You wanted change, you got it

Terrace Talk

Over the last god knows how many seasons we have seen the realisation among supporters that the way the club operated in terms of signings and recruitment had to change. We understood that consistently paying over the odds for aging players—paying them large weekly wages with ridiculous signing on fees—was no way to operate and would only lead to problems further down the line. However painful it looked or sounded, fans had become aware that the whole ethos around the club had to be fixed to secure the long-term future of the Villa.

Now having a look around, I have seen a number of sources questioning the route we are taking mainly because they perceive the rumoured targets not to have a big enough name or fee for them to be worthy of the club.

These same people are the ones that have been crying out for change for the last few seasons. But now that change is here they are complaining because the transfer fees and names aren’t big enough. I don’t see anyone picking fault with Newcastle these days, and they had a manager that many of us said we didn’t want. Yet look where they are. Following a number of astute buys and some clever scouting, Newcastle are reaping the benefits of turning around the ethos of their club. Trouble is, it took them a relegation to realise their model was unsustainable.

We have arguably one of the brightest prospects in British management—everyone wanted him and raved about him. The owner to his credit went out and got him: the owner has bought into the same ethos and belief that we all did and has now backed him to stamp his authority on the club.

The rubbish is being moved on, at a cost, may I add, to the owner, who is willing to soak this up in a move to get the club back to where it should be and add new fresh hungry players as replacements.

We have added a proper European scout to our ranks, not sure we ever had one before, and we have begun building a structure to help find some quality talent. Okay, some of the reinforcements are coming from lower leagues and, yes, they cost a fair bit less in wages and fees—but isn’t this the change we all wanted? Isn’t this the change that will allow our club to grow and move forward?

I understand the questioning of it, and I understand the feelings amongst some because change is often a hard pill to swallow—and it is not a given that this will work. But we had no choice—we couldn’t keep going on the way we were. Now we have a new exciting era upon us, no one has any idea of the outcome, but it will be a hell of a lot better than the rubbish we have had over the last few seasons, that’s for sure.

Our club is changing right in front of our very eyes. Yes, it will be rocky, and, yes, we will have bad times, but in the long run it’s the right thing to do.

Lambert’s Claret and Blue Army

It’s not all good though—my only grumble is why has it taken us a whole preseason and two defeats to do anything? Surely the three or four buys that we are tracking were identified and needed during preseason. so why didn’t we make our moves then, get them in, and get them playing as a unit?

We are, as normal, on the back foot and chasing our tail. We are going to have to allow the new players time to gel, which may take a couple of games, a couple of games we don’t have. For all the good Randy does he shoots himself in the foot by dragging his heels, and that is what this looks like to me.

I think the stark realisation served up in the two games we have already had has given the board a kick start, but that could have been avoided and, who knows, we could be sitting on six points now. Lerner is obviously a clever man, after all he is a millionaire and I’m not, but just sometimes a little bit of foresight would go a long way in our struggle to be number one again.

Final thought

At times it doesn’t look like it, and it hasn’t in recent weeks, but we are witnessing the rebuilding of our club into something sustainable and successful. The proud history will never be taken, and believe it or not, the bright future is being pieced together as we watch.

Keep the faith. UTV

  1. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    A solid post Chiefy.

    For those wondering why we are buying established lower league players it is because our own youth have not been developed properly and are now in make-or-break seasons.

    I have faith Lambert will transform how we deal with the youth and ensure they get the required experience before they are too old, whether this involves shipping them out on loan or via the U21 Premier League.

    With this model in place, in three years we won’t need to really scour that demographic as much as our youth will be properly developed and the team will be far more rounded and effective.

    As I said earlier in the week, moves are being attempted and, as Chiefy has written, change is coming whether people like it or not. I, for one, feel the changes made and being made can only be seen as positive.

  2. IanIan30-08-2012


    Either that or we are preparing for life in the championship…. Lol

    Seriously though, am liking where we’re going but must admit one marque signing I think would calm all of our neves down somewhat.

  3. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara30-08-2012

    Bang on the money Chiefy… we have a cor of fans who’s main aim in life is to complain I think. If we won the League I’m sure there’d be comment about how we won it or that we should have won the double…

    I do get fed up with the ignorant comments of people who don’t seem to understand the situation. Some fans have a view point that the austerity measures should have been rolled out slower and the transition would have been less bumpy… but it would have also cost the club huge money and would have resulted in a painfully slow descent down the league.

    It was funny I was talking with @villasherc on twitter about this very thing last night…

    MoN has a lot to answer for at this club… He screwed up the scouting system concentrating purely on the Premier League for buys… with the exception of Carew… but he was hardly going to refuse a 6ft monster to lump the ball too… He point blank refused to play the kids even when we where in comfortable positions… prefering to stick to his method of binging Petrov off after 70minutes and bringing on Sidwell… We was warned by Celtic fans… we took no notice… I’m looking forward to Sunderland being burnt in a very similar way… Look at what their wage bill must be like after two windows under MoN… Johnson £95k a week… Fletcher £80k a week… Dempsey rumoured to be £95k a week if he signs… Sess wanting a new contract… anyway i disgress…

    This season I’ll say again is not about league position, it’s about Lambert bedding in his system and setting the foundations in place to build a team from… To be honest we are a bit further down the road than i thought we would be, sure the results haven;t been great, but our play has been good, players look to be getting more confident and Lambert is giving everyone a chance… This is what this season is about… I hope we get Benteke and a CM today… to add to Bowery and Bennett… Then i think Lerner will give Lambert a bit in January. Rumours that MoN may swoop for Warnock if Richardson moves to QPR… PLEASE BE TRUE

  4. chiefychiefy30-08-2012

    MON – Warnock lol is all I can see brilliant

  5. steveosteveo30-08-2012

    Great post chiefy, people moaned about the mon era I’m sure they still enjoyed going wembley and regularly beating the top 4. Now we are doing it the way they want it and there still moaning, we do appear to be dragging our feet with transfers, having said that the signings of Bennett and bowery in my opinion would have been made regardless of the 2 defeats. Please please please to dear god let us sign bentenke he could do what cisse is doing for Newcastle fingers crossed.

  6. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    Hello Chiefy,
    100% bang on. The advantage of having PL is that he is a highly qualified coach, not just someone who signs players and picks the team, ala Potato Head, McCleish etc, he will develop any potential that he sees in a player. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new, improved Carruthers, Weimann, Burke and the others in a years time.

  7. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    Wonder if Del Piero was worth a shot ? scored goals last season in Serie A, he’s a youngish 36, imagine the boost of having that quality in the changing room for a season.

  8. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    Great Post Chiefy – for the past 2 seasons we’ve been supposedly going through a state of “transition” and I think we all believed it,until in one foul swoop Lamberts come in, ripped out the defence and the underachievers and found better, younger, hungrier replacements and for that he & the board have to be commended! Why transist when you can change??!!

  9. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    P.S. Has anyone seen the link to Zarate this morning in the mirror, reckon a loan move.

    Shhhh, don’t tell Frem

  10. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara30-08-2012

    P… jusy nip over to Wiki and edit his page to read… “CREATIVE WINGER” … panic over… 8)

  11. gordonsidneygordonsidney30-08-2012

    Great to read some positive comments for a change. I remember when Villa fans were positive and had a sense of humour. I think it was in 1965 or 1966, and after 75 minutes we were 6-1 down at home to Chelsea. Bobby Tambling had scored five. Suddenly he was substituted and a brummie voice behind me said “Bugger me, he’s declared!”

    I have faith in Lambert to buy young hungry players as he did with Norwich. Villa are not Man C or Chelski that are owned by unfeasibly wealthy sugar daddies, or Man U leveraged into massive debt or Arsenal (in London and therefore attractive to continental imports). We are similar to Newcastle (beneficaries of superb scouting) or Everton (beneficaries of terrific manager). The last couple of seasons have dragged us down with the mistake of selling an entire England midfield and two poor managerial ppointments (although Houllier I think would have been fine but for his health and we would likely have had Cabaye in midfield).

    Signings such as Adam Johnson and Steven Fletcher are guaranteed to bleed money from a club and we have already been down that road with MON. Stop signing overpaid and overpriced prima donnas from other premiership clubs and continue doing what Lambert has started.
    We have our Villa back, lets support the team and the manager and retain a sense of perspective that we are trying to do things the right way.

  12. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    No need Graham, it already states “Winger” & Second Striker. Not that I haven’t got anything better to do! Haha

  13. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Solid post mate, I gotta go along with most of what you have written, times are changing under Lambert and I think most fans are all for it.
    The niggle in the back of my mind is like as you point out, why do we have wait until we have had to defeats in which we looked less than average at best, to bring in some reinforcements.
    Onto the players being brought to the club, I like his signings so far, but I really have big doubts over Bowery.
    I would still like some proven quality players brought to thd football club, to blend in with the young inexperienced players we have. People still like to take pot shots at MON, yes he had some poor qualities and yes he brought some cr*p to our club, but he didn’t sign the wage cheques RL did. In all honesty the players in Fletcher, Johnson and potentially Dempsey are all quality players that would undoubtably improve our team massively. The problem with wages is that players see what players are on at City, Utd etc and think I’m worth at least half of that, which inevitably means they want 80k upwards. But clubs in unfashionable parts of the country will always have to pay more because everyone wants to live in London or to a lesser extent Manchester. I saw an interview with Patrick on his role at City and living up there, and straight away he said its ok but it’s not London and I get back down as often as possible.

  14. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Patrick Viera!!

  15. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Well, less that 48 hours to go and still no striker, cm or Creative player

    dont forget, these posistions, we were dire in last season, and have been so far this season

    Can’t believe it. Now it sounds like the Benteke deal isn’t happening

    we need at least 3 more players in, or we will struggle

  16. Steve WSteve W30-08-2012

    Good stuff Chiefy.

    If you spend too long on Twitter, or websites, you’ll always find people to complain. You’ll never please everyone and it doesn’t mean they’re representative of the majority. I still think most fans realise where we are and that improvements will be gradual, but those voices are often drowned out.

    Middlesbrough fans seem to think we’ve signed a good one. I’m convinced the areas Lambert is looking at are the right markets for Villa in our current position. If we can re-establish ourselves in the top half of the table and looking at Europe, maybe we can be a little more ambitious.

    I agree that much of this should have been done earlier – much earlier – but I’m hopeful that when the window closes our squad will be in a healthier position than when we began. No sign of that defensive midfield player yet though. I think that is a must.

    Debates on O’Neill have been done to death. Let’s move on.

  17. FremFrem30-08-2012

    i saw the links to Mauro Zarate last night. hes more of a winger, creative player then a striker

    If we could him and Benteke in it would really great but it was from the mirror so it most probably BS

    We should be in for Adam as well. Everton and stoke in for him

  18. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Sounds like bowery is having a medical

    He better not be the replacement for benteke. Huge step down in quality if it is

  19. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    A short leader Chiefy,but it`s bang on the money.I believe we are witnessing the rebirth of Aston Villa as a football club.I feel great about everything,the scouting,signings and the general strategy.We will no longer be seen as a laughing stock and a gravy train,where overweight,overpaid and over rated British players can sit on a bench at VP and pick up £45,000.We are no longer on agent`s speed dial when a 29 year old average hoofer is looking for his last big contract.
    If we don`t get the Belgian lad Benteke,it is not a disaster,the world will keep turning.Loving the PL reign so far.Keep up the good work Matt,look forward every day to reading you and the other lads.(Apart from Chiefy,J.C,.Graham,Ryan

  20. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    There’s several ways of building a club, the Man City, Chelsea way, expensive mercenaries who are there for the money, The Swansea way, lower division players who know that if they produce they will get a good move, The WBA method of offering decent foreigners the opportunity of the EPL or the gradual approach of mixing the various options. The latter seems to be the path we are taking and i must say its a good feeling to actually get value for money from our new players. We may sign the odd dud, but FergusCons signed loads of them.
    Zarate looks a better player than he actually is although i’d take a chance on him as he offers the individual approach. Not a patch on his dad Sergio ( 1.FC Nurnberg ).

  21. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    With the transfer window shutting tommorrow, I’m more than a little concerned at our squad!
    What has changed since the drubbing from Everton and the non performance against West Ham??
    We’ve bought a 21 yr old LB for £2.5m. I’m sorry but this isn’t good enough, the squad is of championship standard and unless we invest fast we will struggle in this league. Yes buying promising younger quality players with potential for the FUTURE is a good policy , but surely we need an influx of experience and quality to stand any chance of progress. To bolster our very ineffective forward line, we are buying a lad from Chesterfield who has scored 10 goals in 83 games!!! FFS is this really the way forward, this means a relegation battle is the Best we can can look forward to.
    We have no plan B, are very predictable and ineffective up front playing Bent on his own, it’s too easy to defend against. We are very very lightweight in the middle of the park, and have nothing out wide. The defence is unproven and consists of 3 very young inexperienced players , and on the evidence so far Clark is a liability rather than one for the future. If by 2300hrs we haven’t significantly improved the quality of our team, we will be in trouble, no amount of wanting and wishing, will make us competetive in this league. You do not get an awful lot of time in the premier league, no one will care we are trying to build for the future when we have to plày in the championship, with a massive financial loss.
    The bookies aren’t stupid, the house generally wins and we are as short as 2/1 to go down in some places, and I don’t see an influx of League 1 and untested youth changing that.

  22. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Sorry 2300 on Friday, bloody Iphone

  23. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara30-08-2012

    B62 – is that you frem? lol

    Experience and Price… over rated… it’s all about quality and ability…

    Sorry but would you rather have Warnocks “experience” or Bennetts “ability” in the team?

    The squad is a bit short, but we will get the players in… There is enough in the squad to stay up this season, we will get stronger as the season progresses… this is all about adaptation and becoming accustomed to the way we play… Next season is about league position… this year is about bedding.

    Guzan, Vlaar, Karim, Ireland, Bent…. The back bone is there… watch Lambert separate the wheat from the chaff very quickly and build around what we have…

  24. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    Remember that game, i think it was the last but one home game for Tony Hateley, last one was Liverpool, before signing for Chelsea. To make things worse it was even on MotD when only two games were shown.You can’t beat the Brummie perspective on life can you ?

  25. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    I just heard via email from a Spurs mate(embarrassed to have a Spurs fan as a mate please forgive me)that Huddlestone has FAILED a medical at Stoke.Be careful what you wish for,some were hailing him as a “must buy” for Aston Villa.

  26. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Cant wait now for the window to shut

    To many names being mentioned, all of who i want and would improve us.

    James Nursey saying we want a DM, it might be because he thinks Stephens is joining, even though Matt K said it probably wont happen this window

    Nursey also says he expects a striker sign, doesn’t mention 2, hopefully it wont just be Browley we get

    If we could get Zarate, Bentke and someone like Adam or nzozni before saturday, it would be really great. Dreaming though. Villa always disappoint

  27. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    “Villa always disappoint”.Come on Frem.Yes we`ve all had a lot of kicks in the nuts from the Villa.The goals in the 93min,the cr*p managers and signings,standing in the rain watching us getting torn a new one.But,that`s part of being a true fan,Ther`s been a good few highs as well,why not think of those times too?

  28. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara30-08-2012

    Swedish NewPapers are saying we’ve enquired about Markus Henriksen apparently… anyone know anything?

    Shamelessly ripped off from Twitter, but 2 or 3 people are saying it.

  29. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    Graham – Best me to it RE: B62/Frem

    I get the feeling that some on here may have set their sights too high when Lambert first joined, talking about £20m war chest and marquee signings and mid table finishes. I said from the off, I would be happy finishing upwards of 16th, gel a team together of players that play for each other, the manager and the fans, and without getting embarrassed. Lambert will be with us for as long as possible and even if someone bigger comes calling he will leave a much better team than last season.

    I’m going to enjoy being a Villa fan this season because I have total faith that Lambert and the players he chooses will want to do the right thing by the club and the fans.

  30. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara30-08-2012

    did i say Sweden… lol Norway.

  31. FremFrem30-08-2012

    i know, there has been some great times but the most always seem to end painfully

    9 points clear in 4th spot, any other side would have got 4th, but us.

    Spurs got 4th, everton got 4th, all in recent in years, why couldn’t we do it ?? MON just had to buy a decent goal scorer and we would have got it

  32. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Markus Henriksen would be a class get. We have been linked with him for a bit over the years.

    sounds like he is of to AZ, for about 2 mill pounds. Bargin

  33. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Graham your missing the point entirely,
    I stated we need some QUALITY in and fast to help the younger players bed in. The spine of the team is NOT there. Guzan and Given? If Vlaar gets injured our next best defender is DUNNE FFS. We are buying players for the future, which is good, but what about this season, we have been an utter Shambles and one U21 LB, and a cr*p Lg 1 striker isn’t going to make a bit of difference. The priority is SURVIVAL, until we hit the Magic 40pts we are in a relegation battle. We aren’t good enough to think otherwise. The fact Lambert is running around trying to bring players in shows this, but by the looks of things from the outside, the budget given to him by Lerner means we can only look in the bargain bin, but how many of these will come off, Lambert is a good manager but not a f**king miracle worker . We need Quality in this side and fast.
    Again I ask what has changed since last weekend to make you believe we are so much better?

  34. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    I remember that season well.I think we were 3rd in March 9 points clear of 4th the and ended up 6th.What reallt irritated me was that no one in the media questioned MON about it-and still hasn`t .He just trotted out the most crss statement”we just got a wee bit tired”.A real in depth analysis there Martin,worthy of the sofa on Match of the Day,with Mr Bland and Mr Blander.

  35. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    I forgot to say we were cruising along in 3rd,then MON bought Heskey and everything blew up.Years ago we were going to win the league but in the March we bought Cascarino and came 2nd.We changed our play to accomadate 1 player and fell away.That was Graham Taylor a man who is now a media darling and pontificates on the radio about other team`s tactics and play lol.

  36. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    B62 – Tranmere happened, which I know is what we should be doing but it was another match to get the team to settle in to a new style of play and the win will help confidence. Someone mentioned the other day that Bent hadn’t played competitive football for 10 months, so he’s surely going to take time to get back to his best. West Ham game we dominated possession but didnt have the killer finish, Everton are flying at the moment, beat Utd then us and battered Orient last night, no worries there and the model we should aspire to. I believe come 11pm tomorrow we will have 2 more in minimum and maybe a surprise. Bennett is for the future in age only, he will do a job now and a better one than Warnock ever did. Think Baker could cover for Vlaar, he is raw but think he will iron out his defensive mistakes with more first team action.

  37. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Have to agree with B6

    The lack of quality in our side is shocking. Ive been saying all summer about Balance in a side, there is no balance in our side what so ever

    we have no height, we have very little pace and no physical presence. How are we going to trouble any side in this league with out any of that

    Everton and WH probably wont have easier games all season then they did against us. Ok we had the all the ball at WH, but we did we trouble them ?? not once. Then eveton came and played us of the park

    Both delt with DB like he wasn’t even there, both because he isn’t the type of striker to get around and annoy defenders and becasue we have to quality to supply him

    We need A striker who can bully defenders. back into them, hold the ball and win things in the air, its what defenders hate, we have know one to do that

    we need a CM with a physical presence who can in and amongst the other teams mid fielders and break up play, something we dont have. teams will just walk through our midfield like everton did

    And finally more pace and ability to create things and score a goal or two and trouble defenders being able to beat them and make things happen, again, something we are very short on. Zoggy can dribble but never passes, Holman can pass but cant beat his man so we need someone who can do both

    As it stands, i can only see us really struggling this season, not because of PL but because of the types of players we have, and dont have

  38. FremFrem30-08-2012

    and as we speak, Granero looks like he’s going to QPR from real Madrid

    and we cant even get someone from f**king Genk or Chalton

  39. FremFrem30-08-2012

    we nearly won the league under Taylor ???

    I thought he was cr*p ?? He came back for a second spell didn’t he, didn’t go so well did it ?

  40. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    So’s M’Bia Frem, & Kjaer if you believe Sky Sports, 3 players not wanted at their prospective clubs along with Cesar. Do they REALLY want to play for QPR or is it that they are being offered more money to play there because the aren’t wanted at Marseille, Wolfsburg, Real Madrid & Inter

  41. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Dimitar Berbatov of to Fulham.

    God sake

  42. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    We will be ok – Lambert and Faulkner are working hard on deals and they will (hopefully) come off in time.


    I understand your concern but we haven’t stopped looking for players. Lambert himself has been frustrated by teams holding out for more money but that is only the same as any team would do.

    Lambert is overhauling the club and, as I have said far too many times, it is a long term project – not a three day/week/month one.

    We have dawdled with youth for far too long – the only reason Lambert needs to buy these low league people at present who are young is because our youth have been woefully ill prepared by us focusing on the reserve league.

    The establishment of the U21 Premier League only goes to confirm that other teams were unhappy with the reserve league format and wanted something different in its place.

  43. FremFrem30-08-2012

    dont know littlep but they are good players.

    QPR are turning into a mini Man city

    would you guys really not like to see the likes M’Bia,Cesar , etc at villa, or a bloke from Chesterfield in stead ???

    I mean, why aren’t we in for Berb ?? If Full can get him, so can we

  44. FremFrem30-08-2012

    saying, how proud we could be if we actually turn into a decent side with the likes of Lowton, Bennet, Baker, Vlaar, El, Holman, BB, Clark, Lichaj, hopefully Benteke and 1 or 2 more players

    Most all youngsters, and all unknown.

    Go away to QPR and beat the b*****ds. That would be very nice

  45. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    QPR are just overpaying everyone. If their team does badly, they could be down the drain very quickly with a massive wage bill that would put them in line with Portsmouth’s recent history.

    Don’t be concerned about Berbatov moving to Fulham – the wages of a player like him are not on our radar so it is as irrelevant as us not bidding for Luka Modric or Robin van Persie.

  46. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    You comment had me laughing out loud re: looking forward to my writing and everyone besides, well, everyone.

    I know it was a comedy comment, but it had me laughing my head off.

    Either way, thanks for the kind words mate.

  47. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    If people think MON wrecked our future, just watch what will happen to QPR in the next x years – more money than sense.

    At least Manchester City are buying outstanding players. QPR may well be paying crazy wages, but I still have them as an outside bet for relegation.

  48. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    Difference between Man City & QPR, Man City have to pay top dollar to pull huge stars away from their clubs as they have long term contracts, QPR pick up to unwanted & pay them enough to release a statement saying “I love OPR” and kissing the badge.
    Berb’s wages will be sky high and way above our new wage structure, especially bearing in mind his age. Fulham have just received £15m for Dembele, we received £2m for Collins, thats how they can afford him. Berb would be good for a season but you can guarantee he will receive a 3 year contract. I was amazed by Cesar signing a 4 year contract, nearly as bad as Givens 5 year effort!

  49. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Tranmere in due respect to them are a lower league team we should easily dispatch. They are not a patch on the sides we will face week in week out.
    Yes it was nice to win a game,( one league win this year). But without quality additions in key areas we will struggle.

  50. FremFrem30-08-2012

    No chance QPR will go down, they do have some good players. Cissie will ban the goals in for them

    If they dont get europe though, then they could be in trouble

  51. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    Frem, for the majority of football fans relegation to division 3 would be a disaster, ask anyone who was around at the time and they will tell you it was a golden age for AVFC, the re-birth of the club and certainly the most enjoyable period of my 50 odd years of following this great institution, 10 times better than the European Cup years. Before the take over we used to take 20-30 to most away games on the inter city, no coaches or trains laid on for us. I’m not saying i want to return to those days but your generation has had it easy mate, two defeats is disappointing not a disaster, our only disaster was called Doug Ellis, because without this leech we’d have won even more trophies. we have potentially the best manager the club has ever had, IMO, keep the faith.

  52. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    QPR a mini Man City?
    Yes with their wage bill but soon with the league status of Barnsley.
    An overpaid bunch,the average age of that team is high too.So as these players leave on free transfers they have to go crazy in the window again.QPR have the pull of massive wages and London-that`s it.
    Sunderland and QPR in particular are pushing their salaries through the roof.If S`land sign a middle of the road player now,he will demand more money.Whereas before he would have been happy with £22k per week,his agent looks at the salaries of Fletcher and co and wants £38k per week.It`s a vicous circle and the only beneficiaries are players and their agents.

  53. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara30-08-2012


    That is a spine of a team… we may not have cover… which is what you need for injuries… the squad is thin… but that is a spine… a set of players that if remain fit will start the majority of game….

    Quality is a commodity found in young and old players… Karim has quality, Vlaar has quailty… Bent has qualities… N’Zog has quality…

    “Utter Shambles” Why because we narrowly lost to a fire up, newly promoted team on openning day… and an Everton team that will play worse and beat better teams… In the second half we more than matched Everton with 10 men too… and with the chances we had it could have been closer…

    This “Shambles” is about building… whats the point of buying for the future… if then we’re going to buy some one else to go in the team…

    We will grow in to the season, you need to trust people on this. How Lambert is trying to get them to play football is almost alien to most of the squad compared to last season… Yes we do need to add more players, but only the right ones at the right time…

    Lambert and Faulkner will come up with the deals we needs and are sensible for us… have a bit of faith…

    This panic is over excessive IMO…

    I agree with you on what the squad is lacking… but I don’t share you’re alarm at the fact a new signing isn’t walking through the door hour..

    Frem they weren’t in for Berb becasue he will want £100k a week plus…


    These are all short term head turners that are on the way down as players…

    Sunderland have just agreed to almost £300k a week in deals for 3 players over 4 years… £300k a WEEK… Fulham are spending Dembele money on a player that will have a shelf life of 3 years and have no value at the end of it… QPR… other the Hoillet seriously would you want to pay any of them the money they’ve reportedly got? No thanks…

    If the “bloke from chesterfield” comes in and scores 10 goals this season what you gonna say? Lambert turned Holte from a Donkey in to an effective, powerful striker… who’s to say he won’t do the same here? From what i hear he has all the attributes to be a EPL footballer he is just inconsistant… perhaps PL can solve that…

    The proof is in the playing not the name… stop putting down the lads coming to the club…

    Another thing frem you saying we need a striker to bully strikers… we buy one then you complain because we’re not paying him £70k a week and he’s not a “Name”… Or do you consider Berba to be this powerful striker? Where does Ireland play is Berba comes? They’d want the same role.

  54. chiefychiefy30-08-2012

    Frem – surely you can see the trick is find players before they are players, Fergie for example found Ronaldo before he was anything, this is what Lambert is doing, trying to buy players that where players once upon a time will just lead you into trouble as they are very unlikely to ever recapture the form they once had, Given being an example.

  55. Steve WSteve W30-08-2012

    There is plenty of chance QPR will go down – certainly more likely than they qualify for Europe which I have to assume is a joke.

  56. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    In total agreement with Steamer on context and B6 on wages.

    The world is seen far too strongly through the eyes of short term logic hence a defeat is suddenly the end of the world.

    I know I am hardly old but if people are turning to jibbering wrecks on Twitter over football deals, I would hate to see what they would be like in a war!

    QPR/Sunderland are going crazy with their purchases. QPR more so but isn’t it refreshing to see MON spend money elsewhere (do chairmen never learn?) knowing it won’t be our club in financial dire straits when it goes wrong.

    Don’t get me wrong, Martin is a great motivator but I think he is woefully inadequate in terms of seeking value in the FFP era.

  57. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    Its getting to the point that I can’t wait till tomorrows over then we can actually discuss the football & not the football manager. Frem can hibernate till January and the scare-mongering will stop

  58. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    QPR are creating a whole team of Unflushables.

  59. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    the game I’m mean not Paul Lambert

  60. Little PLittle P30-08-2012

    B6 – Hahaha

  61. FremFrem30-08-2012

    benayoun apparently in talks with a few clubs.

    please be us. he could supply DB

  62. FremFrem30-08-2012

    also, apparently we are interested in spearing. terrible player

  63. Andrew PAndrew P30-08-2012

    Frem, “would you guys really not like to see the likes M’Bia,Cesar , etc at villa, or a bloke from Chesterfield in stead ???” It’s the bloke from Chesterfield for me. Why would anyone want a repeat of the transfer policy which brought us to our knees 2 years ago? I’ll trust Paul Lambert’s judgment all day long.

  64. FremFrem30-08-2012

    benayoun and nzonzi being mentioned.

    thats more like it villa. get benteke as well

  65. Andrew PAndrew P30-08-2012

    Frem, you need to get out more.

  66. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    Chicago,Frankfurt,J.C.,Korean,Old Biker,Leroy, and all those missing we need you.We are having a collection for a strait jacket for Frem-only in claret and blue though.We can get him sectioned then released for the next window in Jan.
    I dunno where`s he great Kenwyne Jones and Huddlestone now eh?A week ago they were essential purchases.

  67. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    Benayoun is a good player, sure, but is he going to take Ireland’s place on the team or just sit on the bench for us.

    Ireland shades it in quality for me. Look at how he timed that lob on Tuesday – Tranmere or not, that control and finish was as close to world class as you will see in a Villa shirt for the near future.

  68. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    Plus, more importantly, how much is a player like that going to want for wages? Loan or not, he is still expensive.

  69. FremFrem30-08-2012

    he wont take irelands place.



    his wages wouldn’t be so bad. to be honest, hes a very good player so hed be worth it

  70. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    The humour is great on here, Frem takes some welly doesn’t he ? wait till Fastbackace gets on here later.

    Unflushables – classic.

  71. FremFrem30-08-2012

    agent ITK saying we are currently talking to benayoun. he is very reliable.

    nzonzi now please and benteke

  72. chiefychiefy30-08-2012

    I heard that Defoe could happen, it all depends on AVB and who they bring in

  73. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    Benayoun turned 32 in May-he doesn`t seem to fit the profileof we are looking for.High wages no sell on revenue.
    I don`t mind paying for an “oldie”if he is exceptional(DelPiero)but not Benayoun-He is a decent pro but not for me at 32.

  74. chiefychiefy30-08-2012

    Benayoun NO THANKS, who are we QPR ? NO lol let Hughes buy him, sure if Warnock and Hutton make a call they may be in with a shout of signing up

  75. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    Imagine Andy Lochead , George Curtis or Sammy Morgan ?Trying to explain to them what an agent is?Thet would think you were talking about James Bond.

  76. FremFrem30-08-2012

    benayoun is good player. we need creativity, hed certainty bring that.

    apparently we are also still in for stephens

  77. LeroyLeroy30-08-2012

    B6 – id gladly chip in for some “rehab” for frem, bless his soul.

    It is all a bit of fun though, i mean last year this time was rather drab and i didnt stay up waiting for any last minute deals to be made, this year may very well go down to the last minute.

    Certainly, Benayoun, Adam, Downing etc do not fit in the new directive. I think im not alone when i say that i am a bit nervous with some of the buys we are being linked with, but it has everything to do with my lack of relative knowledge of guys like Bennet and Benteke.

    I think we do need to take a look at NZonzi types, who have shown a bit of ability and definitely adds a different dimension in the middle atleast…..flexibility one could say.

  78. FremFrem30-08-2012

    sounds like benteke deal will happen

  79. John ClarkJohn Clark30-08-2012

    Good write-up chiefy…It’s exactly the case that what’s going in is what most supporters have been asking for.

    More important, although the deals haven’t been huge, they do show Lerner is backing Lambert.

    At LB, you could have an owner saying, “You’ve got Warnock, Stevens, Lichaj and Baker who could play there, why are we signing another one?”

    Bennett’s signing clearly indicates that Lambert is doing what he wants, and what he can at present, to shape the squad regardless of who is going to be sitting or left fighting for a place.

    And while fullbacks may not be the most exciting signings, we know they’re crucial to how Lambert is wanting Villa to play.

    He’s got his ideas and is working to implement them.

  80. John ClarkJohn Clark30-08-2012

    I also don’t think the late flurry of activity is being spurred by the two losses.

    We were linked with Cresswell long ago, the LB search has be ongoing.

    I think the timing is simply a function of the way the window works. Unless a player is exerting pressure to leave and weakening a club’s hand, there’s a lot of poker being played, and as the song goes, you have to know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.

    The end of the window forces everyone’s hands. And if you’re trying to avoid being mugged, you often have to be willing to go down to the wire and walk away.

  81. Josh CattierJosh Cattier30-08-2012

    Got nothing against the switch from pricey established players to up-and-comers, but would prefer it if we actually had a spine to the team that gave me confidence before we went ahead and signed what look like squad players.

    Given is looking much older than last season and I think everyone who worried he would carry his awful Euros form into this season was right.

    Dunne and Clark don’t fill me with confidence whatsoever and I’m not sure they’re suited to partner Vlaar but again, not much we can do about Dunne being on the books taking up space. This is a worrying area though if Clark can’t pick up his form, as we’ll have no one to drop him for except the even more worrying Baker who is the personification of a roundabout.

    In the middle, KEA is clearly the heartbeat of the team and he sets the tempo, but with our formation we’re very weak defensively if it’s Ireland in front of KEA with Bannan/Delph/Gardner/Herd in a narrow diamond. It’s still awful defensively if we have a wider formation with N’Zogbia and Albrighton/Holman so it’s imperative we can get in a midfielder who’s more of a ball winner than a ball player, we have tons of those.

    Up front is our only solid area really, and even then if you take out Bent it has the potential to be a real problem, Gabby hasn’t been in goalscoring form for quite some time and Fonz doesn’t have a clue what to do when he hasn’t got the ball. Weimann looks a solid prospect, however, so hopefully he’ll come good if required.

    Young, fresh, hungry players are all great – when you’ve got the solidity in the squad to provide for them, and we really don’t. I’d much rather we ride our luck on injuries by having a small squad with a quality -ish XI than adding to these rotation options. It gives us the opportunity for everyone to fight for a place – yes – but I think any manager in their right mind understands that League 1/2 is a huge step down from the Prem and they’re highly unlikely to be a quality option, in the short term at least.

    If it were up to me I’d drop the pursuit of Bowery, Stephens, Benteke, etc. and get in some proven talent.

  82. Alan DidionAlan Didion30-08-2012


    Nice post. One point I would make with regards to the timing of the transition perhaps being a bit late. My feeling is that PL wanted to get a feeling for the team against prem competition before making too much of a splash. You can only learn so much about your team when you are playing MLS and lower division British clubs. You learn more about your club from losing against better competition than winning against the lesser. He has a better feel now for the job he has undertaken.

    I’m not too worried about what the bookies think of our relegation prospects. Odds are not written to reflect the chances of an event coming to fruition. The odds are written in order to get equal money bet on both sides. They see two losses in two matches, and they know the typical uneducated bettor is going to think we are going down. They have to keep the odds low to ensure the house makes money on the vig.
    I know you didn’t mention the bookies, but others have.

    My last comment is just for those who see the first two matches and assume the rest of the season is going to follow in the same fashion. Players do improve over the course of the season, especially when they are playing a new system, and are relatively young, with little experience in the prem. As the big money managers say, past returns are not a predictor of future results. That goes both when things are running good or bad.

  83. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    I think your getting carried away a touch. 300k per week over 4 years at the mackems, my arse – No way are Johnson and Fletcher on 100k pw each.(who is the third? Dempsey). Yes they will be on big wages, possibly higher than we can afford, but these players are good players, of a better quality than sidwell, Beye etc.
    Regards Bowery, is as you put the lad from chesterfield comes in and bangs in 10 goals this season , well if that happens Lambert deserves a f**king knighthood , the reason well it’s took him 83 games against dogshit teams to get 10 goals, so there is little chance of him ripping up any trees in the top flight.
    You say we have quality in our side , I agree but not much of it, that’s my point. We are praying that Ireland and Nzog wake up 2moro with personality transplants and actually start giving a s**t and putting a shift in, something they haven’t done since they arrived. If anyone would take Nzog for anything over £7m I will drive him there myself, he is a complete waster.
    We still need a striker, Midfielder general and another creative player, minimum. Hopefully Warnock will go to free up some wages.

  84. Ian GibsonIan Gibson30-08-2012

    Hey Frem, you are one persistent bugger have you thought of a job on the oppositions’ side of government?
    No more low flush toilets and the unflushables will be on their way.

    Lambert said he was going to give everyone a good kick at the can. He did and then made his mind up who he was going to go for and who was expendable. He didn’t have the luxury of bringing in people and then making his mind up. January will be a bigger telling point as to team development at Villa park.
    It’s not very often you get a guy who is willing to build slowly and create a “team” and wait for the fruits of his labour. I’m sure you all have neighbours who seem to have it all and you wonder how.
    Spending frugally, and buying a dud leaves money in the bank unlike Heskey, Hutton, etc.
    It’s difficult to wait but don’t you admire Everton, Newcastle, et al for their efforts a lot more than Man C, or Chelsea?
    As average people, we work and save for 40 odd years to have a decent life after 65. Same with Villa. Not 40 years mind you.

  85. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    B62 you make a valid argument concerning re Bowery and signings from the lower divisions.However I feel he is worth a gamble.Why?Firstly I know nothing about the lad,but I trust PL`s judgement of a player(so far).Secondly he will be working with a better calibre of player.He could come off the bench and nick a goal from a corner for us turning maybe 2 games from a 1-1 to two 2-1 wins which is 6 points.
    On the other hand if he`s a flop he will leave us as a better player but at an age where we get revenue back for him.It`s a win,win for me at his age.

  86. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    Fellas I dunno where you are getting your info from,but any news or gossip of any of the Unflushables being moved on?

  87. holteheroholtehero30-08-2012

    I was busy yesterday and this morning and everything has gone mental regarding incoming players.

    Think the LB signing could prove to be shrewed business and if he fulfills his potential, he will either be very good for us or at least have proper resale potential (unlike alot of MON signings).

    Can’t really comment on Bowery as haven’t ever heard of him before, but young enough to improve and at least offers some cover as a different kind of striker to Fonz/Wiemann.

    As for Benteke i’d like him after seeing the Belgium/Holland friendly as he looked good.

    I agree with alot of posts if we could also get a decent CM who can create things that would be ideal, don’t really think we’ve had a decent one since Merson.

    As for the debate on who we are signing vs QPR/Sunderland, the only player they have bought so far i would have really liked to see in Claret and Blue was Adam Johnson, the rest have been way overpriced in my opinion.

    While it does worry me slightly we haven’t got proven top level experience or the excitement of a genuine marquee name, you could say the same about Newcastle last year with Cabaye, Tiote etc and they turned out pretty well.

    Still have a feeling there could be some surprises tomorrow….

  88. FremFrem30-08-2012

    apparently Federico macheda is in brum.

    could be anyone i suppose but our strike force needs huge improvement.

    gabby and fonz not good enough

  89. LeroyLeroy30-08-2012

    fromB6toBrasil – yes, its a good point. Not so long ago we are being told of the “one in one out” plan and led to believe that we are financially bound by that.

    Now we see multiple links with incoming players and very little in the way of outgoing.

  90. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    B6 ,
    I take your point on Bowery, i just feel he is a waste of money ( all be it not a massive amount ) when we’re pleading poverty.
    I’m not bothered about QPR or Sunderland per se, but of the players they have signed I would have Hoilett, Johnson, Fletcher to start with, and also Dempsey he is class

  91. chiefychiefy30-08-2012

    B6toBrazil – the unflushables are currently stuck in the U bend awaiting some activity

  92. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Any news on Nzonzi or was it just paper talk??

  93. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    Are Dyna Rod still active in the UK?Failing that some caustic soda,or perhaps some one way tickets to Stoke.

  94. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    Yes there are always exceptions and as an “oldie”Dempsey is worth a flutter,quality,selfless and an intelligent player.O.k I feel we are shopping at M&S now Frem thinks we are shopping at Primark,give it a few seasons and we can bring in Harrods players as we`ll have the financial and footballl structure to do so.

  95. Ian GibsonIan Gibson30-08-2012

    castor oil and oatmeal will do the trick

  96. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    DeFoe has signed a new deal at Spurs-offical not rumour

  97. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    Regarding the CD, i have a feeling that PL likes a bit of mobility alongside concrete so i think he’ll play Lowton as he did in some of the pre-season games.
    I’d have loved Johnson at VP, i think he’ll tear up a few full backs this season, read somewhere he’s on £95,000 units per week, still it pays my pension.
    You never know Bowery may be ‘the new’ Dave Simmons who Tommy Doc signed for £15,000 from Arsenal, he earned his money by scoring the winner against the vermin in 1968 (?). Career ended when the clumsy bugger fell down his stairs through a glass door, we do have ‘em don’t we ?
    Regarding Warnock, at least he’s cover for a midfield spot as a ball winner, too slow for FB, regarding the other finger ( Mutton ), who in their right mind would sign him ? wrong side of pathetic, the ‘Scottish Cafu’ according to McKnob, mind boggling.

  98. Andrew PAndrew P30-08-2012

    Steamer, I listened to the Talksport interview with McClueless that you mentioned yesterday. Andy Gray and Richard Keys fed him his excuses and to be honest he sounded a bit embarrassed but he just trotted out his “cut the wage bill and remain competitive” line. To be fair to him, I didn’t think he was very critical of us at all. We gave him plenty worse on here. You can still find the interview on TalkSport’s website – it’s a bit of a diversion from all of the transfer speculation, but at the end of it I was thinking there’s 30 minutes of my life I won’t get back.

  99. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    We`ve bought some plnkers haven`t we.Gary Shelton, we bought from Walsall-he was half decent,Earl Barrett from Oldham not a bad full back.Platt was a good buy.

    Remember Jimmy Cumbes?What a life.Footy in the winter and cricket in the summer.

  100. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    I think McShambles got confused or perhaps he was misquoted.He didn`t say the Scottish Cafu he said A Scottish No2.Now he is an Unflushable No2.

  101. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    We used to call him ‘Juggling Jim’ had a disaster at Antwerp in the UEFA Cup so Saunders signed Burridge, another disaster, i reckon he cost us the League Championship the year we won the League Cup, that was the best Villa team iv’e seen, Saunders broke it up because of personality clashes, some of the players had one, he didn’t.

  102. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    Burrridge cost us.Yes Steamer that was a great,exciting team.If we had a goalie that year.we`d have won he league,We came 4th in the leadue won the League cup and got to the qf of the FA cup.
    I know our memories can play tricks with us but one sesason did`nt our front 3 of Gray,Deehan and Little score 20 goals EACH?

  103. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    I think they did, not sure, very exciting team that was with Gidman bombing down the flanks, Brian Little, Deehan & Gray interchanging, i think ‘the Grader’ waded in with a few as well, and then he signed Ken McNaught, oh dear.

  104. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara30-08-2012

    so fundamentally B62 we both agree.. Its just you’d prefer we bought the experience quality in… I’d prefer Lambert nuture young quality..

    I think Ireland is now positive about the Villa and it is showing.

    Zoggy is a talented lad, i just don’t know what going on there re form.

    The young striker we signed though well… he’s signed now so we’ll have to wait on see… but i find it hard to imagine we wouldn’t get our money back… I imagine he is on £10-15k a week if that and if Lambert can work with him like he did Holte he maybe more than a bit useful…

  105. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012

    So is the Bowery deal done? Not seen it confirmed anywhere so far myself.

    In terms of him not being a great goalscorer, he doesn’t really have to be – thats what DB9 is for. Perhaps the likes of Bowery is going to be used as a battering ram & someone to occupy defenders that would otherwise be doubling up on Bent. If he chips in with a few then great, but if his presence creates more space for DB9 aswell as an outlet for some longer balls/deeper crosses then he can still be of value to the team IMO.

    Benteke, if we get him, would offer a bit of both styles of play so could still perform alongside Bowery & Bent seperately, as opposed to just having 2 head-the-balls up front should other forwards be injured. I really rate Weimann, so he also is a viable option with either big lads.

    Love the old tales from the old boys too… “I think he’s declared!” Quality!

  106. The DroydThe Droyd30-08-2012

    N’Zonzi would be a great buy. I have been saying this for over a year now. He is just the sort of player we lack. A Vieira type to boss the midfield. He’s obviously not Vieira class but the same type of player and a similar height and build.

    We are cr*p (and have been for 2 years) at attacking and defending set pieces so he would help this problem too. He is one player I wouldn’t mind us paying over the odds for. His age is a plus too.

    Genuinely delighted at the signing of a left back. A left back with pace is again something we have lacked for a long time. Bouma was our last adequate left back (apart from a few outstanding months from Warnock when he first joined).

    If we get N’Zonzi and this young Belgian striker whilst offloading Hutton and Warnock then it would be a superb transfer window for us.

    That is of course optimistic and a best case scenario.

    Signing lower league youngsters can’t be seen as anything other than an inexpensive punt of no real consequence.

  107. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    Where are you?Spearing gone to Bolton,so you can relax there.Defoe signs new deal at Spurs.I didn`t want either.It just shows how much tosh is written by the clowns in the media who claim to be itk.

  108. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    “Love the old tales from the old boys too”Blimey first time I`ve been called old but I suppose I give my age away with tales from when footy was a sport not a business.Hey that`s progress ain`t it.
    Come on Villa a couple more in,then lets het to work at BMH and get up that league.

  109. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012

    Added to that, young Bowery should come in full of guts & glory to prove himself, so if anything he offers more in terms of effort then the seemingly privileged Delfouneso…even if that effort is just chasing down defenders and kicking a few people. He’ll have no airs or graces about him & plenty of heart, which is an attitude some of our other youngsters could do with showing more of.

  110. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012

    Gordon Bennett.I mean Joe Bennett.On the BBC site,there is a picture of him playing in the winter(obviously)WEARING GLOVES.That`s it,he`s a cr*p signing,waste of money,typical modern namby pamby footballer.What is PL doing?,H.e`s a cr*p manager,get him sacked 2 games 2 defeats.

    Sorry lads deadline week does this to me,there`s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned over reaction is there?

  111. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson30-08-2012

    Deem gosh blessed take a damn.break. Beni is.32 get over him. We don’t need old has Beens. Now nzonzi I would take. Sit back frem tie ur self to a chair and relax. IM afraid ur going to blow something. Wanna make some bets.?

  112. LeroyLeroy30-08-2012

    hold on to your butts, this is gonna go down to the wire tomorrow evening…..

    Droyd – totally agree. Nzonzi would give us a versatile option against the Stokes of he league, and can take a pop on goal now and then too.

    I am ashamed to say that i now have high expectations and feel let down IF we dont manage to bring in Benteke.

    Both Benteke and Nzonzi would be a great result from here i think

  113. steamersteamer30-08-2012

    Remember another big bustling CF who started his career at Chesterfield ……. Kevin Davies, if he’s anywhere near as effective as he is then DB can fill his boots.

  114. FremFrem30-08-2012

    its gone absolutely dead on the transfer front for us.

    alot of people now doubting weather benteke deal will happen now.

    cant believe we haven’t signed anyone today. desperate for a creative player and a cm, but still nothing

  115. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    If it`s gone quiet then that could be a good sign.PL likes to do our business on the QT.
    How are you taking the Defoe news?Still over a day left.

  116. FremFrem30-08-2012

    some one earlier suggested ( not on this site) that maybe if genk win tonight then benteke stays, if they dont, he comes to us.

    the fact we haven’t actually signed bowley yet makes me think he is back up if benteke deal doesn’t happen

  117. FremFrem30-08-2012

    well defoe would have great. brilliant striker

  118. FremFrem30-08-2012

    chris powell admits a deal still could be done for stephens

  119. FremFrem30-08-2012

    carrol to WH then.

    downing is available to get, so is adam, barry and milner at city and benayoun.

    would love any of them, especially barry. he was the one that was hardest to take leaving

  120. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012

    Nursey on twitter earlier seemed to indicate he’d break some Villa news in the Mirror first tomorrow, and expected a MF (think he said DM) and CF. Does Stephens fit under the DM mantle? Or could Nzonzi be that player?

    If he’s on the money I hope the CF he means is Benteke (tho happy to take Bowery as a prospect).

    I’d be disappointed if we miss out on Benteke now – he’s one of the few transfers that the club have been pretty open about in terms of info etc and we do seem to have gone “all in” for this one. Fair enough we dont want to pay extortionate prices to Genk, but if we dont push the envelope for him now, I could see him as the sort of player who will have a good season and then be beyond our grasp come Jan / next June if a bigger clubs come sniffing.

    And we’d be left wondering what if…

  121. Ian GibsonIan Gibson30-08-2012

    Hey Steamer,
    I am envious of your background for everything Villa. How about a column in the near future regarding some of Villa’s history? You know, when thinks quite down a bit. I’d be very interested to read what you say.

  122. Mark GMark G30-08-2012

    What an awesome article… I hated the way we as Villa fans were perceived last year and how our last manager was treated like a media darling.. On the whole I thought we were tolerant and gave him and the team time to win us round… The fact they never did is there own loss.
    Trust Lambert and give him time…
    We have a positive tactically aware and transfer savvy new manager Who plays to win and is up for the challenge of making Villa great again.. we may not have sold all of our over paid over rated dross yet… But the fact were building a team around the few players worth keeping (for the time being) and bringing in young hungry dynamic players.. Giving our existing academy players an opportunity and investing in the right kind of signings is a good thing.
    Yes we haven’t signed any cast offs from supposed top clubs on ridiculous wages/fees..surely that’s a good thing… After all they turn out to be (insert HUTTON DUNNE GIVEN SIDWELL DJEMBADJEMBA BAROS etc…)… The fact that they don’t want them… We shouldn’t either (you can count the exceptions to this on one hand McGRATH).

    Finally hats off to Frem.. We need fast skill full creative players who take the opposition on…Ronaldo and Hazard are originally wingers by trade… We don’t have to play them on the wing ala MON but we sure need some creativity pace and incisiveness behind bent if we want to be a threat in the final third..

  123. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    I have to echo the sentiments of oldbiker above Steamer – I’d be delighted to hear you write a piece about the good old days.

    Don’t worry – we’ll be happy to polish it up if you feel you just want to reel off a telephone conversation and have me write it up if you would prefer.

  124. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    PS I hope people are finding the site more responsive since the migration – I hope it turns out to be worth the extra money!

  125. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    Chiefy – Well said. We all knew exactly what we were getting with PL and where the Villa coffers allow us to compete.

    PL is building a team, it’ll take time. Some of his purchases may not come off, not all of them do.

    As a club what we are good at is bringing on youth. What we are bad at is turning them into EPL ready players. If PL can wave his wand there, we’ll be made. And none of it will bankrupt the club. Recent purchases convince me he believes youth is the way forward, just not some of our homegrown lads.

    I think Randys watchword for the club is “sustainable”. Something that QPR and Sunderland would do well to remember.

    The whole transfer window is hilarious, both as a concept and the mania it induces. Clearly some have never negotiated anything in their life. And the days of questioning what the “media” say are long gone it appears, when recent events should have had the opposite effect.

  126. gabbygabbygabbygabby30-08-2012

    Excellent post Chiefy,
    You seem to have inspired a refreshing u-turn in the majority of commenters which were panicked the other day. Sorry for singling you out.

    Very pleased with Bennett signing, we have lacked width from fullback in our first two games, maybe Lambert doesnt feel comfortable with Lichaj, a shame as i think Lichaj is very useful. But maybe Bennett will slot straight in as one of Lamberts own, breathing a bit of new enthusiasm, rather than the nervousness we have shown thus far.

    I would like a DM to come in, i think Ive wanted a strong DM for 2seasons now, i liked Muamba (obviously no go now), Mulumbu, but N’Zonzi would be great, maybe a little inexperienced, but athletic, good on the ball and would add a bit of physicality that we are lacking.

    I echo Oldbikers request, a slice of history would be great to read.

    Sunday will be another test, lets remember that Newcastle were challenging for CL football last year, and have strengthened this, so it will be a real test. Im not expecting a result, but i am expecting an improved performance.

    This is an excellent piece about what Lambert is trying to do, including looks at our first two games, the last paragraph summing it up very well for me:

    “Lambert’s problem will not be fan unrest, or player discomfort. It will be shaking players out of their slumber, brushing off the negative influences of a succession of outdated managers, and making Villa into a modern football club. Early signs of progression are emerging, but the hard work has only just begun.”


  127. FremFrem30-08-2012

    sounds like benteke deal is dead.

    we are now looking at plan b, bowley.

    gutted. we haven’t improved our dire strike force or dire lack of creativity, and there is just over 24 hours left.

    ful get berb, WH get carrol, we cant get benteke

  128. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson30-08-2012

    Here here supervise. Great statement. I’d like nzonzi and bentenki. Not sure if we r really nzonzi though.

  129. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012

    Latest from J Nursey is

    “Hearing Genk being very difficult and playing hardball with #AVFC over Benteke so Villa considering other options as plan b”

    So who is plan B then? I’m guessing Bowery is not an either/or option but an additional punt, so I’m not going to think its him.

    And its certainly not A Carroll at this stage.

    K Doyle from Wolves perhaps?
    Stefan Kießling perhaps?
    Or is Kenwyn Jones going to get his name rolled out again?

    I’d certainly hope its not Jones, but would take Doyle or Kießling as plan B options and go for Benteke again in January/next summer if he continues to impress & perform (and if we can still get him).

  130. FremFrem30-08-2012

    bowley is plan b.

    funny how we haven’t actually signed him yet. he was back up, unfortunately, we are going to have to use him

  131. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    Ciaran – Plan B is a rapper and actor soon to appear on the silver screen with Ray Winstone in the movie The Sweeney.

    Who knew he could play football. Talented.

  132. FremFrem30-08-2012

    We have Man city away in the cup

    It cant get any worse at the moment for villa

  133. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil30-08-2012


    Now you`re going too far.It could be a lot worse.We could have McShambles there,we could still have Collins,Heskey might have signed a new deal.Hutton and Warnock could still be in the starting line up.
    Appreciate what you/we have.

  134. Liam ScahillLiam Scahill30-08-2012

    Hi Guys,

    Newbie here cheers Matt for fixing my account. Writing my first comment as we draw City in the cup and Savage twits another attention seaking comment about the Villa, how a state owned broadcast company can have such a twit on the payroll amazes me.

    Have big respect for Lambert’s skills, one of the things I admire most about the man is how he can change formation and style to several formats over a season but looking at our squad in numbers and positions we really have limited opitions to provide Lambert the tools to utilise his tactical know-how.

    I feel tomorrow has to be a busy day down at the Villa as I refuse to believe Lambert really thinks our squad is adequate for a long winter of Premier League combat.

  135. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    Welcome to the blog Sir Scatman.

    You used the wrong vowel for Robbie Savage…

  136. FremFrem30-08-2012

    What have we got B6 ??

    ok, we have improved our manager, but at the moment thats all we can be sure of.

    PL isn’t a miracle worker. any manager in the world would struggle with our players.

    we are 2 games in, 2 dire performances and bottom of the league with newcastle away coming up.

    did you not expect bigger things from us this summer ?? we are really struggling, where as everyone else is improving.

    24 hours left and we still haven’t improved our strikers and we still haven’t improved our creativity and you could argue we haven’t improved our midfield.

    last season we were dire there, throughout this pre season we were poor/ average and for the first 2 prem games we were dire there.

    it ain’t no fluke. we are really poor up front and at creating things and with just 24 hours left, we still haven’t improved there, and now it seems like benteke deal has collapsed

  137. IanIan30-08-2012

    Was talking to a customer today who also is a Chesterfield fan.

    He said not only should he not be in the Premiership but at the moment he’s not good enough for League One… Except for size he cant really see why we would even be looking at him…

    Not sure how I will feel if we only sign Bennett and Bowery by the end of tomorrow?

    What about anyone elses thoughts on this?

    Personally I would feel this isnt going to be enough to really get us anywhere but then Ive been wrong before…

  138. FremFrem30-08-2012

    We need at least 3 players tomorrow.

    a big striker, a creative player and a cm

    ian- Bowery is certainly a strange one. i think he is simply just the back up option for the benteke deal not happening, unfortunately it sounds like that has collapsed

  139. IanIan30-08-2012

    Frem – thats pretty much spot on mate!!

    PL is good but he’s no magician
    Our midfield is poor… theres no getting away from it. Ireland and Zoggy are hit and miss, GG out for the season, Bannan rubbish, Herd nothing special, Holman needs to improve otherwise poor, Delph god only knows and Albrigton is good but again very hit and miss. KEA is great though…
    Our strikeforce is weak overall and if Bent gets injured again we are relying solely on Gabby (injury prone) Weimann (untested over a long period of games) Delfounseo (Sh!te)
    Defence is looking decent though

  140. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    Ian – I think we have to have faith in PL. He sees something in them otherwise he wouldn’t buy them. Maybe they’ll come good, maybe they won’t, but we have the infrastructure to bring them on. PL didn’t have a team of superstars and they did pretty well.

    Man City looking to sign a £5m defender as cover. Different world.

  141. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    Meant when PL was at Norwich, he had a hard working team of well organised players. No prima donnas there.

  142. FremFrem30-08-2012

    ryan babbel, now a free agent , has been linked to us, as well as huddlstone.

    not sure babbel is that creative player we need but hed be better than nothing

  143. Alan DidionAlan Didion30-08-2012

    I think I’ve read the word “dire” more times in the last week than in the rest of my lifetime total.

    If Bennett and Bowery are the only transfers in after Friday, I guess I would be slightly disappointed. I think it would be hard not to be. But it wouldn’t change my view or hopes for the rest of the season. I would just chalk it up to other teams valuing their players higher than PL does, and move on.

  144. IanIan30-08-2012

    Superbox – I agree there must be something and I fully back PL but there is still that lingering doubt..

  145. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    Welcome to the blog Sir_Scatman – I hope you enjoy your time on here.

    Man City away in the cup, hey? At least we can go balls out and attack because hardly anyone will give us a hope in hell among the media and goal difference doesn’t count for anything in a cup.

  146. FremFrem30-08-2012

    james nursey article saying we hope to land benteke and stephens tomorrow.

    also says we want zarate. would be a great signing

  147. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    Stealing my Plan B gags from Twitter? ;)

  148. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    Matt – Mat Kendrick made the same gag on twitter. It was just too easy!

  149. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012


    With the greatest of respect to all, we do have to assume that if PL is considering buying someone like Bowery then there must be something to him, atleast potentially.

    I doubt even PL has him ear marked to swan into our front line against Newcastle, he’s not going to be first choice so I suppose we should give him his chance if he does arrive at Villa. Christ, we’ve given enough chances to some other dross who’ve cost us and continue to cost us alot more!

    It’s late so I’m thinking there’ll be no more news tonight, and we might wake up to some good news early tomorrow, perhaps deals have been agreed with Charlton for Stephens and Genk for Benteke, but nothing is being said until players are on their way or involved in medicals.
    It’s not like the club has been the symbolism of communications lately so its possible if not probable they have kept somethings close to their chests until normal working hours resumes? Faulkner needs his sleep y’know!

    The previous Genk bid rejection hit the news pretty quickly, so for it not to have been formally rejected today must leave that iron still in the fire, albeit not going aswell as we hoped…. least not as far as we know.
    Any idea how Genk got on in Europe tonight?

  150. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012

    Kendrick is copying me as well then. Was too easy to be fair.

    I will have to have a word with my cousin’s husband who works with Mat at the Mail and tell him to promptly slap him for stealing my epic comic ability.


  151. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012

    Boom Boom! Superbox with the Plan B gag by the way…

    “I’m here all week”

  152. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    The transfer deals will go down to the wire, that’s for sure.

  153. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Apparently Christian Benteke will take legal action to make sure he gets his dream move

  154. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    Superbox is here all week as well. True and true.

  155. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    Legal action? Lovely character then. Let’s hope he doesn’t do the same to us in five years…

  156. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    Genk won 2-0 without Benteke.

  157. FremFrem30-08-2012

    i dont think they were playing anyone decent superbox.

    well, at least he want to come matt

  158. SuperBoxSuperBox30-08-2012

    It seems Bentekes agent is the trouble. It appears they are telling the press of every move, player on strike, not on strike, going legal? Seems like he is really earning his % on this one. Parasite.

    I am ashamed I didn’t see the Plan B gag ages ago.

  159. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Mat Kendrick ‏@MatKendrick
    The Christian Benteke transfer is not dead and the Genk striker is keen to join Villa, but the clubs are still apart with their valuations
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    7m Mat Kendrick ‏@MatKendrick
    Jordan Bowery’s move from Chesterfield to Villa will be confirmed tomorrow, subject to the formalities being completed in the morning

  160. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012

    Just looked up some info on Bowery, caught a glimpse of him in a vid where Chesterfield lost 1-3 to Torquay in the FA Cup last November.

    Bowery scored a header from a deep cross, not a great goal but the interesting point is that the commentator said that was his 5th goal in 8days.

    So if he’s only scored 10 in total, getting half his total in just over a week is one hell of a ratio! Prolific almost :)

    Still, he looks a big f**ker who might kick a few Premiership primadonna’s and rattle a few opposition cages, so I still hold that he might give us a bit of value!

  161. Alan DidionAlan Didion30-08-2012

    10:36 a.m. “looks like benteke deal isn’t happening
    2:42 p.m. “sounds like benteke deal will happen”
    6:59 p.m. “a lot of people now doubting hether benteke deal will happen now”
    9:03 p.m. “sounds like benteke deal is dead”
    10:48 p.m. “james nursey article saying we hope to land benteke tomorrow”

    And that’s just today.

    If I lived and died with all of these tweets, you’d have to make an appointment for me in the rubber room

  162. FremFrem30-08-2012

    thats twitter for you.

    im sure tomorrow it will be of, then back on again.

    would love huddlstone at villa in the middle, and 1 of benayoun, babbel or zarate as well to add that creativity we need

  163. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey30-08-2012


    Easiest way to look at it is that it isn’t a dead move till the window shuts (and even then not necessarily so either)

    Villa want the player so they have 24 hours to get it sorted.

    Aka ignore the panic in the meantime.

  164. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Im now more than worried regarding our squad and first 11, this time tommorrow the window is shut, and unless Lambert is a miracle worker, this team as it stands will do well to finish outside of the bottom 3. We are 2 injuries away from being a mid table championship side!!! I can’t believe Villa fans actually believe Ireland( who wants a new payday deal) and Nzog will pull out of the mire, we are relying our future on untested lower league players. I’m not confident on who we can actually beat. Yes we’ve saved some money and our transfers are cheap, but the c**ts running this club are clueless , Fonz is on 30k pw!! We will be in the championship next year as all the sides we are in direct competition for survival with strengthen significantly.
    Lerner will find out the hard way, relegation is never a good thing , those days are sadly over.

  165. FremFrem30-08-2012

    Ciaran – just saw that goal.

    we do certainly need someone who is strong and good it the air. hopefully we get benteke as well

  166. FremFrem30-08-2012

    hopefully Jordan Bowery and stephens will just be bonus signings now.

    we do need more experience. huddlstone would add that in the middle of the park and we desperately need someone like benayoun more than anything

  167. B62 VillaB62 Villa30-08-2012

    Frem I would say no to Huddlestone, injury prone , failed a medical at Stoke and not played in a year!!
    We won’t sign anyone of note this window, the best we can hope for is Benteke.
    The bookies have us at 16/1 ( bestbprice)to beat Newcastle , f**k me how the mighty have fallen, didnt we relegate them????

  168. gabbygabbygabbygabby30-08-2012

    Where can i get this 16/1 to beat Newcastle?

    We are 11/2 on Betfair. There’s easy money to be made there.

  169. Ciaran MorrisCiaran Morris30-08-2012

    B62 – I do hold some hope for Ireland picking himself up and performing for us.

    Our style of play is going to be playing to his strengths for the first time really, so I do think he’ll be able to add some of the creativity that we crave in the side.

    Frem – I see Bowery and Stephens as squad development players myself too.

    If we’re able to add Benteke then I will happily settle for only needing 1 other player, that being a CM that brings some muscle, steel and height.

    I think in terms of creativity, we should be ok until January as the team learns how to play Lambert’s system & footballing ethos, with better off the ball movement in midfield and attack and our passers & creative players (KEA, Ireland, Holman, N’Zogbia) find their rhythm and hit the men making these runs and finding their space.

    I do worry about how we’ll fare in the middle of the park in terms of strength & power and that’s something I think we need a personnel change for and not something any of our current players are going to learn (KEA being the exception).

    So I’ll take Benteke, Bowery and Stephens, but I’d love a surprise CM/DM.

    …but not that crock Huddlestone – I love his ability on the ball, but he just isn’t fit enough and can’t stay injury free. We’ve enough dead weight around the club without adding some more.

  170. FremFrem31-08-2012

    rumour is DB could be of to arsenal. must say, it is strange we are getting 2 strikers in. maybe fonz and DB are leaving. hope DB dont go.

    we desperately need some physical presence in the middle of the park and another creative player.

    nzonzi and benayoun/zarate, as well as benteke, then i can sleep happily.

    would be very worried if we only get benteke, stephens and Jordan Bowery tomoz. its not enough

  171. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil31-08-2012


    I understand your concerns-really,I do.Where I differ from you is that I would rather go with what we have until Jan,than bring in overpriced average dross.Have a bit more belief in PL he will do right by us.I agree we are a bit light,for me we need an enforcer in MF a beast who can break up play,but play a bit too.
    NRC is only 28 and available on a free wouldn`t mind him short term (for the season say only)but you can`t get deals like that.Anyway fingers crossed you get what you want tomorrow Frem,

  172. TrinityTrinity31-08-2012

    Good article!

    Nice to see all the support for PL on here. It’s also good to read what people, who know more about football than I do, have to say.

    I’m making a habit of being the last poster (or close to it) but I’d like to say that between the 1950s-1970s, we won nothing to speak of. We even got relegated at times, so what’s happening now isn’t so new, except for the massive financial side of things these days.
    I’m pretty excited in the positive thus far. I’m optimistic. There seems to be change for the good happening.
    Today’s going to be interesting, hope PL gets the players he wants.

  173. Ian GibsonIan Gibson31-08-2012

    Trinity, how many time zones are you away from Bham? Would be funny if we were neighbours. :-)

  174. TrinityTrinity31-08-2012

    Hello oldbiker.

    I’m in South Korea. It’s 1330 right now. A 1500 start in Old Blighty translates to a 2300 start here.
    Last match I attended at VP was the 0-1 loss to Wolves last year.

  175. Ian GibsonIan Gibson31-08-2012

    So much for neighbours–you’re half a world away from Calgary

  176. TrinityTrinity31-08-2012

    They breed them tough there. I knew a Calgary girl. She had flaming red hair, a tongue that’d make a sailor blush, and forearms that’d put most men to shame.

  177. Ian GibsonIan Gibson31-08-2012

    Sounds like pretty after 6 beers. I’m off to bed. Talk later