Well, nothing genius from me. West Ham have gone and done what someone was going to do, which is turn the heat up. Deano has been saying things, and god help us, I hope he’s right. But then you can’t legislate for City putting a thrashing on the scousers. Have to say, didn’t see that coming.

Reina’s back, not much of note besides that in the staring XI. Though I did see Lansbury’s name on the bench. Didn’t know he was still with us. So, that’s a bit of a surprise.


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  1. JC- bloody Smith getting the tactics right 🙂

    If Davis would gamble with his runs he might attract a cross, to much waiting for the ball.

  2. Yeah, need to be bit more committed in the box, MK. And anticipating those long balls. Which still aren’t terribly accurate.

    But agree, tactics aren’t bad, pool a bit off the boil…All you can ask for. Besides a bit more threat and a goal.

  3. Yes very unlucky to not get a point, once we were one behind and tiring though there is nothing much on the bench. I’ll bet those subs were not what smith was planning.

  4. A great effort from the boys for 70 minutes, and good to see McGinn back to his old self, Luiz is also becoming a much more involved player, but I agree with Souness, Grealish is the problem, runs around a lot like a headless chicken, could have given the assist for two certain goals, but chose to take them himself and failed.
    Unfortunately, Jota and Vassilev added absolutely nothing, and how did Jones manage to be stood totally unmarked in the box to scorer the second.
    It may not be over yet, but there is very little left now.

  5. JG- clearly yes he did mate? 4411 let their FB’s attack and try to get in behind the full backs. Don’t you get bored of nailing Smith? maybe he started Covid as well 🙂

  6. Mk
    Smith is the manager,buck stops with him , should have made subs earlier something that has happened in most games,I don’t blame Smith for everything but he is to blame for a fair bit, team selection ,our defensive woes at set pieces,our lack of fitness,his picking of mcginn before Xmas when he wasn’t fit and out of form, drink water who fcuk thought he was a good signing ,everybody is entitled to a view ,mine is Smith is way out of his depth surrounded by clowns

  7. Will we go and sack Smtih now? Or just sleep walk to relegation?

    We have to go and temp Sean Dyche, what ever league we are playing in.

  8. They may be European Champions. They may be League Champions. They may be World Champions. But yesterday they were there for the taking.

    And we didn’t take them. There’s a lack of punch up front, lack of pace and we looked in awe of them. Two simple goals really both using completely unmarked players in our penalty area. The final pass for the first goal and the scorer for the second goal.

    Can’t dwell on it now. It’s Man Ure next and we need to get something from the game. I’ll take a point right now.

  9. JG- I can tell you don’t rate Smith thats a given a given, I’d say on subs that when Liverpool put three players on it takes a while to see whats changed to counter it. They scored Ten Mins after and then the changes that are required are different again. I cannot see how Smith could do much different. I’m no expert on subs but I cannot remember one Villa Manager that was great at them, they all get slated.

    As for the goals coming from Taylors area? is he responsible for the entire penalty box now? 🙂
    Mings and whomever it was in midfield left him with two players for the 1st could even say three. Second goal also left with 2 players by Mings.

    On the 1st McGinn and Louis let a Liverpool player advance down the middle and play out to the their left and nobody got near the bloke crossing at all from, not Taylors side. Second goal Henderson waltzed through the middle and laid it out to Robertson to cross to the Salah at the back, again cross not Taylors side.

    In both goals there was a lot of ball watching and not much player marking, JT must of stopped instructing them by that point so Smiths fault 🙂

    Seriously though Taylor did rack up 21 bonus points on Fantasy league stats on the Villa side and we conceded two goals so he must of done an awful lot of good stuff to achieve that.

  10. Mk
    Not eating Smith on yesterday but all season and even last plus his history before
    Taylor could see mane and did he do anything no,as it was wrote elsewhere Taylor had good game and only let his man free twice ,they scored from them twice
    You never seen me rating Terry I really don’t know what he is here for because our defense is a mess,is he a star signing for the owners if so it’s a complete waste of time and money
    It’s obvious you rate Smith ,but why,what has he actually achieved as a manager, Brentford certainly don’t miss him
    Liverpool managed 4 goals in 2 matches yet where all down to players not capable of being switched on for entire match

  11. The performances are improving.

    Dougie is looking quality

    McGinn is getting back to his old self

    The midfield and defence are definitely looking more solid.

    We just lack a clinical goalscorer.

    Unfortunately, Davis is not going to get the goals we require to stay up – he is too isolated and not clinical enough – yet.

    I wonder if we should play with Jack upfront against Man UTD? We could do with a point.

    I believe the last four games are all winnable.


    Taylor Mings Hause Konsa

    Dougie Mcginn Marvelous Drinkwater AEG


  12. RichardS,

    Yeah, I think that’s what’s really frustrating. It’s clear they did plan these games out. Wanted a point where that was most feasible, acknowledging that if they tried to be expansive against Liverpool they’d get taken apart. The simple stuff. And we’ve been better.

    They’re also trying to navigate fitness, try and build confidence, etc. And I agree with him entirely about the extra game and congestion after, that wasn’t a benefit. Now, I think most sides are back in the flow, by and large.

    And the substitutions. These double- and triple swaps with players who would either start at their home club or waltz into Villa’s side. That’s a lot different than the more strategic three, holding one back in case of injury, bringing the other two on perhaps separately to gauge effect. Since everyoone’s back with several game under their belts, the league should go back to three and stop the drinks break. We’ve seen several games take big turns after those stoppages.

    We knew that going in, of course. But it’s played out to be true. Villa have tried to go out and score, get early goals. Smith knows he can’t freshen up the side without diminishing it. He’s changed tactics based on the opposition.

    You simply can’t really legislate for a lack of finishing, and we haven’t taken some decent dead-ball opportunities we’ve created.

  13. However, don’t think you can play Grealish up front like that. He’s needed far more in other areas.

    I think I might really stick with trying to get Ghazi more central as a striker. And I’d let Jack continue his free role. Restricting him the middle…It limits his impact.

    He did shoot Sunday, and is being criticized for not passing in a couple situations. But to comments by Grealish defenders, I agree that at a certain point, watching a number of chances go begging, bad touches, bad decisions, bad shots, poor runs…He’s trying to have a go and let loose. His goal vs. assist ratio shows he does set other players up. They just need to be taking more of those chances.

  14. JG- Brentford have a system and pick their coaches to fit it, not the other way around, that is what Villa are supposed to be doing too. As for what has he achieved? If you can’t give him credit for last season then he has no chance. If by some miracle we stay up he will of achieved that as well. Considering they kept selling his players Smith did well at Brentford, he was 6th when he came to us don’t forget, they ended up 11th. This season they spent £30m that they made on players instead of the stadium, Smith spent about £5m in three seasons. I think he would of brought them up last season or this if he had stayed.

    As for JT I doubt that Smith really wanted him, that was a bit left field. Watched him training the CB’s and he had them doubling up on the CF just as they did on Sunday, mings retreated to cover Firminho with Hause leaving Taylor to cope with two or three players twice, watch it for yourself. Most of the time they are Zonal marking which means they could be marking anyone. whatever it was there was no way Taylor could stop any of those goals trying to guess who the ball was coming to 🙂

  15. Hi John

    A very articulate response.

    My thought process was – we need someone who can create something out of nothing.

    Davis is struggling.

    If we can get the out ball into Grealish he has the capability to control, turn, dribble, beat a plater and score.

  16. Frem,

    Need Norwich to show some fight. Can’t decide whether a draw or Norwich win is best for us, but a draw might be what’s on the cards.

  17. Mk
    Smith got us promoted yes credit for that but that has been villas problem for so long anyone better than last man going back to Mon
    Players the same Taylor didn’t get goalside of mane for 1st goal doesn’t matter what

  18. Mk
    Smith got us promoted yes credit for that but that has been villas problem for so long anyone better than last man going back to Mon
    Players the same Taylor didn’t get goalside of mane for 1st goal doesn’t matter what Ming’s was doing Taylor was a yard away why he was kept last summer I will never know for a good period last season Smith preferred mutton at left back
    As for Smith time at Brentford he only carried on someone else work he signed konsa house jota targett and drink water over 35 m on fees never mind wages all poor signings

  19. That’s us down

    So we going to sack Smith now or wait until after we are relegated?

    Go get Dyche. Even when we drop
    . Double his wage. Give him money to spend

  20. Drinkwater?

    Hard to say. I’m guessing only because he was a “cheap” punt when there wasn’t much money available. Had experience. Guess the gamble was that a change of scenery might work and that he’d be hungry to prove himself.

  21. We need to make a statement and win tomorrow

    We need to do something. Show something. We have been pathetic this season

  22. If Watford can get stuck in and beat the Bin Dippers 3-0, then why can’t we get stuck in and do the same to Man Ure?

    The minimum, the very minimum I expect to see tomorrow night is 90 minutes of fight and effort. That means Trez and El Gassy benched.

  23. Let’s hope west ham lose tonight and we some how get a win tomorrow and then its game on

    If West ham win then they are safe

    We lose tomorrow its over

  24. Most depressing thing is West brom ar coming up, the team we beat in the play offs. Depressing how things change in a year

  25. Have we fixed it yet lads? 🙂

    JG- Taylor was marking another player, Ming retreats and leaves Mane, taylor left with two players and if he goes goals side of mane the other player is in acres, he gets caught in two minds, but the ball should of been pressured way before that. Still I know you won’t agree 🙂

    DD is because McGinn was injured simple as, he is the midfield link and plays a decent long ball, played Vardy in enough times. As JC said probably the cheapest option with prem experience we could get.

    Frem Why Dyche? the club/owners want attacking football.

  26. All things stay as they are thanks to Burnley, don’t hold any hope for Brighton.
    It seems to me that if you frighten yourself, it mostly comes true.
    Yes we can beat Manure, but time will tell.

  27. IanG,
    Yes, we can beat Man Utd, but the manager has to believe that first, and he has to instil it in his players, exactly as Sir Alex did as a manger…!!

    No real belief, and no real wins, and that is thde problem with Dean Smith. He lost his real belief some time ago.

  28. I don’t think Smith has lost faith. And the players are trying.

    And I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with Smith that we’ve been playing better. We are what we are, and there’ve been some truly woeful performances earlier in the year (and around Christmas). Right now, we just don’t have much goal threat, and we don’t have a striker who can make a moment of magic.

    That said, I have to believe Grealish, SJM, or Hourihane, if he’s selected or subbed on, are due.

  29. You know what will happen

    We will lose 2-0. We won’t concede many chances. We will have 1 maybe 2 good chances at most

    Smith will come out say we are defending better. And that we didn’t take our TWO chances we had all game and that we need to be better in final 3rd

    He will also mention this bollx expected goals for and against

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