So you’re interested in writing for Aston Villa Life?

The first thing we must say is that to be considered as a writer, you will need to have been a person who regularly comments on the site. Having this entry criterion helps foster a sense of community – that our writers are people who are already involved in the day-to-day discussions, and that their contribution will genuinely add value to the high quality content our writers already provide.

If you aren’t already commenting, you will need to register an account and then regularly comment for a few months before we can accept you as a writer. You can register an account by clicking here, and filling in the necessary details.

We understand this may frustrate some eager candidates who want to write for us, but we are committed to ensuring that article authors are already known to the site community, and that they have thus been able to further contribute via writing. We hope you understand that the process is only in place to further our community, and not to stop fans having a voice.

If you fulfil the criteria listed above, ie you are already registered for the site, and you want to start writing, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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Please note – We expect articles authors to use their real name when posting articles. Doing so fosters a sense of honesty and means that articles are generally more well thought out because users are neither hiding behind a pseudonym, nor likely to write something that will reflect badly on them as an individual.