Thanks For The Support, Happy New Year & All The Best For 2013

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As the last day of the year winds down to a close (and has already finished for our friends in the Far East), I just wanted to put up a quick article to say thanks again for all the support that Aston Villa Life has garnered over the course of 2012 and since its inception in March 2011.

It’s quite hard to believe that the site has been going for 21 months – in some ways it feels like nothing at all, and in others it feels like we are part of the furniture.

I’d like to say a particular thanks to John Clark for his assistance on the site, in particular with editing the articles of our writing team and providing the polish to make them sparkle – John is an integral part of the current setup here, and will hopefully continue to be for the long term.

In addition to John, many thanks must go to our fantastic team of writers both in term of the regulars – Ryan Pitcher, Jason Chalifour, Ryan Griffiths, and Oliver Scrimgeour. Also, thanks to the writers who write when they can such as Ian Gibson, Graham O’Gara, Ben Sparey, Kate Crawford, Laura Hickey, Andrew Williams (chiefy), Tom Heslop (gabbygabby), Tim Whitehouse (The Droyd), Lee Benton (Southwestvillan), JP Wilson (Fastbackace), Martin Laurence, and Graham Hunt (Superbox). I’ve been blessed with a great bunch of people wherever I’ve found you, or if you’ve found me in order to write for the site.

I’d also like to thank a few other of the lads who have been here since day one – Steamer, Frem, Churchill, B62 Villa, runtingz, En Route, not so silent bob, proxopera, Eamon McElwee (who we all miss – come back when you can chap) and anyone else I’ve forgotten. Also secondary nods to some of the lads who were here at the start but haven’t been on in a while such Adrian (AK_27), Chris (villa_chris), Mike (vivavilla), Scott (toxytag), Matt (taglor), Joe (Rowley Villan), Danny (r0bb0), Liam (muz1), Michael (mickey86), Chris (christian1983), and Chris (chrisodon) If I have missed anyone out, please accept my apologies.

Last, but by no means least, thank you to everyone who comments on the site as well as those who just read. If you’ve contemplated registering an account but haven’t done so yet, please drop me a line and I will be glad to set you up.

On a personal note, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has given me support whether on a professional level such as Tim Walters & Ian Harvey at the Express & Star where I write weekly, Sarah Winterburn & Johnny Nicholson at Football365, Janine Self at the Daily Mail, and Josh Landy who is a producer at Sports Tonight TV where I am a regular pundit.

Thanks for making this year a great one for Aston Villa Life, and here’s hoping that the club can replicate our successes starting tomorrow. Happy 2013 Villans, and all the best from me and our team.

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  1. All the best dude. Hope the new year is better for You and Amy.

    Toeveryone and their familys. Oh and for the villa community.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Andrew PAndrew P31-12-2012

    Happy New Year Villans. Good luck everyone.

  3. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey31-12-2012


    I will have to catch up with you at the nippers football – they still playing at Beacon Park?

  4. steamersteamer31-12-2012

    Don’t underestimate the enjoyment that this blog gives people, i can’t speak for the others but i feel that each and every one here is a genuine friend, my only regret is that some live on distant shores and unfortunately we may never meet personally. The great thing that we have in common is our passion for AVFC, that will stay with us until we die. On that sombre note may i wish everybody connected with AVL a very Happy New Year.

  5. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey31-12-2012


    I’m glad people enjoy the site – I’ve lost track of people who have said they have made real friends on here even if they haven’t met them in person.

    Fingers crossed as many of us can meet up for a match next year as we can muster – will be good to put a face to the names I have grown to see as friends of mine.

    Like you say, we all have the same idea of wanting Villa to do well, but we have different ways of thinking how it might be achieved.

    I think that is what defines this site – we may disagree with each other but we understand that it is just difference of opinion with regard to achieving the same thing, ie success for our club.

    Respect goes a long way, and the way the community has been welcoming to new visitors makes it an enjoyable place to be in my opinion, and I am glad that it has grown to a whole new level and provided that enjoyment for the tens of thousands who read the blog monthly.

  6. B62 VillaB62 Villa31-12-2012

    Happy New Year to everyone, may 2013 be alot better for our beloved club than 2012.
    To all the lads and lasses than read this site all the best for the coming year and chin up at least were not Noses.
    A special thanks to Matt for running the site long may it continue, as its the best out there even if we do all disagree.

  7. Ian GibsonIan Gibson31-12-2012

    Cheers!!! :-)

  8. Blade oneBlade one31-12-2012

    Hi Guys – new to posting but not the site. Seems some old names have popped up here excellent.

    Have a great New Year


  9. r0bb0r0bb031-12-2012

    HNY to you too Matt and all others on here. . . . . . I may not have posted recently but still visit on a virtually daily basis to read the views of everyone else.

  10. Andrew PAndrew P31-12-2012

    B62 ‘at least we’re not noses’ …except for Bibulus.

  11. steamers75steamers7531-12-2012

    Happy New Year To You And Yours , , hopefully 2013 will bring a bit of cheer,
    God we need it ,
    All the best

  12. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey31-12-2012

    Welcome to the site Blade_one and a happy new year to you too, sir!

    Nice to see you on here r0bb0 :)

    Thanks to everyone else for the comments and the support shown – it’s been great.

  13. Ballyd100Ballyd10031-12-2012

    Happy new year everybody
    i hope its good to you and yours.

    Here’s to the bright future.

  14. No dude. nipper just had an away game there. I’ll inbox you details via facebook.

  15. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil31-12-2012

    Happy NY everyone. especially Lifers

    AVFC belongs to us even though RL owns the fixtures and fittings the stadium etc,it`s still OUR club.Things will improve in 2013.Our 139th in existence.
    Matt looking forward to see the site develop further in the coming year.

  16. bibulusbibulus31-12-2012

    Happy New Year!


  17. IanIan31-12-2012

    Happy New Year All!!

  18. HaggisHaggis01-01-2013

    Happy new year you bunch of miserable fudgers.

    I love you all really

  19. Finland VillandFinland Villand01-01-2013

    Happy new year all!
    Thanks for a good site. It’ s quite easier nowadays to keep in touch what’s happening in VP than it was over 40 years ago when i started to support villa. Even back here in Finland !

  20. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey01-01-2013

    Happy New Year to you too Jari!