who can add steel and fight to the middle

    A new left back – better than Sissoko

    A new goalkeeper.

    It is a mess, from the owner – the board – the management team and the players.

    A complete shambolic, horrific, humiliating mess.

    I think Garde was the wrong choice of manager given our precarious situation.

    I am so deeply upset by this situation.


  14. Runtingz is right we dont have the quality.
    The critisism if garde for not playing players with no fight or defensive capability is suicide for this team.
    Also until norwich scored we were the ones going forward. Guzan looks list behing richards and clark . richardson isnt the wrst going forward and at least tries to defend. I can see what garde is trying to do and believe me if traore gil or grealish could add 10% to that team he would play them but they look poor on the whole.
    If garde gets some of his targets a proper dm a striker at least 1 full back it could transform this side because it lacks quality and the ability to make the right decisions

  15. Rich — i personally feel that Garde is doing all he has with what he has to work with

    i feel comfortable is my view of his selection – because it is a time for the senior pro’s as shocking as there are to stand up and be counted
    i have no belief whatsoever that Jack , Adama or even Gil will step up and save us and they have done nothing in previous games to convince me that i am wrong — Gil the older one hopefully can produce enough to force a result but i wouldn’t put my money on it

    yes we are cr*p – whatever team is possible to put out isn’t good enough for the prem – but a few decent additions may allow for a late charge and would be a great reward for Garde who somehow seems to be the villan through no fault of his own

    Lerner out

  16. Several of the players we have been linked to have been or are captains of their team essential as we have almost zero leadership on the pitch. Even man city with all their qualty have been poor without vincent kompany to organise and lead.

  17. Don’t understand the love for Richards. He basically let Remi down on Saturday, along with others, and then tried to defend his poor display.

    He and Richardson were totally at fault for not tracking back, but Guzan could also have made a better attempt at saving it.

    Lescott performed well in his two games without Richards, but Remi decided to rest him for Norwich, which was an error, and Okore was carrying an injury.

    Sunderland will be the final and deciding battle, when Remi has the chance to instil some fresh blood into the side.

  18. I agree in that I don’t blame Rémi for the selections. I think he’s tried to play the most hard-working, solid side he can. I also worried after the West Ham game that the effort expended might tell on two days’ rest. Not that the other teams didn’t play as well, but Villa have not been expending that sort of effort on a regular basis this year or any of the previous five, and while I think the fitness is improving, it’s not where it needs to be yet.

    When we look at other “poor” teams that have survived, or made a real go of it, the common characteristics have been discipline, organization, and a ferocious work rate. We didn’t have those before…We just had Benteke’s goals, which usually came out of nowhere.

    Grealish, Gil, Adama…Of those three, only Gil makes an effort to really defend. He’s just not well suited to it. Veretout offers more all-round right now. I’d agree with Sherwood’s assessment that in a scrap, Gil is a luxury.

    Adama has loads of talent, pace and strength, but you can see why he had failed to this point to get a look-in at Barca. Yes, it’s Barca, but he clearly relies on these attributes, and they probably worked against lower-league players. He does not have a PL footballing brain, yet, and isn’t playing with the team. He only stretches the side out trying to follow his dribbling runs, then gets dispossessed and leaves everyone at sea on the counter. All I could see him doing, in terms of starting, would be as a striker, and I think Ayew has shown he can score, is good with the ball at his feet, and plays as hard as he can both ways.

    Grealish…He just doesn’t put in the effort and has scored one league goal so far, I think? Sinclair doesn’t have the same elusiveness, and perhaps works only slightly harder, but he does drive to the box with intent, and in the box has shown a knack for scoring.

    So yes, we could go all gung-ho, and maybe there’s nothing left for it. Perhaps you start Adama with Ayew up front, see what happens.

    Gare’s 8 games, what he’s tried to do, should’ve been what happened at the start of the season, the laying of a foundation. I, for one, did see improvement against Newcastle and West Ham. But, given the games wasted prior to Garde’s arrival with all the chopping and changing, Villa have simply run out of games that didn’t matter so much, points-wise.

  19. Johnc
    Mark k
    I do agree about some forward players why should Gil be any good Lambert signed and only looked good in first few matches as then we were on another losing run
    But go to Sunday morning football no way would Hutton guzan be getting game time with am out mistakes they make seen something about buttons crossing he crosses at or outside the edge of box giving strikers poor chance of getting anything on it yet traore gets to goal line most times

  20. James…

    Agreed, Hutton isn’t the answer to any question, really, but we don’t seem to have found an upgrade. Troare can get in deep…just needs discipline and to get his head up. Beat a man, draw defenders, find the resulting opening.

  21. It’s time for Remi to go.
    Let’s start with Guzan. . . . why on earth did Remi select him yet again? Gomes or Cech would have been a far better option.
    Up front, why didn’t he even have Aguero on the bench for goodness sake!!?
    The man clearly doesn’t have a clue . . . . his time is up

  22. I do not want to see Sinclair today nor bloody Richardson; these players will not create the goals that will save us and I repeat we must win games not draw.

    My starting lineup that goes against all the conventional wisdom on this site is:

    Adama Gestede

    Grealish (in the hole as the creator not a defender)

    3 man defense minded midfield of Gana Westwood Veretout

    Richards at left back Lescott with whoever is fit but preferable Okore (if not Clark) Mutton

    Guzan(by default)

    Yes I know we can’t have passengers in this team. But we haven’t actually won in 18 matches so if we’re going down let’s play our most talented and creative players and see what they can actually do against fairly weak opposition.

    Oh and here’s a thought if we get up a goal as a result if unleashing our best players with the ball perhaps we’ll get that wonderful thing called confidence back, get some momentum and start to defend better as a result, funny how that happens.

    Let’s face it the odds of us staying up are incredibly slim now so let’s see what our best young players are made of and how good they actually are against practically Championship caliber opposition in the form of Slumberland.

    I await the usual ‘we can’t have passengers’ on this team argument from those in the know when we’ve yet to win a match under Garde and thanks to this safety first approach and we haven’t won in a total of 18 that’s right 18 attempts.

    Time to toss out the standard reasoning me thinks and throw a few random balls into the mix (aka Jack and Traore). Everyone keeps saying he’s playing awfully this season but he wasn’t playing well prior to the QPR match last season then turned it on, got some confidence and saved us that match and that season (not singlehandedly but he’s was one of the biggest contributors) One of the few times we’ve looked dangerous this season was when he played well against Leicester and with better match mgmt by Sherwood we’d have won that match and probably gone on a decent run and wouldn’t be in the predicament we’re in.
    Yes, the margins are that thin in this league of much parity! This game is 90% mental after all…


  23. John c
    Surely anyone is better choice
    And for a defensive player garde set up of our defense is really poor
    ,get a good line tell full backs sit nice and neat play traore ayew out wide

  24. Evening each, Archie at the controls, take a night off.
    The current playing staff are just not good enough, I agree with Mica’s statement to that effect.
    It seems to me our only hope, (to produce league winning form in the remaining games) is to recruit a GK, CD, midfield enforcer, striker……we’re not going to get them, are we…
    Further to that look to next season in the second tier, not what we want, but that is the reality.
    So, who is at fault for this disastrous season. Well Learner to start with. If this is an example of an entrepreneur or global market player all I can say is, its a good job his Dad was borne before him, with all due respect.
    This is the owner who hired Tom Fox as a CEO who it seems is very talented, but not at the day to day running of an EPL football club, Paddy O’Rielly and Hendric Altmart who’ve taken a pack of Panini football cards, thrown them up in the air and signed the ones who landed face up.
    Not sure about Remi Garde, I’m not convinced he’s the man for Aston Villa Football Club. I’d love to see him achieve, but I think once this seasons over, he’ll be off.
    We need a seasoned campaigner at that level to win games in the second tier and get us up. who? don’t know, but there’s plenty of them.
    So in conclusion O’Rielly and Altmart, sack as soon as relegation is confirmed, Fox, the same or give him a role on the commercial side of operations, appoint a football savvy D of F or CEO to oversee the on field activities….thats all, easy isn’t it

  25. Ronnie, love it.

    In these times we must ask ourselves….what would be ron do!

    Richardson would not be on the wing thats for sure and a giant arm would go around adama and gill……entertain me boys

  26. Yeeees Andrew!

    Put a Gigantic arm around these young lads and say you are the present and future of this Club.

    I believe in you!

    This Sunderland team we’re facing today is just not that good, you’ve got more talent in your left small toe than their whole team combined.

    Take the game to them, let’s get up a goal early and watch them crumble then we’ll score 3 or 4.

    Get Rudi a goal, get Ayew back next match, get a win vs Wycombe with another goal or two for Rudi… guess what, New Year, new attitude, New Season…
    in a a few shorts months Leicester and Chelsea have swapped positions in the table.

    Would anyone have predicted that? If your name is bleeding Nostradamus maybe but mine certainly isn’t.

    The margins are that small!

    You Lads are the difference makers who change our season starting Today!


  27. Yeeees Andrew!

    Put a Gigantic arm around these young lads and say you are the present and future of this Club.

    I believe in you!

    This Sunderland team we’re facing today is just not that good, you’ve got more talent in your left small toe than their whole team combined.

    Take the game to them, let’s get up a goal early and watch them crumble then we’ll score 3 or 4.

    Get Rudi a much needed goal, get Ayew back next match, get a win vs Wycombe with another goal or two for Rudi… guess what, New Year, new attitude, whole New Season…
    in a a few shorts months Leicester and Chelsea have swapped positions in the table.

    Would anyone have predicted that? If your name is Nostradamus maybe but mine certainly isn’t.

    The margins are that small!

    You Lads are the difference makers who change our season starting Today!
    Have fun, attack and score some goals!


  28. Another top write up Ryan, you know your stuff.
    The fact that Villa currently have EIGHTEEN full internationals on their books indicate that –
    1) International football is a doddle, in which case i should have a draw full of headwear.
    2) The various managers we employ are total crepe.
    3) The players don’t actually give a stuff.
    I think all three apply.

    Graham, Johnson, Gardner, Albrighton, that Lamebert did some damage to Villa.

    Look, its pretty obvious that Lerner isn’t selling AVFC unless he can find another billionaire who’s equally as stupid, n0-on is THAT stupid, so lets accept that the club is finished, too many false dawns, Ellis and Lerner have/are extracting the urine and the fans have bought it until now, lets accept that in 10 years time VP will be Europes biggest KFC and we won’t get so agitated.

  29. Bunn;
    Richards, Okore, Lescott, Kinsella / Cissoko if available.
    Traore, Sanchez, Veretout, Gil, Clark,

    Just because i don’t get paid doesn’t mean i can’t pick a crepe team.

  30. Reading various social media i think there’s a groundswell for a demonstration at our next home game, after six seasons of total s**te you can’t say Villans aren’t pro-active ! I’ll do my bit, i have a 50 metre roll of rope and a manual on waterboarding, sounds fun.
    Whoever the new Chairman is should be a mix of Arnie, Bruce Willis, John Wayne and Clint, we’ll probably get Mickey Mouse. Every single Lerner appointment has been pathetic so why should this one be different ?

  31. The very thought that a different manager would come in and teach proffessional deffenders how to defend at this point in their career is laughable. These are not teenage debutants but on the whole seasoned internationals.

    Look at the difference when lescott and okore have played together, not perfect but fairly stable, even guzan looks better with them there. Put Micah in there beating his chest and you get a disorganised mess. Put sanchez on a bad day in front of that and you have footballageddon. Sanchez there on a good day passable ,except for the odd ballsup by the defence.

    There was a good reason hutton didnt play much at spurs cant defend same for micah at Man city at cb hes not a cb. Bacuna at rb or lb? His preferred position CM . This is the mess tim left along with GG as backup DM and okore recovering from injury and the loaning out of 2 leftbacks.

    Tony pulis plays 4 CB’s!!!! Can we muster up 2???? All modern teams defend from the front back unless you have bale, ronaldo, messi, sanchez or saurez all incredibly hard working athletes its the option that makes sense. The teams making the odd giant killing are playing on the break so its imperative to win the ball back in their half. Play gil traore and grealish and we better not lose it ever.

  32. Stats for season
    Under Sherwood played 10 league games won 1 drew 1 lost 8 only one by more than 1 goal
    Since Sherwood 10 league and cup games v priemier league teams
    Won 0 drew 4 lost 6 with4 loss coming by 2 goals or more
    Remi comments we are only after 2\3 players is he for real another puppet for the Lerner clown
    And he does not want to say what position they are in in case hurts their feelings what all hurt the same players have caused us
    Remi grow set balls o no your just waiting on your pay off since day one

  33. Steamer there needs to be some form of process but I fear it will wreck any chance of survival or return. As JL alluded to we all have let it slide and now it may be too late and until we know our fate

  34. If we have to play hutton play 442 with adama on wing and tell hutton do not cross the halfway line, let adama do the attacking. Instead at the mo hutton seems are most attacking threat which is insane.

    Going to be tight against sunderland…..1-1

  35. Benteke still doing his bit for Villa. His last two goals have been almost as good as scoring them for Villa!!!

    Steamer, could almost agree with your team, especially Bunn, as every time I have seen him play for Villa, he has done a solid job, and the defence has looked more comfortable, but Richards is a lazy ba****d and not fit to wear the shirt. Everyone keeps blaming Hutton for goals, but it is Richards and his like not tracking back that is a lot of the problem. Players should be covering each other, when someone goes forward, and this is Villa’s biggest problem, movement of the ball is poor going forward looking for goals, and then tracking back when the ball is lost.

    Excellent comments by JC and MK.

    I have to say that I have seen the best performances at VP under Remi, even though we have not won a game, but we have shown grit and potential, until stupid mistakes have let us down, but they are showing more fight, and the West Ham game was the best of the season with the crowd behind them.

  36. Good health Runtingz and everyone else.
    I still believe that if Sherwood hadn’t made those idiotic subs at Leicester we’d be half way, he subsequently showed everyone, players, admin, fans that he actually didn’t give a ff and that’s why he was booted with his pay out and that’s why the players also don’t give a ff. Collymore was 100% correct, virtually everyone at every level has to go, the job is beyond massive and, imo is impossible unless a multi, multi billionaire comes in, cheers Herbert.
    i honestly can’t see us gaining another point, eight points in an entire season is beyond belief but Lerner has no shame, Fox has no shame they care not one iota for the club or its fans yet idiots still profess that Lerner is ‘a good guy’ who won’t sell us down the river, he has.

  37. Damon Albarn and services to music doesn’t ring right does it ? And Ringo getting in the R&R Hall of Fame for contributions both group wise AND individually is total BS, i’d name you 100 more deserving.

  38. JG

    Bit harsh blaming Remi for saying he’s after 2 or 3 players, it’s not his budget, blame yet again lies with Lerner and Fox as to whether they take a gamble on surviving and raking in the TV money and finding a buyer for a premier league club or do they provide a budget that ensures we buy a few players for the Championship and we are left on Lerner’s portfolio of cr*p investments.

    Remi is working well within the constraints of the team assembled/dis-assembled by previous managers. I absolutely believe we have a manager with a football brain and not a football ego and with the right investment and players coming in who want to play for him, we’d see a very controlled performance on the pitch. There’s been elements of it in terms of possession and attempts created in the last few games unfortunately entirely undermined by our defensive fragility.

    We’ve a chance to bloody the Mackems nose and give us and the team a huge boost by closing the gap, if we end up losing or drawing, it’s a proper goodbye to Sky football and a return to more real football free-er from Sky influence bar Friday football and we make new AVFC history.

    Toying with the idea of going with FOLAF as my sign off until such time as this club is freed from Lerner and Fox but I’ve a feeling this could be me sign off for a very ling time. so for today only


  39. DOR,
    Bang on, basic defensive errors have cost us dearly and when they come via international players its unforgivable.
    Looking at the absolute rank organisation that goes by the name Aston Villa i really do have serious doubts whether the club can survive financially over the next five years or so, we’re talking huge sums and lets be frank, Lerner doesn’t give a s**te, we’re the present that’s shoved into the cupboard first. sorry, i just can’t see anything positive.

  40. Steamer,

    Disappointed , having acknowledged your team selection skills, that you did not respond…..

    There is a meeting coming up between the Ast Villa Trust and Tom Fox in the near future again…will let you know more when I can.

    Maybe it is time we organised more of a representation from AVL and gained some recognition.

  41. Mark k
    Me and you have different views and that’s why I love football nobody right or nobody wrong
    In first few matches to me Sherwood was unlucky missed sitters was gabby v man u plus Richards had stone wall pen not given
    Pal match gabby had 2 sitters then Clark and guzan handed 2goals on plate
    Sunderland Richards missed sitter from 3 yards guzan stands behind wall Clark fucks up
    Leicester match we all no what happened ended up usual guzan howler
    So we had Clark and guzan making howler after howler but yet still picked
    Now roll onto remind turn
    Its opposition that are missing sitters along with Guzman not fit to make any saves Clark still making errors yet seen him live for Eire 2 in autumn he was brilliant, Hutton has 15\6 goals against him yet remind picks them every match
    Surely bunn reserver fullback have to be worth a go
    Fox needs to answer why no goalie right back midfielder striker weren’t signed in summer
    Summer buys
    Amavi good signing
    Gana replaced delph no change
    Vertout replaced cleverly no change
    Richards replaced vlar ones as injury error prone as other
    Rudi replaced benteke disaster for us benteke kept cr*p up for 3 years
    Ayew replaced weimen good signing
    Rest of summer signings waste of time and effort

  42. For
    If remind took the job without garauntee of decent kitty he is only here for Lerner’s usual payoff Mon houiller McLeish Lambert Sherwood plus clubs they came from

  43. Mark k
    I think rug was pulled from Sherwood’s feet and they wouldn’t pay him off so he stuck 2 fingers at them
    He was after keeper and then nothing
    So many lies from our club from Lerner’s cronies
    Like Mon said those stay behind writ the stories
    Really don’t think Lerner realizes relegation happens and will cost at least 100 m first year and more the longer we stay down

  44. Excellent piece by Remi, and shows that he is probably the most incisive manager that Villa has had in many a year. He spells out the situation in a nutshell.

    He knows exactly what HE needs to do, and at the same time what the PLAYERS need to do. Now it is up to us, as fans to do everything to help him achieve it.

    Thanks for the link MK. I had not seen it.

  45. Rumor is that Remi has a massive 10m to spend in Jan.
    Also, Hasan Ismaik may be preparing a bid, part owner of Munich 1860 and wants to buy a EPL club so i suppose that rules us out.
    The meeting is on the 21st but in all honesty Fox is a security risk and i can’t see him turning up.
    You have to be a trust member to get a ticket.

  46. Steamer,

    Is that £10 million plus the sale money for Gabby, Kozack and anyone else he can offload, or £10 million inclusive.

    I am not sure about membership, but I did apply a long time ago, so I do think that I have received an invite. Will have to check.

    Gus Hiddink has had a go at Remi over his approach for Moses, and says no-one is leaving Chelsea.

  47. To show how far we’ve fallen, when Lerner became our ‘custodian’ Burton Albion were in the Conference, we’ll be playing them in the league next year. Probably by the time he buggers off Burton will be in the EPL and Villa in the non-league.

  48. Don’t expect the Championship to be cheaper, remember Herbert putting up tickets by saying we’ve got to maintain Div 1 standards, on our return he put them up again saying that we need an increase to compete at that level.

  49. We have a spend of just between 30 /40 m since McLeish season
    Lerner let Lambert sign sylla Dawkins and finally grant holte when we were in white eadmitly not as deep now 10 m when we are sliding into the biggest hole in clubs history
    Fox will not turn up for the meeting either it will be handpicks of fans he will explain relegation will be good we will be top in July before we play any games

  50. Hi Steamer,

    I have got invite and voting papers, but do not know anything about the people involved, and unfortunately cannot attend, as I will be working.

    Going to sign off for the night now, so will wish you a Happy New Year Steamer, and all our fellow Lifers…

  51. JG 2 sides to every story mate and im sorry no manager that acts the way tim did can asked to be taken seriously by an employer again. No dignity and if he sold us down the river a bigger all round cnut than I thought already.

    As for the 10m rumoured ill take remy and Dm from leicester on loan. Winger/am from france and a fullback. Keeper if funds allow. But as usual its a rumour and we dont know yet.

    On that note happy new year all

  52. Mark k
    Fox should sacked Sherwood on way home from cup final ,I knew then along end season run he was as far Sherwood could go the lift of new manager plus goals from benteke kept us up
    All the leaks about benteke delph price tag came from some one
    Sherwood wasn’t cut out for daily grind and fox hadnot balls to remove him its also why foxstime should be uptwo fucks not forgiveable
    Anyway enough raving for one year
    Happy new year to villa fans everywhere

  53. Wishing a happier New Year to all you Lifers; we live in hope so far.

    Our defensive frailties are finding us out; what annoys me is that we concede so many goals from corners where no player is on the post behind the keeper. On the odd occasions when we do have one they run out before the ball is cleared upfield.I know this is a modern trend but with our record there is no place for it.

    The Richards has been blamed for the first Norwich goal but note Bacuna who was left back headed the ball over Richards’ head to the scorer, otherwise Richard would have got it.

    Just to put a damper on any optimism, I read this article this morning

  54. Excellent article Ryan , even though the truth hurts .
    Agree totally with John Clark’s assessment of Remi,the players and the reason for our predicament .
    Love the article on Remi’s understanding of the psychology involved in our predicament . He is absolutely right and note , unlike his predecessor takes full responsibility for finding the solution . No “they need to man up” nonsense but “my responsibility to provide the best environment ” .

    Remi is Wenger Mark 2 – listen to his press conferences . He’s not a blamer he’s a solution finder . He has got more points in less games than Sherwood but the outstanding difference is that he’s has git those points when we were rock bottom with the zero confidence .Sherwood got the points when we had it all to play for. Remis task has been massively more difficult because of this . It’s a shame that we have got Remi when we were in such a precarious position with so little time.

  55. Same to you Jen.
    Nice comment about blame and solution.
    If we don’t win today we never will, even the Slumberland blogs expect us to win. A defeat, imo, will see us finish the season on 8 points, doesn’t even come close to humiliation. You can almost hear Fox saying ” Its been a disappointing season but Remi is determined that we’ll return even stronger.” Heads should roll for what they’ve done to AVFC.

  56. Cheers Steamer . I hope they come out like they did against Norwich first 30 mins and silence the Sland fans.
    I’m glad it’s away and not at VP and I’d guess the sland team would rather be playing away from home in this 10 pointer pressure cooker of a game.
    I hope our lads got a good sleep last night and stayed in a hotel far away from the noisy celebrations .
    I hope the Sunderland boys went out drinking to celebrate the new year ! Big Sam probably had them tagged though !!!

  57. We live in hope – even the Merse forecasts a Villa win

    Sunderland v Aston Villa (Saturday, 3pm)

    This is a cup final for both teams. A draw is no good for either team here. Whoever wins has got a chance – well, it would give Villa half a chance, and Sunderland every chance – of surviving.

    If it is a draw, I think they’re both relegated. It’s as simple as that. This is the biggest game of the whole day, without a doubt. This is as big as it gets.

    Villa turning the year with one win is a disaster, but starting 2016 with a victory could be a big boost.

    Sunderland struggled on Wednesday, they’ve got no centre-halves, and I’d like to think Villa are going to turn up, play two up front and have a right go. They’ve got to go, play ugly, bomb it forward, get it in the box and have a go. They’ve got a week off after this and don’t have to play a full-strength team at Wycombe in the FA Cup, so for me this is the be all and end all.

    PAUL PREDICTS: 1-2 (10/1 with Sky Bet)

  58. Clive
    That is a good article. Have to agree that if Villa can’t beat Sunderland, they probably won’t beat anyone. If they do win there’s a ray of hope.

  59. Well on to today, at full strength we’ve got a very poor team, with Ayew out we have a pathetic team, but with Wastewood missing we’re slightly better. Slumberland are almost as crepe but have more gumption than our spineless knobs so 1-0 to the mackems.

  60. Can’t believe a crowd of my mates have seen EVERY game this season, in fact every game for countless seasons, apart from the heartache the cost must be astronomical, at least 500 for the last three away games and that’s not including the kids. The gutless wonders who are letting them down every week can’t even be bothered to acknowledge them after games.

  61. Of to Sunderland in a min with my twin again

    I don’t go through joy of football anymore, I just go through loyalty now. And the fact I haven’t seen us win this season so I want to be there if we do

    I think it will be the same as Norwich though. I dire scared line up by Garde and the home side wanting to win more

    Sunderland have the worst defensive around, so let’s attack them.

    Let’s get Adama and Gil starting. Bring Gardner in alongside Gana. Do something different Remi

    Don’t play Sinclair and Richardson, and don’t play 4411 with Rudy on his own. 442





  62. If i were Remi i’d have my cases packed, Fox reckons he’s staying even if relegated, he gave TS a new contract though because he wanted ‘continuity’ didn’t stop him being sacked. In fact he sacked TS for poor results, Remi’s are fractionally better up until now, whats happening ?
    The people who 100% ought to be fired are Fox, Almstedt, Reilly and Charlie W, totally useless the lot of them but being paid fortunes with no return, sorry, i “didn’t see the bigger picture” we sold more shirts this season than last.

  63. Frem – agree we need changes today. I do appreciate the cerebral approach of Remy Garde – looking for solutions and creating the right atmosphere for the players to perform.

    The problem is – the players have not performed. We need to win today. And Garde needs to set the team up to win. Losing Ayew is a big loss and with no Sanchez or Westwood we really are short of numbers today.

    If he starts with Richardson I will go ballistic. He is beyond useless. And Sinclair performs for around 10-15 mins every game.

    We need to start wit Gil and Traore. No point giving Traore 7 mins every game to perform because you don’t believe he is a team player. Start the guy, have confidence in him and watch him perform. He cannot perform from the bench.

    Rudy has to start to try and mix it with the back four. Rudy has to score soon, the law of averages dictates he will.

    I think I would try Richards as the holding midfield player. He likes to move the ball forward and start the attacks. He would also give extra protection from set pieces.

    My team for today

    Hutton Okore Lescott Clarke
    Gil Gana Vertout Traore

  64. Villa would be insane to lose remi. for once this is a long term project worth persuing. No wins yet but not for the want of trying, better defending and less stupid mistakes and he could of been looking at 3 wins in 8 and a few draws.

    I think remi has judged his squad well, some will leave some will come in in jan and he will utilise the u21’s now.
    Wouldnt be surprised to see sissy play along with lyden for westwood and maybe even hepburn-murphy get a run. Sissy at right back could see grealish left wing .My personal choice would be richards at Rb and okore and lescott completing the back four.

  65. Sissoko has been training for a least a week and its now jan so can be reinstated to the squad so potentially yes.
    If he plays then bacuna could shift to midfield.

  66. How huge is today’s game

    If we win it may mean one or two players reluctant to join may think just maybe ,,, if we lose surely that’s it

    Scary thing is we are such a poor squad , Remi doesn’t have enough to work with ,,,

    We have some good young prospects but is it really fair throwing them into such a huge game in such a struggling side ?

    would like to see Adama in an attacking role thou


  67. Mark – I don’t believe Richards has the discipline to play Central Defence. I think he could convert to the role sitting in front of the back four. He can tackle, has speed/the ability to drive forward and this position would give him more freedom. David Louis played the same position well at Chelsea under Benitez.

    We need to win today. And I believe if we do and results go our way we have a chance of staying up – delusional I know.

  68. Richard s- I agree but he doesn’t have good positional sense either. when you play with a line to one side of you as in RB you only have to worry about them on one side to a degree. Being in open space is a whole different ball game as in CM and CB we could be just as exposed but its worth considering

  69. Remind only hope is drop guzan Hutton Richardson now go back to basics back 4 tell them stay in their own half every time we concede Hutton is either AWOL or passing ball to opposition, and as steamer says we are better off without Westwood
    Bunn time for change last few matches guzan should done better
    Richards okore lescott Clarke/sissko if Richards doesn’t play right back join gabby club
    Bacuna gana vertout traore
    Rudi he won t use kozak
    Sinclair Gil/grealish
    Get the ball down play football Sunderland will be route one

  70. Agree with Steamer that Richard S team is a good one. Not happy with Richards in the back four. Lescott and Okore have been better.

    Had forgotten about Donacien, and him being on the verge of the first team squad, until I have just seen his loan period at Newport has been extended.
    It makes me wonder, with the right coaching, how many of our could now be playing in the first team, and doing a great job, including the ones Lambert let go.

    Hope Frem and the rest of our loyal away fans really have something to cheer today, and come away with a win, but all down to Remi’s team selection, and the collective team effort and desire.

    Interesting Football Focus comments about Stephen Naismith and how Villa should be trying to get such a versatile player, rather than the no hope situation of trying to prise Loic Remi away from Chelsea. They do not think we have a chance, and I tend to agree. Would be amazed if Chelsea let us have him, more chance of loaning Patrick Bamford from Palace.

  71. PP- Isn’t Bamford a Chelsea player anyhow? I think a lot of players have been let go prematurely and have progressed elsewhere with game time and a better team structure, ours has been woeful for 5 years.

  72. kosak on the bench

    VILLA: Guzan, Hutton, Richards, Lescott, Cissokho, Bacuna, Gana, Veretout, Gil, Gestede, Grealish. Subs: Bunn, Okore, Clark, Sinclair, Richardson, Adama, Kozak.

  73. Agree with PP about the ones that got away, who was the last manager who had any confidence in our academy ? Laughable that you can win the Next Gen and not one player makes the grade because a twat like Lambert would sooner buy crepe like Sylla, Tony Moon, Tonev etc instead of playing a kid.

  74. OMG – Remi is actually playing Gil and Grealish in the same side. I actually like the look of the team.
    Big game for Cissokho – I hope he comes back with a point to prove and brings balance to the defence.

    And who is that on the bench – Kosak – the guy deserves a chance to play. I actually think he can finish.

    Come on AVFC – we can beat Sunderland – the fight back starts today. Or at least, I hope it does. I quit drinking 2 days ago – my alcohol consumption has been out of control with the demise of Villa. My liver cannot handle any more embarrassing performances.

  75. Why can’t government help AVFC or any other club like they have with West Ham, the tax payer will subsidise them for years and enable them to buy players that prevent their annual struggles. I certainly pays to have Tory’s on your board no matter how disgusting they are.

  76. God how we need a goal. No complains about team selection with cissoko in and bacuna in midfield.
    We’ve been the better team but that elusive goal eludes us! Everyone knows that if u flirt with relegation enough times then eventually your luck can run out!
    I remain hopeful but we’ve gotta find a way to get that first one then steal the win!

  77. Sorry we are not dominating game fellow bloggers we are dominating middle third one save Sunderland keeper has made per usual one shot at villa equals goal down buttons side again,we need traore on someone to run with ball buttons crosses are woeful far to far out when crossing
    That’s Norwich Newcastle and now Sunderland woeful but we are worse

  78. I believe we need to play with two front in the second half. Bring on Kosak.

    We are lacking the cutting edge in the final third and not supporting Rudy. And we are not getting the players in the box. We have to go for it.

    And bring on Traore. He could unlock Sunderland with his pace and dribbling ability.

    Unfortunately Grealish is not in the game.

  79. Ronnie I think grealish has 1 goal this season same for Gil they are not massive goal threats they are just weak wet lettuces and I like them!! but we won’t put pressure on Sunderland or crosses in with those two up top shocking. Kosak I think would link play better but where is the service from our most talented players????

  80. Phil Thompson reckons that Villa don’t have a single player that would get in any other EPL team, now i know we’re utterly pitiful at best but what a stupid thing to say.

  81. We are an absolute joke, defensively we have the organisation and ability of an girls under 12’s side.
    I honestly don’t think we will another game this season, we are that bad. The average TV money per side next season is almost £120m( 20th place gets £100m). This season Leeds got £5.5m in the championship. Tom Fox was brought here to improve revenue and put us on the global map, we are now a standing joke not just locally but nationally and have lost our biggest and most important source of income. Tom Fox should resign, he has failed in his role as have ALL the managers employed by Lerner.
    Lerner has overseen the destruction of our once great club, I hope he is happy with his work, I hope the loss of his precious $$$$$kills him

  82. This is embarrassing beyond belief.

    What are we doing at the back?

    This is the darkest day in our history.

    B62 – you are absolutely correct.

  83. Jenny – Remi has a role to play in this. You can see the threat Traore has to the opposition. He is constantly overlooked by the manager for the starting 11. And only introduced when are are chasing the game.

    However, it is all academic. We are finished.

    Lerner and Fox have killed us.

    What a bad time to stop drinking.

    I think I am going to stick with the golf.

  84. I am lumping on Villato go down NEXT season also, absolute shambles. WTF has Garde brought to the party, we had a run of games against struggling opposition , that at times have looks as bad as U.S., really winnable games( on paper) but we haven’t looked like winning any of them, 4 points and NO WINS tells me Remigation isn’t the answer to our problems, but never mind as Fox said yesterday “we are building something special”” unbelievable, you can’t make this pantomime up, worst team in ours and the premier leagues history. Thompson is right, we don’t have anyone that would get a regular spot in any other PL team. Lerner, Fox OUT and take the entire squad and gaffer with you. Scum

  85. Gil , Grealish , Kozak , Adama – all played today and were no better if not worse than the unpopular teams Remi has been selecting and getting slammed for . Today shows that this group of players aren’t working .

  86. I said in earlier comment about guzan and Hutton
    Guzan beat at near post and then last goal really losing the will to watch this cr*p
    Sunderland let us dominate inside halfway line they knew Hutton would be crossing white as usual
    Not one broke sweat today only traore yet the kid only gets on when behind coming on cold not fair
    Grealish equal to Moore bros be playing in USA within 18 months
    Rudi o my dear Bambi on ice more graceful championship player at best
    Thommo wrong that white not get a game with half decent championship side
    As for garde go back to TV work because its like the saying next one better than last well its only took remind 9 matches to prove he is worse than sherwood

  87. B62 – did Fox actually say that.

    It’s f**king ridiculous. I am absolutely seething.

    We have to stage a protest at Villa Park to get rid of Fox and the rest of his Arsenal cronies.

    Randy has just lost several hundred million $$$ – that is his penance for ‘playing’ football with one of the world’s greatest football clubs.

  88. RichatdS I agree Traore has some great qualities with pace and strength , not sure if this is enough though . Like you say , it is academic as now matter how good he is , the overall quality had led to our downfall .

  89. Jenny
    Sorry kozak got few mins
    Traore done more than all the rest put together
    The 3 goals down to Hutton not closing down plus guzan
    Remind is a bigger Muppet than previous 4

  90. Paul pears
    Pulis leading a charmed life no the first thing he would have is turfed that excuse of keeper out passing ball across 6 yard box not the first time he done man c back in April Sherwood dropped his ass but for some reason started season with him
    Hutton17 goals have come down his side for a reason he is hopeless
    The other 3 defenders done OK today but when you have 2 fools giving goals away steady seen Norwich goals today again bacuna huuto for first and why did Richardson not shout for second

  91. Jen- yes put those players on and we can’t retain the ball in their half, no pressure or service, traore did ok but is not consistent. Garde cannot be blamed for a squad he had no hand in. Richards is a poor CB and Guzan a poor keeper end of, lescott and sissys side looked fine. Sooner Garde gets a forward and DM in the better and pray okore gets fit. Big sam would get nothing from this lot. If we have no players other teams would want why should Garde be winning games with them???

    Gestede is useless on his own with poor movement and with no quality service should not see pitch time if we get Remy.
    Grealish has vanished up his own arse.

  92. Mark – Why would Remy leave Chelsea and join the worst team in the Premier League history?

    We will find it really hard to sign anyone of quality this window.

    The only player we have a chance to sign is Danny Graham

    Can someone please organise a Protest.

  93. Richard s
    because he knows Remy and he would definitely play and he wants to play in the euro’s he’s 29 I think so not many more chances for him and he’s not getting a game.

  94. Mark k
    Sorry not looking for row but guzan plus Hutton are two of the worst players I had misfortune of watching as for Richards if he doesn’t play right back don’t play him
    Remind is not the answer and going by most other blogs feel the same
    Pearson in now try offload what he can they have to be paid off in summer start get ready for 46 cup finals
    As for fox when on was here when he would any good now just go and take anyone they appointed

  95. Sadly a protest would just heap more pressure on the Manager and players and do nothing to stop the drop. Even then Lerner will not just say Oh OK then I’ll sell up now you’ve told me, to little to late.

  96. JG- I agree mate but with Okore there its less of a problem because he has better positional sense and awareness, unfortunately outside of the U21’s we only have Bacuna who now will have to play.

  97. Mark – dream on. Remy is not coming to Villa, it is not going to happen. Furthermore, Hiddink thought Remy Garde was being disrespectful talking about a Chelsea player. Playing for the bottom club in the Premier League will not get him a place at the Euro’s.

    The protest would be against the board – not the manager. We are bottom and we are already relegated. We have to do something. Fox is a squirming little s**t – a protest would certainly add pressure on him and his cronies.

  98. I would like to get uncut version from Sherwood who thought Guzman Hutton Richardson Clark lescott Ricard’s Gil grealish vertout zog Cole bacuna gana Sanchez Westwood gabby rudi kozak was a squad worthy of premier ship

  99. Happy New Year to all of you.
    I must apologize for my absence of late but I really haven’t had the need for a mental flogging regarding Villa around this time of year.
    I really don’t think anyone gives a s**t anymore. From the top down to the academy. The soccer channel here stopped showing Villa games, the media are quite happy to trash the club regardless (and who can blame them). That’s just lazy journalism. And AVL aren’t a bunch of happy campers. Thinking of something to put down on the blog is difficult. Watching the team when I can, is painful.
    A trip to the championship might be what the doctor ordered. Relegation clauses will be a wonderful thing with expensive millstones gone. Lerner just might give the team away. A new hand on the tiller, a time to regroup, refresh, and regain a spot in the Premier League.
    There isn’t enough beer to cry into here. Numbing just doesn’t do my feelings enough justice. Sad.

  100. Richard S to do what? sack Garde? thats the problem they have no leeway, looks like we are going down barring a miracle so buyers will not be queuing up therefore he needs to either keep us up or get back up. By all means let them know but what can be achieved in real terms is now very limited. Further more falling gates next season could truly sink us.

    Do we know who this new Chairman is yet??

    JG- yes I think Mr Sherwood has a whole lot to answer for

    I see Mr Lambert has lost again Blackburn back to 17th

  101. Hi Ian, know how you feel mate,
    Sad thing is I can see a decent side in there somewhere and the irony is its the French lads that are emerging and the brits disappearing up there own chuffs with help from our colonial keeper. Vertout has deserved a goal for 3 matches now but it just won’t go in for him.

  102. Mark – the protest is against the board.

    In any other company – if the company was performing so abysmally the CEO would be removed. Tom Fox is the CEO – he has been a disaster. He needs to be removed. So does Paddy Reilly and the other one – Hendrick Almstadt. They all need to go.

  103. Maybe mate but who is the new Chairman?

    I’m watching city, without their captain they are a very talented but average side, Arsenal were terrible against newcastle, LVG has been poor at manure as have the players, same for chelsea, liverpool are average under Klopp for the players they have. Should we sack reilly for getting amavi,vertout,gana,ayew? or did the right man go who kept a team full of premiership dross? take out the foreign lads and add lennon,mason, townsend and addy do you think we would be flying or the next QPR?

  104. through a family illness l never went to the game today and to be honest “thank f**k ” . l wont be going to any more games till that yank twat and his cronies have all gone out of this club , l can find better things to spend my money on , lv told them to give my wycombe ticket to anyone who wants it, free of charge …… l think we will go down with the 8 points we got , l got to laugh at the names being bandied about as to who were going to sign …. who in their right mind is going to come here .

    B62 , mate your going to need f**king broad shoulders going back to work , good luck with that , this s**te of a club does’nt deserve our money , spend it on the little un mate you’ll get a better return ,
    you have wasted around 17 hours of this xmas break driving to these 3 games , and l bet your going to Wycombe , this club does’nt deserve fans like you , and l should know better than wasting my hours going to newc and norwich , the light has just come on in my head , wycombe must be rubbing their hands , nice pub down there though , even steamer enjoyed that day out at the friendly the other year.

    well lm off to see my nephew in hospital now ,
    Happy New Year all

    Jenny xxxxxxxxx

  105. Fox just can’t accept that he’s a knob, in his tiny mind he’s doing wonderfully well and Lerner obviously believes everything Fox tells him.
    Did i really see the idiot ref give S’land a foul for a Villa s/charge and then ignore an elbow to Gils face from a yard away and then book Gil for protesting ? Mind, look at the pen Leicester got, worst refs on the planet in England.
    Guzan doesn’t help himself, still playing his defenders in the s**te, gone downhill rapidly.
    Richards is never a CH, if Remi keeps playing him there then he deserves the sack.
    Cissy did well.
    Garde doesn’t use his subs till its too late and Traore showed why he deserves a start.
    Can’t see Garde being at VP next season, no club in any universe would keep a manager when his team gets 8 points from 40 games….. OK maybe Villa.
    Lets get Chubby back, to think that Fox was slagging him off, he may have been crepe Tom but compared to you he was an ‘effing genius.
    The Jeerman knob and Reilly can p*ss off too, only the fact that they’d never find a pro club to employ them keeps them at VP. Do we actually pay these gobshites ?
    Still can’t get my head around 8 points in a season, i bet the Browns fans are peeing themselves laughing at the worst run pro club in World football.
    Hope Wycombe stuff us on Saturday, nice to see a little club win against a club on the verge of ‘something special.’
    Still as Fox says “the fans don’t see the wider picture, we’ve sold more shirts than last season.”
    But as Remi said,”Randy loves the club.”

  106. Hey Mark

    I also see a team inside this mess but they’ve given up. All to willing to run the string out. Take agbonlahor for instance, no spine or effort for the last few years and now that the writings on the wall has had a fit and balks at anything garde has to say.

  107. And asked whether Sunderland’s win had edged Villa closer to the Championship, Allardyce said: “It’s nothing to do with me. Aston Villa are where they are, they are a fantastic club – I know that as a Midlands lad – they are a super club with a fantastic history and it’s a shame to see them in the position they are in.

  108. rumours of a bust up in the changing room after the game.
    internet full of sunderland fans saying villans loudest at sol this season….. not a single player acknowledged their support.
    think the fans are turning, demo planned for leicester, that’ll flop though, remember that old bag who was gobbing off at the mcknob appointment, wonder if she still thinks they weren’t real supporters protesting.

  109. Steamer- Garde was p*ssed off with Sam but more because of the performance, no manager on earth can prevent s**te like that happening I hope he tore the f**kers off a strip if there’s tension in the team get it out there and have a Barney. Richards is a liability and has been all season, covered up by all his heroic last gasp defending is his hopeless positioning and awareness. Hopefully the quiet man has turned and kicked the feckers around the changing room they need it. Doesn’t help with Stan flapping his gums but surely he can see its not all Gardes doing a raft of Zeppelins would struggle keeping us up.

  110. I really hope we don’t push Garde out, I think it would be a baby and the bath water situation, the only man at villa park who knows his business including the players.

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