The Split Down The Middle That Isn’t As Wide As It Appears

The Split Down The Middle Isnt As Wide As It Appears

Ian Gibson looks at recent discussions and thinks that the gap between happy and sad may be far narrower than many envisage.

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Where’s The Christmas Present Randy? Don’t You Think We Deserve It?

Where The Christmas Present Randy Dont You Think We Deserve It

As fans of Aston Villa become increasingly frustrated with a silent owner, Ian Gibson looks at just how bad things really are.

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Is There Enough Patience Left To Allow Villa’s Stars To Shine?

Is There Enough Patience Left To Allow Villas Stars To Shine

With the league as tight as ever, Ian Gibson asks if Aston Villa have the breathing space to allow players to develop.

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No Hope For The Future? No Chance Of That, Right?

No Hope For The Future No Chance Of That Right

Given the international break, Graham O’Gara takes time to reflect back on the progress made by Aston Villa so far this season.

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Could A Perfect 10 Solve All Villa’s Issues?

Could A Perfect Ten Solve Villas Issues

As Aston Villa suffer at the hands of the second attacking midfielder in as many games, Josh Cattier looks at what the club might gain from a skilful number 10.

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