Leaders in January And A Strong Side For Bradford, Please

Terrace Talk

It’s been a tough festive period for Villa fans, a glut of goals conceded on embarrassing fashion has left many fans hitting the panic button, and understandably so.

Fortunately we appear to have put a stop to the rot after a 2-2 draw away at Swansea. Swansea’s a tough place to go and a point should be seen as a reasonable result, especially when taken in to account our recent form.

Since my last article the team has conceded 17 goals in four games and only retuned two in retaliation. Whatever way it’s dressed up, that stat is unacceptable.

The good news is we now have a gap till our next league game (at home to Southampton), with welcome cup distraction as some filler. Both games against lower league opponents give Paul Lambert an interesting decision to make. Does he rest our kids and maybe risk one or both cup games, or does he go full strength in an effort to try and build confidence?

Personally I would like to see some compromise rather than going gung ho and risking the fitness of some of our first team or by picking a very young squad and essentially risking the tie.

Personally I think a stronger team should be played against Bradford: Wembley is too big an opportunity to throw away in my eyes.

The other reason I am thankful of this break in league games is it gives both the manager and the board the chance to become active in the transfer window.

If you ask me, what his squad really lacks is leaders, players who can tell the youngsters to get their heads out of their arses and focus them, someone who can grab a game by the scruff if the neck and lead by example. I’m not a believer that such leadership goes hand in hand with experience, it’s a little bit clichéd, but some people are just born with it.

I also expect to see some of our current elder statesmen leave the club. Rumours of a deal taking Dunne to the Red Bulls and of clubs looking at Warnock are already littering our news feeds.

Whatever happens this window it’s my opinion that we have to be very active. Some of our current squad need shipping out to freshen things up, and our youngsters need leadership on the field. I believe Lerner will back Lambert and give him the tools and license to make this squad his own.

Making this squad his own is not going to be a quick fix, and it will certainly take more than this window to assemble the squad he wants. That will take at least three windows in my opinion. The important thing for now is that the transfer policy is adjusted to cope with the demands of the league.

I understand that Lerner wants to build a squad for the future and whilst that’s commendable it cannot be at the expense of the here and now—after all, if the worst was to happen, surely that would derail the future plans anyway.

We are not a quick-fix club, Lerner doesn’t have the money to throw at the problem like before. The route for us is a slow process of growing and consolidating. Indeed the model to follow is that set by Spurs. They have only recently started spending and paying high wages and transfer fees, but they only did it when they had the revenue available. It took them years of building to achieve that. The Baggies have done a similar thing.

Years of living within their means have started to pay off for them.

In comparison, a club the size of Villa employing the same financial strategy would reap big rewards in the future, both on and off the pitch.

  1. Finland VillandFinland Villand03-01-2013

    Ryan, I agree that our squard lacks leaders. Our youngsters aren´t so bad as someones seem to think IMO. Some leadership added and they´ll be fine. Self belief is so low at the moment and their seem to be no one to get heads up. This is going to solve partly after injuried players like Vlaar come back but IMO leader palyers are needed in the window. I agree that leadeship doesn´t mean age but maybe some experience is needed also just now. Not overpaid mercenarys though.
    I have strong faith that AV will be fine. We have good young players who will do fine with a few leader players added in the squard.

  2. IanIan03-01-2013

    When is Vlaar back? Isn’t he our leader on the pitch when fit?

    Wasn’t Westwood captain at Crewe for years? Weren’t Herd and Bannan both captains for our Reserve / U21 teams during their time?

    My point is is do we really need leaders or do we actually just need quality?

    On pitch a captain has very little influence to be honest, yes they may lead by example and shout a few instructions but its really in the dressing room and at training you need them more.

    As for people taking charge of the defence etc and organising the back 4 all I these players are capable if doing this. They all know their jobs, have been taught tactics for years and know each other very well. Personally I don’t think it’s the tactics itself thr let’s us down rather than the quality executing said tactics. A lot of football is done instinctively in a flash of second. The most tactically minded player in the world may be ok but without that instinct he will never be anymore.

    What Villa needs are players that can follow instructions but most importantly be able to read a game and react accordingly. Currently we don’t have those players. Good example of not this player is Barry Bannan. Technically very good but constantly making bad decisions on passes and tackles. When he gets lucky and plays the right ball, technically it’s fantastic but it happens too little too often!! To me Villa are full of these players!!

    We don’t need leaders… We need footballers

  3. Finland VillandFinland Villand03-01-2013

    Being captain some day doesn’t automaticly mean you are a leader. IDon’t see BB being a leader although being a captain. This is maybe more semantic question. A good footballers are needed i agree. Maybe the way that they are passing and moving etc. is the core of the leadership. They make other players look better and give them chance to make good desisions. Mental laedership is a another asbect. If you have both you are a very good value for the team. So you are high quality!

  4. DeanDean03-01-2013

    My biggest concern about Tuesday was our leader, Clark, never even looked at the fans pre-match. He looked really down & at half time Guzan seemed to try & shake him up but there was no response. Seems the burden is resting heavy on him & his performances have definitely suffered in the last 4 games.
    Can’t get Gabby, Vlaar & N’Zogbia back quick enough for me, I’d certainly consider Warnock for a game.
    Great point though, we could have been 8 down, and the biggest plus point for me this season is the Benteke & Weimman partnership. Both deserve a rest v Ipswich but with our squad it’s unlikely.

  5. Ben SpareyBen Sparey03-01-2013

    Morning lifers.

    Good article Ryan. I agree, we need to get a healthy balance, we already have the youth, we now need the experience and in some areas the flair to level things out.

    Do we need leaders? Yes, no just in the sense of to rally the troops, but to lead by example, players who have ‘been there & done that’ would benifit our young troops, who for all the effort in the world could be accused, at times, for switching off this season.

    We need a strong, dynamic midfielder, in the mould of Diamme at WHU, someone who can win the ball, boss the middle of the park & has a good engine- in all a tank!!

    In my opinion, we are three/four players away from having a very good, competative squad, for the moment, if we can add some new faces and stay injury free, the R word will not be a problem. A lot of work needs to be done, but long term, the plan looks good, Henke coming in, young players for the futrure ect, we can and will get there :)

  6. FremFrem03-01-2013

    Sounds like stephens will be our first signing. why did we get henke ???

    any way we need everything, leaders and quality. our squad is in a mess

    hopefully we can get sinclair in and get zoggy and carruthers playing. get bony/ guttadi/ spider in up top and a CB.

    CM is our biggest problem and stephens is another passer, not a ball winner which we are desperate for

  7. FremFrem03-01-2013

    still think KEA will turn out to be good, but lets go and parker or someone, a wise calm head

  8. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    The Swansea result papered of the cracks of this team, we have massive deficiencies accross the board. Fans will say that we stopped the rot, but did we? Swansea opened us up at will, our defence and midfield were all over the shop AGAIN, with no shape or organisation. Rout ledge scored early on then it was like the Alamo, Michu hit the post twice and others went close. As a performance the first 40 minutes was as bad as Chelsea, spurs and Wigan. We then scored on the break and held on until we got a break, our first penno since their was a King on the throne, duly despatched. Then when the pressure was re applied we were again found wanting.
    I agree with Frem in as much as this squad is a shambles with no balance and void of quality , experience and Leadership.
    This has to be addressed and fast, but were continually being linked with champo standard players. At this rate we will have a squad of 23 year olds on low wages, but we will be in the lower leagues and will have lost the TV money that would have subsidised better players and their wages

  9. FremFrem03-01-2013

    completely agree B6, championship players will get us to the championship and 99% of our squad is championship quality.

    ive said all season QPR wont go down and there only 6 points behind us. southampton have been really solid there last 8 games, hard to beat unlike us which desperately needs to change but PL dont seem to bother about that

    we need experienced quality players if we are to survive, even just a couple to lead the younger players on. can you imagine how much a difference lesscot/Dawson and parker/ milner would be in our spine ??

    there players that we should be able to get. its not like there messi or ronaldo

  10. FremFrem03-01-2013

    westwood out for 3 months ???

    its gets even worse.

  11. JackvillaJackvilla03-01-2013

    Ryan,good article.Lerner is right in wanting to build a squad for the future,and i think we will see the benefits in three years time.Despite the humiliating results,it bodes well for Villa.However not all youngsters are good enough,in my opinion,Clarke and Herd should be no more than squad players. Lichaj should be played on the right,Bennet should be given more time but so far he looks like a younger version of Warnock;clumsy and inconsistent. Westwood,Bannan,Baker and Weimann are the standout players and if Benteke can master the offside trap then he could become a world beater.I am happy Sturridge has gone to Liverpool,a very overatted player indeed who shouldnt be playing for any of the big teams.UTV

  12. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    I know it’s early in the window, but surely Lambert should have identified the weaknesses in this squad( after all Stevie wonder can ), so why aren’t we actively trying to get our business done early and get them playing/bedded in. I have an awful feeling there is not much in the way of transfer funds available unless Bent and a couple of others leave. This could drag on til the end of the window, bu which time any deals for our targets could fall through leaving us right in the poo. Randy needs to invest to survive, we are struggling to put out a team, our squad is so poor and lightweight that most are losing faith in surviving. Ipswich have nothing to lose Sat and are bringing around 7k fans, whilst we can’t give tickets away, the’ve even closed the top tier of the trinity. Another embarrassment awaits, whilst from the outside we hear nothing but incoherent rumblings from a manager who just says we will be fine and an absent owner.

  13. FremFrem03-01-2013

    B6- there must be funds available or we will go down. we need at least 4 new players this month. it would be nice to ship out warnut and hutton permanently and bent, ireland and given. big wages gone, give it to players who would be some use to us

    the priority has to be a ball winning CM. stephens isn’t that man and with westwood out id expect/ hope for 2 new cm’s. an nzonzi or diame type player is needed big time

  14. Ree KhalidRee Khalid03-01-2013

    I think we have to be realistic about who we can buy. Milner/Lescott will never happen and Dawson is very unlikely. The question is who would want to come to Villa at a time like this? Either lower league or overseas players. And Lambert knows this as well which is why he’s talking up the youngsters in the squad. Do we need experience or quality? I think we need a bit of both. Cant wait for all the walking wounded to come back, I think our results will pick up then. When is Vlaar back????? How long is Dunne still out for? Didnt he start training a while ago? Dunne coming back will add to squad with his experience, I think he still has half a season left in him. If he stays then I dont think we need a new centre back, but Im not adverse to him leaving. If he does we need a replacement. I read that Distin and Hangeland are out of contract in the summer, could be worth a cheeky bid? Although why would they want to come to Villa at a time like this. Possibly the only reason is money and that is not the motivating factor we need right now. We could do a lot worse than look at Scott Dann, Blackburn aint looking like getting out of the championship anytime soon, could be a good move.

    Diame would be a really good buy but again why would he come to us? West ham are doing well, were struggling. Getting someone from abroad will be hugely risky if he doesnt adapt, we’d be stuck in a worse predicament. Talksport did mention a possibility of Scott Parker on loan which would be a good shout but still unlikely in my eyes. Not sure about the Stephens link but he was first choice before Westwood and hes done well to be fair. Now that we have Westwood would he go back for Stephens? Then what happens to Gardner when he comes back? When is he coming back???/

    Even if we sort out the defensive issues we are still missing that link to attack. A creative central mid, Iv practically given up on Ireland right now he just doesnt seem to care enough. I reckon Mark Davies from Bolton is a real good player, kinda like a better Barry Bannan.

    We dont need a new striker unless Bent goes. That Amabuye however you spell his name looks good on youtube, fast strong good touch and awareness then again anyone can look good on youtube. Still a risk, Id much rather stick with Bent whos a proven goalscorer until the summer at least.

    Besides that we need wingers, Tom Ince or Matt Philips from Blackpool have big potential. Zaha would be a huge coup but theres a lot of bigger clubs sniffing around atm, if none of them takes a chance then why not? Still unlikely tho.

    Dann, Davies, Ince plus a ball winning midfielder and it would be a good window for us.

  15. FremFrem03-01-2013

    Ree Khalid- good post but i cant see DB or dunne playing again for us, especially dunne. ince’s price tag will be out of our reach, would love sinclair on loan

    agree on davies, good cm and creative

  16. IanIan03-01-2013

    Ree – completely agree about not being an attractive proposition at the moment due to the feeling of impeding relegation etc etc.

    However isnt it an odd thing. If we were comfortably mid table would we be a more attractive proposition? Of course but would we then need those players that are now attracted? Probably not.

    January is just a strange time of the season, teams overpaying for mercenaries who are percieved as quality or experience or overpaying for the ‘next big thing’ from the championship / continent. Personally i prefer Lamberts methodology but i supppose only time will tell…

  17. IanIan03-01-2013

    On the transfer front a little patience is needed. Im sure theres lots going on in the back ground that isnt being reported and thats a good thing as press specualtion always bumps prices up etc.

    The only down side is the idiots on twitter (ITK’s mainly) start speculating for followers and so stupid rumours keep getting recycled / rehashed over and over again!!

  18. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    If i was an EPL footballer with ability would i sign for AVFC ? not a chance in hell, why ? because its obvious to anyone that the club is a shambles and sooner or later Lerners follies will end in relegation. Now if i was a half decent lower division so – so player and Villa came in for me i’d have nothing to lose, decent wages and if i played well the club, as always, would sell me, ambition ? completely absent, organisation ? ditto, AVFC = joke.

  19. IanIan03-01-2013

    oh steamer its not that bad mate, were in a semi final with a good chance of Wembley, were only a few players away from a good team and really if you look before the Chelsea game we had a good run where even Villa fans were pretty positive. Get Vlaar back, Zoggy for the bench and a few of our injuries sorted and we’ll hopefully be fine…

    Chin up mate :)

  20. FremFrem03-01-2013

    Tom Huddlestone anyone ??

  21. FremFrem03-01-2013

    can certainly pass a ball and is a big lad

  22. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    That’s what scares me mate, Chelsea or Swansea ?
    TH is Injury prone. I don’t have any answers there, we need a barrier, at the moment its a barn door that leads to another barn door, its like playing 8 v 11. Frimpong ?

  23. Blade oneBlade one03-01-2013

    Guys, sometimes you need to look at the wider picture. An example is Sinclair – big money move and no game time – does he stick or twist. Think about players who are not getting game time and need to pay to resurrect their career, Sturridge. These players do exist and if they play for the team and give all on the pitch then maybe PL can sell his dream to them and we get our experience back till the end of the season.

  24. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey03-01-2013

    A sensible article Ryan.

    I agree that we need some experience in the January window, though I imagine that it will be sensibly priced experience rather than anything too spectacular – for what feels like the millionth time, I’m sure I will be saying to Villa fans to not get too excited.

    There was a time where £20m would have been a massive amount of money to spend, but nowadays it isn’t anywhere near as much and could only buy a few players at Premier League “standard” prices – thankfully our manager doesn’t shop in that bracket.

    It’ll be interesting to see what Henke can pull out the bag this month, and whether we will be pursuing older targets that we missed out on in the summer or brand new ones based on our current situation.

    The Baggies mentality is sound in the abstract, but the club needs to survive as well as save money as going down doesn’t benefit anyone, and actually makes it harder to get back up if there is less money.

    Still, I’m sure we’ll avoid that and build on things. Who will come in January? I’ll be interested to see who.

  25. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey03-01-2013


    I’d take Frimpong – he’s a bit of a loose cannon, but he’s also a battler and we could do with a few of them this window.

  26. Ree KhalidRee Khalid03-01-2013

    Ian we dont need mercenaries but we need to do something. I havent lost faith in Lambert and his plan, although he has made more mistakes than expected at this point with team selection/decisions etc. I like the hungry youth policy, but its not just about youth its about quality as well. We just do not have the quality youth. I still rate Bannan, Clark, Weimann and even Bennet and Lowton despite all the mistakes made. Herd, Albrighton and Delph do not cut it. Delph has quality about him but not as a CM maybe a change in position to left back will be good for him. Iv had enough of Herd and Albrighton and Ireland for that matter. I think Gardner has been real unlucky with injuries, he could be that physical strength we need in the mid.

    We do not need to make any rash signings, I would rather struggle with what we have it will come right in the end. But we will make a couple signings and hopefully it will lift the club. When Gabby and Nzog come back we need to find a formation that suits everybody. Id say either wide in a 442 with 2 deep lying midfielders or Gabby Nzog and Weimann behind Benteke in a 4231. Either way we need lots of protection for the defence, and please no more 3 at the back!

    Huddlestone is a good player but not what we need. He is a physical presence but doesnt use it as much as he could. He is a great passer of the ball but not the defensive cover we need, hes too lazy.

  27. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    it really is a shame about Gardner, he would have made a huge difference, as Graham OG pointed out he can win a high ball, pass it, tackle and score goals, i hope the lad comes back fit and strong as he deserves a decent break.
    The rumour about BB going to Forest Gump sums up how British players fees are hugely inflated, i read £7m that’s the same as Benteke cost, there are hundreds of all round MF’s on the continent that could be signed for a fraction of £7m, our bits and pieces MF’s would be laughed out of most German clubs.
    The papers seem confident that the Charlton lad will sign for £2.5m, never seen him but apparently he’s an excellent user of the ball, just another four required.

  28. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    This team would struggle in the championship , it’s no great suprise that they are struggling in the premiership. For me the younger players aren’t good enough and the older players aren’t interested enough. We seem headset on continuing along a path that will ultimately lead to disaster. It’s been done to death what type of players we need, but I don’t think Lambert feels the same judging by the links. Sinclair on loan is as exiting as it gets, this season is already a write off with survival the only real aim. We can’t afford to keep writing seasons and cash off like we’re doing, we’re losing generations of fans by simply just existing and not competing.

  29. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    I’d sell Bannan ASAP, I thought the £5m quoted last week was great but at £7m that’s a great return on a youth acadamy product. That should bump up the kitty , we need more than Stephens to bolster the weakest midfield in the top flight by a country mile.
    This could be an Indication of how inflated the prices in jan are set to be, especially as clubs will smell our desperation.
    For me KEA going to the ACN is no loss he is cr*p and isn’t up to the pace and physicality of the English game. Frimpong would only be on loan, I wouldn’t want to waste our limited loans on him, I would hope to purchase at least 3 midfielders and let more than just Bannan go. Gards will be back raring to go next season or possibly the end of this, he has had 2 horrible career ending injuries , so will need time to get his confidence and game back, but he has been missed.

  30. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    Judging watching Heskey smash one in for the Newcastle Jets against Melbourne victory in the A league. He has found his level

  31. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    Thought Newcastle Jets were in the top division ?

  32. southwestvillansouthwestvillan03-01-2013

    I personally hate transfer windows as we generally end up being disappointed excepting for Vlaar and Benteke we was not sure what we was getting and even those two had question marks against there names, we will have to see if Henke can pull some rabbits out of the hat of if he has spent all his time eating tapas in some Spanish boozer.

    Heres a guarantee, before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st i bet Frem will be strapped to a gurney up at Rubery getting electric shock treatment.

    Just as an aside did anyone watch the barcodes against the blue scouse last night, to be fair there was feck all else on, but jesus who are Newcastle going to sign next – Jedward, i have never seen so many dodgy hair dos in all my natural, Coloccini, Jonas,Tiote,Bigirimana and Ameobi, add to that Fellini and it was like watching some “B” rated horror movie from the fiftys, what a bloody mess.


  33. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    Stephen Irelands isn’t too bad.

  34. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    Get some Argentines, cheap, travel well, tough as hell and the best players in the World, Lucas Biglia ?

  35. southwestvillansouthwestvillan03-01-2013

    Oscar Fullone?


  36. FremFrem03-01-2013

    Lucas Biglia is a very good player but he nearly went to norwich in the summer

    stephens is very heavily linked but surly henke can find better players ??

    there are loads of links. huddlestone, parker and sinclair, now that would improve us big time

  37. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil03-01-2013

    Huddlestone would not improve us.

    Afternoon Lifers

    The latest names you lads are coming up with sound like items from a Brasilian menu.
    I`ll hve the Lucas Biglia followed by the Fullone please.

    All 3 EPL games were on here so flicking through the channels,good to seeNcastle and MON getting sucked in towards us.

  38. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil03-01-2013

    Surly Henke?Funny name that.

  39. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara03-01-2013

    Gardner will be back sooner than next season… Talking to “tintin” on Twitter he confirmed he was soon to be back in to light training… 4-6 weeks there after… so we could see him again around the start of March.

    Dale Stevens is like a Stephen Ireland… if we’re expecting him to come in and start winning the ball we’re kidding our selves.

    Mentions of Scott Parker… if he was 3 years younger and did have his injury record maybe… Huddlestone? Mobility concerns me but we do have a fairly mobile midfield to but around him however he isn’t the most disciplined hence why he’s never played as a lone DM… not realy the “smart” player we’re looking for. I just want someone who can win a ball and play it sensibly… see the simple pass and play it… Too many times we panic and opt for a 40 yard hoof toward Benteke when players are offering far easier passes. We don’t always have to hit him… it’s like watching a school team with one decent player the teacher has told everyone to pass it to.

    I’d love Phil Neville for a season. at DM.. is Darren Fletcher going to play for United much this season? I’d take him on loan if he’s available… maybe be not at the top of his game but would do very well for us. Just a smart player who knows how to deal with pressure.

    I don’t feel the guy has to be a player oozing with quality… a good footballing brain and a willingness to scrap and the ability to impose himself on opposition… I do feel that while our academy players are technically proficient they haven’t really had “game mentors” helping them develop their game and understanding of it… big difference from being able to hit a pass and pick a pass… Bannan, Albrighton, Lichaj, Herd all struggle with this.

    Hell I think there is a decent DM inside of O’Hara and he is certainly a smart player.

    What about Corry Evans at Hull? CB or DM? 22 Years old? I like the look of him and he comes from decent stock…

  40. IanIan03-01-2013

    I dreamt I was hunting giant man eating badgers last night whilst riding a tractor (me – not the badgers as frankly that would be ridiculous).

    Does that mean we will beat both Newcastle and Ipswich this season? Or should I lay off the cheese before bed?

  41. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey03-01-2013


    Whether it is cheese or drugs, I would stay off them for now based on the dreams :)

  42. Frankfurt VillanFrankfurt Villan03-01-2013

    b62 Villa: timed 11:57

    You are absolutely correct. And even in the few seconds left of the game after the Swans equalised, they threatened to score again. Villa were out on their feet.

    Yet when reviewing the Swansea game for this site, a Feature Writer feels it is sufficient to naively state that “3 points were there for the taking” (for us he meant)!!. We really do need to address the obvious weaknesses of the team, rather than to indulge in fantasy.

    Following their win at Chelsea, QPR’s season might just be starting. At this time there are three candidates to fill the third relegation spot – Villa, So’ton and Wigan, and both of them have hammered us. We need to get things right in January.

  43. FremFrem03-01-2013

    reading i think are down unless they buy well but thats it for me. QPR will survive, saints are solid as are wigan

    a team that concedes 17 goals in 4 games have massive problems. no organisation, no leaders, very little quality

    we desperately need to use this window and get some in before saints game.

  44. IanIan03-01-2013

    Does anyone know what Frems thoughts areabout getting players in this transfer window? Is he for or against it?

    Im not sure where he stands you see as its something he’s not really touched on :)

    Relax Frem, let Lambo, Henke etc do their jobs which im sure they are (he never does it pubically) as its painfully obvious to most we need reinforcements. Dont believe the ITK’s or transfer gossipers, they are all attention seeking idiots. If he doesnt and we get no one then so be it, we’ll probably get relegated but there is very little we can do about it unless B62, B6, SWV, Matt T, Steamer or yourself are Premier League quality defensive midfielders who are just waiting for the call… (your not are you? would be good to know?)

  45. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    Mate don’t give me the call, I’m a 40 year old Barry Bannan, minus the drink drive record, although I do have a tendency when playing right back to launch the winger in the air to stop him taking the p*ss

  46. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara03-01-2013

    Just Call me Bosko…. ;)

    Don’t call me. lol

  47. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara03-01-2013

    Frem the Premier League is littered with player from the Championship that have stepped up? If Lambert find a Jagielka then i think we’ll all be very happy…

    It’s about the standard of player not where they’re from or what they cost…

  48. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    Just seen Mcleish on SSN in a Forest tracksuit top with his name on it, cheered me right up , I feel sorry for forest fans, but I won’t if we’re playing them next season!!

  49. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    Ballotelli could be available ;)
    We are linked with Scott Sinclair, how does it work with him having already played for Swansea and man city??

  50. Matt_B20Matt_B2003-01-2013

    We need experience people who know how to grind out a win at this level our first team this season if you look back just two years where in the whole nobodies either academy players for us or in low leveled divisions.

    To name but a few players that i might like to see that i think could be avaliable if Lerner is willing to put his hand in his pocket to get us back up the table away from bottom 5 (considering this £20m bonus for prem clubs next season surely it would be foolish not to)?

    Joleon Lescott – experienced england center half and a villa fan at that, he has had battles at the top and bottom of the table in his career and last season with partner Vincent Kompany kept 18 league clean sheets and finally this season he has found himself on the bench and may be looking for a way out.

    James Milner – experienced england midfielder, who is clearly fond of the club or why else would he have spent several spells here and he has an engine not just for offense but defense to, he keeps the ball well, can pick a pass, has a really sweet right foot and would tighten up our small weak midfield.

    Robbie Keane – Anyone who saw the change in the team last season when he was in the line-up will know why i suggest him.

    Curtis Davies – Ex-Villa lad who i always admired, he seems to have really developed since leaving us to a quality leader at the back and with whats happening at blues im sure we could pick him up for very little compared to how he is playing.


  51. B62 VillaB62 Villa03-01-2013

    No to Curtis Davies or Robbie Keane for me. Definate yes for both Lescott and Milner, however I doubt we can get either of them, but here’s hoping they are Lamberts types but I seriously doubt it, due to their wages, cost and age.

  52. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    I’d always take Milner, got all the time in the World for the lad, honest, talented and 100%.
    Never thought much of Lescott although he’s several leagues above what we have.
    Rate Robbie Keane at International level more so than club, again better than we have.
    Haven’t seen Curtis Davies since he joined the vermin but thought he took a lot more stick than he deserved at VP. Good age now for a CH too.
    All good shouts Matt.

  53. Matt_B20Matt_B2003-01-2013

    I just thought that we clearly need a CB as Ciaran is our only fit natural one at the minute and Dunne looks like he is on his way to the MLS the last i heard. so, Lescott a Villa Fan will be passionate for the club maybe enough so to take a small wage cut to join us whether permanently or just on loan to help us see this season out (never know?) and Curtis Davies at the age of 25 and i believe Blues would be willing to let him go for like £3-5m for a CB that has 9 goals in 69 games and has arguably been the “vermin’s” best player for a little while (including 3 goals in the last 2 games)

    to be honest if we could get just a few players for permanent deals or even on loan of the caliber that has been mentioned it could help us this season and with the development of our younger players in general

  54. Matt_B20Matt_B2003-01-2013

    Correction: Curtis Davies is 27

    Also what are the thoughts around Scott Parker on maybe a pay as you play loan/ permanent deal or Michael Dawson

  55. proxoperaproxopera03-01-2013

    looks like jcole is going back to west ham for 30k a week with Liverpool paying him another 50 k a week …………for the next 18 months !! Would it not be cheaper to hire some low life to clip him? I Know Villa are being similarly ‘raped’ by Dunne , Ireland , Bent and Nzog but at least they’re villa employees.

  56. Ian GibsonIan Gibson03-01-2013

    IMO, Robbie Keane is one of the better mid fielders but IMO what’s in his head is the best anywhere. Only on loan for two months so it’s doable money wise. I watched him in the MLS championship and was more than impressed although a lesser league. Also what’s in Hargreaves head? As a play as you go, even if he puts in only 3 good games why not? Neither would be a detriment to the progression of Villa players. They have a lot to offer other than on the pitch.

  57. steamersteamer03-01-2013

    Joe Cole, was, is and will always be absolute cr*p, a nothing who was built up by ballbagface and the London media convincing the footballing public that he was a World class talent, the money involved in indecent.

  58. proxoperaproxopera03-01-2013

    Yeah Steamer , with you on that one. I have no time for the dippers but I’m actually offended by this turn of events . I generally would’nt wish harm on anyone but this f**ker ………………..

  59. Ian GibsonIan Gibson03-01-2013

    You’re like a 40 year old BB? Are you hobbit size too?

  60. Ballyd100Ballyd10003-01-2013

    Evening all,

    Another transfer window brings another blaze of rumours across the internet/twitter.

    If we do not bring a genuine ball winning midfield general in this window, I will be disappointed to say the least. Its an area that has been lacking for too long in my view.

  61. FremFrem03-01-2013

    parker, milner, lescot and dawson are the type of players we need if we are to survive, not guys from league 1

    now westwood is out PL has to go and get at least 2 cm this month. even if hes fit we still need two. kea, bannan and delph are just dodgey

  62. AndrewAndrew03-01-2013

    We should of done everything to get nzonzi before he went stoke. Really frustrated with kea thought he would be decent mid player…i struggle to see what he actually does though.

    Midfield is still a massive problem for us, need 2 mid in this window.

  63. FremFrem03-01-2013

    Joleon Lescott being linked my james nursey.

    please get him in, and sinclair

  64. FremFrem03-01-2013

    apparently sunderland are interested as well. we cant let him go there