While waiting for the FC Dallas stream to go live for our friendly, there was a rotating screensaver with the FC Dallas logo (that’s what we call them here) and the logo for MoneyGram who were sponsoring the online broadcast. I quipped on Twitter that perhaps Randy could use MoneyGram to send his manager some additional transfer funds. Failing that, not only is the former “Bomb Squad” being reintegrated into the first team, the team has to actually count on the previously unwanted. Preseason can be misleading, but last night they looked up for it.

Darren Bent worked reasonably hard and did a fair job holding up the ball. Somebody remarked that his decision-making while holding the ball was as lacking as ever. I do think that is a fair assessment, in the past when he has held up play he isn’t the greatest at linking up with his teammates. Against Dallas he did a nice job linking up with Wiemann on the opening goal. Last season our strikers were appalling by and large. A fit and motivated Bent can’t be worse. Not the most active footballer on social media, Bent took to Twitter after his brace against Mansfield and expressed that he was happy to be back in the team and scoring goals. A cynic might say its PR and he is playing for his next contract. Whatever the motivation, the club will need Bent to bag some goals whoe Benteke is out.

Charles N’Zogbia bagged the second goal last night. As he lined up that free kick, and as the Dallas announcers described what a difficult kick it was due to the proximity to the goal, I had a funny feeling he would bury it. The replay showed FC Dallas might have had the worst wall I had ever seen on a set piece. Charlie was able to curl his kick around the wall and beat the keeper instead of having to go up and over. Even after his goal he did take the game to FC Dallas when he had the chance during what was otherwise a tepid friendly.

I’m not the most fervent MLS fan by any means, but I did see FC Dallas play my local MLS side the New England Revolution. The Revolution have completely lost the plot as they lost their seventh in a row against FC Dallas. Even though Dallas won, I wasn’t impresses end because they could easily have beaten the Revs by more. I’d say FC Dallas is an above average MLS side. Beating them 2-0 in a preseason friendly is a decent result. I have seen zero of the Dynamo this season. Generally they are one of the better franchises in the league so I expect it should be another decent workout.

I can’t state enough what it’s like for an American fan to see the club they love up close. When the Texas tour was announced I had a “been there, done that” attitude and was ambivalent about possibly going. Seeing other Villans in Texas reminded me how special it was for me to see the club live in Philadelphia two years ago. The match itself was the footnote. It was really about mingling with other supporters and everyone connected with the club. I do plan on finally making it to the UK at some point this season.

It was encouraging to see Bent and N’Zogbia contribute to both goals. Enda Stevens created a scoring chance, Alan Hutton looked solid, and Shay Given played 90 minutes. If the two fullbacks can minimally provide cover and competition for places it will help. Hopefully Shay can find a home for next season to clear up the wages. Maybe if Guzan had impressed at the World Cup we could’ve cashed in, painful as it is for me to suggest, but given how little money is available it would have helped. With any luck he will get his shot to be the US #1 sometime soon.

It is surreal to see so many old faces back playing with the club. It is even more surreal that we need them to come through. One of our three signings is already hurt. Who had July 23 in the Joe Cole injury pool? Villa is in the American West, but the cavalry won’t be coming to save them. We are left to circle the wagons; hopefully we can hold out until a new owner is on board.

On a side note, I know a lot of you enjoy having a pint on occasion. One of my other hobbies is home-brewing beer. One of my go-to’s is an English Mild that I can’t wait to brew again. A few weeks back I started a blog on my local paper’s website The Would-be Brewmaster. Feel free to check that out and like it on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the site.

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  1. Jason
    when exactly when do you get to watch the villa? just been on your brewer page and you seem to be at a different brewery all the time !!!!

    l am going to clear my shed out and we should have a go at making some of jasons home brew , l will make cider and you can do beer , maybe if we make one about 200% we might see this villa team in a different light ……..maybe not ! lamberks still here ,

  2. Cider–that’s a kid’s drink here. Usually have it with corn flakes in the morning. All the pretty colours.

    Here’s a question. What would Randy think if Villa turned a corner in the upcoming season? It’s not impossible. He just might change his mind on selling. After all he did show up for a friendly in Dallas.

  3. Hello Jason,
    Years ago Astons very own Ansells brewery produced the best pint of mild anywhere, nectar, you can’t get a decent pint of mild anywhere now and the beer in the Aston Social is only fit for slopping out the bogs. Strangely enough we were yacking about the dire state of beer in Brum in recent years only this morning. When you come over you’ll have to meet up with a few of the other Lifers and have a good gargle before torturing yourself watching that crepe.
    Just seen some photos of Gabby on tour, nice to see he’s remembered the dietary tips that Grant Holt gave him, is he seriously a professional footballer ? What with his lack of talent and now his physical condition, how can we offer him another contract especially on improve terms which were already three times what he’s worth ? and this is our captain. Lerner & Lambert OUT.

  4. Ian,
    Bloody hope not, the blokes a disaster.
    Someone told me today that the clubs being touted at £130m now, by the time Lerners finished with us it’ll be valued at £1.30.

  5. yea right Ian …girly drink , when l was over in Canada a few years ago l went into a bar and asked for a lager dash , l explained it had a drop of lemonade , “we dont do lemonade ” so l had a labattes , urgh .. and the place was full of bikers and the one joked whats that drink you asked for , so l explained and he said the same “Girly drink” l asked what was that your drinking , ” Labattes ” and l asked whats with the tomatoe juice ? ” oh thats to take the bitter taste out !!!!” err thats a girly drink , and about 30 blokes turned round , they gave me about 30 seconds and burst out laughing , and l got a lift back to the hotel , and met them the following day , cider a Girly drink …my arse …..lol and stop having cider with your cornflakes , its making you talk gibberish , what if ?????…………………………)))))
    BBQ later with a load of noses ……..free cider though

  6. Ian, my New England style cider is no girly drink. It comes in around 8% ABV.

    The next time I brew the mild I’ll share the link here. I’ll make it an extract recipe that a beginner can brew and requires minimal equipment.

    As far as Randy is concerned I wouldn’t be shocked if he pulls a Mike Ashley and pulls the club on and off the market repeatedly. If he can’t recoup enough of his investment and offers aren’t forthcoming he may hold on to the club.

  7. I wouldn’t touch Labatts or Molson, Bud, Coors, like Steamer said bog wash. What’s funny is these brewers try to pass off beer with a craft beer name. I worked in a bar years ago and one of the orders was 2 and a juice. Gagging.
    Jason, only 8%? Some of the beers you can get here are 10 to 11%. Looking forward to your recipe.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like cider–I pretend it’s ginger beer

  8. Evening all.
    B62 believe some congrats are in order – the lengths some will go to increase the villa fan base eh!
    Finally the summer blog is taking on some interest – very interested in seeing some brewing tips on here. Apples is indeed not a girls drink unless its one of the fruity pink coloured ones of course.
    There is a tidy little micro brewery boozer opened here in bromsgrove hills 90210 that is very for the early shift these days.
    Hope everyone enjoys the final three weeks of reprieve before we all go again!

  9. Why some people seem delighted that our custodian may be using a more ‘Hands on’ approach i haven’t a clue.
    1) He knows bugger all about the game.
    2) he knows bugger all about running a football club.
    3) He knows bugger all about running a sports club.
    4) He knows bugger all about running a successful business.
    5) His delegation skills are atrocious.
    6) He got us in this mess in the first place.
    7) He’s a knob.
    Plenty more out there.

  10. Hi I’m just back from 17 days in UK, including lunch at VP. One of my mates said he was ‘going on the cider as he didn’t want to get too p*ssed on his 21st’ – we had to carry him home (check out the alcohol content of proper cider not that girly stuff you drink in Canada!!

    I didn’t take your advice to walk or get the bus – returned bu Air India (it went over Ukraine on way out but chickened out on the way back and chose Iraq!)

    Ready for EPL now the Super 15 Rugby Finalists are fixed.

  11. Steamer,
    It will probably be up in August or September. That’s when the apples are ripe and the local orchards have fresh juice available. The old New England ciders used honey, fruits, or whatever they could find to add sugar to the juice, before aging in oak barrels over the winter. They would even leave the barrels outside, let it frost, then rack the unfrozen portion of the cider to a new barrel to boost the alcohol content. I could increase the ABV by adding more honey and/or using a champagne yeast instead of brewers yeast. I’ve used S04 and S05, both have worked great.

    It’s sad to hear and do more research about what happened to Ansells. I worked on a new mild recipe this morning, The Midlands Mild, that is easy enough for a beginning brewer and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. I also made sure the ingredients were all available in the UK. I’ll be sure to share that one too.

  12. Honey and nuts, sounds nice. I think all the Aston Social adds is S75’s old skidders.
    Just got back from Geds charity do in lovely Evesham, great is how i would describe the event and the people were all different class, a very good band too, well done Ged.

  13. steamer
    you forgot to mention how you nicked my brother raffle ticket and won the hamper and bottle of gin ,!!!!

    great day though , great pub , and Ged still couldnt win the golf tournement , ,

  14. Frem – in case you didn’t pick it up while I was asleep, Crusaders thrashed the Sharks and Waratahs thrashed the Brumbies, should be a great final.

  15. f**k me Bennett just scored. I think Wiemann has been working on his delivery

    Nearly half time but we have been god awful. 5 at the back and clueless build up play, just like season. Lambert hasn’t learned a thing. Hoof after hoof after hoof. More anti football coming up. Zoggy has to get a right foot. So predictable

  16. changed to 4 4 2 second half and big improvement. Lambert will stick with the 5 at the back though. wouldn’t wish this man on any other club apart from stoke or the Scum. He takes anti football to the next level.

    When Kosak and Benteke get back, thats Bent gone. He wont drop his f**k buddy’s Gabby or Wiemann
    Hutton doing well at RB though

    desperate for a couple of wingers to come in who can run at pace and make things happen. Lambert doesn’t like that though, would rather play KEA right mid, the worlds slowest and weakest football player. Nothing about our side is existing one bit apart from Grealish who Lambert will ship out ASAP

  17. “Young Jack Grealish did well for us. He’s got a talent. We just have to nurture him in the right way.

    yeah like keep him in the reserves for five years.

  18. Thats what he means Steamer, or loan him out again. The last thing Lambert will do is involve him as a big part of our squad.

    Its scary how much s**t we have. They wont keep us in the Prem. Baker , Herd, Bennett, KEA, Gabby, Sendeross, Richardson. Add them to Lamberts tactics and it’s scary.

    Hoping a lot of that list will be sold. Hutton as done well, Bent as well but he will be the last our strikers Lambert will play

    WE NEED WINGERS !!!!!!!!!

  19. fell asleep at half time — we must play the least intelligent football i have seen — gave the ball away for fun — no ideas or insperation out there — here comes another horrible season — was talking with a load of lads i had not met before about footy ,,, when t was my turn to say who i support it went quite .. i think they felt sorry for me 🙂

  20. Runtins
    according to some this is progress , and are you one of the lucky ones who can use the intelligent word on here as l think steamer and l arn’t ,
    was chatting to these 2 villa lads and was asked where the sacred hearts pub was as they will be joining me as they have’nt renewed after 6 years , these were young lads , and totally disalusioned with the get -up going on down there, sad sad days mate

    it would seem Ged raised another £1200 yesterday in the 3 hours we were there ,

  21. Bought you and bro a nice scone with strawberry jam and strawbs, wot yer moaning at ?
    you must have made him £500 on bets by winning the gurning comp, oh you didn’t know ?

  22. Runtingz,
    Nothings changed, he doesn’t know how to, he’s a one style manager, someone mentioned that we had one shot !!! The thing is, if we have another season like the last one, we’ll be saying the same things again this time next year. Lambert & Lerner OUT.

  23. 1 or even no shots at goal last season was a regular thing in games last season. Runtings sums the game up perfectly. Can’t get my head around how Lambert is so anti football these days. I always thought he was an attacking manager but now I’d do anything to watch Mcliesh football over this. You wouldn’t believe me if I said how we played first half. We did nothing, and I mean nothing. The guy has no shame anymore. He doesn’t mind fans turning up in there thousands and disgracing football, parking the bus. A lot of times he has no intent on winning the games or letting players express them selfs

  24. apparently the abysmal team that was out in the first half was exactly the same that was pitiful in the second half of the first game. clark is having nightmares playing with herd, how can any manager possibly consider playing them as a pair ?

  25. The gf got free NE Revolutiin tickets so I didn’t see any of the Villa. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. Still preseason, so I won’t get too worked up. I remember two years ago thinking we look great and we know how that worked out. I’ll wait until we look terrible in the first couple leage games before losing it

  26. Mark
    yesterday while filling my car up a bloke spoke to me about the villa as l had a villa T-shirt , and he asked what did l think our chances are , before l answered l asked him the same question, “think were down this time ” got to say l agreed , he asked if l watched the game the other night , he did and said he’d never been so bored , then as l said earlier l spoke to 2 lads yesterday in the chinese on the way home , they are gonna meet me in the pub and stay in there , what lm getting at is , l think if more came on this site you would probably get more moaning , as l have’nt come across anyone being positive on my travels , some have suggested that RK will have a right go at them , well l can only think someones putting rhyphenol in his tea at half time , when l do meet someone in the flesh bigging up the villa on my rounds , after l have come round from the shock l will put their picture on as my avatar so you can see who it is ,

    so lm watching the cycling in the velodrome and the bloke who’s been leading in the black decides to pull out !!! wtf , he looked like he was on a stroll through the park , a bit more effort and he would have p*ssed it ,,,,,
    he’s f**king doing it again in theis race as well

  27. Hello all .
    An incisive article as usual Jay . The burning question is whether the bomb squad will be up to it , two years after having been put out to grass and being vilified as all that is wrong with AV . So the “over paid, mercenaries ” are now being transformed into “the experienced ” players we need – new signings even. Where’s the logic in that? The fact we are reintroducing them suggests that Lambert’s decision to exclude them was flawed and I wonder whose decision it really is to introduce them . That said , I would like to see them given the chance they didn’t have before . Do I think this will happen ? Not if PL is in charge . PL is in a catch 22 situation . If team bomb squad succeed he is shown up as being wrong two years ago. If they fail then we will be likely to go down and he fails too. Either way , it’s potentially embarrassing for him.

    Glad to see the steamers enjoyed your do in Evesham – true cider drinking country 🙂 Having drank scrumpy home made cider (taste revolting – a pint and you’re out of it ) magners lime and black currant is now my drink of choice – probably a travesty to you experts on here though .

    Discovered Craig Charles (thinks that’s what he is called ) on radio 6
    Yesterday night . Called the Soul and funk show – brilliant .
    Fave Northern Soul tunes for ST 75
    “I wanna know – Duke Williams
    “Get out of my heart”
    Moses and Joseph
    And Margie Joseph
    “one more chance ” and her version of “let’s stay together ” equals Al Green’s – never thought I’d say that !

  28. Hello Mark,
    Only talking about you this avvo, can you send S75 some of your band dates so that we can nip down for a scan. Enjoyed the band at Geds do, B based R&R and a Doobies thrown in for good measure.
    I think S75’s going to do a few CD’s, so he’ll probably look them up and burn them. I tried to teach him how to use Youtube converter, like talking to a lampost, even wrote it down for him, thick doesn’t cover him.

  29. steamer

    hello mate, will let you know when I know, nothing on the horizon, the album shouldn’t be too long and then we will be out gigging. was in galway on sat great place to have a few beers and listen to some bands

  30. Jenny
    thats gonna be hard picking fav, l think Dean Parrish ” lm on my way ” , it has good memories , lts given me a good excuse to get the vinyl out and go through them again, another gem l liked a lot was , “where were you ” brenda holloway, l found a pile of my Blues and soul mags out , and it was great reading , l have’nt had a chance to watch that BBC4 programe yet , l do remember though if you said you were into that music at the time you got looked down on , and its funny how l see people who hated it at the time have started posting some of the records on F/B via youtube and making out they had been a fan for years , l sat in a pub about 18 months ago and this one lad started going on about wigan and he told the story word for word that l told him about 4/5 years ago , one lad could drive and he lived in wellingboro and as you did at wigan you would stand chatting and he said he had a space in his mini and would pick me up and drop me on his way , 2 things this liar never mentioned 1, the driver got killed in a hit and run 2, he would have been in his nappies at the time , l have been to a few of the northern soul nights and yes the musics great but the atmosphere is,nt the same , l found some of my bootleg acetates last year and sdly they are unplayable , the records the djs had were what were bought over from the states , very rare one-offs that never charted but had a great sound , some were god awful and they got thrown , but you got people who like the ripped music nowadays making these acetates and at the time they were between £1 and sometimes £20 if you could afford it !! you didnt know who the singer was or what the record was called as that was the djs ace in the pack , he had it and you wanted to dance /listen to it , the same thing happened when reggae started the Dub craze , l worked with a lad who’s wife is the sister of the lead singer in Steel Pulse . so l had copies of their music before it was released , he has the pressing disc of handsworth Revolution, and was a dj , and l saw how the discs he had,had the title scribbled out , and believe me it was big business if you had a top tune that no-one knew of and the other sound systems could’nt get hold of , l saw records going for £100s in them days (early 70s) same with the northern scene , some people made big money ,
    oh well back to the fitting of my daughter steam room (only had it standing for 18 months )

    have a nice day if you can beings its monday Jenny xxxxxxx

  31. Yeah I read that runtings… Not quite sure if I can can excited by it…

    “I would have thought that something could happen in the next month if there are serious people out there”

    I’m not sure there is any actual insight in to the movements…

    Its also reads that the people coming forward for Villa may not be the mega rich types we desire…

    Vladimir Potanin is rumoured to be interested in Everton… Perhaps he’s shopping around and could have his head turned in Villa’s direction.

  32. Yes GOG we don’t really know if the reports are fact but by simular reports coming out it could well be that we are at an advanced stage — it wouldnt suprise me if there are people keen on buying the club

  33. Sounds like Ki and Mosses are our two main targets. A winger and CM. Get Kea out cus otherwise Lambert will push Gardner even further down the pecking order

    Zoggy and Mosses on the wings, Grealish Behind Benteke, Ki alongside Delph, Vlaar alongside Okore

    Any decent manager could get 10th with that easy. Shame we have Lambert then. Most anti football manager ever. Just watch the first half of Saturdays nights game. Shameful

  34. Frem you are right Tekkers , zoggy bent kozac delph vlaar guzan lowton ect is more that enough to be fighting for uafa all the way

    you are also right in saying the brand of football at the club is so unprductive and negitive it’s hard to believe that it can happen in the modern game

  35. Bit worried Frem that Grealish is being tagged as the next wonder kid to save Villa…

    Grealish and Gardner could both have big seasons but lets not start having large expectations placed upon them. I’m sure both will feature but we do need to find a balance in the side. The first season of Lambert we played some decent football, people forget this, defensively naive yes, sometimes wayward, and sometime long, but we did play some decent football. Last season well, we tried to sure it up at the back, and lost an awful lot more going forward.

    I don’t think Lambert is anti football. He is clearly going to be here for this season so we now to to hope he’s learnt from the mistakes of the first two seasons and finds some balance, in the same light several players will need to ask questions of them selves on the performances of last season, and some players where culpable of making stupid, lazy mistakes on the pitch too.

    So whilst Lambert must rethink his tactics and style of the team that is now his, player must also up their concentration and standards. The increased competition brought back by the “bomb squad” and our bargain basement signing will hopefully do this.

    The issue you have with Lambert re players and his apparent “favourites” also don’t make sense to me, Lamberts interest stops with himself, he isn’t stupid enough to stop the progress of a youngster who could make a real difference to the team, however the situation needs to be right for the young player and the balance of the teams needs to be right to afford a young player to be given a chance without the heaped burden of pressure games being added to the already massive expectation Villa fans seem to burden them with every time one of the shows some promise.

    I still think Gardner will make it, given time and the right surrounds.

    Keane I think is a good move, I’m betting he’ll fall out with a few before August, and he’ll have the ear of Lambert. The like of KEA and Lowton won’t be allowed to switch off in training or games.

    Keane won’t blast anyone for not being the best player in the world, he will lay in to them tho for not trying to be the best they can be. He’ll be a shot in the arm for a few players and could be the most important signing we make this summer.

    From what I’ve seen and various twitter feeds he’s already raised the work level and intensity of training.

    As a coach I think Keane will be excellent. I’m not to “keane” on him taking over the reigns should Lambert get the boot at some point tho.

  36. New owners could be announced in time for the opening day of the season……..maybe….we just have to wait and see, but at least we have enough players now to hopefully give us a chance of reaching Xmas without being in the bottom three.

    Lambert, with Keane being a major player in running the squad, should be able to survive, for the first part of the season, but will need to produce results, if he wants to stay. Also more money may become available to make a couple of quality signings, and secure new contracts for Vlaar and maybe Delph, Gabby,will be offered a new contract, but probably on lower terms.

    Roll on Walsall….

  37. GOG

    Just read your comments, and have to say that I am in total agreement with you. You have made a very astute summary of the situation.

    Lambert did not use the youngsters last season, because the timing has to be right, and a young player under a stressful situation, does not want to be clogged by some cynical defender, early in his career, like has happened in the past, and then they are out for a season, like Gardner.

  38. If Gabby gets over £40k a week it’ll be crazy.

    Vlaar supposedly on around £30k a week and Delph on slightly less… these will have to be up’ed by at least £10k a week to secure them… This is the problem is United come in… even if QPR come in… our offer with be blown out of the water.

    Mind you Soton have the cash to throw a couple of big contracts out too if the so wish…. but it’ll be a dangerous game they get them selves in to if they start that… See Swansea and the spiraling wage demands from players at the club after Bony signed.

  39. I’d like to see Lambert send out full strength team again Walsall is a system that provide defensive cover but also allows for a few out balls for the defense.

    The problem of last season seemed to be to much emphasis on getting behind the ball no matter if how many player where attacking. As soon as we clear the ball comes straight back at us… how many times did we clear the first few attacks comfortably but the ball was allowed to come back at us unchallenged because everyone is back… that was our major downfall last season. If there are no “outballs” the ball will inevitably go long… who was the last player to provide the defense with a constant out ball? Petrov? Westwood did in it his first season, but was bogged down by defensive shackles last season and thus was hardly ever in a position to give the defender an easy option… This is a problem the manager, coach and players all need to resolve, its not like flicking a switch to correct it.

  40. GOG i can’t say i see the game the same as you in terms of Lambert not being anti football — we certainly don’t have the worst players in all 4 divisions but i challange anyone to show me a worse system of play and a more negitive team that Lambo’s villa

    If you saw the last friendly you should see that nothing has changed from last season

  41. PP,
    Lambert didn’t even TRY the academy players, he just stuck with the same old crepe irrespective of performance, irrespective of results, i’m sure GOG will testify to the confidence as well as the talent of some of the lads ( who are now 20 – 21 ). AVFC needs a massive clear out, not only at boardroom level, but the manager is OBVIOUSLY no-where near EPL standard, his lying is a total embarrassment to AVFC and is so blatent. On the playing side we have mediocre players making very little contribution to the team, everyone knows who they are but i’ll name a few just to keep my moaning up to scratch – Bennett, Luna, Clark, Herd, Gabby, Westwood, Sylla, Kozak, Weimann just wouldn’t be missed, i doubt if any would be targetted by Premier clubs because basically they’re s**te. This club can retain the dire, pointless direction that Lerner, Faulkner and Lambert have instilled which will result in our relegation or, hopefully, with new owners, take a positive direction and return to the Villa that we grew up loving, remember just that, we are Aston Villa, lets show it.

  42. GOG,
    Petrov didn’t exactly provide an out ball because he usually played it back to where it came from, how people say we miss him is unbelievable, he was total cr*p, couldn’t run, tackle, shoot, head or pass, no imagination nothing. The same people who wanted him dropped/sold are now labelling him a legend, who’s the next legend, Joe Bennett ?

  43. Steamer i’m under no illusion the club has some weaknesses. There are several player i’d prefer not to be in the team, and I am not a far of Lamberts brand of survival football employed last season.

    The direction of the club has been pretty much pointed by Lerner, he wants his money back and to get out of town, he’s failing to see he is just making his asset less desirable to buy with what he’s asked people to do at the club.

    Regarding young players the talents of Gardner and Grealish are undoubtable IMO, if they can take that on to a pitch with other talented players is another matter. We saw the dramatic improvement in Vlaars apparently performance standards when he gets to play with higher class team mates… this too will go for the younger players. Yes they are 20-21… Grealish was held back by previous regimes with their ignorance of the loan system and development of players, now he’s had a full year out on loan and will have learnt a lot, but will still be green when it comes to the EPL. Gardner you can effectively wipe 2 years of development from is game.

    I too want to see a return to the Villa I grew up loving, I don’t enjoy this situation. Just trying to add a little sanity to the conversation surrounding whats going on. To me there seems to be a few too many knee jerk reactions to the solution… after last season and the football I saw I can fully understand them. As I say I don’t think he is completely Anti-football though when I think back to the season before where we did have a go at teams and did play some decent football in that period. It’s a shame we didn’t kick on with that last season…

  44. Petrov was an outball… he took the ball held it and nearly all the time gave it back to a team mate. it allowed players to reposition, get back up the field and them provide options… even if Petrov passed the ball back to a defender it still allowed that short period of time to allow players to get back in to a form of team shape.

    Again Petrov wasn’t an amazing player but he was steady and reliable in that position.

  45. The info coming out now, explains why Lerner did not keep Faulkner, and why he walked. Things could be close to a deal being struck, hence the sudden stop on player loans/ signings both in and out.

    Don’t have a problem with the way Villa have played in the pre-season so far, as it is about fitness and preparation, not about playing systems. Like GOG says, Lambert did have his time of being adventurous in his first season, but because of injury, lack of experience, results went against us, until the end of February, and then the boys did have a final flurry. Last season was a disaster with injuries to Benteke, etc, and Lambert just tried to prevent losing and failed fairly miserably, but this season, he has a much better chance of making a good start with the squad he has. He has at least got players who have experience and need to show that they can still perform…It is as important for them, as it is for Lambert, if not more so, or they will not be looking forward to the pension pots they all need…!!!!

  46. I expect more of everything from a MF Graham, some sort of creativity and threat, even from a defensive player not something like three goals in 150 games, i can’t remember one defence splitting pass from him in his Villa career. To me he is a typical modern MF player, a nothing, he wouldn’t have been picked up by a club in any other era. Very fortunate to have friends in high places, MON and Knob.

  47. PP,
    Wondered why TBAR put a notice on their site saying to read about the takeover you had to sign in, may have got it right at last, hopefully.

  48. Remember reading about Kevin Strootman being linked with Villa last season ? they want £79m for him now, sheer fantasy coming from VP.

  49. The TBAR blog get carried away on every bit of rumours on a takeover. They all thought it would be done by now. There all masturbating over the article today with the chap saying we could have new owners in a month. The guy knows as much as I do about if there’s interest or not.

    Steamer- I agree with 99.9% of things you normally say but have to disagree about Stan 🙂 He was a good all round player.

  50. Frem

    Glad you and Steamer are on form for the coming season…

    To me it has seemed a very quiet close season with not a great deal going on in the transfer window so far, could be one big last minute rush again.

    I am happy that Villa have been quiet on the transfer scene, as it means , we could be very much more active before the window closes.

  51. Fairly quiet Paul apart from Southampton keeping people entertained. Stoke getting Bojan is gutting. Quality player. A few other teams who would should be competing for are signing top players

    Swansea want 4 mill for Ki which Lambert is going to have to beg Randy for. I feel sorry for him in this case. A prem team shouldn’t have to beg for 4 mill on a player who is actually good. Could make a great partnership with Delph. Mosses would be a decent addition as well. We need pace and wingers

    Have you seen the rumours about the take over being delayed because the train runs right through our training ground and compo or what ever being waited for ?

  52. Weird how I’m actually cautiously optimistic about this season, will I ever learn?
    Funny how fast Lambert gave up on Tonev. NEVER thought I’d see Hutton back in a Villa shirt. If we can get some value out of Old King Cole I’ll be shocked but one just never knows. I think Lambert and Keane will surprisingly make a good partnership and it only took him 3 yrs but is Lambert actually starting to figure some of this out!??!!? Get a good owner in and add 2,3 more decent players then mid table with all the 2nd rate teams in the Prem looks doable through these claret colored glasses. Probably be eating these words come November but if we’re not in the bottom 6 come November then PL and RK will have done their jobs!

  53. I think it’s a good sign that randy isnt spending – because he useally does give 20mil or so and is now giving nothing leads me to think a sale is not too far away

    On Lamberts style of play — it will not suddenly change at the start of the season , it is what it is

    We did attack more in the first season but maybe the players have slowly lost belief due to the sham that has unfolded at the club since lambo and his crew’s arrival

  54. Going to cut PL some slack here and say if we’re not in the bottom 6 come December then the mgmt teaam will have done it’s job as Oct and Nov fixtures are particularly nasty.

  55. I grew to see the value of stan — he did go backwards with the ball alot and eminded me of sideways Draper — but he had heart – drew a lot of fouls and allpowed the likes of barry young milner and downing to get forward and try something — plus he had a huge heart and was a leader

  56. Last seasons injuries had a bigger effect on our demise than Lamberts useless tactics and subs IMO. Nobody can say how Okores season would of turned out but I’d think he would of made a difference, the games Vlaar missed injured and his drop in form toward the end also had a huge effect. Gabby was on fire until he got injured and that was that for him. Kosak did ok for a big man in a team with no wingers or invention and i’m betting he will do better with nzog, cole , grealish picking him out if he recovers that is. benteke too had a poor season by his standards blighted by injury and lack of supply, especially from the completely out of form weimann and lowton. westwood, clarke, tony moon, baker all lost form after injury and there were many more. these injury strewn seasons don’t usually repeat to often so fingers crossed. all the other rubbish that went on last season is over so hopefully we can be average at least instead of s**te.

    Petrov did one thing well he bought time, we got him late on and not at his best.

  57. oh and depending on the type of leukemia he had it can develop quickly or slowly so could of had it for years, possibly a factor in his play and profuse sweating

  58. Mark hope you are right — is labert worst than mcliesh ?

    does anyone remember the villa own goal from our throw in ,, it kinda summed up the mcliesh era for me === we have been served up some shocking stuff for some time now

    I was behind lambert at first but if i don’t se a manager that gets his boys to pop it about and njoy there football along with a manager that players want to run through brick walls for == then for me it can never be the right manager

  59. runtingz

    for me mcleish was overly negative in all aspects of his tactics even talking us down before playing manure etc he’s the worst of the two for entertainment but Lamberts doing his best to get that useless. on transfers they have both been iffy.
    saying that restrictions have been horrific. in summary neither are tactical geniuses and may never be, I agree the footballs been s**te

  60. On this beautiful balmy evening what better place to be than AVL 🙂

    ST75 – I would have loved to have gone to a northern soul all nighter. I love the dancing, music and if there were lessons locally I would sign up to them – maybe you can teach me 🙂 I appreciate that John Newman is prob too commercial for you musical buffs on here – but I adore him and his vids. Just watch this one and take a step down memory lane – when the white powder was used for legitimate reasons ie for the spinning – check it out on the vid. I can see you there St75 with your puma bag.


  61. Getting back to the article, I remember PL saying that DB, Hutton and Zog, had no future at AV very early on, as “they didn’t fit into his system or style of play.” Does he have the tactical flexibility to integrate them now and get the best out of them. I have read that it is RL who is insisting he plays the bomb squad (and RL must be wondering what the hell he paid aprox 35 mill in transfer fees let alone wages for these three ) so is it a case of PL learning from his mistakes or being forced to use what he should have in the first place. Flexibility is not something I have seen from him to date and for that reason, I think that a better manager could get more from the players we have at our disposal. We can only hope that Keane has a say so that we can look forward to more than 30 percent possession and hoofing it up to the target man whoever that might be. I feel more positive about the players in our squad – but they need someone like Martinez to get the best out of them. He managed to keep Wigan up with less talent for a few seasons. Good to see the bomb squad looking so cheerful though – maybe Keane has given them hope – the big question is can this last !

  62. That Birmingham Mail article gives me no hope at all. The headline is misleading – nowhere in it does it say that we have a buyer even. It’s just a so called “expert” saying that it can take three months to sell a company and that RL would do it properly (unlike Yeung). Tell us news not history as they say.

  63. Some positivity is coming through at last….Lambert will not be the best…He is still a young manager in the making…Fergy was pretty sh**e to start with, and Lambert is no different, but maybe he will never get any better, but he can never be as bad as McKnob, who should have a hooter the size of the Clyde the number of times he rubbed it when questioned. At least Lambert just gave positive bullsh^t.

    Takeover seems imminent, with names now coming forward. Time to be a true fan and stand up VTID…UTV…

    Busy working out at the moment….just in case ST75 is still wanting to make a challenge… and also may have to make a challenge for the fair Jenny….she is definitely worth the challenge…

    Attractive women are always interesting, but one with grey matter as well, is definitely worth pursuing….just need to get her back to VP on a regular basis..

    Nice to see Monty is also back around..I think she still wants baker’s shirt..!!

  64. PP- where do you get your info ? Please say somewhere other than TBAR 🙂

    We are all Villa till we die

    We will have to get her a Baker shirt. Don’t the club shop sell shirts used by players ? Might be one in there. Maybe he boots. I will have a look when I go to the Palma game

  65. Jenny , l will show the moves ,no problem xxxx yutube converter is what you use to convert the vids/music to MP3 so you can burn to disc or put onto your ipod ,

    anytime ,

    will be at the palma ,

    Steamer . it seems the steamers are meeting up for that game to have a drink to the lads who have passed ,

  66. Jen,
    I use it to download to itunes,
    1) Get Youtube Converter up
    2) Get itunes up
    3) Select which music video ( only the music downloads ) and copy the video Https to the converter
    4) Press convert
    5) It’ll tell you when its downloaded, then press convert and an arrow will point down on the bottom left hand side of the screen.
    6) A box appears and the press open, the music will appear on your itunes.

  67. Fair play Steamers. Didn’t think you older guys would even know what iTUNES was. Thought it will still be the gramophones or the big ass muisc disks 😉

    Do you know if you can use youtube convertor and get them straight onto your phone ? That would be handy

    Jenny- Sometimes there are decent muisc apps you can get on your phone which you just search and you download it staright onto your phone.

  68. steamer
    thats why it didnt work for me you forgot number 4 , luckily neighbour came round with 2yro nephew and he showed me !!!! (the 2yro that is)

    dewar going round to see builder (thick cnut) wants 1st fix before he puts up studding work, unbelievable !! wish i’d become a pen pusher instead ,,,,

  69. Good to hear you all enjoy a nice cold cider. It’s also good to hear Villa is winning in America and Bent and CNZ scored.

    I’m in Australia. Went to an Aussie rules match the other night with an Aussie mate. It was interesting, but I’d rather watch football or rugby.

    Went snorkelling around some old shipwrecks on Sunday. Tomorrow, it’s diving the Great Barrier Reef. Today, I visited a rainforest and cuddled a koala bear. It’s all great, but man Australia is so expensive now.

    So far, I’ve tried Tooheys’ Dry and Carlton’s Dry. Don’t mind a beer, but cider’s pretty good.

    It was nice to catch up on all your posts.

  70. This Frems getting a bit cheeky, taking the P now.
    Dunno about the phone bit Frem, my moby is about ten years old, they said i didn’t qualify for a smart phone at the shop.

    Did you ever see that film about Aussie rules The Club starring Jack Thomson, one of the funniest films iv’e ever seen. Won’t catch me in those seas, since i saw Jaws iv’e been wary of the sea, can still see that head coming out of the ship. Give my regards to Harold Bishop unless he’s died again.

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