One win, one loss, and roll on Palace. Whatever you want to say about Everton, it was a much needed three points at Villa Park last Saturday to get the season moving and fuel a little optimism, perhaps.

Palace, it’s a tricky fixture. Always is. We don’t necessarily match up with them well, but they have this mercurial quality about them. Which is to say they’re about as inconsistent as we are.

When it comes to the line-up, seems I’ve gotten my ‘wish’. Gerrard has finally hooked Coutinho for Buendia, and Ings for Bailey. So, we’ve got two runners wide, and an in-form creator central. No idea whether it’s a flat three or the 1-2 version. But there’s speed on the flanks, and you need that against Palace.

I really hope it works out, or least looks good enough to persist with, because this could be our most dangerous top line. Steven’s obviously still in search of his best XI, but at least he’s moving some pieces around. Sitting Coutinho and Ings may not seem ballsy to Villans, but that’s a lot of money on the bench (figuratively, anyway). It’s also a lot of money coming on. In a dream scenario, Buendia is able to feed Bailey and get him off the mark. That’s some £60m Villa desperately need to see a return from.

Elsewhere, Konsa (rather than Chambers) comes in for Diego Carlos, who’s had his surgery. Lots of talk about replacing Diego, and I get that, but it’s all felt a bit underwhelming since we got our business done so early. Pretty sure we all thought there was more to come.

Anyway, here we are. Still feels like we’re a bit light and unbalanced, also feels like we have to move some players if we’re going to see anything other than a fourth CB coming in. But this is what we’ve got, and I like the changes. Something we needed to see after the very strange line-up for the opener and the unending efforts to force Ollie and Danny into the same line-up. It’s still not physically imposing, but Bailey’s a bit of a battler and has the speed to cause problems. Emi’s looks to play fast and has good vision and passing range. Also has a bit of bite himself. Might be just what we need. Hope he’s ready for the start…taking Phil’s place might make some players a little nervous, but that doesn’t seem to be how Buendia rolls.

Over to you.

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  1. It’s funny, but I’d say pretty much the same as when Deano was in charge. Villa want to play fast, which is okay, but there are times to slow things down.

    Turnovers higher up the pitch are undoing us, play into Palace’s strengths.

    McGinn and Ramsey have to do more.

  2. We are disgusting.

    Midfield is still useless. Watkins is useless

    We’ve gone backwards with investment

    I said Palace would dominate the middle

    We need to sign players

  3. Watkins can’t hold a ball up.

    We need a striker

    We need another creative player

    We need a center midfield player

    McGinn and Ramsey aren’t good enough

    Won’t be long until potch is called

  4. Frem, I totally get your frustration but I have to say that if I was the owner I’d have to think long and hard before I spent any more money right now. I certainly wouldn’t risk impulse purchases at this stage and it seems more likely than not that’s what they would be right now.

  5. Or Potter

    How mcginn and Ramsey are still picked together is unbelievable.

    Wr will never retain possession with them

    Oh and cash isn’t very good either

    Awful getting forward and not much better defending

  6. Hate to say it, but can’t see us winning any of the next three.

    I don’t want impulse purchases, but McGinn and Ramsey just aren’t cutting it. Have said it about McGinn, but Ramsey’s just not got to the next level.

  7. West ham arsenal man City up next can’t see anything but 3 heavy defeats,clueless manager away to Palace starts that side today ,no midfield and ax much as people like beundi not for me,,full backs who can’t defend or cross would swear mutton is doing the coaching ,captain fantastic mcginn another shocker of performance,then look at the bench sanson not even on it ,traore away to Turkey,wonder do they need a crap manager because Gérard is one,who will he blame tonight

  8. JC
    ramsay is not what you need in a battle,he is also young so I wouldn’t write him off yet,we need a Dacre like Palace have alongside kamara and then a three in front which ramsay could play

  9. Don’t disagree about a change of formation, JG. It’s not doing anyone any favors.

    But I really would want to see more from Ramsey as a manager, regardless. Not saying he won’t get there, but.

  10. Funny thing is, there were good passages. Palace, that’s what you’re going to get.

    On game points, I didn’t agree with the peno call, and then unlucky on the save. Other end, foul on Buendia maybe not enough for a penalty either, but one that gets called outside the box.

    Had the good shot straight to the keeper, and Bailey unlucky not to score.

    So seems strange to say, but maybe a touch unlucky not to come away with something the way it actually played out.

    That said, overall Palace were just better, and I’m not sure why Mings-Konsa has gone bad. Maybe Konsa shouldn’t be starting just yet, but the organization/communication seems non-existent. And we were always going to have problems with two small FBs against stronger forwards.

    At the same time, while Palace were playing better, I just didn’t see the anticipation I’d like once they got rolling. A bit static and reacting to what you could see was coming.

  11. r0bb0,

    Not really sure what to say about SG, atm. Purslow will back him, but this isn’t looking like a transformation. Phil was a useless buy, Buendia does more, not a drop-off.

    If players are leaving, we’ll see whether the hesitance to go harder in the market is based on wages, etc., or reluctance to give SG more money.

    I’m not seeing anything managerially from him to suggest he has answers. I’m struggling with how he doesn’t set us up differently. Maybe not a set of players he wants, but it’s what he’s got.

    So yeah…I can see him getting time, but I’m not convinced anything is turning around if he persists with this system and doesn’t get another player or two in who can play it. And if we lose the next three, start 1-5, it’s not going to be pretty.

  12. JC, Ramsey was MOTM last week and made some gorgeous runs but is inconsistent and I’m not sure it’s right to just put it down to his youth.
    I absolutely wouldn’t give up on him though. . . . .he’ll shine in the right system. (don’t ask me what that system is though!)

  13. JC
    ramsay probably needs a rest ,he had underage tournament during summer,l am looking at bench where r our options ,only Carlos is injured, this is getting serious the amount of players Gérard has picked a row with or fell out with
    Our buying since lange has come in has been shocking, we look like the 7 dwarfs,absolutely no physical presence, can’t win matches our gerard

  14. JC, you’re right to say that we may have been a bit unlucky today and SG must be feeling that way I imagine. It’s easy to over-react after every defeat and as a consistent critic of Gerrard from well before he was appointed, it’s tempting for me to call for his head but I really do dislike the management merry go round and do genuinely feel that we need to give him more time to prove himself. . . . one way or another.

  15. r0bb0,

    For me with Ramsey, it’s physicality. He just doesn’t really get stuck in or trouble anyone. That’s what I mean about playing himself into the game.

    He is young, and sometimes there’s a bit of a plateau, but when you’re not seeing the ball elsewhere, you have to have an influence somehow and stem/turn the tide.

    At any rate, it’s not a good combo with McGinn. SJM will work all day, but he can’t wrest contro and impose himself either. And in this system, we need two MFs who can do that.

  16. Like Gerard said, “horses for courses” and you can’t disagree with that thinking. It’s just that he always picks the wrong courses.
    Just a bit frustrating. 1/2 second slow on the ball.
    After the Bournemouth game I was thinking/said, 3 more games like this and it’s bye bye Gerard.
    I’m wondering if they mentioned making Europe just for shits and giggles.

  17. We used to be fit to keep clean sheets,today was crying out to partner marv with kamara give more protection to back 4 but Gérard can’t see passed his unworkable formation
    Mcallaister is back at villa and all is not well in the camp

  18. Ian
    Horse for courses ,Gérard is a bit like either morecambe and wise in the episode with great Andre previn, playing all the right notes just not in right order

  19. JC
    acombination of mcginn and Luis hasn’t worked,mcginn and marv either,mcginn and Connor no didn’t work ,now ramsay and mcginn doesn’t eork ,maybe it’s time to try someone else rather than mcginn

  20. JG,

    Yes, I’d give him a rest.

    In answer to r0bb0, I’d say Ramsey would be better in a 4-2-3-1.

    But last summer is turning out to be a bit disastrous in terms of how Gerrard wants to play. The buys looked to me designed to fit Dean’s system (Bailey to complement Traoré, Buendia the 10 or maybe out wide). Still can’t figure the Grealish timing (ie, did the brass know he was off before the summer even began, or were betting City wouldn’t ultimately stump up the £100m).

    Whatever the thinking, Ings was a big waste. And atm, I’d just as soon bring on Archer chasing the game like we were. Harsh on Danny, maybe he and Archer come in to really change it up.

  21. Ian,

    It sure doesn’t look like a masterstroke from Purslow.

    If he engineered that whole sequence, it looks to be backfiring. The players are putting in effort, so things don’t seem like they’re toxic. But I think they have to be getting frustrated.

  22. Gerrard again saying the players need to pull together, not we.

    Yes the players are pretty shite but the tactics are making us even worse.

    It’s mad that Palace have better football players than us

    Purslow and Lange it’s time to go

    Gerrard won’t be far behind.

    McGinn, Ramsey, cash, konsa, mings, Luiz, Watkins

    Just not good enough to where we want to be

    And more

  23. Frem, I’ve not heard his interview but if he yet again is blaming the players and not including himself then I don’t see him making it as a serious manager.
    Maybe he believed his own hype in Scotland and really ‘does’ believe he’s special.
    A manager needs self confidence but he also has to appreciate his own frailties and it’s not clear that Gerrard does. Without that understanding, there’s no incentive for him to change.

  24. Frem
    No point signing more players if not going to use them
    Today away at Palace who took a deserved point at anfield
    We set up with konsa playing centre half who is afraid off gis own shadow,with Chambers on the bench who haddent let Gérard down once,2 full backs that can’t defend with only 1 holdi g midfielder protecting them
    Then rest of midfield ramsay not really a physical presence more a runner,,3 up front that aren’t physically up for a battle imagine Gérard gets millions to produce that

  25. Frem, I rate Sarr too, but I can’t see any credible links to him joining us.

    Also, today’s result may not encourage the owners to spend more, but may actually have the opposite effect. If it has them questioning Gerrard (that’s still an ‘if’) then would they really want to invest more cash on players that he wants?

    They seem to believe (as do I) that we have a squad that is perfectly capable of finishing in the top half of the table under the right manager. If I were them I’d give Gerrard more time to see if, Arteta like’ he can show signs of turning things round and if not, I’d have my management team working in the background to replace him at the end of the year and identify players who could be bought in January who would fit the ethos of the ‘new’ manager.

  26. Hope signing sarr means we change to 4231 and ditch this shite

    Ee can’t play 433 when Ramsey and McGinn are the two off the three

    They aren’t good enough.

    We need sarr plus another cm to partner Kamara

  27. Someone just summed Lange up perfectly

    We signed Traore for 20 million

    Loan him out for 250k

    Anf the same day sign another 20 million Traore

  28. Even with Sarr wr need a striker and cm in

    Watkins and Ings aren’t good enough

    I’d say our bench is actually even worse than season without Traore and sanson

    They are better than young and marvelous

  29. We have the slowest front line in the league by far so Sarr will be good with Bailey.

    Next step has to be a tall cm to play with Kamara

    We can’t have mcginn and Ramsey playing

    They aren’t good enough at any aspect of the game

  30. Making mcginn captain was a joke

    He should have been replaced this summer, not made captain.

    It’s a shambles this club at the moment

  31. So Gérard has had his pre season done and dusted,3 matches in noclean sheets,2 shocker shows and now a winger from a relegated side is the answer,our club is being run like a circus

  32. Thing with Sarr…I dunno. If it signals a shift in formation, that’s maybe one thing. If he’s just in to give Ramsey some competition on the left? I dunno. Not cheap by any means.

  33. But like I said earlier, I’ve no real idea what to make of Lange. Traoré seems like a bust, but was he really? Was he always just suited to a different system with a like player on the opposite side (like Bailey)?

    At the same time, other sides have recruited similar players that are stronger, every bit as dangerous, and seem to link up better and play in systems more dependably.

    Sanson will be a mystery for the ages.

    It really just makes my head hurt, tbh.

  34. WANTED – a plan, a system, a selection that gets the best out of this group of players. Because we have not seen anything like such so far from the coaching staff. But for an extremely lucky VAR decision, we’d have shipped 4 to a mid table team.

    Shocking from the right side of our defence. Midfield out fought (although Buendia kept fighting). Tactically non-existent. Selection, too many defenders on the bench and not enough midfielders. I have no doubt someone like Mourinho would have hooked 3 midfielders at half time. Five subs rule? Nah, use 3 according to SG.

  35. The breaking news last night about Sarr answered one question posed earlier by rObB0, about whether the owners would give SG/Purslow any more funds to burn. We need an enforcer in midfield urgently, rather than another flying winger. SJM/Ramsey/Dougie not at the races. Seems our priorities differ to those of the coaching staff.

    I was also left wondering what the defensive coaching staff are doing with the players during the week. Dead balls have to be marked but I didn’t see much of that.

    Overall, I’m very downbeat. Our squad should be producing so much more than this.

  36. JC
    Do you know much about our owners,how they operate stateside, do they act fast or slow,looking at the minute since lange has turned up the recruitment has been shocking poor value,then why where Smith men forced out last season, purslow got his his mate who in turned got in his mate Phil,and both mates are failing miserably
    Gerard got his wish for pre season plus new players and its worse than Bruce’s bingo ball team selection, shocking performances on and off the field ,Gérard standing on sideline like a fed up school teacher with no emotion whatsoever, never mi d the selection of coaches on sideline
    Timer for owners to act almost 200m blown on transfer market on last 7/8 big buys and only kamara looking good
    Also stop buying midgets we need a core of 6 feet tall players not wimps

  37. Sarr won’t hurt anything. It’s only a positive. Our attacking depth and options aren’t good, hence our bench looks rubbish.

    But the funny thing is Lange still never signed a left winger to replace Grealish. Bailey Buendia snd Sarr are all Right wingers.

    He’s had 7 transfer windows and still hadn’t sorted out our midfield

  38. A front 3 off Bailey sarr and Watkins away from home in a 451 would give us pace on the counter… At home go narrow 433 with buendia and Phil or 4231 and be more creative perhaps

    One thing though yesterday and Bournemouth shown

    Surely our central midfield will br added to with another 1 or 2 players this month?

    Wd need a dm to cover Kamara, marvelous isn’t good enough, we need a quality cm better than mcginn Ramsey and Luiz. They aren’t good enough

    Ramsey and McGinn are just athletes. They aren’t good tactically, positionly or defensively. They also aren’t good technically.

    They offer nothing on a football pitch apart from running

  39. IMO our main issue yesterday was we can’t play out of the back and with Carlos missing this was really clear to see

    we don’t have enough players playing attacking balls through the lines but we are trying to play out of defence like we should be but we just cause our own problems in trying to do so which gives the opposition more confidence to play on the front foot

  40. Frem
    As good as your front 3 sounds it won’t work,because they bar Watkins don’t work hard enough
    Palace full backs stayed back and done what it says on tin defend,ours attacked as if they where cancelo or cafu and left gaps everywhere, we need to get back to clean sheets it always gives you chance of points

  41. Sarr signing though again just shows we have no scouting network. We just go for big names everyone knows. It’s time for Lange to go. And purslow. They obviously don’t want to put effort into scouting.

    James. Possibly a lack of work rate yes.

    Also this team has no chance of playing out from the back

    Even it gets through to our midfield from our center backs, it just goes to Ramsey and McGinn who aren’t good passers of a football.

    We have huge problems.

    Cash also isn’t very good. He’s just a runner anf a very poor defender and footballer.

    We need technically better players. Not athletes and sarr kind off falls into athlete categories

  42. I want to watch Centre mids who can receive a pass and turn and fizz into front players.

    I’m sick off watching mcginn and Ramsey so lose ona football

    They aren’t good enough

  43. It’s time the club go a new direction.

    Spending money hasn’t got us anywhere.

    It’s time Lange and purslow go

    It’s time to get a scouting network

    It’s time to get a top coach and tactician like Potter.

    This current style we are on is only going to see us relegated.

    Gerrard isn’t a coach or tactician that’s clear

  44. Frem,
    There are certainly problems with how we attack but I’m not sure that lack of speed is one of them :
    Bailey is also no slouch but there’s not much point in Watkins and Bailey being quick if they’re having to wait around for the ball to finally make its way to them in our front line when they’re already surrounded by the massed ranks of an opponent’s back line.

  45. if you and JC are right that Sarr may be joining us, then that will add further pace, but again, if we invest in pace, we need to also invest in tactics that take advantage of our best attributes.

  46. Frem, I agree with a fair bit of what you say there. McGinn is more cage fighter than silky smooth boxer but then again we have been calling for more grit in midfield and he does bring some of that.
    Ramsey’s problem is consistency. I’m convinced there’s a ‘really’ good, and potentially ‘cultured’ footballer in there but we’re not seeing it in every game.
    I think you’re right, we need a coach and tactician that can bring it out of him and like you, I’m not convinced that Gerrard is that person.

  47. Robbo. Bailey and Watkins are pacey but that’s all we have in our squad. Ings Countino and buendia have zero pace between them. They need pace around them.

    And exactly, unfortunately our front 3 will always be waiting for the ball with our midfield.

    We just don’t have good technical players in our midfield.. Even Luiz for a Brazilian passes sideways and backwards more often then not. He’s another who’s not good enough

    If we are to get anywhere, by the end of this month, we need Kamara plus 2 new centre mids alongside him. We can’t have Mcginn Luiz or Ramsey starting football games for us.

    I think we should go get Potter or Potch

    And if the next 5 or games go wrong, which they will, then we will be sounding out Potter in sure

  48. I just can’t believe our midfield is still the same crap that we had first season. We still have mcginn starting, Luiz in the squad and youth product

    It’s criminal how our midfield has been completely ignored and doesn’t look like changing.

    We have a few weeks to go buy a couple of dominating cms

  49. Leeds winning 2-0

    Look how well drilled they are

    We are in huge trouble.

    We need to go get Potter

    How well his teams are coached and how well they create chances

    He would be fantastic

  50. We are in a relegation fight if we don’t improve this midfield

    I don’t see anyone worse than us, certainly not in midfield

    Gerrard won’t have much time left

  51. Hey Frem, not much time? Dead man walking. One more miserable game. Or gone at the first international break-if there are any this year.
    Regarding Luiz, if he can only pass backwards and reading the previous posts regarding no pace or nous, he probably has no choice as there is no one to pass to up the pitch.
    A lot of good players look underwhelming but for me it’s due to the poor instruction they get from the coaching staff.
    Gerrard and always go and be chums with Lambert.

  52. Ian. I think it’s close ye. Man City west ham and arsenal next 3. That’s 3 defeats.

    And we’ve had all pre season to work on a system..

    And signing Sarr probably means we go to 4231 so we’ve wasted all pre season.

    It’s an absolute shambles.

    Sarr will take us to 400 million spent since we came up

    And we are in a relegation fight

    Purslow and Lange should be hounded out

    It’s criminal how badly run we have run and it’s criminal what we’ve spent and the shite we’ve signed

    Gerrard hasn’t gone left nor should purslow.

  53. Notice how Gerrard gets very defensive in press conferences

    He’s a man under pressure

    Also clutching at straws yesterday saying Bailey hit the bar like all managers do after a game when they are close to the sack. Smith was the same

    We will definitely spend money now though

    Sarr won’t be it. We will spend more on a few players

  54. Just seen an average position heat map of yesterday

    It’s criminal that a team in the premier league set up like we did. Criminal how isolated Mings and konsa were.. Criminal how high the full backs were.. Criminal the gap between Kamara, mcginn and Ramsey.

    Absolutely disgusting

    If we carry on with that system we will go down

  55. I think SG can still save the situation but will need to bring in a few more of the right players
    We need to play on the front foot a lot more for his system to work . Sarr is the type of player that should allow us to be more of a threat and dynamic in attack

  56. Newcastle beating man City

    We honestly haven’t improved one bit this summer

    Whislt everyone else around us has improved

    We are in huge trouble

  57. Frem
    Our midfield really is a shambles, when you see clips of Townshend Richardson, platt Cowan parker Barry Miller even Delph they all could tackle pass run with the ball play simple one twos all beyond mcginn Luis marv

  58. JG I cant be sure but he will be backed to get the tools he needs so time will tell
    What we are seeing atm is clearly not good enough and no were near as progressive as I expected of his system ,,, we are not a brave side atm

  59. It’s funny though

    We still haven’t signed a left winger since Grealish left

    Also funny that Gerrard has no idea how to use the current forward players we have but we sign another anyway


    We have to go sign a physical centre mid now

  60. Well 2 to be honest

    McGinn Luiz and Ramsey aren’t good enough

    I think we are waiting for Sanson to go

    He won’t be on a small wage

    Another shambolic signing from Lange

    He’s absolutely awful at what he does

  61. James

    It’s great game isn’t it

    Saint maximum is who we should have replaced Grealish with

    Instead Lange and purslow went for 3 dodgy football players

  62. What a privilege to be able to watch a games like today. Leeds v Chelsea was a great taster, showing what can be achieved with belief.
    Then the dish of the day with Newcastle Utd v Manchester City , a class of football that is fit for a world stage. A feast of energy, skills, passion and teamwork. I was so pleased to witness Saint Maxima and Almiron working together and showing their potential. The talent that Man City have is unquestionable, but Eddie Howe has shown what can be achieved with good players and good management.
    We are not anywhere near the same level at Villa Park, and we have to accept it. We are a very average team in the Premiership with a very immature manager, who needs at least two or three seasons to learn his trade

  63. I had a peek at the table. Villa aren’t the only ones turning in shite performances. And after 3 games good, bad, or indifferent the difference between the teams points wise isn’t much.
    I’ve settled down a bit now. Two good walks will do that. Villa are poor ATM but I can’t help but see improvement in the next little while. Good luck Stevie or you’re a goner.

  64. Well, all very interesting…

    One thing about teams like spam, barcodes, palace. They had a better talent base than we did from where we started again in the PL. The fact West Ham and Newcastle were in relegation fights then climbing out wasn’t just down to talent.

    New managers and continued good acquisitions have just made them better, climbing beyond us for the moment. (That said, not sure what’s happening with West Ham, atm. Haven’t seen them, yet.)

  65. Sarr isn’t the worst idea if it does signal a change in formation.

    He plays natural right on right foot. Bailey’s spent a lot of time playing left. That’s where he scored the Everton goal.

    Bailey–Buendia–Sarr is not bad in a 4-2-3-1.

    But, if we’re somehow now trying to fit Bailey, Phil, Ings, Watkins, Sarr and Buendia into a front 3 or 1-2, I have a feeling it’s going to be hard for SG to find the right balance (since he hasn’t with fewer choices).

    I also think it’s going to be hard for him to stick with things. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil comes back in since we lost.

    Regardless, Sarr does obviously leave the issue with Ramsey and McGinn unaddressed.

  66. Ye 4231 surely is the best way now?

    You don’t sign sarr and play a narrow front 3.

    Also 4231 will get the best out of Phil and Buendia.. They will have more space in between the lines

    I said after Everton we just suffocate the middle and suffocate the space between the lines where phill is.

    Get sarr and Bailey hugging the touch line. Get Phil in number 10, use Buendia as a super sub.

    Behind them we need another cm to sit with Kamara.. Mcginn and Ramsey can’t do this.

    Only worry with 4231 is it makes our attacking options of the bench even worse

    Maybe we need another forward to

    I still think now we will go and sign a few players, especially because we will lose our next few games

  67. If we have Bailey Countino and sarr playing,

    Wd only have one striker and buendia on the bench

    Not good enough

    Archer will probably go on loan as we only play one striker now probably

    So I don’t know, we just haven’t got the depth or anything even from the youth

    Bidance on loan

    We are short on the wings if we play 4231 now

  68. Most importantly

    We need a tactical cm who can actually tackle like Kamara.

    McGinn and Ramsey get walked past

    Ramsey was horrific on Saturday. He just got walked past time and time and time again

  69. We would have Watkins and Ings (and Archer for the moment) off the bench in your lineup, Frem. If we go 4-2-3-1, Watkins would start.

    If we don’t, then Gerrard will have to show a little tactical nous if he needs different options on the pitch.

  70. Rumours now on Twitter that the Sarr deal is off as Purslow and Gerrard are to imminently be shown the door.”

    Sarr deal apparently off.

    Hopefully because purslow is getting sacked

  71. Looks like sarr not happening now,along with traore being shipped out on loan our squad is threadbare
    No midfield bruiser,no winger apart from Bailey,2 strikers that haven’t hit it off together in a year where are our options even centre half apart from youth

  72. Sundays match will be our 4th ,going back 2 season ago we our first 4,since then out of 75 games we have won 22 and lost think its 38 ,our core players are not good enough like cash konsa mcginn Luis marv Watkins the results speak for them selves and our recruitment has been unbelievable bad ,heads need to roll

  73. everything is screaming danger to me right now.

    keep calling it…we have a team who know how to loose….i thought this prem is brutal but judging by the start of this prem season teams have progressed massively. i dont see any certs to roll over.

    maybe bournemouth but they whipped us 2 zip

    huge huge trouble

  74. Sarr deal collapsed

    Someone saying it was leaked to keep fans distracted… But then it fell through

    We won’t have another target lined up though because Lange never does

    Purslow Gerard and Lange apparently not getting along

    Club is a mess on and off the pitch

    Our owners need to sack Lange purslow and Gerrard and go again

  75. H and V

    Isn’t it terrifying how this team can’t draw games?

    We haven’t drawn football games since we got promoted.

    This team just don’t know how to grind out a result

    A point away at Palace would have been good

  76. Sarr of to Palace

    It’s mad how that club have better players than we do

    Zaha and sarr on the wings

    Eze in the middle and Ollise as back up

    That’s phenomenal talent

    Then look at our dire attacking options

    Who ever is recruiting at that club we need to go and get

  77. yep get purslow and lange out. im done

    just look who we have signed and for how much…and wear we can only sell them too… to turkey.

    says how good they are doesnt it?

    its bad bad signings.

    we are a mini man utd. shambles

  78. at the very very very least i thought we would see a little reflction in the team of sg.

    work rate, hard to beat, shit house.

    bournemouth concede in the first min. everton concede straight away from scoring.

    place concede straight away after going a goal up.

    it so so so bad.


    massive alarm bells

  79. Frem, Palace do now look to have a potential strike force and a manager who knows how to utilise it. You can now easily imagine them making top 8.
    With the likes of Buendia, Coutinho, Bailey, Watkins,Ings, Archer (i accept we don’t agree about Watkins) we also have a potential strike force, but we’re not currently utilising them.
    At some point this season, Gerrard, or a new manager, will get them to click and fan sentiment will very quickly shift.

    Feel free to remind me of this comment at the end of the season!

  80. That first sentence said ‘potent’ but my phone decided it knew better and changed it yo potential

    It hasn’t changed ‘yo’ above to ‘to’ though. Like Gerrard, my phone sometimes isn’t as clever as it thinks it is.

  81. What is really happening at Villa Park? Sarr deal collapses, Hause has medical and should be confirmed. Archer may still go out on loan.
    Will we have a squad left in two weeks time? Maybe Villa is up for sale! is there a secret bidder in the background??

    The collapse in the Villa myth and legend since Jack has gone is unbelievable. Who could have forecast the collapse, the sacking of Smith, then the fanfare of Gerrard and Coutinho arriving, to then collapse once more, ending up where we are today.
    I know other teams are struggling, but they have not been playing the poorer sides.
    West Ham on Sunday is once more going to be a huge challenge.
    Let’s hope tomorrow night can bring some joy.

  82. I certainly wouldn’t get rid of Gerard just yet I think he deserves another 6 to 10 games

    a lot of people on Twitter saying Neilcrithley will get the job anyway when Gerrard eventually goes
    it makes sense that we’re signing wingers to suit his system

    I think we will see a couple of forwards come in.

    Crithley must have seen this narrow shite won’t work?

  83. For me just looking at games and Gerrard post match interviews

    There doesn’t seem to be a good relationship between players and managers

    Nobdody seems to be fighting for the shirt or manager.

    It’s not good

    Bolton beat us tomorrow i think its the end

  84. Frem
    Why would you give Gérard more time
    He had end last season,pre season ,7 née players plus Bailey,unless he can pull a new midfielder, centre back in next ren days what can he improve
    We r not good at anything defending attacking battling nothing to build on, your heat maps showed we r not a team just individuals out on a pitch doing what they told,it’s if we train by numbers marked on pitch

  85. James.

    I don’t really know why to be honest

    I think he should get a few more games

    He won’t get much more time though that’s for sure

    Purslow will give him as much time as possible because otherwise he’s failed

  86. PP,

    tbf, I really wondered about life after Jack. We saw what happened in games when he was out, and people blamed Smith.

    I simply said that’s how much of a difference Grealish made, allowed other players to ‘flourish’, etc.

    What we did in the market coming up had to be done. But that doesn’t mean the recruitment was as effective as it could’ve been. It was bargain shopping, but we didn’t seem to pick the right bargains, ie players who would blossom. A lot of that was clearly Suso.

    Cash, Watkins, Konsa and probably Buendia are on Smith. That seems pretty certain. Targett, too, I guess. Mings and probably Hause.

    Buendia, Watkins, and Mings the only ones that cost significant money. (Cash and Targett weren’t ‘cheap’, but they weren’t bet-the-house kinds of buys, either.)

    Heading into last season, fans were singing the praises of Mings–Konsa. Targett was player of the season. Watkins was doing well in the goal-scoring stats. Most everyone was quite happy with Cash. Where did it go wrong?

    I’d say that inquest begins with losing Grealish. Buendia, to my mind, was bought to play with Jack, not replace (at least in Smith’s mind) and probably in that central spot. Ings made no sense, jury’s still out on Bailey, of course.

    Hard to overstate Jack’s importance to the club.

  87. It’s just a shambles.

    Purslow and Lange signed Ings Bailey and buendia to replace Jack Grealish. What a disaster that was.

    Somebody tell me how you replace a left winger with 3 players that don’t play left wing?

    And now we’ve had all pre season to work on a system….. Went all the way to Australia…

    And now we want wingers to completely change our system

    It’s a shambles.

    All this talk about getting players early

    Now we want to change system after 10 months

    Whats gone on huys6

  88. We haven’t signed a left winger or cm to replace Grealish or sort our midfield out

    It’s criminal what Lange and purslow have done

  89. Bigger picture, things haven’t seemed right since Terry left. The departure was oddly timed, and then ROK went, which was even stranger. I wrote it off at the time, but it does seem in retrospect as though Smith was being undermined.

    Whether Villa (ie Purslow) had advanced indications City would meet the buyout is apparently open to debate. But they knew Jack wanted the clause and to be vying for honors. I’m guessing it all hinged on Spurs not letting Kane go. I believe them when they say they didn’t think anyone would match that £100m. Only City would do that, and they obviously shouldn’t have.

    Regardless, there should have been a strategy for replacing him. Bailey and Ings doesn’t really seem like one. And maybe Jack was always going to have lingering issues with his shin (ie, would’ve missed 10-14 games a season, or end up being crocked sooner rather than later).

    I don’t think players like Traoré or Marv would’ve been on Smith’s radar, or Sanson. Smith’s buys seemed to fit the criteria Smith laid out. Luiz had at least been in the City set-up. Links to JWP seemed much more in line with Smith.

    At any rate, the season got off to a predictably poor start (I know, broken record here) and Purslow didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. I’d have been okay with that if we’d gotten in a respected manager with a real track record. But seemed like Purslow had a hard-on for SG all along.

    And now we’re in a mess. The recruitment hasn’t yielded any real stars, other needs went unaddressed, and although we’re slowly moving some players on, we’ve still got dead weight.

    It’s not irredeemable, but SG has to change things up to work with what he has unless we replace McGinn and Ramsey. (Not saying they leave, just that they’re not up to this 4-3-3)

    And while everyone was excited about Coutinho, that’s looking a bit of a disaster, atm. Buendia’s doing more and we already had him. But SG wanted Phil. Might come good, but the system doesn’t suit him, either, with what’s around him, never mind that he seems a ghost of what we saw when he first arrived.

  90. Frem,

    Like I say, I believe Buendia was a Smith pick to play with Jack. He sees runs and through-balls, moves it quickly. With Jack, that would’ve been a creative combination, and the right sort of player playing the right sorts of passes for a player like Watkins.

    But overall, the players Smith picked (I believe) fit a certain way of playing and looked better when we were playing that way. The others that have come in have basically been flops, or addressed needs we didn’t really have.

    Short version, I’m with you on Lange on Purslow, but I don’t think the team has to be as bad as they’re looking, atm.

  91. Also, remember that Bailey played on the left a lot in Germany. That may have been the ‘replacement’, LW for LW, and we still haven’t seem him settled and in the groove.

    But he doesn’t seem to have the ability to influence games like Jack.

    All the buys were going to have to be starters who were taking us forward, players who would’ve ended up starting at any of the top 8 teams at least.

  92. On paper, let’s say you have Watkins, Bailey, Buendia, Traoré. That at least fits a 4-2-3-1 in types. Whether or not it’s good enough, fair question.

    But Bailey is an upgrade on Ghazi. Traoré an upgrade on Trez. Buendia a creative kind of player we didn’t have.

    But that’s not how we’re playing. Kamara addressed the deep-lying 6 issue (I think), but it’s the overall combination of McGinn, Ramsey, Luiz, Sanson and Marv that’s the issue.

    Many have said it, certainly Frem, but they are all too much alike, and none are suited to what Gerrard would need in a 4-3-3.

    Likewise, Ings isn’t fast enough, nor Phil. Buendia isn’t fast, but he makes up for it by playing quickly and seeing runners.

    If you look at Liverpool’s front, completely different qualities to the players we have on hand. Ings will poach brilliantly, but he isn’t Salah. Phil or whoever we’re sticking on the left isn’t Diaz (though Bailey might be that kind of player). There’s no Jota or Nunez.

  93. Apart from system, I don’t think SG’s helped anything with the players. Seems like it’s “Right, all change, and I don’t care whether it fits you or not. Play it.” And then he’s publicly disappointed at them.

    He’s not warm (fine, if you get results), and I’ve seen at least one former teammate say he’s very quick to judge a player. So I’m guessing the team don’t believe in the system and many probably feel like they’re being hung out to dry.

    But overall, I get the sense that he doesn’t think any of them are good enough and that’s being transmitted to the players. It’s not a confidence builder, and it’s short-sighted because he can’t replace them all at once.

  94. Frem,

    Two things:

    1) I don’t know how much room we have financially based on wages. Sarr might’ve been “Okay, Traoré’s out, so you can replace him.”

    2) I’m not convinced NSWE are convinced by Gerrard.

    Maybe it’s all #1, and maybe it’s just because the squad’s bloated and NSWE are saying ‘clear it out’. And we’re having trouble.

    Newcastle obviously have mad money to spend. It also seems like Howe is a much better manager than SG. But he also came in with more to work with, tbh.

  95. John


    When he sits on the bench when we losing it’s not a good luck

    As you say, I think the players feel like they feel they aren’t good enough

    There doesn’t seem any coaching or encouraging on the side lines

    It just seems like why can’t you guys win

  96. There also may be serious doubts about Purslow and Lange.

    Purslow picked SG, nothing’s gotten better, and Lange’s track record has been very spotty, obviously.

  97. I imagine they go into the dressing room after a defeat and they all hear is you were shit its not good enough etc etc

    And that’s it

    I just don’t think there is any coaching going on or belief in the players

    It feels like we just turn up without any plan and pray they win

  98. Spot on, Frem.

    I doubt it’s a happy camp. I’ve no idea why Phil signed on other than the fact they’re mates and SG believes in him.

    Agree completely about no coaching or involvement from SG on the touchline. Not seeing a lot of conferences with coaches. No tactical tweaks, just subbing like for like.

    He’s arrogant, it’s everyone else’s fault.

  99. When SG is finally replaced, we MUST select a person who can “coach” the players. In other words, improve them. And then adjust the tactics on the fly when games are getting away from us even when the scores are level or we are ahead. He also needs to be a man manager who players respect and are prepared to get injured for the cause.

  100. Someone (maybe you, Plug or JG) asked me further up about Edens.

    I confess to not knowing much, don’t follow the NBA. He’s savvy, though. I think he’s got patience, but also won’t tolerate lack of progress. Probably tightly attuned to the mood of the camp and supporters.

    Guessing NSWE trusted Purslow on SG. Guessing they’re both on a short string.

    He’s big on the business development side, so the expansion, etc., all fits what he’s done in Milwaukee.

  101. In other words, he’s a results guy, no ifs and or buts. He understands building, but it has to be moving forward when money is being spent.

    He’s definitely aware that everyone thinks it’s a shambles, and isn’t going to be removed like Lerner became.

  102. Yep

    Wes won’t take much more of this crap

    New state of the art training facilities, absolutely top class.

    North stand plans look phenomenal

    And yet we can’t compete with Crystal Palace

    He certainly won’t be a happy man with purslow

  103. Wes Edens was photographed with some Villa fans at Bournemouth before the game. I guarantee he was as impressed as the rest of us.

  104. Our squad
    Martinez olseon 2
    Cash digne young Swedish lad,Chambers konsa mings 7
    Luis(no contract signed)mcginn ramsay kamara marv 5
    Attacking Midfielder
    Beundi coutinho Bailey 3
    Watkins ings 2
    19 senior players plus a few untried/tested young players
    Haven’t counted Fred sanson and aeg as it is obvious Gérard won’t use them
    That is criminal how short we are,yes Carlos is long-term injury but every club gets them
    We are a centre half short,at least one proper Midfielder and maybe 2 attackers short
    Archer and Tim are untried and untested so we can’t rely on them

  105. Just read Gérard has lost as many league games as mcleish,only difference Gérard has managed it 8 games quicker
    Plus since we beat Leeds Burnley have won more Premier league points than us and that’s us playing 3 games more
    Records stats are being broke a record rate

  106. Frem. . .none of us ‘know’ what happens in the dressing room, but we all fear you’re right about the lack of coaching and just a lot of blame game. . . . It’s certainly what happens in media interviews

  107. I’m no fan of Man United, but what a great first half of football from them.
    Are we seeing the first signs of the impact a top coach and motivator can have on an underperforming team?

  108. My team for West ham
    Cash digne mings Chambers
    Luis kamara
    bailey beundi ramsay
    It’s going to be tough West ham love playing us,they have height and strength advantage so even tho we are at home we going to have sit back and counter attack,a clean sheet is vital ,no full backs attacking using pace of Bailey and ramsay

  109. I’d love Ramsey and McGinn to be dropped for west ham

    Stick Ingoram alongside Kamara. Tall and athletic

    It’s time to move our useless midfield on

    Go sign some players

  110. JG, It wasn’t just that United destroyed Liverpool’s midfield, they by-passed it.

    Two key things that struck me last night were, the commitment of the United players from start to finish, and a desire to break quickly and decisively.

    In recent years, there’s been a trend towards valuing possession of the ball whereas last night, United seemed to understand that possession needs to be a means to an end rather than an end in itself.

    How many times have we complained that Villa players have been slowly progressing up the pitch with lots of passes across the backline and then across the midfield. It can be fine if you have a squad of exceptional (and exceptionally expensive) players like Man City but we’re not at that level so what’s the end objective? It just ends up with us being unable to exploit the pace of players like Bailey and Watkins because by the time the ball reaches them they’re surrounded.

    The number one two and three issues for Villa are not new players, but Gerrard working out how to make the most of what he has. We can bring in all the new players in the world but they’ll be a waste of time if they’re not used effectively.

  111. I guess I’d better say it once more. . . .I’m not calling for Gerrard to go . . . .I’m calling for him to adapt. He’s still a young, inexperienced manager and needs time to learn. If he’s not able to learn. . . . . . THEN he’d need to go.

    He may say that what’s needed is for the players to learn to play the way he wants them to. I’m not knowledgeable enough about football tactics to recognise if there is an underlying plan which ‘can’ work if only the players stick to it, but it doesn’t feel that way.

    He also needs to find a way of motivating his players to play for him they way United’s played for ten Hag last night. In my opinion he’s not going to do that by praising tactics when we (very rarely) win and blaming players when we don’t.

  112. one thing in defence of SG Mikel Arteta has the gooners playing like Brazil but18 months ago they were getting schooled at home by villa …. its taken him 3 seasons and 6 windows to get the club fit for purpose and there fans were not happy for a large part of his time at Arsenal … they are all buzzing now though

  113. Why can’t we have attacking coaches at Villa though?

    Seriously how hard is it to employ a coach who does possession and attacking patterns of play?

    Under Smith we were the same in possession, pretty dam one dimensional and useless

    Gerrard has come in, and we are even worse in possession. We have zero patterns anywhere in the pitch. We create near to nothing every game

    When we are in possession we make it up as we go along instead of having a plan.

    How can we not have an attacking coach

  114. we have been in the prem 4 years now….billionaire owners…and still we have zero identity, culture, style of playing.

    march has been at leeds less time. viera at palace same time and howe at toon same time as sg.

    they have all impimented at style allready and we are still no where.

    its maddening

    just go out and get potter

  115. Well said Runtings.
    I’ve never been a fan of Steven Gerrard as a manager for Villa but I still desperately want to see him succeed and still believe that there’s a chance that he will. H&V is right that others seem to have quickly stamped their identity on other clubs but they generally came into their new jobs with more experience than SG. As Runtings points out, Arsenal fans were saying very similar things about Arteta but he was given time to come good. Someone has recently also reminded us how close United came to getting rid of Ferguson before he finally came good.

    My biggest concern is over his over his apparent ‘blame game’ approach which is never the sign of a good manager. If he continues with that then I don’t see him succeeding but this is one of the things that he can surely learn. A few wins, even ugly undeserved ones, and we could quickly turn the corner.

  116. H&V, I hope you’re not right about it being the compensation package that stopped us going for Potter.
    Compared with the cost of a half decent player, it seems unlikely that the compensation package would have been SO big that it wasn’t worth paying.
    We have a decent top half of the table squad. . . . we don’t yet have a manager who can get a tune out of them. Hopefully Gerrard can be that man in time but we’d probably have got there faster with Potter and the compensation package would almost certainly be looking cheap now.

  117. Latest rumours are for Bedinarek from Soton, and Diaz from Blackburn….
    Could make a difference, but SG and his rigid formation are the biggest risks, “players are not doing what they are told”.
    Seems that the players are really not happy, and do they need to be told, surely you have a system which works, where they can fully utilize their talents.

    How were we willing to let Archer be part of the Sarr deal? Hause was surely more than enough, and Edwards, a Watford coach , is really looking forward to working with him again.

  118. I see a lot of people saying about arteta at arsenal, how he was bottom this time last year,but they all omit to say you could see clearly on what he was trying to do with his team
    Gerard has had 30 games almost 2 transfer windows a pre season to get it right yet 3 games in it has being completely chaos change your captain,make a player very few think should be playing captain,first match drop your old captain,next match back in after telling media crap,go 1 up front lose,change go 2 up front win,change again drop goalscorer from previous match
    Gerard seems to be short of some humility and I don’t think you can be successful without it

  119. Robbo
    Top half squad ,when you look at our record we half lost over half the matches martinez cash konsa mings mcginn Luis ramsay Watkins marv have started,beundi between here and Norwich would say he has lost over half,ings too,we have a losing mentality, maybe we need to take off our villa glasses and accept not only is our manager not up to it our players are not either

  120. I find it interesting that no one after the Palace match mentioned Jordan Ayew, who has played such an important role at Palace, and gave his all on Saturday, and for me, another Villa player that escaped from the relegation squad, and has made a career for himself, as did Westwood, Lowton, Adama Traore, Jordan Amavi, Idrissa Gueye, Jordan Veretout and Ciaran Clark.
    We basically gave away a team full of potential, and have struggled to build a complete team ever since.
    I also find it fascinating how people still put down McCleish, who took the poison chalice after Villa had sold their two main wingers, Downing and Young, but still expected Darren Bent to be able to score the goals we needed. He actually managed very well with no money, and it was he that spotted the talent of Grealish. He also managed to keep us up. His biggest problem was coming from across the city.
    I am sure given the equivalent sort of money that Gerrard has been given, he would have given us a much better Villa!!!

  121. Pp
    Mcleish signed zog ,given and mutton ,don’t forget how many minutes jenas for 20m on massive wages nightmares still continue from them
    We went from 9th to scraping relegation with some worst performance s and team selections ever seen

  122. only the arseanal tv fanboys were quick to turn on arteta….the difference is from day one you can see how arteta wants to play…..he is a coach with clear identity.

    sg…..i dont know what hes trying to do or how he wants us to play.

    i have bruce vibes of just wanting to keep it tight and let a star ie phil bail him out

  123. Lots of good takes…

    Arteta has done well, but was also starting with a higher base level. Does have a clear idea of how he wants to play and who can do it.

    I’d say the same for a number of sides—just starting with a higher base level of talent.

    Broken record again, but assembling the squad was always going to be a process. It clearly can be done, but basically we’d ultimately be replacing every player from the 1st season back. Have made some progress, but last summer was a giant hiccup in terms of a continuation in assembling the right pieces.

    United had clearly lost their way, but again, there’s more talent there at the base level.

    Recruitment is obviously crucial, and it needs to follow a pattern. A manager who is also a ‘coach’ and student is crucial, one who can be in place long enough to sustain a vision that guides the recruitment.

    So, yeah…I think for most of us, it’s clear we can’t really play this system with these players. Liverpool’s approach is high risk and is heavily reliant on individual moments up front with a solid base to help mitigate the risk.

    If they’re the model, we obviously need a more solid base with greater speed, strength, closing, aggression. And everyone’s right that only one or two of those boxes are ticked with McGinn and Ramsey.

  124. And you also have to look at the likes of Cash and Digne. I don’t think either is a bad player. But it takes very specific types to excel in all the aspects of their particular remit.

    I think it’s the most difficult position in modern football: endless running; strong in one-on-one matchups against forwards; great closing speed; very quick turns of direction; high percentage of accurate deliveries (which gets more and more difficult as one tires); willingness to get a bit dirty and take the tactical fouls.

    Both Digne and Cash have speed and running covered. Digne generally has good delivery, but is playing on what’s usually the more crowded side of our formation. Cash very up and down on delivery. Neither is particularly strong or aggressive. When they’re being covered by Ramsey and McGinn, it’s not a good combo.

    Both Konsa and Mings have the makeup speed. Mings is more aggressive, and is good in the air. Konsa was composed, but seems to have lost all confidence. They have to come wide often on long balls without covering FBs, putting them in a lot of space and one-on-ones to hold until reinforcements arrive. And those reinforcements have to be right on the trailing attacking players and arrive quickly to disrupt.

    Never hurts to simply challenge and win higher up or in the middle to prevent the danger balls in the first place.

    But Villa are hesitant and safety first. We’ve looked best when players are jumping the pass, clattering into opponents and not giving them a chance to play through. The issue here is that this only happens in brief periods.

  125. On Watford’s third, again, Konsa could’ve done more to disrupt Zaha playing that one-two. He’s standing behind him, he’s there, but does nothing to put Zaha off. Do we generally get that kind of space? Usually someone’s right up tight and coming through the back. I’m guessing Konsa was worried about getting turned to the inside. But that’s where Kamara or a second player in the pivot would come in.

    Likewise, Ings coming over to Eze higher up wasn’t going to affect much if the ball had gone back to him. It would’ve been too late, too little.

    Kyle Walker would’ve just taken out Mitchell as he ran down the line, at least forced him out of bounds. Mitchell did well to play that ball first time, though. Going with Mitchell should probably have been Cash’s only thought. McGinn ended up in no-man’s land.

    They had it ‘surrounded’, but did nothing to actually stop it because no one was anticipating or being aggressive.

  126. What United did was simply commit to closing down and getting close, giving Liverpool no time or space anywhere. They didn’t give up if they didn’t succeed initially.

    With five subs, you can afford to spend all your energy in 60 or 70 minutes. It will change the game.

  127. Another little wander off piste. Chelsea and ManU seem to have goal keeper issues. I wonder if Martinez still has the same love for Villa that he had when signed by DS.

    Had no problem with McLeish. His problems at Villa were more to do with Lerner wimping out at Villa and also snotty attitudes of gobshite so called Villa supporters. In a way it worked out very well for me. I had been trying to get my ideal seat in the Trinity Road stand for several years. So many so called Villa fans pissed off before the McLeish season started that I had most of the centre of the stand to pick from.

    Kept that seat till last season. Health and travel problems made the last few seasons’ VP attendances miserable for me. I didn’t like us turning into a poor man’s Man Shitty but I wanted to keep going. I didn’t like the impatient premature dumping of the non glamorous non trendy DS but I wanted to keep going. I didn’t like the appointment of the trendy all singing all dancing gee whiz wonder kid SG. That just wore me down. SG is not right for Villa. Can’t complain about the new owners – not sure about Purslow. Was it him that tore up the long term gradual development plan or was it the new owners getting impatient. Something is going very wrong at Villa and personal attendance is just not worth the misery any more.

  128. And I don’t like Sky.
    And I don’t like the premier league
    And I don’t like 5 subs.
    And I wish my long term Villa addiction didn’t bite so deep. FUCKFUCKFUCK!!!

  129. I’ll keep using Liverpool as an example.

    They’ll play long to Salah or Diaz when it’s there. The question is the quality of the ball going up to them.

    When they’re pushing everyone up, they depend on the CBs to engage and win higher up, or to be in spots where they won’t get beat long. We’ve seen this be a weakness.

    When they’re all up playing possession, they’re counting on individuals to make something happen (like Salah) and just trying to place and find them in dangerous positions. The longer curled ‘crosses’ from TAA bypass the middle and catch the space in the danger zone. Attackers are counting on that happening.

    Me, I think this is how SG is trying to get Villa to play.

    When Liverpool aren’t on it (or are being pressured really hard), it can break down. They’re vulnerable to counters. If TAA isn’t hitting the ball well, it comes back and out quickly. There’s room behind Robertson. I think TAA generally stays a little further back.

    Saturday, there were big gaps for Villa in the diamond part of the field. Watkins or Buendia high up, Kamara back farther. If the FBs have been up attacking, McGinn or Ramsey will get pulled wide and they can’t get there or do anything about it if they do. The one-twos and channels are wide open.

  130. Well said jbd656,
    I am glad someone agrees that McCleish did not have a fair crack of the whip, and was probably mad to accept the job with no money to spend.
    Alun Hutton cost Villa the princely sum of £1.56million, a pittance for what he eventually gave in return to Villa. Jermaine Jenas had great potential until he was put out with he usual season long injury of his achilles tendon against Man Utd. Unfortunately, we still had to pay his wages which came to around £1million, so I am not sure where you got your figure from.
    N’zogbia cost us £9.5million from Wigan and played well for Villa under McCleish, but in 2013, under Paul Lambert, he injured his achilles and was out for a long period, but did come back after injury and provided the assist for Andi Weimann to score Villa’s first goal in six games, in a 2-1 loss to Spurs!!
    Given cost £3.5 million and although he did not have a great season, still helped in keeping us up. Guzan replaced him in the following season, and went on loan to Middlesboro’ after and managed to keep ten clean sheets in 16 games!!

  131. Oh and McLeish got secret Villa fan Robbie Keane on loan for 6(?) games. His goals probably saved us that season – especially the win against Wolves.

    And Diego Costa did a Jemaine Jenus but SG isn’t a tosser for buying him like McLeish was for getting JJ on loan. But we will be paying DC a hefty salary for several years.

    Me? Shit happens.

  132. Pp
    Hutton cost over 4m according to transfer market and was always crap ,haddent played much for spurs previous season
    Zog got 2 goals under mcleish plus him and given where 2 highest paid villa players but that’s all history now

  133. Strange overly strong side tonight ,no Tim or archer starting,no place at all for Fred sanson or marv,if we get injuries or suspension who are we going to use

  134. The problem with playing your full team for a confidence booster is that it destroys any semblance of it if goes tits up

    This will be the end of Gerard tonight

    West ham will beat us

  135. Frem, it’s frustrating when you keep repeating that Ings and Watkins are crap when it is demonstrably not the case.
    It IS fair enough to say that they’re not playing well at the moment but the question then is whether they’ve seen their best days; whether they’re lacking in confidence or whether they’re not being used properly. Which one(s) of those do you think the problem is?

  136. So Gerrard has got the players out there early for the second half.
    Is that him putting them on the naughty step or because he’d run out of things to tell them?

  137. Frem, lately you’ve made some good comments,
    But you’re wrong about Ings and Watkins
    It could just be that you don’t understand the point I’m trying to make?
    Im just saying that there’s a a difference between not playing well at any point in time and being a bad footballer.

  138. I don’t think Watkins is a good football player what so ever robbo. First touch technique finishing is awful

    Ings ok he’s decent yes

    What has happened to John McGinn though?

    He’s been shambolic tonight again

    Archer not getting minutes again

  139. If players like Archer and Iroegbunum can’t get a proper run out against league 1 opposition in the fiest round of the Carabao Cup then you have to question how we’re ever going to develop our academy players.

  140. I like Bailey

    Look at what we do with pace wide instead of 2 strikers or 2 10s.

    We need a quick winger to play on the left now Bailey on the right

    Archer set up Ramsey then should score

  141. Now go sign some midfield players and forward

    Sell some of the shite we have

    McGinn can’t start games for us

    Our midfield is dreadful

  142. It’s hard to be a villa fan,for an hour out fought outplayed by a side 2 divisions below us
    Fluke corner and an offside penalty got us ahead
    Chambers looked awful,mcginn Bolton too good for him,Luis can’t tackle,
    Gerard is under serious pressure sending his team out early ,this won’t end well
    Thought coutinho was crap wide up front when he dropped into centre he was magic same for beundi

  143. The one thing I will agree with Frem on, is that Archer showed more skill and intelligence in the ten minutes he was on the pitch than any of the other forwards. It was never mentioned, but he was there ready on at least three occasions ready for the final pass or tap in to score. He should definitely playing a full game!!
    Cannot believe how poor we were at times. Good to see the quality of Ashley Young, and his skills. Kamara was involved a lot, but was treated very leniently by the ref for his poor tackles. McGinn, another poor game, and surprised at Chambers, but maybe it is lack of game time.
    Hopefully, tonight will provide a boost for Sunday, but SG has really got to get team and tactic selection right!!

  144. Kind of viewed the lineup as punishment/extra training. Guessing Matty might be carrying a little knock.

    I think Bailey’s goal is as much Villa’s identity (or should be) as anything: Tim, Buendia, Bailey. Done.

    Digne’s goal was well worked, also, but got a little luck in the build not losing the ball.

    Only saw the second half, glad I missed the first.

  145. Still worried about how bad we were yesterday

    Robbo. He did

    But he was much more lively and involved in 10 minutes than the other 2

    Ings getting man of the match was a joke to. He wasn’t anywhere near MOTM.

    Archer deserves a start

    Bailey needs to start wide right

    We need to sign a left winger

    And we need to replace John McGinn with a new cm

    We have problems

    This current squad can go down

  146. Ye exactly the line up was because he’s under pressure.

    Most worrying thing was our first team still couldn’t pass a ball against Bolton.

    We still had no patterns of play, no plan, no creativity against a league 1 team

    I don’t know what we do in training in possession and creating and patterns, but it’s not much

    We need an attacking coach

  147. In the end, it was an easy win. But that was not the case for an hour then Bolton ran out of steam. I thought we would simply pass and move. We passed and then stood still instead of moving. Movement gives the ball carrier options. Stand still and……well, I saw Young beat the press by running beyond his presser, only to stop and pass it back behind the press again. Because there was nobody available. FFS, this is a simple drill on the training ground, over and over until it becomes automatic.

  148. Yep Frem. We need an attacking coach. Also a defensive one. Also one for possession. Also one for out of possession. Also a tactical one. I’d say SG needs a new coaching team if things don’t improve quickly.

  149. my one hope is tbf sg has said he is more a manager than a coach.

    he has lost his main man beale….and critchely who is apparently a great coach wasnt on pre season tour….so maybe if he gets hold of them things may improve!

  150. west spam make paqti bid

    toon bid for izak

    dear lord

    the rest of the prem are moving mad and after finishing 14th we have young kamara to show for it.

    its going o be a looooong season. we are in a relegation fight mark my words

  151. Frem, I agree with you about Archer. . . he really did look the part and deserves ‘at least’ 20 minutes in the next premier league game. It is a slightly tricky one for Gerrard though because (and I know we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one) both Ings and Watkins need to rebuild confidence and get back to their best (in a formation that suits them) and it’ll be harder to do that with 3 now vying for 1 (or maybe 2) places.
    As for McGinn, I agree again that he’s not been great recently although he did make a few telling passes last night. Maybe he’s trying too hard, but I wonder if he prefers being everyone’s friend rather than an on pitch bollocker and motivator? We’ve seen how well he’s done for Scotland in a more advanced role but who would he replace there?

  152. H&V. If we’re in a relegation fight then it will be the club’s fault for not finding the right manager.
    Gerrard needs to pull things together over the next 10 games.
    This squad should be perfectly capable of a top 10 finish.

  153. H&V, I’m afraid I hadn’t heard of Izak or Paqti so can’t get overly excited about either of them. Were they on the tip of your tongue before reading some online link?

    I’ve read about Izak now and he does look a promising young player but if the rumours are true, they’re playing well over the odds for him.

    Is Paqti a misspelling? I can’t find anything about him

  154. Plug, I thought there were ties when the players were trying to move into spaces . . . .but then they forgot again. Most of them have had at least one full season together but it still doesn’t seem to be coming naturally.

  155. robbo

    i know we disagree on the squad,,,its not for me at all. its prime releagtion fodder. 0 leaders, 0 chemistry 0 partnerships. and most importantly in the prem….a crap midfield who cant control a match

  156. JC, I agree, it’s hard to judge the current aspirations of our owners. When they bought us it seemed they were ready to invest what was needed in the squad and Dean Smith repaid their trust faster than expected. Their plans for the ground indicate that they still have optimistic plans fort the future.

    Progression has now stalled but that must be in part because of their choice of a replacement manager who wants to do things differently from his predecessor. That inevitably means we need different players to fit whatever plan SG has in mind so it would be a bit daft of someone if they brought in a manager with a different plan but didn’t work out that it would cost money to support that new plan.

    Alternatively, they accepted that it would cost money but are now having doubts about whether the new manager will be able to make the most of the required investment so we’re left in limbo.

    Even with all the disruptions of last season the majority of this squad ended up only 7 points off 8th. We may not have seen the investment over the summer that some wanted, but our circumstances and squad are still better than last year. I could understand the reluctance of the owners to provide more cash however until they’ve seen evidence that SG would use it wisely.

  157. Heroes Isaks scored 6 goals 3 assists last season he has great potential but I don’t think he is better than the 3 years younger Kammie Archer
    I must be the only one her not panicking atm … bigger sides than us doing worse after 3 games

    I felt like the players started to get into a bit of a rhythm last night eventually and surely can see the rewards of being brave playing on the front foot and trying to make things happen together
    Think the game vs hammers will indicate whether we are capable of giving it a good go this season
    Also expecti8ng a few good players to come in before the window closes based on what SG had to say last night
    I can see what SG is trying to do9 with his formation but like any formation the players need to step up individually and as a collective …. I feel they can do it .. roll on the next game

  158. H&V. Now I’ve heard of Izak (thank you) I see that last season he scored the same number of league goals as Jacob Ramsey in almost the same number of games but is a year older. He’s also not yet played in the Premier league.

    He has a ‘much’ lower pass completion rate than Ramsey and a much worse defensive record.

    Newcastle may well have identified exactly what they need and I am sure that Eddie Howe will find a way of making the best use of him but I’m struggling to see why he is the absolute dog’s bollocks that you seem to be suggesting, especially for £63m.

    Have I looked up the stats of the wrong Izak?

  159. runtings, you’re not alone. I’m not yet convinced by Gerrard but we do have a more than decent squad and it really is too son to judge how Gerrard will do, given a bit more time.

    Your point about Izak is spot on. He ‘may’ do very well but right now I wouldn’t swap him for Archer either. Thats not just a debating point on here, I genuinely wouldn’t.

    There are far too many twisted knickers on here for this stage of the season.

  160. Oh and H&V, Paqueta’s stats (now I’ve found him) are also not as good as Ollie Watkin’s for last season (which was not his best)

  161. No matter what is wrote I still cannot see what a Gérard team is supposed to look play like
    Last night playing a side well below us league standings we were awful for an hour, coutinho was wide left till half time when he was moved into where he should be in the hole behind the strikers,even when beundi came on it was wide left to start
    Confidence is low especially mcginn Watkins Chambers digne and I don’t see how it’s going to lift especially with fixtures coming ,or Gérard does not seem to have any man management skills
    So with all these problems along with only kamara as a new signing how will Gérard get it right

  162. We are in real trouble.

    We are getting left behind this transfer window.

    We have one free agent to start a new season in a team that is shite.

    Say it again, Lange is absolutely awful. He doesn’t scout.

    We have a huge wage bill that’s why we can’t sign players

    Kamara dinge Carlos and phill apparently on HUGE MONEY hence why we can’t buy anyone until more players have gone


    Digne and phill did t5 even improve us. We actually got worse when they joined

    Purslow and Lange need sacking

    We need a cm and forward in the next few days

    Otherwise we are going down

  163. We put two aging players on huge wages in January in dinge and phill

    Two players who’s value only goes down

    We put Kamara on huge wages

    Now we can’t sign anyone

  164. Daniel levy everyones favourite panto Villain,yet I wish he was our ceo ,early last season realised he made mistake with ex wolves manager and didn’t hesitate to act
    Gerard reminds me of Bruce’s time here not wanted by a good few when appointed, fell out with players,wanted his own older players in,no resale value,friends in the media

  165. Our bloated squad,who replaces any of our centre half’s now if injury or suspension, same with centre midfield, no natural winger apart from Bailey,just 2 strikers
    For me we need minimum 3 new players ,from where

  166. robbo

    yeah not a stats guy at all. think stats are very over rated.

    proofs always in the pudding

    lets see how it all pans out!

    but this villa team who ive watched loose a crazy amount of football matches and have currently won 3 out of 14…..danger!!

  167. I get the feeling that the board are really not happy with the management at Villa, and are actively working to change it.
    The failure to get a result at Palace, causing the collapse of the Ismail Sarr deal, and now it looks like we will only have loan transfers in, provided we can loan out, or sell the unwanted players at Villa.
    Progress in the Carabao Cup will probably not go beyond the third round, without drastic changes in form, and the league is looking very tough for Gerrard.
    Failure to win on Sunday will only heighten the pressure on everyone, and Gerrard does not seem to have a single clue. I cannot believe we employed a guy who does not do coaching , and has very little management experience.
    Rumour has it that Neil Critchley could be offered the Stoke City job, which he would probably take, leaving Villa once more without a team coach/assistant manager.
    Meanwhile the board have released the amazing plans for the redevelopment of Villa Park, probably to convince everyone that they still mean business.

  168. PP – Management should really be bricking it. They appointed the current team organizers and if Purslow is not concerned right now he’s in denial.

    656 – ManUre away was guaranteed in the draw. I was pleased to see SG put out a strong team against the Trotters. He was serious about making the next round. Spud would have put out the kids and lost like the Yam Yams just did. And I don’t think it’s nailed on that we’re duck soup at Old Trafford. If SG sets us up like he did for the final game last season against Citeh, we can dump ten Hag. That’s enough positivity from me for one day.

  169. Well done for a bit of hope and positivity Plug, but we used up an awful lot of good luck against Bolton on Tuesday. Their normal keeper would have dealt with three out of four of our goals, although there were some good saves as well.

  170. Szalai looks to be heading to Brighton for £15million, great potential, 24 yrs old, Hungarian international, who would be perfect for Villa. Looks like we are going to end up with Bedinarek, if we get anyone.

  171. I see we are linked with Diallo of PSG. Hopefully, not true. I watch a lot of European Leagues and he is not the solution. I would rather we continue developing Konsa.
    Southampton have a very good center back in Bella-Kotchap. He is keeping Bedranek out of the side.
    I hope the board wises up and not sanction a permanent transfer before the end of the window.
    Gerrard has to go. He was never going to be a fit at this club and has been found out at this level.
    Apart from Kamara, all his signings are 29 years or more; with little resale value. We have no identity, and he looks to have fallen out with many players in the team.
    We are not winning any league game any time soon with him in charge.

  172. Isak of Newcastle will be a failure, in my opinion. He is tall, but not imposing enough for a striker. He was well suited to La Liga. He probably should have bided his time and waited for a move to Real Madrid or Barcelona.
    I feel he will be wasted in England, due to the physical nature of this league.
    Archer should be given more opportunities by Gerrard. Unfortunately, our manager loathes giving youth a chance.

  173. We should have signed Thilo Kehrer from PSG. Instead, he is at West Ham. David Moyes, for me, is the best manager in the division when it comes to judging a footballer.
    West Ham have made a poor start, but they will finish comfortably in the top 8 again this season; especially with the moves they are making right now in the market.

  174. Some good comments JackVilla.

    Rumour somewhere that Nakamba is on his way out. Not a good move. He was doing well up to his injury, but has not featured since.

  175. H&V, you say that stats are overrated but the key stat I used to compare Izak with Ramsey and Watkins was the number of goals they’ve scored. Surely that’s one stat that is valid?
    Yes Izak may work out but to pay £67m for a 22 year old forward who has never played in the Premier League and has been less prolific than Ramsey does feel like a bit of a gamble.

  176. Jackvilla, you must surely be right that our squad are capable of at least a top half of the table finish and it’s how they are managed that is the key factor this season.

  177. PP. . .it’ll be disappointing if Nakamba is indeed on the way out. He always works hard for the team and was steadily improving. It feels as if he still has something to give and it’ll be sad and surprising if he goes.

  178. Being a bit mischievous now.

    MoN was pretty good at flashing the cash on seasoned pros with no sell on value. But 3 sixth places in a row speaks pretty loudly to me. Don’t think SG is in that league.

    PS. I hate MoN for just pissing off like he did, for playing centre halves and mid fielders at full back, for being a twat with Nigel RC ( who was better than Marv who I like), for not developing Gary Cahill and for ditching the pub player who struggled on with a multiple dislocating shoulder for several months ‘cos every other C/H was crocked.

    But I realise that I would take that female sex organ over SG.

  179. Jbd, yes slightly mischievous but it did all ring true. . . .well nearly all. As I remember it, the Gary Cahill position was a tricky one. It was a situation we’ve seen before and no doubt will see again. Cahill was still young and had been out on loan but wanted football every weekend. Didn’t we have Mellberg and Laursen back then. . . .and yes Curtis Davies too? it would have been tough to leave either of those first two out in preference for an up and coming Cahill. In retrospect it may have been the right decision as we were then left short when Mellberg left but it would have been a very big call bearing in mind the ambitions of the club at that time to break into the top 4.
    Totally with you on Reo Coker although at the time, many Villa fans were unfairly insulting him on a regular basis. . . . . ahhhh. . . some things never change eh?

  180. Still can’t believe how bad this transfer window has been.

    We should have wanted to sign a top player in every main area.

    We got a CB who we won’t see this season and a dm

    But what about a cm, winger and striker?

    Where are these players to take us to the next level?

    Depay available. Why aren’t we going all out for him

    Surely surely surely Gerrard purslow Lange what better players than John McGinn Ramsey and Luiz in midfield?

    Surely they want a better striker than Watkins and Ings? Surely we want another winger as we only have Bailey?

    Absolutely shambolic

    We haven’t improved our midfield or attack one bit when everyone else

    We are going into another fucking season with Luiz mcginn Watkins Ings I’m fed up

  181. Yesterday I had a call from someone wanting to know if we were interested in hospitality bookings at any up-coming home games. Now it could be nothing, but last season there were games where we fancied going but hospitality tickets for many of the games were fully booked quite well in advance and I certainly don’t remember receiving phone calls trying to sell them to me. Games like Man City for example were definitely fully booked although that one was on the list yesterday and it’s less than 2 weeks away.

    Our owners do seem to have their commercial heads screwed on (although I do still question their 180 degree change in direction from youth, to pensioner player recruitment) so if anything is going to set their alarm bells ringing I imagine it would be if they see ticket sales falling. It certainly would not look great at a time you’re planning to increase ground capacity.

    It can surely only pile extra pressure on the coaches and manager to start getting things right sooner rather than later.

  182. Biggest worry for me is our strikers just aren’t clinical

    They are lower Premier league quality at best.

    We struggle to create chances and when we finally do, Watkins misses them anyway with his awful technical ability

    Watkins and Ings missed 3 one on one’s between them against Bolton

    We need a striker with better technical ability.

    We also need a winger with pace with good technical ability like Bailey

  183. Paul Pears
    Nakamba, if he leaves, is another gaffe from Gerrard. He is a really good player and should be starting ahead of Kamara, who should have been gradually introduced to the side.
    Imo, Watkins should play on the left, Buendia on the right, and Ings at the center of a front three. Bailey, Archer and Coutinho should be coming from the bench.
    This is because Buendia and Watkins are very good without the ball. They press better. I do not see the need to sign a striker or another creative player. We have enough quality there. A better manager than Gerrard should have harnessed this.

  184. Jackvilla, You’re right that we have more than enough quality in attack. . . . and Gerrard (or another manager in time) needs to find out how to exploit their talents. If he’s not able to get any of those 6 players providing goals and assists then there’s no point in throwing money away on new players in the belief that he’ll be able to exploit their talents any better. .

  185. Jack, interesting comment on easing Kamara in more gradually. We’ve seen other managers do that with new players but Gerrard does seem to like to bring ‘his’ players in straightaway . . . . and then stick with them. This does mean that Nakamba’s opportunities are going to be very limited (provided Kamara doesn’t ‘do a Diego’) so it could be that it’s him looking for a transfer out rather than us looking to move him on.

  186. villa are 5th in net spend transfer fees in the prem in the last 10 years. we was in the bloody champ for 3 of em.

    just becuase we are worth so much dont make it a good team….we have just spunked it up against the wall.

    brighton have spent far less but buy we a clear identity and playing style in mind. we have neither.

    a weak team made up of none of the ingredieants you need to be a good side.

  187. nakamba is ok given a clear role but he isnt capable of progressing the ball.

    sadly its only usually the top teams that can afford to buy and give them time to settle and get used to the way the the team plays.

    pep gives them 1 season!

    klopp did it with fabinho, gave them months. to settle

  188. it is interesting what people see….for me our attack is terrible.

    said it before im happy as larry being a defender against our attack. whats to scare you?

    not being bullied, no real pace, no aerial threat.


  189. jackvilla

    we are certainly a better team when watkins and buendia start.

    but until sg moves away from 433 its usuelss.

    ramsey and mcguinn playing mid in a 3 is suicide your mid is getting battered every time.

  190. H&V,
    The only reason our attack is terrible is because we are not set up to get the best out of what we have. The tactics Gerrard uses are a shambles. Villa bought most of our players when we used wingers, and their speed to break.
    El Ghazi could be off to PSV, Good luck to him if he does. He deserves better, which I am sure he will get with Van Nistelrooy.
    Other news, Villa playing a testimonial match in Cardiff on 30 November at 7.30pm in memory of Peter Whittingham.

  191. One win in the last twelve against Wet Spam, and that was back in 2015! Time to change things!
    It will also be their 1000 game in Premier league. We need to spoil their celebration.

  192. H&V, If I had to choose between signing Ings 12 months ago for £25m or Izak for £70m now then if it was my money I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Terribly easy choice, I’d have taken Ings 12 months ago, no question.

    H&V, that’s not the first time you’ve said that our attack has no pace. I know you don’t like stats but as I’ve said a couple of times now, that is not true. Watkins and Bailey are both fast.

    I agree with you that our attack has not been scaring defences lately (apart form Bolton once we got on top) but in my opinion (and that’s all any of us have if we’re not prepared to look at real numbers or statistics) We have some very good attacking players who are currently being very badly managed and in some of your comments you seem to acknowledge that yourself.

  193. H&V, yes, sometimes Pep does give players 12 months (or even more in the case of our Jack) but he has put Haaland straight in so it’s not that clearcut.

    A good manager will assess whether a player is ready to slot straight into the system he has set up. In Pep’s case that means that Haaland goes straight in whereas Jack is still fighting for his place after more than 12 months. I wonder if Gerrard is so confident that he’s made the right recruitment choices that he doesn’t need to see how they perform in training or in an introductory substitute cameo on match day, he just knows that they’ll fit straight in.

    I agree that forward progression was not one of Nakamba’s strengths although he did seem to be improving. I think it’ll be a bit sad if he goes. . . . he seems like a very decent human being too.

  194. Luis still hasn’t signed a new contract,is it because he is Phil pal that he is playing
    From a bloated squad to one wafer thin,just 6 days to rightify it,trez elgazi owe us nothing they both paid back their transfer fee,traore another Gérard just throws away,sanson what is the problem looks decent in every cameo role he played
    I am seeing post after post telling us not to panic other teams below us but yet my eyes tell me we r a complete shambles all the way to purslow,snother coach left yesterday boating has to be a reason

  195. james

    im on the same page….its a crisis

    people are going to be getting very alarmed very soon…..west spam, arsenal and city next….we could well be bottom 3 and looking at a very long season.

    but if we beat west ham and make 3 nice additions and critchley gets hold of em it could be positive.

    but it aint happening

  196. H&V,
    Stoke sacked their manager yesterday, so Critchley could be off in the next few days…
    Bask in the glory for a few more hours. we are wedged between Chelsea and Man Utd, with us , and Bournemouth, above Liverpool, and three points in front of West Ham, and could be the only time this season…!!

  197. Stephen Gerrard today ” We are still looking at players and possible deals at the moment, but nothing is close”
    Which means that we are not spending, and looking at loans….

  198. I’ve just read that El Ghazi is subject to a three way fight to sign him between PSV, Arsenal and Man United. It’s amazing what facts you can pick up online eh?

    His exorbitant fee should cover the number 8 that some are hoping for.

  199. Robbo
    What about Barcelona could you not say chelsea where interested
    Elgazi served his purpose
    Not looking forward to Sunday expect hammers men to walk through our powder puff midfield a d defence,Luis was turned oner by a 3 division player what’s he going to like against rice and souk,Chambers was horrible v Bolton Antonio will bounce him round the park
    My team now for Sunday
    Martinez young mings Chambers digne kamara Tim,beundi Bailey ramsay and watkins

  200. JG. . .I didn’t make that up. . . .I really DID read an article linking El Ghazi with those 3 clubs.

    I know you’re really not keen on McGinn but if we started with Iroegbunum I’d be ready to bring McGinn on in his place in the second half.

  201. Robbo
    I don’t see/read too many villa fans keen on mcginn at the minute
    Read a stat last night stating we have covered the least metres of all clubs,that’s unacceptable

  202. JG, yes I read that stat too. Without McGinn it would have been even lower though as he ran more than anyone else in the team. You can’t criticise his effort. . . . but then I don’t think you ever have!

    I think the hardest working Villa players were McGinn, Watkins and Luiz. We know that effort isn’t everything but it is good to know that these 3 are at least trying.

  203. Jan Bednarek joining whislt west ham and Newcastle spending 50 plus million

    John McGinn still starting one of the worst players in the prem

    Lange and purslow. Please please please GOOOO

  204. We are 5 days away from transfer window ending

    And we have been left with 3 huge holes in our squad, probably 4 or 5 if ee are honest.

    It’s criminal.

    We need a top cm, top striker and top quick forward desperately.

    Plus we need another cb now snd really another cm/dm

    Our squad is so far off quality and starting 11 not good enough

    Shambolic how we’ve been left with Watkins mcginn Luiz etc still. Shambolic

  205. We have one new player who’s improved the starting 1 this summer.

    It’s madness

    What have Lange and purslow been doing? What have they done about our midfield and forward line to improve it because it’s pretty useless? Nothing

    We are in huge trouble of going down

  206. Mcguinn he’s ok, I don’t hate him. But much like luiz we don’t play him properly.

    In a 2 or now mainly covering a full back!

    4231 and whack him in the 10 role. He is effective in that final 3rd causing mayhem

  207. Teams now going for tall athletic strikers

    Isak. Nunez. Halland etc

    And we have Watkins and Ings

    How anybody can be happy with those 2 as our strikers is a joke

    They aren’t anywhere near good enough

  208. H&V if we’re ‘battered off the park’ by the likes ofWest Ham with the start to the season they’ve had then it doesn’t matter how much Purslow tries to protect Gerrard, the pressure will build.

    PP’s article was a really interesting one and does give further evidence to Gerrard being more of a figurehead than a coach. If that’s what he is, then he HAS to be successful as a figurehead lives and dies by his reputation.

    I’m not as pessimistic as you are about tomorrow although I have only gone for a 1-1 draw.

  209. Aaron Ramsey great assist for Sargeant to score Norwich’s winning goal, now second in the Championship. Dean Smith and Craig Shakespeare doing ok.
    United up to 6th now with away win at Soton.

  210. Forgot to mention Bianca Westwood interviewing Matty Cash and Lucas Digne on Sky today.
    They were full of confidence, and praise for Gerrard, and how they love being attacking fullbacks, with the most important stats for them being about assists and goals, seeing themselves wanting to be like the Liverpool fullbacks.

  211. Bailey agent having a rant about Gerrard

    Sanson camp came out not happy and marvelous post

    It’s not a happy camp

    Lose tomorrow he might go

  212. PP, yes I bet they love being attacking fullbacks and being excused their defensive duties which the likes of Luiz and McGinn then have to try and pick up.

    It may still change but the first half at Man City shows what an unreliable statistic ‘possession’ is.
    Palace only had 25% possession but they have fast and skilful attackers and instead of fannying around with the ball at the back and midfield they get the ball to them quickly and they act incisively. We have good attackers but we DO fanny about with the ball which means that there’s no space for them once the ball arrives up front.

    We’ve made only moderate changes to the personnel so we must surely change the plan.

  213. Palace beating man City

    How has Viera done such a good job in as much time as Gerrard!

    And how do they have better football players than us?

    It’s disgusting what Lange and purslow have done

  214. Palace have better strikers midfield and creative players than us

    Ollise zaha and eze would walk into our side

    Shambolic the amount if money purslow has wasted and the players Lange has signed

  215. If the plan does need changing and PP’s article is right then Gerrard isn’t the man to do it.

    It seems we risk being stuck in no man’s land with a manager who had a coach with a plan that required a change of players and no the coach has gone and the manager is left with a group of players that he doesn’t know what to do with.

    I do hope I’m being naive and unfair but I guess we’ll get another chance to judge that tomorrow.

  216. Pp
    Think that’s all Gérard knows about management is stats,if cash and digne think goals and assists are more important than clean sheets
    And to be honest cash crossing is abysmal

  217. I know it’s supposed to be good to talk and share your emotions but there’s a bit of ‘over-sharing’ going on here now. Of course we’re all concerned about how this season will pan out but the overbearing and unrelenting gloom on here really is over-done just now.

    Yes we ‘may’ find ourselves at the wrong end of the table at some point(s) during the season but there’s no more guarantee that will happen to us than it might to: Everton, Leicester, Bournemouth, Forest, Fulham. . . If we lose our next 4 matches then irrespective of whether I feel Gerrard should have till Christmas at least, I reckon our owners will replace him. If that happened, I reckon there’s a good chance that they’d realise this time that the most important role in the club is probably the manager and if they have to pay for someone like Potter through gritted teeth then they probably will.
    A more experienced Premiership manager like Potter would be able to organise and motivate our current players far more effectively that Gerrard is currently able to and will probably have money to spend in January too. I’m not saying that Gerrard can’t do it, just that he’s young and new to the job and will probably need more time.

    In other words, let’s talk about the next game or how we’re playing or whether we need some more players, but let’s not start bandying around the ‘R” word after 3 games for fuck’s sake. They used not to even publish a league table till 6 games had been played in the past because it felt a bit silly to do so after fewer games and yet here we are, writing off a whole season after just 3 games!

  218. oh. . . . one last thing. . . I’ve seen some tweets about the ’12th man’ no longer providing the support that it used to. If we allow the manic depressive in us to take over then no wonder the atmosphere at Villa park is subdued when it really needs to be optimistic and encouraging.
    I’ve taken people round me to task before now for sitting there with their hunched shoulders and gloomy faces, criticising certain players at every opportunity instead of actually ‘supporting’ the team. If you’re wanting to identify problems in the club then look in the mirror and you’ll find one of them looking straight back at you.

  219. last season we supposedly bid for ward prowse and arsenal lad,yet we spent no more money last season,this since we signed Carlos kamara we have supposedly held talks with bissomu tarowski and sarr and now we r being linked with free signings something doesn’t add up

  220. Well said r0bb0,
    Tomorrow will be a different day, and for me, I shall be there to encourage the team, sing, shout, cheer, and generally ensure that I do all I can to make it a great day!1
    My lack of positivity is kept for the blog when things do not look right, but who knows, maybe we can emulate Liverpool tomorrow!!

  221. I’ve slipped and done the unforgivable. I clicked on newsnow Aston Villa. The stun would have us believe that Villa are “interested” in Craig Dawson. All the times we played wet spam or west bummidge, Craig Dawson had our number and scared the crap out of me at corners. I don’t know how well he has aged but I like the idea. I do like my old school aerial superiority stoppers. I do like Courtney Hause. I did like James Collins! This “superior” playing out from the back ALL the time idea has bored the crap out of me ever since nec Southgate did it at Villa in the nineties and noughties. Suppose I’m getting a grumpy attack again. I just want football not f*****g ballet.

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