Go On Gab – Our Own Mr Agbonlahor Runs The Show

Turveys Thoughts

In a night where many had predicted nothing, it was an evenly matched game with our own Gabriel Agbonlahor smashing two goals in on the way to a 4-2 victory.

It was former player Gareth Barry who managed to equalise for Aston Villa with an own goal cancelling out Mario Balotelli’s opening goal in the 27th minute.

City were to take the lead again via Alexsandr Kolarov’s free kick before Gabriel Agbonlahor pulled the score back to get back to 2-2 on the 70th minute, and take the game into extra time.

Extra time opened with a Charles N’Zogbia goal on the 96th minute, and Villa were in the lead. There were no guess as to who would complete the win but man of the match Agbonlahor as he converted from a Marc Albrighton assist to put Villa in heaven with a fourth goal.

Full match report to be included later.

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  1. Ian GibsonIan Gibson25-09-2012


  2. holteheroholtehero25-09-2012

    Quick write up matt :)

    Certainly makes Sunday’s team selection interesting, surely Lambert has to pick gabby now as he also has a habit of scoring against local teams.

    Bloody typical though, the one time we win like that, there aren’t any streams or highlights to watch

  3. Jonny WoodJonny Wood25-09-2012

    Well… Bugger me!
    Who’d have thought it?
    Brilliant result…Predictable we ain’t. But credit where it’s due, and I feel a bit silly for being so hard on them after Saturday.
    It would appear that the world’s magnetic field has reversed, or something weird… Inexplicable like… Whatever it is, I like it!!!

  4. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil25-09-2012

    So pleased for GAB and anyone who travelled ooopp north.To come from behind like that,amazing.We`ve missed that for years.

  5. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil25-09-2012

    I said this season would be up and down,let`s hope it`s not a down against Albion.

  6. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil25-09-2012

    53% posession stats to Villa,away from home.It`s all good.Before you say I`m getting carried away-no-just enjoying the sweet taste of victory.

  7. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey25-09-2012


    Ha – I just put up the goals as a placeholder for people to talk :)

  8. FremFrem25-09-2012

    Fair play to gab, his first goal was very nice. Loved barrys og

    Glad zoggy had a good game, hopefully he can keep it going now as well as gabby. Hope we keep the same formation on Sunday and players

    Keep el and delph together in the middle. Just has more fight in it

  9. RagsRags25-09-2012

    I think the article should read ‘ in a night where I expected nothing and in fact wanted us to throw the match by resting all and sundry as we have the mighty WBA on Sunday…’

  10. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey25-09-2012


    Agree re: Delph – think he has put a good case together for replacing Bannan as a starter vs Albion.

  11. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey25-09-2012


    Ha! I didn’t say I expected nothing, I said if I had to focus on one game, I would pick Albion as the more likely to win.

    Did Lambert not make six changes? Clearly he also believed some players needed the rest too. :)

  12. FremFrem25-09-2012

    Ye, it would be unfair if bb, holman or bent just walked into the side on Sunday

    Who were the subs tonight ?? Who came on and of ??

    The formation worked what ever it was. Hope pl keeps it

  13. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey25-09-2012

    So not overly sure with me saying “give Carruthers a chance” is synonymous with what you state in your comment though Rags :)

  14. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey25-09-2012

    Lichaj for Bennett, Herd for El-Ahmadi, Albrighton for Weimann.

  15. FremFrem25-09-2012

    Was Bennett having a bad game then ?? I listened the first half, he seemed to get forward a lot.

  16. Darran NicholasDarran Nicholas25-09-2012

    Yesssss! Absolutely buzzing after that!! So pleased to hear that Gabby and Zog took their chances tonight. Both could make a huge difference to this team. Having them on form would be like having 2 £10-£15 million players signed up. These two have been missing for the last year, would be a great boost if they could get a run of games and find form. Bent has some questions to answer as far as I’m concerned, as might Ireland. Some proper spirit on show too, fearlessness, almost sound like lions dont they? You can’t put a price on that.

  17. B6toBrasilB6toBrasil25-09-2012

    Anyone at the game?I read there were chants against Petrov and his illness.Is this true?

  18. gabbygabbygabbygabby25-09-2012

    Superb result.

    Not seen game so impossible to judge, but we had more possession, and completed 86% of our passes, a huge improvement from both Soton and Swansea. Also an average age of just 23.8 for our outfielders, should be huge confidence boost.

    Bent shouldnt be starting against the Baggies.

    Also wondering whether Delph added a bit of security, and also options in the middle of the pitch which helped us retain possession, and an element of control.

    Great to see Gabby, Delph, N’Zog back. And Albrighton get a run after injury.

    About to email you a PDF of the piece, its 18pages long, haha, just need to check it. Totally up to you what you do with it, i realise there are regular writers and with tonights game it might be a bit busy this week.

  19. Matt TurveyMatt Turvey25-09-2012


    Think Bennett move was a reaction to a knock.


    Sure – will include it one way or another.

    PS if you want to write articles again for us, let me know.

  20. RagsRags25-09-2012

    Haha I guess you could say he was resting the side for Sunday but the again i would argue he picked the best team on the day. Superb debate and banter on the blog today, love it, congratulations on the site

  21. @RonnieBiggs@RonnieBiggs26-09-2012

    Was very happy for Gabby and thought he was very unlucky not to get on versus Swansea and feel vindicated after stating last match that PL erred in not putting Agbonlahor and/or Nzogbia at the start of the 2nd half, personally I thought Holman was a non factor and should have been subbed early last match!

  22. TrinityTrinity26-09-2012

    Gabby and Benteke up front for WBA and Delph in the centres. He’s fit.
    That second goal of Gabby’s had everything.