Swansea 2-2 Aston Villa: 2013 Starts With a Vital Point

Clarks Call

Paul Lambert’s reaction said it all; head in hands he couldn’t believe Swansea had equalized in the fourth minute of added time to steal away what had moments before looked like an improbable Villa win.

Christian Benteke had calmly fired home Aston Villa’s first penalty attempt since last January in the 84th minute to put Villa ahead 2-1 in what had seemed an unlikely comeback from a 10th-minute goal by one-time Villan Wayne Routledge.

Villa were up against it from the off, Michu hitting the woodwork twice (with Guzan getting the slightest of touches on the second attempt) and Guzan also being forced into a fine save on a one-on-one.

It was all Swansea.

But Villa kept at it, and on the stroke of halftime Christian Benteke found Andreas Weimann, who stroked the ball across the goal and inside the far post to pull Villa level.

The second half was a distinctly different affair, with Villa getting in Swansea’s faces and disrupting their fluid passing game. There were few clear-cut chances and Guzan had much less to do. There wasn’t much love out there on the pitch.

Benteke and Weimann were showing more threat, though, and indeed, Villa’s penalty was awarded in the aftermath of Benteke’s headed attempt being cleared off the line as Weimann chased the ball and Dyer needlessly brought him down at the edge of the box.

But Villa couldn’t maintain the necessary composure to keep Swansea at bay, and a second-chance rebound fell kindly to Graham just inside the box, and he fired it cleanly through the bodies and past a despairing Guzan to claim a point Swansea would certainly feel they deserved.

All in all, it was a bit gutting…Villa had found their footing, frustrated Swansea, and got their noses in front for what would’ve been a vital three points. They kept working and didn’t let their heads hang.

But at least they stopped the slide and came back from a goal down to get a result on the road. For a team with no starting outfield player over 23 on the back of three defeats and 15 goals conceded, it has to be considered a decent result, even if a much better one was there for the taking.

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  1. FremFrem01-01-2013

    Its our first point of the year and it is time to start fresh but there are problems that need sorting out this month big time

    At least we changed formation today and shown it was a bit better than 3 5 2 that should never be played again

    Thankfully its January and we can do something about our dire defence and Midfield and we have to if we are to survive

    There are plenty of top players out there who will aid us big time like Milner, Parker, Lescot and Palocius and Randy and PL should be doing everything to get a couple of them in, we need players of there standard, no more league one players we need top proven players and we need 5 or 6 new players this month

    I really think today if we lost that PL would have gone but this will have kept him with us for at least the Saints game but now Randy has to back him, and PL has to sort out the huge problems we have, Dreadful defence, weak Midfield and only two decent attackers

  2. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil01-01-2013

    Happy NY JC to you and your family.
    A GREAT point-ifs,buts and maybes win you nothing.If we can`t hang on we don`t deserve to win.Harsh but true,we older fans have had this kick in the nuts for years.
    Can`t be specific,didn`t seee the game.
    Back PL lads he`s got very little quality to work with,we should be rock bottom by rights.Fingers crossed in the window.

  3. FremFrem01-01-2013

    how bad was westwoods injury ??

    The last thing we need is another injury

  4. IanIan01-01-2013

    At the start if that game id have taken a point so that at least is a positive.

    The problem for me is this is always how we seem to play. Soak up loads of pressure, hope we don’t concede and try to hit them on the break. Problem is is when we concede (Chelsea Tottenham and Wigan) we jut crumble normally, I’m glad we didn’t today but for anyone who watched that game it could h e been 5-0 to Swansea in the first 20 mins.

    My point is we always ride our luck an never seem to actually just control out own destiny. We need players who can actually get the ball and calm the play down. The problem with counter attack is as soon as we lose the ball it’s back on us in seconds. Counter attack is good at times but NOT as our main tactic.

    Players are needed, we’ve done this to death I’m sure but in PL doesn’t strengthen there is no other direction than relegation. The players we have injured don’t sole the situation. Vlaar helps and Gabby may bring a wiser head but its not a solution.

    Palacios isn’t a bad shout. He may not pass well but we need a massive player in the centre who scares the bejesus out of anyone coming through the centre and who can break up play.

    Basically a DM should be top of our list with a CB second.

    My last point is I was watching Everton the other day and more specifically Hitzlsperger. When he was free and WANTED to come to AVFC it was practically laughed at about what he could offer… How hindsight is a wonderful thing!! Now he plays in a top 6 team and looks every inch the player we need right now. Thanks mcShambles instead you have us Holman!! gaaaah

  5. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson01-01-2013

    frem- what about ur beloved qpr?

    10 points ha? yea they are just jumping up the table!

    hahahahaha such a joke. with all their so called quality u say! if u could ud have their players in place of ours, and we would then be bottom!

  6. Finland VillandFinland Villand01-01-2013

    This was a very important draw. Swanseas second goal was frustrating but point is is big point just now!
    Second half showed that the team are getting their confidence back. I certainly hope that PL is going to find and get right players to sterngten our squard during Jan. If so we will be fine!

  7. FremFrem01-01-2013

    PL says nothing about buying new players after the game but says

    I’ve got a lot of faith in what we’re doing and we won’t deviate from it. Even after the heavy defeats we were keeping spirits up.

    so sounds like we will still be buying league 1 players still this month if we are to buy players. very worrying. they wont keep us up, top proven players will

  8. FremFrem01-01-2013

    fastback- there still stay up. Harry will buy some good players this month

  9. IanIan01-01-2013

    Frem – I don’t doubt your logic but in the real world, which top proven player would a) want to join villa at the moment and b) not be a risk that if it goes wrong we end up with a massive earner on our books we can’t shift for 4 years… Sound familiar?

  10. IanIan01-01-2013

    I’m not saying go out and buy Dawson, Milner etc but get Henke to work his magic.

    They dont have to have Premier League experience to work, look at Benteke. There are so many players in France, Holland, Spain, Belguim, Germany who would walk into our team, make us 100% better and wont cost the earth (I hear Spain will take buttons and bits of fluff at the moment)

    Step forward Mr Michael Henke. Do your magic sir!!

  11. B62 VillaB62 Villa01-01-2013

    Mancini has stated there will be no one leaving city this window due to injuries, just incomings. That writes off Lescott and Milner, both we can’t afford anyway. No to palacios, he isn’t very good and there are better out there. We’ve been linked with Danish 20 yr old Centre Half Frederikson from Bologna, although he is co owned by Juventus so could get complicated.

  12. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013

    Cheers, B6…Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  13. FremFrem01-01-2013

    why did berb join fulham ??

    yes we should us henke but we are desperate to get a couple of proven prem quality players. say we get 6 players this window, yes let 4 be henke’s choices but the other two should just be safe bets like parker and lescot.

    this window will make or break us. if we dont buy we are down as saints and wigan are getting better, if we dont buy the right type of player we are down

  14. FremFrem01-01-2013

    we cant let the QPRs and sunderlandds of this world get the likes of parker and dawson and we just stand still

    B6- im sure they would sell for the right price and yes palacios isn’t the best footballer ever but he gets stuck in and will protect the defence

  15. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson01-01-2013

    frem- the qprs and sunderlands got those type of players in the summer remember?

    wes brown, fletcher, park, cesar? and they have done f**k all, sunderland are lucky to be where they are, they suck, and qpr, well they dont suck, they are already dead. 10 points out of 19 games…

    u really think they will stay up u r fooling yourself.

  16. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013


    I think, yes, there are the issues you rightly point out. But I also think this is just a starting point in terms of tactics and the talent we have available.

    As far as slow starts, yeah, that’s been characteristic of the side and it can cause problems, obviously.

    I’ve been saying for a while now that we look to break quickly all the time. It’s fine in some situations, obviously. But what the side has to learn how to do is just hang on to it. It will come with familiarity and some continuity of players, system and manager.

    But as you point out, we often turn it over cheaply trying to make that incisive pass, and a lot of our goals conceded are coming after those turnovers.

    Like fastback is reminding us, it’s a three-year project. Swansea, Norwich, et al, they’ve been built over time. They’re not bigger clubs, but they’ve had the luxury of limited expectations and the time to build a side, taste some success coming up, etc., and know what they’re about.

    What’s really happening is that Villa are basically doing what Lambert did with Norwich but doing it in the Prem on the fly. It’s a seriously ballsy move.

  17. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara01-01-2013

    I’m struggling with todays games… i’d accept almost anything if we can come away with something… Of course i hope we get an early goal and terrorise the Swans… but i know just as easily the same could happen to us… I’ve gone for a 2-2 draw with hopefully a rousing come back by Villa… and not a crumbling, hanging on from dear life squeaking out with a draw… but I’d take it anyway. Thankfully Soton, Reading,QPR, Newcastle and Wigan all face tough games in this fixtue group… WE NEED A RESULT…

    Read more: http://www.astonvillalife.com/aston-villa-blog/villas-happy-new-year-recipe/#ixzz2GkUk2I5H

    Anyone else jump on the 2-2 at 33-1? 8)

    Anyway… We certainly rode our luck… gritty resolve maybe… excellence by Guzan (its become the norm)… Room for improvement? Yes, Yes, Yes…

    Will watch it again later, I need two veiwings because i find the first one is always a little impartial on my part… but all in all a much improved performance from a team lacking in leaders and calm heads… I don’t think people have realised fully the gap Petrov left in our central area’s… the man was the out ball… he was always free and stood like a rock in front of the defence… never the quickest, but certainly one of the smartest.

    Transfer are trickys… go for league experience like MoN and know what you’re getting but at the end of the day it costs you more in fee’s and wages or bring in players that look good in other leagues? You never quite know if you’ve bought a Holman or a Michu…

    DiSanto, McCarthy, Hangeland, Diame… all available… all Premier League Experienced… we know what these will off… or to we go for the potentially better/cheaper but untested in this League?

    I’ll be interesting what Lambert comes up with… the way the club do business you can bet that the media haven’t had a sniff of what we’re up to and thus a wide and varying stories in the press over the last few days from £5m to £30m to spend… ie they’re guessing… why would any club want to tell all the other clubs how much they have to spend? Why would any of our fans what the club to be fleeced?

    Henke has a reputation for unearthing gems… lets hope he’s got 4 or 5 gem ready to be set in to play immediately up his sleeve… if indeed that is the route we go… What ever we do I think we’ll move quickly to get a couple in and then maybe more later in the month if improvements are made… and the right players are available…

    All in all happy with a 1pts and the 2-2… my bookies however has been bashed again today.

  18. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013


    I think it will all come down to math in January. Parker, Dawson, etc….They’re going to go to whomever is offering the best deal for the player: longest contract on highest wages.

    We can certainly sign these players if we meet their terms and/or exceed everyone else’s offers. (Naturally, there are always issues like the player and his family being settled in London, and not wanting to move that can complicate things and rule certain suitors in or out from the start.)

    The question is whether Lambert & Co. want to make those kinds of offers. Basic cost-benefit. I think he would pay for a player that will be here, fit in, be good for the kids, etc.

  19. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara01-01-2013

    John… I too don’t think Lambert is adverse to paying big wages for the right kind of experience… At the moment we have Dunne, Ireland, Bent… are these spoilt brats really the role models for the youngers players? Personally I’d get rid of the lot and happily give Lampard their wages for 2 seasons… he isn’t just an excellent players, but excellent tactician and a clever player… he would run the team and the pitch and be the go to man.

    Frank is out of our reach though…. but thats the type we need. We do miss someone with a bit of nouce about his game and knows how and when to change the tempo of games…

  20. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013

    Frem: Westwood…Don’t know. He walked off with assistance, so there’s some hope it’s not serious.

  21. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013

    Agreed, Graham. A player like Lampard would make us a very different team.

    With Ireland, though, I’m having trouble understanding what’s going on. He’s not the most aggressive player, but he does run and work, he is putting in challenges and trying to win the ball back, and he’s the only one-touch player we’ve got. He routinely puts through a number of very good to sublime passes that instantly create chances and half-chances and pull defenses in all directions.

    Yet, he’s always on the outside looking in. I’m not sure it’s about attitude, though. I mean, maybe it is, but I would think Lambert would just freeze him out like he did Bent.

  22. Frankfurt VillanFrankfurt Villan01-01-2013

    Hi John,
    yes, most certainly a vital point, but I can’t agree with your last sentence: ” a much better one (result) was there for the taking”. It wasn’t there for the taking at all. Swansea were far more creative and dangerous than Villa. And our defenders need to be reprimanded for giving away stupid free kicks.

    January could be a pivotal month. We could advance in the FA Cup, reach the final of the Capital One Cup and take important premiership points from So’ton, WBA and Newcastle. We have 11 days before our next Premiership game. I hope by then all our walking wounded are available for selection; Gabbi, Vlarr, Zog and Bent. We need to be at full strength for the Southampton game. I would be happy with 8 points from the 4 January league games. Taking a point at Swansea is a reasonable start. And who knows?? Reinforcements might be arriving!

  23. IanIan01-01-2013

    I admire PL for having a 3 year plan and glad at last we have one…

    But what’s the point if we get relegated? On this form we will, only the naive would think otherwise.

    The problem we have is one good or half decent result and suddenly everyone thinks “that’s it, problem solved, everything is rosy again” and after the Liverpool game there was a lot guilty of this (me included). It’s not that simple though. We rode out luck again today and got away with it (in sorts) but for every Swansea and Liverpool we have a Chelsea, Tottenham and Wigan.

    I agree we need a plan and I am fully behind Lambo but we also need to think short term to dig is out I the mess we find ourselves in… If not the plan means very little.

  24. steamersteamer01-01-2013

    Read today that Hitz’s contract expires this month and Eintracht Frankfurt want to sign him.
    The Spuds fans don’t rate Parker at all, he’s had too many injuries, i wouldn’t take him on a free despite having a league two quality MF.
    I hope we don’t sign any Brits, it shows how bad our league is when Modric and Song are voted the two worst imports in Spain.

  25. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara01-01-2013

    The problem with Ireland is he still thinks Team is spelt… “ATME” and thinks thats the way the team should be set up for him… It’s the same with Berba at Fulham… 9 outfield players have to do the work of 10 so he can do as he pleases and I often think Ireland looks like this too… yes he will run to win a ball 10 yards away from him… will he bust a gut and sprint back 50 yards with his man? I don’t see him doing it.

    Yes he is our most talented ball player, but he certainly doesn’t have the movement and awareness to run games… I’ve said it for a long time football is not all about the feet, it’s just as improtant what you have going on between the ears… mainly the difference between Ronaldo and Messi… Ronaldo is a true ability.. but you can see his game fading as his physical attributes fade… Messi you can see eing able to maintain a top level for long because of his the way he players the games… he’s not all about pace, power and skill…

    Ireland is kind of like a Joe Cole never really fulfilling his talent because he doesn’t understand how to use it or that the basic eliments of the game are just as improtant for everyone to do.

    Similar argument for Bent really… no question the best instictive striker in the squad… but has he really made the best of him self as a player that he could have? I don’t think so… I remember watching him at Ipswich and Charlton where he was looking to be involved and work for his teams… now Standing around waiting for service? Has he really improved as a player in the last 3/4 seasons? Thats whats sets players like Lampard apart from the other very talented players… the ability to appreciate the basic and continually look to improve and adapt…

  26. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013

    Frankfurt Villan:

    When you’re leading 2-1 in the 85th minute, a win is most definitely there for the taking. It should be taken. Those three points were ours to lose, and we gave two of them back by not clearing our lines and seeing out 10 minutes with more composure.

    May have been a smash-and-grab in some eyes, but I don’t usually pay any attention to anything but the scoreboard at that level of discussion/analysis. You miss chances, you usually pay. We could’ve made Swansea pay more dearly for their profligacy, but we didn’t. They’d had their run at us, had it all their way, and only got one. That’s usually not good enough.

    Now of course, there’s always more than the scoreboard to discuss/dissect, etc., and I’m not for a second saying it was a brilliant performance by Villa.

    But if I’m in charge, I’d expect my team to be able to keep virtually anyone from scoring for a 10-minute span to hold to such a vital three points. Not like we were under the cosh at all in the second half. Not until we scored. And you expect that, and if you want to win more games, the side has to learn how to blunt that desperate flurry for an equalizer.

  27. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013


    The plan is a risky one. But who dares, wins. We’ll see what happens in January, but the idea, as I’ve written many times, was to do what the fans wanted: progressive manager, playing the ball on the ground, youth, good-value continental imports, no more overpriced, mediocre British EPL journeymen.

    This is what all that looks like when done at once. Too aggressive? We’ll see.

  28. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara01-01-2013

    Again I agree with John, 2-1 up in the 85th minute no matter who you’ve got there the win is there for the taking…. Opta put out a stat the other day about Everton and closing out games… they have only conceeded a lead in the final 10 minutes of a game they’ve been winning in 2 or the last 30 odd games… Villa seem to do it 9 out of 10 times… The game was there for the taking… stealing if you like… but the chance was there and panick set in… Where was the calm figure slowing things down… remember how Petrov used to argue with the ref abobut the postion of the ball and then goe stand on it untill everyone was ready?

  29. IanIan01-01-2013


    Do you think we should be renamed Aston ‘smash & grab’ Villa?



  30. Graham O'GaraGraham O'Gara01-01-2013

    Ian its better than last seasons “turn up and prey for a draw….”

  31. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013

    Graham…It’s possible. I don’t really see the same thing with Ireland, or not to that extent, but it’s obviously an open question. I have seen him do the 50-yard run, I’ve also seen him strangely detached. I agree, he’s not an imposing MF, obviously.

    I think with certain players, you do make a decision to feature them or you don’t. For me, Ireland seems to be in the unfortunate situation of being a bit of a luxury given the lack of dominant midfielders. He could run the attack quite comfortably, but we don’t have the personnel around him for it.

    And right now, there’s no one running the attack. Benteke and Weimann are usually fairly isolated even though they work hard, Weimann especially, and Bannan/Westwood/KEA are usually deeper lying.

    It was much the same with Pires…He wasn’t going to be box-to-box at his age, but he kept taking up wonderful positions, totally understood the space, no one knew how to use him, and everyone just bypassed him.

    Ireland certainly is more like Messi than Ronaldo in terms of relying on vision, touch, and intelligence (which isn’t to put him on that level) rather than pace and power. He routinely pulls off all the passes Bannan tries and fails at.

    It seems to me that Lambert doesn’t necessarily have a problem with him, but isn’t going to build around him. Which is where we cue up the argument about whether it’s better to have Holman and his work-rate out there or Ireland and his creativity.

    At any rate, I’m figuring that he will be allowed to move on if someone comes in for him. But I don’t think he’s featuring enough to get that interest yet. It’s a funny one. I’d be trying to find a way to use him and make him much more central, but I’ve got to defer to Lambert’s knowledge, obviously.

  32. B62 VillaB62 Villa01-01-2013

    I would take Fletcher and Johnson from Sunderland , and if there so dire why are they above us with a far superior GD. I sometimes don’t think fans realise just how bad this side is!!! We got out of jail today a real woeful performance particularly the first half. We need addition and fast, PL has £10m to spend, I reckon he will double that if he gets a few off the wage bill and raises some funds. If he continues to buy youngsters who aren’t up to the task, questions will be asked.

  33. FremFrem01-01-2013

    11 days until we play saints, we better have at least a CB and good CM by then, and then at least a couple more before the window shuts, hopefuly a winger and a striker. im starting to doubt our full backs as well now.

    saints are getting better and better and certainly have a few players who would walk into our side.

    we have to use january to save our asses. surly we will

  34. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013

    ian… :-)

    Funnily enough, that’s pretty much what we were under MON. Under the cosh for 60-70 minutes usually, breaking and scoring, riding a lot of luck on defence, relying on set pieces. We very rarely controlled games with him in charge.

    Me, I’m always about results first. Don’t really care how you get them. But the preferred set-up revolves around reproducibility of outcome. If you can shut teams down and win 1-0 consistently, without needing a lot of luck, then go for it.

    If you’re riding your luck, though, we all know that runs out eventually.

  35. FremFrem01-01-2013

    fastback- every sunderland player would get into our side.

    PL has to learn how to defend. we just hope and pray the other team keep missing. scoring is the hardest part of the game, defending not so much but we dont do that.

    we aren’t hard to beat what so ever. we dont limit teams to just a few chances, we let have chance after chance after chance and we were lucky it wasn’t another slaughtering today. lambert has to sort it out

  36. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013


    I think Lambert will get the defense sorted. Vlaar’s been a big loss. Dunne would be better than having to play Herd as a CB, as would Baker. But they were only just getting together as a unit, then Bennett and Vlaar get hurt, we go to three CBs, and it was very very young back there, and not much time together at all.

  37. FremFrem01-01-2013

    john- it will only be sorted if we buy a CB this month.

    baker and vlaar are good, thats it.

    dunne wont play for us again

    its not just the defences fault, they neee better midfielders

  38. FremFrem01-01-2013

    He said: “We’re not miles off mid-table. We’ve got a really young side but for the future of the club it’s the right thing that we’re doing.
    “We’ve got to build a club as well as win football matches and I’ll keep faith in what we’re doing.
    “The players stepped up to the plate [against Swansea] and they were excellent.
    “These players can keep us up.”

    well we are miles of mid table, we wont finish higher the 16th

    The last line is worrying. They cant and we need new players to keep us up but he says nothing about getting new players

  39. IanIan01-01-2013

    John, agreed the way we played under MON seems to have stuck over the years.

    The difference is back then we were generally capable of either sustaining a lead (beating Man Utd 1-0 at Old Trafford) or coming back from the dead and playing till the final whistle. Remember the halcyon days if 5-0 against te noses?

    I doubt that would happen now mate… :(

    There’s a way back though. PL needs to find the route and buy the players, which I’m confident he can BUT he needs to do it soon otherwise the championship will eat is alive…

  40. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil01-01-2013

    You get caught up in placing blame on certain players.Look coldly at who PL inherited,he KNOWS they aint good enough,but it will take time to cleanse our club of them and replace theM
    EVERY S`land player would get into our team??????????????
    Fletcher over our front 2??????????????
    He`s scored two winners since he`s been there.
    MON has had 13 months to build there PL 6 months and they too could go down,but no in your mind they are far too good like QPR.It`s only Villa in your mind who are cr*p,everyone one else has loads of quality like,Cisse,cESAR,Anton Ferdinand,Boswinga,John O`shea,Wes Brown,Rose.Give me a flippin break,the year is only born andtyou are strangling it at birth with your negativity and nomsense.I admire your passsion Frem and you make some cracking points but I implore you give it a flippin rest will you/Holman is cr*p,Gabby is cr*p,S`land,Qpr Reading great quality,great managers.Someone get me out of here goodnight.

  41. FremFrem01-01-2013

    b6- most teams do have better players than us though thats the thing

  42. John ClarkJohn Clark01-01-2013

    Haha, Frem. You stick to your guns, mate. I’ll give you that.

  43. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson01-01-2013

    frem- they were good players, 5 years ago… can u every f**king see that, now they are old men playing a young guys game.

  44. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil01-01-2013


  45. FremFrem01-01-2013

    fatstback so you wouldn’t take hoiliet, tarrat, park, grenaro, dikata, mbia or cissie for villa ??

    if you were a manager, whos squad would you rather have ?? ours or QPRs

  46. FremFrem01-01-2013

    he keeps playing holman though when carruthers is there

    i know we have some cr*p but its no excuse for how bad we have been the last 3 games and the first 20 mins today

    you can be fairly solid in defence without top players but PL just dont defend and we are so blood open

    i really hope he has plenty of cash this month but he has to buy better than what he did in the summer

  47. SuperBoxSuperBox01-01-2013

    Frem – Maybe PL isn’t saying anything about buying players as jan is a terrible time to buy, doesn’t want prices raised and is playing his cards close to his chest. We don’t do our transfers in public. Not everything is as it seems.

  48. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil01-01-2013


  49. IanIan01-01-2013

    B6 / Frem,

    I can understand both your points if view.

    Frem – short term gains for long term losses (I.e. where we were after MON) is surely something you don’t want to go back to. Fernandes at QPR has gambled big to keep them up. The gamble has faile and Harry won’t have much money to spend. However he has a decent squad at his disposal and has a good chance to turn it around.

    B6 – again fair points made BUT he knew exactly what he was getting into before he joined, it’s not like our problems were a secret so using this point as a way to bet others is a little moot. I understand the frustration and we all know given time whilst avoiding relegation the team will look nothing like it does at te moment with Bannan, Albri et al all plying their trade elsewhere no doubt in the Championship.

    Personally I think we should go for 1 Prem player for the ‘experienced head’ and another 2-3 hired from the continent on cheaper wages but with more potential and most importantly a HIGHER sell on value I.e Benteke!!

  50. FremFrem01-01-2013

    stop righting is capitals

    surly questions have to be asked about out team conceding 15 goals and scoring none

  51. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil01-01-2013

    “using this point to bet others???”

  52. B62 VillaB62 Villa01-01-2013

    Lambert has stated in the post match interview, Westwoods injury is more serious than first thought. We’re not just short on quality and ability, but numbers. It’s a massive month in which we can reach wembley, progress into the 4th round of the FA cup AND bring some players in. Lets hope all are positive outcomes.

  53. FremFrem01-01-2013

    ian- i dont want a whole squad of experienced players, just a couple. i like that we have henke as our scout.

    i want bent, ireland, given, dunne, mutton and warnut out

    then we should have room for a dawson or a parker/ milner

    just two top players like that will help us out whilst all the others are talented youngster from around europe

  54. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil01-01-2013


    I`ll write how i choose,not how you TELL ME.

  55. SuperBoxSuperBox01-01-2013

    What I don’t understand is why every other team has better players than we do, a better squad, can afford to strengthen, are improving and don’t get things wrong. Why do they always get it right, why is it always so easy for them.

    Every signing everyone else makes is like Michu, cheap and brilliant. Just like Veron, Acquilani, Alves, Shevchenko, Postiga. Why oh why is it so easy.

  56. FremFrem01-01-2013

    shame about westwood but vlaar and zoggy should be back, even gabby might be of some use. add 4 or 5 new players and we might be ok

  57. FremFrem01-01-2013

    B6- you said QPR dont play as a team but they haven’t lost 8-0, then 4-0 then 3-0

    if your together, you dont get battered. a team doesn’t do that

  58. IanIan01-01-2013

    Check out these guys to buy, this is the type of player we should be looking at:


    These are the types of players we red to bring in…

  59. FremFrem01-01-2013

    lol superbox- did you know we turned down michu ??

  60. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil01-01-2013


  61. B62 VillaB62 Villa01-01-2013

    Ian I now to your greater knowledge, i don’t know much about those players , I’m always a bit sceptical about packing the whole team with imports from sround the world, are they gonna end up like the Balabans or in recent years Makoun or KEA. I’m all for importing talent, but I still think we need a British heart to the team. But at the end of the day we need quality and lots of it whilst shipping out 80%
    Of our squad.

  62. IanIan01-01-2013

    B6 – sorry that was meant to be beat up… Lol my phones autocorrect!! Bloody thing…

  63. IanIan01-01-2013

    B62 – agreed, these were the supplementary to the expienced players. All of them young hungry and with potentially big resale values :)

  64. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson01-01-2013

    ian-great players, id take every one.

  65. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson01-01-2013

    frem- no a team doesnt lose 8-0, but a team doesnt also lose 12 of 19 games,

    o guess who have lost 12 games? QPR!!!!

    and sunderland have so much quality ha? why do they only have 1 more win then us ha?!
    hell they are only 3 points ahead of us!

    if we go on a run this month, which is very possible, we can see ourselves in 12th by feb!

  66. IanIan01-01-2013

    Fastback, just cos I like playing devils advocate, using that logic above does that mean our squad is as good as Newcastles because they are only 3 points ahead of us and we drew with them earlier in the season?

    This is a squad with Ba, Cabaye, Ben Arfer, Marveaux, Papis Cisse etc etc.

    They like us have been unlucky with Injuries but I would much prefer that squad to ours currently…

    Over to you :)

  67. J.P. WilsonJ.P. Wilson01-01-2013

    well id take them too, but doest mean right now they r winning.

    look at qpr, id only take taarbt, but other than that, they suck, and are overpaid dross way worse than us!!!

  68. B62 VillaB62 Villa01-01-2013

    Fastback, I think you missed Ians point there, I agree with you on the QPR point tho, I think the’ve sold their soul to thedevil and will go down, as will Reading. However that leaves one spot for the trap door, and as it stands i feel unless we significantly improve this team we will be the third team to go. Fans will say what about Saints and Wigan, well we,ve played both of those and the’ve spanked us, embarassingly so. Saints are looking to significantly improve during the window and are heavily linked with some good players, Wigan dont have much to spend either and also struggle to attract players, for me its a straight shoot out betwen us 3, but our awful GD is a real millstone and worth a point to the others.

  69. FremFrem01-01-2013

    apparently westwood is out for a few months

    now we desperately need at least 2 CM’s a really good ones.

    rumour about welback on loan or guttadi from city

    one of them would be good, along with parker, ince a CB and another cm

  70. FremFrem01-01-2013

    watching MOTD, my god i didn’t realise our defence was that bad. get it sorted this month and midfield PL

  71. IanIan01-01-2013

    Frem – where did you see it was a couple of months?

  72. FremFrem01-01-2013

    even there second goal was sunday league defending

  73. FremFrem01-01-2013

    someone on twitter. says it could be 3 months

  74. FremFrem01-01-2013

    apparently we want dale stephens. another bloody lower midfielder. they wont keep us up

  75. IanIan01-01-2013

    Anyone know where I can watch both the Cup games in Orlando (FL) and what channel they are on (if any)? Normally more organised than this…

  76. IanIan01-01-2013

    Dale Stephens is actually very decent but would rather have Brad Pritchard, also from Charlton… He really is / could be the schizzle!!

  77. FremFrem01-01-2013

    we wanted him in the summer didn’t we ??

    As long as we get parker/ Milner as well then fair enough but we need prem quality

    Henke should have a few lined up as well

    Really couldn’t believe how bad our defence was on MOTD, all over the place

  78. IanIan01-01-2013

    I’d rather have Lescott (villa fan) and Pritchard as well as the 2-3 from the continent.

    However I seriously doubt PL will go for a Dawson / Lescott / Parker type experienced player. He will go for a higher level player from the continent with more to prove and compliment with youth….

  79. Ian GibsonIan Gibson01-01-2013

    Wow, I go away for a couple of hours and come back and find my screen covered in spit. Some nice venting there. Frem, Frem, Frem things will be OK.