When The Going Gets Tough, What Should Villa Do?

I’ll have to admit that I have been finding it hard recently being an Aston Villa fans, and this is speaking as someone who has been, and always will be, a hardcore supporter.

I have often found the thought of going to watch that poor excuse for football a real frightening prospect, and that is pretty unusualy for me. I am usually counting the days till I visit B6, and by the time it gets to this part of the week, I start getting the match days butterflies.

However, today something has changed. The feeling of butterflies has gone, and I’ve come to the stark realisation that my love for the game, and even for my club could be dying.

It’s an awful feeling. I hate it. I hate that people who haven’t been here for five minutes in the grand scheme of things have turned our club upside down, knowing they don’t have the same history of loving the club like we do. This isn’t a pastime for those of us who live and breathe the club – it’s our lives, it’s our religion.

Instead, we’ve been forced to watch this “football”, these half-soaked performances, the fact the management seem to disregard everything that we want. Instead, we’re forced to listen to, read, watch and expect the media circus that surrounds us, and it could be finally taking an effect on me. After all, despite my hardcore support of the club through thick and thin there is only so much any person can take of something they do not agree with, and I sure as hell don’t agree with the current situation.

I’ll be really honest with you now – I’ve had a bit of a panic, and given that this once proud club is a massive part of life, what am I going to do if not attend matches anymore?

After having a good long hard think about it, I am going to roll up my sleeves and see the season out. At the moment, with things being as bad as they are, I have little choice on what happens, so I am just going to get right behind my club and provide the team with all the support I have left.

I will sing mysong about Alex, largely because it will be funny more than anything, but other than that I am going to grit my teeth and support the club for what is left of the season. I’m not going to lie and suggest all is rosy, and that I am delighted to watch the football I’m being served up, but I’m going to make the most of it – it is all I have left to do as an option.

You see while we all want change, change at the minute would be rather pointless, perhaps even damaging. In fact the only benefit change would have at present would be to rescue some season ticket sales, and maybe get a bit of good PR for the board, but given they seem to be oblivious to even that, then I doubt anything is going to happen.

Come the end of the season, I will look at my potential investment into the club in terms of a season ticket and the money I spend on shirts, food, and transport, and I’ll evaluate if it is worth the expenditure. In that sense I, like many other fans, will sit back and see if our investment is worth it, much like I imagine Randy Lerner will be doing come the end of the season.

Until I have to pay out again, all we can do is support the team. Our season ticket monies from this year may well feel wasted, and playing Fulham is going to be tough – make no doubt about it. I imagine the atmosphere is going to be white hot, much like it is when we are playing Birmingham, which is kind of ironic in a funny sort of way considering Alex McLeish’s ties to them, and the short time since we laughed at how his poor management got our dear neighbours relegated at the end of the season. Relegated for the second time in three years too. Good job there Alex.

My biggest fear is that the weekend might bring the creation of a worst period of the history of our club. Why? If we don’t win this Saturday, the stats will remember this period as our worst period without a win ever. That’s right – since a time when the footballers wore baggy shorts and had beards (and not like Olof Mellberg).

As one of those who always looks for a positive in life, it is pretty saddening to think that I’m questioning things, but all I can ask is for us all to try to keep the faith, despite it being such a rough ride, and hope we can get through this nightmare with our Premier League status intact.

No matter what we are, and no matter what some of the people associated with the club have done to our proud team, we will always be Aston Villa through and through, and our love will never die.

  1. steamersteamer08-03-2012

    Hello Chiefy,
    In my experience, you never lose your love for the club but you do with the game. Going to watch football is a habit, when it becomes a chore you stop, its difficult at first but once you get out of the habit you don’t often return. What does make it easier is when YOUR club betrays your loyalty and that is why people are turning their backs on AVFC. Not many people in Birmingham can afford to pay £400 odd, never mind pay it to watch s**te, negative footy while being lied to by the owners and manager. Its not a case of loyalty now, its more about self respect, people don’t like to be trampled on, Birmingham may not be everybody’s cup of Bovril but Brummies are a proud bunch and these Tw@s are not going to walk all over us.

  2. southwestvillansouthwestvillan08-03-2012

    Lads is it really 30 years since that night in Rotterdam when i stood next to some right hard b*****ds who shed tears when Mortimer picked up that massive trophy, nights to remember all the Villa in Amsterdam the night before, in Antwerp on the way back none stop drinking, memories we will take to the grave and memories that cannot be taken away, pride is something that is injected into you as a young Lion and it stays with you in the good and bad times, this is the one element the faceless people who run this club will need to realise more than ever that through all the adversity we will still show pride and class that other clubs can only dream about.


  3. The DroydThe Droyd08-03-2012

    Chiefy – That pretty much sums up how I feel.

  4. chiefychiefy08-03-2012

    This isn’ the first time for me, I thrown my season ticket away when DOL was in charge and vowed never to return, I did I caved in and caught the last year of MON, GH and now this one

    Am i getting to the age where football doesnt matter anymore ? but have only got there because AM has accelerated it ?

  5. chiefychiefy08-03-2012

    See the club are doing a 2 tickets for £30 promotion in Lower Holte, thanks for that even though I already paid full price for my ST and I dont see any refund coming my way, another slap in the face for ST holder / fan

  6. SuperBoxSuperBox08-03-2012

    Chiefy – The Swiss Rambler article at least helps to shed light on where we are off the field. Interesting to see we are not leveraging our turnover like others, but scary wage figures!

    It at least gives context to the on field antics – to a point.

  7. southwestvillansouthwestvillan08-03-2012


    As steamer so rightly says it is very easy to fall out of love with the game at the moment but the feelings for your club never go away, over the near fifty years i have supported AVFC i have had some fantastic times, games, nights, seasons that stick in the memory, there has also been some dark times, relegations, near going out of business, seeing some of the worst managers in charge although i am struggling to find one as bad as ginger knob, so sometimes it is difficult to keep the faith.

    I sometimes wish i was born a nose because when you have always been s**te it is easier to take season after season but for us the fall from grace is extremely difficult to swallow especially when the only light at the end of the tunnel is the 10.20 to f**king Paddington.


  8. SuperBoxSuperBox08-03-2012

    Swiss Rambler article here for those that haven’t seen it.


  9. chiefychiefy08-03-2012

    Season tickets on sale soon apprantley up a £10 decision time

  10. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey08-03-2012

    Yeah, are they crazy? Who wants to pay MORE for the same rubbish?

    They really are totally disconnected, what happened to looking after their customers, or do they think this season was a good effort?

  11. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey08-03-2012

    Almost £600 for me next season or a press pass…

    I had better nail down the latter ASAP as another £600 for THAT? No thanks – would rather have the new iPhone when it comes out…

  12. southwestvillansouthwestvillan08-03-2012

    Price freeze until the 31st May or wait until 1st June to see if ginger is sacked, got to be worth risking a tenner, these guys supposedly running the club have not got a f**king clue, chumps the f**king lot.


  13. Andrew PAndrew P08-03-2012

    SWV I can’t see too many people taking advantage of that price freeze if McLeish is still the manager. I’ve had a season ticket almost every season since 1976, but I definitely won’t renew unless McClueless is kicked into touch – which I’m sure he will be.

  14. steamersteamer08-03-2012

    Tell you something, i wouldn’t have one if they were free and thats the truth. I could have seen virtually every home game this season buck shee and haven’t been in VP at all. Even with the freckled one booted i still wouldn’t enter those gates until VP has been cleansed of the filth thats in charge. To increase the price really is taking the p, a world of their own doesn’t come close.
    What do you all think of Gabby performing a trick for the PR department ? After Petrov and Given’s comments and the absence of acknowledgment after games it shows what they think of the fans. At the end of the day none of them are hero calibre, and who actually cares about what footballers think ?
    James Nursey reckons that Big Eckscuse is buying a house up here, so another black mark against the VP board. If they want AVFC let them have it without the support, We want our club back.

  15. chiefychiefy08-03-2012

    Steamer – that james nursery is stirring sure he already has a house over solihull way, after managing the scum bags for so long you would have thought he would have

  16. steamersteamer08-03-2012

    Just that i read somewhere he had one in Fulham, we certainly can’t trust the media can we ? Matt K is supposed to be a Villan but hasn’t the integrity to tell the truth about the club, if you don’t do that, whats the point ? i don’t mean come out and slag everything about AVFC but to take the view that he puts into print is totally twisting the situation.

  17. KennyBKennyB08-03-2012

    What I’m about say doesn’t make me happy but I have fallen out of love for the club, it is poorly run and frankly a rudderless ship all PR, or style over any substance a bit like the YANKS all plastic and fake you know what I mean. “Have a nice day” so fake you’ve got to be a YANK PLANK to buy it. I’m just waiting for MOTOGP to start thats where my season ticket moneys going much better entertainment and I get to travel, because lets face it the only foreign travel the Villa will be doing is Wales!

  18. FremFrem08-03-2012

    Just watching Man u and its annoying how we waste our young players.

    Jones and snalling are only 19, 20 but yet they have alot of experience because they have been played alot at young ages, something we haven’t done with our youngsters.

    Bannan is now 22, thats not really young these days and he only started olaying a bit last season. Lichaj is older, he had Bale in his pocket last season at VP, has pace, athleticism and is good on the ball bet never plays.

    gardner will be the same. a couple of years will pace, he will be 20 odd but only played a few games and we waste him.
    Clark as well, brilliant CB and we should have used him there so much more. These 2 could easily play for the big boys

    Wieman saying he wants his chance but he wont be getting under AM and its sad

  19. steamersteamer08-03-2012

    I think most Villa fans think the same mate, when you treat people like they do, it makes you mad, sad & bad, the club still needs our support but do they deserve it ? They alienate us at every opportunity, to be honest i can see someone giving Chubby a good twatting soon. Its open revolt now in my book, them and us, thats what Lerner has bought to the club.

  20. cliffdubbscliffdubbs08-03-2012

    I was going to make the journey up to Villa Park for this one but have got permission from a friend at the Arsenal training ground to watch our under 18′s play.Do I drive for an hour and a half and spend the best part of £100 on tickets food and fuel for me and my boy and watch dull uninspiring football or walk for 10 minutes and watch some exciting attacking football for nothing and still be in the pub to catch a 3pm kick off on dodgy satelite tv.It’s a no brainer really.