Paul Faulkner was a divisive figure. For a large segment of the fanbase he was never a “football man” and certainly not a “Villa man”. He always was lumped in with the owner and manager as fans vented their frustration at the on-field product. In reality he was let down by the owner above him and the managers below him. The latter likely hand-picked by the former.

Negotiating transfers with clubs and contracts with agents is the part of a chairman’s job that gets the most attention. In that regard I don’t doubt Faulkner was limited by the budget given by the owner, and sought to bring in players selected by the manager who fit in the budget. Realistically this is a small portion of the actual job. Admittedly when he publicly tried to defend or promote the results on the pitch it usually backfired like when he said in January we were “progressing.”

When you run the day-to-day operations of a club everybody at the club answers to you. His primary role was to make the club as profitable, or more likely sustainable, as possible. The way to do that is increase the commercial and match day revenue as much as possible. In this role Faulkner did a fine job. Sponsorship revenue went up. Attendance fluctuated based on performance, but hospitality revenue was steady.

That he is leaving now shows how listless the club is at the moment. We have a bean counter as the interim CEO, a lame duck manager, an assistant manager who has a second job, little money to invest in a squad that finished 15th last season, our two best players from last season are on the last years of their contract, and that includes the captain who is coming off an excellent performance at the World Cup. Not looking good at all at the moment.

I can envision a scenario if I try really hard. A reintegrated Bent and N’Zogbia link up to score goals. Vlaar stays and forms a stable partnership with Okore. Joe Cole is fit enough to make a difference, while his professionalism rubs off on the kids. Maybe Grealish, Donacien, and Robinson step up and contribute the the first team. These things could happen. The question is how many of them will.

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  1. I hope the bottom paragraph happens Jason but if Lambert has his he way, he won’t. His f**k buddy’s will start every week how ever dire they consistently keep playing. We will pack the defence with 5 at the back. Em won’t have any players who can run at the opposition with pace and cause problems. Zoggy., Grealish, even Tonev need to be given a real chance. Hopefully Keane will get us playing with width like his Man U side sides were so lethal at doing

    The fact PF has gone is only positive news. 1 down, 2 more useless t**ts to go

  2. ST75,

    When the time comes when you get fed up of chinning noses then I think it will be time to hang up those martens.

    Still surprised by the optimism after the latest signings and how we are going to get rid of most of the s**t that we call our squad, if you was looking at our club at the moment and seeing how it is being run (down) you would probably put your money straight down the s**tter because the prospects of a return would be slightly higher.

    We are a shambles and that’s being polite, the talk about Bent and CNZ mystifies me, why would they sweat blood and tears for Lambert after the way the club has treated them, I can see Vlaar,Bent,CNZ and Benteke all leaving in the near future add Delph to that lot and we are left with a bunch who are absolute s**te.


    Best of luck getting your money back but you may just find they have spent your season ticket money on Sendergros”s signing on fee, yes all £560.


  3. Jay,

    I think Lambert has been sitting in his armchair and watching the WC thinking this three at the back malarkey could work, Vlaar Okore and Senderos with Bacuna and Richardson as the wingbacks, two holding midfield players in Westwood and Delph with Cole CNZ supporting Benteke/Bent, it looked ok when the Dutch played it although they had world class players and some of ours are s**te.


  4. Kieran Richardson to Villa.

    Actually not a bad signing – considering. I’ve been going to Fulham (for work) for three years and rate Richardson as unspectacular but reliable. Never really saw him play wing back but as left back he does get up and back quickly. Scores goals but I can’t remember many decent crosses.

    I think we’ll have another rough season. We have to have more than the three promoted sides. I don’t rate Burnley or Leicester. Swansea will struggle as will Southampton (unless they spend their £70m very well). I don’t see Sunderland, QPR or West Brom doing much either but we’d be at their ‘fairly rubbish’ level.

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester one and two, Spuds and Everton will all be top eight.

    Newcastle and Hull will do well to get ninth and tenth.

    The rest of us will scrabble – I can’t see us doing better than West Ham, Palace or Stoke (writing that nearly made me sick – but it’s true).

    Another 13 – 16 place finish for us.

  5. No word from Steamer as yet, if it is true what ST75 told us, he was in the bathroom and stood on his laptop and broke the b*****d, he thought it was his electronic scales, complete and utter knobhead should have gone to specsavers.


  6. Excellent article , which is right on the money, with regard to Faulkner and the way we may set up.

    Many saying that Lambert will be setting up with a 5-3-2 formation, and the players he has/is bringing in will suit that, with the younger players being groomed to take over the various roles as the season progresses.

    Interesting the comments about QPR and their players being sort by big clubs from abroad, after they were relegated, perhaps Lambert has it right this time, gaining very experienced players, who will not set the world alight, but will put in a decent shift, and will not be afraid of the opposition.


    I am not in Brum, but instead of Blue Noses, I am surrounded by gloating Bin dippers, Chelski s**te, and Manure fans, who all have a lot more to shout about than a few sad Blue Noses, who will never stop being jealous of us, especially when we have intelligent, attractive female fans like our Jenny and Monty, without going to mention our many famous ones, and a resident historian in the shape of JL. Imagine , we could be in Bristol, and having to support on of their teams….and Bristol is a growing and vibrant city.

  7. Paul,

    I am in Bristol and as everyone knows one of the Bristol teams ( Rovers ) has dropped out of the league, the other team Bristol City currently languish in league one but are showing signs of improvement, it is a city moving forward very quickly with a catchment area in the region of a million or so people so a successful football team would be well supported, last year both teams struggled to get 20k between them.


  8. Back to our glowing season ahead of us and the excitement being generated by some fans with out latest signings:

    Let me take you back to just a few months ago when our season ended with some awful statistics, teams like Fulham, Stoke, Palace, Newcastle who did the double over us, we could not even beat West Ham which always used to be a guaranteed three points at VP.

    We are seeing teams around us making improvements with some decent players, whereas I feel we are again regressing even further with players who nobody else wants.

    Reasons to be cheerful, am I missing something.


  9. Morning S75

    I suppose I could be labelled an optimist,happy clapper or total mug.I am optimistic because,Lambert is in year 3 of a 3 year deal,we are up for sale,therefore as each day passes Lerner and PL are closer to the exit door.I am not saying we are a good side,but we will be a bettter side than the shambles of last season,not massively.but just enough to plod along until the sale.We won`t strengthen in the true sense of the word,but we are acquiring more experience,which everyone wantes,and some width in KR.All short term deals until the new era.No decent player in the 23/28 age bracket will sign,becase we are only offering 1 and 2 year deals, on small salaries.PF has gone which many,many posters called for,now he has gone unhappiness still abounds
    The situation is not good.the signings are uninspiring,necessary though,I understand why we are chasing this type of player,they don`t enthuse me but that is the only level of er,…..”quality”we can attract right now.If it`s worth having it`s worth waiting for.
    I have more serious issues to concern myself with anyway.Like getting my money back from The Dirty Half Dozen from the meet in December.That crowd make AL Capone look a flippin saint by comparison.I found a hotline to call where I could get advice it 0820 20 20 20.It was answered by this message”Good Evening you have reached S75 Holdings.Please be patient as we are experiencing an excessive amount of calls and technical diffficulties,we will deal with your call as soon as possible.Your call is important to me,at £20 at minute it`s very important to my bank account you mug.”

  10. Hi SWV

    Heading down your way later this pm, to see the girlfriend and sample some good harvester food..!!

    Bristol really is growing and vibrant, but such a shame we no longer build aircraft and so many other things. Instead they are building more and more houses where once Concord was born.

    Try and enjoy the sun and look to it shining at VP after the world Cup finishes, and things get better..!!

  11. Paul,

    They still build the wings at Filton then ship them elsewhere to finish the build, yes they ripped up the airfield at Filton so they can build thousands of houses not a great move if you want to protect jobs.

    Any chance you can bring that £20 that ST75 owes me.


  12. Paul,

    Faulkner was learning on the job, and you just cannot do that at this level in sport i.m.o. Also his appreciation of Villa was misguided. He quibbled with me on spending £5,000 on one occasion, claiming that the important archiving cost would be better spent on players! Why was I appointed, therefore? To sit and answer phone calls?

    The sponsors have been low-grade (without even thinking about the managerial appointments – one in particular), so how we can say that a good job was done is hard to take in.

    The buck stops with Lerner, so to blame Faulkner for too much is probably not right, and Faulkner seems to have done well in his job within the club. Internally, he seems to have been popular. It does say a lot when the two previous CEO appointments under Lerner – who were both well-versed in football ops – decided that leaving was the better option after barely warming their office chairs.

    Having said all that, I sympathise with the matter of his young son’s health and I sincerely wish him all the best in the future.

  13. Jason

    what we need is MO money, i’ve heard that we are in for sergeant Wilson, Pike, captain manwaring and corporal Jones to add even more experiance and comedy value if Roy is influencing these signings god help us. wasn’t expecting much and will judge on performance but surely a little more imagination than the dole que

  14. I think KR is a great signing. Along with JC we’ve added 2 quality players and with Grealish coming back from NC that’s 3. I think Vlaar will go to Man U for 10M. At 29 he’s at the peak of his career and has 4 more years in him so 10M has to be the min.

    I think we’ll easily finish mid table based on RK. I don’t like the guy, but at least he’ll cut out the nonsense and no show displays. It’s also good as he’ll want Grealish in the team based on the Irish connection.

  15. Also GG being 100% fit is huge. Although we can’t finish in the top 6, we should be challenging for the next 4 spots. I would still take Hoolahan as a super-sub

  16. Well, Vlaar certainly won’t be staying after his WC. Big clubs will want him, he won’t stay at one that’s it complete and utter shambles. 10 mill plus Young and Fletcher will do

    DONT FORGET Zoggy angel as a new signing. ( if Lambert decides to use him)

    It’s time he stops using s**te work horses like Gabby and Wiemann in the final 3rd and actually uses quality like Zoggy and Grelaish

    Ki being mentioned bit as a new CM that could come in

  17. Frem,

    yeah I like Zog if he can lift his head. Roy will instill that in him. I would also be happy to see Gabby and Weimann leave. I hope Bent stays though… I still believe in him although he’ll most likely take the money and head to turkey

  18. I was at the toon game a couple of years ago. GG came on for the last 10 mins and was amazing. Just hoping he can recapture that form. The great thing about this year with Roy Keane…the best team will start

  19. Delph to Wet Spam? That would hurt. Cambiasso linked as well to them and us. Thing is, they can offer huge wages

    We need Vlaar and Delph to stay on, sign a quality CM, maybe young in and that’s about all we will can do. Get Zoggy, GG, Grelaish starting and we might be ok

  20. Yea, would love to see Delph stay. He’s one of the few that has a turn if speed and a brain to go with it. Remember, all the injuries he went through and what he did last year. This year he can push it up a notch and be a Bryan Robson type player.

  21. Frem: Well, Vlaar certainly won’t be staying after his WC.

    Would a *bigger* club want a 29-year-old c-b? Despite his WC performances.

    I doubt that he would move to another club in the PL but he might move abroad of course. Perhaps.

  22. John- I can certainly see him going to another big prem club. They can could get a very good defender, for very cheap fee and wages

    Man U need to replace Vidic and Ferdinand.

    Of we lose Delph and And Vlaar I think that would be that for AVFC

  23. Frem,

    Why would Man U want to buy a 29-year-old? I don’t feel that’s likely but I accept it’s possible. They need someone in his mid-20s to fill their gap i.m.o.

    And I wouldn’t think that Ron would want to go to another Prem club unless it’s another bigger one. But, again, the fact he’s 29 is against such a move.

  24. They have Jones and Smalling still John who are still young. Evans as well. I think he would be a quick and easy fit for united.

    Man U are a pretty big club John 🙂 LVG obviously going there now. Don’t you think Vlaar would want to work with him again ?

    One thin I, convinced of is Lambert will be trying to copy Hollands 343 formation 🙁 if he uses Zoggy in the final 3rd and Grelaish them it might be ok but Lambert doesn’t use good players, he’d rather play useless clueless work horses like Wiemann and Gabby instead

    Ashely Young being mentioned as a possible return. Maybe Vlaar going the other way? Young and Zoogy supplying Benteke/ Kosak. Yes please

  25. Lowton and KR as wing backs as both are better attacking then going forwards. Okore, Dross and Vlaar a back 3, Cambiasso sitting in front. Delph with a licence to get forward.

    Then let players like Zoggy, Grealish, Benteke, Tonev, Cole ( young maybe) have a free roam to attack in the final 3rd. Lambert has to be more adventures this time around. Hopefully Keane will help with that. His united teams never were ones to sit back. Attack attack attack

  26. Given to push Guzan to actually save shots this season. Bacuna to push Lowton as wing back, Kinsella ( young left back) to compete with KR. Donacian mad Clark as cover for the main 3 CB’s. Sell Herd, Baker, Luna and Bennett

    Westwood and Gardner to compete with Delph and a new CM. Sell Kea ( Sylla already gone)

    There’s some hope maybe, but it’s vital the s**t that I’ve mentioned is sold and they aren’t in our 25 mAn squad next season eating away at wages, and holding our youngsters back

  27. Frem, Man U would have to pay quite a bit for Vlaar if he were to go. As I said I’m not sure they would see it a logical *footballing* decision to go for him at 29 yoa.

    But we’ll just have to see…

  28. John i don’t see why you find it so difficult to see such a no brainer for me of vlarr to man u
    Van gal has given him a spot in the national team and knows how good he is and his personality , he also knows he is very good at hs job

    29 is perfect as he is at his peak and knows the prem

    Cant see delph going to west ham thou , why go there and 5mil is less than what we paid many moons ago

    Interesting comments on the effects of the new signnings added with the bomb sqaud reurn — we may juast about be ok to stay up but i think it will be touch and go
    Why do so many think that RK will have such a positive effect when all is jobs as a manager have all ended in complete disaster

  29. Aye. Maybe he really did stand on his laptop.


    Did you enjoy the Origin series? I’ll be in Brisbane on the 26th, shame there’s no footy.

    Me thinks Richardson’s a decent edition.

  30. Runtings,

    Rio is 32 or thereabouts and has left after some 10 years at the club. That was a good investment.

    But Ron – he would give them 3 or 4 years service before he also would go. And that would cost some initially.

    I think Man U would be looking for something like the Rio acquisition.

  31. steamer was using the the google search button on his laptop you know the one where you talk to it and it gives you a random answer because it doesn’t understand your accent. well steamer has been talking to his quite a bit and it seems to have put itself into permanent sleep mode,I think the last thing he asked it was can you lend me £20?

  32. to be honest didn’t hear much about KR’s season at fulham to know if he’s any good, the rumours about Cambiasso now if you want experience he would be ideal on the cheap

  33. pp
    yes we got manure,chels,liver ect around this way and as you said they have something to shout about with their moneybags , but l can shut them up with the line , “lv been to your teams ground more times than you” , the noses are everywhere and they dont give a s**t about their plight anymore so they love winding us up , and it gets a bit tiring ,(lm barred from my local ) B62 seems to have the same where he works with the tesco bags , but i cant get excited with the signings and the cr*p thats going on down there , it would seem lm not the only one not impressed ,as the lad who runs the coaches to the away games is not even bothering with the friendlies so that seems a no-go then for a meet up , and the 1st game away at stoke he has even said if lm going he will stay in the pub with me ! this is a bloke who never misses a game ,

    Brasil.mark, ged,B62 ,steamer , yes l would class you lot as Happy Clappers , as l remember in the pub listening to you all clapping as l went up the bar AGAIN !!!! , you load of arses .

    lm off for a while , happy summer all

    see you soon Jenny xxxx

    Runtins , dont worry about steamer , he just awaiting his computer to be fixed mate , he’s bursting at the seems , lol , saturday was an eye opener with the lads as l was really surprised with the ones who are not renewing this season, keep the music coming on F/b , some great stuff lv never heard before , cheers

  34. I hope Ki plays for Villa. He’s pretty good. It also means they’ll show all Villa’s games in Korea. I’ll get to watch them on free TV and Villa will get more TV income. Makes good sense to me.

  35. Hi ST75

    I know how difficult it must be if you are getting banned from your locals, my daughter’s partner is much the same when people wind him up about Chelski. Have seen several “Close encounters”…LOL

    I always used to throw back at the ‘Noses that we have had the cup stolen more times than them.and when are they going to win a league trophy, other than Division 3 South….

    The only final they have reached, other than the one one with McNob, was the Inter Cities Fairs Cup back in the sixties when they almost had a team.

    Sylla and Luna on their way, and the Tesco bags still want Hutton, so things could improve, as Ki could be a tidy player. We may create some surprises yet, while the moneybag teams are trying to get their teams to blend together, most of ours have played together.

  36. I don’t think I have ever seen Ki play, so I went on Twitter to get some feedback from Swansea and Sunderland fans. Their response was very positive. One Sunderland chap stated that he had a 6 match streak of a 100% pass rate. Sounds like a very neat and tidy player but I have been told that he isn’t really a defensive midfielder as some would have you believe.

    I’m pleased that Lambert has identified the right areas that needed attention. He is offloading the dross whilst addressing the areas we are weak. We have been low on experience, he’s addressed that. We’ve been low on quality and experience in defence, he’s brought in Senderos and Richardson. Joe Cole ticks the creativity and experience box. Ki seems to tick a midfielder with a touch of quality box.

    The only other area we are weak is out wide. Agbonlahor, N’Zogbia and Weimann are all we have. Weimann is quite limited out on the flank and we don’t know what N’Zogbia is going to be like after a year out. I think we need another addition there. A young player with express pace hopefully.

    Of course we could always benefit from additions in quality but currently, Lambert doesn’t have the money to spend to do that. All he can do is address the areas where we are weak within the budget that he has.

    So far so good as far as I can see.

    I really hope we can get Delph, Agbonlahor and Vlaar signed up soon and then we can look forward to a decent season. Losing any of those players would be a big blow.

  37. Droyd,

    I’m glad you’re backing Gabby. There are some who are dead against him but under RK he should get kicked back into something like the action he is capable of.

  38. It would be great if Hutton, Luna and and a few more can go. Herd, Bennett, Baker and a gabby, they don’t deserve to stay at Villa

    The Ki deal isn’t a done yet matt K says. They are reluctant to sell. I think he’s got everything in his locker as a player. Decent pace, very good passer, can get forward, great energy.

    We need Vlaar and Delph to stay obviously. Zoggy to get a new lease of life but first Lambert needs to play him. Stop playing Wiemann and Gabby in Creative areas, use talent and real footballers like Grealsih, Zoggy, Cole and Carruthers instead. If we could get young back then that would be lovely

    It’s horrible seeing teams like Newcastle and Stoke add top quality though

    We need that new rich owner fast

  39. Ki sounds like a decent player..

    But if Swansea and Sunderland fans are raving about him.. it begs the question.. why aren’t Swansea looking to keep him and Sunderland trying to sign him considering he spent a season on loan there…

  40. John – I think Agbonlahor is an important player for Villa. Especially away from home when we counter attack. The problem with him is that he struggles to stay consistently fit. His strength, pace, work rate and commitment to Villa should not be underestimated.

    His goals return remains disappointing for three reasons. 1) He is mainly a wide player these days. 2) He’s never been the best of finishers 3) He has been part of a poor team for 3-4 years now.

    I think we would be crazy to be dispensing with his services.

  41. gabby’s problems stem from his main asset speed. these type of players are invariably injury prone, get kicked/tripped more and suffer from hamstring troubles. he’s essentially a sprinter. In my opinion he needs to drop a stone and you would see a different player, doesn’t mean he’ll shoot straight but his passing/crossing has improved for me

  42. Sylla has completed his season long move to that Turkish side. This is a good move for all concerned. He is contracted to us unitl 2016 and was going backwards for pretty much all of last season.

    I don’t think the lad has the basic skill sets or ability to make it ever at PL level. However a move elsewhere for a season should stop him from regressing which is of no use to us or the player.

    I hope he plays well out there.

  43. Reading different things on Ki. Apparently he has a knee injury and can’t even train.

    I personally really hope it happens. We will have some height in our midfield for once, someone alongside Delph who can also travel with the ball and get round the pitch unlike Westwood and Kea

    Gabbys problem is just his injures, his problem is he can’t control or dribble a football

    Watch Grelaish, then Gabby and you will see two completely different footballers. Lambert better not hold Grelaish back because he prefers Gabby and Wiemann and instead

  44. Good move for Sylla. Luna has gone now as well. We just need a few more out, KI in and that might be that.

    Wonder if anything will happen with Bentner and Young

  45. Droyd,

    Kayseri Erciyesspor seems to be the Turkish equivalent of Aston Villa, they had similar figures last season to us W10 D7 L17 finished in the bottom six, their stadium holds just over 40k with very fervent support, Sylla should feel at home and best of luck to the lad although he will never be a premier player.


  46. Well boys how are you doing ? The WC was a treat loved every min of it, would you believe I’m actually excited for the new season providing we sign Ki we had one of the worst midfield’s in any topflight European league last year, it is the section that needs investment and HEIGHT we have enough dwarfs. Anyone see the latest pictures of Westwood he’s been pumping the weights should benefit him greatly.

    Hope Hoolahan arrives, Keane will be all too aware of his abilities for me JC is a complete gamble hope he proves me wrong but can’t see it.


  47. Hello Liam I’m weirdly looking forward to the season mostly as it might actually be the season the u 21’s bare fruit. If grealish and Gardner play to their potential they will make the world of difference. Gardner is 6’1″ I think so as you say much needed height. Personally I want a solid defensive mid as a priority as I think it will take pressure off and allow Westwood and co to get forward. An organiser and reader of the game who keeps it simple will see us play a different style I think by default rather than design. How’s Australia?

  48. Vlaar to Roma on the rumour sites, his agent will be working overtime to fashion a move for his man, lets be fair his stock will never be higher and at 29 this could be his last chance for a big money move, I think we can all see this happening sooner rather than later, his future at Villa looks to be coming to an end.


  49. To Roma? He ain’t going to stick around. What site SWV? Delph next

    Liam- no need for WH now with Cole and Grealish

    SWV- awful stats, but I think ours are even worse

  50. So, i was just outside cleaning my car when 3 lads walked past, 2 had blues shirts on the other had just a tee shirt. One of the noses asked if i wanted my car washed, no thanx i said, and joked about how they would probably make a cr*p job of it been as i am a Villa fan.
    Oh, he’s a villa fan pointing to the lad with the tee shirt on, yeah but he’s ashamed to wear his shirt outside says the other. the noses start laughing and taking the p*ss out of the 3rd lad who smiles at me and walks off.

    Oh how far have we gone???? 🙁

  51. Mark
    I’m good thanks, the weather is abysmal here at the mo have some mates over from scouse land so busy entertaining them. Have a 21 day straight roster ahead of me starting next Friday in the mines so spoiling myself lol.

    Like you I hope the young lads break through this year, Gardner has massive potential. Frem if JC ain’t fit he’s no good to us can’t see him staying off the treatment table.

    Vlaar has really made a name for himself wonder did Lambert scout him originally !? Seems to be a massive shortage of CBs worldwide at the minute.

  52. Bentner has turned down a chance to play in Germany

    Would sum us up if Vlaar leaves and he comes in

    Scum fans taking the p*ss now. You know it’s bad when they can they do that

    SOS some new owner

  53. Liam- he might manage 15 games or so, but then it’s time for Grelaish to step in

    Holt was asked on twitter a couple days back who is the most promising player at Villa and he said Grelaish. No point in getting someone else to hold him back which Lambert will do with all our youth players if he can

  54. Just been reading the sponsorship figures that Untied have with Adidas and Chevrolet and EON, they are quite staggering, we have fallen so far behind the big boys that I cannot see us ever catching them up, never thought I would hear myself admitting that.


  55. There now seems to be a very strong influence from Keane, in the players we are signing, and they also seem to be fairly astute ones, considering what we are paying, mainly for a refreshed potential, but I do have the feeling that Keane, if anyone will bring the best out in them.

    Will be interesting to see if the Fonz rediscovers his form with Wolves, as he is still a youngster.

    Need to sort contracts for Vlaar, Delph and Gabby, who I agree does need to slim a little, maybe has been doing too much of his bodybuilding in the last few years.

  56. SWV Vlaar to Roma on the rumour sites…

    Yes, I was getting a hunch that a move abroad may be more likely for him.

    However, he might still think the Premier League is the real place to be … and stay … with VIlla!!

  57. The situation with Vlaar should be quite simple. If he wants to leave then we should demand the appropriate transfer fee for one of the best defenders in the World Cup.

    If we don’t get that price then make him see out the final year of his contract. He will have still been good value for the 3 years overall.

    Hopefully none of that will be necessary and he will sign a new contract.

  58. Droyd,

    It comes back to his age again … when he’s 30 (next year) he’ll not be such an attractive proposition to the big clubs.

    He’s likely to stay at VP i.m.o. – unless they offer him peanuts to re-new his contract.

  59. liam

    so your in the mines then, a mates son did it for a year and made himself a nice little stash. said it was hard going though working at times in 40 degrees plus.

  60. So now both Man Utd and Roma are being linked to Vlaar, with bids of £6m. I think we can safely say we have seen his last game in a Villa shirt. The fee won’t be top dollar because the club failed in signing him up pre the WC, as now he enters his last year and we’re over the transfer barrel with our pants down.
    Lambert has basically f**ked the last two years up, we are in a far worse position than when he started , he is frantically trying offload a load of s**te from the squad, players HE mostly bought. We are in turmoil, with no leadership and no takeover in sight. I think it’s all going to end in tears

  61. B62

    And £6m is enough of an offer to persuade Villa to let go? If so, and even with this lot i.c., I would be very surprised!

    In fact I can’t see anything other than rumours at the moment…

  62. John – I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vlaar go but only for big money. £10 million plus. Even with just one year of his deal left, he had an outstanding World Cup and will be in demand.

    There are three scenarios where Villa should come out OK:

    1) Vlaar signs a new contract
    2) Vlaar sees out the remainder of his deal
    3) Vlaar goes for silly money

    None of those are terrible options. The Vlaar situation is not something that concerns me.

  63. What happens if Randy pockets most the money we get for him?

    IF WE lose him it will be a massive blow. Could we get better? Probably not

  64. JL/Droyd
    Normally I’d say your right £6m wouldn’t get him, however we are a club in complete meltdown, we have no CEO just an accountant part time, and Randy who is actively trying to recoup as much money as possible. Vlaar is in his last year and can go on a free next summer or sign a pre contract agreement in jan, we are not in a position of power , and will take the money, that’s all RL cares about and in his eyes we’ve bought in Sendeross as his replacement.
    Ki is going to cost around £6m if the media are right, We won’t be bringing him in on our budget without raising some cash.

  65. Bahahaha… How the devil are peeps?

    Ohhh the woe that is Villa… Its desperate.

    But its football, how will we know just how good the highs feel if we’ve not felt the desperate lows?

    Randy will get a buyer at some point, perhaps we’ll pine for the good old days of Randy after he’s gone… perhaps we’ll find a dirty rich billionaire willing to spend his last penny to make us great once again…

    If Ron gets an offer from United, then of course he’ll go and with the limbo the clubs is United will get him cheap. If he goes then others will soon follow. I don’t expect Arsenals spending is over yet this summer, and Liverpool will be after a snappy little midfielder.

    Everton too will lose a big player, will have money to spend and will pillage a club like Villa if they think there anything of value to be had. Don’t be surprised to see a Zoggy sold for pittance and watch him take us apart at some point this season.


    On paper looks decent… in reality we know what we’ll get.

  66. Graham
    On paper that team does not look decent, and Tekkers won’t be back til end of Sept / Oct. Why have you played NO fullbacks, neither KR of PS are fullbacks by trade and PS is an accident waiting to happen. Ok ores is an unknown quantity especially after his injury( although he seems to have got much better whilst being out!!!!! ) Cole will not play very often, Nzog will be sold as will Vlaar, Clark and Bacuna are poor, Gabby will only score 5/6 goals per season………. That team will get relegated

  67. We shouldn’t take less then 8M for Vlaar.. and all that money needs to go back in for player recruitment..

    IF we sold Vlaar and didn’t buy a new CB then i think we are as good as down.. Sendo is average at best and has errors in him..

  68. Hahaha B62.


    on paper you have a mix of experience and youth, energy and ability.

    we all know that won’t happen,

    Bacuna and Richardson will be employed as fullbacks. I know they’re not, you know they’re not, but they will. Would you Rather Bennett and Hutton?

    what we gonna do B62? What team we gonna play? No matter what team someone puts up it will be weak…

    If Ki signs then Cole won’t play. Grealish and Carruthers will maybe get on the bench if they’re lucky.

    Unless we get a couple of stars from the academy this year, Tekkers comes back firing, Vlaar stays and shines, Delph continues with his upward trend and Lambert stumbles luckily across a system that works we will go down.

  69. Amazed how Gabby still gets in some fans starting line up.

    We have offered a contract to Bentner. Lambert is trying to build the worst strike force in world football. Gabby, Wiemann and Lord Bentner. We all know those clueless bunch will play ahead of Zoggy and Grelaish

    BT sport saying we want Caulker. Means only thing, replacement for Vlaar

    Graham- I expect Cole to play behind the main striker, with delph and who ever behind him. zoggy and our youth wont get a look with Lambert. Hope we dont play 5 at the back

  70. we are supposedly tying up the Ki deal before the weekend? but other sources say no go. that’s four in early doors and not many out, this is starting to feel a lot like last years pre-season but with OAPS

  71. It is indeed Mark. Lambert is fulling the squad with some cr*p. Hutton and Bent coming on pre season. We want Bentner. It’s a joke

    Our squad will be very big, but mostly full of rubbish. Wiemann, Bennett, Herd, KEa, Hutton, Baker, Gabby, Will all be there. Grelaish, Robbinson, Carruthers, Zoggy and Donacian won’t get a look in. Sendeross will be playing alongside Baker, Wiemann on the wing, our talented players know where to be seen

  72. Until this Club gets sold it’s ‘irrelevant’ because so much will change when the new owner comes in. I just hope the sale goes through sooner than later because another year in limbo buying mediocre players in the twilight of their careers just won’t cut it and neither will hanging our hopes on average players like Robinson and Carruthers who are good Championship players but not of the standard needed to be in the top third of the prem which we should be aiming to do year after year; Everton is the model we need to be aiming for given the financial advantage the biggest 4/5 clubs have. UTV!!!

  73. Angel_8 says these teams are worse than us:

    West Brom
    West Ham
    I really don’t think they are, West Ham ,Sunderland , Stoke and QPR will finish above us, West Brom, Burnley, Leicester, Swansea will be in the mix for relegation along with us, do not underestimate how poor we are and with all the turmoil off the pitch and players wanting out, it will be a tough old season where we will be lucky to find 3 worse teams yet again.

  74. B62,

    Could not agree more, Stoke did the double over us last season and most of these teams will improve once the transfer market gets into overdrive, can we really say that signing Cole , Senderos and Richardson is going to improve us especially with Vlaar and Benteke surely on their way once he is fit.


  75. Angel- is that the same Stoke side who stuffed us 4-1 at VP and passed of the park? The side side who are getting Bojan and already have Diouf ? Quality players

    Same Swansea side who also stuffed us 4-1 and who have players we could only dream off

    Sunderland side who ended the season in champions league form ?

    West ham who have just spent 15 mill on a World Cup striker ? Already got Zarate

    QPR, Burnely and Leicester have more money than us and better managers, much better managers, much much much better managers

    Example- Lambert has shot Hutton down for two years waiting to sell, finally West Brom bid for him and he refuses to sell ?WWWTTTFFF !!!!!!!

    Then look at our list of free agents and possible line up

    Hutton Baker Dross Bennett

    Wiemann KEA Westy Cole

    Kosak Gabby

    Our master tactician in charge of those sorry bunch

    Can’t be far of the worst starting 11 since 1874 can it ?

  76. Frem,

    Oh dear. The season hasn’t even started and yet you are fretting about the quality of the team!

    You know, let’s give ’em chance to show what they can do. There are 2 or 3 top players back from injury (OK, Benteke not straight away) and I’m fascinated to see what JC might do.

    Apart from which I’m feeling reasonably positive about the RK factor.

    I could be totally wrong of course but …

  77. Is it true that we are really blocking Huttons move to Olbyun, I am not sure I understand how Lambert can justify it having frozen him out last season with Bacuna and Lowton first choice, I actually think our manager and the club have gone completely bonkers.


  78. JL
    Who are these top players coming back from injury?? Tekkers is the only one and he won’t be back until oct. Ok ores seems to have become a world beater in his year off injured, the jury is out on him and what extent his injury will have effected him, Kozak is a poor footballer and more wasted money. We have added poor has/ never been freebies, the season kicks off in a month and we’re in disarray. We have terrible players, some of the worst iv seen at VP, and a terrible manager who doesn’t know what he is doing and should have been sacked a long time ago, Lerner is asset stripping, anything of value will be sold and expenditure cut back to the bone, he is all about recouping cash, he doesn’t give a f**k about us. Until we are sold, we will continue to implode, RIP AVFC.
    I see Hearts have sold 11,000 ST despite being relegated , how many have we sold?? The masses have given up

  79. B62 Who are these top players coming back from injury??

    Where have you been all these months, B62? 😉 Actually you’ve referred to most of them, so you’re obviously arguing on the word ‘top’.

    I of course meant ‘top’ players in the context of the Villa team, not in world football. And since Kozak scored 4 before injury last season he’s a useful guy to have around. And there’s also Gardner.

  80. given/guzan

    Hutton/lowton vlaar okore/senderos richardson/clarke

    bacuna/kea delph westy/gardner Cole/nzogbia/grealish

    Kosak /Gabby/bent/benteke/robinson/weimann

    if they all stay and are fit this isn’t the worst group of players /team I’ve ever seen. allows for going 433 442 351 and any other combination of formations we will look like we are playing during the first half of every game 😉 wont set the world alight and might surprise us if they can find form, or could be s**te

  81. actually whether you like kosak or not we did ok while tekkers was out with him in the team, probably changed focus, other players scored for once too and we got a few clean sheets I think I remember.

  82. John- Should I know be worrying about our quality of our team? This is a bunch of over paid half arsed so and who’s who broke the home record lead by arguably one of the worst football managers ever known to manage villa since 1874. You know your history John, he can’t be far of can he ? There is so e potential with a new manager yes. They might play Cole, Grealish and Zoggy, Lambert won’t. It will be KEA Wiemann and Gabby instead.

    Mark – I’d take Hutton and KEA out of that squad. I’m glad you left Baker and Bennett out ( all 4 should be sold) but Lambert won’t. They. Will all be in our squad next season I’d put Donacian and Tonev in instead, hopefully Ki will join

    Kosak is a poacher, a very poor all round footballer, but he’s a poacher and they can be handy. He’s like Wiemanm, useless anywhere but in the 6 yard box.

    I’d have a bit more respect for Lambert if he sells Hutton, Herd, Baker, Bennett, KEA and Gabby, but I bet he wants them as part of our squad. I’d have more respect of he did that and gave Zoggy, Grealiah and Carruthers a real chance to express them selfs on a regular basis, but I bet he has no plan to do that. His only plan for them will be to plAy KEA ahead of Gardner, play Baker ahead of Donacain, play Gabby ahead of Grealish etc. you couldn’t get two footballers more opposite of the football spectrum. One is full of natural talent, the other one is talentless but our manager will pick the talentless one everY time

  83. Hi all…
    Is anyone planning to go to the Chesterfield friendly.
    I realise is a while away, but a pint of two in my old home town with some Villa Life legends would be grand!

  84. JL
    Iv never said any of our players are top quality, from the very beginning of Lamberts reign, iv had big reservations about his signings and man management, the way he’s treated some of them ie Bent/Zoggy mean they will absolutely no desire to play for us and give 100%, yes I slated s**t like Bowery getting in ahead of Bent. Even Hutton who is awful has been treated unfairly and now we won’t let him go. Lambert knows himself nearly all his signings have been arse, that’s why he’s frantically trying to give most of them away, I said 2 years ago this policy would fail, it has and now we are far worse off than we he came, and undoubtably far far worse off than when Randy arrived, and taking over from Ellis that is saying something.
    Were in limbo til these f**kers leave, that time can’t come soon enough, were a shadow of our former selves, it’s an absolute disgrace what they have done, once again our sole aim is to finish 17th and spend f**k all.

  85. frem

    he seems to be hanging on to hutton maybe RK likes him? I can understand your concerns but I think RK will have a different effect to culverhouse and wont stand on ceremony with lambert that for sure, he wont want to look a twonk. Also the lads who went out on loan to get experience last season will get game time this year as most of lamberts buys are off, someone has to play! and gardner hasn’t been given a 2 year contract for nothing, if he’s not in the frame they would of binned him surely lets hope his injury days are over.


    it was going to be high wycombe but not sure now

  86. If Keane likes Hutton them it’s time to worry about our new assistant

    I hope your right about the youth getting a lot of game time, just can’t see Lambert doing it my self

  87. to be honest if money was no object, vlaar and benteke would be the only ones left and they wouldn’t be guaranteed a place. but as a realist I know what we have and what we have isn’t great. but, I can’t be arsed moaning about it , its a case of digging in and hoping we survive. there’s an outside chance that with all the injured back and more performances like the Liverpool match we will be mid table. cant see cole or senders doing much for us but i’m willing to give them a go as I have no fecking choice. either I support them or I don’t, that’s it for me.

    don’t stress mate they be gone soon, just a case of whether the new owners have to get us promoted or not. they could be in by Jan and as long as we are not on 12 points by then we should be safe

  88. frem

    I think he will grealish too good to Ignore and gardner looks the fittest I have ever seen him. RK will see how good they are, pre season will tell all

  89. What a sad crew….!!!!!

    The end of the world is nigh….!!!!

    Just because we have not spent loads of money, does not mean that the team will not perform.

    We have a much stronger squad, with more experience than we did when McNob took over. We have a great bunch of young players who ll now have new contracts. We have a bunch of experienced players back from injury, and no-one can say how any of these will perform this season, and apart from Vlaar, none of them will be needing a rest after the world cup.

    We have to and need to support the lads we have got, and give them a chance. It is a new season. A fresh slate for players like Bent, Zoggy and Hutton, and we may may well be surprised on how they blend with the new signings, and the better players from last season. I also think that the combination of Lambert and Keane could work well.

    Let’s start standing up for the boys and prove we really are the best fans in the Midlands…!!!

    Stop f****ing whingeing…….

  90. Not the ” fans need to back the players ” excuse again

    They did last season. Non stop signing at away games, great support, the players and manager still failed big time. Home support wasn’t bad either. We lost 12 home games

    The manger is the one who needs to do something.

  91. How many more seasons do we have to…”stand up for the boys”, and prove what great fans we are, what about a bit of reciprocation?

    How about the club supporting the beleaguered fans for a change! have we not put up with this dross long enough.

    I’m fed up of excuses
    i’m fed up of poor decisions
    i’m fed up of following players who have no concept of the real word the fans come from
    I’m fed up of the professional soundbites from club and players alike
    Most of all i’m fed up of being ignored considering the time effort and money i have given to the club.

    Yay…at least we can look forward to more of the same….

  92. Frem

    If things are as bad after six or seven games, that I can accept, but this constant moaning before a ball has been kicked, achieves nothing.
    We all discussed not only last season, but the season before, that spending money does not necessarily buy success, as proved by the money thrown away by O’neill towards the end of his tenure.
    Interesting seeing the list of players that Doug tried to get for Villa, but failed through no fault of his own, but everyone still feels that he was a s**e chairman.

  93. Sam says it perfectly

    There will still be some fans saying the same thing this time next year after yet again great support, but s**te results. ” the fans need to be the back the team ” no. They already do. It’s the over paid half arsed t**ts who don’t give a f**k about this club who need stand up and be counted for. “Oh well, we lost again. The away fans just sat 4 hours on a coach to watch us muster up one shot on target…. Now they have to sit another 4 hours on a coach. Do I give a flying f**k ? Ner. I just got 30 grand this week for doing that ”

    You get home, listen to Lamberts interview and the very least you are hoping the manager shows some emotion and anger, but nope. ” we were excellent. That wasn’t a 4-0 score line. We go again ” that’s it Lambert ? That’s all you have to say? Then after Spurs on the last day” the players have nothing to be ashamed of. They should be proud ” proud of what ?

  94. Paul
    Undoubtably cash had been wasted over the years, even Lambert despite having a smaller budget has spunked most of it on cr*p, this has left us right in the s**t, we have scraped survival the last few seasons, but the squad is now that bad I honestly feel it would struggle in the championship, it needs a serious overhaul.
    That doesn’t look like happening, we have kept Lambert on despite him being one if the worst managers in our history, I don’t need 6/7 games to know we are fighting for our survival starting Aug 16th.

  95. Is all they did last season, alongside Lambert is disgrace and embarrass Villa. It hurts the fans the most. I read a load of Spurs fans after the game saying the Villa away support was the best they have seen in years. They weren’t wrong. The home fans turned up regularly 30 thousand. They leave game after game after game after game just witnessing there team lose again in a disgraceful manner
    It was the same in Lamberts first season, somehow he made the second so much worse.

  96. Callum Robinson already scored 2 goals for under 21’s, only came on at half time

    Take note Lambert. Kid has talent.

    I’m betting though that Grealish and CR are in the u21’s tonight that you have no plan on playing them in the first team squad tomorrow ? Kea, Wiemann Gabby instead ?

  97. Did I detect a positive note???

    Grealish and Robinson showing the future of Villa…….This season they start as part of the squad, and I am sure it wont be too long before they start playing.


    Had not had a drink then, but on the G & T’s now……

    I am still starting the season with a clean sheet , and have no disagreement about how sh**e Lambert has been in his first two seasons, and I was not impressed in his early days…..but cut him some slack for a while….but totally disagreed with the bomb squad, which, i think resulted in much of our demise, throwing in inexperienced kids and foreigners before they had proved themselves.

    Mcnob may well have faired much better, certainly could not have been worse. All this is now written into our history and cannot change, but we can change the future,and try not to end up like the Noses and Coventry.

  98. b62 villa
    ‘we are fighting for our survival starting Aug 16th.,

    I was recently reviewing the online British army WW1 archives on my mothers uncle and he was mobilised on the 16th August 1914, wow…100 years ago . He eventually left France after being gassed by the Germans in Ypres …on the night of 16th August 1917.How freaky is that ?
    Nothing to do with villa , and i’m not making any philosophical comparison , just thought it was spooky.

  99. PP – the only positive thing is our youth players but Lambert has ignored them in his two year spell so far, why will he change this season ? Any half scent manager would be desperate to get Grealish playing, but ours isn’t all that. He totally ignored him last season when we were crying our for a spark, instead it was the was the same was cr*p week after week.

    Tomorrow will be a sign straight away. I’m guessing they won’t even travel with the first team squad

  100. Evening all .

    Prox – have learned all about Ypres and the terrifying conditions when my daughter did her GCSE history . Your mum’a uncle was lucky to survive that . I think that was the battke ground where the horses got stuck in the mud but could be another one ,

    The new signings will be ok I think (fitness permitting ) and will benefit us more than PLs previous cheap , foreign inexperienced players that we are now trying to off load. When the chips are down , which let’s face it , they will be , as our ambition is currently reduced to retaining premier league status , I’d rather have wise heads on the pitch than naiive and inexperienced ones. I’d rather see the footballing skills of JC and KR than the likes of Sylla and Tonev being unable to string a pass together or hit the target . For the money we have to spend , they are prob the best . we can afford They will be good to have in training and as role models too.
    I’m not sure about the bomb squad’s influence , but will be good to give them a try but don’t expect wonders in that dept. as SWV said before , are they going to be that keen to save a club and manager who has basically treated then like s**te . We will see. Also, some of then haven’t played consistently for the last two seasons so could take time to get them back to previous form .
    Then we have RK, a much more exciting prospect than IC and GK ever were . No he can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear – but he might just make a better job of motivating and get us playing more attractive football than we had to suffer last season .
    No it’s not great but it should bide us over until new owner and manager take over .
    Love to ST 75 as always xxx and where is Steamer ? Is lap top still in bits ?

  101. The purchase of experienced , older players is a difficult one to predict . QPR failed miserably when they bought a load of experienced mercenaries . However , I think Cole and Richardson possibly don’t fall into that category and will have more pride and enthusiasm being players who arguably didn’t fulfil their predicted potential . They will have the guile that may be needed to outwit the poorer teams say. I remember Kevin Nolan putting two past us last season when WH beat us at home , no spring chicken at 34 but outwitted our defence so easily .
    Can’t understand why PL won’t let Hutton go to the baggies . He was another one told he wouldn’t be putting on an AV shirt again , so to now say he has to fight for a first team place is odd .

  102. Frem: Any half scent manager would be desperate to get Grealish playing

    Mate, I think it’s been long established that the timing of the blooding of youngsters has to be well-judged.

    Pitching them into the kind of pressures that have existed these past couple of years is probably not on.

    With older heads around them (as now is the case) may well see a youngster or two being given a chance.

  103. Paul,

    That was a descent rant but totally confusing, you say lets stand up for the boys and prove we are the best fans and then in the next breath you are giving them 6 to 7 to make an acceptable start.

    Since MON walked out the Villa fans have been treated like second class citizens, with the appointment of McNob and Lambert we have seen the club regress so quickly it has made our heads spin, we have witnessed so many poor signings under Lambert that some of us were screaming that the likes of Bowery, Bennett, Sylla, Luna and quite a few others were never up to this standard of football, and guess what Lambert now wants to get rid of all this dead wood.

    Unfortunately we are replacing these inadequate players by more of the same except they are free and older, a complete change from the Lambert ethos of young and hungry, it is now old and cr*p and nobody else wants, lets be honest there was not a queue to sign Senderos, how come Bendtner has not been signed up by a cliub in the lower half of the prem, because he is cr*p that’s why.

    Is our squad stronger not in my opinion, where will we be left when Vlaar and Benteke leave, have we seen enough of Okore and Kosak to be confident they are suitable replacements.

    I think the Villa fans have got behind the team, average crowds of mid to high thirties last season where we broke the record for most home defeats in our entire history, Lambert should have gone through that stat alone, we have had three people at the helm of our club who have not been up to the job of running a club our size, one has gone the other is on his way out and Lambert will follow soon after and then possibly we can look forward.

    I think the fans are entitled to have a little moan don”t you.


  104. SWW
    remember when we used to meet up before the season started and we would compile a list of players that doug deadly would have us believe he was going to try and sign , the names would be bandied about and he would stop just short of the asking price , even the ones who dropped their price and the others who would come out with “never heard off villa” ………. and who wouldnt go that extra dollar for Robbie Keane ,just when we were on the brink of maybe winning the league , and to read on here that someone actually believed the same s**t every season had us all in the caff laughing our bollox off ,,,,, even the noses started doing it !! but most of them ejits fell for it , f**k l nearly bought the whole caff a breakfast …………

    lm really struggling to see whats really changed down the park since last season, and l cant wait to see Okore start as l feel a second coming , coming on , if it goes tits up he’s gonna get crucified , vlaar looked good in the wc because he had good players around him, l can really see him wanting to stay here now when he see’s the squad , bet he’s having nightmares now he realises senrdross might be his partner .

    Prox when are you over mate , it might be good if you and Brasil can sort the same times , for the meet up . bring your wallet though mate whatever date you come , as you may have read on here ,there are some bloody shysters about ,

    god help you all when steamers laptop comes back , lv kept him in the loop .

    lots of love Jenny xxxx

  105. cant understand people doubting Okores quality, to come into the prem at 19 and start to show signs after 3-4 games was pretty good. notice I’m not saying world beating but a solid improvement over clarke/baker in his speed/passing and positional play. he also had a very poor defensive player in lowton to cover, I’m just hoping the injury is as good as new and he has no mental problems with it. also the left side of defence looked much better with vlaar covering that side, when he shifted to right side Luna’s frailties emerged when baker/clarke covered him. the very fact we have senderos says how much Lambert rates those two. i’m hoping it will be vlaar okore before long and senderos as back up

  106. thats what lm saying Mark , lm not doubting his ability , but a whole year off , hopefully it will all be ok with him, but l think a lot is being put on the lads shoulders especially when you look a the possible players he’s going to have round him,

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